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18 Muharram 1442 A.H. - September 6 2020 Issue # 36, Newsletter #1879



We support the Black community but they cannot succeed without Islam.
By Kaukab Siddique

On September 4, Br. Kaukab Siddique gave the Juma khutba at masjid Jamaat al-Muslimeen in Baltimore. The masjid was crowded because people have learned how to take precautions against Covid 19.

After juma, Br. Kaukab held a marriage counseling session.

The area of the masjid is very congested and becomes worse with road repairs.

Here is an outline of the khutba.
O people: We created you from a male and a female, and made you races and tribes, that ye may know each other (not that ye may despise each other). Surely, the best among you with Allah is the best in conduct. Allah is all-knowing, all-wise. Qur'an 49:13

  1. Protesting against wrong doing and oppression is integral to Islam.

  2. The American power structure has been oppressing the entire Muslim world:

    1. Sometimes through military occupation and bombing.

    2. Sometimes through Israel and its horrific occupation of Palestine.

    3. Sometimes by planting dictators and kings who brutalize and
      suppress the Muslim ummah as in Egypt and Jordan.

    4. Very recently we see UAE's treachery via Israel.

  3. What you do to others can come back to bite you. Notice the countrywide peaceful uprising of the Black community.

  4. This is indeed a glorious response to police brutality and grave injustice.

  5. However, the Black community, as a natural ally of the Muslim ummah, which is gradually supporting Muslim concerns, can gain much by understanding and learning Islam.

  6. The belief in the Hereafter and responsibility before Allah can lead to:

    1. Organization and unity based on compassion and caring for all oppressed people.

    2. Leadership which can be trusted and which is not commected to the power structure.

  7. Within the we should try to marry on the basis of character and morality.

We Muslims love all the Messengers of Allah, all the way from Noah, to Abraham, to Moses, to Jesus, to Muhammad, peace and blessings be on them all.



After storms and heavy rains.

"Giving Sadaqa (alms) can erase sins just like water ceases fire." (Narrated by Tirmidhi, classed sahih by Al Albani in Shahih At Tirmidzi, in hadith no. 614)
شاہ ہمدان آکیڈمی بلاول کی جنوبی دیوار اور سٹوڈینٹس کے باتھ رومز، مسلسل بارشوں کی وجہ سے، پہاڑی کا کنارہ اپنے ساتھ لے گیا ہے، انشاء اللہ، رب العالمین کی عنایت سے، جلد برحال کردیں گے۔
Excessive rain and landslide destroyed south-side boundary walls and students bathrooms at Shah-e-Hamdan Academy Bilawal. Insha-Allah, we will assess the damage and with the Blessings of Allah -swt we will soon repair and rebuild.

Building Shah-e-Hamdan Academy Bilawal -a Sadaqa-e-Jaria :
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War News

 War News

ISIS attacks inceased by 25%.
Shia US unity required .

According to Shafaq News, in August there were more than 100 ISIS attacks in Iraq.
That's an incease of 25% over July.
According to Terrorism trackers, IS sleeper cells have organized themselves into a force.
Iraqi Prime Minister Kadhimi said on his way to meet President Trump that Iraq would continue to need US help even if the numbers of US troops are reduced.

On September 5, in south Waziristan, Pakistani troops killed 3 fighters of TTP (Tehreek e Taliban Pakistan).
Earlier on September 2, also in south Waziristan, three Pakistani troops, including an officer, were killed and 4 wounded in roadside bombing by mujahideen.

Ongoing borderline clashes. Pro-Turkish vs SDF. Pro-Assad vs ISIS. Russian bombing. Israeli raids.

Sept 1 to 6.
Idlib province. Syrians supporting Turkey exchanged heavy machine gun fire with Assad's artillery on both eastern and western borders.

SDF supported by US exchanged fire with pro-Turkish militias in north central Syria. Two SDF were killed after planting bombs near Turkish positions north of Hasakeh.

People in Deraa province's several towns protested against Assad and demanded release of their relatives.

Heavy clashes between Assad forces and ISIS continued all week

In parts of the deserts of eastern Homs and southern Dei ez Zor. Sohr says 48 Assad troops and 22 ISIS were killed.

ISIS is advancing but is now facing daily bombing by the Russian air force.

Israeli jets bombed pro-Iran miitia in central Syria killing 16, heaviest loss yet.No Iranian response despite weekly Israeli air s strikes. Casualties are usually very light.

Conditions in refugee camps are going down. A fire in a camp in northern Irbid killer 3 children.

Refugees are demonstrating to be allowed to return to their homes.

In Assad's capital, Damascus, petroleum is running out and there are long lines of cars waiting.

Massacre of civilians.

Human rights groups have found the bodies of 71 civilians in northern Niger which they say indicate extra judicial killings by the Niger military.

The area's people are sympathetic to jihad groups and hence became victims of the military.

September 5.
Men with knives killed a police officer and wounded another and fled with police weapons. Three of them were intercepted and killed by the military.

News Within the U.S.

 News within the US

Now, Gays are Targeting Public Schools!
by Sis. Aisha, Jamaat al-Muslimeen, New York

I was given this information by a brother at Masjid Malcolm Shabazz after Jummah. In the video, she said she spoke to Imam Siddiqui and an Imam Mustafa. I was going to make this an article below but, I think it best tat Muslims just watch it for themselves.

It is a YouTube video of an interview with a public school teacher, Brenda Lebsack, on The Deen Show and she reveals a new effort to target Muslim children ad get them to accept the Gay lifestyle. According to The Deen Show host, Eddie Redzovic, Brenda Lebsack has over 25 years of teaching experience with a background in psychology. It is on the One Islam Productions YouTube channel.

This plan was developed four years ago in California. New York and California are test states! If they are planning to implement ANY measures for the entire country to follow they start with these states first to be the model for the rest of America to follow, The website that was recommended to teachers and the board of education was Advocates for Youth site, which specialise in sexual equality among young people. Their site motto is Young, Powerful. Taking Over.

It is an hour long interview. Ms. Lebsack said she is not Muslim but, is a person of faith, who was disturbed by the intent to target Muslim children at this site by misinterpreting the Qur'an. She took her findings to the local mosque in Orange County, California.

This is the link:   1:02:44

Invitation to Think

 Invitation to Think

Blasphemous cartoons of the Prophet, pbuh, again in France.
By Kaukab Siddique.

France has published cartoons of the Prophet, pbuh, again as the trial of accessories to the attacks begins.

In 2005, French cartoonists published the cartoons and were attacked and killed by armed and outraged Muslims.

Waves of anger spread through the Muslim world, particularly in Africa where France is seen as an imperialist power.

All of France rallied, with Israeli backing, to support the cartoonists.

It became a war against Islam in the name of freedom of expression.

Fighters from the Islamic State attacked targets across France and were in turn hunted down by powerful French forces.

The war continued later when Islamic State itself was attacked by united western powers with the help of Iran. Entire Islamic cities like Mosul and Raqqa were pulverised.

The original attackers were killed except an Islamic woman named Hayat who has disappeared.

France is now putting on trial all those who worked indirectly with the Islamic State to make the attacks possible.

It is a serious blunder to publish the cartoons again. Even mild al-Azhar in Egypt is protesting.

Freedom of expression does not mean freedom to attack Islam but France seems to think so.

Fortunately America did not allow the blasphemous cartoons to be published in America.

Guidance by Sis. Yasmin.

'Bismillah Walhamdulillah Was Salaatu Was Salaam 'ala Rasulillah'.
'As-Salaam Alaikum Wa-Rahmatullahi Wa-Barakatuhu

''Do not treat People with contempt !
nor walk insolently on the Earth !
Allah does not love the Arrogant !
or the self-conceited boaster !
be Modest in your bearing and subdue your voice !
for the most unpleasant of voices is ...
the Braying of the Ass.

[Source~ 'Qur'an' ~ Surat Luqman # 31: A # 18-19]
 Surah Luqman

Hadith of the Week

Narrated by
Abu Huraira, r.a.:

The Prophet said,
"Allah said, 'I will be an opponent to three types of people on the Day of Resurrection:

  1. One who makes a covenant in My Name, but proves treacherous;

  2. One who sells a free person and eats his price; and

  3. One who employs a laborer and takes full work from him but does not pay him for his labour.' "

Bukhari Volume 3, Book 36, Number 470
 Sis Kristi

[With thanks to Sis. Kristi]


It's the worst disaster of the pandemic. But WHO chief says our lack of concern shows 'moral bankruptcy'

They are among the greatest victims of coronavirus, yet elderly people continue to be dismissed — in spite of growing evidence of the devastating effects the pandemic has had on them.

 Word Around The Net

by Br. Nazeer, Texas

16 Killed while Praying at Bangladesh Mosque: underground gas pipline explosion

Iraqi Kurdistan faces water 'catastrophe' as Iran cuts off rivers

Taliban team in Qatar for Afghan peace talks

Hamas and Israel Reach New 'Understanding': These Are the Main Points

Systematic torture in Eastern Ukraine prison

WikiLeaks' Julian Assange back in court for showdown over extradition to U.S. to face spying charges

Seven MILLION people told to evacuate as typhoon approaches Japan

Turkey begins military exercises in Northern Cyprus

84 years old: the World's Oldest Female Sharpshooter

Helicopters Rescue Over 200 Trapped near Fire in California

Turkey: beekeeper hits it big with honey that's both medicinal and intoxicating.

Political Prisoners :

Civil Discord Show

 Social Media

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Kashmiri Children.
Gaza bombed.
Hussain khan from Japan.
IS attacks in Syria.
NBA walkout (sis. Aisha)
Guidance (sis. Yasmeen)
Hadith. (sis. Kristi)
Du'a (imam Badi)
Karachi disaster. (JI).
Mourning Husein, r.a., without becoming Shia.
And much more.
Separately, a petition from Nadrat Siddique for Dr. Aafia reached 92,351 people.

 Islamic Thought

Asalamu alaikum,
The Messenger (pbuh) said: "The rights of one Muslim over another are six:

  1. *If you meet him, greet him with salaam*
  2. *If he invites you, accept the invitation*
  3. *If he asks for advice, give him sincere advice*
  4. *If he sneezes and praises Allaah, say Yarhamuk Allah* (may Allah have mercy on you);
  5. *If he falls sick, visit him*
  6. *If he dies, attend his funeral*" (Muslim)

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From Occupied Palestine to Turtle Island: Tending the Fires of Resistance
by Benay Blend

"California fires are like the ongoing attacks on Gaza," writes Palestinian author Ibtisam Barakat. "So one is natural and the other unnatural...Both are overwhelming and make one stop to wonder how people on Earth need to have a conversation about protecting lives and living for everyone."

Here in New Mexico, we are also seeing smoke from fires just north of Santa Fe. Barakat ties all of these disasters together by calling for a universal dialogue that would highlight the need to heal all manner of wrongs done to humanity and the Earth.

What unites these fires, too, from Gaza to the American Southwest, is the colonization and consequent mismanagement of Indigenous land. In America for centuries, and in Occupied Palestine since 1948, colonizers have wiped out the Indigenous presence by genocide and land appropriation. In the process, they have also refused to honor traditional practices that managed fire in a responsible way.

In Colonization, Fire Suppression, and Indigenous Resurgence in the Face of Climate Change, Kari Marie Norgaard (non-Native professor of sociology and environmental studies at University of Oregon) relates that the "130-year legacy of fire suppression in the U.S. is a process that continues to dispossess Native peoples of their lands."



By Abdulkabir Oyemomi

Nigerians have been welcomed to a new form of hardship through the insensitive decision of the federal government to increase the price of Premium Motor Spirit (PMS), popularly referred to as petrol at the time that economy of virtually all the private households in Nigeria is seriously adversely affected, courtesy of lockdown that many adjudge unnecessary. There is another decision to increase the charge for power supply amidst untoward epilepsy in its supply.

Something is clear: it is either the administration of Muhammadu Buhari is clueless about the best way to fix the battered economy to ensure wellbeing of the vast majority of Nigerians or many team players under the president are more corrupt and callous than even the past administration of People's Democratic Party (PDP) , which appears to be the worst government under the sun.

No argument as to the fact that successive PDP governments looted the treasury of this nation to the marrow, but this fact was the reason the electorates gave Buhari their mandates when he promised he understood where the shoes pinch; he made us feel he was not only truthful and sincere about delivering us from the shackles of suffering and smiling, but also fortified with knowledge of roadmap to the way out of our mess. It is unfortunate that people experience more hardship now.

Disappointingly, many dogs have become toothless in the face of calamitous situation. Nigerian Labour Congress ( NLC) used to be a strong voice against unpopular decision of the government, but the leadership could not take a step because they dine and wine with power that be. Ditto for all other pressure groups.

This government has only one year to turn things around or be remembered as the worst administration ever.

2020-09-07 Mon 14:48:02 ct