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5 Zulq'ada 1443 AH -June 5 2022 Issue # 23, Newsletter #1970

Latest Khutba

 Dr Kaukab Siddique

No Cooperation with Oppressors.
What is wrong with Muslim Schools of Thought?
Microphone sabotaged.

On June 3, Br. Kaukab Siddique gave the Juma' khutba at masjid Jamaat al-Muslimeen in Baltimore, Maryland. Video of the khutba has been posted on face book on three pages. Someone had sabotaged the microphone and the speaker asks again and again: "Can you hear me now?"

Here is a summary of the main points of the khutba..

  1. We honor and accept all the prophets and messengers, from Noah, thru Jacob, Joseph, Moses, Jesus to Muhammad, peace and blessings be on all of them.

  2. Islam rejects all false gods and does not permit cooperation with oppressors, exploiters and tyrants, whatever their religion.

  3. Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, even when he was the preacher of Islam alone in Makka never cooperated with any of the powerful forces against him.

  4. The tribes in control of Makka worshipped idols, practiced slavery and humiliated women.

  5. Those who accepted the message of Islam were subjected to torture by the oppressors. The most famous examples are those of Bilal, r.a., and Sumayya, r.a., the first martyr. of Islam.

  6. The tribes decided to kill Muhammad, pbuh, but he was able to leave Makka and joined people in Madina who accepted him.

  7. Even there they would not leave him alone and sent armies against him.

  8. He, pbuh, accepted peace with them to be able to do the hajj, but peace did not mean that he cooperated with them in their evil system.

  9. We in America want to live in peace. We are kind to neighbors and maintain civility and honor, we give charity and feed the hungry but that does not mean that we should join the evil power structure.

  10. This country has gone beyond all levels of decency, openly supporting homosexuality and abortion on demand.

  11. America has waged war against Muslims around the world. America supports Israel and opposes all efforts to liberate Palestine.

  12. Part 2.
  13. Most Muslims follow established schools of thought. Thus they neglect the Quran and hadith and instead follow fiqh, famous scholars and popular opinion.

  14. Most Muslims don't know that the scholars after whom the Schools of Thought are named did not establish those Schools of Thought.

  15. Imam Abu Hanifa refused to accept positions of authority offered by the Muslim government. He was mistreated and almost killed but he escaped and went to Makka.

  16. Imam Malik did not even want to look at the "Caliph." The powerful ruler came to his house and the imam left him standing out in the hot Arabian sun.

  17. Imam Ahmad ibn Hanbal was urged by the Caliph of that time to add one point in the belief system of Islam. He said its not in the Qur'an and Hadith and beliefs cannot be added by rulers. He was imprisoned in bad conditions, but he did not budge an inch.

  18. Imam Bukhari was offered the highest position in the justice system. He abandoned his country and went to another country.

  19. People nowadays who cannot stand against rulers and oppressors cannot be called scholars. Their "Islam" is incomplete because they cannot preach against the legitimacy of authorities and dictators.

  20. The students of these great scholars compromised with the "caliphs." Hence we have the Hanafi school, the Maliki school, the Hanbali school, and the followers of Imam Bukhari who are NOT following what the real scholars taught.

  21. In Baltimore children and single mothers need help. Our scholarship is no good if we do not help them. Prisoners need our support.

  22. We thank the people of Kuwait who have ordered the American embassy to take down the lgbtq homo flag.

Dr. Siddique's June 3 Juma'ah khutbah :
Part 1
Part 2


"#Ambassador Abdul Basit #Kaleidoscope
Kabul Government Shows Its Diplomatic Skills" [June 4]

Thanks to Dr. T. we have received this important video.
It's about Indias's latest big time initiative with Kabul.

It appears that the new Taliban government is trying to create strategic relationship with India.

Abdul Basit thinks the Taliban have given up on Pakistan and are getting cuddly with India.

There is no support from Taliban for Kashmir. Modi's extremist Hindu regime has not been seen as negative by Taliban.

Very thought provoking and saddening.

New Government Following the same old policies. IMF still Ruling Pakistan
By Qaiser Sharif

Lahore: June 03: Jamaat-e-Islami Emir Sirajul Haq said the government has dropped another fuel bomb on the nation on the dictation of the IMF, creating unbearable situation for the millions of the people who are already starving due to inflation.

He was addressing the JI Majlise Shura (consultative council) at Mansoorah on Friday.

The masses, he said, were no longer ready to accept the slavery of the IMF and their agents.

The JI, he said, was completely rejecting the raise in fuel prices and power tariff and will not sit silent over the crimes of the rulers against the poor people of Pakistan.

The three-day session of the Shura began on Friday to discuss the prevailing situation in the country. Sirajul Haq, has already announced the countrywide protest movement against the inflation and interest-based economy from June 11. He said the JI would not only discuss the prevailing crises during the Shura sessions but also present it before the nation to bring it out from the mess created by the three ruling parties during their rule over country for decades.

He said the unity government of the PDM and the PPP crossed all the limits of cruelty,continuing the policies of the former PTI government. The irony was that the three parties were in power in one province or the other and at the same time they were holding each other responsible fot the plight of the people. He said. If the PPP had been in power in Sindh for over 14 years, the PTI was in-charge of the affairs of the KP since 2013. Similarly, he added, the PML-N had been ruling over the biggest province for years. The ruling parties, he said, must inform the nation what they had done for the welfare of the masses instead of blame game and lies.

He said the JI was the only option left with the masses and it could bring the real change if voted to power.

War News

 War News

Slow Russian Advance Continues.

In the key city of Severodonetsk, Ukraine says it has recaptured part of the territory that was lost to Russian forces

Previously, the governor of Luhansk Serhiy Haidai had said 70% of the eastern city had fallen to Russia

Moscow is increasing air strikes in the eastern Donbas region - the focus of its fight - UK military intelligence says

Across the whole of Ukraine, Russian forces are in control of roughly a fifth of the territory

But Ukraine's president Zelensky has said the country did "what seemed impossible" by resisting "the second army of the world"

In an overnight address, he said Russia's invasion was nothing more than "war crimes, shame and hatred

[Confused BBC Reporting]


Scattered Fighting and General Chaos.

June 4. Assad regime forces [tanks and heavy weapons] have arrived north of al-Raqqa province.

Heavy Turkish shelling wounded 6 Assad troops nearby.

Islamic group known as Fath al-Mubeen exchanged heavy machine gun fire with Assad troops [Iranians] in Idlib countryside. Same situation in western Aleppo province.

Large Turkish reinforcements arrived in Idlib province.
People are leaving northern Hasakeh province after heavy Tjurkish artillery fire on SDF forces.

US forces and local militia carry out joint exercise at al-Tanaf [Syria Iraq border].

In Deir ez Zor desert ISIS ambush killed 3 pro-Iran militia and a civilian with them. 20 pro-Iran were injured.

Southeast of Deraa city, an IED injured 6 of Assad's troops.

In northwest Aleppo protestors against Turkey killed 2 Syrians supporting Turkey.

North west Aleppo, anti-Turkish protests are spreading including arson against machinery installed by Turkey

Deir Ez Zor [East} two SDF soldiers were killed in clash with Syrian smugglers, one of whom was also killed.

News Within the U.S.

 News within the US

Comedy used as a cover for Zionist Ideology

Modern Family, comedy channel 7, Philadelphia, two homos have been made central characters. This seems to be part of the normalization process aimed at children that homos are fine. Opposing views are never given. Good Christians and Muslims are silent, handing LGBTQ an easy victory.

Remember we too have first amendment rights.



At MIT University:
Such a Creative Effort for Aafia Siddiqui!

At the Commencement ceremony of world famous MIT university, Americans of good conscience demonstrated against the imprisonment of its world famous graduate.

Boston supporters of political prisoner Dr. Aafia Siddiqui found creative ways to draw attention to her case! Hats off to them, and all those who stand for justice!

Looks like someone named Maureen was the organizer. May Allah bless her.

[For photos of this unusual effort see Nadrat Siddique's facebook page, Despite a full time job, she never misses a chance to strive for Aafia Siddiqui. [Not a relative.]

Political Prisoners :

Civil Discord Show



Yasin Malik: The most recognizable leader of Kashmir: WKAF
Statement made by World Kashmir Awareness forum

Washington, DC. June 4, 2022
On Wednesday, May 25, 2022 (Shawwal 24, 1443), one of the most influential, recognizable, and revered political leaders of Kashmir Mohammad Yasin Malik, Chairman Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front, was sentenced to life imprisonment by an Indian court

His Crime?
He wanted Independence for his beloved homeland from India. He wanted India to honor the pledge she gave to the world community and to the United Nations that the people of Jammu & Kashmir shall have the right to self-determination to determine their future and destiny.

Fondly called Yasin Sahib by his 'people', he was born in Kashmir in 1966 and attended the local school and college. He had political and leadership tendencies from an early age.

During his teenage years, the National Conference had become the predominant party after the Indian Prime Minister, Indira Gandhi, and Shaikh Mohammad Abdullah signed an 'Accord' earlier in 1975 that went entirely against the aspirations of the people.

Violence by the Indian army and paramilitary forces against innocent, unarmed civilians who were unable to express their opposition to the official policies agitated Malik. He rebelled against this oppression and assembled a group of like-minded youth that subscribed to his ideology and named it Tala Party. In 1983, he tried to disrupt an international cricket match between West Indies and India that was played in the stadium in Srinagar (Capital of Kashmir). All Kashmiri spectators were rooting for West Indies to the delight of the visiting team and to the dismay of the Indian team and Indian authorities. (Incidentally, India has never again held an international sports event in Kashmir since).

Malik's group organized protests in Kashmir on the first anniversary of the hanging of Kashmiri freedom struggle leader, Maqbool Bhat, who was hanged on 11 February 1984 in Tihar Jail in Delhi. He also took a public stand in 1985 against the candidates fielded by the National Conference for elections. He was roughed up and hospitalized. Soon thereafter, he was arrested and sent to 'Red 16' interrogation center for three months.

This was his first experience with prison with physical torture at the hands of Indian authorities.

The experience led him to transform the Tala party into the Islamic Student League (ISL). It attracted who's who in the Kashmir youth movement, including Ashfaq Majeed Wani, Javaid Mir, Shakeel Bakshi, Ajaz Dar, Mehmood Sagar, Firdous Shah, Mushtaq Ul Islam, and scores of other well-recognized names in Kashmir. And, very quickly, ISL represented the street power across Kashmir.

Election and politics became preoccupation of Mr. Malik. "It was unimaginable to take out an anti-National Conference (NC) rally in Srinagar then," relates Yasin Malik in his interview with Saima Bhat of Kashmir Life in 2016. ISL and Muslim United Front (MUF) worked closely while the latter fielded candidates across the Valley of Kashmir against the NC candidates for the 1987 State Assembly elections.

ISL did not field any candidate for the election since it did not agree to election under the Indian constitution. It did, however, actively campaigned for the MUF in all constituencies in Srinagar. Apparently, Amira Kadal was the most fiercely contested constituency between the National Conference and MUF candidates. The polling was reportedly brisk. For two days counting continued for the Amira Kadal constituency at the Government Medical college hostel in Bemina, Srinagar.

Malik, in his interview referenced above, said "When we went there, we saw agents were tampering [with] votes. SSP Gill [in charge of the station] was there, I asked him what was going around to which he replied 'you are most wanted and I don't want you to be arrested here'." Shortly thereafter, police raided their office and arrested most of the MUF leadership. Malik, along with Ashfaq and Javaid, jumped out of the window to avoid arrest.

It is universally accepted that the Indian machinery grossly rigged the 1987 elections to install the puppet Farooq Abdullah Government in Kashmir. There was a hue and cry across the Valley but who would listen? That became the catalyst for a number of Kashmiris, including Malik and his close associates to start an uprising against the Indian occupation.

Armed revolt against the illegal Indian occupation then erupted in 1988. Malik picked up the gun against Indian rule. He was wounded and captured in a battle in August 1990. In media interviews, he has maintained that he was driven to "armed struggle" because the Indian state did not allow any space for non-violent protests. And, in his interview with BBC in 2001, Malik said: "When people look at Yasin Malik, they have to look at three Yasin Malik's — one from '84 to 88 [student activist], second from 88 till 1994 [militant], and third from '94 till onward [Gandhian]". In the same interview, he mentioned, "The matter is simple, there are cases against me pending in court, but now 11 years have passed and Government of India has not even started the trial,"
He renounced violence in 1994

He has been imprisoned regularly ever since. The more recent Indian onslaught came when Mohammad Yasin Malik, late Syed Ali Shah Geelani, and Mirwaiz Omar Farooq announced the formation of Joint Resistance Leadership (JRL) in 2016. JRL's "hartals" were effective and followed across all stripes of public opinion. But it also brought on the wrath of the Indian army and paramilitary forces.

In 2019 Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) headed by Malik was banned and he was arrested. The Indian National Investigation Agency (NIA) accused Malik and several others of receiving funding from Pakistan to finance acts of terrorism, including stone-pelting. What happened inside the court - no one knows for sure. There was no open trial. Almost 50 anonymous witnesses, some with code names of 'Jack', 'John' and 'Alpha', were apparently presented in the opaque court.

At the trial, Malik protested the charges against him and insisted that he was a freedom fighter. As reported by Associated Press, Malik stated that "Terrorism-related charges leveled against me are concocted, fabricated and politically motivated." AP further reported that Malik told the judge, "If seeking Azadi (freedom) is a crime, then I am ready to accept this crime and its consequences."

Mushaal Hussein Mullick, Yasin Maliks's wife, wrote on her Twitter account "Verdict in minutes by Indian kangaroo court," "The iconic leader will never surrender."

The sentencing of Yasin Malik by the Indian kangaroo court is not surprising for the people of Kashmir. These are the same courts that committed judicial murder of Kashmiri freedom fighters like Maqbool Bhat and Afzal Guru in the Indian capital's Tihar Jail. In the case of Guru, the Chief justice of the highest court in India admitted that evidence was circumstantial, but the sentence was upheld to satisfy the collective conscience in the society. Mumbai, India based FirstPost reported on February 26, 2016 that "Afzal Guru, executed in 2013 for his role in the terror attack on Parliament, is at the centre of a political storm after protests in universities across the country. Those opposed to the death sentence handed out to him have termed it as a 'judicial killing' and said that it was carried out merely to satisfy a questionable 'collective conscience."

Although Yasin Malik has been given the inhumane and cruel sentence for life, worse may be on the cards, given India's previous record in Kashmir. The point to be noted is that Yasin Sahib in late was involved in peaceful negotiations with Indian leaders at their invitation and reassurance for a peaceful dialogue at the highest level, including the then Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh? No Indian administration has ever been worthy of trust in its dialogues with Kashmiris or its neighboring countries. The plan and intentions of the current fascist regime are even more sinister. The International community must take cognizance of that historical behavior of India. By eliminating peace-loving leaders like Yasin Malik, the Indian regime is closing any avenues of peace in the region and pushing the youth of Kashmir towards actions that can be detrimental to the peaceful resolution of Kashmir conflict. We appeal to the United Nations and other world organizations to shed their protracted silence and earnestly impress upon the Indian government to let international standards of justice prevail and free Mohammad Yasin Malik.

For more information, please contact:

Invitation to Think

 Invitation to Think

Another great video from Dr. T.

Monkey Pox came from Male to Male in Nigeria and is now in Israel, UK and Singapore.

MedCram - Medical Lectures Explained CLEARLY
1.39M subscribers

Roger Seheult, MD of MedCram examines the monkeypox mutation mechanism. See all Dr. Seheult's videos at:
(This video was recorded on June 3, 2022)

Roger Seheult, MD is the co-founder and lead professor at

He is Board Certified in Internal Medicine, Pulmonary Disease, Critical Care, and Sleep Medicine and an Associate Professor at the University of California, Riverside School of Medicine.

Guidance by Sis. Yasmin.

*PROPHET*~(Peace Be Upon Him)

'Assalaamualaykum Wa Rahmatuallahi Wa Barakatahu'

Abu Sa'id Al-Khudri (May Allah be pleased with him) said...
Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) said ---
'The dwellers of 'Jannah' will look at those in the upper abodes above them as you look at a shining star which remains in the eastern or western horizon... such will be the difference in superiority which some of them have over others.'

PROPHET ~ (Peace Be Upon Him) was asked ---
' Will those be the dwellings of the Prophets which no one else will be able to reach ?' he (Peace Be Upon Him) replied---
'Yes, but by Him in whose hand my soul is--- men who believed in Allah and acknowledged the truthfulness of the Messengers will reach them.'
[Source: Al-Bukhari and Muslim] Book # 20 ~ Hadith # 1887]

A Lil Note:
In 'Jannah', people will have different grades according to the
strength of their Belief and love of Allah some people will be on a position near that of the Prophets.
May Allah [Azza wa Jal] grant us such lofty places...
{Allah Humma Ameen.}
~ Y a s m i n~

Say, 'Indeed, my Prayer, my Rites of Sacrifice, my Living and my Dying are for ALLAH, Lord of the Worlds'.
{'Quran'~Surat Al-'An'am -# 6-162.}


Palestinians seem to be Helpless

30 May 2022
Palestinian Prime Minister Mohammed Shtayyeh has described attacks by far-right Israelis in occupied East Jerusalem as "aggression which crossed all red lines".

Tens of thousands of flag-waving, ultranationalist Israelis raided the Muslim quarter of the Old City on Sunday during the so-called "flag march". The provocative march that took place in and around the Al-Aqsa Mosque compound is meant to celebrate the occupation and subsequent annexation of East Jerusalem in 1967 - a move that has not been recognised by the international community.

Some chanted racist slogans including "Death to Arabs" and attacked Palestinian residents while backed by armed Israeli forces.

Some Jewish groups also stormed the Al-Aqsa compound raising fears among Palestinians that it was an attempt to change the status quo at Islam's third holiest site. Jewish prayers are prohibited at the 35-acre (14-hectare) compound known to Muslims as al-Haram al-Sharif, or the Noble Sanctuary. Jews call it the Temple Mount.

"Israel yesterday has crossed all red lines and international treaties with its repeated aggression against Al-Aqsa in Jerusalem. It attempts to impose a reality that doesn't align with the historical status quo of Al-Aqsa mosque," Shtayyeh said on Monday.

Dozens of Palestinians were arrested across occupied East Jerusalem and the occupied West Bank a day earlier, where protests to decry the march erupted, while more than 165 suffered injuries ranging from heavy tear gas inhalation to beatings and wounds from live rounds, as well as rubber-coated steel bullets.

Following the march, large groups of Israelis stormed through Palestinian neighbourhoods, assaulting residents as well as their property.

Nida Ibrahim, reporting from the West Bank city of Ramallah, said the Shattyeh has been issuing statements "since yesterday".

"He had strong statements today saying that Israel needed more than 3,000 Israeli army and police officers to secure the city," Ibrahim said.

"He said there's a difference between occupying the city militarily and being the occupying power - and actually having sovereignty [over it]."

On Monday, Israel's Defence Minister Benny Gantz said two right-wing "extremist" groups accused of violence towards Palestinians should be placed on "terror" list.

"I believe it is time to examine defining groups like La Familia and Lehava as terror groups, and I know the issue is being presented to security forces," Gantz said during a meeting of his Blue and White party.

Earlier, Foreign Minister Yair Lapid described Lehava and La Familia as a "disgrace" who weren't "worthy of holding the Israeli flag".

Settler attacks
Some 70,000 Israelis were reported to have joined the annual march, which is seen as a bid by Israel to impose control over the occupied part of the city.

According to Ibrahim, Palestinians "on the street" said that these statements are not enough and expect more from their leadership.

"The Palestinian Authority has been saying it's committed to a peaceful resolution ... on the streets, Palestinians have been saying Israel cementing its occupation," she said.

Israel has been advancing its illegal settlement project on occupied Palestinian lands. Settlements are fortified, Jewish-only housing complexes built on Palestinian land in violation of international law. At least 600,000 settlers live in settlements across the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem.

Meanwhile, in the West Bank city of Hebron, Israeli settlers resumed their march on Monday.

"We know settlers in Hebron in the south of the occupied West Bank have marched through the old part of the city," Al Jazeera's Ibrahim said.

Settlers "continued marching with their flags, with their racist slogans" towards the Ibrahimi mosque, she said, adding that settlers "invaded the squares of the mosque" while under the protection of the Israeli army.

According to her, Palestinian journalists who were attempting to document what was happening were prevented from doing so.

Wafa news agency reported that settlers also marched with Israeli flags at a military checkpoint near Nablus and Jenin in the northern West Bank while a secondary school in the Palestinian village of Urif also came under attack, it said.

The Palestinian news agency quoted the principal as saying that the settlers arrived with the army's protection. They threw rocks at the school which resulted in some damage, while soldiers fired tear gas canisters causing "many suffocation cases", it added.

Settler attacks on Palestinians and their property have been rife across the West Bank and East Jerusalem. The situation in Hebron's old city is particularly volatile, as some 700 Israeli settlers live among a Palestinian population of nearly 40,000.

© 2022 Al Jazeera Media Network


Chronic Abuse & Brutality
[Courtesy Epoch]

A report released by the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation that presents leaked documents from the files of the Xinjiang police offers "absolutely shocking" evidence of the chronic abuse and brutality inflicted on the Uyghur population in China's far west region, according to Andrew Bremberg, the foundation's president and a former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations.

Bremberg called the leaked documents, known as the "Xinjiang Police Files," a "huge data cache that is unprecedented of its kind" and said that the files contain the personal information of hundreds of thousands of detained persons. Analysts estimate that the Chinese regime is holding more than 1 million Uyghurs and other ethnic Muslim minorities in a network of concentration camps across the region.

The files present "extensive incriminating details from inside China's internment camp system," the foundation stated in a May 23 statement, which went on to describe the contents of the files in more detail. The files purport to reveal thousands of images of Uyghur prisoners, from children to elderly men and women, and pictures of police officers and guards placing handcuffs and shackles on prisoners in the course of drills.

Besides the images of prisoners and guards, the files purport to contain the text of high-level directives and orders from Chinese Communist Party (CCP) officials regarding the classification and treatment of the incarcerated Uyghurs. One such directive, according to the foundation, is the exhortation of Chen Quanguo, former Xinjiang CCP party secretary, that officials and police should treat those of different ethnicities as violent criminals.

The files also present a speech from an unnamed "central government official" stating that Chinese leader Xi Jinping issued orders to expand the funding and number of guards available for the highly crowded jails of Xinjiang and to enlarge the internment system within the region.

Speaking to EpochTV's "China Insider" program, Bremberg said that much of what the files have brought to light is consistent with what observers of the human rights situation in Xinjiang knew to be going on, but that it's still shocking to see the images of very young detainees and those of advanced age. One of the detainees is a girl photographed at 14 and jailed at 15, he noted.

"Those photos were just shocking and horrifying to see. I'd also say [the same about] some of the other photos that show not just those that have been imprisoned, but show the actual security forces inside those internment facilities and how they operate," Bremberg said.

 Think About It

Between Bangladesh & Burms
Latest Report on the Horrific Suffering of Rohingya Muslims

by Dr Imam Abdul Malik Mujahid

Let Rohingya Learn

Rohingyas are indigenous people of Burma living in their ancestral lands. But most of them now reside in the largest refugee camp in Bangladesh surrounded by barbed wires all around them.

While the whole world is thankful to Bangladesh for giving refuge to Rohingyas facing genocide, we will be more thankful if Bangladesh allows them to learn.

It was Burma that took away their citizenship in 1982 making it difficult for Rohingyas to enter a school. Rohingya being resilient with sabr, found an alternate. They enhanced their mosque school system of madrasah.

In 2012 Burma banned all mosques and all madrasah.

Before the "final solution" of the Rohingya problem advanced in 2017, they were already turned into an illiterate minority in a state with a high literacy rate of 84.7%.

Now in Bangladesh, another generation of Rohingyas are being raised as illiterate people. Unfortunately, local authorities have ignored Rohingya rights to education. Like animals in a zoo, young refugees are kept alive with regular feeding, but their human potential has been ignored.

Rohingyas in Bangladesh are not allowed to study beyond third grade. In the camps, some informal learning centers run by Rohingya themselves, are being shut down as well. The coronavirus pandemic has exacerbated the poverty and isolation of these displaced people. But even before pandemic restrictions were imposed in March 2020, international humanitarian organizations have had difficulty obtaining access and permits. The Bangladesh government compounds the social, psychological and economic harm that traumatized refugees have suffered. By forgetting education's benefits to all, the authorities risk the social order, with unemployed young people falling into hopelessness and frustration with the futility of limited lives. Local NGOs assert that, in addition to keeping the Rohingya people in poverty, the current lack of educational opportunities may lead to alienation, criminal activities, child marriage and trafficking.

Though the Government of Bangladesh has ratified the Convention on the Rights of Children (CRC), it has ignored its legal obligations to provide education, maintaining a public position that the Rohingya will soon be repatriated. Since the Burmese military coup of February 1, 2021, this particular fiction has become extremely difficult to maintain. The genocidal Burmese military leadership continues to oppose Rohingya repatriation.

In "Are We Not Human?" an excellent 2019 report based on 163 interviews with refugee children and other stakeholders, Human Rights Watch researchers describe the many restrictions that have been imposed on Rohingya education in Bangladesh. The report notes that these restrictive policies long pre-date 2017, as the government of Bangladesh has limited educational opportunities previously available to Rohingya children from earlier mass expulsions.

I led an interfaith delegation meeting with the foreign secretary of Bangladesh in 2018. Even then he was skeptical of Rohingyas ever going back to Burma. That looks like a more realistic scenario now as the genocidal military has taken over the Burmese government.

Rohingyas want to go back to their ancestral land. We will continue to fight for their right to return. But whether they go back to Burma or stay in Bangladesh, an educated Rohingya will be a better citizen and a better neighbor. Who can deny that.

Abdul Malik Mujahid

2022-06-06 Mon 12:08:22 ct