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25 Rabi' al-Thani 1443 AH - November 20 2022 Issue # 47, Newsletter #1994

News Within the USA

Saudi Ruler Getting Immunity from the US.
[Analysis by Jamaat al-Muslimeen ]

Yahoo News

November 18, 2022, 7:17 PM
A former top legal adviser to Secretary of State Antony Blinken is criticizing the State Department's controversial move to recommend that Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, otherwise known as MBS, be granted immunity as "head of state," to shield him from a lawsuit for his role in the brutal 2018 assassination and dismemberment of the Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

Harold Koh, who served as State Department legal adviser under President Barack Obama and later as a senior adviser to Blinken during his first year as secretary of state, said in an interview Friday with Yahoo News that the department should have simply remained silent in the case, rather than stake out a legal position that effectively amounts to "carrying MBS's water."

The move could also set a precedent, protecting other world leaders who might be accused in lawsuits of serious crimes, such as Russian President Vladimir Putin, Koh added.

"It seems strange," Koh said of the court filing Thursday night by current State Department acting legal adviser Richard C. Visek. "It was better not to say anything. You want the Saudis to think that Biden's words about human rights mean what they say."

Koh also dismissed the assertion made by the department in a letter to the federal judge overseeing the Khashoggi lawsuit that MBS is legitimately the Saudi "head of state," noting that Saudi Arabia is a kingdom headed by his father. Moreover, MBS was only formally designated prime minister two months ago, after questions about his status had already become central in the lawsuit.

"If he's the head of state, that means his father, the king, is not the head of state?" said Koh. As for MBS's recent designation by the Saudis that he is prime minister, he added, "It was flagrantly done for the purpose of getting this immunity."

The filing came in a lawsuit filed in U.S. district court in Washington, D.C., by Khashoggi's fiancée, Hatice Cengiz, and DAWN (Democracy for the Arab World Now), the human rights group founded by Khashoggi. Citing two federal statutes that permit victims of gross human rights abuses to sue the perpetrators in U.S. courts, the suit accused MBS of ordering the grisly murder of Khashoggi and the carving up of his body with a bone saw inside the Saudi consulate in Istanbul.

The claim was bolstered by thee Biden administration's release last year of a U.S. intelligence summary concluding that MBS approved the operation that dispatched a team of Saudi operatives to Istanbul for the purpose either of killing Khashoggi or abducting him. But ever since the case was filed, there were questions whether MBS — who has been effectively exercising power in the country ever since his father, King Salman, designated him as heir apparent in 2017 — could be sued in a U.S. courtroom.

Goebbels. A cruel Biography.
Worth noting: His amazing air defense of Berlin and the heroic stance of his wife Magda, a true German woman. [See conclusion.]

A strange book.
Goebbels. Mastermind of the Third Reich by David Irving.722 pages. 1996. Focal Point. UK.

I have a copy autographed by the author.

It's a cruel book because it is based on Goebbels secret personal diary which was not meant to b e published. It's also cruel because when he attained power, he issued statements which were contradicted by his secret diary.

It's difficult to analyze a 700 page book which deals directly or indirectly with the major personalities and events of the Second World War. I will limit my comments to four aspects of the book.

  1. The first surprise one gets is that he was in love with women all the time. 

    It started with Anka Stalherm. It was platonic. She was a married woman and he had a poor opinion of her husband. During most of his life, he was pining for her but could not attain her. 

    Women were strangely attracted to him although he had a club foot. Numerous women wanted him and gradually he could not resist them even when he was not important in Germany.

    In December 1931 he married Magda. She was fertile and bore him child after child.

    When he had the power and the means, he fell in love with a Czech beauty, Lifa Baarova, for whom he had built a magnificent retreat. 

    Hitler liked Magda and was distressed by Goebbels constant romantic adventures. Hitler then ordered him to stick loyally to Magda. She stayed with him till the and went out of this world, along with her children, when the Russians finally stormed Berlin.

  2. Irving documents the social context of Germany before the war. The Communists were active in the streets. The economic and police structure was controlled by the Jewish elites. Goebbels joined Hitler's supporters known as the SA. He defeated Communists in street battles. He was frequently arrested by the Jewish-controlled police. He would ridicule the police chief and get arrested. He could not win. Irving documents each episode.

  3. He recognized Hitler as an authentic leader of Germany but found that most of Hitler's top supporters were mediocre. He was specially critical of Goring, chief of the German air force, the luftwaffe. He could not understand Hitler's love for Italian leader Mussolini whose weaknesses and the flabbiness of Italian troops damaged Germany's cause.

    Often Goebbels, quietly in his diary, disagreed with Hitler and even thought that Hitler was not a revolutionary leader. However he remained totally loyal to Hitler because Hitler had done so much for Germany that he was the only person whom the German people could consider their trustworthy leader.

  4. The most important aspect of Irving's book is about Goebbel's role in the war.

    Defense of Germany became increasingly difficult after Russia {USSR} and USA joined UK. Churchill, the British leader had provoked Germany into attacking civilians. With American help, the British air force devised a technique to set fire to entire German cities. The fire storms ignited by the British killed tens of thousands of men, women and children. Large numbers of civilians were burned alive even in their shelters.

Churchill had been advised that if huge huge numbers were killed, Germany would collapse and the German people may even turn against Hitler.

This is where Goebbels became the real leader of Germany as Hitler's health deteriorated. Hitler was targeted in a bomb attack by a traitor named Stauffenberg and his clique.

Goebbels defeated the internal enemies and was able to stir up stiff resistance to the western allies and Russia. Irving gives us a flavor of Goebbels speeches and the transforming influencing they had on the German people.

Irving very briefly summarizes the bombing of German cities and the superb defense of Berlin 's air space organized by Goebbels, the only time the British air force was defeated.

The British air force, says Irving, ravaged the cities of Essen, Dortmund, Dusseldorf asnd Duisburg in May 1943. Then the bombers breached several Ruhr dams drowning 700 people. The bombers burned alive 2450 people in the town of Wuppertal. [pages 433-434.] In June, the British bombers "devastated" the cities of Dusseldorf again and also Bochum, Oberhausen, Cologne and Krefeld by two-thousand ton raids. [p.435] Images of the raids showed "mangled headless infants, and bulldozers tipping bodies into pits." His wife Magda and the children burst into tears.

Goebbels went from city to injured city helping people and issued 157 civil defense circulars. In the meantime the British raided Wuppertal again and this time 2750 people were burned alive. [P. 436]

On July 24, 1943, in a massive raid the British air force set the entire city of Hamburg on fire, killing more than 50,000 people. They were literally incinerated "inside the bunkers, torn apart by explosives, tossed into the flames by the fiery tornadoes." [p.441] Hamburg was second only to Berlin.

David Irving notes that after the horrific fire bombing of Hamburg, with 50, 000 civilians killed and tens of thousands injured, a ripple of fear and instability touched the German people. The diaries show that Goebbels understood that Berlin would be the next target of the British air force.

He considered Berlin his city. He was the gauleiter of Berlin. He had spoken to crowds of thousands and assured them that Germany would not be defeated.

He took personal charge of the defense of Berlin. As he flew over Hamburg, he saw that what remained of the noble city was only " charred and lifeless" ruins.

He made a major effort to evacuate the civilian population of Berlin. Two million people, including most of the children were evacuated. The weakened but eager German air force was alerted. On August 23, 1943, the British bombers came and were massacred. Using visual sightings, Goebbels defense forces shot down 56 British bombers. Even then 765 Belin civilians including 27 children were killed.

On August 31, the British bombers came again and the German defenders pounced and shot down 47. This time only 13 civilians, were killed and no children.

On September 3, the British leader Churchill sent in his best, 295 Lancasters. The Germans were ready and shot down 20 Lancasters. However the Brits were able to kill 346  civilians but only one child. Churchill saw defeat and stopped attacking Berlin. Churchill had lost 126 bombers in only three raids. [p.442] A great victory for Goebbels.

Germany was not ready for total war. Large segments of the country outside the cities behaved as if was peace time. Goebbels realized huge armies from the West [America, Canada, Britain, Indian troops] and massivet Russian armies from the east would roll into Germany once the front lines were broken. He urged preparation for total war but it was too late. Hitler was getting physically weaker by the day and the bomb attack by the traitor Stauffenburg shook the military structure.

Constant speeches by Goebbels brought up the German fighting spirit. Many Germans, particularly the SS units, fought to the end.

Goebbels and his wife Magda took their own lives at the end and also ended the lives of their 6 innocent children. Hitler and the woman, Eva Braun, who had loved him for 14 years also took their own lives. Goebbels refused to surrender regardless of the impossible odds,

When Russian artillery was hitting not far from Hitler's bunker and the end was near, Hitler was shocked to see that Goebbels wife Magda was still there and told her to leave. Her reply to Hitler, whom she greatly admired, is worth noting:

"Mein Fuhrer, my husband is the leader of Berlin. Life without my husband would have no purpose for me - nor did I bear my children to have them put on display in the Societ Union and America as the children of the propaganda minister Goebbels." [p. 515-516]

This book is not about Hitler. 
I will say about Magda's words: spoken like a true German woman

War News

 War News


TTP [Pakistani Taliban] are active again.
Dawn is reporting 6 Pakistani policemen killed in Lakki Marwat and two soldiers killed in Waziristan.

Fighting the Occupation with just a Knife.  [Unfriendly report.]

JERUSALEM -- A knife-wielding Palestinian killed two Israelis in a stabbing Tuesday at a settlement in the occupied West Bank, then stole a car as he tried to flee the scene and crashed it on a nearby highway, killing a third Israeli, officials said.

The attack at the settlement of Ariel also left three Israelis wounded. The Palestinian was shot and killed by an Israeli soldier as he tried to run away from the crash scene.

The Zaka paramedic service said the three wounded were being treated in hospital and that they were in serious condition.

It was the latest assault in a wave of Israeli-Palestinian violence this year that has seen Palestinian attackers target Israeli civilians and near nightly Israeli arrest raids that have fueled unrest in the occupied territory.

The Israeli military said the Palestinian first stabbed several Israelis at the entrance to the settlement's industrial zone, then proceeded to a nearby gas station and stabbed more people there. The army said the man then stole a car and intentionally crashed it into another vehicle before fleeing the scene on foot.

Iraq and Lebanon

BBC clouds the facts in its report on the Islamic State.

The factual part of the BBC report is about 100 youths from northern Lebanon who have joined the Islamic State fighters in Iraq.

Also factual in the report is the battle in Diyala province of Iraq in which these Lebanese youths killed 10 Iraqi soldiers. However, the next day the Iraqi regime air strikes killed 9 of these Lebanese fighting for the Islamic state.

Most of the BBC report is an opinion piece claiming that poverty in northern Lebanon is forcing young Lebanese sunnis to join the Islamic State.

BBC reports are often convoluted.
(BBC November 18)


Turkey Launches Air Offensive

November 18-20
In response to the terrorist bombing in Istanbul, Turkey's most important civilian area, the Turkish air force struck at Kurdish Communist military targets in the Syrian provinces of Raqqa, Aleppo and Hasakeh. More than 65 personnel were killed in these bombing attacks. [Source SOHR] In addition Turkey also struck at a few Assad regime positions in northwest of Aleppo province causing 16 killed and some wounded.

Turkish and Kurdish Communists are exchanging heavy artillery fire.

On the Irbid province border and north east Lattakia, Assad regime shelled villages affiliated to the opposition. In response Islamic group Fath al-Mubeen fired back at Assad regime positions. [The exchanges are continuing.

SOHR is also reporting numbers of ISIS raids on US backed SDF in Deir ez Zor province and Iranian backed militia in eastern Homs province. Numerous casualties.

 Remember Prisoners

Prisoner rights in the United States

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

All prisoners have the basic rights needed to survive and sustain a reasonable way of life. Most rights are taken away ostensibly so the prison system can maintain order, discipline, and security. Any of the following rights, given to prisoners, can be taken away for that purpose:

Prisoner may refer to one of the following:

Many rights are taken away from prisoners often temporarily.[ citation needed] For example, prison personnel are required to read and inspect all in-going or out-going mail, in order to prevent prisoners from obtaining contraband. The only time a prisoner has a full right to privacy is in conversations with their attorney.

Guidance by Sr. Yasmine


*Bismillah Hir Rehman Nir Raheem*
Rose Vine
'Assalaamu Alaykum Warahmatullah'
The Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) said--- 
'Siwak' cleanses the mouth and pleases the Lord'.
 (Source~ al-Bukhaari in his Saheeh, 2/274, and by Ahmad, 6/47, and al-Nisaa'i, 1/50.

A Study Shows 'Miswak' Has Medicinal Properties that Toothpaste Lacks

| IslamToday / Agencies|

A study has revealed that the 'Miswak' -  or teeth cleaning sticks commonly used in  Arab and Asian countries, have greater value  than toothbrush and toothpaste.

A group of dentists at King Saud University (KSU)  has done a study revealing the medicinal properties of 'Miswak', while 'Miswak sales go up considerably in 'Ramadan'.

The study suggests that the beneficial effects for oral hygiene and dental health for those who have been using 'Miswak' are equal to, if not greater than, those of a toothbrush and toothpaste.

"Miswak has many medicinal properties and can fight plaque, recession of gums, tooth wear, bleeding gums and periodontal pocket depths,"  said the study, adding that the repeated process of using them releases fresh sap and silica  (a hard glossy mineral),  which acts as an abrasive material  for the removal stains.

The study was conducted by a group of dentists led by Dr. Khaled Almas.
The study explains that the Miswak also releases a substance that soothes toothache.
"It is also used to prevent smoking in adults and thumb sucking in children. It may also improve appetite and regulate peristaltic movements of the gastrointestinal tract," said the study.

Referring to the growing sales of Miswak, especially during Ramadan.
Mubarak Al-Oraizi, a Miswak seller in Riyadh, said:
"Miswak sales have gone up in Ramadan, especially in Makkah and Madinah by nearly 300 percent."

Arif Aleem, a Bangladeshi salesman, who sits in front of a Riyadh masjid, said: "This is our season and we do brisk business in Ramadan every year. For me, it is fun sitting near the masjid, praying and talking to people, watching people coming and going and at the same time making money."

"And We send down from the Qur'an that which is a healing and a mercy to those who believe..."
['Qur`an' Surat Al-Isra' 17:82].

~ 'Salaams' to you ~

'Do Not Despair of the Mercy of Allah'.
{'Qur`an ~ Surat Az-Zumar~ 39 :A # 53 }

[ Source: "Study reveals medicinal properties of miswak" Arab News September .]


Posted by: ~ Y A S M I N ~

 Dr Kaukab Siddique

Controversial but low key revolutionary Khutba

On November 18 Br. Kaukab Siddique gave the juma khutba at Masjid Jamaat al-Muslimeen in Baltimore.

The masjid gradually filled up along with increasing numbers of sisters. The microphone system was loud and clear and someone has donated an  electric prayer calendar. Thanks to Br. Abdul Shakoor for keeping the masjid clean and good looking.
Video of the khutba is here:

Here are the main points of Br. Siddique's khutba:

Text: " The believers, men and women, are each others protecting friends and guardians." [The Qur'an 9:71]

  1. All praise is for Allah, the Creator and Sustainer of the universe. We send salutations to Muhammad, pbuh, the last of messengers and prophets, and his family, Companions and Wives and on all the Prophets, from Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jacob, Joseph, Jesus all the way to the sublime Muhammad, pbuh.

  2. We must learn from the tragedies of America, first slavery, then segregation and racism, so much so that even the churches are all Black or all White with only a few in between.

  3. In the recent elections American leaders slammed and abused each other though there is little difference between them.

  4. Now they have even dropped to the level of supporting lgbtq.

  5. To avert such a low down situation for ourselves, we Muslims must always remember that Islam is for all human beings based on their behavior, not on their race.

  6. Part 2
  7. Muslims don't understand Islam because they don't study hadith.

  8. Most Muslims don't know that the Qur'an was organized according to hadith of the Prophet, pbuh, by the sahaba under the leadership of the third caliph Usman, r.a.

  9. Look at the start of each sura of the Qur'an. Right at the top it tells you if it was revealed in Makka or Madina or in between. These indications are from hadith and Muslims can be dead wrong if they don't know which sura was revealed in Makka and which in Madina.

  10. Most Muslims don't know that Imam Bukhari was not a narrator of hadith but a collector of hadith.

  11. The headings in Bukhari's sahih are not hadith. Many others are his interpretation, not hadith.

  12. Most Muslims dont know that hadith started being narrated when the Prophet, pbuh, was still alive, not in the third century with Bukhari and Muslim.

  13. One disaster has been that Muslims don't realize that hadith is only that which comes from Muhammad, pbuh, with an unbroken chain of narration.

  14. Other narratives cannat be considered hadith.

  15. A major disaster has been a narrative in Bukhari according to which the Prophet, pbuh, married Ayesha, r.a. when she was a child.

  16. The Prophet,pbuh, never mentioned the age of Ayesha, r.a., nor did he advise anyone to marry female children.

  17. The narrative about her age in Bukhari is not from the Prophet, pbuh. 

  18. Lack of hadith knowledge led many Muslims to claim that child marriages are okay because it is in Bukhar's Sahih

  19. It also emboldened the kuffar that the Prophet, pbuh, was a pedophile (nauzubillah min zalik).

  20. There are other hadith, authentic, ones, that the Prophet, pbuh, taught that if a father in pre-Islamic or tribal conditions married off his daughter in childhood, she has the right to repudiate the marriage when she comes of age.

  21. Dear Muslims give the authentic message of Islam to the people of America. Dawah is central to the message of Islam.

Remember that Ayesha, r.a., was a scholar and a leader.
May Allah forgive our sins and shortcomings.


The World Cup in Qatar is receiving a storm of criticism from Western sources.
Their main points are:
  1. Qatar has outlawed lgbtq
  2. Liquor is not allowed.
  3. Workers are not treated fairly.

This storm has been going on for quite a while. Finally the Italian head of the games responded. Here is a brief excerpt from his statement:

Doha, Qatar - FIFA President Gianni Infantino accused Western countries of "hypocrisy" saying they were not in a position to give "moral lessons" to other nations, hours before the World Cup kicks off in Qatar.

In a fiery news conference in the Qatari capital on the eve of the tournament, the Swiss Italian said Europe should address its past crimes before pointing fingers at Qatar.

In an interview, Deputy Prime Minister Al Thani said Qatar was a "very welcoming country" and that the "entire world is welcome in our country".

"All we ask is that fans respect our laws, just as we are expected to respect yours when we visit you," he added.

The deputy prime minister said there would not be confrontations between security forces and fans unless certain behaviours put people in danger.

"That is the only situation in which they would intervene."

When asked what policy Qatar would adopt if players were to speak on non-sporting issues, Al Thani said they "will be free to do so, we will never stop anyone from expressing themselves".


The situation in Iran is deteriorating.

From protests against the regime now attempts seem aimed at regime change.

Rumors have it that Imam Khomeini's home has been set on fire. No confirmation.


Call for For Rule of Law.
by Qaiser Sharif

Islamabad: Nov 19:

Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) emir Sirajul Haqhas said there is not a single precedent available in the world that political parties hold such hectic exercise for the appointment of chief of army staff.

"Politicization of important institutions is dangerous to the country. The JI always called for the appointment of the army chief on the pattern of chief justice of Pakistan. It will permanently put the rumors and clashes to rest," he said while addressing Islamabad Bar Association on Saturday, adding he was glad the PTI chairman backed his proposal.

Haq said the JI was approaching the political parties for holding dialogue on civilian supremacy, electoral reforms and establishment's neutrality from political process.

He said a new social contract was needed on the three-point agenda.

He regretted that the objectives on the basis of which the country got independence are yet to be achieved. He said the major political parties were acting as clubs of feudal lords and capitalists, lacking basic structure of internal democracy and elections.

People, he said, reached to the parliament on the basis of wealth and power. He said rigging held in election and the institutions were not acting freely rather they worked under influence of powerful.

The IMF controlled the national economy and the western NGOs prepared the national curriculum, he added.

Haq said the PML-N, the PPP and the PTI were the protectors of the status quo, pursuing the international agenda imposed by the USA on Islamic atomic Pakistan.

The ruling parties, he said, were engaged in fight for protection of self-interest to the level that they even felt no need to provide relief to the millions of people badly affected by floods. The country, he said, would not witness any change in presence of these agents of the status quo.

"We must launch a struggle for rule of law and for the distribution of country's resources on equal basis which currently are in possession of ruling elite. We need a corruption free Pakistan."

He sought lawyers help to transform Pakistan into welfare Islamic state.

Photo of Sirajul Haq
 Qaiser Sharif


Jamaat Al-Muslimeen News

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In addition it has three translations of the Qur'an as well as Sahih Bukhari in English.

Support for political prisoners

and Dr. Kaukab Siddique's interview with Ken Meyercord answering aggressive attacks on Islam.

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