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15 Ramadan 1443 AH - April 17 2022 Issue # 16, Newsletter #1963

Latest Khutba

Do Not Imitate the Unbelievers

On April 15, Br. Kaukab Siddique gave the Juma' khutba at Masjid Jamaat al-Muslimeen in Baltimore.

The masjid has been renovated and looks like new. The masjid was packed with people including good numbers of women.

The Senegalese imam urged people to move up several times owing to the crowding.

A video of the khutba has been placed on numbers of pages on face book..

Here are the main points of the khutba:
"All the practices of Jahiliyyah are trampled under my feet" (Reported by Sahih Muslim)

" Arab has no superiority over a non-Arab nor a non-Arab has any superiority over an Arab; also a white has no superiority over a black nor a black has any superiority over a white - except by piety and good action. [Final sermon of the Prophet, pbuh]

  1. Ramadan is our opportunity to be reborn, purified physically and spiritually.

  2. Importance of Suhoor, iftar and zakat.

  3. Do not imitate the unbelievers. (hadith) The change within us should be culturally different from non-Muslims.

    1. A Muslim looking at a woman should respond differently from a non-Muslim.

    2. Looking at liquor and bullying and exploitation of children. Be Islamic.

  4. The Islamic struggle reaches new heights in Ramadan. Notice the battle of Badr and conquest of Makkah.

  5. Remember the anniversary of Ayesha, r.a. Why do we remember only male sahaba?

  6. Ayesha, r.a., was closer to the Prophet, r.a., than anyone else. He died in her lap.

  7. Part 2.
  8. The significance of Africa.

  9. More than 80% of Africa is Muslim. Sudan means land of the Black people.

  10. The sahaba are most highly praised in the Qur'an.

  11. Bilal, r.a., was very close to the Prophet, pbuh. Owing to his influence, all of West Africa embraced Islam Read the story of Sundiata.

  12. Muslims must liberate Palestine. Masjid al-Aqsa is being violated by kuffar.

  13. Kashmir and Somalia are under deep oppression and occupation.

  14. Women have a central role in Islam. We cannot succeed as Muslims without the support of half of our ummah.

  15. The jihad in Afghanistan over 20 years was successful because mujahideen were helped by women. We are often misled by the women's big outer dresses.

  16. For the war in Ukraine, read sura Room. After the deadly pagan-Christian war, Islam will rise.

  17. Congratulations on the renovation of the mosque. Local funding and expertise from Pakistanis has done wonders.




Cutting edge Critique of New regime & Slam Dunk on Imran Khan.

by Qaiser Sharif

LAHORE- April 15: Jamaat-e-Islami Emir Sirajul Haq has reiterated the call for early elections, asking the new prime minister to ensure the polls as soon as possible instead of focusing on executions of projects.

It is the responsibility of the new government to introduce electoral reforms with the consensus of all political parties before the general elections, he added while addressing a press conference at Mansoorah on Friday.

Sirajul Haq welcomed the DG ISPR statement about the impossibility of martial law, saying it ended many doubts and confusion. The institutions including judiciary, military and election commission must keep their neutrality intact in the benefit of the country. If establishment interfered into politics, it must expect criticism from political workers, he said.

The JI chief demanded the government review agreements with the IMF, bring down prices of food items and petrol and decrease the electricity and gas tariff. The old status of the State Bank of Pakistan must be restored, he said.

He called for implementation of the JI-PPP agreement on Karachi reforms and Sindh local government. He said the new government should address the concerns of the people of Gwadar and other areas of Balochistan.

The government, he said, should recognize the Afghan government and take a bold stance on Kashmir issue.

To a question, he replied the Supreme Court of Pakistan should form a judicial commission to probe into letter-gate. He said the JI believed the US interference into Pakistan's internal affairs was an open secret yet it did not see any reason that Washington wanted to end the PTI regime.

The US establishment, he said, was rather comfortable with Imran Khan government which implemented all the demands of the international lending agencies working with the backing of America, facilitated NATO forces and did not recognize the Afghanistan government on US pressure.

He said the JI believed the three ruling parties (the PML-N, the PPP and the PTI) could never make a stand against US dictations. The people, he said, had tested the three parties for years. The nation, he added, received back no benefit from the waderas, feudal and imperialists after bringing them into power time and again.

He said the JI was not in a mood to develop political alliance with the tested parties. "We will go into elections under our own flag, manifesto and elections symbol."

War News

 War News

Russia is gearing up for a new offensive.

Muriopol is now in Russian hands except for stubborn resistance at the steel mills by former Nazis..

Russia has killed hundreds of civilians. Both sides also inflicted heavy military losses on each other.

Steady inflow of weapons from the US, UK and Germany is helping Ukraine to continue resistance.

Russia resumes heavy air strikes.

April 16. Northwest Hama province: Fath al-Mubeen Islamic group and Assad-Iranian militia exchanged heavy machinegun fire.

Assad artillery hit 5 villages in southern Idlib.
An Ansar al-Islam human bomber killed one Assad soldier and wounded 4 in Sahl al-Ghab

In the al-Raqqa desert, Russian jets are carrying out scores of air strikes on suspected ISIS positions. 17 ISIS fighters were killed and 11 wounded in the latest air strikes.

In norther Deir ez Zor province ISIS gunmen on a motorbike killed 2 SDF members [supoprted by US.]

Turkish artillery hit SDF and Assad positions in northwest Hasakeh province.

NDF [Assad militia} retreated from Mayadeen desert into Mayadeen city under ISIS attack which killed 4 NDF and wounded six.

There were two more Isaeli air strikes. Iranians did nor respond.

Army losses mounting. PAF attacks Afghans.

April 16. 5 police and 2 mujahedeen killed in Dera Ismail clash.

On April 16, Pakistani air strkes hit the Afghan border towns of Kunar and Khost. Five children and a woman were killed in the first city. Losses in the second are not yet known.

Large crowds of Afghans protested against Pakistani atrocities, [Al Jazeera.]

Taliban leaders are urging Pakistan army to behave.

[New Trend analysis is that Pak army is suffering steady losses at the hands of the Pak Taliban [TTP}, and in frustration are attacking Afghan towns where they think Pak Taliban are sheltering.]

The military has released bits of information which indicate the worsening situation. The real losses may be higher.

April 15. A mujahideen attack killed 7 Pakistani troops in North Waziristan. Another one was killed in a separate incident. 4 mujahedeen killed. [Dawn report]

On April 12, an officer and a soldier were killed in South Waziristan.

On April 13 a soldier was killed.

A week back 8 Pakistani troops including an officer were killed in a clash with the mujahideen in the Tunk-South Waziristan area.

Even after several years of occupation, the military does not allow journalists into the area. Remember that the army expelled the entire population. In response, Tehreeke Taliban :Pakistan [TTP] has grown stronger.

TTP wants Sharia law. Under reportedly American pressure , the army will not allow Sharia. Several Hindu officers have been promoted.

News Within the U.S.

 News within the US

2 shootings
Most Violent
Country in the World?

Two young men were killed and at least nine others injured in a mass shooting early Sunday in Pittsburgh, police said.

The shooting happened just after 12:30 a.m. during a party at a short-term rental property in the city's North Side, the Pittsburgh Bureau of Police said in a news release.

The party was attended by as many as 200 people, many of whom were underage, police added. No further details about the deceased were provided.

South Carolina

COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) — Ten people were shot and two others injured in a shooting at a shopping mall in South Carolina's capital that authorities do not believe was a random attack.

Three people who had firearms have been detained in connection with the Saturday afternoon shooting at Columbiana Centre, Columbia Police Chief W.H. "Skip" Holbrook said. He said at least one of those three people fired a weapon.

"We don't believe this was random," Holbrook said. "We believe they knew each other and something led to the gunfire."

Authorities said no fatalities have been reported but that eight of the victims were taken to the hospital. Of those eight, two were in critical condition and six were in stable condition, Holbrook said. The victims ranged in age from 15 to 73, he said.

Daniel Johnson said he and his family were visiting from Alabama and were eating in the food court when they first heard shots ring out and started seeing people running.

Johnson said people were screaming for their children and spouses, knocking over tables in the food court as they fled.

"Everybody was trying to get outside," Johnson said. "When I was coming out, you could see baby strollers turned over, people's phones and left keys. It was kind of a hectic situation."

News: Out of this World

 Out of this World

The largest comet ever seen is swinging through our solar system.
The solid center is more than twice the width of Rhode Island.
[Thank you Sis. Kristi]

A huge comet with a solid center more than twice the width of Rhode Island is on an orbital path that will swing it inside our cosmic neighborhood, astronomers say.
The icy interloper is traveling 22,000 mph from the edge of the solar system toward the sun. In a study published Tuesday in The Astrophysical Journal Letters, scientists said the comet is no cause for concern because it will not pass anywhere near Earth.
 Out of this World

Its nucleus — the solid center, which is typically made up of ice, rock and dust — is about 85 miles across. That makes it around 50 times bigger than most known comets, with a mass estimated to be 100,000 times greater than that of a typical comet, according to the study.

"It's a huge amount of material just in one body," Jewitt said.

The astronomers used the Hubble Space Telescope to observe the colossal comet and determine the size of its nucleus. Hubble snapped five photos of the icy object on Jan. 8, revealing its bright nucleus shrouded in a glowing cloud of dust and gas, known as the coma.

"This is an amazing object, given how active it is when it's still so far from the sun," the study's lead author, Man-To Hui, an assistant professor at the Macau University of Science and Technology, said in a statement to the Space Telescope Science Institute, which manages Hubble.

Comet C/2014 UN271 was first detected in 2010 by astronomers Pedro Bernardinelli and Gary Bernstein, when it was 3 billion miles from the sun. Although scientists have spent more than a decade studying the comet, the new study is the first to confirm its enormous size.

Occasionally, gravitational forces from passing stars may jostle far-flung comets in the Oort cloud, "kicking them into the solar system," Jewitt said.

Comet C/2014 UN271 is less than 2 billion miles from the sun, according to the study. And in a few million years, it will migrate back into the Oort cloud, Jewitt said.

The astronomers hope to continue observing the comet leading up to its closest approach, in 2031. Jewitt said studying such objects can reveal insights about the solar system and help solve enduring mysteries of the cosmos.

"It's a reminder that the outer solar system is not a very well-known place," he said. "When you go far away from the sun, everything out there is so faint, so all sorts of things await discovery."

source: NBCNews. Writer: Denise Chow



The Dhaka regime has sentenced 4 people to death.

Most people
don't know the context. Here it is from 2016. This ended blasphemy:

Tragic End of US-backed Attempt to introduce Homosexual Magazine in Bangladesh.
Al-Qaida Took Responsibility.
[Source: The Guardian, UK .]

On April 25, six men entered an apartment in central Dhaka, Bangladesh, and hacked a man to death who started the country's first LGBT magazine. His companion was also killed. Both were self proclaimed "gays." Their deaths created a stir all the way up to Washington, DC. As the photo below shows, one of them, Mannan, worked for the US government and was close to the US ambassador. Here is how the daily Guardian of UK described it:

"the latest killings, were on Monday night, of Xulhaz Mannan, editor of the country's only lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender magazine (LGBT), and Mahbub Rabbi Tonoy, an actor and fellow gay rights activist. Critics have accused the Awami League government of failing to act effectively to stop the carnage.

"It is shocking that no one has been held to account for these horrific attacks and that almost no protection has been given to threatened members of civil society," said Amnesty International's Champa Patel, reacting to the four killings so far this month.

According to the Guardian, al-Qaida has issued statement paraphrased here: "the banned group Ansar al-Islam, the Bangladeshi branch of al-Qaida on the Indian subcontinent, claimed responsibility on Tuesday for killing the two gay rights activists in what it called a "blessed attack".
It said the two were killed because they were "pioneers of practising and promoting homosexuality in Bangladesh" and were "working day and night to promote homosexuality ... with the help of their masters, the US crusaders and its Indian allies".

Earlier, an English professor from Rajshahi visiting Dhaka was similarly murdered. He is accused to be an atheist who was going from village to village setting up music centers.

The latest is that a Hindu who blasphemed against the Prophet, pbuh, was killed on April 30 in the city of Tangail.

[New Trend's view is that the regime crushed the peaceful Jamaate Islami movement and the vacuum has been filled by al-Qaida and the Islamic State.]

Invitation to Think

 Invitation to Think

Boycott products which support Israel.

Check boycott list on
search engine top left.

[ boycott.htm ]

Guidance by Sis. Yasmin.

Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim'
As Salaamu 'Alaykum wa Rahmatullaahi wa Barakatuh.

The Prophet (Peace be upon Him) said...
"Whoever forgets that he is fasting and eats or drinks, then he still completes his fast.
It is only Allah who fed him and gave him drink."

~ My 'Salaams' to all ~
 Sis Yasmin
'Do Not Despair of the Mercy of Allah'.
{'Qur'an Surat Az-Zumar 39:A # 53 }
[Sources: Bukhari H: 1933; Muslim H: [2716] 171 - (1155);
Tirmidhi H: 721; Abu Dawud H: 2398; Ibn Majah H: 1673)

Hadith of the Week

Narrated by Abu Said Al-Khudri
Allah's Apostle said,
"While I was sleeping I saw (in a dream) some people wearing shirts of which some were reaching up to the breasts only while others were even shorter than that.
Umar bin Al-Khattab was shown wearing a shirt that he was dragging." The people asked,
"How did you interpret it?
(What is its interpretation)
O Allah's Apostle?"
He (the Prophet ) replied,
"It is the Religion."

Bukhari, Volume 1, Book 2, Number 22
 Sis Kristi

[With thanks to Sis. Kristi]


Morocco has condemned Israeli actions against Palestinian worshippers in Jerusalem's Al-Aqsa mosque compound this week, while Israeli-organised dance festivals in the Sinai have sparked outrage in Egypt.

Morocco has expressed its "firm condemnation of the incursion by Israeli occupation forces into the Al-Aqsa mosque, their closure of its gates and their aggression against unarmed worshippers in the mosque compound", a foreign ministry statement said.

The clashes come after three weeks of deadly violence in Israel and the occupied West Bank, and as the Jewish festival of Passover and Christian Easter overlap with the Muslim holy month of Ramadan.

More than 150 people were injured in clashes between Palestinian demonstrators and Israeli police in the Al-Aqsa compound on Friday, the first face-off at the flashpoint holy site since the start of Ramadan.

Al-Aqsa is Islam's third-holiest site. Jews refer to it as the Temple Mount, referencing two temples said to have stood there in antiquity.

Witnesses said Palestinians threw stones at Israeli forces, who fired rubber-coated bullets and stun grenades.


Police Join Mobs Attacking Muslims.

16 Apr 2022
Clashes broke out during a Hindu religious procession in the Indian capital, New Delhi, on Saturday that left several people and police officers injured.

The violence erupted between Muslims and Hindus during the procession in Jahangirpuri, a suburb of New Delhi.

Police said they were still investigating the source of the disturbances.

"We are still assessing how many people are injured ... some policemen have also been hurt," said Deependra Pathak, a police official in Jahangirpuri.

The violence broke out during a procession to mark the Hindu festival of Hanuman Jayanti, police said without giving further details.

Earlier on Saturday, protesters in New Delhi shouted slogans against Prime Minister Narendra Modi's government saying Muslims had been violently targeted by authorities last week in the aftermath of Hindu-Muslim clashes in parts of three states ruled by Modi's Hindu nationalist party.

The clashes last Sunday during a religious festival prompted police to impose a curfew in one town and ban gatherings of more than four people in parts of the states.

Local authorities tore down the homes and shops of suspected Muslim rioters in central Madhya Pradesh state in the aftermath of last weekend's violence that broke out during the Hindu festival of Ram Navami, said a police official who did not want to be named.


Saudi Betrayal

"The world has to react immediately now and stop this deportation in a matter of hours to save the four Uyghurs from this catastrophic deportation. It is crucial that all governments with diplomatic ties to Saudi Arabia step in now to urge the Riyadh authorities to uphold their obligations and stop the deportations."

Under the customary international law principle of non-refoulement and as a State Party to the UN Convention against Torture, Saudi Arabia is obliged not to return anyone to a country where they would face a real risk of torture or other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment, persecution or other serious human rights violations.

In June 2021, Amnesty International published a report revealing how hundreds of thousands of Muslim men and women in China's Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region are being subjected to arbitrary mass detention, indoctrination and torture.

Earlier the same year, another piece of Amnesty research described how the children of internment camp detainees are often sent to state-run "orphan camps" where they face indoctrination and are cut off from their parents.

 Remember Prisoners

Prisoner of the Week

Br. Samuel Baptiste

 Social Media

Via facebook, the April 10 issue of New Trend reached 134,960 Muslims including 9312 women.

The main items in it were :

  1. Father & daughter for Islam [photo]

  2. Supreme Court of Pakistan opposes Imran Khan's moves.

  3. Ukraine, Syria Iraq, Burkina Faso

  4. The failed Muslims. [Dr. Firoz]

  5. Israel vs ISIS.

  6. Fasting & the Qur'an. [Sis. Yasmin]

  7. Visiting MCC.Masjid

  8. Islamic Political Prisoners.

  9. Hadith about Qur'an recitation.

  10. Br. Abu Talib & Orphans in West Africa

Political Prisoners :

Civil Discord Show

 Think About It

Iran's Strange Religion Opposes Entire Muslim Ummah. Afghans have Exposed the issue.

Tehran Regime has re-affirmed its total Support for the Assad regime in Damascus.

[New Trend report]

Iran executes Sunni rebels after cursory or summary "trials." Shiaism is proclaimed as Iran's religion though Islam rejects sects within Islam.

On April 6, a Sunni Muslim, an Uzbek, attacked Shia clerics, in the huge shrine Iran has set up in the city of Mashad. Iran does not recognize opponents to the Shia religion as Muslims. They are referred to a "takfiris."

Iran's best friend is the regime of Bashar Assad in Damascus. The people of Syria were about to topple the regime when Iran intervened and set up a chain reaction of weapon re-supply to Assad. Iran also brought the Shia extremist group Hizb of Lebanon to fight the Islamic groups opposed to Assad. When Hizb was defeated, Iran sent its own forces and numerous Shia militias to defend Assad. Tens of thousands of Syrian civilians have been tortured to death by the Assad regime, 67,000 plus according to SOHR, including large numbers of women and children. Millions of Syrians have fled their homes. Russia has joined Iran in the ongoing genocide in Syria.

Recently Iran again strongly reaffirmed its solid support for the Assad regime.

Iran has tried to replace the Islamic veneration of the Companions of the Prophet, pbuh, with a concocted list of "imams" who are supposedly linked to the family of Ali, r.a., though there is no such evidence. Gradually Iran is trying to replace Mekka and Madina with Karbala [in Iraq].

Iran claims that the 12th Shia "Imam" is in hiding [since 1000 years] and will return to fill the world with justice. Iranians regularly pray for the "early" return of the 12th "imam.'

A serious problem for Iran is the August 2021 victory of the Taliban in Afghanistan. Instead of recognizing the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, Iran is putting forth various demands which have to be met for recognition by Iran.

Social media have brought out serious mistreatment and torture of Afghan refugees in Iran. Here are excerpts which have been published in al-Jazeera and various other media.

AFP reports. Tehran, Iran - Iran has summoned Afghanistan's charge d'affaires in Tehran over attacks on its diplomatic missions in the neighbouring country after unverified videos circulating on social media purported to show Afghan refugees being beaten in Iran.

The formal protest came after protesters on Monday pelted Iran's consulate in the Afghan city of Herat with rocks. They also reportedly broke security cameras and burned the Iranian flag before dispersing after Taliban security forces fired warning shots.

Meanwhile, in Afghanistan's capital Kabul, angry protesters chanted slogans such as "death to Iran" outside the Iranian embassy.

Iran's foreign ministry on Monday warned the Taliban that the current situation cannot go on indefinitely and that the group needs to do more to control its borders.


Br. Abu Talib helping orphans in Gambia and Ghana.

2022-04-18 Mon 13:47:32 ct