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12 Zulq'ada 1443 AH -June 12 2022 Issue # 24, Newsletter #1971


Attacks on Ayesha, r.a, by Shias & Hindus, Defense by Muslims, are both based on ignorance of Hadith
by Kaukab Siddiqur, PhD

Imams who do not know these three elementary points should not even teach the Qur'an:

The Qur'an was revealed over 23 years, not all at once as one Book.

Each sura is indicated at the top, based on hadith, whether most of it was revealed in Makka or Madinah. Teachers who don't know this can do serious damage by teaching Madani suras as if they apply in Makka type situations, or vice versa.

The Knowledge of Nasikh wa Mansukh. Quranic laws were revealed step by step: Be it the prohibition of intoxicants, or the rules of fasting and sacrifice, or the law about interest, or the rights of women, etc.

Thus placing sura Nisa about women above sura Noor or sura Tauba about women is a terrible mistake.

Imams who do not know the basic rules of Hadith should study before they start teaching hadith. Here are the most basic rules:

Just because a narrative is in a book of hadith does not mean it is a hadith of Muhammad, pbuh,

The chain of narrators in a hadith must be an unbroken chain going to the Prophet, pbuh. If the chain is broken, it cannot be considered an Islamic source. It is simply some pious person's opinion.

If a taba'i or a tabba tabai [two generations after the Prophet, pbuh] narrates from the Prophet, pbuh, it cannot be accepted because he/she was not alive in the era of the Prophet, This type of narrative is called MURSAL and cannot be used to arrive at an Islamic decision.. He/she must narrate from a sahabi [Companion] who met the Prophet,pbuh..

Even a sahabi's narrative cannot be accepted as part of Islam if he is not narrating from the Prophet, pbuh. The sahaba and the two generations after them should be respected and honored but cannot be considered on the same level as the Prophet, pbuh.

Remember, the Sahaba differed on many matters, so their views are often good but are not Islam like the words of the Prophet.

There are many kinds of irsal but the one which has created most problems for Muslims is the one about the age of Ayesha, r.a., The narrative about her age is accepted by many Muslims because it is in Sahih Bukhari though:

The narrative about her age is not from the Prophet, pbuh. The Prophet never mentioned the age of Ayesha, r.a., nor did he refer to it in any context.

Bukhari himself does not say that the narrative about her age is from the Prophet, pbuh.

As in the case of the Qur'an, hadith too is related to the progressive development of Islam through 23 years of prophetic mission. The hadith do often refer to the cultural context of that time and also indicate how gradually Islam changed the context.


 Maulana Maudoodi

Maulana Maudoodi passed away years back [photo above] but his message is being reignited by Jamaate Islami leader Sirajul Haq and many others.

Rallies against blasphemy by Indian Hindu extremists were held in every Pakistani city by every Islamic group. Here is what Pakistan Express report says:

Jamiat Ulema Islam(JUI), Jamat e Islami (JI), Tehreek-e-Labaik Pakistan, Sunni Tehreek, and others staged separate demonstrations in a bid to register protest against the blasphemous remarks about the Holy Prophet(PBUH) by the proponents of Hindutva ideology.

JI demanded of the government to send back Indian envoy in protest against the blasphemy by the ruling Bharatiya Janta Party in the neighboring country.
JI staged a protest demonstration outside Memon Masjid in Boltan Market area of Karachi.

A large number of JI workers, besides people from all walks of life participated in the protest demonstration.

Protesters condemned the "fringe" Nupur Sharma --- ex-BJP's spokesperson and called on the Muslims from Islamic countries to boycott India and its prime minister Modi, who was the main culprit of spreading Islamophobia and spearheading genocidal incidents across India.

Ahle-Sunnat-Wal Jamaat took out rallies in Khairpur, Karachi and other cities to mark the Day of Sanctity of Holy Prophet (PBUH).

Workers of all political parties including Sunni Coordination Council, Karachi Ulema Committee, Sunni Action Committee, Seerat Committee Karachi participated.
Scores of people turned out at the Karachi Press Club for Ahle- Sunnat-e-Wal-Jamaat Karachi Division Hurmat Rasool March.

Like the rest of the country, Tehreek-e-Labaik Pakistan Karachi Division staged a rally against Nopur Sharma and Naveen Jundal of BJP.

TLP workers marched from Tibet Center to Karachi Press Club on Friday.

Jamiat Ulema Islam and Aalmi Majlis Khatam-e-Nabowat staged a Namoos-e-Risalat rally.

Denouncing the blasphemous remarks by the spokesperson of the Indian ruling party BJP, they demanded boycott of Indian products and expulsion of Indian ambassador.

At the call of Pakistan Sunni Tehreek, the gathering at Jumuah Al-Mubarak strongly condemned the blasphemy of the Prophet at the Indian state level.

Extremist Indian terrorist organization BJP should be banned internationally and the Indian ambassador should be expelled from Pakistan.

Jamaat Ehle Sunnat observed a Day of Protest against the blasphemy.

Special sermons were held in Friday prayers at Saddar Memon Masjid and other mosques of the Barelvi school and they also staged protest rallies against BJP's insolence that hurt the religious sentiments of millions of Muslims across the world.

Imamia Students Organisation (ISO) held a seminar at Karachi University to condemn the BJP leaders remarks against Holy Prophet (PBUH).

Jamiat Ghurba Ahle-Hadees denouncing the BJP leaders' blasphemous remarks said that the Indian government is targeting Muslims.

They said that Muslims in India were being marginalized and suffered arrests and torture if they protest against BJP Hindu extremists' atrocities.

Jamia Binoria Administrator Mufti Noman Naeem said that blasphemous remarks of bigoted Hindu leaders hurt the sentiments of Muslim Ummah.

He called upon the United Nations to ban blasphemy realising the religious sensitivity.

War News

 War News


Unless US rushes help, Ukraine is facing defeat. 200 killed a day. Ammo Running out.

Last month, U.S. President Joe Biden signed a $40 billion aid package for Ukraine. He also announced an additional security assistance package for the country worth $700 million on June 1.

Skibitsky did not mention the U.S. aid in the interview, nor whether it is expected to make any significant impact in Ukraine's fight against Russia.While Ukraine barrels through its ammunition and arms supplies, it is also reportedly seeing heavy daily losses in terms of manpower.

An aide to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky told the BBC this week that 100 to 200 Ukrainian troops are being killed every day on the war's front line.


June 12

Russian jets and Assad regime jets bombed ISIS forces advancing in Aleppo-Hama-al-Raqqah triangle.

In Rif Dimashq, an officer of Assad regime engineering unit was killed in an IEiD explosion.

US and SDF coordinated action captured an ISIS activist in norther Deir ez Zor province.

In Al-Hawl refugee camp, another woman was killed in conflict with ISIS women.

ISIS fighters killed an SDFin al-Busayrah city [Deir ez Zor] [US backed] commander

June 11

Assad regime officer was seriously wounded in eastern Daraa countryside.

Demonstrators in Idlib province demanded action against Assad and Iranian controlled areas.

Turkish artillery hit areas near Manbij and eastern Aleppo province where Assad troops have arrived.

Nine people [5 women] were killed in mine explosion while wheat harvesting in northern Deraa province,

June 10

Israeli air strike damaged Iranian supply areas at Damascus International airport . Terminal was also damaged.

News Within the U.S.

[With thanks to Br. Shoaib]

 News within the US

Hindu Group within Google Got Dalit Speaker Blocked.

Haripriya Suresh Follow @hrprya
A scheduled talk by US-based Dalit activist Thenmozhi Soundararajan was cancelled by Google after the company allegedly buckled under pressure from employees who claimed that their "lives were at risk" if Thenmozhi went ahead.

The presentation was supposed to be part of the company's Diversity Equity Inclusivity (DEI) program for employee sensitisation.

An expose by the Washington Post has revealed that groups of Google's employees sent out mass emails through the company intranet, calling Thenmozhi, who is the Executive Director of Equality Labs, as "Hindu phobic" and "anti-Hindu." The subsequent cancellation of the event is being seen as a direct fallout of a campaign by pro-Hindu groups inside Google.

The issue also snowballed after Tanuja Gupta, the senior manager at Google who had invited Thenmozhi to deliver the talk, quit Google in protest after being pulled up for inviting her.

According to the Washington Post report, the employees at Google who opposed her talk claimed that "their lives were at risk by the discussion of caste equity."

The report added that the mail went out to a South Asian employees group with 8,000 people. When Tanuja posted the link to a petition to have the talk again (after it had been pulled), people on the group said that there is no caste in the US, caste discrimination does not exist, people from oppressed castes are less educated, and so on. The report also added that people called caste equity a form of 'reverse discrimination against upper castes' because of India's reservation system.

Speaking Against Homos is Difficult in USA
June 4, 2022, 8:38 AM EDT

By Jay Valle [Out News]

A high school graduation speech telling students to "choose a spouse" based on "biblical principles" is sparking outrage online.

"Choose a spouse, I suggest," alumnus Jim McGuire said in a commencement address at River Valley High School in Caledonia, Ohio. "I also strongly suggest to make sure to choose biblical principles, you know a male with a female and female with a male."



Person to Person

Newark, Delaware

Khutba by an Arab brother was about not wasting time. It was good for the audience in which there were many young people.

A six page Jamaat al-Muslimeen document taken from New Trend was given to 77 Muslims from a variety of nationalities.
Here are the contents of the six pages:

Kashmir conference in Istanbul.

Protestant Christians in USA notice decades of abuse and coverup.

Critical analysis of Imran Khan's tactics in Pakistan.

Trump's advice on how to protect school children.

War news from Ukraine, Syria, Iraq and Palestine.

Genetics does not support racism.

Political Prisoners :

Civil Discord Show



Canada is treating Immigrants, includfing children, like Criminals
[Yahoo news]

Human rights advocates in B.C. are calling on the province to end its contract with the Canadian Border Services Agency and stop incarcerating immigrants and refugees in provincial jails.

A coalition of human rights organizations and advocates — including the B.C. Civil Liberties Association (BCCLA), Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International — launched a campaign in October urging Canadians to call on the provincial government to stop allowing the CBSA to use provincial jails to lock up people seeking asylum.

"What prompted [the campaign] was years of inaction by the federal government," Samer Muscati with Human Rights Watch said in an email to CBC News.

"So we decided to target provincial governments for their complicity in this horrid system."

According to campaign organizers, between April 2019 and March 2020, almost 9,000 people were in immigration detention in Canada, including 138 infants and children. Since 2000, at least 16 people have lost their lives in these detention centres.

"This is actually a lot more common than people would think. Over the past five years, there have been tens of thousands of people held in immigration detention. So that gives you an idea of just how many people are invisibly experiencing this," said Mara Selanders with the BCCLA.

Selanders says there are only three immigration holding centres in Canada — in Surrey, B.C., Laval, Que., and Toronto. Outside of that, immigrants and refugees are sent to provincial jails while they wait for the approval of their legal status in Canada.

Guidance by Sis. Yasmin.

As Salaamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuhu.
Two Days and Two Nights like no Others.

It was reported that Anas b. Mâlik - {Allâh be pleased with him }- said...
There are two days and two nights the likes of which no one has ever heard of before.
Two Days

  1. /- The Day on which you will receive the news
    about Allâh the Exalted...
    whether you will receive His punishment
    or His mercy.
  2. /- the Day you will be given your
    Book of Deeds...{!}
    {either in your right hand or your left}.
    Two Nights !

  1. /- That First Night you will spend alone in your grave...!
    {a night like no other you have spent.}
  2. /- and that night on the morning of which will be the Day of Resurrection...!
    {after which there will be no more night}

~ {SOURCE ~'QUR'AN'~ SURAT MARYAM 19: A # 95} ~
My 'Salaams' To All.
~Y a s m i n ~
"Never Despair Of The Mercy Of Allah"
' Son of Adam! You are nothing but a number of days, whenever each day passes then part of you has Gone.
{Al-Hasan Al-Basree (r) }
[Source~Abû Bakr Al-Daynûrî, Al-Mujâlasah wa Jawâhir Al-'Ilm article 19.]

 India's Muslims no longer Fear Brutal Modi Regime

India's Muslims no longer Fear Brutal Modi Regime

AFP is reporting massive Muslim rallies
In numerous indian cities against Hindu blasphemy of the Prophet, pbuh. Biggest crowds in Bombay and Calcutta.

A day after violent protests killed two people and injured many in Jharkhand's Ranchi over remarks over Prophet Muhammad, section 144 was imposed in several areas of the capital city on Saturday.

Heavy security forces have been deployed in the violence-hit areas to bring the situation under control, according to the Ranchi district administration. Ranchi district administration also extended internet suspension till tomorrow, June 12.

"Section 144 enforced in 12 police station areas of Ranchi. The situation is under control and is being monitored throughout. Various forces have been deployed. CCTV footage and videos are being scrutinized, necessary actions will be taken. The identification process is going on," said Ranchi district administration.

A senior police officer in UP said as many as 136 protesters had been arrested from six districts around the state.

Cities around India saw sizable demonstrations on Friday, with some crowds burning effigies of Nupur Sharma, the Bharatiya Janata Party spokeswoman whose comments set off the furore.



Record Breaking Rally.
200,000 people.
Boycott Indian Goods, Blasphemers must be Punished.

Bangladesh's biggest non-political Islamic platform, Hefazat-e-Islam, on Thursday held a big rally in the capital Dhaka in protest against defamatory comments about Prophet Muhammad by some officials of the Indian ruling party.

Leaders of the organization called on the Bangladeshi government to send a formal condemnation message to the Indian authorities against disrespect to Prophet Muhammad.

If the Indian government fails to punish the offenders, it would tarnish the constitutional image of the country as a secular state, Hefazat leader Mizanur Rahman Chowdhury said while addressing the rally.

The participants also chanted slogans against India's oppressive state policy targeting Muslims for a long time and urged all Muslims across the world to be united against any oppression.

The speakers called for a boycott of Indian products until the country abandons its anti-Muslim stance.

 Think About It

Exerpted from a long rerport
[thanks to Br. Shoaib]

Spiritual Abuse In The Sufi Order Headed By Shaykh Nuh Keller

A Warning To The Muslim Community And A Call To End Complaisance Culture

June 6, 2022

By: Dr. M.I. Waley, R.S. Idil, N. Akhtar, Y. Birt, A. Bora, M. Bora, B. Gombar, A. Habibullah, L. Khan, S. Khan, Dr. A. Malick, R. Nabulsi, N. Shamma, and Z. Sheikh
Dr. Waley served as muqaddam (representative) of Shaykh Nuh Keller from 1997 to 2021.

We write, as ex-members, to warn the Muslim public about deliberate and systematic spiritual abuses that have long taken place within this branch headed by Shaykh Nuh Ha Mim Keller of Kharabsheh, a neighborhood of Amman, Jordan. These abuses mark a radical departure from the genuine Shadhili tradition and blessed Prophetic Sunnah, and serve as a cautionary tale of a shaykh losing his way and causing immense damage to innocent lives in the process. We do not advocate publicity or exposure as the preferred way to solve these problems, but as a last resort. This step has therefore not been taken lightly. It comes after attempts to have these abuses recognized and to seek redress internally have been suppressed, evidence has been destroyed, and those who revealed and meticulously documented the abuses have been vilified.

For those interested, an independent investigation into a few of the issues raised here (primarily the physical abuse of children) has recently appeared in the respected online news outlet Middle East Eye. We hope that future investigative work by other outlets will continue to unravel and document the many additional layers of abuse for which Shaykh Nuh and his group are responsible. We can only give an overview of these spiritual abuses in this article, based upon evidence gathered from firsthand eyewitness accounts from some co-authors of this article, prior internal investigations, and the testimonies of victims whom we are in contact with.

Iran's Treacherous move while Muslims were uniting.

While the Muslim world united against blasphemy coming out of India, the Iranian foreign minister

visited India and sat down with India's extremist leader Modi.

When Dr. T. informed New Trend about what was going on, we could hardly believe it.

Then we looked at Tehran Times and there is a big photo in color of Modi and the Iranian in Modi's office.

Iran not only tried to break Muslim unity but took steps against Pakistan.

India and Iran have agreed to develop Chabahar harbor which would sideline Pakistan's key Gwadar harbor.

The Iranian expressed satisfaction with India's response to the blasphemy.

Agreements were made about economic development.

They also talked about Afghanistan and that the Taliban should be "inclusive" which means importance of the Shias in Afghanistan who are also in Syria supporting Bashar Assad.

No mention of Kashmir.

Moms Against Gun Violence over all USA

HOWARD COUNTY, MD — Friday night, Howard County Executive Calvin Ball was joined by local and state officials and nearly 100 Moms Demand Action advocates to mark Gun Violence Awareness Day and kick off "Wear Orange Weekend" to honor victims of gun violence with action.

"On National Gun Violence Awareness day, we remember the millions of lives taken or altered by gun violence," Ball said at the event. "We're so grateful for our critical community partners Moms Demand Action advocates, police department, gun violence survivors and students in Howard County who work together toward a future that is free from gun violence."

Ball also directed the George Howard Building to be lit orange all weekend to honor victims of gun violence.

"Recent events in Buffalo, Uvalde and again this week in Tulsa are a strong reminder about the importance of sensible gun control. Every time we hear of another shooting in a school, a place of worship, or at a community gathering, my heart breaks a little more. Every day, more and more innocent lives are taken, and this is unacceptable," Ball said.

"We must never give up fighting for gun safety laws, and never give in to normalizing gun violence," added Maryland Delegate Courtney Watson.

According to the National Center for Health Statistics, Maryland reported 803 shooting deaths in 2020, up from the 757 shooting deaths reported in 2019.

"Just like a virus during a pandemic, the epidemic of gun violence knows no borders," Council Chair Opel Jones noted during the event. "While we've made tremendous strides passing gun safety legislation in Maryland, we're only as safe as the least restrictive state in the nation and that's why we need Congress to take action."

Howard County Police Chief Gregory Der noted that the county continues to hold on to a low crime rate, no community "is immune to gun violence."

"The department's focus is to

acknowledge the reality of gun violence and create a multi-faceted approach to reduce its impact in our communities. We have a tip line for guns and gun violence, 410-313-STOP, and we offer rewards for that information. Tonight, we stand together to support Gun Violence Awareness Day and do our best to prevent senseless, tragic acts of violence," Der said at the event.

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