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29 Ramadan 1443 AH - May 1 2022 Issue # 18, Newsletter #1965

Latest Khutba

 Masjid Jamaat al-Muslimeen

Moon sighting is required for Eid

How is Masjid Jamaat al-Muslimeen Different from Others.?

On April 29, Br. Kaukab Siddique gave the final juma' khutba of Ramadan in masjid Jamaat in Baltimore.

The masjid was packed owing to Ramadan. A section of the crowd can be seen in this photo.

Links on facebook show the complete khutba on video. Here are the main points summarized.

Text Surely, We revealed it in the Night of Power. [97:1]
  1. The Qu'an was sent down to humanity. It was given to the angels first and then Jibril [Gabriel] revealed it to Prophet Muhammad, pbuh, over 23 years.

  2. The Qur'an is central to Islam. No human viewpoint is equal to it. Second to the Qur'an are the authentic hadith of the prophet, pbuh. The Qu'ran and the hadith were then transmitted by the Sahaba, the Companions, r.a,. of the prophet, pbuh, to future generations.

  3. Thus the order of importance in Islam is:
    1. The Qur'an.
    2. The authentic hadith.
    3. The sahaba. See 9:100 for the importance of the sahaba.
    4. Tabain. Those who learned from the sahaba.
    5. Tabba tabain. Those who learned from the tabain.

  4. Many scholars emerged in Islamic history but none of them are as important as the sahaba.

  5. The greatest Islamic scholars refused to cooperate with rulers who became kings and tyrants.

  6. We see Imam Abu Hanifa, Imam Malik and Imam Bukhari, among others who rejected kingship in spite of great danger to their lives.

  7. Unfortunately Muslims got bogged down in the jurisprudence of later scholars. They had much knowledge but they cooperated with the kings and thus their teachings could not oppose the kings.

  8. When the Mongols attacked Baghdad, this vast and beautiful city was wiped out within a few days because the scholars were involved in fiqh and had not prepared the people to fight back.

  9. Owing to Ibn Taymiyya, the Muslims finally fought back and drove out the invaders.

  10. Part 2.

  11. We do not accept funds from any government or from any group linked to governments.

  12. You see here the brothers who have renovated the entire masjid with their own funds, not taking even one dollar from us. This is called "fi sabil Allah."

  13. Our masjid is different from most other masajid.

  14. We oppose the bombing and occupation of Muslim countries. Thus we support Palestine and Kashmir.

  15. We oppose Israel and all dictators.

  16. We support Muslim political prisoners within the US. Among them Imam Jamil al-Amin, Dr. Aafia Siddiqui, Ziyad Yaghi and many others. We do this in public .

  17. We support oppressed and exploited people including the victims of police brutality.

  18. We support the rights of women. Our sisters are equals in this masjid. A Muslim woman is the founder of this masjid, supported by other women.

  19. May Allah accept our prayers and our fasting.



Imran Supporters
Desecrated Islamic Sanctities in Masjid Nabawi.

Gulf Today Report
Saudi authorities have arrested dozens of Pakistani pilgrims, who confronted and shouted slogans against Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif and his delegation at Masjid-e-Nabwi in the Holy City of Madinah.

Some protesters who hounded and chanted slogans against Shahbaz and his delegation in Madinah have been arrested by the local authorities, the media director of the Saudi embassy in Islamabad confirmed on Friday.

The official said that the protesters have been taken into custody for "violating the regulations" and "disrespecting" the sanctity of the holy mosque.

Several Pakistani pilgrims heckled federal ministers Marriyum Aurangzeb and Shahzain Bugti in Madinah.

In a viral video, a group of men who encircled the federal ministers, while they were being escorted inside the mosque, also used profanities against them.

Talking about the unprecedented incident, Aurangzeb said that the PML-N has instructed not to engage with the group, adding that she was praying for the guidance of the group.

She has condemned the incident of passing derogatory remarks against Shahbaz Sharif, who is in Saudi Arabia, and his delegation by the group at Roza-e-Rasool adding that holy lands should not be used for political gains

War News

 War News

Propaganda is deceptive.

The Russian army is advancing slowly but steadily. Ukraine is receiving very large military and economic aid from America, UK and Germany. Thus Russia cannot win easily but is winning.

Looks like America and the West are fighting Russia.

Israel is irritating Russia and Russian support for Palestine is emerging.

There are heavy casualties on both sides.

Attack by Female Bomber on Chinese.

Excerpted from Yahoo news.

KARACHI, Pakistan (Reuters) -A suspected female bomber killed three Chinese teachers in Karachi on Tuesday, police and officials said, drawing strong condemnation from Beijing, in the first major attack this year against nationals of long-time ally China working in Pakistan.

The three were among passengers on a minibus returning to Karachi university after a lunch break when the bomb exploded at the entrance to the university's Confucius Institute, killing the Chinese teachers and a Pakistani national, police and officials said.

A separatist group, the Baloch Liberation Army (BLA) based in southwestern Balochistan province bordering Afghanistan and Iran, claimed responsibility for the blast, adding in an email to Reuters the attack was carried out by a woman bomber.

It shared in the email a photo of her clad in a long shawl sitting with two children. The photo could not be verified independently by police or other officials.

China's Foreign Ministry strongly condemned the attack and "demanded" Pakistan punish the perpetrators, protect Chinese citizens and prevent such incidents from happening again.

"The blood of the Chinese people should not be shed in vain, and those behind this incident will surely pay the price," it said in a statement.

Media showed CCTV footage of a woman dressed in black wearing a backpack standing close to the bus shortly before the bomb went off and sent up clouds of fire and smoke.

Pakistani media also showed the wrecked minibus dotted with shrapnel holes, and witnesses said the explosion was so big it rattled the windowpanes of other buildings on the sprawling campus.

[NT notes China has put more than a million Muslims in concentration camps in Sinkiang province.]

Al-Jazeera reports ISIS expanding its area of Attacks.

The Islamic State in West Africa Province (ISWAP) armed group has claimed responsibility for an explosion that it said killed or injured 30 people at a market where alcohol was sold in Nigeria's Taraba state, marking an expansion of the area where the ISIL affiliate operates in the country.

The explosion took place on Tuesday in the rural town of Iware and local police initially said three people were killed and 19 injured. They could not immediately be reached on Thursday to comment on the ISWAP claim or casualty count.


[Indian Propaganda movie Creating widespread incitement.]
The Kashmir Files: Myth or reality
(First part of four parts)

Dr. Ghulam Nabi Fai
April 25, 2022

'Early reviews in the Indian media had found the film deeply Islamophobic, dishonest, and a provocation.' Sanjay Kak, Kashmiri Pandit filmmaker and writer

This movie feeds into cycles of hate and revenge. It collapses Kashmir's history and politics into an Islamophobic morality tale that is palatable and profitable to Hindutva India. Dr. Nitasha Kaul, Kashmiri Pandit novelist and academic.

"The Kashmir Files" written by Vivek Agnihotri is an Indian film which was released on March 11, 2022. The focus of the film is the exodus of Kashmiri Hindus (Pandits) in Jammu & Kashmir. The conclusion of the film is that 1990 exodus of Kashmiri Pandits was a genocide.

Among the many harms of the film is the intimate wrong it does to people from the Kashmir Valley. Both Muslims and Pandits bear the scars of conflict. Both communities need to share painful histories to get past them. These histories are not always of mutual recrimination but also of friendships and a common way of life lost in the armed conflict. The Kashmir Files seems to close off the possibility of a space where such longing may be expressed.

Is 'The Kashmir Files' myth or reality? The discourse needs to be supplemented with facts and figures.

But before presenting my personal observations, let me put forth the analysis of some prominent Pandits (Kashmiri Hindus) and Indian scholars.

Sanjay Kak, an eminent and celebrated documentary filmmaker, and writer but more importantly a Kashmiri Pandit himself who wrote an opinion piece in Al-Jazeera under the heading, 'THE DANGEROUS 'TRUTH' OF THE KASHMIR FILES' on April 14, 2022. He said that 'early reviews in the Indian media had found the film deeply Islamophobic, dishonest, and a provocation.'

Sanjay Kak said that as a documentary filmmaker and writer whose work has centred on Kashmir for almost two decades, I have always been confounded by the facts - or the lack of them - of the departure of the community in 1990. My community, I should say, for, I am a Kashmiri Pandit. There is little clarity about even the most elementary things. We also know that early in 1990 some Kashmiri Pandit families began to flee in fear. Their leaving was probably intended as a temporary move though it was to prove tragically permanent for most. We also know that despite all this, at least 4,000 Kashmiri Pandit families never left their homes. They have continued to live in Kashmir, not in secure ghettos, but scattered across the valley. Living in what often feels like a war zone, without extended networks of family and community, their lives are not easy. But nor is life easy for their Muslim neighbours, with whom they live in what has come to be recognised as one of the most militarised zones in the world.

The simplest questions fail to yield reliable answers, Kak warned. How many Kashmiri Pandits lived in the valley prior to 1990? The figures conjured up by the right-wing fluctuate between 500,000 and 700,000, although considered estimates place it at about 170,000. How many of them left the Kashmir Valley after 1990? A recent response by the region's Relief and Rehabilitation Commissioner placed the figure at 135,426, although on inflamed television debates the needle again fluctuates between 500,00 and 700,000 and can inexplicably go up to a million.

Ipsita Chakraverty, an Indian artist, writer and activist wrote in, on March 19, 2022, "As for the numbers displaced, researcher Alexander Evans suggests there were 160,000-170,000 Kashmiri Pandits in the Valley in 1990, most of whom fled in the violence. Other scholars claim the numbers were lower. The Jammu and Kashmir government's website says 60,000 Kashmiri Hindu families migrated out of the Valley during the violence, which still does not match the five lakh figure.

Sanjay Kak explained, "This is a film that brutalises its audience with scenes of such extreme violence that it eventually silences the possibility of considering alternative narratives that we know to be true. I could think of few: although terrible tragedies did happen to many individuals, most Kashmiri Pandit families were not betrayed by their Muslim neighbours. While some properties were torched and destroyed, most temples and homes were not ransacked or looted, and many more have run to ruin over years of neglect. Most critically, this myopic narrative succeeds in obscuring the fact that what happened in Kashmir in the 1990s was not centrally a conflict between Muslims and Hindus. It was an uprising against the Indian state."

Eventually, 'The Kashmir Files' is not about setting straight a historical record of Kashmir in the 1990s or creating an environment that might ease the return home of a community in exile. Its narrative is instead powered by a visceral demonisation of the Kashmiri Muslim, one that renders reconciliation ever more difficult. And by connecting the return of the Kashmiri Pandit to the dream of a glorious ancient past, a political project that elides Kashmir's complicated history of 700 years, it seeds the idea of a return to a Hindu homeland. This is an idea that is redolent with implications of dispossession and settlement. That is what makes its "truth" dangerous, Sanjay Kak concluded.

Ipsita Chakraverty echoed the same sentiments by writing that each death is a tragedy. Each instance of forced migration is a wound. But the film appears to deliberately exaggerate numbers to paint not just militants but all Kashmiri Muslims as a hostile people who colluded en masse in the persecution of their Pandit neighbours.

Dr Nitasha Kaul, novelist, poet, academic and a Kashmiri Pandit wrote an opinion in 'The News Minute' under the heading, "Kashmir is not a file: Propaganda and politics in India" on March 24, 2022. She said that this movie can show 'Free Kashmir' banners and refer to the plebiscite on Kashmir as a condition of accession that was never carried out - in order to debunk these things - but anyone else in real life who dares to seriously discuss these very things publicly in India risks being imprisoned or charged with sedition.

Dr. Kaul added that the movie dwells on Kashmiri Pandit suffering alone and makes ample use of Islamophobic tropes - all Muslims in the movie are violent, barbaric or lecherous or devious or vile.

This movie feeds into cycles of hate and revenge, Dr. Kaul warned. It collapses Kashmir's history and politics into an Islamophobic morality tale that is palatable and profitable to Hindutva India. It should offend all Indians, Hindus, Muslims, Kashmiri Muslims, men, women, and others who have ever cared for humanity across religious lines.

Ajit Singh, an Indian educationist wrote an Op-Ed in 'Brown Girl Magazine' entitled, 'The Kashmir Files - Fabricates the Truth to Demonize Muslims' on March 24, 2022. He said as far as Kashmiri Pandits are concerned, they have every right to present their version of the story, but they didn't need to hire an amoral sycophant who won't shy away from using every nasty trick in the fascist playbook to create irreparable fault lines that will ultimately help the incumbent political party to dismantle democracy in the garb of portraying the true accounts of victims.

"The Kashmir Files" Ajit Singh explained, has tried to justify the unilateral actions of the government, one of them being the unconstitutional abrogation of Article 370 that really had nothing to do with the exodus of Pandits. A film that is stuffed with nefarious ulterior motives and propagates malice against people from particular sections cannot be made to stand in the line of worthy contenders that could represent India on prestigious international platforms.

"I don't think that the makers of this film want them (Kashmiri Pandits) to return to Kashmir. Perhaps what they intend is for them to always stay out of here." Omar Abdullah, former Minister of State for External Affairs, Government of India and for Chief Minister of Jammu & Kashmir, Indian Express, April 23, 2022.

"The prime minister (Modi) and the BJP are promoting it (The Kashmir File) by giving free tickets and making it tax-free. They are inciting people. They divide people on religious lines." Mehbooba Mufti, former Chief Minister of Jammu & Kashmir, NEWSCLICK, March 23, 2022

Debasish Roy Chowdhury, an Indian journalist wrote in TIME on March 30, 2022, "But accuracy is not the film's priority, nor is it interested in justice and closure for the Pandit community. Instead, the purpose of The Kashmir Files is to inflame hatred against Muslims; against secular parties that Modi's followers brand anti-Hindu; liberal intellectuals and activists, whose faith in India's inclusive democracy runs contrary to the supremacist tenets of Hindu nationalism; and against the liberal media that the Hindu right disparages as sold-out "presstitutes." ...Accordingly, Muslims are portrayed as uniformly evil, treacherous, and predatory. Even little Muslim boys are shown as demonic."
(To be continued)

Dr. Ghulam Nabi Fai is the Chairman, Washington-based 'World Forum for Peace & Justice'.
He can be reached at: 1-202-607-6435 . or.

Invitation to Think

 Invitation to Think

Kashmir and India's Extreme Occupation and Aggression
by Dr. Firoz Kamal [excerpted]

India's occupation of Kashmir is indeed a part of its constant war on Muslims. It is part of the project for expanding the Hindu India's border. In Kashmir, the genocidal massacre, rape and torture is continuing since 1947. What happened to Muslims in Jammu in 1947 is catastrophic. It was a pure genocide. The Jammu region of Kashmir had a Muslim majority population before the massacre of 1947. The ruling Hindu Maharaja took a policy of Muslim cleansing of the state and started it from the southern district of Jammu. The RSS terrorists and Sikhs conducted the genocide with the Maharaja's patronage. After cleansing a huge part of the Muslim population, Jammu becomes a Hindu majority district. Recently, Prime Minister Narendra Modi separated the Hindu majority Jammu from Kashmir and made Kashmir a federal territory.

Horace Alexander while writing in The Spectator in January 1948 says, "Hindus and Sikhs of the Jammu area... apparently with at least the tacit consent of the Hindu state authorities, have driven many thousands of their Muslim neighbours from their homes". Citing Gandhi -the Congress leader, he asserts that "some two hundred thousand are... not accounted for". Christopher Sneddon, in his article "Kashmir: The Unwritten History" estimates that between 70,000 and 237,000 Muslims were killed in Jammu. (Quote from Karan Thapar's recent article).

Arjun Appadurai and Arian Mack, in India's World, believed that 200,000 could have been killed in Jammu and a further 500,000 have been displaced. Much higher figures were reported by the newspapers of the time. The Statesman suggested 500,000 Muslims were killed. The journalist Ved Bhasin and the scholar Ilyas Chattha claimed that the RSS was involved in the genocide -supported by Kashmir's Maharaja Hari Singh. (Quote from Karan Thapar's article).

Wajahat Habibullah in his "My Kashmir: The Dying of the Light" suggests two reasons. First, it occurred when communal riots and brutal massacres were happening right across northern India. In that bigger outrage, this smaller tragedy seems to have been forgotten. But the second reason is intriguing. It exposes the complicity of Sheikh Abdullah, then the undisputed leader of the Kashmir Valley in the crime. He could draw attention to this massacre, but he deliberately chose to ignore it because the Muslims of Jammu did not support his National Conference but were inclined towards Jinnah's Muslim League. The Sheikh's politics seems to have silenced his conscience! (Quote from Karan Thapar's article). In the face of such a crime, silence or negligence is nothing but complicity in the crime. And Shaikh Abdullah committed that crime deliberately.

During the last three decades of the intensified war in Kashmir since the 1980s, the Indian Army has killed about 100,000 Kashmiris and raped hundreds of women. Torturing, killing and raping have become routine brutality of the Indian Army in Kashmir. What happened on January 21, 1990, in Gawkadal, Srinagar is horrific. The Indian Army killed 52 unarmed civilians and injured 250 -reported by Human Rights Watch. On January 6 1993, the Indian Border Security Force (BSF) killed 43 unarmed civilians in Sopore in Kashmir who were travelling on a bus. On October 22, 1993, in Bijbehara, the BSF killed 51 civilians. It has been reported by Amnesty International. On 29 and 30 May 2009 at Bongam in Shopira district, the Indian Army men abducted, raped, and murdered two young women and their bodies were drowned in a stream. These are only a few examples and tips of an iceberg.

The Indian rulers have no shame, no integrity, no sanity and no honesty. Even a huge number of Indians don't show intellectual soundness either. What a low ideological sense that they still worship cows, snakes, mountains, rivers, naked sadhus, etc., and drink cow urine! It is a shame that they could elect a man like Narendra Modi who is the murderer of more than 3 thousand people in Gujarat. How can a man with an iota of moral sense do that? What a shame that Mr Modi still believes that his ancestral Indians could fly in the sky and could transplant elephants' noses on humans. Surprisingly, these fantasies are taught in schools. Many Hindus also believe that cow urine contains gold and can cure Covid-19.

Peaceful solution blocked

India has blocked any sort of peaceful solution to the Kashmir issue. A peaceful solution is only possible if the legitimate rights of the people are honoured and justice is delivered. Justice is not the continuation of the military occupation. But the Indian government doesn't show any interest in that. They have taken a war path and want to sustain the occupation by continuous war. The Indians show their pride in democracy. They boast India as the largest democratic state in the world. But they don't allow democracy to work in Kashmir.

Democracy means respecting people's verdicts. But in Kashmir, India is imposing its own agenda and ignores people's wishes. India claims that Kashmir is an integral part of India. That is the wish of the Hindutva Hindus. Do the people of Kashmir subscribe to such an Indian view? What do Kashmiri people wish that could be only known by a plebiscite that Jawaharlal Nehru promised in 1948 -as it was planned in the UN Security Council proposal for the peaceful solution of the Kashmir problem. The UN Security Council appointed the US Admiral Nimitz to conduct a plebiscite in Kashmir. But India didn't allow Admiral Nimitz to enter Kashmir and execute the UN plan. India thus betrayed its own promise with the support of Soviet Russia.

India reiterates bilateral dialogue with Pakistan to solve the Kashmir problem. But it puts a red line by saying that Kashmir is India's integral part. Thus the wish of the Kashmiri people is kept off the table of any bilateral dialogue. Pakistan is not allowed to question that wishful claim of India. So the door of a negotiated solution to the Kashmir problem is unilaterally closed by India. Now there remains only a single option, and that is a liberation war. Even a Kashmiri child understands that. When the peaceful means ends, war gets the legitimacy and remains the only option. Such a liberation war is called jihad in Islam. But India -like any other occupying forces label such a popular liberation war as terrorism.

Guidance by Sis. Yasmin.

'Bismillah Walhamdulillah Was Salaatu Was
Salaam 'ala Rasulillah'.
As Salaam Alaikum Wa Rahmatullah .
8 Basic Mistakes Muslims make when Paying 'Zakaat Al-Fitr'.
Ibn 'Umar (R.A) reported that...Prophet (Sal Allahu'Alayhi wa Sallam), made Zakat al-Fitr compulsory on every captive, freeman, male, female, young and old among the Muslims,one Saa'(a measurement) of dried dates or one Saa' of barley.
[Source: Sahih Bukhari - Arabic/English, vol. 2, p. 339, H # 579]
Mistake # 1~
Paying at Eid Salah.
Some people go to Eid Prayers and drop money into the
donation box thinking that they have paid their Zakat al -Fitr.
No ! Zakat al-Fitr, which is food, must be in the hands of the
needy family BEFORE the Eid Prayer!
If someone goes to Eid Prayer and pays then it is GUARANTEED that the money will NOT arrive on time !

Mistake # 2~
Snail Mailing the money overseas [basic principle as before] The Zakat al-Fitr, food, MUST be in the hands of the needy BEFORE Eid prayer. One cannot mail the money overseas and have it arrive in the hands of the needy after Eid Prayer is over! However, if one is able to get the Zakat al-Fitr to the needy overseas BEFORE Eid prayer is conducted in their locality, then In Shaa Allah it's alright.

Mistake # 3~
Not Paying.
Yes, as simple as this error is, it is to skip the payment of Zakat Al-Fitr. EVERYONE must pay Zakat Al-Fitr, for each & every member of the household. So if you have 8 people in your house, 'Zakat Al-Fitr' must be paid X 8, even if the youngest member is just a few days old!

Mistake # 4~
Confusing Zakat ul-Fitr with Zakat ul-Maal.
We are talking about Zakat al-Fitr here (think "Iftar"- i.e. Ramadan). 'Zakat Al-Maal' ('Maal' literally means wealth),
is the Zakah due on ones money, etc. and that could be due
any time during the year depending on when it was due.

Mistake # 5~
Giving money instead of food .
Although some scholars have allowed giving money instead of food, the spirit of Zakat Al-Fitr is to give food to the needy of the community, NOT money. (one can give money to the local 'Masjid' in charge and they can give food with that money on time as specified . The Companion of the Prophet [PEACE BE UPON HIM] Abu Sa'eed al-Khudree, {Radi Allahu 'Anhu} said..
'In the Prophet's time, we used to give it (Zakatal-Fitr) as a Saa' of food, dried dates, barley, raisins or dried cheese".
[Source: Bukhari - Arabic/English vol. 2, p. 340,~H # 582]

Mistake # 6~
Giving one's Zakah al-Fitr to a charitable building project.
Some people mistakenly give their Zakah Al-Fitr to a charitable building project: like the building of a Masjid, or Islamic school. There is a difference of opinion on this issue, but suffice it to say that the spirit of Zakah Al-Fitr is that the needy should have plentiful food on Eid. {'In Shaa Allah'} All eight types of recipients of Zakah mentioned in the 'Qur'an' are HUMANS, not "building projects".

Mistake # 7~
Giving Zakat ul-Fitr to non-Muslims.
Charity is given to both Non-Muslims and Muslims. However, Zakah al-Fitr charity is something exclusive to the MUSLIM poor and needy. Hence, one could not give Zakah Al-Fitr to any needy person on the street. "Regular" charity can be given to them, but not Zakah Al-Fitr.

Mistake # 8~
Delaying distribution. Sometimes Masjids might collectZakah Al-Fitr money and then put it in a bank! It doesn't reach the needy for months and months ! The correct method is to give Zakah Al-Fitr immediately when it is due.

~ My 'Salaams' to all ~
Y a s m i n.
 Sis Yasmin
"All that is on earth will Perish. But will abide {Forever} the Face of thy Lord, full of Majesty, Bounty and Honour"
'Qur'an'- Surah Al-Rahman-55.26-27 }

Hadith of the Week

Narrated by Abu Huraira, r.a.:
While the Prophet was saying something in a gathering, a Bedouin came and asked him,
"When would the Hour (Doomsday) take place?"
Allah's Apostle continued his talk, so some people said that Allah's Apostle had heard the question, but did not like what that Bedouin had asked. Some of them said that Alllah's Apostle had not heard it. When the Prophet finished his speech, he said,
"Where is the questioner, who enquired about the Hour (Doomsday)?"
The Bedouin said, "I am here, O Allah's Apostle ."
Then the Prophet said,
"When honesty is lost, then wait for the Hour (Doomsday)."
The Bedouin said,
"How will that be lost?"
The Prophet said,
"When the power or authority comes in the hands of unfit persons, then wait for the Hour (Doomsday.)"

Bukhari, Volume 1,
Book 3, Number 56
 Sis Kristi

[With thanks to Sis. Kristi]


From Nigerian Guardian

Flashpoint al-Aqsa

A Palestinian man and an Israeli guard were killed in separate West Bank incidents following clashes on Friday between Palestinians and Israeli police at Jerusalem's flashpoint Al-Aqsa mosque.

The guard was attacked at the entrance of the Ariel settlement, the army said, adding that they were pursuing the "terrorists".

The Islamist Hamas movement hailed the killing as a "heroic operation", with spokesman Hazem Qassem declaring it a response to the "attacks on Al-Aqsa," the mosque which has been one of the focal points for weeks of violence.


Rohingya Muslims' Huge Suffering.
Abdul Malik Mujahid [Chicago Leader]
Took up the Challenge.

The Burmese military's systematic human rights abuses against their own population have pushed close to 1 million Rohingya Muslims into massive refugee camps at the Bangladesh border.

Despite this abominable record, the Burmese regime reigns unchecked, free to continue terrorizing innocent people as much as it likes. This is why the United States must act now and re-impose comprehensive sanctions to apply the economic pressure that will bring this rogue regime to the bargaining table and force them to acknowledge their crimes.

In August 2017, Burmese security forces were unleashed to rampage, unchecked, through Rakhine State in western Burma.

Their numerous, unconscionable crimes against the region's native, mostly defenseless Rohingya population are now undeniable. The evidence for them has been unearthed in the mass graves of innocent families, seen in the babies born to mothers systematically raped by the Burmese army, and testified to in countless stories from refugee survivors. It is also there for all to see in the sprawling refugee camps across the border in Bangladesh, where over a million people languish in stateless limbo.

Since then, the Myanmar military has continued to carry out a savage campaign of violence and expulsion against its own population. Most recently it has turned its guns on the Christian people of Kachin State.

The army appears to be stepping up its offensive, with the apparent intention of repeating the successful results of its genocidal campaign against the Rohingya against the Christian minority in Kachin.

As a result of such persecution, approximately 400,000 Kachin Christians have fled the country since 2003. Villages are being bombed and burnt, suffering a similar fate as the Rohingya community in Rakhine state. Over 200,000 Kachin refugees are now spread across Thailand, Malaysia, and the U.S., with 160,000 in the U.S. alone.

This is happening every day, with additional reports of atrocities committed by the military against civilian, minority targets surfacing daily.


[Courtesy the New Arab]
Voices of Uighur Women.

Rahima Mahmut, director of the World Uyghur Congress in London, praised the courage of the handful of women survivors of the camps who have come forward to tell their harrowing stories, whose testimonies have literally changed the course of Uyghur advocacy around the world.

Often acting as a translator as the camp survivors poured out their hearts, Rahima recounted the immense strength needed to counter the shame they felt and to describe the horror of their ordeals.

Tursunay Ziyawudun, was tortured and raped three times by guards, teacher Sayragul Sauytbay, together with other inmates described how she was forced to watch the gang-rape of a young girl without flinching, Gulbahar Haitiwaji has described life in the camps that rendered her dead inside.

These accounts and others, said Mahmut, would "ensure that the Uyghur genocide would not be erased from history."

"It is so important that the world bears witness for this genocide to come to an end," she stressed. "The world must look back in shame at what the Uyghur people have had to endure. The camp survivors have ensured that there is an undeniable record of the Chinese government's atrocities," she said.

 Remember Prisoners

Don't forget the political prisoners.

You don't have to agree with them but show that you care and do not want them to be mistreated.

Sis. Ayesha Jones in Virginia has been writing to Imam Jamil.

We need letters to :

Dr. Aafia Siddiqui.

Ziyad Yaghi

Samuel Baptiste.

 Social Media

Boycott is peaceful Resistance

Br. Rich has listed the businesses which support Israel.
Please go to our web site.
See search engine on top left.
go to boycott.

Nestle is an important investor in Israel.
See the rest.
Take care to see where you are spending your money

Political Prisoners :

Civil Discord Show

 Out of this World

A massive asteroid passed by the Earth on Thursday. While it posed no threat, experts say it came close.

The asteroid, named 418135, or 2008 AG33, is estimated to be between 1,150 and 2,560 feet in diameter -- as wide as eight football fields and twice as big as the Empire State Building.

At its closest distance, the asteroid came within 2 million miles of Earth, which, according to NASA, is actually a concern.

Any object that comes within 120 million miles of the Earth is considered a "near-Earth object", or NEO, and any fast-moving object within 4.65 million miles is classified as potentially hazardous.

Thursday's asteroid skimmed past Earth at around 23,300 miles per hour.

Asteroid 2008 AG33 last flew by Earth in 2015, and NASA says it does so every seven years or so. Its next appearance is expected May 25, 2029.

The path which asteroids take can change, however, which is why NASA monitors ones that come this close.

Another large asteroid, named 467460, or 2006 JF42, is expected to pass on May 9 at roughly 25,300 miles per hour.

[Thanks to Sis. Kristi.]

 Think About It

JI notes Imran Khan Wasted 4 years.

Talking to media persons, Liaqat Baloch said that Imran Khan government's performance disappointed the entire nation.
The success of the no-confidence motion has provided an oxygen cylinder to the PTI but it is a temporary relief.

Imran Khan could not run the government, could not give relief to the people, nor could he keep the party members and allies together. Incompetence, failure, arrogance and pride led to the end of his government.

The rhetoric of US intervention or conspiracy cannot last long. It is not possible for the new coalition government to pull the country out of the constitutional, political, economic and administrative crisis.

Four years of the nation were ruined, let not another year be ruined. The coalition government should make electoral reforms and move towards fresh elections as soon as possible, otherwise the political crisis will be serious and complicated. The role of PTI constitutional officials in the no-confidence motion and government formation process in Punjab is shameful and unconstitutional.

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Over 20 killed in anti-Muslim attack in Ethiopia:

Addis Ababa (AFP) - More than 20 people have been killed in an attack on Muslims in the northern Ethiopian city of Gondar during the funeral of a Muslim elder, a local Islamic group said on Wednesday.

The Islamic Affairs Council of Amhara, the region where Gondar is located, described Tuesday's attack at a cemetery as a "massacre" by heavily-armed "extremist Christians."

The attackers "fired a barrage of heavy machine guns and grenades... leaving many dead while others who were injured have been taken to hospital," the religious body said.

"More than 20 have died due to yesterday's attack which also saw the looting of Muslim properties," it added.
The mayor of Gondar, Zewdu Malede, told Ethiopian public broadcaster EBC that the "incident was carried out by a few extremist individuals."

"There has been some destruction and loss of lives from all sides," he said, without offering further details about the identity of the attackers or the victims.
"The situation was (brought) under control by 7:00 pm."

Officials at the Amhara regional government could not be reached while Gondar police declined to comment.

The cemetery where the attack occurred has been the subject of an ongoing dispute between Muslims and Orthodox Christians, who account for the majority of Ethiopia's population.

"Although ongoing wide-ranging measures have been taken to invade the... cemetery, the place has been historically at all times a Muslim cemetery," the Islamic Affairs Council said in its statement.

The city's mayor said the attackers were extremists who had sought "to burn down, to destroy, to destabilise and to loot Gondar."

"This in no way represents the Muslim and Christian communities," he added.

Muslims make up about one third of Ethiopia's population of 110 million and are a small minority in Amhara, the country's second-most-populous region which is dominated by Orthodox Christians.

In 2019, multiple mosques were attacked in the town of Mota in Amhara, more than 350 kilometres (217 miles) north of the capital, Addis Ababa, in a wave of religious violence that sparked condemnation by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed.

Analysts caution that conflicts that appear to be rooted in religion in Ethiopia are often also shaped by disputes over land use, ethnicity and other issues.

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