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8 Rajab 1443 AH - February 13 2022 Issue # 7, Newsletter #1954



Imam Badi Ali

Our beloved brother
Imam Badi Ali is undergoing serious health deterioration.

He has been admitted to ICU In Greensboro, NC.

No visitation allowed.

Please pray for his complete recovery.



Sit-in Protests Across Pakistan
by Qaiser Sharif

LAHORE: Feb 09:Jamaat-e-Islami Emir Sirajul Haq has said the anti-poor government of the PTI will not be provided any chance now, vowing to speed up the sit-in movement in coming days.

Presiding over the meeting of JI MajliseAamla at Mansoorah on Wednesday, he said the JI will march towards Islamabad after holding 100 sit-ins in different cities.

"The 101th sit-in of the JI in Islamabad will prove last nail in the coffin of the government."

The meeting discussed the ongoing political situation, Gwadar and Sindh local government issues. It expressed concern over the government failure to fight the case of Kashmir and showed full solidarity with the Palestine freedom movement.

Sirajul Haq said the history and Pakistani nation will never forget those who deceived the people of Kashmir, adding the incumbent and the former rulers never showed seriousness to the Kashmir cause. He said the PTI made complete surrender before the Modi government on Kashmir.

The JI chief demanded the government bring down the prices of food items, petrol and medicines by at least 50 percent. He also called for the removal of the governor of the state bank who was working on IMF agenda. He said the government must take measures to eliminate interest-based economy which was the main reason behind the plight of people.

The meeting decided the JI will contest election under its own flag and electoral symbol. Sirajul Haq said the manifesto of the JI was "corruption free Islamic Pakistan." He said the three parties (the PTI, the PML-N and the PPP) ruled over country for years but failed to provide any relief to the masses. The JI, he added, was the only option left with the masses now. He said the people should test the JI in the polls to lay foundation of welfare Islamic state. He said the PTI slogan of Madina state proved a failure. The government, he added, could not check the corruption and it failed to control inflation and unemployment.

MajliseAamla appealed to the Supreme Court to take action on the JI petition on Panama leaks and Pandora papers.

War News

 War News


Major General killed.

SOHR report.
Feb. 13. Tribesmen with weapons have cut the road in Busayra city demanding release of detainees, [Deir ez Zor province.]

Feb 12: Near Ain Aissa Turkish rocket fire killed two SDF soldiers and wounded one.

Assad air strikes in southern Idlib killed 6 civilians including two children.

Feb 11. ISIS attack on Assad affiliated militia killed 5 soldiers in Deir Ez Zor. In a second IS attack 4 Assad affiliates were killed.

Exchanges of heavy fire are reported from western Aleppo province, northwest Hama and northe lattakia between Assad forces and Islamic groups,

ISIS attacks in Deir ez zor province killed 9 Kurdish militia. Russian air strikes on ISIS advancing in Hama and Raqqa provinces killed 9 IS and wounded 22.

Feb. 10 Eastern Homs province, An ISIS ambush killed an Assad major general and 2 of his troops. Various Assad troops injured.


Several battles with IS are reported but no details. Regime is reporting air strikes against IS.

Three regime soldiers are reported killed in Anbar province,

News Within the U.S.

 News within the US

Within the United States
Looks like Ben & Jerry Ice Cream's boycott of Israeli Settlements is winning.
{New York Post's language]

Ben & Jerry's will work to find a "new arrangement" this year for selling its ice cream in Israel after the Vermont-based company announced it would no longer sell its products in the occupied Palestinian territories, its corporate parent said Thursday.

"Our absolute focus right now is to figure out what the new arrangement will be for Ben & Jerry's," Unilever CEO Alan Jope told Reuters.

It was the first time Jope addressed his subsidiary's future plans for Israel since the controversial boycott of Jewish settlements was announced in July.

Ben & Jerry's announcement sparked a backlash, with several states, including New York and New Jersey, pulling their investments from Unilever in protest.

Jope, who said last year that Unilever could not interfere with the decision made by Ben & Jerry's autonomous board, indirectly criticized the ice cream maker Thursday.

"On subjects where Unilever brands don't have the expertise or credibility, we think it's best that they stay out of the debate," he said.


India's Oppressed Muslims and the Occupation of Kashmir
by Dr. Firoz Kamal

India is the home of the highest number of the poorest people in the world. The average life span, infant mortality, child mortality, per capita income and GDP growth are inferior to that of Bangladesh. The Hindu caste system makes social and religious disintegration and exclusion obligatory. Hence it makes the inclusion of people of different religions, colours, and ethnicity in its political fabric impossible. This is why more than 200 million Muslims and 200 million Dalits stay excluded from the hierarchy of power and politics. India was united only three times in its whole history; that too by the non-Hindu rulers. They are the Buddhist ruler Ashoka, the various Muslim rulers and the British colonialists. In the name of religion, they follow the ancient ignorance like idol worshipping cow worshipping, snake worshipping, etc. Surprisingly, such primitive ignorance has become a matter of huge hubris in the Hindu psyche. Since they find no real glory to celebrate, they have made it a euphoric sport to harm, kill, lynch, humiliate and rape Muslims. In such a toxic milieu of anti-Muslim hatred, the anti-Muslim riots, exclusion of the Muslims from government jobs, eliminating them from politics, annulment of their citizenship rights and pushing back the Muslims into a neighbouring country like Bangladesh enjoy huge popularity among the Hindu majority. The Indian war on Muslims gets fuel from such an ideological cum political build-up.

Two war fronts

In its war on Muslims, India has two frontiers of hostilities. One is on the border against Pakistan. The other one is the internal war against Muslims living inside India. The Hindutva Hindus don't feel happy to give Muslims survival rights inside India. Such a mindset gets loudly expressed in the popular Hindutva slogan in the streets. They shout with rancour that the Indian Muslims have only two destinations: either to Pakistan or to kabaristan (graveyard). The current Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) government of India pursues such a Hindutva policy of Muslims' exclusion officially. The National Citizenship Registration (NCR) is in fact a ploy to exclude millions of Muslims as foreign infiltrators -blamed to be from Bangladesh. However, the Indian government doesn't give any factual basis. Since the socio-economic condition of Bangladesh is better than India, infiltration of Bangladeshis into India is baseless rhetoric only to serve the political agenda of the Hindutva elements.
Nevertheless, the project like sending Muslims to kabaristan (graveyard) gets executed through frequent genocidal massacres in the form of anti-Muslim riots. Even many Indian politicians told in public that such whole massacres in daylight can only happen with direct government patronage. In 2002, such a massacre went on for about a week in the capital of Gujrat under Narendra Modi's direct watch. The following few examples of massacres can give some glimpses on how the task of sending Muslims to kabaristan (graveyard) gets executed in India. These are the Hyderabad genocide in 1948, the Gujrat riot in 1969, the Moradabad massacre in 1980, the Nellie genocide in 1983, the Gujrat riot in 1985, the Hashimpura massacre in 1987, the Bhagalpur massacre in Bihar in 1989, the Bombay riot in 1992, the Gujrat genocide in 2002, the Malagao bombing in 2006, the Muzaffarnagar riot in 2013, the Assam massacre in 2014, and the Delhi riot in 2020. These are only a few of thousands of anti-Muslim riots.

The Indian wars of occupation

The Hindutva Hindus believe in undivided India. Hence they exploit every opportunity to grab new land to expand their border. The Hindutva forces are divided into two brands: the hardcore one called RSS-BJP-Bishwa Hindu Parisad axis and the softcore one that includes Indian National Congress and other Hindu dominated political parties. The occupation of Kashmir, genocide in Hyderabad, demolition of Babri Mosque and many genocidal massacres took place under the so-called softcore Hindutva parties like Congress.

The people were not given the right to join Pakistan or stay independent. India also annexed Nagaland. Whereas Nagaland was never a part of India except for a brief period of the British occupation. India also occupied Sikkim, and it was done through political horse-trading and trickery.

The genocide in Kashmir

India's occupation of Kashmir is indeed a part of its constant war on Muslims and to expand its border. In Kashmir, the genocidal massacre, rape and torture is continuing since 1947. What happened to Muslims in Jammu in 1947 is catastrophic. It was a pure genocide. The Jammu region of Kashmir had a Muslim majority population before the massacre of 1947. The ruling Hindu Maharaja took a policy of Muslim cleansing of the state and started it from the southern district of Jammu. The RSS terrorists and Sikhs conducted the genocide with the Maharaja's patronage. After the Muslim cleansing, Jammu becomes a Hindu majority district. Recently, Prime Minister Narendra Modi separated the Hindu majority Jammu from Kashmir and made it a federal territory.


For once a Moral Move from China.
The lesbian-Homo scene in Friends [American Comedy] Deleted

China's censors have deleted multiple scenes and altered reference about a recurring lesbian character in the 1990s US television sitcom Friends, which has sparked outrage among the popular show's large audience on the mainland.

That has practically buried the lesbian identity of recurring character Carol Willick in the first season of Friends, which major Chinese streaming video providers including iQiyi, Tencent Video, Youku and Bilibili started airing online on Friday. The Willick character initially appeared in the show's second episode.

Although one mention of the word "lesbian" was left uncut in the second episode of the show, the Chinese subtitles blatantly omitted it in translation. A scene of two male protagonists kissing on New Year's Eve in episode 10 of the show was also deleted.


Person to Person

Newark Delaware
On February 11'

A six page Jamaat al-Muslimeen document from New Trend was given to 20 Muslims after juma' salat.

It includes:

  1. Sis.Yasmin's hadith message.

  2. Rules for Islamic marriage.

  3. Rebuttal of shia story about Ghadir Khum

  4. Ji supports Kashmir

  5. Syria: isis resurgent

  6. New Covid variant

 Remember Prisoners

Israel's best Arab "Friend"
{Imagine what must be happening to the religious Prisoners.}
[Excerpted from BBC]

A leading activist who was released from prison in Egypt last month has told the BBC that during his time in detention he saw first-hand a system where torture was used to make people inform on each other.

Ramy Shaath has long been a significant voice in the secular opposition to the Egyptian authorities, past and present. A dual Egyptian-Palestinian national, the 50-year-old has also been a key figure in the Egyptian branch of the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement, which calls for a complete boycott of Israel over its treatment of the Palestinians.

Mr Shaath was detained by the Egyptian authorities in July 2019. He was accused of aiding a terrorist organisation, but no formal charges were ever made against him.

He believes that his opposition to moves towards the normalisation of ties between Israel and several Arab states was the final straw that prompted his arrest.

His conditions in jail were bleak - sharing a cell crammed with dozens of other prisoners.

But he ruefully concedes that he had it better than many others.

"In my case, I was not tortured. But being blindfolded, handcuffed and attached to a wall for three days - for me that's torture. In Egyptian terms, though, this is actually VIP treatment."

HUMAN rights groups say there are thousands of political prisoners in Egyptian prison, something the government denies

Now reunited with his French wife Celine Lebrun in Paris - and having had to give up his Egyptian nationality as a condition of his release - Ramy Shaath is recovering from his ordeal, but his mind is still with those he left behind in jail.

He tells the BBC that one of the things that most shocked him during his detention was the influx of prisoners with little or no political involvement.

He says many of those he met in jail were questioned under duress simply to provide more names for more arrests - however flimsy the basis.

He describes the interrogators' technique: "Just tell us names... about anything. If you're caught in a Facebook group, tell us names of others in the group. If you're at a demonstration, just tell us names."

'Gangster tactics'

In two and a half years, he himself was only interrogated once, for 45 minutes, and it had nothing to do with the charges he was facing. He says the aim of such detention is simply punishment for being an activist.

He says the situation was never as desperate under the rule of former President Hosni Mubarak - who was toppled by the 2011 uprising in which Mr Shaath played a role.

• Egypt's revolution: I saw the unimaginable happen

"We never reached this level of fear and arbitrary detention and torture... We've never seen confiscation of judiciary to this level."

"In Mubarak's time, there was an effort to keep a certain level of independence in the judiciary... I have seen lots of families thrown in jail, just as a measure of reprisal against their loved ones. It's gangster tactics, not state tactics."

Among many such cases, he cites the story of a father detained for more than two years after his nine-year-old son sang a song that he did not know was seen as anti-government at his school, which then denounced him.

"In some cases." he says, "when people are tortured, they are scared to talk about their friends who are actually interested in politics or the public sphere. They just give any names of other friends who have nothing to do with politics or activism... just so that when the security forces check them, they are OK. Although they can still be arrested and thrown in jail."

West 'could do more'

He believes that the West has considerable leverage over President Abdul Fattah al-Sisi, a regional ally, and could do more to curb human rights abuses.

For his part, Mr Sisi has previously denied that there are any political prisoners in Egypt, dismissing widespread reports that there are tens of thousands in jail.

Hadith Message from Sis. Yasmin

'Bismillah Walhamdulillah Was Salaatu Was Salaam 'ala Rasulillah'.
'As-Salaam Alaikum Wa-Rahmatullahi Wa-Barakatuhu'.

'Ikhlaas' and 'Tawheed' are a Tree in the Heart {!}

"Ikhlaas and Tawheed are a Tree in the Heart {!}
Its Branches are Good Actions... {!}
Its Fruits are a Good Life in this World... and eternal comfort in the Hereafter {!} and just like in Paradise the fruits whose supply is not cut off, nor are they out of reach, likewise are the fruits of 'Tawheed' and 'Ikhlaas' in this world."
An action done without 'Ikhlaas' and 'Tawheed' and without following the Prophet {SalAllahu 'Alaihi Wasallam} is like a traveler whose sock becomes filled with sand, which weighs him down, and has no benefit."
"Allah loves from His slave that he beautifies his Tongue with the Truth, and his Heart with 'Ikhlaas' and love, turning Repentantly with reliance upon Allah."
{'In Shaa Allah'~ 'Aameen'}
{Source~ Ibn al-Qayyim (R) - 'al-Fawaid'}
My 'Salaams' To All.
~Y a s m i n~
"Never Despair Of The Mercy Of Allah"
Son of Adam! You are nothing but a number of days, whenever each day passes then part of you has Gone.
{Al-Hasan Al-Basree (r)}

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