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7 Rabi' II 1442 A.H. - November 22 2020 Issue # 47, Newsletter #1890

Special Report

 Special Report

Genocide of Indian Muslims supervised by Indian Government.

For Immediate Release
Indian American Muslim Council
November 17, 2020

Global experts researching genocidal violence raised an alarm that the international community needed to wake up to the impending genocide of India's 200 Million Muslims under the watch of current Indian government. The panel discussion on "Ten Stages of Genocide and India's Muslims," expressed an urgent need to not only indict and sanction the Indian government, but to also expose it in the international community to prevent crimes against humanity. The discussion was organized by the Indian American Muslim Council.

Dr. Gregory Stanton, the founder-president of Genocide Watch, an organization that works to predict, prevent and stop genocide and other forms of mass murder in the world said, "Preparation for a genocide is definitely under way in India." He explained, "The persecution of Muslims in Assam and Kashmir is the stage just before genocide. The next stage is extermination—that's what we call a genocide."

Dr. Stanton who served in the U.S. State Department in the 1990s when he drafted the UN Security Council resolutions that created the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda, said that the "systematic crimes against humanity is already underway" in India. He mentioned the demolition of Babri mosque and building of a temple as "important in the development of cultural underpinnings for genocide."

Reacting to the fact that Delhi Police arrested hundreds of Muslims in Delhi riot cases and accused them of violence against themselves, Dr. Stanton termed it "denial," the last stage in genocide. "Denial is the tenth stage of every genocide. It starts actually at the beginning and goes all the way through to the end and afterwards...That's what is going on when they are charging Muslims with, would you believe it!, killing themselves? I don't believe it! And I don't think anybody should believe it," Dr. Stanton said.

Teesta Setalvad, a well-known human rights defender in India mentioned that violence against Muslims worsens their socio-economic conditions and enables genocidal targeting. "Lack of social and economic opportunities, constant fear and insecurity among the Indian Muslims which is generated through this abrasive exclusionary tactic of hate speech and othering, is something that could possibly fit in to the possible build-up of the genocidal situation," said Ms. Setalvad who did years of pioneering work in exposing and bringing to justice the perpetrators of anti-Muslim violence in Gujarat.

Dr. Qasim Rasool Ilyas, a veteran Muslim political activist, and the father of Dr. Umar Khalid, a globally recognized human rights defender who has been falsely accused of inciting violence and arrested just weeks ago, mentioned that Muslims of Uttar Pradesh are among the worst affected by the persecution and killings.

He summed it up, "The chief Minister Mr. Yogi Aditya Nath is a known enemy of Muslims, is the main architect of systematic targeting of the Muslim community through encounter killing to illegal arrests and falsely framing. Many Muslims were subjected to Mob lynching on the false accusations of trading and consuming beef and in many cases the victims succumbed to the torture while Police remained a mute spectator.

Dr. Ilyas concluded his remarks with a question. "Can a country which claims to be the largest democracy, force its 14% of the population into suppression and submission and deny them their human and constitutional rights without inviting the wrath of the international community?"

Among others who talked about India exhibiting various stages of genocide include Ritumbra Manuvie, the Executive Director of The London Story, a nonprofit foundation that works on hate speech and hate crimes. As a Commonwealth Scholar at the University of Edinburgh, Dr. Manuvie conducted research on the construction of citizenship in Assam, the Indian state where Mr. Modi's government has controversially designated two million residents as foreigners following a dubious process called the National Register for Citizens.

Rasheed Ahmed, Executive Director of Indian American Muslim Council sharply criticized the silence of the United State government about the February 2020 anti-Muslim pogrom in Delhi not far from where President Trump held a press conference. Tina Ramirez, a Human Rights expert, who has travelled to India and knows all too well the deepening challenges to religious freedoms in India effectively moderated the panel discussion.

See YouTube video:"10 Stages of Genocide and India's Muslims"

Indian American Muslim Council is the largest advocacy organization of Indian Muslims in the United States with chapters across the nation. For more information, please visit our website at:

Pakistan this week by Mantaqi

 Pakistan this week by Mantaqi

Pakistan Situation
Nov 21, 2020
By Mantaqi

Fighting on the Line of Control: The heavy fighting that broke out on the Line of Control (LOC) between India and Pakistan has abated. However, fighting and casualties are a regular feature on the LOC since 2008. Since 9/11 Pakistan had to tamp down on sending freedom fighters across the LOC to fight the Indian occupation forces in Indian Occupied Kashmir, as it came under intense US pressure, and did not want a conflict with the US/Indian alliance. The following links give an indication of the regular fighting on the LOC. Be informed that these links are mostly Indian and therefore propaganda. Pakistani English press is militantly secularist and anti-Pakistan Army, so it seldom reports the sacrifices of Pakistani soldiers on the frontiers:

The Political Alliance of Rogues and Knaves: The continuing saga of the campaign by PDM to unseat the duly elected government of Imran Khan transitioned from tragi-comedy to utter farce. After losing the elections in 2018, PPP and PMLN, the two parties who ruled Pakistan from 1989 till 1999, and again from 2008 till 2018, gutting Pakistan's flourishing economy through large scale looting of the treasury; declared that Imran Khan was not elected but rather "selected", and thus they should again come to power by forcing Imran Khan from the government through some kind of "people power" overthrow of the Imran Khan's government. They started their campaign with thunderous speeches by previous Prime Minister Nawaz Shareef, who like all great leaders of history, led from the front i.e., from his multimillion apartment complex in Mayfair London. After proclaiming himself a new Khomeini, he named and shamed Pakistani army generals, which led to wild celebrations in the Indian media. In Pakistan its effect was that of a wet firecracker.

As a result of Nawaz Sharif's anti-army diatribe, his party PMLN started hemorrhaging support in its stronghold of central Punjab, which is also the prime recruiting ground of the Pakistan army, and where everyone knows someone who gave his life in defense of the Muslim motherland. To try and remedy the situation Maryam Nawaz (Safdar) gave an interview to the BBC. She declared that the "army is ours, and we want to talk to it." However, the conditions are that the army should not interfere in politics, and...... now please pay attention to this and see if you can understand a genius like Maryam Nawaz (Safdar). She wants the army out of politics, and also demands that the army overthrow the elected government of Imran Khan!!! (please don't laugh this loud, you may disturb the neighbors).

Of the three leading the PDM, one is Maulana (?!) Fazalur Rehman. The other two are Maryam Nawaz (Safdar), and Bilawal Bhutto. All three are examples dynastic politics, where they took over the party from their fathers. Maryam and Bilawal were born with diamond studded golden spoons in their mouth, where the gold and the diamonds came from the looted wealth of the nation. Like privileged, entitled teenagers they think they were born to rule, even through in real life they probably don't have the skillset to run a fast-food store.

Obama's Book: President Obama new book made waves in Pakistan. Obama declares that after his operation in Pakistan against Osama bin Ladin, he called the then President Zardari of Pakistan. Obama was expecting outrage from Zardari for the act of war that the US had carried out against Pakistan. Instead he reports that Zardari was overjoyed, and congratulated Obama. Zardari declared that Osama bin Ladin was responsible for assassinating his wife Benazir.

The state of mind regarding this was well illustrated when in a speech before the Pakistani parliament, Imran Khan declared that the US had "martyred" Osama bin Ladin (in Urdu "shaheed kar diya"). There was outrage in the secularist media, and Imran Khan's use of the word "martyr" was condemned by PMLN and PPP. See .
May Allah save Pakistan from such moral and intellectual pygmies.

It needs to be remembered that Imran Khan was vehemently against the US terror war, had called for the shooting down of drones who were ravaging Pakistani tribal areas, and had tried to do a sit-in on the road through which the US supplies went to Afghanistan. For this he was called "Taliban Khan" by the secularist media.

Child Rapist Sentenced: A Pakistani man who was based in UK, had run a network making and marketing child pornography. This network even reached Italy, where it was exposed. The British put this man in prison for four years and then deported him to Pakistan. In Pakistan he had a good job, being an accountant. However, he started kidnapping children and making videos of sexual attacks on them. These videos he uploaded to the dark web. His last victim was a boy whom he forcibly dragged into his car and kept captive for a week. He threatened the boy to keep him from telling. However, the boy told his mother who told the police. The police were able to trace the culprit, and found a lot of incriminating material in his place of abode. The trial took a year, but for once things went right. The monster was sentenced to three death sentences, one life imprisonment and a heavy fine. Hopefully his neck would soon suffer severe rope burns.

Prime Minister Imran Khan has called for public hangings of child molesters, or at least their chemical castration. He is meeting heavy resistance from the secularists and the "human rights" mafia.

War News

 War News

Russian Airstrikes.
Assad's artillery.
ISIS ambush. General killed.

Turkey has been clashing with communist Kurds all week northwest of Aleppo and in northeastern Syria, north of Raqqa.

In the Jabal al-Zawiya area mujahideen destroyed an Assad artillery position which had been attacking them. Exchanges of heavy fire between mujahideen groups and Assad's troops continued all week.

ISIS ambushed Assad's Shia militia in the Myadeine desert, in eastern Deir ez Zor. At least 14 troops were killed by ISIS, including one of Assad's brigadier generals. An ISIS advance in Sukhna desert and in eastern Hama has been stopped by repeated Russian airstrikes.

In Deraa province, there is extreme tension and chaos. Every day, some Assad official is shot or killed or injured. One opposition leader who had joined Assad was shot and killed. The entire population seems to be hostile to Assad but he has the troops.

Israeli airstries have killed 14 Iranians, mostly militia, around Damascus. For some reason, Iran never shoots back. Israeli strikes are now happening once or twice every week. [New Trend is wondering why Iran is fighting the Islamic people and not fighting Israel?]

Refugee camps in northern Syria are flooded and in bad condition owing to heavy rain. No one seems to care although there are children there.

Baghdad regime sources are saying that ISIS attacked their troops in Saladin province. Five of the Shia troops were killed and three of their associates were killed and eight injured. The ISIS gunman escaped.

In another attack in Mosul, one regime soldier was killed and four injured. Again, the attackers escaped.

France is uring USA not to withdraw from Iraq because the ISIS threat is spreading. France says it will keep its troops there.

In the Shia areas, Basra is reporting extreme poverty. In Baghdad on Nov 21, there was a big rally against the lack of electricty and other basics.

Egypt is reporting that the Israel-Egypt pipeline has been disrupted by an ISIS attack. Egypt says it will be repaired soon. In the Sinai there are numerous tribes giving cover to the ISIS fighters according to observers.

After defeating troops supported by Armenia, Azerbaijan has advanced into the land which Armenia has surrendered. The Syrian fighters brought by Turkey played an important role in the victory.

Two Pakistani troops were killed by the mujahideen in an attack in north Waziristan. In another attack in the same area, one Pakistani soldier was killed and four were wounded. The attacker escaped. [Pakistan calls the soldiers "martyrs". It is an incorrect word because martyrs are only those who fight against the enemies of Islam.]

India is reporting repeated fighting with Pakistan on the Line of Control. It seems to be fake news because Pakistan is not reporting any such fighting.

News Within the U.S.

 News within the US

Fake Atonement and victimhood Mentality.
By Sis. Aisha (Jamaat al-Muslimeen))

New York City - I have been seeing commercials promoting racial justice and equality everywhere: television ads, billboards, Internet. These ads are very prevalent during sports games. These ads on racial equality are disingenuous.

Recently, the Houston Association for Realtors made a move against using the term "master" bedroom and use "primary" bedroom, instead. The reason for the change is that "master" is a term associated with slavery in the Americas. Singer John Legend saw right through that move and retorted that all realtors need to make an effort to show black clients all available properties they are financially qualified to buy.

The New Trend Editor-in-Chief, Dr. Kaukab Siddique, gave a khutba on atonement, a few months ago. Minister Farrakhan spoke about America's need for atonement at the Million Man March in October 1995. The late Dr. Khalid Muhammad said that the root meaning of the word "reparations" means to repair.

So, is there a serious effort to do away with America's oppressive legacy and bring forth a society where people are judged by the "content of their character" rather than the color of their skin, as Dr. King would say?

No! As long as.......

  1. There is a need to collect racial information about people on government applications, even if it is now optional

  2. NFL teams, claiming to be on the Black Lives Matter bandwagon, keep Colin Kaepernick out of the NFL.

  3. Black and white politicians still turn a blind-eye to prosecutorial misconduct in grand jury proceedings against accused cops,

  4. These same corporations and politicians, who "acknowledge" wrongs committed against African-Americans, support Zionist land-grabs in Palestine.

These people are all hypocrites to the nth degree! So, no, oppression will always be the way America operates because the effort to end it is half-hearted and does not even encompass other forms of oppression, such as sexual and age discrimination. No injuries are being repaired here.

The problem with these racial equality commercials is that they are directed at the liberal white supremacist, who believes that his whiteness should be used to help the inferior races. There are "efforts" by white corporations to provide financial support to black-owned businesses.

It does not help that African-American educators such as, Booker T. Washington, believed that the success of historically-black colleges (HBCUs) depended on the financial support of White Americans. There has always been a segment of the black population who believed that their survival depended on the kindness of white folks.

The fact is that it is not the oppressor's responsibility to end his oppressive reign. It is the responsibility of the oppressed with Allah's help (13:11).

This black victim-hood mentality is what is being promoted in these commercials. These commercials promote the belief that whites are the-haves and blacks are the have-not without explaining why this issue continues to exist. This really attacks the self-esteem of black children, who are not seeing black people promoting black empowerment in these commercials. Ironically, it is these same HBCUs that have produced the black serial-entrepreneurs, business owners, scientists, and inventors that we, rarely, see on television.



Let us change Pakistan for the Good.

Mingora (Swat)- Nov 22: Jamaat-e-Islami Emir Senator Sirajul Haq has asked the political parties to sit together for electoral reforms if they are sincere to empower democracy in the country.

"Free and fair polls could bring the country out of crisis. To achieve the purpose there is need of powerful and independent Election Commission," he said while addressing a mass meeting at Minogra on Sunday.

Sirajul Haq said the PML-N and the PPP had declared the Gilgit-Baltistan polls as rigged, which proved that blame game would continue after every poll in future if it held under the same circumstances. Therefore, he said, the government and opposition parties should display seriousness for electoral reforms before next elections.


However, he said, it seemed neither the PTI government nor the so-called mainstream opposition parties were ready to empower the masses and bring reforms in key sectors. In fact, he added, the issues related to the masseswere not the problems of the elite class, which came to power only to serve their self-centered agenda. The ruling elite of the three mainstream parties (the PTI, the PML-N and the PPP) had only looted the country's resources and deprived the masses from their basic rights during their turn in power, he said. It was need of the hour that people took stand against the status quo to free the country from these agents of the imperialistic powers, he said.

The JI chief came down hard over the present government for deceiving the masses in the name of "change". He said the prime minister biggest crime was to deceive the people in the name of Madina-like-state. He said the PTI government completely destroyed the already fragile economy and it failed to provide any relief to masses even after completion of half of its tenure. He said the people were no more ready to listen the white lies and tall claims of the present rulers and they wanted to get rid of them. He said the PTI government left with a limited time to fix the economy, decrease prices of food and other daily routine commodities and create job opportunities for the youth or it should ready to be packed.

It was the third mass meeting of the JI in connection of its ongoing campaign against the inflation, unemployment and interest based economy. The JI had earlier held rallies in Bajur and Buner. Thousands of people holding national and JI flags attended the Mingora rally and shouted slogans against the wrong policies of the PTI government. Senator Siraj warned the government to fix the problems or get ready to go home.

Invitation to Think

 Invitation to Think

Here is the root of Censorship in the West.

Hunting Germar Rudolf: Essays on a Modern-Day Witch Hunt
by Germar Rudolf
Book Overview $19.95
What happens if a scientist touches the third rail of western societies, that is to say, violates the only taboo left standing? Does free speech prevail?

Read this book, and you will find out the answer is: NO

Germar Rudolf, born in Germany in 1964, was a promising young scientist preparing his PhD thesis at a Max Planck Institute in Germany in the early 1990s when he was asked by a lawyer to conduct forensic research on whether or not the Nazis used gas chambers to mass murder people at Auschwitz. Rudolf found the evidence wanting, but saying so in his expert report and as an expert witness in court led to relentless retaliation by the authorities and mass media of his native country: He lost his job, had his final PhD exam denied, was vilified by the mass media, thrown out of his apartments, had his home searched by the police several times, and was eventually sentenced to 14 months' imprisonment for his research results during a trial where he was denied all opportunity to prove that his research was correct.

Facing a cascade of further prosecutions for his ongoing research into this matter, he eventually fled his home country and tried to find a safe haven first in Spain, then in England, and finally in the United States. But no matter where he showed up, he found himself again hunted for his controversial, yet peaceful scientific publications.

Even the U.S., where he applied for political asylum, denied him due process and shipped him right back to Germany, where he was again put on trial for his activities as a science publisher. Although his activities outside Germany had been perfectly legal in those places, the German court nevertheless sentenced Rudolf to thirty more months in prison for them. They even threatened him that, if he dared defend himself, he'd be prosecuted for this as well. In the present book, Rudolf, who once firmly believed in the orthodox Holocaust narrative, explains what brought him to doubt it, and why he ventured into a research field where those who cast doubt on mainstream views are ostracized, marginalized, persecuted and in many countries even thrown in jail, as he was.

In several autobiographical essays, Rudolf tells the gripping story of his twenty-year struggle against governments the world over trying to silence him with almost any means. He explains how the existing legal framework in Germany provides for far-reaching covert government censorship and the staging of political show trials.

There are, for instance, no transcripts of proceedings in German courts, an appeal of many court decisions is impossible, and filing a motion to introduce exonerating evidence is deemed a crime in certain cases Germany's police have a dedicated state protection branch going after political dissidents, and German censorship law allows banning and confiscating anything the government declares a threat to public peace. Learn here what America's future could look like if the First Amendment ever fails to stop its politicians from committing similar crimes.

Guidance by Sis. Yasmin.


~Imam Sufyaan Ath-Thawree { Rahimahullaah }said...
Keep yourself busy in remembering your faults so that you have no time to remember the faults of others. {!}
Be sad on account of all the time you spent in the past ...
in other than the pursuit of your Hereafter ...{!}
Cry frequently for the wrongs you have committed in the past{!} and perhaps you will then be saved from them.
NEVER tire or become bored of Good Deeds and of the people who perform them.'
'Subhanak Allaahuma wa bihamdika ash-hadu anlaa illaaha illa anta Astaghfiruka wa atubu ilayk'.
[Exalted and Glorified is my Lord (ALLAH) and all prayers and praises are due to HIM (alone)and I bear witness that there is no other Lord or God except YOU (ALLAH) I seek your forgiveness and I repent unto YOU...
[Allah Humma 'Aameen']
If I said anything correct, then it is from Allaah [Subhanahu wa Taa'ala] and if I erred, then that is from me and shaytan.

My 'Salaams' to All...
... Y a s m i n
 Sis Yasmin

Hadith of the Week

Narrated by
Abu Said Al-Khudri, r.a.:
Allah's Apostle addressed the people saying, "Allah has given option to a slave to choose this world or what is with Him.
The slave has chosen what is with Allah." Abu Bakr wept, and we were astonished at his weeping caused by what the Prophet mentioned as to a Slave (of Allah) who had been offered a choice, (we learned later on) that Allah's Apostle himself was the person who was given the choice, and that Abu Bakr knew best of all of us.

Allah's Apostle added,

"The person who has favored me most of all both with his company and wealth, is Abu Bakr. If I were to take a Khalil other than my Lord, I would have taken Abu Bakr as such, but (what relates us) is the Islamic brotherhood and friendliness. All the gates of the Mosque should be closed except the gate of Abu Bakr."

Bukhari Volume 5,
Book 57, Number 6
 Sis Kristi

[With thanks to Sis. Kristi]

 important details

An important detail from Obama's Book about Osama.

Obama said he expected huge backlash from Pakistan President Zardari, but instead of anger, Zardari "expressed congratulations and support", and said it was "good news".

Zardari's reaction is being reported all over the world. However, for me, the more important phone call was the call made to the then army chief of Pakistan Gen Ashfaq Pervez Kayani from the US Admiral Mike Mullen.

The books states:

"Mullen had put a call into Pakistan's army chief, General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani, and while the conversation had been polite, Kayani had requested that we come clean on the raid and its target as quickly as possible in order to help his people manage the reaction of the Pakistani public,"

Kayani said if the US would "come clean as quickly as possible" it would "help his people manage the reaction of the Pakistani public."

Since May 2011, there has been much talk about the way Pakistan handled the US announcement of Osama's killing. And now we know that their motive was to control the public's reaction.

That's why the Pakistani government continued to promote doubts on whether Osama was really killed. They wanted the public to be doubtful and confused - because they knew that if the public knew Osama had been killed, the military may not have been able to control the public's reaction.

For months after Osama's death, Kayani's motive was to suppress protests and confuse the public.

Soon after that, visitors to the building where Osama lived were discouraged. Then the buidling itself was demolished. Why?
To remove reminders from the public eye.

 Khadim Hussain Rizvi

Khadim Hussain Rizvi

Pakistan's great preacher passes away in Lahore.

Rizvi, 54, appeared to have died of natural causes after suffering an illness over the last week, but the exact cause of his death on Thursday night was not yet clear.

Khadim Hussain Rizvi first came to prominence in 2010, when he quit his government job as a preacher in protest against remarks by then Punjab governor Salman Taseer calling for reforms to the strict blasphemy laws.

After quitting his job, Rizvi travelled across Punjab province, Pakistan's most populous, preaching in defence of the blasphemy laws and calling on followers to root out "blasphemy" wherever they saw it.

"There is only one punishment for those who insult the Prophet, to cut their heads from their bodies," was a common slogan.

Rizvi reached national prominence when he led thousands of TLP protesters in a demonstration against the then-government of Nawaz Sharif's Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) party over a minor change in words to an electoral oath.

Rizvi contended that the change, which omitted a clause that excluded those of the Ahmadi sect, amounted to blasphemy, and thousands of his supporters blocked a highway into the capital Islamabad for three weeks over the issue.

The party he founded, Tehreek-e-Labbaik Pakistan (TLP), was behind the protests against France over the Prophet Muhammad's cartoons. Rizvi addressed the protesters at the demonstration in Islamabad several times but did not remain on-site for the duration of the protest.

"He was feeling a bit better, he was eating as well. But in the evening, he once again deteriorated and we brought him to the hospital [where he was pronounced dead]," he said.
 Khadim Hussain Rizvi
 Khadim Hussain Rizvi
Rizvi's funeral was attended by the biggest crowd in the history of Pakistan.

New Trend Editor: May Allah bless him and give him a hgh reward.

source: al-jazeera

 Word Around The Net

by Br. Nazeer, Texas

In last days of Trump administration, Pompeo showers gifts on Israel

14 pro-Iran fighters in Syria killed in airstrikes: monitor

Iraqi security forces killed in Islamic State attack, say police US military confirms

US military deploys B-52 bombers to Iraq, Afghanistan

In a First, Scientists Say They've Partially Reversed a Cellular Aging Process in Humans

U.S. releases Jonathan Pollard, Who Sold Cold War Secrets To Israel

Twenty-three rockets hit Afghan capital Kabul, 8 civilians killed

Guatemala: Protesters torch Congress building amid unrest

Israeli jets strike Gaza after rocket fire hits factory

Turkey expands crackdown on pro-Kurdish activists with dozens of raids

Iran vows to crush any Israeli attempt to hit its 'advisory' role in Syria

Political Prisoners :

Civil Discord Show

 Poetry Contest

from Imam Badi Ali

Asalamu alaikum,

Since our poetry night on Sunday, November 15, 2020 - we recieved an additional 37 poems.
We had 12 honorable mentions and 3 top winners.
All honorable mentions and winners received a trophy and gift card.
Their poems will be published in the New Trend Magazine.

Jazakum Allah Khayran
- ICT Management team

 Australia Apologizes

Australia Apologizes

Australian 'war crimes.
Elite troops killed Afghan civilians

There is "credible evidence" that Australian elite soldiers unlawfully killed 39 people during the Afghan war, a long-awaited report has found.

It said 19 current or ex-special forces soldiers should be investigated by police over killings of "prisoners, farmers or civilians" in 2009-13.

The ADF blamed crimes on an unchecked "warrior culture" among some soldiers.

The inquiry - conducted by Maj Gen Justice Paul Brereton -interviewed more than 400 witnesses.
It found evidence that:

Samantha Crompvoets, an academic who carried out the initial research into the incidents, told the BBC they were "deliberate, repeated and targeted war crimes" and said she felt vindicated by the report.

Australia has had forces in Afghanistan since 2002, following the overthrow of the Taliban, as part of a US-led coalition. Initially the international forces' role was to train Afghan troops but they became increasingly involved in fighting insurgents.

It said 25 special forces soldiers had taken part in unlawful killings directly or as "accessories", across 23 separate incidents. It recommended 36 incidents be investigated by federal police. ADF chief Gen Angus Campbell said none of the incidents were "in the heat of battle".

"None were alleged to have occurred in circumstances in which the intent of the perpetrator was unclear, confused or mistaken," he told reporters on Thursday.

Dr Crompvoets said the incidents "involved in some instances very influential non-commissioned officers". "Platoon commanders were encouraging or insisting junior soldiers execute prisoners to achieve their first kill, so it was that sort of pattern of behaviour of grooming these junior soldiers for, or initiating them into, the squadron - that's what was very disturbing,"

The inquiry was conducted behind closed doors, meaning few details have been reported until now.

Click here to see full BBC story

 Jewish Settlers Raid Village in West Bank Attack Palestinian Homes

Jewish Settlers Raid Village in West Bank, Attack Palestinian Homes

Dozens of extremist Jewish settlers, escorted by Israeli soldiers, raided today al-Tuwanah, one of the nine hamlets of Masafer Yatta, a Bedouin community located south of Hebron (Al-Khalil) in the occupied West Bank.

Jewish settlers from the illegal settlement of Havat Maon raided the hamlet and attempted to attack homes of the local Palestinian residents while verbally assaulting activists, said Fouad al-Amour, a local activist.

Residents and activists, he said, stood up to and engaged the settlers, resulting in one resident receiving light injuries.

Israeli soldiers who were accompanying the settlers reportedly did nothing to stop the attack and rather provided the settlers with protection.

 Japan Islamic Foundation

a Message from Japan Islamic Foundation

10 Surah Annaba Video in English
posted by Hussain Khan, M.A. Tokyo

 Social Media

New Trend of November 15
Reached 169,251 people

Through facebook.

Here is a list of some of the items included in that issue:

  1. Answering attacks on hadith.
  2. BBC fake news on ISIS caught.
  3. Pak opposition critiqued.
  4. Israelis entered Iran, killed Islamic leader and daughter.
  5. Armenian defeat.
  6. Imam Badii's dua.
  7. Chinese Uighurs and Germany.
  8. Palestine.

and much more..

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