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30 Rabi al-Awwal 1443 AH - November 7 2021 Issue # 45, Newsletter #1940


 Dr Kaukab Siddique

Many Americans Believed these stories about the World War till this book came out.

Book Review
by Dr. Kaukab Siddique

Commandant of Auschwitz
by Carlo Mattogno and Rudolf Hoss. 394 pages. Translated by Germar Rudolf. Castle Hill Publishers
P.O. Box 243, Uckfield, TN22 9AW, Great Britain. November 2017.
[Contains copies of original confessions and documents.]

It's a very systematic book and step by step it destroys the biggest idol of Zionism. The globally distributed story of millions gassed at Auschwitz is based on the stories told by the Commandant of this notorious concentration camp, Rudolf Hoss.

The Commandant was traced and captured by the British after the defeat of Germany. The British subjected him to ongoing torture starting with taking all his clothes off in bitter winter weather. His wife and children were also arrested and threatened with deportation to Siberia. The Russians and the British were working together. The Russians had been issuing smear propaganda about Auschwitz even before Hoss was captured.

Hoss realized that he had no future and he had to cooperate with his captors if he wanted at least to save his family.

Confessions were written for him and he had no choice but to sign them. He signed all kinds of confessions, including some in English which he could not understand. Some he was forced to write himself.

The book produces all of Hoss's confessions without comments. The confessions themselves are enough for any intelligent reader to see that they are bogus. Hoss repeatedly took blame for all that had supposedly happened at Auschwitz. He ended up with taking the blame for the deaths of more than TWO MILLION people.

Once his captors saw that he would "confess" to anything they wanted, they fed him more and more atrocity propaganda, all of which he regurgitated as part of his own knowledge.

Emboldened by their success in terrorizing the Commandant, his captors kept adding to what he "knew". They even claimed that he had met Germany's top leaders including Eichmann and even Himmler who plotted the destruction of the entire Jewish population [though these meetings never happened.

As if not satisfied with this success, the captors brought him into the post-war trials of some other German leaders who were to be punished by the guilt of association with him.

The author has done a great job of presenting Hoss's entire book of crimes in his own words. The numbers are big enough to destroy any conventional rational response.

The author then carries out a scientific study which shows that Hoss's entire book of confessions was nothing but fabrication.

One of the most enlightening scenes is the document in which the gardener at Auschwitz is brought in to confront Hoss and is shocked to hear Hoss proclaiming his guilt and complete responsibility for the deaths of more than two million people plus 700 Russian POWs.

After a while Hoss took off on his own and no more had to be tutored. He was handed over to the Polish authorities and there he simply accepted responsibility for the entire German criminality known as the :"holocaust."

The process of demolition of the entire idol of the Israeli theory of victimhood is very detailed. Unless there is someone on the Israeli side who can answer this blockbuster critique of established stories of horror, this is the beginning of the end of the myths which have been perpetuated worldwide.

Despite all his cooperation in the service of his oppressors, he was hanged after he had been drained of all his stories.

[After this translation, Germar Rudolf has published a huge critique of the myth which is even more scientific and detailed than this one. Unless this is answered, Israel's mythology is on the way to its demise.]



Imran Regime bows to TLP.

November 5. The Imran regime has released 1200 members of TLP and their leader Saad is going through the process of release.

The TLP demand to kick out the French ambassador has not been fulfilled. The government claims that the ambassador has left Pakistan.

Police officers in Lahore who had tried to crush TLP have been sidelined.

However large numbers of TLP has waiting in the environs of Wazirabad to make sure their leader is released.

Jamaate Islami Intellectuals urge Quick Recognition of Taliban Government.

In its November issue, Tarjumanul Qur'an monthly magazine's editors, Prof. Khurshid Ahmad and Salim Mansur Khalid, urged the Pakistani government not to delay recognition of the Taliban. America has gone into full retreat after 20 years of fighting.

It has been a historic Islamic victory. India's blatant attempts to to construct power points in Afghanistan have been uprooted.

The editors also urge unity with Iran and systematic economic upsurge with Afghanistan.

[The magazine's original editor was Maulana Maudoodi.]

War News

 War News

November 7 [early]

A drone laden with explosives hit Prime Minister Kadhimi's house in the Green Zone of Baghdad,. He survived but 6 of his staff were injured.

Two other drones were shot down.

Heavily armed pro-Iran groups lost badly in the recent elections.

State media are reporting on going battles with ISIS in several areas of Iraq,


Artillery all around.
ISIS advance into al-Raqqah province.

November 7, Turkish artillery and rocket fire reported north of Tal Tamr in Hasakah province.

An American drone strike killed one ISIS fighter and seriously injured another in Jarabulus city [Aleppo province.]

SOHR also reports that Americn helicopters successfully evacuated three Arab agents who had been sent in to infiltrate ISIS under the protection of Turkish intelligence.

Iranian forces and Shia militia are deploying in southern De ez Zor near Bokamal.

In Deraa province, 5 of Assad regime's soldiers were killed in separate incidents by civilian opposition.

In Jabal al-Zawiya area of Irbid province, Assad's heavy artillery fired on Islamic group Fath al-Mubeen and received heavy machine gun and rocket fire in return. Russia launched several air strikes.

40 American military trucks loaded with military equipment for SDF entered Hasakeh province.

Again Hama province, Sahl al-Ghab, Syrian factions supporting Turkey shelled Assad regime positions and Assad heavy artillery responded.

November 6. Sahl al-Ghab, Hama province Heavy exchanges of artillery and mortars took place between Assad troops and Syrians supporting Turkey.

November 5, Near Saraqeb city, Irbid province, Fath al-Mubin Islamics shelled Assad regime force and received counter shelling.

An SDF soldier was found murdered in al-Raqqa city.
November 4, clashes in western Aleppo province between Assad troops and Hayyat Tahrir al-Sham [al-Nusra]

ISIS fighters have advanced into western al-Raqqah province, Russia launched 10 air strikes to stop the advance.

November 3, Western Aleppo province, Three Assad regime troops were killed by hidden gunmen.

News Within the U.S.

 News within the US

Have you noticed?! Prices of food have Tripled!
by Sis. Aisha
[Jamaat al-Muslimeen]

Has anyone noticed that the price of food has skyrocketed? According to a Yahoo! Finance Live interview with Wells Fargo Chief Agricultural Economist Michael Swanson, the price of food has tripled. He blamed a food chain supply breakdown and labor shortage.

People on a fixed income are the ones who are feeling this pinch. To retain the workers they do have, food manufacturers and suppliers are paying higher wages and passing those costs on to their buyers, including at restaurants.

To lower your food bill, Swanson suggests:

Farmers' markets have become popular in New York City. They started out on the weekends but, now some farmers' markets operate daily. This is a great place to find local produce. Also, you can try your hand at growing your own produce in your home by purchasing a do-it-yourself growers kit Online. There are kits for growing tomatoes, onions, mushrooms, and herbs.

Unfortunately, the price of protein (meat) has increased, too, especially turkey. Swanson said that the price of Cow's milk has decreased, however.

Re-establishing a grocery budget will be more significant, now, because Swanson has said that the increase in labor costs is permanent.

(Source: Yahoo! Money)



Person to Person
Newark, Delaware.

November 5, 2021.

After Juma salat in Delaware's biggest masjid, a 6 page Jamaat al-Muslimeen document selected from New Trend was given to 79 Muslims.

The congregation is immigrant Muslim, mostly from African countries and Bangladesh and a few from Pakistan and Palestine.It's a well-to-do community, all arriving by flashy cars.

The contents of the 6 pages were as follows:
  1. US Muslims & Taliban victory: Shoora by zoom.
  2. Turmoil in Pakistan by TLP Islamic movement.
  3. Rape on US train. Analysis by Sis. Aisha.
  4. Nigerian women being exploited in Europe.BBC.
  5. Audacious ISIS attack in dictator Assad's capital in Syria: [SOHR} Plus boycott of Israel supporters in USA.
  6. Time for self-determination by Kashmiris. [Dr. Fai]



Excerpt from Coda Newsletter, Australia.
Vicky Xiuzhong Xu, 27, is a writer, researcher and stand-up comedian living in Australia. Her work has been instrumental in exposing the scale of China's forced labor program in Xinjiang, where Uyghurs are corralled into heavily guarded compounds to work in factories under prison-like conditions. She became a key propaganda target for Chinese authorities, who have denounced her as a national traitor, after her research on human rights abuses was published by the Australian Strategic Policy Institute (ASPI).

She is now writing a memoir about her experiences, titled "You're So Brave." In October, she and her colleagues at ASPI published a new report detailing the complex network of repression in Xinjiang.

This conversation has been edited for length and clarity.

You've been researching surveillance in Xinjiang for years. Was there anything that shocked you while you were working on this project?

I think what's really striking to me is the extent of the Communist Party of China's penetration into people's daily lives. We did a case study on one family, and their son was 19 when he was caught using a file-sharing app called Zapya, which people just use to share music. For this, he was sentenced to three years in prison — and not even by a real court. Somebody in the neighborhood committee informed him about his sentence, outside of legal procedures. Then this neighborhood committee would visit the family six times in a single week, supposedly to "calm their thoughts" after the verdict. This is a very personalized system.

I thought his insight was so striking. He said, "People eventually felt as though they were part of the police, with a taste for watching and reporting on one another. They remained constantly ready to confront enemies and, at the same time, often felt that they themselves were the enemy."

In a normal society, the police are the police and the people are the people. The uniform separates them. But, in this situation, the whole dynamic is different at a local level. In the same community, some civilians have policing and spying powers, and some civilians are just subject to all this unlawful treatment. They do not have any legal resources to just say no. All they can do is put their hands up and go to flag-raising ceremonies and show their allegiance to the party. I think it's a lot more than the word "surveillance" can describe.

What word do you think should be used instead?

I think some people call it "tech authoritarianism." That works. You know, we hear about surveillance in Xinjiang day in, day out. And I don't feel anything when I hear that word now. Working on the ASPI report, we got access to thousands of pages of police records that no one had closely studied before. When we put those together, we realized we had the vantage point of Xinjiang police officers, which is something most researchers can only dream of. When we looked at communities and neighborhoods from this point of view, it was shocking.



Colin Powell Should not be Remembered as America's hero! It is hypocrisy to eulogize Collin Powel as American hero!

Mohammed Khaku
Nov 7

Powell, who was the first Black secretary of state, the first Black and youngest chair of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the first Black national security adviser, died last week due to blood cancer and Parkinson's disease.

For decades U.S. media have editorialized him as reluctant warrior or American hero. Powell is a war criminal. He masterminded the killing of innocent people from Vietnam to Panama to Nicaragua to Kuwait to Iraq. None of this country ever posed any threat to America.

However, I am awfully uncomfortable, but not apologetic to pin this letter to the editors in response to the eulogizing of Collin Powell.

This is the Unity week for the celebration of the birth anniversary of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (saw).

But it compels me to pin this letter with the news of the death of Colin Powell. I know this e-mail may rattle a few, but someone must rise to the occasion and speak up! Silent No More!

We do not have to sugarcoat, be politically correct or be apologetic. Collin Powell's life is not a complicated legacy, nor was he a hero or reluctant soldier.

He is guilty of crimes against humanity. He will be remembered as a liar. He did not apologize, nor did he disown the Iraq war.

It was not only faulty intelligence, but a deliberately falsified story for an illegal war, and regime change.

No Iraqi weapons of mass destruction were ever found. That is unforgivable and he will be remember as the protector of the empire. Powell consciously deceived the world in his 2003 presentation making the case for war with Saddam Hussein. He is responsible for the death of millions of Iraqis.

Lies around WMD in Iraq is a travesty, because he's made a career out of it and was not a reluctant soldier. He was responsible for the brutal invasion of Panama to kidnap Manuel Noriega on false pretenses similar to WMD.

Colin Powell the secretary of defence at the time of Dick Cheney was responsible for mass murder around the world. CIA and he sponsored an insurgency to try to overthrow the Nicaraguan Sandinista government.

Colin Powell's bloody legacy from Iraq to Latin America can never be forgotten nor forgiven. He was not a reluctant warrior, but a servant to the empire and a war criminal.

It thus begs the question, why was he not prosecuted for the horrendous war crimes. It was all because of First African American president Obama decide to let Bush administration war criminals go free - "look forward, not backward"

Hitler did many good things like the invention of Volkswagen, high speed trains and was adamant of safeguarding environment,

So did Yazid - massacre on the Day of Ashura, Ariel Sharon - Sabra and Shatila Massacres and Narendra Modi - 2002 Gujarat massacre.

But no one dare eulogize Hitler because he was responsible of killing millions of Jews.

We need to be dignified how we stand for justice. Indeed, we belong to Allah, and indeed to Him we will return." (2:156 - Al-Quran)

In the struggle for peace thru justice!
Speak Up! Silent No More!

Invitation to Think

 Invitation to Think

Anxiety and Stress are Widespread Problems in America which are eroding Muslim, attitudes too.!
We have the solution.

by Kaukab Siddique, PhD

Are American Muslims ignoring their obligations as Muslims?

Are we forgetting that the five daily prayers are obligatory or are we treating the prayers as mere rituals?

The biggest problem of the American way of life can be solved if we realize that the five daily prayers are obligatory. We can't claim to be Muslims if

we ignore prayers which are obligatory.

Wudu or Ablution [washing the extremities of the body] takes a few minutes. The obligatory prayers, 2 rakats at fajr, 4 at zuhr, 4 at asr, 3 at maghrib and 4 at isha, is a total of about one hour over 24 hours, or at most one and a half hours.

Remove the outer world during each prayer. Forget the anxiety and the stress.

We can build our daily life around the prayers.

If we are going to be in a job or a meeting which does not allow the completer formality of the prayer, we can pray with gestures.

If water is not available, do tayammum or rubbing hands on dry surfaces and then rub on yourself.

The whole purpose is to leave out all the daily problems and focus on the Creator.

Always remember that our Creator can provide peace, focus, spiritual energy, forgiveness, grace and vitality.
There is no equivalent.

Muslims are beginning to behave as if they will live for ever. We are forgetting accountability.

The obligatory prayers are patterned according to the prayer patterns of the Prophet, pbuh, the best example of humanity.

His example was transmitted to Muslims by his Companions, sahaba. Thus the prayer helps us to absorb the entire Islamic way of life: The Quran, the example and the hadith.

If we miss some prayers, pray the missing prayers as soon as we can.

Once we start praying the obligatory prayers, fard, we will sense the healing, all the qualities of being a Muslim. Then we can add the sunnah prayers and later even the extra, nafl, prayers.

We have the greatest treasure in our belief system.
Go for it!

Guidance by Sis. Yasmin.

As Salaamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuhu.
Two Days and Two Nights like no Others.

It is reported that Anas b. Mâlik {Allâh be pleased with him} said...
There are two days and two nights the likes of which no one has ever heard of before.

  1. The Day on which you will receive the news about Allâh the Exalted... whether you will receive His punishment or His mercy. the Day you will be given your Book of Deeds..{!} {either in your right hand or your left}.

  2. That First Night you will spend alone in your grave! {a night like no other you have spent} and that night on the morning of which will be the Day of Resurrection...! {after which there will be no more night}
    {SOURCE~'QUR'AN'~ SURAT MARYAM 19: A # 95}

My 'Salaams' To All.
~Y a s m i n ~
 Sis Yasmin
"Never Despair Of The Mercy Of Allah"

Hadith of the Week

Abu Hurarirah narrated that the Messenger of Allah (s.a.w) said:
"Dreams are of three types:
The true dream, dreams about something that has happened to the man himself, and dreams in which the Shaitan frightens someone.
So whoever sees what he dislikes, then he should get up and perform Salah." And he would say:
"I like fetters and I dislike the iron collar." And he would say: "
Whoever has seen me (in a dream) then it is I, for indeed Shaitan is not able to resemble me."
And he would say:
"The dream is not to be narrated except to a knowledgeable person or a sincere advisor."

Jami' at-Tirmidhi 2280
Book 34, Hadith 11
 Sis Kristi

[With thanks to Sis. Kristi]

 Islamic Thought

Stop Worrying about Things you Cannot Control
by Imam Badi Ali .

Be Kind to your heart. Put your trust in Allah and stop worrying about things you cannot control.
Dua and tears in the eyes, sujood, nothing can match the power of Dua.
Dua and tears are needed to wash your heart and to worship Allah.
Oh Allah accept our repentance (Tawba) and grant us Jannah. *Ameen*

"Be hard on yourself, easy on others." - Imam Shafi'i
This is an excellent perspective of how to treat others!
Treat others as you wish to be treated.
Be nice! It is so rewarding!
O Allah! Provide us with a way out from every difficulty and grant us relief from every worry.

 Breaking News

15 Year Old Murdered by Occupation forces.

Dear Kaukab --
Earlier today, Israeli forces shot and killed 15-year-old Mohammad Amjad Salem Da'das during confrontations between Israeli soldiers and Palestinian youth near the illegal Israeli settlement Elon Moreh, established on land belonging to the Palestinian village of Deir Al-Hatab. Mohammad was from New Askar refugee camp, near Nablus in the northern occupied West Bank.

An Israeli sniper shot Mohammad in the stomach with live ammunition from a distance of about 50 meters (165 feet). Bystanders transported Mohammad to a hospital in Nablus where he was pronounced dead an hour later.

Demonstrations occur frequently in the area as Palestinians protest the illegal Israeli settlement established on Deir Al-Hatab's lands. Settlements are rapidly encroaching on Palestinian lands throughout the occupied West Bank - in June, Israeli forces shot and killed two Palestinian boys, Ahmad Bani-Shamsa, 15, and Mohammad Hamayel, 16, in Beita, a village 6 miles southwest of Deir Al-Hatab, as they protested the establishment of an illegal Israeli outpost, Evyatar, on lands belonging to Beita and two other Palestinian villages, Qabalan and Yatma.

Mohammad is the 15th Palestinian child shot and killed by Israeli forces in the occupied West Bank, including East Jerusalem, since the beginning of 2021.

Please share Mohammad's story with your community and elected officials so we can continue to work to end impunity and hold Israeli forces accountable for killing Palestinian children. Thank you for your solidarity.

In solidarity,
Ayed Abu Eqtaish
Accountability Program Director
Defense for Children International - Palestine


Latest Marathon for Dr. Aafia's release

by Nadrat Siddique [In Ft. Worth, Texas]

This morning, I ran the Fort Worth Marathon, my 48th full marathon. It was, again, for #DrAafiaSiddiqui, my sixth one for that innocent political prisoner sister. This race was special because it was in the Texas city where Dr. Aafia is locked up. It is beyond belief that she has been locked up for 18-years for a crime she didn't commit, and in which no one was killed or injured, and the government of Pakistan (of which she is a citizen) has yet to make a formal request for her return.

I was honored that Saleema Gul, one of Aafia's staunch Houston supporters, who was instrumental in the recent, very successful Houston rally for Aafia, came out to join me for the action. Houston is almost four hours away, and Saleema literally got up in the middle of the night and started driving, in order to make the race. While I was running, she was busily explaining Aafia's case to numerous bystanders. Such is the commitment of the principled fighters for justice.

And- with the help of the Almighty, I was #3 in my division, with a finish time of 4:08 (4 hours 8 minutes), despite having slept only 5 hours the night before. I was pleased to be able to go to the podium in my "Free Dr. Aafia Siddiqui" shirt to receive my medal.

Rally for Dr. Aafia
and Imam Jamil Al-Amin
in Washington, DC
on November 13, 1:30 PM
at Lafayette Park
(directly across from the White House)

 Remember Prisoners

Uncovering the NeoCon Zionist hands behind the Ordeal Of Dr. Aafia Siddiqui.
by Karin Friedemann [Boston]

Most of the world has stopped thinking about the long-incarcerated detainees of the War on Terror that was declared by George W. Bush after 9/11/2001. In truth, Federal government and Israel-connected Homeland Security agents had already started investigating and raiding Islamic organizations and charities around the US earlier that year. Of all the Muslim political prisoners of the US, one person in particular stands out: the graceful, articulate and brilliant young Dr. Aafia Siddique.

All the other Muslim War On Terror prisoners who were extrajudicially rendered in Afghanistan or Pakistan and sold for bounty to the US have been male (to my knowledge). Everyone at Guantanamo is male. All of the Afghan militants held in Bagram prison are male. Only Aafia Siddique is female. Long before anyone knew her name, she was known as the "Grey Lady of Bagram." She and her children were held and abused for years, separately, inside the walls of the US military prison in Afghanistan.

After the US invaded Afghanistan they dropped leaflets down from airplanes offering between $2000-6000 per head for any suspected terrorists. As a result, a market was created for kidnappers. Thousands of random men were detained and handed over to the US for interrogation. Aafia Siddiqui was disappeared in Pakistan in the spring of 2003.

In recently the published book, "Don't Forget Us Here: Lost and Found in Guantanamo," Mansoor Adayfi, a Yemeni tourist thus detained without charge, explained that while there were a handful of prisoners there that actually knew Osama bin Laden or belonged to some kind of Islamic fighting group, the vast majority were completely innocent, non-violent people being held for years and years and brutally humiliated and tortured in an attempt to force them to confess to being people they were not, and that they had committed crimes they knew nothing about.

It has always been a mystery as to why Aafia and her children were abducted while on their way to visit relatives. Was she the victim of a vindictive ex-husband's slander? Did someone utter her name while being waterboarded? Was it her charity efforts as part of the Muslim Students Association to collect boots and winter clothing to send to displaced families fleeing war?

Aged 34, speaking fluent English, having earned a PhD in Child Development at MIT and Brandeis before returning to her native country of Pakistan, Aafia with her gentle eyes and happy demeanor does not fit the profile of an Islamic terrorist. It seems unlikely that this arrest, made most likely by ISI, Pakistani security services, was a random error in judgment.

An important clue emerged as a result of the Peace and Justice Foundation's recent series of Freedom Rallies in various cities to support and raise awareness of US political prisoner Dr. Aafia Siddiqui. While most of America has forgotten her, or has no idea who she is, a very enthusiastic detractor crawled out of the woodwork: Sam Westrop, director of the Zionist extremist hate group that stalks Muslim leaders, "Islamist Watch." He published a very dangerous hit piece on Aafia's supporters in both the Middle East Forum and National Review,
- publications with long and close connections to Bush-era neocons and anti-Muslim smear campaigners Daniel Pipes and Steve Emerson, who facilitated the imprisonment and deportation of Muslim and Arab academics' for their political views by feeding false intelligence to the US government via their "think tank" the Investigative Project and other extreme right-wing racist organizations whose main objective is trying to prevent Palestinians and American Muslims attain political equality. After these groups failed to prevent local Muslims from building the golden-domed Roxbury Mosque, I had totally forgot about them.

But here Sam Westrop was, taking pictures of protesters without asking their permission and trying to get an interview with Mauri Saalakhan, the primary organizer of the event. Sam's intense enthusiasm for the cause of undermining the case to free Aafia Siddiqui after 18 years really made it crystal clear that taking her down was one of his organization's pet projects.

But why did the pro-Israel lobbyists target this cute little grad student? Westrop leaves us a very important clue by linking to a press conference, covered by CNN, two years after she was abducted.
US Attorney General John Ashcroft and FBI Director Robert Mueller on May 27, 2004 displayed Aafia's face alongside 6 men declared as America's Most Wanted. Americans were to be "on the lookout" for them. Mueller claimed, "Aafia Siddiqui is an al Qaeda operative and facilitator, she attended colleges in the Boston area, and is believed to have left Boston in January of 2003." Literally that's all they could come up with. Bent over in agony from bullet wounds to her stomach, Aafia was sentenced to 86 years in US Federal prison by Judge Richard Berman for "attempted murder" of heavily armed US soldiers in an Afghan police station in 2008 as she allegedly tried to escape from custody. Her supposed "crime" was committed in Afghanistan by a Pakistani citizen. So by what stretch of the imagination should she go to trial in the United States? Keep in mind that al Qaida is not even known for recruiting female militants. The neocons have always been known to use the labels "al Qaeda" and "Islamofascist" extremely loosely.

It sure looks like these right wing Zionist criminals were intimately involved in providing false intelligence to the US government in order to help the US create an illusion of "doing something" against the "Islamic threat" while simultaneously getting rid of a popular Muslim community organizer and public speaker. Boston neocon fingerprints are all over this case. Their time-worn approach, which they also used against the Roxbury mosque, was to feed fake terrorist allegations to the media, while simultaneously creating court cases over lesser crimes like money laundering or even civil infractions such as parking zoning laws. Similarly, at Aafia's trial there was zero mention of her belonging to any terrorist group even though news agencies had claimed that she had gone to LIberia to sell diamonds in order to raise funds for al Qaeda.

In 1996, Professor Noam Chomsky said fondly of Aafia, who was his student, "Aafia Siddique is an Institute in her self. She will bring change wherever she goes."

Did the FBI target Aafia as the next Malcolm or the next H Rap Brown?

Aafia Siddiqui was an enthusiastic Muslim community organizer who was diligently engaged in outreach to explain Islam to her American fellow students, a philosopher who taught feminist theory based on theology, and who encouraged her fellow Muslim students to upgrade their religion. She was very much part of the movement to modernize Islamic political and moral thought to make it make sense for this century. She was a Hafiz of the Quran. She was also an idealist. Katherine Ozment describes in Boston Magazine how far-fetched seem the claims that this young mother and student had the time or the resources, let alone the desire to join al Qaida.
Retired Professor Chomsky issued a statement to be read at the Freedom Rally in Boston that took place on October 23, 2021:

"The US "war on terror" has left a shameful record of torture, vicious brutality, brutal crimes of state, still continuing. Aafiaa Siddiqui's ordeal is one of the most disgraceful chapters of this trail of horror. She should be freed and compensated to the extent that it is at all possible. And we should all be asking ourselves whether we want this is what we want our country to be."

 Social Media

Via Facebook
October 31 issue of New Trend reached 86,905 Muslims including 8690 women.

The contents included
  1. Muslims in India. [Dr. Firoz]
  2. Ghana leading against LGBTQ
  3. Guidance by Sis. Yasmin
  4. Syria: Death & destruction.
  5. Interview with Gaza leader
  6. Bangladesh: India surprised.
  7. Sudan

Political Prisoners :

Civil Discord Show



Confrontation between large crowds and military and military supporters.
No casualties.


Heavy fighting as Tigrayan forces advance towards the capital Addis Ababa.
Many casualties reported.

2021-11-13 Sat 12:19:06 ct