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15 Rajab 1443 AH - February 20 2022 Issue # 8, Newsletter #1955



Palestine Unarmed People resisting Israel.

RAMALLAH, Saturday, February 19, 2022 (WAFA) - The three Palestinian Arabic dailies, al-Hayat al-Jadida, al-Ayyam, and al-Quds, published today highlighted the Israeli army crackdown on anti-settlements, anti-occupation protests in the West Bank and the protests in Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood of occupied East Jerusalem against Israel's ethnic cleansing policy that aim to uproot the Palestinian residents and replace them with Jewish settlers.

Here are the main headlines of the three dailies.

Al-Hayat al-Jadida:
The battle to defend Sheikh Jarrah continues despite the repression. The flag of Palestine is flying in the neighborhood.

A statement from the President's legal advisor regarding the decision by law about the domain of the state.

Abu Rudeineh: The siege of Sheikh Jarrah is rejected and condemned, and we warn of its repercussions.

A demonstration at Megiddo prison in support of prisoners.

Hussein al-Sheikh: Our unity is the painful weapon for the occupation and its propaganda.

Alarms heard in the north over a drone.

Foreign Ministry welcomes South Africa's constitutional court ruling that anti-Zionism is not anti-Semitism.

Contact area heated; demonstrations, injuries, Beita uprising foils settlers' plans.

Gaza: Eight people were injured due to an explosion in an agricultural area.

United Nations: Force evictions should end.

The Israeli army fails to bring down a drone that came from Lebanon.

The occupation suppresses a massive demonstration in Sheikh Jarrah against settlement and eviction.

Presidency warns of the repercussions of the siege of Sheikh Jarrah.

More than 65,000 people performed Friday prayers at Al-Aqsa Mosque.

Corona: 13 deaths and 2545 injuries

A child was run over by a settler east of Qalqilya.

One person was killed in Jaffa, and two wounded in Taybeh and Kufr Qassem.

54 people were injured and dozens suffocated in the weekly West Bank demonstrations.

Assault on protesters and solidarity activists in Sheikh Jarrah.

13 deaths and 2545 corona cases in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.

The Arab Inter-Parliamentary Union affirms the illegality of settlements and demands support for the Palestinian budget.

Extensive evacuations as Washington monitors a huge Russian military build-up.

Corona in Israel: 60 deaths and 7,468 new cases.



Ji message

Imran Government Worst in Pak history.
by Qaiser Sharif.

Gujranwala/Lahore-Feb 18:Jamaat-e-Islami Emir Sirajul Haq has declared the incumbent government as worst in the country's political history.

The prime minister must tell the nation the performance of his government in three and half years instead of making announcements during public meetings, he said while addressing Gujranwala sit-in on Friday.

It was the third protest demonstration of the JI's ongoing 101 sit-ins movement against skyrocketing inflation, unemployment, corruption and bad-governance.

The JI workers in over 15 cities including Lahore also recorded agitation against sharp rise in fuel prices. The Lahore protest was held in front of the JI headquarters Mansoora.

Siraj, while addressing gathering in Gujranwala, said the prime minister promised to provide 10 million jobs but the government instead rendered millions jobless. The PM, he added, promised to build homes but made people homeless. He said the economic policies of the country were being made on the dictation of the IMF.

The recent massive hike in fuel prices, he said, was also announced on the order of the global lender as the prime minister just signed the decree. He said the rupee devaluation was never seen in the history like it was witnessed during the PTI regime. He said the government failed to end corruption. The prime minister, he said, did nothing against those whose names were mentioned in Panama Leaks and Pandora Papers as the people were sitting around him. He said the prime minister himself admitted the presence of mafias but his government failed to act against them.

He held the PML-N and the PPP equally responsible for the plight of the public and said the three parties were basically sides of the same coin. The present and formers rulers, he said, deceived the masses by making lies. He said the JI was the only party which could put the country on track. He said the JI would hold the final march towards Islamabad if the people were not provided relief.

Deputy Chief of Jamaat-e-Islami, former parliamentary leader Liaqat Baloch has said that four years of Imran Khan government is a terrible chapter of economic misery, catastrophe, tsunami of inflation, burden of national debt, decline in living standards, constant increase in prices of food and essential items for the people. The incessant inflation bombings on the people by the PTI government that came to power as a result of the 2018 elections have plunged the poor, lower middle class and white-clads into the darkness of poverty and unemployment.

Earlier, people were concerned about the educational needs of their children but now they are wandering for basic necessities like flour, sugar, ghee, petrol, electricity, gas. Promising prosperity to the people in the name of change, PTI has left the people miserable and weak.

War News

 War News

Mali [West Africa.]

The army in Mali says eight of its soldiers have been killed and five are missing after an attack by rebels in the north-eastern Archam region.
The fighting comes days after France and its allies said they were withdrawing their forces from Mali.


In a town in central Somalia, al-Shabab hit a restaurant packed with ;pro-West politicians and officials. 13 killed including 2 top officials.,{Feb. 18]


Five Islamic fighters killed in North Waziristan by Pakistani troops for one of their own. [Feb.19]


Human Rights Watch has uncovered the suffering of more tthan 1000 children affiliated to the Islamic State. They were not fighters and had simple home keeping duties. Shia regime is torturing them.


Feb. 20. SOHR is reporting widespread attacks by ISIS in Deir ez Zor province. 12 members of SDF [pro -US] militia have been killed.

ISIS used land mine to kill 3 Assad troops and injured their officer in Homs province.

Russian air force bombed numerous ISIS suspected positions in eastern Hama, a-Raqqa and Aleppo provinces to stop ISIS advances. 70 air strikes, highest in one day.

In western Aleppo province and southern Idlib, Islamic factions have hit Assad regime forces with various casualties.

Assad regime is shelling 8 villages in Idlib province.

February 19
Deraa province. Two Assad troops killed by hidden gunmen.
Various reports of conflict.

Three female Palestinians have been tortured to death in Assad's notorious Sednaya prisison.

Within the United States

 News within the US

Condolence from Sis. Yasmin.

'As Salaamu 'Alaykum wa Rahmatullaah',
Brother Kaukab,

Please accept my heartfelt condolences on the very sad demise of your Dearest friend & Brother Imam Badi.
May ALLAH (Aza Wa Jall) rest his soul in eternal peace in 'Jannat Ul Naeem' and grant him 'Maghfirah'. 'Aameen'.

May Allah (Aza Wa Jall) give you & all his family members (and his precious children) the Patience to bear this major loss, 'Aameen'.

"Give glad tidings to those who patiently endure, who say when afflicted with a calamity:
إِنَّا للهِ وَإِنَّـ› إِلَيْهِ رَاجِعون¤
"To Allah we belong and to Him we Return."

They are those on whom (descend) blessings and mercy from their Lord, and they are the ones who receive guidance."
(Qur'an Surah Baqarah; 2:A# 155-157)
"...and be patient. Indeed, Allah is with the Patient."
(Qur'an Surah Anfal; 8:46 )
~My 'Salaams' To You & the Family~

Remembering Imam Badi Ali.

 Imam Badi Ali

It was a historic funeral on February 18 in Greensboro, North Carolina. Thousands turned up.

Jamaat al-Muslimeen was represented by Sis. Nadrat Siddique. She drove for eight hours from Baltimore to Greensboro, North Carolina. Parking was a problem in the prayer area and the burial area although there were separate prayer addresses for men and women.

Nadrat noticed the love for Imam Badi in a great diversity of people from numerous nationalities and backgrounds.

She met Imam Badi's two daughters who were weeping as though their hearts were breaking.

The speeches on the occasion reflected the depth of Imam Badi's community work even among non-Muslims. Nadrat remembered Imam Badi's support for Palestine and for all just causes.

He was like a father for the young and like a brother for the old. A whole generation has been influenced, she says, by his kindness and teachings. May Allah bless him and reward him.

We come from Allah and unto Allah we return.

Second prayer in Baltimore.
Khutba for Imam Badi Ali and Janaza Ghaibana in Absentia.

In Baltimore, Maryland, Br. Kaukab Siddique gave the Juma khutba on February 18 and led funeral prayers in absentia [ghaibana[.

Speacial thanks go to those who helped Br. Kaukab to come from Pennsylvania for the khutba and funeral prayers, among them Imam Muammar, Sis Ashira Naim, masjid administrator, and prayer leader, Br. Aly.

Here are the main points of the khutba:

  1. In the years of calamity when Muslim countries were being bombed and occupied by the western powers, Imam Badi spoke the truth and opposed the atrocities against the Muslims.

  2. He condemned Israel which had been planted in the Muslim heartland of Palestine.

  3. He supported the rights of Muslim political prisoners, including the Blind Shaikh.

  4. He was never deceived by the puppet rulers planted in Egypt and Pakistan and Jordan.

  5. He personally went to Iraq with me to oppose the bombing and the war.

  6. He was always humane and decent in his attitudes to those with whom he differed.

  7. When the refugees started coming in from Muslim countries, he led the efforts for relief and resources.

  8. Many non-Muslims embraced Islam touched by his love and constant care.

Part 2.
Our masjid should be dawah oriented. Be outgoing. Spread the message.

Often our efforts fail because we debate each other and try to prove our superiority to each other.

Women are essential to the Islamic movement. Without our sisters, we lose half the ummah.

Our sisters wear hijab while we men continue to imitate the non-Muslims.

The latest good news is that the French army is retreating from Mali just as NATO did from Afghanistan

May Allah forgive our sins and shortcomings.

The funeral prayer in absentia followed, with 4 takbirs led by Br. Kaukab.

 Remember Prisoners

Inside China's Prisons for Muslim Women.
[Thanks to NPR radio Feb. 18]

Gulbahar Haitiwaji has written a scorching memoir as one of the few people who've been able to tell their story. Her book, "How I Survived A Chinese Reeducation Camp: A Uyghur Woman's Story," written with Rozenn Morgat of Le Figaro and translated by Edward Gauvin - and Gulbahar Haitiwaji and her daughter Gulhumar, who will be translating, join us now from Paris. Thanks so much for being with us.



SIMON: You were living in exile in Paris when you were told you had to get back to China. Why?

GULBAHAR HAITIWAJI: (Non-English language spoken).

GULHUMAR HAITIWAJI: "I was - been living in France for 10 years at that time when a colleague in Karamay in Xinjiang called me on WeChat and told me to go back to China to make my administrative papers for anticipated retirement. As I never had any political activity in France and I also returned to China several times before, I had no doubts about this special request."

SIMON: You got called in for questions, and they showed you photos of your daughter, didn't they?

GULBAHAR HAITIWAJI: (Non-English language spoken).

GULHUMAR HAITIWAJI: "Ten minutes after I arrived to the company, three policemen came from the police station and take me to there. And I had a full day of interrogation there. They showed me a picture of my daughter at the demonstration for the rights of East Turkestan in Paris, which I was not aware of."

SIMON: Gulhumar, let me ask you - that was a picture of you at a demonstration in Paris, right?

GULHUMAR HAITIWAJI: Yes, definitely. I still remember. That was really a moving day.

SIMON: Boy. But then to find out it was used against your mother must have been hard.

GULHUMAR HAITIWAJI: Yes, it was really hard and surprising for me. And I never expected China to do that.

SIMON: Look, there is no - Gulbahar, there is no easy way to ask this question. But what were conditions like in that first prison you were in?

GULBAHAR HAITIWAJI: (Non-English language spoken).

GULHUMAR HAITIWAJI: "Before they took me to that prison, they took me to the hospital of the city to take some fingerprints. They also take blood samples. After that, they forced me to sign an official accusation of public disorder in the reunion. That was the official name of the accusation. And they gave me their yellow uniform, which is the prison uniform. They put me to a cell - really small. But we were up to 40 women there. Normally the cell is made for nine people only. And all day we spend learning by heart the internal rules of the cell. They also attach us to a metallic chair during all the interrogation. The food is terrible. We only have some rice soup or vegetable soup. The worst part was when I was attached to the bed during 20 days without any reason."

SIMON: You were sent to a reeducation camp. What was your daily life like there?

GULBAHAR HAITIWAJI: (Non-English language spoken).

GULHUMAR HAITIWAJI: "There was not a big difference in the camps compared to the prison I'd been just before. The only big difference for me was that we don't have any chain on our foot. But we have to stay 11 hours every day in class. Before starting to eat or when the teacher comes in the class, we have to get up and say really loud three gratitudes - to the country, to the Communist Party and to Xi Jinping. And after a while, they gave to all of us a personal notebook and asked us to note everything - all our true feelings. But we all knew that it was a trap. We only noted our thanks and our gratitude to the system. We can't speak in Uyghur, and we cannot look at each other. We are always in line like robots."

SIMON: Were you worried about your survival?

GULBAHAR HAITIWAJI: (Non-English language spoken).

GULHUMAR HAITIWAJI: "The worst part in that journey was not knowing when it will end. That was a really desperate feeling."

SIMON: After two years, you got a trial. How long did the trial last?

GULBAHAR HAITIWAJI: (Non-English language spoken).

GULHUMAR HAITIWAJI: It lasted not more than 10 minutes.

SIMON: What was your sentence?

GULBAHAR HAITIWAJI: (Non-English language spoken).

GULHUMAR HAITIWAJI: "In China, my husband - he's a member of Uyghur association, including World Uyghur Congress. My daughter had political activities. As a Chinese woman, I had to report all my family members' activities to China. As I didn't do it, it was like I supported their activities."

SIMON: You were released after three years. You endured terrible crimes. But may I ask, do you think of yourself as one of the lucky ones?

GULBAHAR HAITIWAJI: (Non-English language spoken).

GULHUMAR HAITIWAJI: "Millions of our people are still suffering in the camps, and they are not free at all. And compared to them, I feel really lucky."

SIMON: You went through such terrible experiences - hours of interrogation, hard work. What kept you going?

GULBAHAR HAITIWAJI: (Non-English language spoken).

GULHUMAR HAITIWAJI: "I think the first thing that saved me from the camps is my faith in God. For me, God never wants anybody to suffer because of unfairness. And the second thing is I always kept believing that I am innocent and one day or another one I will get out of the camp."

SIMON: What do you think about the Olympics being in China?

GULBAHAR HAITIWAJI: (Non-English language spoken).

GULHUMAR HAITIWAJI: "For me, China doesn't deserve at all to host such important international events. They are committing crimes against humanity, including genocide against my people. So for me now every participating country to the Games is like supporting the genocide."

SIMON: What do you want the world to do?

GULBAHAR HAITIWAJI: (Non-English language spoken).

GULHUMAR HAITIWAJI: "I ask all the Western countries to unite together against China by boycotting the forced-labor products. That would put a really big, economical pressure on China - not only diplomatically. We also need economical pressure on China, too. Make them realize that maybe they have to close the camps."

SIMON: GULBAHAR HAITIWAJI - her new memoir, "How I Survived A Chinese Reeducation Camp: A Uyghur's Woman's Story" - she's joined us along with her daughter Gulhumar. Thank you both very much for being with us.

GULBAHAR HAITIWAJI: (Non-English language spoken). Thank you.UIgh

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Imam Badi very unwell

IS Mujahedeen kill Assad army Major General.

JI protesting in Karachi

Ben & Jerry Ice cream boycotting Israeli settlements.

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