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10 Jamada al-Thani 1443 AH - January 16 2022 Issue # 3, Newsletter #1950



What is wrong with many Muslims' prayers?
by Kaukab Siddique, PhD

Muslims have reached so low that we sometimes tell Allah what to do!
"Give him paradise!", "forgive his sins," be merciful" etc, etc.

Actually we are ignoring Allah. Look at Sura Fatiha. Right away in verse 6, Allah tells us to say" Show us the straight path."

This straight path is in the Qur'an. It's all there:

  1. Faith

  2. Truth

  3. Honesty

  4. fearlessness.

  5. Jihad

  6. Sunnah

  7. Shariah

  8. The examples of the sahaba, r.a

  9. Forgiveness

  10. Mercy

  11. Repentance

  12. The Rights of Women

  13. The Rights of Parents.

  14. Childbirth and children.

  15. Sickness and health

  16. Science

  17. Hope
Paradise and hell

Everything is there

It is a shame that we tell Allah what to do, the all-Knowing
We should look at ourselves and help those who are still alive.




JI Humanitarian relief

After the tourist disaster in Murree mountain resort, women and children stuck in snow and ice are receiving warm food and winter clothing from al-Khidmat, the humanitarian relief branch of Jamate Islami.

For Afghanistan, a mile long caravan of truck loads of relief supplies was sent out by al-khidmat last month.

War News

 War News


Pakistani army striking at fighters

The army has issued several reports through the secularist Daily Dawn. Here is a summary.

  1. The army has killed 7 fighters of the Islamic State.

  2. Khurasani, a popular Islamic scholar of TTP was killed across the frontier probably by a high flying drone probably in coordination with USA. [Not clear.]

  3. In a clash 2 Islamic fighters of TTP and 2 Pakistni troops were killed 2- 3 troops injured.

  4. A Pakistani soldier was killed. [All in Waziristan and nearb y areas.]


  1. Jan. 16. ISIS attacks on SDF [US backed] in northeaster Deir ez Zor

  2. Another prisoner killed by Assad troops in Palmyra. Victims tortured to death by regime and documented by SOHR is now 47,528 men, 339 children and 64 women. Many not documented yet.

  3. Four Russian air strikes south Id;ib provincde.

  4. Islamic groups and Assad-Iranians exchanged fire.[Northwest Hama]] Iran has increased pay fior its militias.

  5. Tribal leaders in al-Raqqah province calling people to separate themselves from SDF owing to lack of food.

  6. Turkish artillery is hitting SDF in Tal Tamr and nearby areas,

  7. In the Idlib countryside, 3 Assad troops were killed and several while trying to sneak into Islamic ;positions.

  8. Turkish artillery is hitting SDF positions in the KObani area and 5 villages,

  9. 45 new Russian air strikes aimed at ISIS in Raqaa and eastern provinces, ISIS reported to be getting stronger evading Russian bombing,

  10. Large crowds seen in Damascus, Assad's capital, getting passports to leave Syria.

News Within the U.S.

Colleyville, Texas.
Synagogue Situation. [Please see ending]
New Trend report

 News within the US

A man who tried to get Dr. Aafia Siddiqjui freed by taking 4 Jewish hostages at a Synagogue has been identified as Malik Faisal Akram, a British citizen He got the Rabbi to call a senior Rabbi in New York to explain that Dr. Aafia had been framed. He called her his sister which confused the media who don't know that Muslim women are sisters of the Islamic community.

The incident was echoed in Israel in dark language. President Biden was also disturbed and called it the act of terror.

Puppet bootlicker Muslim groups like CAIR right away condemned the act.

No hostage was killed or injured. All 4 hostages were released after which a SWAT team stormed the synagogue and killed Akram. Its not clear till now whether he was armed.

Why was Israel concerned? One reason could be that numerous Palestinian women and children are in Israeli prisons.

US Muslims who have been protesting peacefully for Aafia's release vociferously disconnected themselves from the Synagogue situation though no one was pressuring them to kow tow.

American Muslims, by and large, are the weakest link in the global umma.

Now some in the US media are admitting that Akram's action was not aimed at Jews at large but only the situation of Dr. Aafia.

Remember the White supremacist who went into a church and murdered worshippers and then calmly left to have dinner many miles across the state.

Lesson from Hadith by Sis. Yasmin

You should not neglect your time or use it haphazardly {!}.'
'Al-hamdu Lillahi Rabbil-Aalameen'

wa-Salaatu wa-Salaamu 'Alaa Ashrafil-Anbiyaa-e-wal-Mursaleen~
'Amma Baa'd~
Assalaamu 'Alaykum wa Rahmatullaahi wa Barakaatuhu.
Imam Al Ghazali [May Allah have mercy on him] said...
"You should not neglect your time or use it haphazardly {!}
on the contrary, you should bring yourself to account, structure your litanies and other practices during each day and night, and assign to each period a fixed and specific function.
This is how to bring out the spiritual blessing ('Baraka') in each period.
But... if you leave yourself adrift, aimlessly wandering as cattle do, not knowing how to occupy yourself at every moment, your time will be lost...{!}
It is nothing other than your life, and your life is the capital that you make use of to reach perpetual felicity in the proximity of
Allah the Exalted {!}
Each of your breaths is a priceless jewel, since each of them is irreplaceable and, once gone, can never be retrieved...{!}
Do not be like that deceived fools who are joyous because each day their wealth increases while their life shortens {!}
What good is an increase in wealth
when life grows ever shorter ?
Therefore be joyous only for an increase in knowledge or in good works {!}
for they are your two {2} companions who will accompany you in your grave when your family, wealth, children and friends stay behind."
{'Subhan Allah'}
~ My 'Salaams' To All ~
Y a s m i n.
"Never Despair Of The Mercy Of Allah"
' Son of Adam! You are nothing but a number of days, whenever each day passes then part of you has Gone!
{Al-Hasan Al-Basree (r) }
I Want to Die With my Forehead on the Ground,
The Sunnah in my Heart, Allah on my Mind, Qur'an on my Tongue, and Tears in my Eyes!
'In Shaa Allah 'Aameen'
Courtesy: This valuable and treasured mail was shared by Sister Yasmin.
May Allah Bless in this world & reward her generously in the Hereafter !
(Ameen Ameen Ameen)
'Aameen' ~'Barak Allah Feek' ~ باركالله فيك Brother Usman-
The Prophet (sallallahu alaihiwasallam) said that seeking knowledge is a way to Paradise.
He (sallallahu alaihiwasallam) said: "Whoever follows a path in the pursuit of knowledge,
Allah will make a path to Paradise easy for him." (Narrated by: Al-Bukhari)

Invitation to Think

 Invitation to Think

Saudi Arabia's tribal regime.
Little Known Facts.

Graves of Abu Bakr, r.a/ and Khadija, r.a. erased

By Latheef Farook [Sri Lanka] Excerpted

American-Zionist wolf in Islamic sheep's clothing?

Ever since the senseless beheading of Rizana Nafeek without a proper trial, Saudi Arabia's tribal rulers who, for far too long, has exploited Islam to entrench their autocratic regime which many people regard as unIslamic and most oppressive in the planet.

A tribal system of government, a repressive royal family given special treatment, looting of the nation's wealth and wasting them in vulgar opulence while the bulk of the people live below the poverty line, denying basic freedoms, arbitrary arrests, torture and killings, oppressing women liberated by Islam, and all other such institutionalized brutalities are, needless to say, in complete violation of Islam.

It all started with the First World War when Britain and the Zionist Jews joined to defeat the Turkish Ottoman Empire which ruled most of the Middle East in order to establish a Jewish state in Palestine and divide the Middle East into nation states.

As part of this conspiracy Abdel Aziz Ibn Al Saud, tribal ruler in Nejd, and Shareef Hussein of Mecca who was appointed by the Ottoman rulers, were bribed to help the British to defeat and destroy the Ottoman Empire. For the treachery of Shareef Hussein of Mecca, the British rewarded him with a princely sum of seven million sterling pounds while Abdel Aziz Ibn Al Saud who signed a Treaty of Benevolent Neutrality with Britain was paid a sum of five thousand pounds a month. Thus it was that both Shareef Hussein and Abdel Aziz sold their souls to the devil.

In the aftermath of World War I, the British and the Zionists got the Islamic caliphate abolished in Turkey. Four days later Shareef Hussein of Mecca declared himself the new caliph. Alarmed, Britain and the Zionists acted swiftly and gave their puppet client Abdel Aziz ibn Saud the green light to attack their other client Shareef Hussein and take over Mecca. They replaced Shareef Hussein with Abdel Aziz Ibn Al Saud's monarchy which prevents, even today, the restoration of the caliphate.

Thus came into being the Saudi tribal family rule, with the blessings of Britain and Zionists, in what we now call Saudi Arabia, which was later promoted and protected by the US, especially in the aftermath of the oil discovery which gave tremendous financial clout to the Saud family tosaudi096 entrench its rule. In the process Muslim holy lands came under the control of the Saud tribe.

Since then the unholy link between Saudi Arabia and the sworn enemies of Islam and Muslims (US and Zionists) continues unabated to date. On the one hand, the Saudi ruling family projects to the Muslim world an image as the guardians of Islam while remaining an active partner in all Jewish sponsored US wars against Muslim countries.

This includes the eight year Iraq-Iran war which destroyed two Muslim countries besides killing almost a million Muslims and the Israeli sponsored and American engineered Kuwaiti crisis of August 1990 which virtually destroyed Kuwait and Iraq. Saudis alone spent more than $ 55 billion.

Then came the US led invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq. Most American planes which destroyed and massacred innocent Iraqis took off from Saudi airbases. Thus the Saudi ruling family assisted this US-led destruction of Iraq and the incineration of the Muslim population there, not to mention the use of depleted uranium by American warplane which is still causing many thousands of Iraqi children to die of cancers like childhood leukemia. The latest Saudi-Zionist collaboration, according to London based Arabic dailies, was their contribution to the Israeli destruction and killings in Gaza during its 2008/2009 invasion when it chose to remain absolutely silent on the massacre.

The height of this shameful collaboration was when Saudi king Abdullah traveled all the way to Washington to award the highest national award to US President George W.Bush, a war criminal responsible for more than a million and half of Iraqi deaths. He did this as the self-claimed custodian of the two holy mosques in Mecca and Medina, provoking unprecedented fury among Muslims worldwide. "It was the most shameful event in the history of Islam and no Muslim would ever forgive him for this treachery" said millions of embarrassed, dejected and helpless Muslims worldwide who vehemently condemned King Abdullah for insulting Islam.

Besides this disgraceful behavior, the Saudi regime has done, and is still doing, tremendous damage to peace loving Muslim communities worldwide by their policy to propagate its version of Islam. Under this policy they pick up a handful of people in villages and cities where Muslims are living in harmony, finance them, put up a mosque and divide the Muslims. They spend billions of dollars in this campaign of creating disunity among Muslims, covering the Middle East, Africa, South Asia and even the Central Asian republics.

An Azerbaijan born Toronto based journalist told me last year that this Saudi policy had done tremendous harm to Islam which is just trying to raise its head in Central Asian republics after almost three quarter century of atheist communist rule. This is being done corrupting Islamic scholars by offers of money and perks.

Saudis are main shareholders in the global media empire owned by Australian born Jew and Israeli citizen Rupert Murdoch who hates Muslims and uses his media empire to demonize Islam and Muslims, cover up all US-Israeli crimes and atrocities and help create the environment justifying US and European invasions and destruction of Muslim countries.

This carefully planned and orchestrated conspiracy strikes at the very root of Muslim societies worldwide. They demonize anything and everything about Islam and Muslims. They portray every Muslim man with beard and Muslim woman with headscarf as potential terrorists and subjected to painful and humiliating harassments in the West. Arbitrary arrests, indefinite detention and torture besides pitting Christians against Muslims in the West have become daily occurrence.

Never in the more than fourteen century inspiring history of Islam so much damage done to Muslims by US and Europe as it was since the collapse of former Soviet Union in 1989.Thus Saudis are active collaborators in this campaign against Islam and Muslims.

Saudi regime never helps Muslim countries. For example across the border Yemenis suffer in abject poverty and the Saudis have done nothing to help them. Instead together with President Barack Obama, Saudis are bombing and killing them.

Sudanese foreign minister once told me in Bahrain that his country has the largest fertile lands in Africa and they could produce food to supply the entire Middle East provided Saudis give only a billion dollar. However Saudi's who spend $ 60 billion on arms purchasing from America will never invest on Sudan. This is the ridiculous state of affairs.

In the local scene Saudi Arabia's fascist attitude affect the country's democratic spirit as extremists rail against democracy despite the fact that Islam recognized democracy well over 1400 years ago. Rather than Islam, these extremists look up to the dictatorial Saudi rule which deprives people of even basic freedoms where those who have tried to raise their voices against injustice have been arrested, detained indefinitely in unknown places, tortured and even killed. Every non-Saudi knows that if he gets caught saying something unflattering about a member of the royal family, he could simply vanish.


Hashir Faruqi
Founder of Moderate Muslim Journalism
Passed away on January 11.

Br. Faruqi published the most important Muslim newsletter IMPACT to come out of England. He wrote just about all controversial issues including fitna of Salman Rusdie.

He finessed the methdology of moderation. He crticised all the moves against the Muslims of England but never got into trouble with the authorities.

He lived a simple life and succeeded even with few resources.

Praise for his work is coming out from Pakistan and Muslim circles in India.

May Allah accept his efforts and bless him.

White House & Fox TV Spar over Vaccine. [January 10]

Jen Psaki sparred with a Fox News reporter over Biden's argument that this is a "pandemic of the unvaccinated."

Peter Doocy suggested the characterization is inaccurate because of the high level of breakthrough cases.

Psaki pointed out that unvaccinated people are far more likely to be hospitalized or die if infected.

White House press secretary Jen Psaki on Monday clashed with a Fox News reporter over President Joe Biden's argument that the ongoing COVID-19 crisis is a "pandemic of the unvaccinated."

Fox News' Peter Doocy, who returned to the White House briefing room on Monday after his own breakthrough bout of COVID-19, suggested that Biden's characterization of the pandemic doesn't take into account the high numbers of fully-vaccinated Americans who are contracting the virus.

"I understand the science says that vaccines prevent death. But I'm triple-vaxxed, still got COVID. You're triple-vaxxed, still got COVID," Doocy told Psaki, referencing when the fully-vaccinated press secretary contracted the virus in October. "Why is the president still referring to this as a pandemic of the unvaccinated?"

Psaki stressed that unvaccinated people infected with COVID-19 are much more likely to be hospitalized or die than those who are vaccinated.

"I had been triple-vaxxed," Psaki said, meaning she's gotten two vaccine shots and a booster. "I had minor symptoms. There's a huge difference between that and being unvaccinated."

Psaki went on, "You're 17 times more likely to go to the hospital if you're not vaccinated, 20 times more likely to die," citing data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The CDC also found that unvaccinated people are 10 times more likely to test positive for the virus than unvaccinated people, despite a surge in breakthrough cases.

 Remember Prisoners

India's Leading Activists Imprisoned by Modi Regime

After three years in prison, one of India's best-known activists is trying to set up home in a new city and find work.

Bail conditions prohibit Sudha Bharadwaj from leaving Mumbai until the end of a trial in which she is accused of a role in a 2018 incident of caste-based violence and alleged links with Maoists. She is also not allowed to talk about the case.

Since June 2018, Prime Minister Narendra Modi's BJP government has jailed 16 people in connection with the violence in Bhima Koregaon village in Maharashtra state. They include some of India's most respected scholars, lawyers, academics, activists and an ageing radical poet. (Tribal rights activist, Stan Swamy, died last year in hospital, aged 84.) They have all been repeatedly denied bail under a sweeping anti-terror law, which many observers believe is now being mainly used to crack down on dissent.

Ms Bharadwaj cannot return to her work as a professor of law at a leading university in the national capital, Delhi, or go home to Faridabad on the outskirts. She is unable to visit her daughter who's studying psychology in Bhilai, more than 1,000km (620 miles) away. (The two were reunited briefly after she was freed on 10 December.)

"From a smaller jail I am now living in a bigger jail, which is Mumbai," Sudha Bharadwaj, 60, told me on Monday in her first interview since being released.

"I have to find work, and a place I can afford," she said. Until then she is staying with a friend.

Born in Massachusetts, Ms Bharadwaj gave up her American passport after her parents returned to India. The mathematician-turned-lawyer would eventually become a committed activist and trade unionist steadfastly fighting for the rights of the dispossessed in the mineral-rich state of Chhattisgarh, where some of India's poorest and most exploited live.

 Social Media

We reposted New Trend through facebook and got amazing results.

824,466 people; reached in 5 countries

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Why are Indian housewives committing suicide.

The rise and fall of Shiism [Iran's fake hadith about Fatima, r.a\

Kyrie Irving's Vaccination Stance by Sis. Aisha

Indian army in Nagaland

Sirajul Haq and local government

Review of David Irving's 600 page book on Goering by Dr. Kaukab Siddique.

"Modern Culture" vs health by Dr. Javed Jamil.

What does prayer do? by Imam Badi Ali

Political Prisoners :

Civil Discord Show

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