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Dr Kaukab Siddique | Editor-in-Chief Jamada al-Awwal 9,1433/April 1, 2012 # 15

See way below, Pakistani news from Karachi and frontier areas.

Latest News: Next three items dated March 31.
Ansar al-Sharia fighters captured the town of al-Mallah in Lahj province, killing 17 of Yemen's military and destroying 2 of their tanks. The Saudi backed military responded with air strikes and artillery and claimed to have killed 12 of the fighters. [Source: BBC]

Foreign backed Burundian and Ugandan troops with tanks advanced into al-Shabab's positions in Deynile, just outside Mogadishu. They are unable to advance further and sporadic fighting is reported as they begin a slow retreat.

Syria: New Trend ahead of the curve. Assad Given Green Signal to Kill the Muslims

As predicted by New Trend, the western powers have decided to save Assad. Under the Kofi Anan plan, worked through Arab reps meeting in Bagdad, Assad is asked to implement a cease fire. Part of the plan is that NO ARMS will be provided to the Syrian resistance. It looks like, the US is signalling Qatar and Saudi Arabia not to arm the fighters. Only humanitarian assistance will be given.
There was hope from Turkey but Turkey's leader is in Iran supporting the Iranian position that Assad should carry out reforms but no "foreign" interference in Syria is to be permitted.
Assad was very encouraged, He admitted that his armor is in the cities and will remain there till "security" is obtained.
Another 40 Muslims were killed by Assad's troops on March 30.
The Western powers have realized that the Syrian uprising has a strong Islamic content. They want Assad to destroy the Islamic people and he will survive as a weakened agent of the West. Israel is enjoying the slaughter.

The problem with the western plan is that the Syrian people are continuing the struggle and groups like al-Qaida are coming in.

Desecration of enemies' graves is not allowed in Islam.
See what's happening in Germany & Austria. Go to end.

Thinking about Compassion
Spotlights from Imam Badi Ali, National Shoora Leader, Jamaat al-Muslimeen, NC
Spotlight #1:
A good traveler has to have a good road map
Spotlight #2:
Do not mistake means for goals.
Spotlight #3:
When we are facing defeat, it means our plans are not working, Re-do and re-build to reverse defeat.
Spotlight #4:
What type plan do we have? Does it recognize the beast waiting to swallow you.
Spotlight #5:
Compassion is a human need.
Spotlight # 6:
Do not mistake compassion for condemnation.
Spotlight #7:
Compassion is a sign of a good heart. Do not say that you are following Jesus, pbuh, when you have no compassion.
Spotlight #8:
Being compassionate can make a difference in your life and in that of others too.
Spotlight #9:
Compassion is caring, sharing, helping and sacrifice to build a humane world.
Spotlight #10:
Compassion is based on awareness of vulnerability of all beings who are part all part of one another and in many ways dependent on each other.
Spotlight #11:
I keep telling my wife, compassion is not weakness. It is an act and concern of the heart for others.
Spotlight #12:
Compassion is good motivation to serve your brothers and sisters and all of humanity.

Our America: There are 21,000 people on No Fly list [500 US citizens]
Mustafa Elogbi says: America is my home. I am not leaving!

You can be put on a NO FLY list and you are not told that you are on. Thus you can be stuck overseas. A Libyan American, Mustafa Elogbi, from Portland, Oregon, is taking the fight to the US government in this situation for his legal rights. Scroll way down.

How to give the message of Islam in the Most Beautiful Way to America's People?

1. Read CALLING HUMANITY by Shamim Siddiqui. {See review in NT two issues back.} [ ntma1433 ]

2. Read Imam Ali Siddiqui's interview in Jackson Free Press. . It is superb:
The Siddiqui's are not related except in faith. Shamim is in New York, Ali in California. The message is the same.

Other than New Trend, who is doing the most against Zionist ideas?
Scroll to end for the answer.

Misinformation on Imam Bukhari is being disseminated Big Time on the Internet.
Aga Khanis, Perwaizis, Zionists are Active

Here is Siddique's answer which has helped many people. From New Trend it was published in the Muslim.

Jamaat al-Muslimeen was represented at a big rally for Trayvon Martin in Baltimore on March 26. Our placard said:
"Waziristan-Gaza-Park Heights-Orlando. Stop Racist, Zionist, White Supremacist Attacks."

Oppression is global, from Pakistan to Palestine to Florida to Baltimore.
Scroll down for a photograph of the overall rally.

US Muslim Elites Learning the Hard Way
by Kaukab Siddique, PhD

When Jamaat al-Muslimeen said: Don't go to the White House, they went any way.
When we said, don't invite the "government" into Muslim communities, CAIR insisted on listing intelligence agents among its honored guests at its fund raisers and ISNA had its Convention sponsored by the MASTER.
When we said, voting in a kufr power structure is haram, CAIR and ISNA organized a block vote for Bush.
When we said, Siraj Wahhaj is a traitor who lied about the Blind Shaikh ["he teaches that robbing banks is okay."], ICNA, ISNA, CAIR kept presenting him like a great Muslim leader.

When we said, there is no justice here and entrapment is part of the regime's policy, they ignored it.

When we said, Zaid Shakir is wrong in opposing rallies against cartoons of the Prophet, pbuh, and Shakir was sadistic in enjoying the execution of president Saddam Hussain on Eid Day, they presented Shakir as the greatest Muslim in America. ["Zionist Muslim" that is.]

When we said Hamza Yusuf is illiterate when he says that the Jewish holocaust story and the authenticity of the Qur'an are equivalent, they made him out to be a sage.

When we condemned the bombing of Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan, they kept their tears only for 9.11.

When we condemned Israel as a terrorist entity, they supported Keith Ellison who began his campaign from a synagogue and vacationed in Israel.

Five American Muslims were handed over to the "government" by CAIR with promises of more to come.

The list of elitist blind spots is endless.

Now the communities which supported CAIR, ISNA and ICNA are lamenting that entrapment of Muslims is part of the government technique, that "we" have been infiltrated, that "we" are under surveillance. Their entreaty is: Please stop this invasion of our communities otherwise we won't stay in bed with you.

These groups have consistently supported the government and are still doing it. No shame even when the marines urinated on dead Muslims. No HAYA when the Qur'an is desecrated.

Surely these four letter organizations know on which side their bread is buttered.

Al-Jazeerah's Complaint
Obama Orders Prison for Yemeni Journalist.
Abdulelah Shaye Reported Slaughter of 14 Women and 21 Children by US Air Force.

[For extensive study, go to Al-Jazeerah and Check "Listening Post.]

"In December 2009, Yemen's air force claimed it had killed 30 suspected al-Qaeda operatives during an airstrike on a training camp in the southern Abyan province. This version of events was circulated around the world but when Yemeni journalist Abdulelah Haider Shaye managed to get to the scene, the remains of the missiles he found were clearly marked 'Made in the USA'. And among the dead were 14 women and 21 children.
Shaye's subsequent report incriminated the US in a military operation in which they had been so keen to deny any involvement. Yemen dismissed the report and the US refused to comment - and Shaye became a marked man. He was accused of being an al-Qaeda operative and has been behind bars ever since. Last month, the Yemeni government pardoned Shaye and was about to release him. But it took just one phone call from the US president urging them to reconsider, and the government backtracked. Shaye remains locked up. "

This and next item from New Trend's Pak observers.
Breaking News: Pakistani Secularists Preparing to re-Open NATO Supply Route

March 30: Pakistan's military chief General Kayani met Pakistani parliamentarians and urged them to come out clearly on the resumption of supplies to NATO forces in Afghanistan. Pakistanis led by Jamaate Islami are blocking the supply routes by peaceful means but will not be able to stop military power if Kayani decides to go ahead. However, large scale peaceful protests against re-supply have created a situation in which Kayani will be seen as a traitor if he opens the routes by force. It is a bitter pill for Pakistanis that their army is working for USA.

The secularists supporting America see the large sums of money USA will give in return for the re-opening, The temptation is too much for politicians who thrive on getting richer than they are.

Hina Rabbani, a fashionable woman who is Pakistan's foreign minister, told Andrea Mitchell of MSNBC on March 21 that her complaint against the extra judicial killing of Osama bin Laden is as follows:

Pakistan's complaint is not that Osama was killed in his home in Abbottabad but that it was not done jointly with Pakistan. She wants joint operations against Islamic fighters, the US and Pakistan together. She calls it "ownership" of the war against "extremism."

Pak Taliban and Paki military locked in new Battles

Through the month of March the Pakistani Taliban attacked Gen. Kayani's troops in South Waziristan, Khyber and Orakzai. The fighting is reported in bits and pieces in Dawn newspaper. Our analysis shows that the Pak Taliban carry out guerrilla style attacks and withdraw. The military retaliates with artillery and claims a few casualties for itself and three times as many for the Pak Taliban on conjecture. [When the Canadians first came to Afghanistan, they fired ONE THOUSAND artillery shells in the Kandahar area and CALCULATED that they must have killed at least 100 Taliban. Later it was found that not even one Talib was killed in the Canadian barrage. Kayani is playing the same game.]

Who is winning? Dawn admits that Upper Orakzai is in the hands of the Islamic force known as Pakistan Taliban. Do the people see Kayani's troops as friendly forces? The UN observers on refugees have noticed that more than 100,000 people have left their homes in Khyber after Kayani began his latest shoot and miss operation.

Morocco: Land of beautiful mosques but ....

Two women: one University + one mosque and the wily French:

Do you see the green roofs? He points into the distant panorama. "That is QARAWIYYIN!" In the midst of the hustle and bustle of the Medina of Fes, she waits patiently for the weary traveller, t...

by Kaukab Siddique
Who is Exploiting the Trayvon Tragedy? Sinister Process of Divide and Rule.
Zimmerman Should have been arrested right away. Deliberate, plotted, delays?

In cases of murder, the suspect is arrested and then the police carries out an inverstigation before the case goes to court.

In the murder of Trayvon, which took place on February 26, the shooter was not arrested.The suspect is Zimmerman but we are told that he was not arrested.

Gated housing guards are NOT permitted to carry guns. That was Zimmerman's first violation of the law. To use his gun kill an unarmed person who looked "suspicious" was cold blooded murder.

Then, suddenly, on March 28, the police released a photo of Zimmerman in police custody, handcuffed. So he was arrested and then released, and is now in hiding! These are not random events.

The African American community was seriously disturbed but no arrest took place. Then a series of well orchestrated rallies took place culminating in the 30,000 people rally in the small town of Sanford. Obviously people had been brought from all over America for this event. The family of Trayvon does not have the resources to organize mass events.

Al Sharpton and other Obama supporters took a leading role in these rallies after which President Obama finally spoke out and made that beautiful, well crafted, statement that if he had a son he would have looked like Trayvon. The timing of the statement indicates that Obama wanted to win back , with ONE statement, the entire Black community which has been undergoing a process of disillusionment about him.

Remember, this is an election year and every politician's statement must be viewed in that context.

African American youth are being killed in every city. Obama has not said anything about them. There were rallies for Sean Bell and Ahmadu Diallo. Obama did not respond. There were appeals for Troy Davis, even from the Pope. Not a word from Obama.

The slaughter which is going on in every major city, with police shooting to kill without any qualms, raises the question: Why this organized publicity for Trayvon?

The purpose seems to be to create a deeper-than-ever conflict between Black and White. Every day which passes with Zimmerman not arrested, increases the agony. It makes the Black community feel helpless and dependent on President Obama and the Democratic Party.

What would be natural in a law abiding society? The shooter should be arrested and brought to trial. Both sides can then have their say in court.

Is the government, with the help of the media, using this tragedy to cover up the serious situation America is facing: the high rate of joblessness, the declining economy, the morass of the health insurance business, the open ended funding of Israel and the disastrous wars in Iraq and Afghanistan?

If the government is serious about helping the oppressed communities, it should withdraw the shoot-to-kill orders from police forces across the country. The money being poured into Israel and into the wars should go into the declining cities. Large segments of the Hispanic and Black populations along with many Whites are dirt poor while the elite Jews and their friends and associates are rich beyond measure.

The rich know the people are getting unruly. The rich are hiding behind gated communities. The sense of a pervasive injustice and intractable evil has spread across the country.

President Obama could have invoked federal intervention for a hate crime and could have had Zimmerman arrested right away. Only recently he TELEPHONED the authorities in Yemen to keep a journalist from al-Jazeerah locked up. Yemen complied. It is mind boggling that Obama cannot invoke federal privilege in Florida while he can order an atrocity 5000 miles away.

He is afraid of losing the White/Jewish vote and the presidency!

Pakistanis Renew Call for the Release of Dr. Aafia Siddiqui
[Photo Sarfaraz Hussain, Karachi.]
Pakistanis led by Islamic leaders demonstrated in major Pakistani cities on March 30 which marked nine years of Dr. Aafia Siddiqui in US prisons. Right now she is in a cell in Fort Worth, Texas.
Photo below shows the FREE 'AAFIA rally in Karachi. Muhammad Hussain Mehnati, Jamaate Islami leader in Karachi, is seen addressing the rally in the inset, top left.

Photo: Nadrat Siddique: March 26.
Mass Rally in Baltimore calling for Justice in the Murder of Trayvon Martin
They are wearing 'hoodies' because Trayvon was seen as "suspicious" because he was wearing a "hoodie."

Karachi, Pakistan: Islamic analysis of the situation.
Ethnic Gangsterism between MQM and ANP.
Two Secular Groups at each other's Throat.

JI denounces Karachi killings. Munawar Urges Citizens to rise up against Gangsters
LAHORE, Mar. 31: While condemning the bloodletting going on in Karachi, Ameer, Jamaat e Islami, Pakistan, Syed Munawar Hasan, has said that each party in the PPP-MQM-ANP ruling alliance wanted to tighten its grip on the port city exclusively.
In a statement here on Saturday, he said that the ruling parties in Sindh plunged the mega city in bloodshed as and when they desired. They were targeting innocent citizens and had take them as hostages in a bid to surpass each other in extortion.
Syed Munawar Hasan said that as long as the people of Karachi did not rise against target killers and extortionists and did not reject them in elections, the situation in the city could not improve.
He also appealed to the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court to ensure the implementation of the Court order regarding restoration of peace in Karachi.
The JI Ameer said in spite of its majority in Sindh, the PPP had given the MQM a license to kill by sharing power with it. The Karachi traders and businessmen were being forced to pay extortion to all the three ruling parties. Those who refused to pay extortion were being abducted and forced to pay ransom and on their failure to obey, they were murdered and their dead bodies stuffed in gunny bags were thrown on roads. The masses knew their murderers well but did not dare to name them out of fear. The national security institutions too were not ready to nab the culprits despite knowing them, he added.
He said that those who were killing thousands in mountains and deserts only to establish the government writ were totally blind to the lawlessness in the country's largest city where each group had engaged paid murderers and also had its No Go area where even the police and rangers did not dare to enter. These No Go areas were the dens of criminals, and peace in the port city would be a dream until these were eliminated.
He said although President Zardari was in Karachi on Saturday, yet the city looked like a graveyard.

"the Jewish-Zionist grip on our cultural and political life, World War II lies, the corrosive impact of Holocaust propaganda..."
Question: Other than New Trend, who is doing the most to study, analyze and debunk Zionism?
Answer: Mark Weber and IHR. [Here is their appeal. Send a few dollars or more...Editor NT]
Why We Need and Deserve Your Support
Dear Friends,
Every day we get letters, messages or phone calls expressing appreciation for our work. We're grateful for this, of course, but it's not enough.
To carry on effectively, we need your help to pay for rent, telephone, printing, postage, and other pressing bills.
In years of hard work -- and despite vicious attacks by hostile groups -- the Institute for Historical Review has established itself on the front line in the struggle for freedom and historical truth. No similar group -- certainly none with a comparably modest budget and staff - matches the IHR's record of focus and achievement.
Unlike some groups that merely "preach to the choir," we reach new people. We regularly reach students, activists, educators and opinion-makers with solid information and sound perspective that's vitally important in the battle for freedom and truth in history.
An awareness of "real history" is not enough. It's also important to understand the how and why of the systematic distortion of history in our society, and the power behind that distortion. Understanding and countering that power is a critically important task, not merely for the sake of historical truth, but for the future of our nation and humankind.
Through regular meetings, weekly broadcasts, lectures, numerous interviews, online outreach, websites, and routine distribution of books, discs and flyers, we work hard to inform the public -- factually but forthrightly -- about the Jewish-Zionist grip on our cultural and political life, World War II lies, the corrosive impact of Holocaust propaganda, distortions of American history, myths about the Israel-Palestine conflict, and much more.
I'm encouraged by the steadily growing impact of our hour-long weekly broadcasts. Audio recordings or podcasts of "The Mark Weber Report" can be easily heard or downloaded here. Some of these podcasts have been made into videos, which are themselves widely distributed. And edited texts of some of these talks, posted on our IHR website, have likewise been widely circulated.
Every few weeks we hold meetings that bring together new people as well as long-time supporters. These productive and spirited gatherings also strengthen our local community of friends and supporters. Over the past two years we've organized many more such events than during any other comparable period.
What we accomplish depends on support from men and women like you.
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'No-fly' Muslim takes case to court of public opinion

John Brecher /

Mustafa Elogbi and his lawyer address media and supporters at Portland International Airport on Monday. six weeks after he was stranded abroad by opaque U.S. security procedures.

By Kari Huus,
PORTLAND, Ore. Mustafa Elogbi is by nature a private person. But when he finally arrived home after a frightening ordeal with U.S. security officials that cost him six weeks and thousands of dollars, he chose the spotlight. Elogbi is seeking publicity and threatening legal action against the government for what he says was virtual exile by the U.S. government despite concerns about how the publicity might affect his family. "I worry about my kids -- there are a lot of good people, but there are some who could try to harm them," the 60-year-old Libyan-American said Monday after clearing Customs at Portland International Airport. "But I think we really didn't have any other choiice."
On Jan. 4, after visiting family and friends in Libya, Elogbi headed home from Tunis, Tunisia, to the United States, where he is a citizen and resident of 33 years. But when his flight landed at London's Heathrow Airport, he was detained and questioned by security officials who he says told him they were acting on behalf of Washington. They told him he would not be able to board a flight to the United States, and instead locked him up in solitary confinement at a British detention center for two days, then placed him on a flight back to Tunis. Elogbi was shaken and humiliated. His wife, Annie Petrossian, contacted a Portland lawyer immediately, but Elogbi was at first leery of confronting the government. But his options were limited. Because he was apparently on the U.S. secret "no-fly" list, he could not board any flight to the United States or Canada, which also enforces the list. The Terrorism Screening Center, operated by the FBI, as a matter of policy, will not confirm nor deny the inclusion of a given person on the no-fly list. About 500 U.S. citizens are on the list, said a representative at the TSC, who asked not to be named. The total number of names on the list -- which includes "known or suspected terrorists" stands at about 21,000.

John Brecher /

Mustafa thanks Muna Qadan, 8, for the home-made greeting card she gave him as he arrived at the airport. Watching are Mustafa's daughter, Alaa, and her friend Maryam Qadan.
The Council on American Islamic Relations says it regularly fields calls from Americans -- mostly Muslims -- who are prevented from boarding and believe they are on the no-fly list. Less than half of those who contact the organization pursue legal action, and fewer still seek publicity, according to CAIR staff attorney Gadeir Abbas. He says this is especially true if they are within the United States, and can take a car or train home.
"Part of the reason people don't share that they are on the no fly list ... (is that) being on the list could have implications for their relationships or standing in the community," said Abbas. "It is a public declaration that the government for whatever reason is suspicious of you." A few American citizens who have been prevented from boarding flights have made their way back to the United States by boat, train and car. And Abbas said some give up. "There are definitely folks who were abroad, found themselves on the no-fly list and never returned," said Abbas. "If the U.S. is impeding your travel back to the U.S .... it's just a small jump to speculate about what could happen to you when you return." But Elogbi said he never considered staying away. "I lived here for 33 years. Basically I'm an American guy," he said. "This is my home. They cannot chase us out of this country. It's not going to make me run away from the United States." With the help of two attorneys, and his wife's persistent calls to U.S. agencies and her senator, Elogbi ultimately was allowed to fly home. He was required to fly on a U.S. carrier, on an itinerary approved by the U.S. Embassy in Tunis, which was communicating about the case with Washington. He did not submit to questioning by an FBI agent who contacted him in Tunis, he said, because he wanted a lawyer present. When he did fly, he did so with his Portland lawyer, Tom Nelson, who had escorted another client, Jamal Tarhuni, back from Tunis a week earlier. Upon arrival, Elogbi was taken aside at U.S. Customs for questioning - and Nelson was not allowed to be present, the two said. Border authorities confiscated Elogbi's cell phone and told him to retrieve it later this week at the Portland FBI field office.
The FBI and the State Department have repeatedly declined to comment on the cases, citing privacy concerns. There are currently two major legal challenges to the Justice Department over its no-fly list. This could become a third, according to Nelson, who has at least one more no-fly client overseas. He has also been seeking assistance from Sen. Ron Wyden, D-Ore., who is the chair of the Senate Select Intelligence Committee, and the press. "I want to put a spotlight on these people (in the security apparatus," said Nelson. "They want to put a spotlight on me or on us -- that's fine. Bring it on. But let's play by the rules here, let's play by the Constitution that they are sworn to uphold."


GRAVE of HITLER'S PARENTS - Like you, we are receiving reports that the grave of Hitler's mother and father in the churchyard in a little Austrian village has been desecrated. We were informed that the bodies were not disturbed but the beautiful marker and the cross have been removed. Similar was done to the grave of Paula Hitler, Adolf's sister a few years ago in the beautiful little village of Berchtesgaden, Bavaria but in Paula's case the marker was not removed but another nameplate with another name was screwed onto the marker, covering Paula's name. Something is just not right when the parents and sister of someone has their eternal sleep disturbed by this kind of foolishness. Where does it end?

From "Shark Hunters" [a web site about U-Boats]

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