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23 Zulhijja 1442 A.H. - August 1 2021 Issue # 31, Newsletter #1926

 David Irving

Churchill did not want Peace,
So millions died and Russia captured all of eastern Europe.

A hidden tragedy of World War 2.
Review by Kaukab Siddique, PhD

Hess:the Missing Years 1941-1945 with new documents by David Irving: Focal Point Publications,
403 pages.

Rudolf Hess was second only to Hitler in Germany when Hitler was challenging the western powers. Hess saw the necessity of peace. Germany was powerful but could not sustain open ended war.

Hess decided to sacrifice his high position in Germany and put his life on the line to achieve peace. He was an expert pilot. He flew to Britain and parachuted into an area where he thought British elites who were desirous of peace were not too far away. He allowed his plane to crash thus making sure that there was only one way forward, to achieve peace.

Hess had been in contact with British elites who did not want war. He thought he could convince them that Hitler would be amenable to peace if negotiations for peace were carried out. Unfortunately for him, Winston Churchill was in charge of Britain at that time and was determined to carry on the war and to drag USA and USSR into it.

Churchill realized the danger to his agenda from the sudden arrival of Hess, a man second only to Hitler in Germany. Churchill made sure that Hess would not be able to meet anyone, not even the media. The peacemaker became a prisoner right from the beginning..

In the years that followed, Churchill took severe measures that sealed Hess off from the world. How this man following the highest ideals of peace survived solitary confinement is a heart wrenching story well told by Britain's greatest historian David Irving.

After the war ended, all of Germany's top leaders who had survived the war were brought to trial at Nuremburg as criminals and the enemies of Jews.

They were tried for crimes which the western allies and the Soviet Union too had committed. It was a war in which there were no angels,

In the show trials enacted to punish the leaders of Germany, Hess showed that in spite of years of isolation, he had not lost his will power and his sanity. He fooled the victorious western powers into thinking that he had amnesia and could not remember anything. His captors tried everything to break his silence but he was unshakeable. Thus he saw the drama of the fake trials as a critical observer. Finally, when even his attorney was fooled into thinking that he could not speak for himself, he broke his silence to reject all the charges and to regain his dignity and his loyalty to Germany and Hitler, the greatest hero Germany has ever had. This stern moral stance of Hess was tantamount to putting an end to his own existence because after the war ended, no one dared to say a word favorable to Hitler. Irving has translated Hess' final statement in court which could make any human being proud. He sounds like a Muslim.. The book is worth reading only for that.

At the points of serious provocation by Jews against Germany, Hess as Hitler's Deputy had clearly ordered that no violence or inhumane steps be taken against Jews, So, he cannot be accused of anti-Semitism. Irving has documented Hess' orders forbidding such violence. People often forget, owing to Zionist control of the media, that the war was not about Jews but about Germany's honor and selfhood.

Those who focus on the suffering of the Jews often forget that German cities, ALL of THEM, were literally incinerated, burned to the ground at the express orders of Winston Churchill. The British leader was undoubtedly the mass murderer of the German civilian populations.


Armed Islamic Groups Regrouping.
New Trend Monitor.

Reports indicate that TTP, [Tehrike Talibane Pakistan] a major target of Pakistani army propaganda, is re-organizing and mobilizing.

Also there are reports from near the China-Pakistan border that "militants" are mobilizing in support of the Uighur Muslims whom Pakistan has abandoned and China has enclosed in concentration camps.

Pakistan army's guns are silent on the Kashmir. Pakistan's ISI chief is in American seeking "guidance" on how to calm down the Taliban.

Pakistan's National Security chief is also in USA to get his instructions.

This treacherous army always claims that those who support Sharia are Indian agents. No Pakistani dare contradict them.

Remember than Imran Khan even supports the Communist :Party of China which has put a million Uighur Muslims in concentration camps and is forcing them to eat pork.]

Interestingly India is also opposing the Taliban and has been telling the US Blinkin about Taliban "atrocities."

JI View
Devastating Critique of Imran party .
Masses are Suffering. 2% Elites are in Control.
by Qaisar Sharif

PESHAWAR- July 29: Jamaat-e-Islami Emir Sirajul Haq has said the PTI has badly failed to bring any change in KP, as poverty, bad governance and corruption are at rise and inflation and unemployment are playing havoc in the life of the common man in the province.

Taking to party workers at Markaz-e-Islami Peshawar here on Thursday, he said the government made tall claims to bring development in Fata at time of its merger with KP but all claims remained limited to papers.

He said the people of Pakistan should make collective efforts to get rid of the corrupt system. He said the country needed a peaceful democratic revolution.

He said two percent elite had captured the resources of the country for decades and they did nothing for the welfare of the public. He said the PTI, the PML-N and the PPP ruled over the country for years but they only served their own interests and the feudal and imperialists during their tenures. He said the PTI kept the status quo intact, paying no attention to the economy and governance. The public, he said, wanted a real change now and only the JI could bring this change and had the capacity to transform Pakistan into welfare state.

The JI chief expressed grief over the loss to infrastructure and public property due to recent rains, calling for the emergency measures to cope with the future challenges. He said there was dire need to allocate resources to institutions dealing with natural calamity and emergency situation.

He said the JI and its sister organization were doing their best in the fields of public welfare and volunteers of the JI would continue work in the field of public relief despite limited resources.

War News

 War News


July 31
In Waziristan, mujahideen IED attacks killed 2 Pakistani troops and wounded 9.

July 28. In Karachi a Chinese national was shot and wounded by gunmen on a motor bike,

Earlier on July 14, in the Kohistan district, northern Pakistan, explosive attack on a bus killed 13 people, including 9 Chinese working on a dam project, and wounded 34.

[Observers say this may be the beginning of retaliation for genocide of Uighur Muslims in China. Pakistan has declared that it supports the Chinese Communist Party

Big Flare up in Deraa province. Turkish vs kurdish clashes in north, IS attacked by Russia.

Deraa province. July 29- 31. Local fighters clashed with Assad's occupation forces. Assad's forces directed their guns at civilians to terrorize the population.

Syrian observatory is reporting 12 civilians killed by Assad's troops artillery, rockets and machine guns. Six of the civilians are children.

Eleven local fighters were also killed including a commander.

Nine soldiers of Assad's 4th Division were also killed. Civilians are fleeing. Russia is negotiating a cease fire.

In cities across Syria not under Assad control people rallied to show support for people of Daraa.

Assad forces [Iranian militia, etc] on July 31 exchanged heavy fire with mujahideen groups in western Aleppo province, eastern frontline of Jabal a-Zawiya Irbid province, and western Hama province. Islamic group "Fath al-Mubeen opened heavy fire on Assad troops in western Aleppo province.

July 28-31. Pro-Turkish fighters exchanged fire with Kurdish communists near borders with Turkey.

Islamic State fighters clashed with Assad's troops on the al-Raqqa-Deir Zor border.. 7 Assad troops and 5 IS fighters killed. Russian air strikes forced IS to withdraw.

July 27: Fath al-Mubin Islamic group in northern Latakia hit Assad regime positions with mortar fire.

In eastern Deir ez Zor, eight American helicopters hunting for IS captured 2 Islamic activists and blew up a house.


BBC reports that 200 of the 70,000 Afghans who helped US troops as interpreters arrived in the US on July 29. They and their families will stay at Fort Lee army base near DC till their paperwork is processed.

Nearly 300 of them have been killed in Afghanistan.Another 200 are ready to arrive in the US.

Latest: Taliban mujahideen are advancing into the districts of Kandahar and Herat, two key cities, but are not trying to capture the two cities. They want the cities to gradually surrender.

The capital of Helmand province, Lashkargah, is under tighteniing Taliban pressure,

Taliban have announced that they support education for women within the Islamic context, but not to let women become copies of the westernized women.

US air strikes are now being reported to stop Herat falling to the Talibs.

Mozambique [East Africa]

Non-Muslim forces Rushing to Crush Islamic State led fighters.

After Rwandan troops, more forces have arrived from South Africa and Botswana.

Latest fighting indicates that Islamic advances have been stopped.

Tigray forces which have recaptured their capital and their territory have now advanced into Amhara territory.
Bitter fighting is reported as of July 30.


July 28. A Baghdad regime helicopter attacking ISIS in Tuz Khurmatu district crashed or was shot down. All 5 military officers on board were killed.

The heaquarters of the regime's 66th brigade was raided by IS. Two troops killed 3 wounded.
A US drone is reported to have attacked a pro-Iran military group in Najaf, a holy city of Shias. The Iraqi regime's Prime Minister is visiting the US.

Iran and Israel
Shadow war

A tanker, Mercer Street, belonging to a company, Zodiac Maritime, belonging to an Israeli billionaire, Eyal Ofer, was hit by explosions off the coast of Oman. Two crew members, a British and a Romanian, were killed.

Israel is accusing Iran. [July 28]

BBC has noted an interview with a top-ex spy of Israel who confessed that attacks on Iran's nuclear program have come from Israel.

Life within the United States

Masks and Carbon Dioxide
by Sis. Aisha
[Jamaat al-Muslimeen]

With all of these on-again, off-again mask-wearing mandates, due to COVID-19 upticks and new variants, there is a question about its health risks. The answers to these questions can be conflicting.

Of all the populations in America, children have been the least susceptible to COVID-19. During the first year of the COVID-19 Pandemic, 99.99% of children infected with COVID-19 survived. Between March 2020 and February 2021, it was 25 children, out of 20 million children under the age of 18, who died from COVID-19.

Yet, there are stronger efforts to get children vaccinated, although they were previously exempt. Also, there have been mandates requiring children to wear masks throughout the day in schools.

According to a German study involving 25,930 children, 6 to 17 years old, over 68% complained of headaches, shortness of breath, sadness, irritability, and difficulty concentrating among other things. Children have been at greater risk for developing these symptoms because they have been required to wear masks throughout the school day, which is over six or more hours.

This study was published in the Journal of the American Medical Association for Pediatrics (JAMA Pediatrics). But, the JAMA Pediatrics had to retract its 6/30/2021 article because critics considered the study too random and they had issues with the equipment used to measure the carbon dioxide levels. The editors did not believe that the research team's response sufficiently provided enough evidence to support its data.

However, states such as Texas, Arkansas, Iowa and South Carolina have defied the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) by doing away with mask mandates in their schools or have made wearing masks there optional.

Carbon dioxide is a by-product of our body's cellular functions. Carbon dioxide is then passed on from our bloodstream to our lungs, which expels carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. High levels of carbon dioxide can cause a condition called hypercapnia, which mimics chronic pulmonary obstructive disease (COPD). But, which masks pose the highest risks? Surgical masks, the plastic masks worn by the general public, or cloth masks.

In an article, "Is It Dangerous to Wear a COVID-19 Protective Mask for Too Long?," by Nur Ibrahim, at fact-checker site, Dr. Abrar Ahmad Chughtai, an epidemiologist and lecturer at the School of Public Health and Community Medicine at University of New South Wales Australia, stated that the risk of inhaling dangerous amounts of carbon dioxide with cloth and surgical masks is very low because they are not tight-fitting. He also stated that fatigue, rather than dizziness, was more likely to occur with tight-fitting masks, such as the N95 respirator.

Dr. Chughtai believed that people who experience health problems while wearing masks have pre-existing respiratory illnesses that can make wearing masks problematic. Unlike children, who are cooped up in classrooms, adults do not need to wear masks for prolonged periods. Usually, the general public wears masks for short stints outside the home.

The breathing risks are greater with the N95 respirator masks that healthcare workers wear. Workers wearing the mask for more than few hours experienced headaches and increased breathing frequency. Some facilities provide areas where workers can supplement their oxygen levels, although the amount of oxygen in the environment is enough to do the job.

But, Dr. Vinay Prasad, a hematologist-oncologist and associate professor of medicine at the University of California San Francisco, said the JAMA Pediatrics study and its critics missed the point. Dr. Vinay said the question is when should children wear masks? This is where health officials differ. The World Health Organization (WHO) states that children between the ages of 6-11 years old should wear masks, while the CDC, previously, advised unvaccinated individuals over the age of 2 years old wear a mask. Now, the CDC is including vaccinated individuals in its mask-wearing mandate.

According to Dr. Prasad, no one knows if it is truly beneficial to mask children of any age because the science community, over the past year and a half, has not done any significant research that concludes with any certainty if children wearing masks is harmful or beneficial. Instead, Dr. Prasad claims, many of the conflicting studies in existence are either politically-biased or conducted with preconceived notions, which is why the conclusions are so divided.

Now, a Swansea University study has reported that some plastic masks, unlike the regulated surgical masks, are made up of hazardous materials that have created adverse effects for its wearers, such as the skin condition rosacea. China has become the largest producer of facemasks in the world. But, some plastic facemasks contain heavy metals, such as lead, copper, and antimony. When these masks are discarded they also pose environmental health risks, particularly in our waters.

Trust in Allah and your immune system. Experts are conceding that the wearing of masks outside is unnecessary and are encouraging the use of masks while indoors, instead. Take your vitamins, drink plenty of liquids and get plenty of rest.

(Sources: "More Bad News for Masks" (7/16/21); "Climbing the Pandemic Failures Chart: Research on Masking Kids" (7/7/21))

Guidance From Sis. Yasmin

As-Salaam Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa-Barakatuhu '

On the authority of Abu Hurairah (Radhiallahu ˜Anhu) who said....
~Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) ~said...

ALLAH {Azza Wa Jal } said ...
'I am as My servant thinks I am.
I am with him when he makes mention of ME.
If he makes mention of ME to himself...
I make mention of him to Myself
And--- {?}
If he makes mention of ME in an Assembly,
I make mention of him in an Assembly
better than it.
And if he draws near to ME a hand's span,
I draw near to him an Arm's length !
And --- {?}
if he draws near to ME an Arm's length....
I draw near to him a Fathom's length !
And if he comes to ME walking,
I go to him at Speed' ~ {!}

{Source: Bukhari, Muslim, Tirmidhi, Ibn Majah~} { Hadith Qudsi #15. }

a Little Note...
*Hadith Qudsi* (or Sacred Hadith) are so named because,
unlike the majority of Hadith which are Prophetic Hadith,
their authority (Sanad) is traced back not to the
Prophet ~(Peace and Blessings of Allah be upon him)
but to the Almighty ! {'Subhan Allah'}
Ibn 'Umar (Radhiallahu 'Anhu) said ---
'Do not talk for long without remembering ALLAH for talking much without remembering ALLAH causes hardness of the heart....{!}
The most distant among man from ALLAH
is one with a Hardened Heart".
( Source ~ Tirmidhi )

~My 'Salaams' to all ~
Y a s m i n.

A Message from Br. Boatwright about Imam Abdullah Hasan

[on right]

A terrible case of injustice.
Kaukab Siddiuque has corresponded with Br Hasan for many years and always found him steadfast.
Imam of Muslims in prison.
 Boatwright about Imam Abdullah Hasan

Dennis Boatwright II
JutSplnollgyn onn29 socllaSflt 5rs:1go1l eusdPMh ·
Lucasville 5 death row political prisoner Siddique Abdullah Hasan has been held in solitary confinement since 1993. A few years ago I had the pleasure of visiting this highly intelligent self-taught brotha. He was quickly sentenced to death in 1995 even though the prosecutors admitted he killed no prison guard nor any of the jail-house snitches targeted. In fact, he was convicted of a dragnet conspiracy charge during the height of Islamophobia in the USA in 1993. His legal team is still tirelessly fighting to get his conviction overturned. In the next few weeks a few of us will visit him. You can send support or encouraging words through Carlos Sanders R130559

Biggest Myths of the Second World War.

Demolition of the Biggest Idol of our Times.

Commandant of Auschwitz by Carlo Mattogno and Rudolf Hoss. 394 pages. Translated by Germar Rudolf. Castle Hill Publishers, P.O. Box 243, Uckfield, TN22 9AW, Great Britain. November 2017. [Contains copies of original confessions and documents.]

It's a very systematic book and step by step it destroys the biggest idol of Zionism. The globally distributed story of millions gassed at Auschwitz is based on the stories told by the Commandant of this notorious concentration camp, Rudolf Hoss.

The Commandant was traced and captured by the British after the defeat of Germany. The British subjected him to ongoing torture starting with taking all his clothes off in bitter winter weather. His wife and children were also arrested and threatened with deportation to Siberia. The Russians and the British were working together. The Russians had been issuing smear propaganda about Auschwitz even before Hoss was captured.

Once Hoss realized that he had no future and he had to cooperate with his captors if he wanted at least to save his family. Confessions were written for him and he had no choice but to sign them. He signed all kinds of confessions, including some in English which he could not understand. Some he was forced to write himself.

The book produces all of Hoss's confessions without comments. The confessions themselves are enough for any intelligent reader to see that they are bogus. Hoss repeatedly took blame for all that had supposedly happened at Auschwitz. He ended up with taking the blame for the deaths of more than TWO MILLION people.

Once his captors saw that he would "confess" to anything they wanted, they fed him more and more atrocity propaganda, all of which he regurgitated as part of his own knowledge.

Emboldened by their success in terrorizing the Commandant, his captors kept adding to what he "knew". They even claimed that he had met Germany's top leaders including Eichmann and even Himmler who plotted the destruction of the entire Jewish population [though these meetings never happened[.

As if not satisfied with this success, the captors brought him into the post-war trials of some other German leaders who were to be punished by the guilt of association with h
The author has done a great job of presenting Hoss's entire book of crimes in his own words. The numbers are big enough to destroy any conventional rational response.

The author then carries out a scientific study which shows that Hoss's entire book of confessions was nothing but fabrication. One of the most enlightening scenes is the document in which the gardener at Auschwitz is brought in to confront Hoss and is shocked to hear Hoss proclaiming his guilt and complete responsibility for the deaths of more than two million people plus 700 Russian POWs.

After a while Hoss took off on his own and no more had to be tutored. He was handed over to the Polish authorities and there he simply accepted responsibility for the entire German criminality known as the :"holocaust."

The process of demolition of the entire idol of the Israeli theory of victimhood is very detailed. Unless there is someone on the Israeli side who can answer this blockbuster critique of established stories of horror, this is the beginning of the end of the myths which have been perpetuated worldwide.

Despite all his cooperation in the service of his oppressors, he was hanged after he had been drained of all his stories.

[After this translation, Germar Rudolf has published a huge critique of the myth which is even more scientific and detailed than this one. Unless this is answered, Israel's mythology is on the way to its demise.]


Ben & Jerry Ice cream.
July 26
In support of BDS, Ben and Jerry ice cream decided to stop sales in Israeli settlements.

Although it is a welcome announcement and Israel is countering it strongly, but please note it carefully, It is not aimed at Israel but only at Jewish settlements which have been declared illegal by the UN.

Jamaat al-Muslimeen urges organized boycott of all businesses which support Israel.

The brutal Army occupation of Egypt
Dr Firoz Mahboob Kamal

The Muslim World's worst tragedies owe not only to foreign occupations but also to internal occupations by the home-grown tyrants. Many of the horrendous massacres and atrocities in Muslim countries are committed by these internal enemies. Egypt and Syria are the two recent examples.

On 2 February 2011, Husni Mubarak -three-decade old Army dictator of Egypt was removed by 14 days' street protest. But after a gap of only a year following the electoral victory of Egypt's first democratic President Dr Mohammad Morsi on 24 June in 2012, the Egyptian Army again took back the power on 3 July 2013.

The country got again trapped under the brutal rule of the Army -led by General Abdel Fatah al-Sisi. The country is now highly polarised with a deep internal split. It is divided into two main camps: one belongs to the Islamists and the other belongs to the secularists.

Like any other Muslim country in the world, the Egyptian Army is the bastion of the secularists and plays the role of defender of secularism. The secularists also have a profound love for these Army tyrants. Hence they celebrated the Army coup against Islamist President Dr. Morsi. Like most Muslim countries, Egypt, too, has strong foreign stakeholders. These are the USA, the EU and Israel. Because of its border with Israel, Egypt has special importance in the club of foreign stakeholders. They have a heavy investment in Egyptian politics. The USA alone invests 1.3 billion US dollars annually. All these stakeholders -along with the Army consider Islamists as the common enemy. The Army is more aligned with the external stakeholders. Hence, whenever the Islamists get closer to power, the Army -with the approval of the external stakeholders come out of the garrison to take control.

Once it was a common phenomenon in Turkey. The same happened in Algeria in 1991 when the Army made a coup to foil an emerging landslide electoral victory of the Islamists. The USA and the EU are ever-ready to support such coups.

The polarization in Egyptian politics is not new. But the war-like mobilisation, the intensity of polarization, and the cruelty of killings are new. The army has manufactured a full-fledged war out of the divisive ingredients in politics. It has named its anti-Islamists campaign as a "war on terror".

The Army has turned cities like Cairo, Alexandria, Port Said, Arish and the whole of Sinai Peninsula into war zones. Hence, tanks, artillery guns, helicopters, armoured vehicles, machine guns and thousands of war-ready troops get back in the streets. They could also make the police and the judiciary parts of the killing machine.

The army claims that they returned to power only to fight terrorism and promote democracy. But the emerging events in Egypt tell otherwise. Terrorism has never been a tool of the unarmed street protestors. It has always been the weapon of the armed thugs and the Egyptian Army. The unarmed street protestors are the innocent victims. Since the fascist rule of Col. Gamal Abdul Nasser in the fifties, the Egyptian Army proved to be the country's most brutal terror industry.

The Army: the ruling clan of Egypt
Egypt's Army is much more than a professional army. It is a powerful ruling clan. Like monarchs and feudal aristocrats, the Egyptian Army developed its own powerful organisational bureaucratic culture through its 70 years of rule. In that cultural domain, a civilian receives little respect and recognition. They follow only their own Army chain of command. The Army was not ready to accept even Husni Mobarak's civilian son Jamal Mubarak as their future ruler. Because Jamal was out of that command chain. This is why the Army didn't give any fight for Husni Mobarak against the protestors. So, his downfall was surprisingly quick.

Dr Muhannad Morsi's civilian and Islamic background made him incompatible with that cultural milieu, too. The question is: What can be the more blatant act of terror than this ugly use of military terror against a civilian president? Autocrats support autocrats. They take democracy as the common enemy. Hence, like the Saudi monarch, all the autocrats of the Arab World were very quick to support General Abdel Fatah Sisi's coup against President Morsi. But the irony is: very few democratic leaders of the world condemned the coup against an elected President! What a shame that President Obama of the USA called the coup Army's restoration of democracy!

In Egypt, only the Army has the necessary weapons to terrorise people. The whole of Egypt now stands under the occupation of this terrorist outfit called the Army. To terrorise the unarmed civilians, the Army has deployed its huge war machines on the streets of major Egyptian cities. Only on one day, on Wednesday, 14 August in 2012 and only in one square named Rabaa al Adabiya, the army killed more than two thousand unarmed men and women, and injured many more thousands. According to Muslim Brotherhood -President Morsi's party, the number of martyrs is 2600. Such a huge massacre in a single day never happened in the whole modern history of Egypt. Again on Friday, on 16 August, after two days of the Rabaa al Adabiya massacre, they killed more than two hundred protestors all over Egypt -one hundred only in Ramsees square in Cairo. On July 7, more than a hundred unarmed protestors were killed by the republican guards while they gathered in front of the republican guard head-quarter in Cairo. . This part of the world was known for army coups, autocratic fascist rulers and corrupt monarchs. In most Arab countries, basic human rights are conspicuously extinct. However, change started with the ouster of Ben Ali of Tunisia. After Tunisia, a revolution came to Egypt. On 25 January in 2011, sixty years of brutal military rule was ended by the ouster of Husni Mobarak by the street protestors. In Egypt, the Army rule started in 1952 with a coup by Col. Gamal Abdul Nasser and was followed by Anwer Saadat and then came Husni Mubarak. Such a long military rule helped the Egyptian Army to establish itself more as a powerful ruling clan than a professional army. It has a huge vested interest in Egypt's politics, society and business which they are reluctant to desert. The common people were not given any access to the corridor of power. Neither were they given the basic human rights of free expression and free participation in politics. The USA and the European imperialist power were very happy to work with these repressive military rulers for the last six decades. Now, many Americans like John Bolton -the former security adviser to President Donald Trump run Democracy Project for Turkey. But no democracy project exists for Saudi Arabia, Egypt, UAE and other Arab countries run by the autocrats. Rather, these Arab tyrants are used as trustworthy partners in suppressing any democratic movement there. Democracy in the Arab World is taken as a threat to the national security interest of the west and the interest of Israel.

The investment of the USA in Egypt is huge. Since the signing of the Camp David Treaty in 1979, the USA invested 66 billion US dollars in military and non-military sectors. More than 500 Egyptian army officers receive training in the USA annually. General Abdul Fattah -the current ruler attended the US Army War College in Pennsylvania. Another high profile recipient of such training is the Air Force Chief Reda Mahmoud. The main purpose of such training is not to enhance their war skills, rather boost up their compatibility with the US policies of imperialistic hegemony through a deep paradigm shift in thoughts-especially through radical secularisation, deep de-Islamisation and indoctrination with the western world-views.

Quotable quote from Maulana Maudoodi

The Qur'an is not a book of abstract theories and cold ideas, which one can grasp while seated in a cozy armchair. Nor is it merely a religious book like other religious books, whose meanings can be grasped in seminaries and oratories. On the contrary, it is a Book which contains a message, an invitation, which generates a movement. The moment it began to be sent down, it impelled a quiet and pious man to abandon his life of solitude and confront the world that was living in rebellion against Allah. It inspired him to raise his voice against falsehood, and pitted him in a grim struggle against the lords of disbelief, evil and iniquity. One after the other, from every home, it drew every pure and noble soul, and gathered them under the banner of truth. In every part of the country, it made all the mischievous and the corrupt to rise and wage war against the bearers of the truth.

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New Trend's July 25 issue reached 106582 Muslims including 10560 women,

Main items in it:
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  2. Rulers fooling Muslims on China & Palestine.. by Dr.K. Siddique
  3. PPP ruining Pakistan by Maulana Soomro, JUI.
  4. Bill Gates & Native Americans [Sis. Aisha]
  5. History of Eid al-Adha. [Sis. Yasmin]
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