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28 Rabi' al Thani 1443 AH - December 5 2021 Issue # 49, Newsletter #1944


 Dr Kaukab Siddique

Understanding Why Muslim Immigrant groups in USA became supporters of the White House and the Pentagon and did not oppose Israel.
by Dr. Kaukab Siddique

  1. Immigrants started setting up million dollar mosques. These Muslims behaved as if they had achieved Madina. These expensive mosaque were funded by the richest among the immigrants. These rich people did not want to oppose the government in anything

  2. These million dollar mosques also required some funding and support from state and federal government. The US government became deeply involved. ISNA which had high support in these mosques pandered to the White House. Several ISNA conventions were directly supporfted by gthe White House. Others were indirectly supported.
    An American president actually spoke at a mosque in Baltimore and got a huge welcome.

  3. The mosques gradually went into lockstep with the White House and the Pentagon. US bombing and occupation of Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan and Libya was not opposed by the mosques.

    The same thing happened with Somalia and the Nigerian slaughter of prisoners in the north of the country which sparked the rebellion and insurrection which is continuing..

  4. A result of this blank check given to the White House by the mosques resulted in a situation where the government did not care what the Muslims would think of its actions. In some cases, like that of a mosque in northern Virginia, the government could not believe that Muslims would not be consulting each other to oppose attacks on Muslim countries. The result was a government raid which uncovered the fact that the immigrants were staunch allies of the regime. All the computers were returned and there were even muffled apologies.

  5. Immigrant mosques, with few exceptions, considered Black communities and African American Muslims, just as White people did. As a result mosques in America are largely either all Black or all immigrant [with a mixture of rich immigrants from Africa].

  6. Minister Farrakhan tried on two major occasions to join the Muslim orthodox community. He was treated as an outsider by the immigrants. The US major media do not allow Farrakhan to speak and again the immigrant mosques neither invited him nor supported him though American politicians, Democrat and Republican are often invited to speak in the mosques.

  7. At the micro level, many major immigrant mosques simply wait and watch to see which way the American power structure is bending. So there is no question of opposition to Israel. All the tyrants and kings in the Muslim world have the support of most immigrant mosques. Extreme tyranny in Egypt, Jordan, Syria and Saudi Arabia does not lead to any protests from the Muslim immigrant mosques.

  8. At an even more micro level, the mosques refused to speak against LGBTG. Gradually Islam's basic texts are being eroded. For instance, the word Jihad, in the senxse of armed resistance, has become taboo, One ISNA person claimed that jihad means getting up for fajr prayers.

  9. Strangely.enough hijab is very popular in the Muslim immigrant mosques and groups. There is much good in it but the mosque scholars do not tell their audiences that verses about were hijab were revealed after the Islamic state was established in Madina. It was not ordained in the Makka period nor in the early years of Madina and had to do with the wars Muslims had to fight against overwhelming opposing forces where identity was essential.

    So we have this situation that immigrant Muslim women visiting the White House and the Pentagon wear head coverings and are not seen as opponents of the regime.

Alhamdulillah many mosques run by African Americans [Black people] , Sunni mosques, now available across the country, as well as the Hispanic [latin] mosques, do not suffer from most of these immigrant problems.



Three serious incidents this week in Pakistan:

  1. Gwadar port: Large crowds took over the city. Led by a Jamate Islami leader, the crowds demanded the closing down of liquor stores, the end of poaching by large fishing trawlers and the extension of civic facilities to the local population. The police was unable to drive out the crowds [too many people]. Finally the regime collapsed and accepted the demands in toto.

    However a large security force, about 5000 men, have been rushed to Gwadur.

    There are reports that the liquor related corruption was created by the Chinese who have invested large amounts. So the protests became anti-Chinese.

  2. A Sri lankan manager in the strategic city of Sialkot allegedly insulted the Prophet, pbuh. Crowds came out, grabbed him, killed him and allegedly burned his body. All the secularists, from Prime Minister Imran to the politicians, have condemned the killing before any investigation of the blasphemy. Daily Dawn and other secularists have declared the blasphemer totally innocent and have not condemned the blasphemy.

    New Trend observes that regime does not punish blasphemy, allowing foreigners to erode Islamic values. Hence the public is taking things into its hands. The man seems to be Hindu by name but Dawn declared he was Christian. If Blasphemy is not punished there could be a peoples uprising.

  3. At a leading university in Lahore, students, secular and Islamic, clashed when a secular group tried to publicize a "cultural show', involving music and dancing. Islamic students objected. The clash took on large proportions and in the process the building and adjoining structures were damaged. People on both sides were injured. The administration sided with the seculars.
    New Trend sees this as another attempt to secularize the education centers, successfully resisted by Islamic students.

War News

 War News


Islamic groups used mortars and machine guns to hit Assad regime attempts to advance in Irbid province, north and south.

in Deraa province, civilians have been shooting at Assad's troops, killing one and injuring several

In Deir ez Zor province, an ISIS group killed 5 Shia militia brought into Syria by Iran from Iraq.

ISIS and Assad troops clashed in the Raqqaa-Deir ez Zor deserts. As ISIS advanced, Russian air force bombed the mujahideen but was unable to hit anyone.

Pro-Turkish artillery [Syrians] clashed with SDF in North central Syria,. No details,
[Source SOHR]


In Makhmour area, 42 miles from Mosul, 10 Kurdish troops working for Kabul were killed in an ISIS attack.
Perhaps the losses have not been entirely reported because the entire pro-regime media across the region {including Turkey] have condemned tye attack


 Freedom for Uyghurs

Genocide - Suffering in silence of Kashmiris, and Uighurs Muslims.

The Muslim world should break the silence to stop genocide in Kashmir and Xinjiang, China

Mohammed Khaku

It is one extreme, Michael Flynn calls for "One Nation under God, and one religion under God" - Christianity".

Yet another extreme communist regime of China's President Xi Jinping arbitrarily decides to conduct mass incarceration of over million Uighur Muslims with force labor, under surveillance, and forced sterilization.

And India's fascist Hindu Prime Minister Narendra Modi's revoke's Article 370 of the Indian constitution and authorizes Indian army to commit genocide, and ethnic cleansing of nine million Kashmiri Muslims.

What is happening to Muslims around the globe?

In China Muslims are put into concentration camps, in Myanmar they are slaughtered, in Kashmir they are rape, in Palestine, Israel conducts ethnic cleansing and in Yemen, Saudi slaughter by indiscriminate bombing.

Muslims in India, Kashmir and Xinyang have many parallels, all three communities are facing genocide by the India and China.

Why Muslim Silence?

If any country speaks, it will be struck with sanctions or boycott and if in Saudi Arabia if you dare raise your voice you will be chopped into pieces.

Yes, western powers are responsible for aiding, abetting and arming these Arab kings and dictators.

What a hypocrisy! The Muslim leaders, politicians, and communities around the globe stand silent.


All because of political and economic power of China, India and the Bedouin Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The anti-Uighur and Kashmir campaign is framed in the western language of anti-terrorism and deradicalization.

The government crackdown on Uighurs and Kashmir's is based on a premise that law and order can be restored by eradicating Muslims as enemies of the government.

These words ring ears not only to the western government but also to the Muslim authoritarians and despot rulers who have sympathy for China and India.

Why is the rest of the world turning a blind eye to the suffering of the Muslims in Kashmiri, and China?

Why haven't the 50 plus Muslim-majority countries been equally vocal on the situation in Xinjiang, and Kashmir?


Both China and India are economic powerhouse with largest populations using the same playbook of Zionist to commit brutal oppression on their religious minorities.

What a shame that Muslim and Arab countries are too powerless to stop them nor detest to rebuke them!

The Muslim world looks on as China and India persecutes Its Muslims population. While quick to condemn and criticize Iran, but hesitate to denounce China and India

Since the beginning of the pandemic no actions (BDS) have been taken to stop the atrocities in India or China but all kinds of actions are taken, even the threat of war against Iran.

The Iran phobia rectal parasite is residing in the "arses" of US/UK/Israel/Saudi Arabia. Iran should develop its strategic nuclear deterrence as well as the intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBM) as a deterrence.

For Chinese, Uighurs' Muslim religion is a cancer, while for Modi Muslims are termites.

There is global parallel to what happening in Xinjiang and Kashmir, it is the rise of nationalism, and Hindutva. Which is the right-wing fascist organization.

The Modi regime has taken a leaf out of the Zionist occupiers' playbook in Occupied Palestine of forcible evictions and occupation of the Kashmiris' lands.

Like the Zionists, the Hindu occupiers have taken over land by simply declaring it a sensitive security zone. Its illegal acts are patterned on the Zionist Israel and Hitler

They have already taken over strategic mountain tops and fertile valleys declaring them militarily sensitive areas.

What is the responsibility of Muslims leaders, and Islamic scholars?

What should we do with these people who openly side with evil and injustice?

Speak Up! Silent No More!

But we, Muslims are engrossed in discussing petty issues on social media like folding hands or not. Perhaps discussion like these will get us into Paradise.

Adding insult to oppression against the Muslims in India and Kashmir the Arab rulers have sided with India with billions of dollar investment.

What an irony! Bedouin kingdom's gives India's fascist Narendra Modi the highest civilian honor.

These filthy rich gulf states of Saudi Arabia, The United Arab Emirates, and Qatar have maintained a criminal silence on these matters.

They are busy spending billions of dollars in purchasing armaments from the United States, Israel, and Europeans to bomb Yemen.

They are shamelessly facilitating the establishment of military bases in their respective countries so that their western patrons can bring bloodshed and destruction on to the Islamic Republic of Iran.

The so-called Arab world has, indeed, chosen to sell its soul for materialistic gains to these colonist world powers and animus towards Islamic Republic of Iran.

The Saudi regime and the Arab world have shown their true colors. That it does not care for suffering Muslims anywhere around the globe. They and the Zionist Israel care for regime change in Iran for last 40 years.

In fact, they have tried to sabotage the efforts of others to raise the Ummah's voice at the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), a body dominated by the Saudis for Iran-bashing.

Turkey, Iran and Malaysia are the only Muslim countries that have unequivocally condemned India's annexation of Kashmir by abrogating its special status and subjecting the 8 million Kashmiris to a cruel lockdown.

Don't these crimes merit attention of the Muslim world, especially those that have declared themselves Khadim al-Haramayn?

Road to liberation of Muslim lands and Palestine passes through Mecca and Medina.

News Within the U.S.

 News within the US

Vaccine Mandate now for Religious & Private Schools
by Sis. Aisha
[Jamaat al-Muslimeen]

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio is now issuing a COVID-19 vaccine mandate for private and religious schools. This mandate will affect over 56,000 employees at 938 private schools throughout the city. These private school employees have until December 20th to show proof of having submitted to at least one shot of the vaccine.

The chairman of the Committee of NYC Religious and Independent School Officials, Rabbi David Zweibel, wrote a letter to the mayor opposing the mandate. Rabbi Zweibel stated that the government should be using its "bully pulpit" to persuade people, not its "regulatory arm" to coerce them to get the vaccine.

In Borough Park and South Williamsburg Brooklyn, Orthodox Jewish enclaves, 51%, and 60% are vaccinated, respectively. And, these are only for the one-dose rates. New York Assemblyman Richard Gottfried voiced his support for the mayor's mandate for private schools. Gottfried also heads a health committee. He stated that the mandate has increased vaccinations.

Recently, a federal appeals court ruled in favor of education staffers who were previously denied religious exemption for avoiding the COVID-19 vaccine. Now, they can reapply for religious exemption.

The mandate goal seems to be to get more people vaccinated without considering whether or not these vaccinations will decrease the rate of COVID-19 infections. In fact, the high rate of vaccinations does not seem to be lowering the rate of COVID-19 infections. The relaxation of any restrictions is purely based on how many people are vaccinated and not any decrease of COVID-19 infections. It is now estimated that 77% of New Yorkers are vaccinated.

According to The Lancet, a reputable medical journal, a COVID-19 infection case involving 16 healthcare workers, 23 exposed patients, and two family members, in Israel, was traced back to a fully vaccinated COVID-19 patient. The Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) has designated four out of five counties with the highest vaccination rates in America as high COVID-19 transmission counties.

The reason why COVID-19 infections have actually increased, in spite of a large number of vaccinations, is because the fully vaccinated are just as culpable in the transmissions of COVID-19 as are the unvaccinated. However, decision-makers have been excluding vaccinated people as sources for COVID-19 transmission, which is negligent and harmful.

(Sources: -12/2/21, -11/30/21, & - 11/19/21)



Newark, Delaware
December 3, 2021

A Jamaat al-Muslimeen document was given to 36 Muslims after
Juma' salat.

Main articles:

  1. Jamate Islami Pakistan meeting Taliban leader.

  2. Dr. Firoz Kamal documents India's ongoing crimes against Muslims.

  3. Kazakh Muslims narrate Chinese Communist assault on Uighur Muslims.

  4. Destiny is written in the womb: Hadith by Sis. Yasmin.

  5. Russian bombing and ISIS in Syria

  6. Dr. Siddique's lastest Khutba: Be outgoing. Da'wah is essential.

Hadith of the Week

Narrated by Ibn 'Abbas
The Prophet said:
"Whoever notices something which he dislikes done by his ruler, then he should be patient, for whoever becomes separate from the company of the Muslims even for a span and then dies, he will die as those who died in the Pre-lslamic period of Ignorance (as rebellious sinners).

Bukhari, Volume 9, Book 88, # 177
 Sis Kristi
[With thanks to Sis. Kristi]


Muslim unity is essential!
Ussamah Emaddin Aotearoa New Zealand Standing With Palestine
December 3

Jerusalem "Al-Qud·
Bangladesh calls for recognition of State of Palestine !!

Bangladesh called on the international community to do more to achieve a just and lasting solution

Continuing violations of humanity by "God's chosen people."
Ussamah Emaddin
Stand With Palestine
Dectcember 3 lantgu8 017c2:4of0r PMt ·
Jerusalem "Al-Quds" is the Capital of Palestine
Dectcember 3

Palestinian citizen Mohammad Jabareen, who was murdered today while in his car in Um Al-Fahem Village (occupied in 1948), occupied Palestine 3 December 2021.

 Remember Prisoners

Let my People Go!
When will Imam Jamil and Aafia Siddiqui be released?

[Thanks to Mauri Saalakhan and Nadrat Siddique.]

To: US Bureau of Prisons and President Joe Biden
Free Dr. Mutulu Shakur
[More than 55,000 signatures.]

We strongly support immediate compassionate release for Dr. Mutulu Shakur. We are confident that his release poses no danger to our communities, and we urge you to allow him to rejoin his family and friends.

Why is this important?

Dr. Shakur is recognized as a leading member of the movement for human rights for African Americans. He has spent over three decades behind bars because of his political beliefs and the actions motivated by those beliefs. He is also recognized as a Doctor of Acupuncture who pioneered the use of acupuncture for drug addiction. Acupuncturists all over the United States and Canada are still utilizing his work to this day.

Mutulu's convictions come out of a complex and turbulent moment in American history, when civil unrest fractured our country into pieces. They arise from his commitment to the social justice movement for Black liberation, originating in the 1960's. He was targeted and victimized by the FBI's now-infamous Counter- Intelligence Program (COINTELPRO) as early as 1968. He was convicted of RICO conspiracy and connection to the 1981 Brinks Robbery, and the earlier prison escape of Assata Shakur. Dr. Shakur has taken full responsibility for his life and his actions.

Dr. Shakur has received a diagnosis of life-threatening advanced bone marrow cancer. He had already been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, and glaucoma. In 2013, he suffered from a stroke that required several months for recovery. In 2019 he experienced increasing pain; after months of medical neglect, advanced bone marrow cancer was diagnosed. Now Mutulu is suffering from extensive painful bone lesions, caused by the growth of the bone marrow cancer in parts of his spine, ribs and pelvis. The cancer has also destroyed a large area of bone around his right 7th rib, replacing bone with cancer cells, creating a propensity to break. Dr. Shakur is 71 years old, and aging in prison after 35 years of incarceration. He needs treatment and recovery in humane conditions immediately. We fear for his survival and his life.


BBC. November 25.
Horrible Decision in India.
Sexual Assault on Child is not Serious?

Just days after India's Supreme Court struck down a controversial order that cleared a man of sexual assault of a 12-year-old girl because "there was no skin-to-skin contact" with the victim, another judgement that reduced the jail term of a man convicted of forcing a 10-year-old boy to perform oral sex on him has caused outrage.

The order, which preceded the landmark Supreme Court ruling by a day but has only now been reported, was pronounced by the Allahabad high court in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh.

The crime dates back to 2016 when the man had visited the child's home and taken him to a local temple where he had sexually abused him. He had given the child 20 rupees (27 cents; 20 pence) to keep quiet about the assault and threatened him with consequences if he reported it.

A trial court in August 2018 found the man guilty of "aggravated penetrative sexual assault" under the stringent Pocso (Protection of Children from Sexual Offences) Act and handed him a 10-year jail sentence.

The man appealed and last week, the high court judge reduced his jail term to seven years, saying that under the law, the assault was not "aggravated" - implying that the crime was less serious than the trial court had deemed it to be.

Legal experts have questioned the judgment, saying there are several factors in Pocso Act that make an assault "aggravated", one of which is if the victim is under 12.



Babri Masjid must be restored.
Fake religion Demolished it.

[Via New Trend]

We commemorate the anniversary of Babri Masjid demolition on December 6th.No post-independence event so much transformed the psyche of the Indian people or escalated communal fervour at such a scale. The demolition took saffron communalism to magnitude unprecedented and Hindutva to a new height. It polarised fascism from bourgeois democracy, and exposed how in essence India was not secular. Even if formally secular Babri Masjid had its breeding ground in the pro-Hindu policies of the Congress itself with it's genesis from days of independence or Gandhian Congress. The tempo was built up for a sustained period after Rajiv Gandhi opened the doors of the Masjid in 1986. The 2019 judgement reflected how Hindutva fascsim has penetrated the judicial system, with the criminals being exonerated and permission been granted to build a temple.

The secular fabric of the Constitution has been ripped apart.On December 22nd 1949 idols of Ram and Sita, 2 Hindu mythological gods in India's history were placed on the site under the inspiration of Vallabhai Patel. This was the source of the Post-Independence Communal Tension that occurred. Hindu Fanatics claimed that the idols had spring from the earth while Muslims protested.The Vishwa Hindu Parishad claimed that the site had been Lord Rama's birthplace: Vikram Aditya had built a temple to Rama at the site.They claimed that Babar (the First ever Moghul emperor who ruled in 1528) later destroyed the temple to create the Mosque. There is little historical evidence to back this claim. However one thing we are certain that in 1949 what without doubt existed was a mosque. 4 centuries ago Ramayana(Hindu Mythological epic) historian Tulsidas made no mention of a temple being destroyed .It is most likely he would have written about it in the record books if it was a historic fact.10,000 years ago no history was recorded, so there is no evidence that Ram was born in the temple.

 Social Media

New Trend November 28 issue via facebook reached 128217 Muslims including 11539 women.

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Political Prisoners :

Civil Discord Show

 Free Kasmhir

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