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9 Rajab 1442 A.H. - February 21 20216 Issue # 8, Newsletter #1903



Continuation of Research on Black Sunni Muslims in Sudan under attack by Afrocentric non-Muslims
by Kaukab Siddique, PhD

[Source book titled Defining Legends. An Analysis of Afrocentric writings Against Islam by AbdulHaq al-Ashanti of Ghana.]

Al-Ashanti has a well researched and documented article about Afrocentric attacks on Sudan. These attacks finally ended in fragmenting Sudan and involving it in ongoing tribal warfare.

The Afrocentrics claimed that in the Darfur region of Sudan, Arabs were attacking black-skinned Africans. This was an orchestrated propaganda war. Al-Ashanti explains that this was also connected to development of intense hatred between the Christian south and the Islamic north. It ended with the victory of the south and Sudan broke into two.

However the victory of the south was not a real victory because the southern Christian leaders were each other's implacable enemies. After the forces of the Muslim north left, the southern leaders came out in their tribal divisions and have been attacking, humiliating and often massacring their Christian enemies.

The Christian efforts to divide Sudan were supported by the global propaganda machine of Zionism. A major appeal to stop "genocide" in Darfur came out of the Holocaust Museum in Washington DC! Even ordinary American citizens picked up the idea that "white" Arabs were killing Black Africans. Film stars got involved and the racial "genocide" idea was accepted by many Americans.

A young man, a Christian, was brought from Sudan and exhibited across America as a "slave" of the Arabs who had been rescued.

The "slavery in Sudan" idea caught on in America and became a major media story. It turned out that the whole thing was fake and has now disappeared.

Several Black Muslim delegations went to Sudan and could not find any slavery but were confused and unable to rebut the slavery propaganda in clear terms.

Jamaat al-Muslimeen played an important role in defeating the missionary-Zionist propaganda. My Black Sunni Muslim wife was in Sudan at that time. She was well informed because at one time she worked for the Hon. Elijah Muhammad. She later embraced Sunni Islam and also supported Imam W.D. Muhammad, the Hon. Elijah's son who rejected the NOI beliefs and opened the doors for large scale conversions to Sunni Islam.

I had very little money and she had to study at a Sudanese university at the grassroots level, travelling by bus and sometimes walking for many miles when the bus did not turn up. Later she travelled across Sudan to take a ship to go to Jeddah and then went on to Makkah.

The important point here is that she was eyewitness to the fact that there was no slavery in Sudan even among the poorest sections of society.

Even more important, she pointed out that the Arabic speaking Sudanese and the non-Arabic speaking Sudanese were BOTH BLACK of various shades. The entire missionary-Zionist propaganda against Sudan was fake.

[To be continued.]



JI Message:
"Over my dead body" he said about Foreign Loans. Imran has become a Joke.
by Qaiser Sharif

LAHORE- FEB 17: Jamaat-e-Islami Emir Senator Sirajul Haq has said the receiving loans from the international lending agencies and claiming it a success of the government have become a norm in the country without considering the reality the money with interest would be paid back by burdening the poor masses with inflation and massive taxation.

Addressing a reception in his honor here on Wednesday, he reminded the PTI chairman his claims about getting foreign loans on his dead body after coming into power.

"How the prime minister is feeling on breaking all previous records set by the former government of receiving foreign loans?"

The former rulers, he added, were also responsible for the destruction of the economy. Sirajul Haq said the PTI made tall claims to fix the economy and introduce good governance but it had not taken a single step in past two and half years to achieve the purpose. Instead, he said, economy and institutions had witnessed further decline and deterioration since the PTI came into power in 2018.

He said the PTI government completely ignored the agriculture sector as prices of agriculture inputs were touching the skies and were not in access to small farmers. He said poor quality seed and pesticides were the biggest concerns of the farmers which the provincial governments were unable to resolve so far. He said the taxation of agri machinery was the main reason behind the increase of their prices.

Senator Siraj said the health and education sectors were on the verge of collapse due to flop policies of the government. He said the government could not fulfill the promise to implement the single curriculum. He said a system based on the principles of Quran and Sunnah was the solution to the country's problems. He said the JI was struggling hard to transform the country into an Islamic welfare state.

War News

 War News

Feb 19
In several attacks in Baluchistan, 5 Pakistani troops were killed and 2 wounded. The gunmen who attacked the troops escaped.

The fighting between the government and the rebels in Tigray has caused heavy losses on both sides. Caught in between are the refugees from Eritrea. Both sides suspect them.

Refugees are still coming in to Sudan and now their number is above 60,000.

Feb. 21
Baghdad troops supported by F 16 Jets attacked Islamic State at Tarmiyeh, 35 miles northeast of Baghdad, killing 5 and losing 3 troops. Baghdad forces also attacked IS in Tal Afar where IS has made a comeback.

Pro-Iran group attacked US contractors in Erbil, a rare attack, killing one contractor, injuring several.

Feb 21
Assad regime used heavy artillery to attack opposition Villages in Irbid province.

Russian bombing of Islamic State fighters advancing through eastern Homs and Hama provinces continued all week. SOHR reporting 100 Russian air strikes killing 21 Islamic fighters. Thirteen Assad troops were killed by the fighters.

South eastern Deir ez zor province saw raids by IS sleeper cells on SDF, which is supported by the US. Several killings reported by SOHR.

News Within the U.S.

 News within the US

Fired for Not Taking Vaccine .
Trying to have Children.

By Sis. Aisha
[Jamaat al-Muslimeen, New York]

Bonnie Jacobson is now unemployed because she refused to get the COVID-19 Vaccine. According to Bonnie, she is not an "anti-vaxxer" or someone who is against vaccinations. However, because she and her husband are trying to have children and she did not know the effects of the vaccine on her pregnancy, she decided against it.

Initially, Jacobson's former employer, Red Hook Tavern, did not make getting vaccinated a requirement until February 12rh when workers received an email stating so. A few days later, Jacobson was terminated. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has stated that the risks are not known because studies have not been done on pregnant women.

According to, the COVID-19 Vaccine is not really a vaccine at all! It is gene therapy. A vaccine boosts your immunity by injecting you with a small amount of a specific germ that your body attacks rigorously. This stimulates your immune system thereby allowing it to get stronger and defend you against this germ. It is called inoculation.

During the 17th-century Smallpox epidemic, a Massachusetts slave owner, Rev. Cotton Mather, was told by his slave, Onesimus, that he knew how to fight off the smallpox threat. Many Stolen Africans were imported on slave ships under the most unsanitary conditions and were infected with smallpox, too. Smallpox nearly decimated the Native American and European colonies. However, Onesimus was able to inoculate himself by rubbing some pus from an infected person into an open wound on his own arm.

Mather discovered that inoculation was practiced among the other slaves, as well. Dr. Zabdiel Boylston, the only doctor who supported this procedure, inoculated his son and enslaved people with great success! Acceptance of inoculation gained momentum.

But Pfizer and Moderna's COVID-19 "Vaccine" is only meant to lessen the effects of the disease if you get infected. The "vaccine" label seems to be a marketing ploy and it may violate a federal law (15 U.S.C. Section 41) regulating deceptive medical claims. This law states that no claims of curing, treating, or preventing a particular disease can be made unless there have been studies done to support it. This is why it is common to read that an herbal product is not intended to diagnose or treat any disease.

Is it any wonder why so many Americans distrust this government? It is because its policymakers create policies that fatten their pockets while benefiting the American people is an afterthought. There have been many efforts to profit from this Plandemic. There is a documentary called the "Plandemic" that explains these events. The only way this madness will stop is for the American people to work against it.

(Source:,, &

Invitation to Think

 Invitation to Think

PM Hasina and her Top General involved in Serious Crimes and getting Israeli help to Crush the Masses.
UN too was Fooled.

Investigation by al-Jazeera.
UN calls for Bangladesh army probe after Al Jazeera investigation
Al Jazeera's Investigative Unit revealed Bangladesh bought Israeli-made surveillance technology used to monitor cell phones.
By Al Jazeera Investigative Unit,4 Feb 2021

The United Nations is calling for a full investigation into evidence of corruption and illegality involving the Bangladesh army, which was exposed during an investigation released by Al Jazeera on Monday.

The corruption involves Bangladesh's Chief of Army Staff, General Aziz Ahmed, who is due to meet senior UN officials in New York next week.

Gang close to Bangladesh PM extracts bribes for state contracts The gangster, the general and the prime minister of Bangladesh
Bangladesh jails 50 for 2002 attack on PM Sheikh Hasina's convoy
Rapid Action Battalion: Bangladesh's notorious paramilitary force
In All the Prime Minister's Men, Al Jazeera's Investigative Unit revealed that Bangladesh's military purchased sophisticated and highly intrusive mobile phone surveillance equipment from Israel, which Bangladesh military commanders claimed was "for one of the Army Contingents due to be deployed in the UN Peacekeeping Mission".

A spokesperson for the UN said that this was not the case.

"Such equipment has not been deployed with Bangladeshi contingents in United Nations peacekeeping operations," the UN spokesperson told Al Jazeera.

"We are aware of the reporting by Al Jazeera Investigations concerning allegations of corruption against senior officials in Bangladesh and the press release issued by the Ministry of Defence of Bangladesh. The allegation of corruption is a serious matter that should be investigated by the relevant authorities."

Bangladesh is the largest overall contributor of uniformed personnel to UN Peacekeeping missions, with more than 6,800 presently deployed in peacekeeping operations around the world.


The surveillance equipment is called an "international mobile subscriber identity-catcher", or IMSI-catcher. It is a tool that emulates cell towers to trick cellular devices into providing locations and data that is then captured by the device.

It can be used to track hundreds of attendees of demonstrations simultaneously, among other things.
The Bangladesh army said that the equipment was made in Hungary and not Israel, which the Muslim-majority country does not recognise.

Al Jazeera obtained the contract for the purchase, which deliberately concealed the fact that the manufacturer, PicSix, is an Israeli company. PicSix was set up by former Israeli intelligence agents and sent two experts to Hungary to train officers from the Directorate General of Forces Intelligence (DGFI), Bangladesh' military intelligence service, on how to operate the equipment.

The contract, dated June 2018, was signed by the Directorate General Defense Purchase, the body charged with buying Bangladesh's military supplies. The manufacturer was said to be PicSix Hungary, an entity that does not exist according to Hungarian company filings.

The contract lists the non-existing PicSix Ltd, Hungary as the manufacturer [Al Jazeera] Al Jazeera obtained covert recordings of a middleman, James Moloney, admitting the IMSI-catcher was Israeli made. Moloney, an Irish national, owns a company called Sovereign Systems, which is registered in Singapore, though he, himself is based in Bangkok.

Moloney is recorded saying that Sovereign Systems was a front for Picsix's business in Asia. He also admitted that the surveillance technology is "from Israel, so we don't advertise that technology. We are very careful about our public profile.

"I could never say the Bangladesh army is my customer. We cannot do that," he added.

He described the technology as "very aggressive and intrusive. You don't want the public to know that you're using that equipment."

Human rights violations

According to Eliot Bendinelli from Privacy International, a UK-based privacy watchdog, authorities can use it to collect information on people taking part in demonstrations.

"You are looking at everybody who is in the area and so you can keep investigating and having more people under surveillance at the same time," Bendinelli said.

Bendinelli added, "If you know what people are saying, where they are going to meet up, what they are planning to do, you can know a lot of things. And then you have the power to act."

Eitay Mack, an Israeli human rights lawyer, told Al Jazeera that the Israeli government does not scrutinise the human rights records of end-users. "For a country like Bangladesh, if they buy this equipment from the US or European Union, they have leverage on you when you use it for human rights violations and they might cancel the agreement," he said.

China: Continued Torture of Muslims


Shackled students and gang rape inside China's detention camps
By Ivan Watson and Rebecca Wright, CNN

On the first day of her new teaching job at a Chinese government-run detention center in Xinjiang, Qelbinur Sidik said she saw two soldiers carry a young Uyghur woman out of the building on a stretcher.

"There was no spark of life in her face. Her cheeks were drained of color, she was not breathing," said Sidik, a former elementary school teacher who says she was forced to spend several months teaching at two detention centers in Xinjiang in 2017.

A policewoman who worked at the camp later told her the woman had died from heavy bleeding, though she didn't say what caused it. It was the first of many stories the policewoman would tell Sidik during the teacher's three-month assignment at the heavily-fortified building that housed female detainees.

According to Sidik, the policewoman claimed to have been assigned to investigate reports of rape at the center by her superiors, though CNN has no evidence of that claim. However, Sidik said what she heard and saw herself was so disturbing that it made her ill.

Sidik's allegations are similar to those of former detainees who have spoken of rape and systematic sexual assault within China's vast detention network.

Her testimony is a rare account of a worker's direct experience of life inside the detention centers, where the US government alleges China is committing genocide against Uyghurs and other Muslim minorities through a repressive campaign of mass detention, torture, forced birth control and abortions.

The Chinese government has rejected allegations of genocide, and in a statement to CNN said "there is no so-called 'systematic sexual assault and abuse against women' in Xinjiang."

However, Sidik said the female police officer described how her male colleagues used to boast about it. "When (male guards) were drinking at night, the policemen would tell each other how they raped and tortured girls," Sidik told CNN from her new home in the Netherlands.

Qelbinur Sidik went from being an elementary school teacher to someone forced to teach Mandarin to detainees.

Inside the camps
An ethnic Uzbek, Sidik grew up in Xinjiang and spent 28 years teaching elementary school students aged from six to 13. In September 2016, she said she was summoned to a meeting at the Saybagh District Bureau of Education and told she'd be working with "illiterates."

In March 2017, she met her new students -- about 100 men and a handful of women. "They came in, their feet and hands chained in shackles," she said.

At her first lesson, Sidik said she turned to the chalkboard only to hear the detainees behind her crying. "I turned slightly, I saw their tears falling down their beards, the female detainees were crying loudly," she said.

Young detainees who arrived at the centers "fit, robust and bright-eyed" quickly sickened and weakened, she said. From her classroom in the basement of one camp, Sidik said she could hear screams. When she asked about their cries, she claims a male policeman told her that detainees were being tortured.

"During the time I was teaching in there, I witnessed horrific tragedy," Sidik said.

CNN has no way of verifying Sidik's account from inside the detention centers. However, former Xinjiang detainees have told CNN they were subjected to political indoctrination and abuse, and Uyghurs who now live abroad have described relatives disappearing into detention. Leaked documents provided to CNN showed Uyghurs could be sent to the camps for as little as having a beard or wearing a veil.

The Chinese government has claimed the camps are "vocational training centers," part of an official strategy to both stamp out violent Islamist extremism and create jobs.

"There is no 'rounding up thousands of Uyghur Muslims'," said Xu Guixiang, a spokesperson for the Communist Party publicity department in Xinjiang, at a government press conference on February 1.

"What we have cracked down on, according to the law, are a few heinous and obstinate leaders and backbones of extremist groups. What we have rescued are those who have been infected with religious extremism and committed minor crimes."

'Then I was gang raped'
Tursunay Ziyawudun said she had committed no crime when she was first detained in April 2017, after returning home to Xinjiang's Xinyuan County to obtain official documents. She and her husband had been living for five years in neighboring Kazakhstan.

Her husband, Halmirza Halik, an ethnic Kazakh, was not detained and tracked her down to the Xinyuan County Vocational School. "We spoke through the iron gate of the school," said Halik, speaking by phone with CNN from Kazakhstan. "She cried after seeing me. I told her don't be afraid ... you have not broken the law and there is nothing to worry about."

Speaking to CNN from the US, Tursunay Ziyawudun said that she was taken to a cell with about 20 other women, where they were given little food and water.

Speaking to CNN from the US, Tursunay Ziyawudun said that she was taken to a cell with about 20 other women, where they were given little food and water.

The authorities released Ziyawudun after a month in detention, but then summoned her back to the camp in March 2018, which she claimed marked the beginning of a 9-month nightmare.

Speaking to CNN from the US, Ziyawudun said that she was taken to a cell with about 20 other women, where they were given little food and water and only allowed to use the toilet once a day for three to five minutes. "Those who took more time were electrocuted with shock batons," she said.

During her detention, Ziyawudun says guards interrogated her about her years in Kazakhstan, asking whether she had ties to Uyghur exile groups.

During one of these sessions, she claims police officers kicked and beat her until she passed out. Another time, while still bruised from her beating, Ziyawudun claimed two female guards took her to another room where they laid her on a table. "They inserted a stun baton inside me and twisted and shocked me with it. I blacked out," she said.

They were extremely sadistic, causing pain and damage to the body by beating and smacking my head on the wall.

Tursunay Ziyawudun, former detainee
Ten days later, she says a group of male guards took her away from her cell. "In the next room I heard another girl crying and screaming. I saw about 5 or 6 men going into that room. I thought they were torturing her. But then I was gang raped. After that I realized what they also did to her," Ziyawudun said, through tears. She said it happened multiple times while she was detained in the camps.

"They were extremely sadistic, causing pain and damage to the body by beating and smacking my head on the wall ... it was their way of punishing us."

Ziyawudun's allegations of rape and torture were first reported by the BBC. CNN is unable to independently verify Ziyawudun's claims, but they are similar to accounts from Gulbakhar Jalilova, an ethnic Uyghur from Kazakhstan.

Speaking to CNN in July 2020, Jalilova, described being locked in a "prison-like" room with about 20 other women after she was detained in May 2017.

Jalilova said she confronted one guard who sexually assaulted her. "I told him, 'Aren't you ashamed? Don't you have a mother, a sister, how can you do this to me like that?' He hit me with the electroshock prod and said, 'You don't look like a human'," she said.

On the night of September 26, 2019, after being warned by Chinese authorities not to speak of her experiences in detention, Ziyawudun said she walked across the Kazakhstan border to her waiting husband.

But in the days that followed, Ziyawudun's health deteriorated, and she suffered vaginal bleeding.

In 2020, Ziyawudun was rushed to the US for medical treatment. Shortly after her arrival, doctors surgically removed her uterus, with medical records seen by CNN showing she was diagnosed for a pelvic abscess and vaginal bleeding, as well as tuberculosis.

She said she blamed her medical complications on her treatment in the Xinjiang camps, although CNN cannot verify this conclusion.

"After she got out) she didn't tell me anything about her experiences in the camp," Halik says. "Sometimes she would cry at night and I was very angry. I knew that these things she experienced were not good, but I didn't dare to ask."

Tursunay Ziyawudun now lives in the US after being rushed there for medical treatment for problems she says are related to her detention.

Denials and shame
In a statement to CNN, the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs did not address the allegations made by the three women directly but instead issued a broad denial.

"We hope that the relevant media can distinguish right from wrong, not be deceived and misled by false news and biased reports," the Foreign Ministry said, adding that their training centers "protect the basic rights of trainees including women from being violated, and it is strictly forbidden to insult and abuse trainees in any way."

The Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region administration has not responded to requests for comment.

In a news conference on February 3, Chinese officials introduced some ethnic minority women who they said had "graduated" from the system, and "shared how they got rid of extreme thoughts."

They also said reports of mass rape and forced sterilization were "sheer nonsense" and state media has sought to personally discredit the women's claims.

For example, in an article published on February 10, the Global Times accused Gulbakhar Jalilova of being "an actor" and Tursunay Ziyawudun of lying about her forced sterilization, quoting a senior official saying that "all her family members know that she is inherently infertile." Ziyawudun told CNN she had a forced IUD insertion, not sterilization.

Ziyawudun said she had no reason to make up her allegations. "I am a woman in my forties. Do you think this is something I can be proud of sharing with the world?" she said.

"I would tell them I am not afraid of them anymore, because they already killed my soul."

For her part, Sidik, the teacher, said she was told by her husband that government officials had come to his house and coached him for four hours about how to film a short video denying his wife's claims of being in a detention center.

Guidance by Sis. Yasmin.

'As-Salaam Alaikum Wa-Rahmatullahi Wa-Barakatuhu'.
Whoever Abandons something for the sake of Allah, He will replace it for him with something better than it.

"Shaikh Ibraaheem Al-Hilaalee Al-Halabee {Rahimahullaah}- a pious and noble scholar - traveled to Al-Azhar University in search of knowledge.
While seeking knowledge, he became very poor and used to rely on charity.
Once, several days passed by and he did not find anything to eat and was extremely hungry!
So he came out of his room in Al-Azhar to ask for some scraps of food. He then found an open door from which a pleasant smell of food was coming. So he entered the door and found himself in a kitchen with no one around...

There he found some tempting food, so he grabbed a spoon and dipped it in, but when he lifted it to his mouth, he held himself back from eating it, since he realized that he had not been given permission to eat from it !
So he left it and returned to his room in the dormitory of Al-Azhar, still hungry and starving !

But no less than an hour passed by, when one of his teachers accompanied by another man, came into his room.
And his Teacher said to him...
'This noble man came to me seeking to choose a righteous student of knowledge to marry his daughter, and I have chosen you for him !
So rise and come with us to his home where we can complete the marriage contract between you and his daughter and you can then become part of his household.'

So Shaikh Ibrahem struggled to get to his feet, obeying the command of his teacher and went with them.
And behold they took him to the very same house he had been to and which he had entered and dipped the spoon into the food!

So when he sat down, the girl's father married her to him and the food was brought out. It was the same food he had put the spoon into before and which he abandoned!

But now he ate from it and said to himself...
'I withheld from eating it when I had no permission, but now Allah has given me this food with permission.'
Afterward, this righteous wife went back with him to Hallab, after he had finished his studies. and she bore righteous children for him."
So this is the fruit of Patience and the result of having Taqwa ! as Allah {Azza Wa Jall } says ...
"And whoever has 'Taqwa' of Allah, He will make a way out for him (from hardship)... and He will provide for him from places he never imagined."
[Source~ 'Qur'an'~ Surat At-Talaaq: 65~ A #2- 3]

But as for those who are hasty, those who do not distinguish between the truth and falsehood, seeking after the transitory vanities of this worldly life, they will never experience anything but grief and sorrow in their hearts, for they will never attain the worldly life nor will they ever achieve their right religion.
This is because they forget or perhaps neglect the saying of Allah {Azza Wa Jall}...Is not Allah Sufficient for His servant?
Source~ 'Qur'an'~Surat Az-Zumar~ 39- A# 36]

As for those who are patient and firm and who have 'Taqwa', they will gain ascendancy in this life and glory and honor with their Lord on the Day of Judgement.
And Allah {Azza Wa Jall} says...
"So give the glad tidings to the Patient ones"
[Source: 'Qur'an'~ Surah Al-Baqarah: A# 155]

And Allah says...
"Verily, the patient ones will be given their reward without any reckoning."
[Source ~ 'Qur'an'~ Surat 'Az-Zumar'~39 A# 10]

My 'Salaams' To All
Y a s m i n.
 Sis Yasmin

Hadith of the Week

Narrated by 'Aisha, r.a.:
Abu Bakr As-Siddiq had never broken his oaths till Allah revealed the expiation for the oaths. Then he said, "If I take an oath to do something and later on I find something else better than the first one, then I do what is better and make expiation for my oath."

Bukhari Vol 8, Book 78, # 618
 Sis Kristi

[With thanks to Sis. Kristi]


Nadrat Siddique

Aafia Siddiqui in Extremely Cold Prison last week had no Heat

Female inmates, including political prisoner #DrAafiaSiddiqui, were left with no heat in freezing weather at FMC Carswell.
This violates the Geneva Convention, which stipulates the gov't holding a prisoner is responsible for her welfare.
Jay Willis@jaywillis

At the federal medical prison in Forth Worth, Texas, about 1,000 women were left without heat and had limited access to hot water. Prison officials stated that each person is allotted a blanket and two sheets.

 Islamic Thought

by Imam Badi Ali

As-slamu alaikum,
يَـٰٓأَي¥ّہَا ٱلَّذِين¤ ءَامَنُو›ْ ٱذۡكُرُو›ْ ٱللَّهَ ذِكۡرً۬ا كَثِيرً۬›
"O you who believe! Remember Allah with much remembrance."
Our Prophet (saw) told us:
"He who remembers his Lord and he who does not are like the living and the dead."
(Bukhari & Muslim)
The importance of constant dhikr cannot be emphasized enough, especially if we desire to be on the receiving end of Allah's attention, Grace and Mercy.
Ibn Al-Qayyim (ra) said:
"Dhikr polishes the heart until it becomes like a shiny mirror."
O Allah, help us remember You, to be grateful to You, and to worship You in an excellent manner. Ameen
As-slamu alaikum,
Never stop making dua.
You don't know when or where Allah will accept them and answer them. Subhanallah, Allah is the most Merciful and Forgiving. Don't underestimate His love for us.
Our sins are not greater than Allah's Mercy. So never give up hope.
May Allah have mercy on us and forgive ours sins.


How to Help Palestine?

America's Muslims should be creative in helping to liberate Palestine. Egypt's tyrant Sissi and Jordan's playboy king are protecting the Zionist entity.

So mujahideen cannot reach them. Iran is busy fighting Islamic groups in Syria and Iraq.

Jamaat al-Muslimeen offers the following which can succeed in weakening the occupiers.

1. Boycott all businesses supporting the occupiers.
2. Support BDS but remember it only opposes illegal settlements, not Israel itself.
3. Most of the support for the occupation comes from wealthy Americans who often are of the same religion.


  1. Weinstein now facing 8 women for molestation.

  2. Sheldon Adelson, deceased, who became a billionaire owing to haram income from gambling. He and his wife are typical examples of an American funding Israel and the Republican party.

  3. Epstein, billionaire and criminal who allegedly committed suicide.

  4. Springsteen and his group made good money from slanted movies like Saving Private Ryan and fabrications like Schindler's List.

There are many smaller fish.

Your doctor or your friend may be sending funds to the occupiers.
Always be polite and non-violent..

 Social Media

The February 14 issue of
New Trend
reached 69,151 Muslims.
Of these 8,960 are women.
It has 5,479 link clicks

Approximately 15,000 are in Pakistan.

The February 14 issue included these items:

  1. Sunni Black Muslims vs afrocentric non-Muslims
  2. Red mosque women in Islamabad arrested.
  3. Dr. Hoodbhoy's satanic anti-Pakistan activities.
  4. Jamaate Islami supports women's rights.
  5. War news. Syria, Pakistan. Iraq, Ethiopia.
  6. Bilal, r.a (sis. Yasmin)
  7. Medical malpractice (sis. Aisha)
  8. Du'a. (Imam Badi)
  9. Hadith. [Sis. Kristi)
  10. Hindu corruption in Canada
  11. Chinese Muslims facing cultural Genocide
  12. Protest against pipeline in Sioux land. (Sis. Nadrat)
  13. Unarmed Palestinians resist.
  14. Suicides by military veterans. (Br. Nazeer.).

Political Prisoners :

Civil Discord Show

Invitation to Think

 Invitation to Think

Background: Western Powers, Saudi, Jordan and Iran United to Assault the Caliphate.
[From BBC]

Islamic State: Where key countries stand.
Originally Published: Dec 2015
The lightning rise of Islamic State (IS), the jihadist militant group that has seized large parts of Syria and Iraq since 2014, has sent shockwaves through the Middle East and beyond.

A US-led coalition of of Western and Middle Eastern countries began air strikes against the group in Iraq in August 2014 and in Syria a month later.

The UK began striking IS targets in Iraq in September 2014 and extended its involvement to Syria in December 2015.

Russia began carrying out its own air strikes in Syria in September 2015 after a request from Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, who has clung on to power despite more than four years of civil war.

Here we look at where the key countries involved in the conflict stand. The US air force has carried out the majority of air strikes against IS targets since forming a coalition of Western and regional powers in August 2014.

President Barack Obama is extremely reluctant to send ground troops to fight IS after protracted and unpopular wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, but the US does have about 3,500 troops in Iraq to train the country's armed forces.

The US has also provided weapons and training to "moderate" Syrian rebel groups, and unconfirmed reports suggest US special forces have been fighting alongside anti-IS forces in both Iraq and Syria.

In October US Defence Secretary Ashton Carter signalled a possible shift in the US campaign against IS, telling reporters that US forces were prepared to engage in "direct action on the ground".

Mr Carter did not go into detail about the circumstances under which the US might carry out ground operations against IS, but said: "Once we locate them, no target is beyond our reach."

Saudi Arabia
Regional Sunni power Saudi Arabia is part of US-led military action against IS targets in Syria. Riyadh also agreed to a US request to provide a base to train moderate Syrian rebel forces.

The kingdom has been a key supporter of the rebels, including hardline Islamist groups, but it has rejected an Iranian accusation that it has directly supported IS.

However, wealthy Saudis have sent donations to the group and some 2,500 Saudi men have travelled to Syria to fight. The Saudi authorities are concerned that IS will inspire Saudi jihadists to challenge the monarchy's legitimacy and seek to overthrow it.

In July 2014, Riyadh deployed 30,000 troops to beef up security along its border with Iraq, and the following month hosted Iran's deputy foreign minister as the two regional rivals agreed to co-operate.



Christian vs Christian.
No End in Sight.

South Sudan's current violence 'lot worse' than during civil war

UN report says hundreds killed, hundreds of thousands displaced during fighting; women and girls abducted and raped.

The 2013-2018 civil war is estimated to have killed nearly 400,000 people and millions are still struggling to recover [File: Maura Ajak/AP]

The 2013-2018 civil war is estimated to have killed nearly 400,000 people and millions are still struggling to recover [File: Maura Ajak/AP]

19 Feb 2021

Violence raging in vast swaths of South Sudan a year after a peace deal was signed to end the five-year civil war is "a lot worse" than during the war itself, according to a United Nations report released on Friday.

Attacks on civilians by armed groups intensified last year and victims are targeted along ethnic lines, often with the support of government and opposition forces, the report by the UN's Commission on Human Rights in South Sudan said.

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The scale of violence exceeds that of the 2013-2019 war, commission chairwoman Yasmin Sooka said.

"The violence is continuing because people know they can get away with it," Sooka told reporters in Geneva, adding that there was "no doubt that the coordination is really coming from the top".

It was a sharp warning that civilians are as much at risk as ever for atrocities, including gang rapes, forced displacement and abductions.

The 2013-2018 civil war is estimated to have killed nearly 400,000 people and millions are still struggling to recover.


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