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Unity Above Nationality.
Unity of American and Immigrant Muslims.
National Diversity within Islam.
Trust and Brotherhood as Basis of Organization.
Freedom from Financial Control by governments, government-financed organizations.
Economic Independence Through Self-reliance.
Decentralization of Authority for local activities.
Development of pure thoughts, honest action, efficient work.
Understanding of Qur'an and Sunnah as guidance for life.
National and International work for Islamic solutions.
Women's role as equal partners in Islamic movement.

The Command rests with none but Allah.
He declares the Truth and He is the best of Judges
(The Qur'an al-Ana'm, 57)

The 5 Pillars of Islam:
  1. Shahadah (Testimony of Faith) [There is no god but Allah, Muhammad is the messenger of Allah]
  2. Salat (Prayer)
    • Fajr - From dawn until just before sunrise
    • Zuhr - After midday until afternoon
    • Asr - From late afternoon until just before sunset
    • Maghrib - After sunset until daylight ends
    • Isha - Night until midnight or dawn
  3. Zakah (Charity) [Ibadah (worship and obedience)]
  4. Sawm (Fasting) [dawn to sunset Ramadan]
  5. Hajj (Pilgrimage to Mecca) [Al-Ka'bah | Baitullah (House of Allah)]
[Jihad is considered a sixth pillar in countries where Islam is the majority religion.]

For More Information Contact:
Jama'at al-Muslimeen (the Islamic People's Movement) International
Ameer: Kaukab Siddique
PO Box 10881 Baltimore MD 21234-0881

National Shoora members:

Sis. Ashira Na'im [Secretary General] [ ]
Imam Badi Ali [ ]
Dr. Abdulalim Shabazz [ ]
Br. Sulayman Solano [ ]
Br. Abu Talib [ ] [Jama'at al-Muslimeen in Brooklyn]

Masjid Jama'at al-Muslimeen in Baltimore is open for Juma every friday at 1:15pm
Call (443) 869-5233 for Directions

Jama'at al-Muslimeen in Knoxville and Oak Ridge:

Darul Ifta
Imam Ali Siddiqui is available to answer fiqhi questions arising from issues relating to Muslim life in America.
Contact him by email:

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