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17 Jamada al-Thani 1443 AH - January 23 2022 Issue # 4, Newsletter #1951



Non-Muslims readers might be surprised to know this.
The Qur'an Does not teach war Against Christians, Jews, Hindus or any other religion
by Kaukab Siddique, PhD

The Qur'an calls Christians and Jews with the highly respectable title of People of the Book. Islam teaches Muslims to defend the places of worship including Synagogues. When the Prophet, pbuh, migrated from Makka to Madina, he set up a Constitutional Charter which gave equal rights to Jews.

Noah, Abraham, Moses, Joseph and Jesus, peace be on them, who are venerated by Jews and/or Christians are described by the Qur'an as the messengers of Allah who brought the truth from Allah Almighty.

Muslims oppose and fight against invaders and occupiers and those who violate women and enslave/exploit women.
[O you who believe! Enter not houses other than your own, until you have asked permission and greeted those in them. That is better for you in order that you may remember --Qur'an 24:27]

However, before fighting, Muslims are taught patience and restraint. Even debating and disagreement must be decent and non-abusive.

Differences should not lead to conflict. We must find ways to peace and co-existence.

In short Muslims oppose and, when possible, fight oppressors including Muslims who are oppressors.

The western powers helped Zionists to occupy Palestine.

NATO and America occupied Afghanistan.

The British and Hindus united to occupy Kashmir.

The Russians occupied Chechnia and are now in Syria.

France, Britain, Belgium, Italy and others occupied Africa.
These powers support and plant brutal dictators in Muslim

countries like the tyrant Sissi in Egypt, Assad in Syria, the Saudis in Arabia.



Ji report
Jamaat Sit-in Continues in Karachi
by Qaiser Sharif

Deputy Chief of Jamaat-e-Islami, former parliamentary leader Liaqat Baloch has said that PPP leadership and Sindh Chief Minister should adopt democratic, public attitude.

Through the Sindh Assembly, the people have rejected the Local Government Act as a black law. Federal and provincial governments are bound by the constitution. The people of Karachi have expressed confidence in the sit-in of Jamaat-e-Islami and the leadership of Hafiz Naeem-ur-Rehman. After the PPP and Muslim League governments, the PTI government has also joined in the increase of sorrows and worries in Karachi. The Sindh government should show democratic courage and empower rural and urban systems and civil rights. People across the country are calling the sit-in of Jamaat-e-Islami in front of the Sindh Assembly an expression of constitutional, democratic and public sentiments.

Liaqat Baloch said that at the end of Gwadar sit-in in "Give Right to Balochistan" movement, Chief Minister and Provincial Ministers, Chief Secretary signed a written agreement, announced implementation in front of people and media and justified all public demands, but now implementation is not being done. If the provincial government is helpless, it should declare its helplessness and not exploit the people.Officials of federal and state agencies are harming federal and national security through corruption, money laundering and abuse of power. No unilateral national security policy in the closed rooms of Islamabad would get things done, grievances of the people of Gwadar (Balochistan) must have to be listened to and restoration of the empowered local government system and civil rights has to be made part of the national security policy.

Liaqat Baloch said that Prime Minister Imran Khan could not bear the wrath of his minister Pervez Khattak and was building bridges of praise. To save his seat, Imran Khan is blackmailing his members, ministers and allied parties to cling to traditional politics and power. Every coming day and every passing moment Imran Khan is ringing the bells of the end of the government. It is in this uncertainty that the plight of the poor people is emerging. Increase in petrol/diesel, electricity prices, gas cut off have become a torment for the people. The people are suffering the consequences of incompetent government.

War News

 War News

Syria [SOHR report]

Major Prison Break. Heavy Russian bombing, US helicopters.

January 22. US air force is bombing the area around a prison where ISIS fighters are hiding. US land forces have arrived.

Islamic State fighters broke the biggest prison in Hasakeh province, Ghuwayran area. In heavy fighting SDF related forces killed 61 prisoners and suffered 34 deaths. 7 civilians were also killed.

136 prisoners have been re-arrested but hundreds have escaped.

Islamic women in al-Hawl prson are celebrating ISIS attack on Ghuwayran prison. ISIS have posted videos of prison guards they have caprured.

January 22. Russian jets carried out 82 air strikes in Homs and Deir ez Zor provinces aimed at Islamic State ;positions.

ISIS fighters are attacking Assad's forces in southern al-Raqqa province. Assadis are responding with heavy artillery.

Several ISIS attacks on SDF [pro-American] along the southeastern Euphrates river.


January 20. A Saudi air strike on a detention center killed nearly 100 prisoners. Three children were killed in a second air strike.


January 20.

A bomb explosion in Lahore's popular Anarkali bazar killed 3 people and injured 33. It is allegedly a revenge attack by the outlawed TTP group.

News Within the U.S.

 News within the US

[Read his last statements. Do you think he was a terrorist or a Martyr?
Don't say anything.]
[New Trend Editor]

Texas synagogue: Brother urged hostage-taker to surrender

Listen: Brother tells hostage-taker, "pack it in and come home"

The British gunman who held four people hostage in a Texas synagogue was urged to surrender by his brother in their final phone call, it has emerged.

An audio recording of the conversation was obtained by the Jewish Chronicle.

In the call, which gunman Malik Faisal Akram made to his family in Blackburn as the siege was going on, he tells his brother he has "come to die".

Two men were arrested in Manchester and Birmingham on Thursday morning in relation to the attack, police said.

Akram, 44, was shot dead by the FBI after the 10-hour standoff in Colleyville, near Dallas, with all four hostages unharmed.

He had entered the Congregation Beth Israel synagogue during a morning service by pretending to be homeless, before pulling out a gun.

In the clip Akram can be heard giving an anti-Semitic rant as his mental state deteriorates and the tension inside the synagogue increases.

It also reveals the efforts made by Akram's brother Gulbar to get him to surrender - as he tries repeatedly to talk him into giving himself up, telling him that his hostages are innocent people and asking him to think about his children.

But the gunman tells his brother he has set his heart on dying and he wants to "go down as a martyr".

"I've only been here two weeks and I've got them all at gunpoint," he says, later adding: "I'm coming back home in a body bag."

The recording of the phone call was obtained from a security source, the Jewish Chronicle says. The BBC is unable to vouch for its authenticity but experts believe it to be genuine.

The incident began at about 11:00 local time (17:00 GMT) on Saturday

In a barely coherent rant, thick with four-letter expletives, Akram rails against Jews and US military actions in the Middle East.

He repeatedly calls for convicted Pakistani neuroscientist Aafia Siddiqui, imprisoned in nearby Fort Worth, to be released. She is serving an 86-year prison sentence over attempts to kill US soldiers in Afghanistan.

Akram also tells his brother: "I've prayed to Allah for two years for this."

MI5 had investigated Akram 18 months ago but decided he did not pose a risk to national security.

Lesson from Hadith by Sis. Yasmin

"Outwardly the Grave is stillness while inwardly it is either punishment or bliss."

The intelligent man is the one who protects himself against the evil of this punishment before it is too late.
Such a man knows with certainty that sooner or later his day will come, and that this moment is known only to the Almighty Creator.
It might come without warning... !

When it comes a man leaves behind all the wealth he has amassed and moves to another world.
Only there will he feel regret !
But, regret then will not do him any good.
because in that place, only good actions are of any use.
They alone will be useful currency on that critical day.

Only with them will he be able to purchase a magnificent mansion in the Garden with all the luxuries and blessings it contains, and an everlasting mansion, not one which disappears as things do in this world...!

The intelligent man is the one who acts for this world as if he were going to live forever and acts for the

Next World as if he were going to die tomorrow."

[Source: Ibn Al-Qayyim (r) |quoted from an abridgement of his Kitabar-Ruh]

Y a s m i n.
"All that is on earth will Perish. But will abide {Forever}
the Face of thy Lord, full of Majesty, Bounty and Honor"
{'Qur'an'- Surah Al-Rahman-55. A# 26-27 }
'Wasting time is Worse than Death!
Because Death Separates you from this World
Whereas wasting Time Separates you from Allah'.
[ Ibn Qayimm Al-Jawziyyah. (R) ]

Invitation to Think

 Invitation to Think

[Syrian Dictator is Iran's Best Friend.
First Glimpse of Mass Murderer Assad's Agent.]

German court sentences Syrian intelligence officer to life in prison for war crimes
January 13, 20224:50 PM ET   NPR

A German court sentenced a Syrian intelligence officer to life in prison, in a landmark war crimes trial.

German judges sentenced a former Syrian intelligence officer to life in prison in a historic verdict - guilty of crimes against humanity. The trial took place in the German city of Koblenz. The defendant, 58-year-old Anwar Raslan, was convicted of overseeing the murder of 27 people and the torture of 4,000 people in a Damascus prison. NPR's Deborah Amos was in the courtroom.

DEBORAH AMOS, BYLINE: The verdict was seen as a victory for Syrian torture survivors, the very people that the regime of Bashar al-Assad had tried to silence in a civil uprising that turned in to a war. Some 50 Syrian survivors, many who braved threats to families back home, gave evidence of brutal torture, humiliation and starvation in a prison known as Branch 251 in a residential neighborhood in Damascus flanked by a grocery store and a pharmacy.

The defendant, Anwar Raslan, a Syrian intelligence officer, was in charge of interrogation there. He told the court he never tortured anyone.

But Wassim Mukdad says he suffered there for months after his arrest in 2012. He's a Syrian musician now based in Berlin, a co-plaintiff in the case. Our suffering was not in vain, he said soon after the verdict was announced. He had a front-row courtroom seat to witness the final session today.

WASSIM MUKDAD: This verdict say it loud and clear that the criminals will pay for their crimes sooner or later.
AMOS: Sooner for Anwar Raslan, as the judges found the brutality systematic in 4,000 cases of torture, a ruling that had special significance for Syrian human rights lawyer Anwar al-Bunni. The evidence showed Raslan didn't act alone. And for Bunni, the Koblenz verdict was an indictment of the Assad regime itself.

ANWAR AL-BUNNI: I care about the verdicts mentioned as crimes against humanity. It's committed by state, by the regime.

AMOS: Another unprecedented aspect of this trial - the prosecution of war crimes committed by a regime still in power which denies it commits torture despite widespread evidence. In the short term, this verdict will change little in Damascus, says Mazen Darwish, a torture victim and a lawyer. But now, he says, there is an official record, a court record that refutes regime claims.

MAZEN DARWISH: Now there is a legal decision from independent court say, yes, this is true. This is the first time we have this kind of decision.

AMOS: There were other firsts in Koblenz, precedents for future trials, but still much to unpack from the proceedings today. One is Raslan's life sentence. Under German law, a life sentence means the possibility of parole in 15 years. Anna Oehmichen, a lawyer who worked on behalf of four Syrian plaintiffs, says the court didn't choose the harshest option.

ANNA OEHMICHEN: They did not establish special gravity of guilt, which they could have done as well.

AMOS: The judges may have considered that Raslan released some prisoners, and he defected from the regime in 2012. It could also mean that the court considered him a cog in a bigger wheel and left room for harsher sentences in future trials, she says.

OEHMICHEN: It is not the worst that there's still some leeway up that others will get a harder punishment than him.

AMOS: The witnesses and the German lawyers who support them say this is a first step, hardly justice but a sign that accountability may be possible. There are more trials scheduled. But on this day, sunny and cold in a western town in Germany, Syrian torture survivors and their families celebrated a sliver of hope.

Deborah Amos, NPR News, Koblenz, Germany.



Prof. Aqueel Alam Khan passed away on January 18.
Back in time. He saved Maulana Maudoodi from Mukti Bahini in Dhaka

Community leader, poet, philosopher,
a man of great love and sensitivity, his bearded face glowed with positive ideas.

Though deep in western civilization, he lived easily with Islamic personality and world view, inspired by the beauty of Iqbal's poetry. He loved to recite the Qur'an. He was fluent in Urdu, Persian, Arabic and Bangla

He was very kind to me and to everyone.

During the collapse of East :Pakistan, he drove through the murderous gangs of Mukti Bahini to stop Maulana Maudoodi from going to :Paltan Maidan.

Maulana Maudoodi did not know that the pro-India secularists were slaughtering unarmed supporters of Pakistan and were waiting to kill Maulana sahib.

He did hijra more than once: From Bihar to East Pakistan in 1947. He set up a book store and taught Islamic values.

From East Pakistan to West Pakistan in 1971. From West Pakistan to USA.

In Chicago, he served the community, always humble and taking on the smallest responsibilities.

Thanks go to Dr. T. for .letting me know him..

My condolences go to Khan sahib's extended family.

Inna lillahe wa inna alaihi rajiun.
We come from Allah and unto Allah we return.

 Remember Prisoners

Turkish Media Hail French Parliament's move against China's Genocice of Uighur Muslims.

January 20: France's parliament on Thursday passed a resolution describing "systematic violence" against Uyghurs in China's Xinjiang region a "genocide."

The resolution, which asked the government to recognize the "genocide," was adopted with 169 votes in favor and one against in France's National Assembly.

President Emmanuel Macron's Republic on the Move party also supported the resolution.

In Xinjiang, ethnic Uyghur Muslims have been subjected to years of abuse of their identity and culture. According to UN data, at least 1 million Uyghurs are kept against their will in places Beijing calls "vocational training centers" but which critics call places for indoctrination, abuse, and torture.

Jamaat al-Muslimeen's expressions on the Pandemic via National Shoora. January 19.

The purpose of the Shura was to share the various responses to the worldwide pandemic by people in our immediate Jamaat Al-Muslimeen circle, as well as in the broader communities in which our members are active.

Jamaat al-Muslimeen, as an organization with a strong emphasis on social justice, and a history of caring for the downtrodden, ought not to be silent about the horrific tragedy of death and sickness which has enveloped the world.

The two hour discussion covered physical, relgious, spiritual, mental, social and dietary aspects of Covid 19 along with its impact on prisons.

The keynote speaker , Dr. Firoz, has recovered from the most severe and prolonged attack of Covid.

Sr. Khadija Latavia
Jamaat Al-Muslimeen, Baltimore

Keynote speech - Dr. Firoz Kamal
UK-based medical doctor, writer and blogger on Islamic issues

Nadrat Siddique.: social justice activist and blogger.

Sr. Ashira Na'im
Administrator, Masjid Jamaat Al-Muslimeen

Concluding remarks and commentary-- Dr. Kaukab Siddique
Ameer, Jamaat Al-Muslimeen, and Editor of New Trend

Questions from invitees were welcome

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Political Prisoners :

Civil Discord Show


Nun In Kerala
Raped by Bishop 13 Times but Indian Judge Let off the Rapist [BBC]

Letters of support have been pouring in for an Indian nun after a bishop she had accused of repeatedly raping her was cleared by a trial court last week.

For the past two days, my social media timeline has been full of handwritten messages of support for the 50-year-old nun who had accused Bishop Franco Mulakkal of raping her 13 times between 2014 and 2016.

Most of the posts are from women, including activists, feminists, journalists and celebrities in the southern state of Kerala and many contain hashtags such as #withthenuns and #avalkoppam - a Malayalam-language word which means "with her".

The letters pledge support to "the nun in her fight for justice" - sometimes they just carry words of encouragement or snatches of poetry, or contain drawings and artwork.

"In these dark times, you are that ray of hope to millions," one wrote quoting Emily Dickinson. Another quoted from Still I Rise, Maya Angelou's poem that's become an anthem for feminists across the world.

Many wrote in saying they "believed" her words even though the trial court judge did not.

The accusations of rape against Bishop Franco have made headlines in India. The case shocked one of the country's oldest Christian communities and sparked widespread protests after the nun alleged that the Catholic Church had ignored her complaints.

A powerful priest, Bishop Franco was arrested only in 2018 after a group of nuns sat on a hunger strike outside the Kerala high court. The Vatican temporarily relieved him of his duties. A month later, he was freed on bail.

Over the years, the woman had been shamed on social media and one local politician was chastised by the National Commission for Women after he described her as a "prostitute".

Bishop Franco denied the charges against him and last Friday a trial court in Kottayam city found him not guilty.

Additional Sessions Judge (ASJ) G Gopakumar said there were "exaggerations and embellishments in the statement of the victim" and the prosecution had failed to prove the charges against the bishop. He also spoke of rivalry in the church.

"When it is not feasible to separate truth from falsehood, when grain and chaff are inextricably mixed up, the only available course is to discard the evidence in toto. This court is unable to place reliance on the testimony of the nun... so I acquit the accused," he added.

2022-01-24 Mon 11:22:10 ct