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30 Zulhijja 1442 A.H. - August 8 2021 Issue # 32, Newsletter #1927

 Dr Kaukab Siddique

Welcome to the New Islamic year 1443:
Year of Struggle and Victory, inshallah.
Negation of Nationalism, Racism, Zionism and Imperialism.
See the key role of Asma, r.a. in the Hijra.

by Kaukab Siddique, PhD

The year 1443 will begin on August 9, inshallah.

The calendar begins from the migration of Prophet Muhammad, pbuh, from Makkah to Madina, after intense persecution by the pagans and their plan to kill him.

The calendar signals to Muslims that they must migrate if the persecution and tyranny because intolerable. The whole world belongs to Allah, the true believers can make their home wherever they can.

The closest companion of the Prophet, pbuh, in the hijra or migration was Abu Bakr, r.a. Their survival in the rugged mount Thawr was was made possible by Asma, r.a. the daughter of Abu Bakr, r.a.

The calendar itself was suggested by Umar ibn al-Khattab, r.a. the second righteous Caliph, and it was accepted by the entire Muslim community.

The Hijra is CENTRAL to Islam. Muhammad, pbuh, left his home city, which had rejected Islam, and went to a city which had accepted Islam. It is a symbolic but powerful negation of nationalism. The Qur'an has promised a tremendous blessing to those who do the Hijra. [3:195]

MUSLIMS of America should struggle to organize and mobilize on the basis of the Qur'an and the authentic Hadith. Anyone who cooperates with the oppressors must be rejected. Anyone who talks of recognizing the terror entity known as "israel" must be ostracized.

This year let us "surge" to free our leaders and our innocents, by peaceful means, from prison, and to recognize and support those of our leaders who are free. We have powerful leaders, tested and tried, in Imam Jamil Abdullah al-Amin, and Imam Musa from the African-American communities. A pleasant surprise is that the immigrant communities too have produced an outstanding leader in Imam Badi Ali who comes up to Islamic standards.

Aafia Siddiqui must be released.

 Aafia Siddiqui

Among women too we have outstanding leaders so that the door through which the minions of Imperialism and Zionism were coming out has been closed.

Let us pray for the victory of Islam in Afghanistan, Syria, Palestine, Kashmir, Egypt, China, Burma, Chechnya, Iraq, Somalia, Mali and Nigeria.

Obviously it is a global struggle. With wisdom and unity, the Ummah can solve the most serious problems.

Seek guidance from the Qur'an and authentic hadith.

Start with your home and local masjid.

Above all, let us pray for the defeat of Zionism and the dismantling of the Jewish terror entity known as "Israel." A meen.

A woman, Asma, r.a., played a key role in the hijra of Muhammad, pbuh.
via Sis. Yasmin

Asma bint Abu Bakr ( R.A.) has a special position among the early Muslims, her sacrifices for Islam are numerous. Asma ( R.A.) was the daughter of Abu Bakr and sister of Ummul Momineen Ayesha (may Allah be pleased with them both). She was the mother of Caliph Abdullah bin Zubair.

Her four generations were companions [sahaba]. She was the 18th person to enter into the fold of Islam. Asma ( R.A.) supported Islam from her early age. She played a key role in the migration of the Prophet (peace be upon him).
Asma (R.A.) was entrusted to carry food for Abu Bakr (R.A.) and the Prophet (peace be upon him) who were hiding in Cave 'Thawr'. [ Jabal Thawr (جبل ثور‎) ]

The cave was about three miles away on a mountainous track. She carried food daily for three days, though she was seven months pregnant ! The last day when Asma (R.A.) prepared their travel provisions and water skin there was no rope to tie them. She tore her 'Nitaq' (waist belt) into two pieces and tied the bag with one.

The Prophet (peace be upon him) saw it; he smiled and told her...

"Indeed, Allah has given you, in exchange for this girdle, two belts in Paradise."! And thus she was named as "Zu Nataqain" (The Lady of Two Belts). She kept this honorable title for her whole life.

After the two left Thawr cave, Abu Jahl came in searching for them and slapped Asma (R.A.) so hard that blood oozed from her ears. Bearing the pain with courage and tolerance, she did not disclose the secret.


Hope and Help in the Rugged Thar Desert

Pravalli welfare Trust (21st years of service to humanity
Newsletter July 2021

  1. Agriculture with Solar Pumps in Thar.
    119 schemes were completed till 2020 and 54 more this year. Thus total no of schemes completed so far has reached 173. Out of these 115 were donated by Lady Fatima charitable Trust. At times Thar Desert does not get rains for 2 to 3 years at a stretch. This cycle continues after every 2/3 years. People have to pass through great difficulties due to draught that causes wide spread famine both for human and animals. Solar pumps can fetch underground water and irrigate two or more Acres of land to produce 40 Maunds grain per acre, vegetables and fodder for animals. During last season one man grew 200 Maunds of onion and others 100, 80 and 50 Maunds in addition to wheat. This not only elevates the standard of living of the poor folk and neglected population of the society but also directly contributes to the GDP of the country. Pravalli Welfare Trust is giving this facility to poor folks only. This will encourage locals and other NGOs to do likewise and change the life of poor

  2. Rozgar scheme for widows & needy with Goats.
    This year we distributed 248 goats among widows. Out of these Lady Fatima charitable trust gave 200 goats with 200 child goats among 50 widows in in Feb. Each widow getting 8 goats (4 goats+4 child goats). This 8 Goats scheme is being repeated by Lady Fatima charitable trust once more in coming months. LFCT is our main donor in this program since last many years who has always shown great understanding and generosity of spirit. In total 1674 goats were given so far under various schemes. It gave us great pleasure when a man told us that a goat given to a widow about 6 years back has 14 goats from that one goat and the widow is financially very sound now. Thanks to donors. Jazak Allah.

  3. Water Supply Schemes.
    In year 2021 we completed 270 more water supply schemes. A total of 2196 schemes have been completed in the last 20 years. Most of these are Sind, mainly in Tharparkar desert areas. Now we have moved to Balochistan where 136 schemes were completed. Out of all these schemes 948 were given by Relief and Rehab Inc. and 477 were donated by LFCT. Many friends have donated schemes for Esal-e-Sawab of their parents and loved ones. Jazak Allah. Donors are sent photos of the schemes they sponsored on completion with their name plate on the scheme.

  4. You can Help widows by sending money directly to widows bank account.
    Our adoption of a widow and her children for the education program, الحمد للہ has got a very good response. Till today 120 adoptions are confirmed. Donors have started sending money directly to the accounts of widows. Proposed Monthly help can be Rs. 8,000 to Rs. 10,000 per month. Our role is only indicating the deserving family and then we will be out of it. You can directly talk to them and meet them when you find time. Any friend desirous of this arrangement should let us know. We will send all needed particulars and we will be responsible for indicating the really deserving families.

  5. Roshan Thar.
    In total 608 houses were electrified in Thar Desert areas with the help of LFT, S L F, RRAI and other friends. There are wide stretches where there is no electricity and no roads in Thar. We launched ''Roshan Thar" scheme to provide each house with three solar light bulbs. It will have capacity to run a fan as well but the fan will be purchased by the people themselves. We started this program by providing this facility to widows and very poor households.

  6. Help to orphan girls for marriage.
    Total no of girls helped so far has reached 678. We pay Rs. 30,000 to these orphan girls in North and Rs 15,000 in Thar/ Sind areas. Even this meager amount is sought by these poor widows with lot of prayers for donors.

  7. Distribution of Sewing Machines & wheel chairs.
    Sewing Machines are given to widows and destitute to stich clothes and earn for their families. Total no of sewing machines distributed till now are 247

  8. Tricycles and Wheel chairs.
    178 Wheel chairs/ tricycles were also given to invalids till to-date. These help invalid to go from one place to other respectably instead of dragging themselves on ground.

  9. Technical training for jobless young men.
    Our two computer center are working in Hyderabad and Khipro Sind. 20 young boys/ girls are getting training there in course no 25 and 26. In all of our 24 courses completed so far, 97 boys have been trained in AC/fridge repairs, 53 as Electricians, 11 as Motor cycle mechanic, 51 in computer, 62 as plumbers and 40 as Auto Electricians. A total of 314 young boys and girls were given trade training to earn for themselves and their families.

  10. Education in desert areas of Sind.
    There are many areas in Thar Desert and rural Sind where children have no schools to go in 5/10 Km radius. At places Govt. school buildings are available but teachers have not been posted. Generation after generation are illiterate in these areas. Total no of schools run by trust are 21, in which 993 children are now studying. Now we have started one school in Baluchistan as well. These are in five Tehsils of Thar namely Islamkot, Nangar Parkar, Kaloi, Deplo, Chhachhro and Khipro. Each school has 45 to 110 children. Cost of school is Rs. 10,000 per month but donors should contribute on yearly basis for ease of account keeping. We pay Rs.10,000 to teacher. Photos of the all schools with banners having names of Donors have been sent to them.

  11. Establishment of Medical camps in hilly areas.
    Due to epidemic camps are not held presently. Med Camp no 107 was held in village Dubran, District Abbottabad in Feb in which 108 patients were given medical help. In total 9,925 patients were given free medical treatment since 2012. These camps are arranged by one brother & his sister for the Esal-e-Sawab of their parents. Jazak Allah

  12. Child Care Center
    Through the efforts of Mr S. Nazim Ali from USA, Two child care centers have started working in Deplo, Thar and Second in village Sain Dinu Malah, Jamshoro, Sind. 7th camp was held there in May in which 99 patients were treated. Due epidemic camps are not being held presently.

  13. Trees Plantation
    During Feb/ March we distributed 2750 trees among farmers in in KPK and Thar Desert areas. 1500 more trees were planted in June/July 2021 in Thar. This program will continue in August. In total 16,644 fruit/ other trees were distributed in last many years.

  14. Training women in stitching of clothes.
    In Five centers that we are running 50 girls are learning stitching of clothes. In Thar/ Sind 166 girls completed training in stitching clothes. Thanks to LFCT 4rth course has started in these centers with 30 girls under training. These centers are located in Mirpur khas, Tando Allah Yar and Chhachhro. Two more centers are working in Rawalpindi. 21 women/ girls are under training there. Till now 380 have completed training successfully.

  15. Shoes/ jackets for bare footed children in Desert areas.

    285 pairs of chappal were distributed this year in Thar schools. Total no given is 1276. In addition this year we distributed 660 jacket were also distributed among children.

  16. Ramzan Package for widows and poor.
    During Ramzan 2080 widows and some very poor disable people were given Rs. 5000 each in Districts Skurdu in Galgit. Khuzdar, Awaran and Jaffar abad in Balochistan. Abbottabad, Haripur, Malakand & Takht Bhai in KPK. Rawalpindi, Rajan pur and DG Khan of Punjab and 13 Tehsils of Sindh / Thar ( Islamkot, Mithi, Nangar Parkar, Kaloi, Deplo, Chhachro, Mirpur Khas, Tando Allah Yar Khan, Tando Muhammad Khan, Jhudo, Thatha, Badin, Khipro) were helped. 200 more were helped with stores. Credit goes to all our donors who helped us in this cause. Donors are sent photos of receiving widows with their name written on a display card for their satisfaction.

    Stay blessed and we pray to Allah to shower His blessings on all the donors and their families. Ameen!

Col Mushtaq Ahmad (R)
It is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness.

(''Pravalli'' is pothohari language word, spoken around Islamabad, meaning ''brotherhood'')

These works are being done through donation. My contribution is almost nil. I am only a facilitator. Allah's blessings be on donors. We do not have trust office/ transport or employees to ensure that max of donations reach the needy.
Warm regards,
Col (R) Mushtaq Ahmad

War News

 War News

Four rapid Taliban Victories indicate Kabul regime is desperate.

American B-52 bombers reportedly caused heavy losses.

On Friday, August 6, Taliban captured Zanjan, a provincial capital near Iran.

On August 7, Taliban captured Shebergan, in the northwest. This was the stronghold of notorious war criminal Dostum.

On August 8, Taliban captured the strategic northern capital of Kunduz and the city of Sar e Pul.

Advances on Herat and Lashkargah were stopped when USA used its biggest bombers, B-52s. Details are not available but reports indicate American bombing killed scores of people.

The Kabul regime says it is mobilizing to re-take the lost cities.

Mozambique [East Africa]

BBC is reporting that the arrival of large forces from Rawanda, South Africa and Botswana has overwhelmed Islamic militants led by ISIS. However details are lacking.

South Lebanon

On August 6, Lebanese hizbullah fired a barrage of rockets at Israel after Israel provocations and intrusions into Lebanese air space.

This is the first Hizbullah response to Israel since the war of 2oo6.


New Trend welcomes Raisi, the newly elected President of Iran. We urge Iran to stop fighting Islamic forces in Syria and focus on Israel. The Zionist entity has attacked Iranian weapons supplies and structures in Syria more than 20 times with no Iranian response.


The Baghdad regime is controlling information about the conflict. Only these tit bits have come out.

In the Kirkuk area, ISIS raiders killed two federal police officers and wounded two. One ISIS member was killed in the clash, Baghdad regime reported.

In another raid near Baghdad a regime soldier was killed.

Near Mosul IS kidaped 5 people and injured 3.

Report on Torture in Assad's Prisons.
Uzbek Volunteers Arrive.

August 6, First clash between Assad troops [Iranians?] and a jihad group from Uzbekistan at Maarat un Nauman [the Idlib border] killed 6 Assad troops and 4 Uzbeks.

In the mountain area, a Muslim sniper killed an Assad soldier.

August 8, Assad regime opened heavy artillery fire in Sahl a-Ghab area of in NW Hama province killing 4 children and wounding one. A Turkish military post also came under Assad's artillery fire. [SOHR news]. Opposition responded with rocket fire.

On the border of southern Idlib province, Assad's troops and mujahedine exchanged machine gun fire. Russian air strikes are reported.

A civilian from al-Raqqah province died of torture in Assad's prison after 5 years of detention. SOHR has recorded more than 104,000 who have been executed in Assad's persons since 2013. Of these 47492 died under torture including 339 children. [Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.]

August 7. In Deraa province, the people are denouncing the regime of Assad. The regime has surrounded the city of Deraa and is firing into the city.

Advances by the regime were thwarted by the resistance using machine guns. Russia wants cease fire but regime is ignoring cease fire.

Syrians supporting Turkey in north east of Manbig, [Aleppo province] are firing at Assad's military with heavy weapons.

Deir ez-Zor-Palmyra road: a regime militia man was killed in an ISIS ambush. SOHR reports IS using IEDs to attack Assad's check points.

A drone in the western Aleppo regime controlled area burned and crashed.

Russian bombing of IS positions continues. No details.

Life within the United States

Investigating New York Governor Cuomo
by Sis. Aisha
Jamaat al-Muslimeen

This past week, New York Attorney General Letitia James concluded her investigation of sexual harassment claims against New York Governor Andrew Cuomo in a 165-page report. Over 179 people had been interviewed and 70,000 pieces of evidence examined, including viewing the texts of these women sent to family and friends. The attorney general concluded that Governor Cuomo did indeed sexually harass 11 women. The report also accused the Cuomo administration of being a "hostile work environment."

In response to this report, Governor Cuomo immediately released a videotaped denial of all these accusations. It was very Clinton-esque. One of these accusations is criminal with a female aide saying Cuomo groped her. Also, a new claim has been revealed where a female state trooper, assigned to Governor Andrew Cuomo, said he touched her inappropriately.

Governor Cuomo has previously released videos of himself greeting people with a kiss on the cheek, forehead, and hand, which is customary in Latin culture. He has stated that people may have misunderstood his intentions.

Now, powerful Democrats, such as President Biden, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, as well NY Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie are calling for Governor Cuomo to resign. If he refuses, then the NY State Assembly (legislators) can impeach him.

Corrupt politicians going after corrupt politicians is a very hypocritical move. A move that has been unsuccessful when it involves sexual harassment of women. Many male politicians engage in this sort of this behavior. It comes with the territory of being male. Cuomo just happens to be a powerful New York politician, which would make removing him from his job more difficult than if he were an average guy. But, it can be done!

The question is when will it be done? A few of these assembly members have some sort of relationship with Cuomo. There are pictures of them at ribbon-cutting ceremonies and even Assembly Speaker Heastie took his time when it came to taking support away from the governor. A major difference with these circumstances is that these are not women Governor Cuomo had affairs with and none of them welcomed his advances. Based on the report, Governor Cuomo took liberties with these women.

It is very difficult for women to be taken seriously by their male bosses or colleagues. One woman, who came forward, former staff member Ana Liss, was told to wear high heels and that the governor liked blondes. She said she felt like an ornament. She also stated that just like her the careers of many of these accusers have suffered.

There is a penalty White women have paid ever since they experienced their first taste of freedom outside of the home during World War II. It was then that White women, in particular, were called on to take over their men's jobs in the factories and even in sports (remember the movie, "A League of Their Own?"). But, when the war was over and men started coming back home to return to those same factory jobs, women refused to leave them. White men have always been resentful of this empowering move. One such display of their resentment was the classic Hollywood film noir "Mildred Pierce," starring Joan Crawford, which warned viewers about the dangers of being a confident working mother.

Being a career woman comes with a price. Although she may be in a better position to handle it, even being an entrepreneur does not completely shield the working woman from male chauvinist oppression.

(Source: "New York's Attorney General Releases Report On Cuomo Harassment Probe," 8/4/21 )

Guidance From Sis. Yasmin

  1. Tawbah (Repentance)
    "For Allah loves those who turn to Him constantly
    (in repentance)"
    [Source~ Qur'an~ 2:222]
  2. Tahara (Purification)
    "Allah loves those who keep themselves pure
    and clean."
    [Source~ Qur'an~ 2:222]
  3. Ihsan (Goodness & Perfection)
    "For Allah loves those who do good (to others)"
    [Source~ Qur'an~ 3:134]
  4. Sabr (Patience)
    "And Allah Loves those who are firm and steadfast
    (As-Sabirin (the patient))."
    [Source~ Qur'an~ 3:146]
  5. Tawakkul (Trust in Allah)
    "For Allah loves those who put their trust
    (in Him)."
    [Source~ Qur'an~ 3:159]
  6. Adl (Justice)
    "For Allah loves those who act justly."
    [Source~ Qur'an~ 5:42]
    "For Allah loves those who are fair (and just)."
    [Source~ Qur'an~ 49:9]
  7. Taqwa (Piety)
    "For Allah loves the righteous (the pious)."
    [Source~ Qur'an~ 9:4]

~Y a s m i n ~
"All that is on earth will Perish. But will abide {Forever}
the Face of thy Lord, full of Majesty, Bounty and Honour"
{'Qur'an'- Surah Al-Rahman-55.26-27}

I Want to Die With my Forehead on the Ground!
The Sunnah in my Heart, Allah on my Mind,
Qur'an on my Tongue, and Tears in my Eyes!
{'In Shaa Allah' ~'Aameen'~ }

' Son of Adam! You are nothing but a number of days,
whenever each day passes then part of you has Gone.
{Al-Hasan Al-Basree (R)}

Today is the second anniversary of the revocation of Article 370 of the Indian constitution.

Kashmir and the World's Conscience
By Waheeduddin Ahmed Ph.D.

"Kashmir in a Cage", an Op Ed article written by Mohammed Hanif, that appeared in the New York Times of August 8, 2019, is an excellent analysis of the issue. Not many Pakistanis have articulated the case so eloquently. Also, the paper's editorial under the heading "India Tempts Fate in Kashmir" is deserving of appreciation. With a couple of exceptions, no such journalistic clarity is manifest in the so-called friendly (Islamic) countries. On the contrary, they have demonstrated a worrisome bias towards India's narrative that Kashmir is its internal matter. If their morality deserts them in such a clear cut case of dishonesty and deceit, quite similar to the plight of Palestinians, then all moral values go out of the window. They may as well return to the times of jahiliyyah. However, it is incumbent upon us to take this phenomenon seriously because this perfidy is the harbinger of the tectonic shift that is occurring in all basic international relations. Trump, Sisi, MBS, MBZ, Orban, Matteo Salvini, Narendra Modi and others are not accidents of history but logical progression of history.

Groupings of countries do not occur at random. They occur on the basis of commonalities, such as, geography, language, culture and religion. Most importantly however, they are goal oriented. NATO, SEATO, CENTO and Warsaw Pact all had certain goals in mind. The organization of Non-aligned nations formed in Bandung in 1955 had goals. The Arab League had a goal of defeating aggressive plans of Israel. In 1974, Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, using his immense charisma and political acumen, held a summit of the leaders of the Islamic countries in Lahore. The goal was to cement solidarity between Muslim countries to safeguard their common interests.

So, are those goals in focus today? Hardly! The Soviet Union has been dissolved. Nato is a charade, used now for gangsterism such as to kill Qaddafi. The Arab League is a wanderer in the wilderness trying to find a definition for who is Arab. Moreover, the member states have decided that Israel is invincible, so if you cannot fight him join him for some material gains. We have recurring feasts of sacrifices; the Palestinians are healthy sacrificial lambs. As for the Islamic solidarity, it is by far an oft repeated empty slogan. The solidarity, if there was any, is melting and yielding ground to liquidity. The concept of Ummah, which the Qur'an introduced in the Seventh century, is being buried in its birthplace after one and a half millennia. Islam sits lightly in the capitals of Arab countries now, especially those inhabited by the casino princes. So, welcome to the tectonic shift!

The global conflict of today is not between the military powers capable of launching nuclear warheads across nations but commercial juggernauts who can launch trade vessels across oceans. The USA and China fit the definition. China today is not an ideological monolith but a giant commercial enterprise, working tirelessly to gain new markets and outlets for its goods and building transportation lines. It is no longer interested in barren and frozen lands like in 1962 but in naval bases and in political landscapes that can yield benefits. So, if it cold-shoulders Pakistan in the case of Kashmir, don't be surprised. If you have been rudely awakened from your dreams, don't keep rubbing your eyes forever. Get up, gather your wits, reorient and rearrange as the smart ones are doing. The fittest will survive in this world of Darwinian competition.

In view of these hard facts, how can we step into the future? Honestly, the future does not seem to be so deterministic as the philosopher's dream. In order to be clear about it, we have to dispel the smog of the present, which nullifies logical arguments. Ibn Khaldun's philosophy of history or Hegelian dialectics fail to provide clear answers. When Samuel Huntington wrote: "Clash of Civilizations", we all criticized him but he was right, except that his choice of the word "civilization" was perhaps inappropriate. Let me remind you that a clash has already occurred, which resulted in the destruction of many established political entities in the Middle East and North Africa, a region which has been the core of the Islamic civilization for many centuries. It now lies in ruins.

Clashes may occur in various modes. One such mode is prejudicial viewpoint, which is being played out in Europe and America today. Such a clash feeds on the ignorance of a class of people, a class, of which there is no dearth in the West. Ignorance is a pestilence which spreads due to misinformation and miseducation, a process which is now facilitated by the electronic media. It claims lives, like millions who died due to the great plague in medieval Europe. Plague does not discriminate between intellectual and nonintellectual victims, so neither does cognitive dissonance, the blockade of truth by the conscious mind.

The great industrial civilizations, which nurture scientists and artists, if inflected by such disease, lose their resilience and become antithetical to reason. The specter of worldwide amnesia of enlightenment on the part of the enlightened, is a terrifying prospect. Germany was full of scientists, inventors, philosophers and artists in the first half of the Twentieth century. It took only the rise of National Socialism to knock Germany out of enlightenment. The Right is rising again in Europe, America and India and a new brand of Fascism is revealing itself. The voices of caution and cognition are mute, making it possible for history to repeat itself. Logical progression of history is being falsified.

Narendra Modi is not one who is making history; he is a symptom of a disease. There is a god in the Hindu pantheon with a human body and an elephantine head. When Modi declares that the god was the handiwork of Indian surgeons who performed "plastic surgery" (what he meant was body transplant) to produce this creature, millions of scientists and students graduating in science from India's prestigious universities kept silent, giving credence to such Hindutva absurdity. Antiscience has carried the day in India to the utter shame of millions of bright scientists. The rape of Kashmir is a landmark in international criminality. The political pundits and righteousness preachers are hiding their faces in saffron.

In summation, I would have to say that Kashmir was a test case. Do ethics and morality still matter? Does humanity have a future? Shall the Hindu men from the Indian state of Haryana be given license to kidnap Kashmiri girls, as they are promising to do --- they have a shortage of women due to the abortion of female fetuses? Are you prepared to sacrifice your Christianity, your Judaism, your Ahimsa and your Nirvana at the altar of your Islamophobia? The big question is: can the possibility of nuclear war between India and Pakistan be ignored?

August 12, 2019

Biggest Myths of the Second World War.

Demolition of the Biggest Idol of our Times.

Commandant of Auschwitz by Carlo Mattogno and Rudolf Hoss. 394 pages. Translated by Germar Rudolf. Castle Hill Publishers, P.O. Box 243, Uckfield, TN22 9AW, Great Britain. November 2017. [Contains copies of original confessions and documents.]

It's a very systematic book and step by step it destroys the biggest idol of Zionism. The globally distributed story of millions gassed at Auschwitz is based on the stories told by the Commandant of this notorious concentration camp, Rudolf Hoss.

The Commandant was traced and captured by the British after the defeat of Germany. The British subjected him to ongoing torture starting with taking all his clothes off in bitter winter weather. His wife and children were also arrested and threatened with deportation to Siberia. The Russians and the British were working together. The Russians had been issuing smear propaganda about Auschwitz even before Hoss was captured.

Once Hoss realized that he had no future and he had to cooperate with his captors if he wanted at least to save his family. Confessions were written for him and he had no choice but to sign them. He signed all kinds of confessions, including some in English which he could not understand. Some he was forced to write himself.

The book produces all of Hoss's confessions without comments. The confessions themselves are enough for any intelligent reader to see that they are bogus. Hoss repeatedly took blame for all that had supposedly happened at Auschwitz. He ended up with taking the blame for the deaths of more than TWO MILLION people.

Once his captors saw that he would "confess" to anything they wanted, they fed him more and more atrocity propaganda, all of which he regurgitated as part of his own knowledge.

Emboldened by their success in terrorizing the Commandant, his captors kept adding to what he "knew". They even claimed that he had met Germany's top leaders including Eichmann and even Himmler who plotted the destruction of the entire Jewish population [though these meetings never happened[.

As if not satisfied with this success, the captors brought him into the post-war trials of some other German leaders who were to be punished by the guilt of association with him.

The author has done a great job of presenting Hoss's entire book of crimes in his own words. The numbers are big enough to destroy any conventional rational response.

The author then carries out a scientific study which shows that Hoss's entire book of confessions was nothing but fabrication. One of the most enlightening scenes is the document in which the gardener at Auschwitz is brought in to confront Hoss and is shocked to hear Hoss proclaiming his guilt and complete responsibility for the deaths of more than two million people plus 700 Russian POWs.

After a while Hoss took off on his own and no more had to be tutored. He was handed over to the Polish authorities and there he simply accepted responsibility for the entire German criminality known as the :"holocaust."

The process of demolition of the entire idol of the Israeli theory of victimhood is very detailed. Unless there is someone on the Israeli side who can answer this blockbuster critique of established stories of horror, this is the beginning of the end of the myths which have been perpetuated worldwide.

Despite all his cooperation in the service of his oppressors, he was hanged after he had been drained of all his stories.

[After this translation, Germar Rudolf has published a huge critique of the myth which is even more scientific and detailed than this one. Unless this is answered, Israel's mythology is on the way to its demise.]


Some People Love the Editor of New Trend.

Br. Shaikh Hyder lives in Toronto, Canada.
He is a veteran supporter of Jamaat al-Muslimeen and in particular helps the orphans of Mali and Ghana [via Br. Abu Talib].

Very recently, he travelled all the way to Baltimore and prayed with Br. Kaukab. In spite of his age, he is physically strong and determined to continue with his staunch faith in Allah and His Prophet, pbuh.

Although his family were very worried about his ability to travel in these hot days when travel even by plane is exhausting, he made it.

Although our masjid is very small, he was happy to see the brotherhood-sisterhood in the masjid.

May Allah bless him and give him continuing health and long life.

The Rohingya Muslims: the victims of the worst war crimes
Dr. Firoz Mahboob Kamal

In terms of stipulated war-objective, the success of the Myanmar Army is huge. They could get a quick success only by committing horrendous war crimes. Their war was purely genocidal. Because of electronic social media, crimes were visible all over the world. The enemy of the Myanmar Army wasn't a foreign power. The military objective of the war wasn't to liberate any land from any enemy occupation. The declared enemy is an unarmed people of Myanmar called Rohingya Muslims. And the war objective was to cause genocidal cleansing of the Muslim people from their traditional homeland called Arakan -later on, named as Rakhine state.

The Army has left no political, social, educational, economic, and not even a survival space for the Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar. For saving a life, they had no other option but to make a desperate move to migrate to Bangladesh amidst extreme hardships. They even used ramshackle rafts made of plastic cans to cross a big river. Most of the Rohingya villages are burnt down, the homes are destroyed, the farmlands and businesses are occupied. Therefore, even if the Myanmar government is compelled to take them back by international pressure, there remains no infrastructure or emotional element in Arakan to give them shelter or a sense of comfort for returning back to their motherland. They only survive with a huge open wound in their traumatized psyche. The sharp memory of being killed, gang-raped, and brutally tortured by the Army personnel will survive through ages. How the Rohingya women can ever forget the pain of being raped day and night by the Buddhist sex predators at their wish. It is not a political or racial problem, rather an awful moral problem of the Myanmar government and the Army. They have shown no moral ability to acknowledge such ugliest crime as crime, let alone condemn it. No amount of political negotiation can remove this huge ugly scar from the traumatized psyche of the Rohingya Muslims.

The Rohingya people who are now labeled as the enemy of Myanmar are the people who were recognized as the sons of the soil and legal citizens for centuries. Even in the recent past, they took part in politics and became members of the parliament. They participated in the liberation movement against the colonial rule of the British. Such a historic status of the Muslims of Arakan was annulled 35 years ago in1982 by a military dictator. Thus they were made stateless. By any definition, it is itself a horrendous crime against humanity. Although such a politically and racially motivated annulment of citizenship of the Rohingya Muslims created the whole backdrop of the ongoing genocidal war, the UNO and other world powers showed little moral and humanitarian responsibility to put the necessary pressure on the Myanmar government to undo it. As a result, the whole Arakan -once peaceful land of a historic Muslim state, is the site of rampant war crimes against the local Muslims.

stal borders, which is much longer than that of Myanmar itself. Before the initiation of ethnic cleansing, the Rohingya Muslims were in majority in Arakan. Prior to the Burmese invasion in the eighteenth century, the forefathers of these Rohingya Muslim people had a Muslim sultanate there. The state even extended to the south-eastern part of Bangladesh. Chittagong -the largest port city of Bangladesh was part of it. In the fifteenth and sixteenth century AD, the Bengali language got a huge boost in the royal palace of Arakan. Most of the noted contemporary Bengali poets were related to its royal court. In the whole history of Arakan, even in the history of Myanmar, there doesn't exist a single mention that the Rohingya Muslims were the foreign intruders. They are known as the son of the soil. On the contrary, the Burmese Buddhists -known as the Rakhine minority in Arakan, are immigrants from the central Buddhist heartland of Myanmar.

Building border on ethnic or linguistic lines is a very recent phenomenon in human history. Such a barrier didn't exist in South Asia even 100 years ago. Therefore, a man from Yangon in Myanmar could easily travel to Kolkata in India or Dhaka in Bangladesh without any barrier and could build a house or open a business there. It was also true for a man journeying in the opposite direction. Hence, one can easily find ethnic, linguistic, or religious linkage or continuity spread over all the south Asian countries. And Myanmar is not an exception. Bangladesh itself is a multi-ethnic and multi-religious country with millions of people having ethnic and religious linkage with the people of various states of India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, Central Asia, Arab, Turkey, and Myanmar. Hence, one can easily discover trans-border ethnic, linguistic, or religious continuity spread over Bangladesh and its neighbors. Such linkage is also true for the people living in Myanmar. It is a process of slow social diffusion that takes place through ages. It is indeed the part of human history that caused such a mix-up of people of different races, languages, and religions through centuries.

Hence, such an ethnic linkage should not be used to commit "push-in", forced eviction, or genocide against any people. Only the people with extreme racism and pathological hatred against people of other religions or races can deny such sociological reality. Awfully, the ultranationalist civil and military elite of Myanmar have proven to be infected with such toxic moral disease of racism cum radical nationalism. To make the situation much worse, they have powerful patrons like China, Russia, and India to support their crime. As a result, the UN, the International Criminal Court, and other international bodies fail to bring the terrible war criminals to justice. Therefore, the war criminals are let loose to do all the worst crimes on earth. And the Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar continue to suffer. The western leaders thought that keeping a blind eye on the Myanmar government was necessary to help Aung San Suu Kyi's elected government to get strength. But such opportunity was not allowed to the democratically elected government in Palestine and Egypt. They didn't need to commit any genocidal crime to get toppled by the west-sponsored military junta. However, Aung Sun Suu Kyi's government now stands deposed and she herself is now in jail. Despite her advocacy for the military criminals in the Internationa Criminal Court, also became a victim of the Myanmar military. Friendship with wolves only can cause disaster; Aung Sun Suu Kyi proved that.

Aung San Suu Kyi -while in power showed her gross cognitive inability to see even the most robust crimes of the Army. On 2 November 2017, after more than a month of the initiation of the massive crime, she could take some time to visit Arakan. Strangely, visible evidence of war crimes of the Myanmar Army like mass murder, torture and rape, arson and wholesale destruction of villages, and forcible expulsion from their home appeared to her as the bipartisan quarrel between the Rohingya Muslims and the local Rakhine Buddhists. As if, the Rohingya Muslims are the equal partner of the same crime. As if, the Rohingya Muslims' participation has caused similar mass murder, torture and rape, arson and wholesale destruction of villages and expulsion from their home on the local Buddhists, too.

Islamophobia is the cause

Because of the politically motivated Islamophobia and the extreme form of hatred against the Muslims, the Myanmar government, the Buddhist monks, and the ultra-nationalist Burmese political elites wants to roll back the whole march of history and want to give a fabricated narrative with their sick ultranationalist motive. For that, they are not only inventing new lies but also committing appalling crimes. They have already demonstrated by their action that they want to destroy all the elements of existing Islamic history, legacies, icons, and the Muslim institutions of Arakan. They are committed to giving Arakan a new identity and want to make it a land exclusively for the Buddhist Rakhine tribe. Therefore, the genocidal cleansing of the Rohingya Muslims has been so fundamental to their political objective. To start the process decisively, they needed to put a new name for the old state of Arakan. Hence, it is renamed as Rakhine state after the name of the minority Buddhist Rakhine tribe. In order to attain full Bhuddhistisation of Muslim Arakan, they started genocidal cleansing of the Rohingya Muslims. This is why, along with dismantling the mosques and the Islamic schools, ethnic cleansing of the Rohingya Muslims became the central piece of their military operation.

A new Israel

The Myanmar government, the ultranationalist civil and military elites, and the Buddhist monks are not ready to accept the Rohingya Muslims as part of Myanmar. They label them illegal Bengali infiltrators from Bangladesh. As if Arakan -now Rakhine state was a land without any inhabitants in the past. What could be the worst fabrication of history than this? A lie always gives birth to evils. Thus lies can cause catastrophic crimes on earth. Such lies have always been manufactured and used by war criminals to ignite a war against others only to support their criminal motives. That has exactly happened in the case of the current war against the Rohingya Muslims.

Myanmar has become a new Israel in South East Asia. It is bizarre and extremely inhuman that the whole ethnic group of Rohingya Muslims should lose their citizenship and meet the genocidal cleansing because of their ethnicity, skin color, language, and religious belief. The annulment of citizenship of the Rohingya Muslims was indeed an expression of a robust apartheid agenda of the Myanmar government. It was done only to invent the necessary pretext to portray these artificially made stateless people as the infiltrators from Bangladesh -thereby justifying their forced eviction.

In order to promote blatant lies, the Myanmar government is ignoring some basic historical facts. It is well known that before the annulment of citizenship of the Rohingya Muslims by the military rulers in 1982, the same Rohingya people used to be elected as the member of the parliament. They served in the government offices and even in the Army. The Rohingya children used to get admission in schools, colleges, and universities and enjoy other civic rights. But when the racially motivated Army grabbed the power, everything changed. By mass scale annulment of citizenship of more than a million of its known citizens, the Myanmar government has indeed made a pretext for the annihilation of a people with a dissimilar race, religion, and language from the Buddhist majority. So far, no country in the world has made its own known citizens stateless in such a huge number.

Myanmar is a country impregnated with many old insurgency wars. Many ethnic tribes want independence from Myanmar. It is worth noting that despite separatist war by many ethnic and linguistic entities for many decades, the citizenship of those insurgents has never been annulled. There is no proof that the Rohingya Muslims did any war against the state of Myanmar. But the government is behaving differently with the Rohingya Muslims. Not only they were deprived of citizenship, rather a genocidal war has been imposed on them. The war has caused torture, death, rape, arson, and eviction of more than 900,000 unarmed people.

In Myanmar, the Rohingya Muslims are portrayed as the enemy of the majority Buddhists. They are labeled as the infiltrators from neighboring Bangladesh and projected as the existential threat for the Buddhist people of Myanmar. Thus, they created the fabricated justification for a war of ethnic cleansing of the Rohingya Muslims from Myanmar.

The story didn't end there. They launched a hateful propaganda campaign to make people support the Army-run war against the Rohingya Muslims. The racist monks are also taken as partners in such toxic propaganda. Even Aung San Suu Kyi's party "League for Democracy" also became a part of it. The Army's genocidal war aimed at ethnic cleansing of the whole population of the Rohingya Muslims from their birthplace. The war could cause the fastest-growing refugees in human history; more than half a million were evicted only in 3 weeks. Thus the Myanmar Army could cause a man-made disaster of catastrophic proportions. It is worth noting that after the dismissal of Aung Sun Suu Kyi's civilian government, hundreds of thousands of her supporters protested in the streets. But there was no protest on the streets while the worst genocidal crimes were being done against the Rohingya Muslims. This shows how racism, nationalism, and Islamophobia lethally damage the moral fabric of the common men and women. As a result, the people then lose the ethical instinct to condemn even the worst evil on the earth.

The Army and other Islamophobes called the war against the Rohingya Muslims a legitimate campaign to free Myanmar from illegal infiltrators from Bangladesh. The enforced delegitimization of citizenship of the Rohingya Muslims is being used not only to use it as a ploy to justify the cancellation of all political, economic, educational, job, and health care entitlement of the Rohingya Muslims but also to launch a war on them. Thus, even the survival right of the Rohingya Muslims on the soil of their birth is taken away.

The geopolitics and the ideological congruity

Hypocrisy and trickery have always been parts of the imperialists' policy against Muslims. Justice, morality, and human rights have no space in their politics. The imperialist-led UNO promised a plebiscite for deciding the fate of Kashmir -whether to go to Pakistan or India or stay independent. But that didn't happen. The UNO and all the western and the eastern powers promised the right of return to the evicted Palestinians to their ancestral homes. But that didn't happen either. The Palestinians still live in concentration camps. These are ghettos in the occupied West Bank, Lebanon, Jordan, and Syria. On their cleansed lands, the Israeli government built luxurious apartments for Jewish immigrants from different parts of the world. Thus the foreign Jews are being enticed to settle in Palestine. Those who decide the fate of world politics pay blind eyes to such an awful show of obvious crimes. The same calamitous crime is being perpetrated against the Rohingya Muslims.

Arakan -the Rakhine state has enormous economic and geopolitical strategic importance. The ruling Burmese nationalist majority planned to confiscate 1.2 million hectares of land of Rakhine state. They need this land to build Special Economic Zones (SPZ) for Japanese, Chinese, Indian, and other multinational companies. They need land to build a deep seaport for China and another deep seaport for India. Till January 2017, China's investment in Myanmar reached $18.53 billion and considers Myanmar an important tool in its One Belt, One Road initiative. China, India, and Russia also find strong ideological congruity to support the Myanmar Army. The Russians have their Muslim Caucasus, China has its Xin Xiang and India has its Kashmir to practice similar crimes against the native Muslims.

The Myanmar government needs a huge area of empty land to build barracks for the Army and the other security forces to ensure security to these economic establishments. Hence they needed to ethnically cleanse the originally settled Rohingya Muslims from the land. To show the justification of the crime, they needed to do another crime. In 1982, they deprived the Rohingya Muslims of their nationality right. Now they are telling the world that the Myanmar Army is evicting the foreigners who have no legality to stay in Myanmar. Whereas they have manufactured such illegality only for the political, racial, and economic interests. Now they have given the evicted people a new tag of identity called refugees.

This is why the perpetrators of genocidal crimes in Myanmar don't stand alone either. They have powerful patrons to appreciate their crimes. China, India, Russia, and Japan stand firmly on their side. Hence no one on the earth dare prosecute their crimes.

No ray of light in the tunnel

The Bangladesh government works on its own plan. The government is using all of its diplomatic channels to persuade the Myanmar government to take back the Rohingya refugees. But Bangladesh possesses little diplomatic muscle to influence the policy of the arrogant Myanmar Army. The UNO, the USA, the EU, and other world powers also failed to make any influence. A plan doesn't work if it doesn't possess enough political will and power of leverage. As a result, about a million Rohingya refugees still suffer in horrific refugee camps in Bangladesh.

In 1992, the Bangladesh government achieved some success with the collaboration of the UNO to persuade the Myanmar government to take back some of the refugees. But that didn't help them to return back to their own ancestral homes. They are kept in prison-like concentration camps made for the displaced people. Their lands, homesteads, and business establishments still stay occupied by the Army, the Police, and other state institutions.

The restoration of citizenship of the Rohingya Muslims is the key to solve the problem. Only then they will be entitled to enjoy basic human rights and other legal entitlement. Otherwise, the mere return to Myanmar will not solve the problem. They will enter from a refugee camp in Bangladesh to another prison-like refugee camp in Myanmar. It is the grotesque failure of the UNO and other big players that didn't go further to pressurize the Myanmar government to restore the citizenship right of the Rohingya people. As a result, the statement stays. China still stands firmly behind the Myanmar Army. So the suffering of the Rohingya people continues. They don't see any ray of light in the long dark tunnel.


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