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Dr Kaukab Siddique | Editor-in-Chief Jamada al-Awwal 3,1433/March 26, 2012 # 14

Thoughts about Time
Spotlights from Jamaat al-Muslimeen National Shoora Leader Imam Badi Ali

Spotlight #1: There are some people who think change means chaos. Their objective is to create chaos.

Spotlight #2: Many of our leaders did not even think that there would be chaos. They never had a Plan B.

Spotlight #3: Past, present and future are for us, not for the Creator who created Time.

Spotlight #4: Do not punish yourself for wasted time. Then you waste more time. Start now!

Spotlight #5: Present is what you have and own!

Spotlight #6: For every beginning, there is an end.

Spotlight #7: Be careful. You don't have time to do EVERYTHING. Do what is important. Worship Allah.

Spotlight #8: There are 60 seconds in a minute, 60 minutes in sn hour. Use them wisely. Allah created Time. Use it wisely.

Spotlight #9: The time you spend in worshipping Allah is never wasted.

Spotlight #10: Time is a gift, a blessing and a comforter when we want to forget the past.

Our America: #1
The Tragedy and the Irony: Iraqi Woman Murdered in El Cajon, California

On March 24, Shaima Alawadi, a 32 year old Iraqi woman who wore hijab. died of the wounds she received on March 21 at the hands of a suspected White Supremacist. She had been smashed down with a tire iron. The assailant left a note saying: "Go back to your country, you terrorist." She had ignored an earlier threat.

The irony of it is that her husband and her father were helping US troops to be culturally prepared when they went with occupation forces into Iraq.
There are 40,000 Iraqis living in El Cajon, a suburb of San Diego, mostly Christians but some Muslims. Alawadi had arrived recently from Michigan. [US is carrying out social engineering by bringing in large numbers of people hostile to their homelands to settle in the US.]

Our America:2
We have two powerful articles on the murder of Trayvon Martin in Florida. After 30,000 people demonstrated, even President Obama made a sweet comment to soothe the people. Let's see what an African American Muslim activist David Wiggins says about this kind of opportunism.
Also we have our intellectual friend Dr. Wilmer Leon, distinguished among thoughtful African Americans, who analyzes the steady defense of the killer of Trayvon which the corporate media have been knitting together even while the shooter has not been arrested.
Please scroll down a little.

Our America #3:
Few outsiders know that:
American universities practice the most rigorous censorship against discussion of the Jewish version of the holocaust and the emerging documentation of the holocaust of German cities during World War 2.
Bradley Smith, a man with a wry sense of humor, is challenging the Zionist octopus in American universities. His program is called: Committee for Open Debate on the Holocaust [CODOH].If you are against censorship SCROLL down and read Smith's article.

Historic photo. March 21, 2012: Pakistan, Islam and the masses.
Peaceful Islamic revolution reaches Buthkela in Malakand Agency. Biggest gathering in the history of Pakistan.

The Pakistani government has been scaring Pakistanis about the dangers of the frontier near Afghanistan called Malakand, branding its people as supporters of terrorism and extremism.
Here in this photo, Syed Munawar Hasan, ameer of Jamaate Pakistan, is addressing a mammoth gathering at Butkhela. He called on the masses to unite to oppose US, Indian and Israeli aggression against Islam and Muslims. Pakistanis, under his leadership, are blocking the supply routes to NATO forces in Afghanistan.

The entire galaxy of dynamic Jamaate Islami Frontier leadership was there and spoke to the crowds. Among the speakers: Prof. Mohammed Ibrahim, ameer of Frontier Jamaat, Shabbir Ahmed Khan, Sec. general, Syed Bakhtiar maani, ameer of the Mardan JI and many others. A Muslim League leader from Upper Dir joined JI.

About 200,000 people. Wow!
In case readers thought that this kind of gathering was only possible in a frontier town where public anger against US imperialism is very high, please scroll way down for a look at Munawar's gathering in the Industrial city of Faisalabad in Punjab. Our observers say, Jamaate Islami is successfully mobilizing the masses and USA will face serious difficulties although both the army and the government have been infiltrated by anti-Islam forces at the highest level, from Gen. Kayani to President Zardari.

My Obama Moment: If I had a son he would look just like........
by David Wiggins [Baltimore, Maryland]

[The writer is an outstanding activist in the Maryland-DC area and wrote this exclusively for New Trend.]
Baltimore--- On Monday March 27 from 5 p.m. - 7 p.m. various organizations will come together in at Baltimore's Inner Harbor, at McKeldin Square, which was the site of the local "Occupy Movement" to protest the senseless February 26, 2012, murder of Trayvon Martin, who was killed by a racist Jewish neighborhood watch patroller George Zimmerman, who was armed with a gun, who claimed the 17-year old Martin "looked suspicious," so suspicious that Zimmerman had to kill him for nothing more than being a young Black male, walking where some thug determined he didn't belong.
There was an eerily similar occurrence in the Upper Park Heights area of Baltimore City, where a 15-year old was beaten by the local Jewish Shomrim patrol, led by a dual national Israeli IDF Special Forces Reservist, in November 2010, and didn't make the headline in Baltimore until groups like the Baltimore Black Think Tank, Inc., All People's Congress, ANSWER , and the Baltimore Chapter of the SCLC began to hold monthly demonstrations which were not supported by a majority of the clergy, activist, ACLU or youth advocates. More than a year later the case has not gone to trial.
What I find blatantly opportunistic is the statement made by the War Criminal in Chief, President Barak Obama, that if he "had a son he would look just like Trayvon Martin." Well, I'm having an Obama moment to remind all those who are using this child's tragic death to make themselves appear sympathetic to the plight of young Black men still subjugated by racial hatred, and even Jim Crow in Blackface that this happens very regularly and it is time to protect our children.
I do have sons and they look just like Troy Davis, Sean Bell, Aaron Campbell, Victor Steen, Steven Eugene Washington, Oscar Grant, James Craig Anderson, and countless others who have been murdered for being Black and in the wrong place at the wrong time. How much longer will Blacks continue to seek integration with a People who are only 45 years removed from barbecuing us in public places for sport? Yes, Mr. Obama, I have sons, and they look just like every other Black man in America: "Suspicious," so suspicious that still in the 21st century they could be murdered for being Black.

The Murder of Trayvon Martin Highlights Other Issues.
Analysis of the Shooter's Defense being put up by the Media

By Dr. Wilmer J. Leon III
The tragic murder of Trayvon Martin immediately brought the horrific murder of Emmett Till to mind. Trayvon was 17 while Emmett Till was 14. Both were murdered because of stereotypes of young African American men being perceived as threats to the security of White Americans. Trayvon, a well-liked high school student from Miami with no criminal record, was walking back to his father's girlfriend's home when he was pursued and eventually shot. Emmett Till, a well liked middle-school student from Chicago was minding his own business in front of a store in Money, Mississippi, at worst he was engaged in innocent boyhood banter before later that evening being dragged from his great-uncle's home and brutally murdered.
As America mourn's the senseless murder of Trayvon Martin Americans should pause and reflect upon some of the issues that his murder highlights. How does an individual with a record of assaulting a police officer get a license for a firearm? Should neighborhood watch participants be allowed to carry firearms? Does the Stand Your Ground Law really makes sense? What impact does a police department's discretion in charging an individual have on the disproportionate rate of African Americans that are incarcerated?
The National Rifle Association (NRA) and other gun rights advocacy groups continue to challenge reasonable efforts to require background checks on those interested in purchasing firearms at gun shows. Contrary to what the Sanford, FL police department told Trayvon's father Tracy Martin, George Zimmerman did not have a "squeaky clean" record. According to the Huffington Post, "The Orange County Clerk of Courts website shows a man named George Zimmerman, 28, was charged in July 2005 with resisting arrest with violence and battery on an officer." How does an individual with this background get a license to possess, let alone carry a concealed firearm? The NRA continues to advocate for the alleged rights of citizens to possess firearms but they never advocate for the rights of the victims of the George Zimmerman's, or the Seung-Hui Cho's (32 killed, 25 wounded at VA Tech in 2007), or the Thomas Lane's (3 killed, 2 wounded at Chardon High School in 2012).
Neighborhood watch programs are necessary and very positive organizations in thousands of communities across this country. Not only do they provide additional eyes and ears to protect citizens and property, they also provide an additional mechanism to bring neighbors together. One does have to ask if individuals who participate in these programs should be allowed to carry weapons while they are engaging in neighborhood watch activities. It's one thing for an individual to carry a firearm for self-defense. It's another for an individual who is untrained in police tactics and practices to be armed while engaging in quasi-police activities. According to MSNBC, Sanford's neighborhood watch handbook says that program participants' main role is to "observe and report suspicious activities" happening in their neighborhood to police...The responsibility for apprehending criminals belongs to the police department."
George Zimmerman, a failed "wanna' be police officer" pursued Trayvon Martin against the direction of police officials that he was in telephone contact with and against the stated policy in the neighborhood watch handbook. Zimmerman initiated the contact; that's offensive not defensive behavior. Zimmerman armed with a 9mm handgun shot and killed Trayvon Martin, only armed with a bag of Skittles and a can of Arizona Tea. There is a greater chance of well intentioned citizens engaged in neighborhood watch programs to become vigilantes when armed while on patrol. Radios and police scanners are one thing; firearms in the hands of the untrained are another.
According to the Sanford, FL police department, George Zimmerman has not been arrested for shooting an unarmed Trayvon Martin because Zimmerman has claimed the shooting was in self-defense. They say they have no evidence to dispute Zimmerman's claim (Trayvon is no longer alive to refute the allegation) and Zimmerman is being protected by Florida's 'Stand Your Ground' law which allows people to defend themselves with deadly force if they feel threatened. Most states require an individual to flee the threat before using deadly force if that option is available but Florida has one of the broadest 'Stand Your Ground" laws' in the country. In Florida the law says people can't be arrested if they claim they were being threatened. Do American's really want untrained armed individuals in our neighborhoods with the ability to use deadly force under the presumption of threat? Again, Trayvon is no longer alive to refute the allegation.
According to MSNBC, "The Sanford City Commission voted 3-2 that it had no confidence in Police Chief Bill Lee Jr. over his handling of the Trayvon Martin shooting ..." Chief Bill Lee and others within the department made the decision not to arrest Zimmerman for killing Trayvon. The Miami Herald reports that the Republican authors of the Stand Your Ground law have said, Trayvon's killer "... probably should be arrested and doesn't deserve immunity under the statute... it has been misapplied..."
What this highlights is the discretionary power that the police and prosecutors have to charge or not charge an individual with a crime. As we face the reality that a disproportionate number of African Americans are incarcerated in this country, one of the factors that has to be considered is: who is responsible for charging them with crimes and what are the factors being considered when making the charges. According to the Sentencing Project, "More than 60% of the people in prison are now racial and ethnic minorities (African Americans make up 13 % of the US population). For Black males in their twenties, 1 in every 8 is in prison or jail on any given day."
These are some of the tangential issues that surround the senseless and tragic murder of Trayvon Martin. As Americans mourn this loss and march for justice, these and other related issues should not be overlooked.
I am troubled by the realization that George Zimmerman still walks the streets, a free man. Dr. King told us, "The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice." We must ensure that it does.

Dr. Wilmer Leon is the Producer/ Host of the nationally broadcast call-in talk radio program "Inside the Issues with Wilmer Leon," and a Teaching Associate in the Department of Political Science at Howard University in Washington, D.C. Go to, , email:
2012 InfoWave Communications, LLC.

Committee for Open Debate on the Holocaust [CODOH]
Academic Freedom on University Campuses being violated.
Groups Trying to hide holes in the holocaust story

by Bradley Smith, San Ysidro, California

It is distorted on every side-by media, the professorial class, the State-that fragment of World War II history called "Holocaust." In each case the exploitation of the distortions produces rewards of wealth and position for those who exploit them.
On the university campus it is especially notable, and especially regrettable. It is there where each new class of students is programmed to believe without the possibility of doubt that during WWII the German people were of a despicable moral character.
The American student is taught that the suffering of Jews is never to be forgotten, while the suffering of Germans and Japanese is never to be examined. The student is taught by her professor that it was morally despicable for Germans to deliberately murder innocent civilians, while the primary German murder weapon cannot be proven to have been used. An entire industry, soaking in wealth and self-indulgence, routinely exploits this teaching.
American participation in the mass slaughter of hundreds of thousands of innocent women and children in Germany and Japan, deliberately burned alive, vaporized, or destroyed by high explosive is not a moral issue in the American classroom. The American student is taught that the suffering of Jews during WWII represents a tragedy of unimaginable breadth, while the suffering of Germans and Japanese is neither here nor there because they were annihilated for a "greater good." No discussion introduced or permitted.
American students are trapped by their professors who, to a man and to a woman, follow the State line about the Holocaust story initiated by the U.S. Government at the post WWII war crimes trials, and exploited from that century to this one primarily by Jewish special-interest organizations such as the notorious Anti-Defamation League with its annual budget of some 60 million dollars, and the State-sponsored, Jewish-run, U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum with its own annual budget of some 50 million dollars.
Most of the work done on and associated pages is carried out by volunteers and independent entrepreneurs. Other than supervising CODOH, I focus on taking revisionist arguments to students on the American campus. My method is simple, direct, and very budget conscious. We place small, clickable announcements for a specific CODOH page in the online edition of student newspapers across the nation. We back that up with the intense use of extensive email lists, developed in-house, of students and faculty at the targeted campus.
I manage here the one, the only effort that exists to reach students on the American campus nationwide with revisionist information on "Holocaust" and the reasons why, bloated as the story is with fraud and falsehood, it should be open to routine critical examination. I make it clear to students that their professors, as a class, stand united in the view that Jewish suffering will be promoted endlessly on their campus, while German and Japanese suffering will be ignored, and that they are united in this primarily for profit and career. At the expense of every ideal associated with the University.
Will you help me with this project?
While my expenses are extraordinarily modest compared with those who are dedicated to stopping me--they are real. Very real. There are website and bandwidth expenses, advertising expenses, editorial and office expenses, and the vicissitudes of life. If you can help, please do.

Donations should be sent to:

Committee for Open Debate on the Holocaust | PO box 439016 | San Ysidro | CA | 92143

[Editor note: New Trend readers should be aware of Indian aggression against Bangladesh. The writer suggests what we can do.]

Killing One Bangladeshi Every Four Days: A Big Fat NO to India
By Farjana Mahbuba
Few years ago, there was a huge debate on boycotting anything from
Denmark. The whole Muslim world was facing an emotional urge to
boycott anything Danish as a Danish cartoonist insulted our Prophet in
his cartoon. One of the logics to this boycott was that it is a means
of protest and in this global economical set up, being economically
boycotted by a significantly large community could be terrible.
However, there were people who were saying that this type of boycott
can do nothing; it`s rather childish and foolish.
Well, now what I`m going to do would also be regarded as childish and
foolish to lots of people, but to me, it`s a decision from my heart.
Yes, for the first time in my life I`m going to boycott a country and
that is India. I`m not taking this decision based on any logic; rather
it is based on my emotion, as a Bangladeshi, and above all as a human
being. From now on I won`t buy anything Indian. This is my personal
protest against the inhuman brutal torture and extra judicial killing
by Indian BSF (Border Security Force) of Bangladeshi citizens in
India-Bangladesh border.
Recently, there has been a well-spread online Youtube video that shows
how a group of BSF`s 105th battalion personnel are torturing a young
Bangladeshi named Habibur Rahman in West Bengal`s Murshidabad border,
stripping him, tying him up, beating him while laughing, making jokes
and drinking tea to enjoy the torture. Because of the excessive and
indiscriminate use of force, arbitrary detention, torture and killing
by Indian border guard at the Bangladesh border, HRW`s (Human Rights
Watch) December 2010`s 81 page report named them the `trigger happy`
Not long ago on 7 January 2011, a poor Bangladeshi teenage girl named
Felani made national and international headline because of the degree
of BSF brutality on her. Just one day before her wedding, she was
caught by BSF in the border trying to cross the fence that India has
made around Bangladesh. She got tangled on the barbed wires and
screamed in panic. BSF noticed immediately and shot her. She kept
asking for a bit of water until she bled to death, about 30 minutes
after the shooting. Her dead body was hanging on the fence in the same
manner for about five more hours before her killers took her away.
Felani is not alone in that long procession of murdered Bangladeshi
citizen. According to HRW, in the year 2010, BSF killed 74, injured 72
and kidnapped 43 Bangladeshis. According to the statistics of other
human rights organisation `Odhikar`, BSF killed more than 1,000
Bangladeshis in the past decade; and day by day their killings are
getting creative. Instead of shooting, they now use fatal beatings,
strangling, stoning, poisonous injections etc. Nowadays, they kill one
Bangladeshi every four days, surveyed by Odhikar (find the report in
With one side to Bay of Bengal and the remaining three sides
surrounded by Indian barbed wire (locals call it the wall of death)
and heavy powerful search lights; Bangladesh now looks like a World
War II concentration camp. On 23 January 2011, Brad Adams wrote in The
Guardian, UK that a single killing by US law enforcement along the
Mexican border makes headlines, but the killing of large numbers of
Bangladeshi villagers by Indian forces has been almost entirely
ignored by the world community.
I`ve always dreamt to have a long travel all over India. There is
someone said that If you travel all over the India, you do not need to
travel the world, because India itself is the world! I always tell one of
our Indian family friends to get married soon so that we can take a
trip to India on the occasion of his marriage. But after watching the
online Youtube video footage of BSF`s brutal torture on Habibur
Rahman, sorry friend, my desire to travel to India is gone. I won`t be
coming to India on your wedding. I won`t buy anything produced in your
country. From now on, I won`t watch Indian movies either, even though
I love to watch movies from different countries, different cultures. I
won`t buy anymore Indian music too. I`m simply boycotting your
country, anything from your country. That`s my personal protest
against the inhuman ongoing killings of BSF along Bangladesh border.
I know, I know very well that nothing would happen by my personal
boycott. But I also know that the Great Wall of China is made from
millions of single bricks. I`m one of those millions of bricks. If
Egyptian Tahriri Square revolution can begin from one girl`s
initiative on Facebook, then if I, you and we start to boycott Indian
products today; I believe India will have to feel a shake tomorrow.
However, this is my personal revolution as a Bangladeshi, and above
all as a human being; a revolution to boycott India, to say a big fat
NO to India.

* Writer of this article is conducting her PhD on Islamic Gender
Studies at Centre for the Studies of Contemporary Muslim Societies,
School of Social Sciences and Psychology in University of Western
Sydney, Australia.

City Captured by al-Shabab as Ethiopian Forces Advance

A new al-Shabab offensive has begun with attacks in Mogadishu. On March 20, they captured the town of Dhusamareh in central Somalia.

A powerful column of Ethiopian tanks is advancing into the country.

Rapid Changes in Southern Yemen as Ansar al-Sharia Advance
March 24: Islamic fighters took over the town of Radwan in Shawbwa province. It's a branch of al-Qaida known as Ansar al-Sharia. Yemen Post reports that the entire coastline facing Somalia is now under groups supportive of Osama's groups, from the town of Shuqra to Al-Maharrin on the east.
Same day, in Lahij, al-Qaida killed Major al-Shawal of the regime's intelligence services and tried to take the town of Lahij but failed. Earlier on March 21, they killed the senior most chief of intelligence Col. Gahtan in Mukalla, clashed with police and got away. The same day, the military shelled the Al-Qaida stronghold of Zinjibar for six hours killing 29 people believed to be supporters of the Islamic group.
March 18: Some fanatical Yemenis killed an American teacher in the city of Taez, on accusations of underhand Christian propaganda.
March 13. Sheikh Abdul Majeed Zindani gave a fatwa for jihad in support of the people of Syria against Bashar al-Assad. He has wide support and is considered a terrorist by the US.

NATO is Bleeding in Afghanistan

US media are not giving any more information about the steady fighting in Afghanistan. However, icasualties, which monitors US governmental information, has gathered that 29 NATO troops, mostly Americans, were killed by the Taliban in the first 21 days of March. No Taliban losses.

Extreme Violence has Returned to Iraq

A couple of weeks back,the entire city of Haditha was put under curfew by the military after serious losses incurred in al-Qaida attacks on police forces.
The attacks have spread across the country.

AAP reports that on March 23, there was a break out of the central prison in Kirkuk in which 19 members of al-Qaida and Ansar al-Sunnah [Kurds] escaped after the guards took drugs

Palestinian "Leader" Mahmoud Abbas Silent on Trayvone Martin, focused on Merah

So Palestine Authority president (aka Uncle Tom) Mahmoud Abbas condemned the shooting at a Jewish school in Toulouse, France. As a Muslim, he could have, and should have condemned the killing of Trayvon Martin, Black child murdered by a white supremacist in Florida. Where are Muslim leaders worthy of the name?
- Nadrat Siddique

France Shooting Suspect Seen as a Home-Grown Militant
Mohammed Merah, the suspect in the killing of seven people, represents for European law enforcement officials the kind of terrorist threat that they fear most.

Pakistan: Historic photo: March 24, 2012
Syed Munawar Hasan addressing a mammoth rally in Faisalabad, an industrial city which was once called Lyallpur after a Britisher.
Notice that "Dawn News" has its recorder there along with all of Pakistan's media. However Dawn refused to show this photo to Overseas Pakistanis.
The rally was held in Dhobi Ghat, which is so big an open area that even popular political parties dare not use it as a venue.
An estimated 100,000 people, including more than 5,000 women, listened to JI leader Munawar Hasan. Many men could not enter the grounds owing to crowding.

Munawar Hasan has become a symbol of the peaceful revolution. Posters about his speeches have become art work. This one with Munawar wearing the turban says at the top in rhyme:

Change has three symbols
Allah, Muhammd [p] and Qur'an

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