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11 Muharram 1442 A.H. - August 30 2020 Issue # 35, Newsletter #1878


 Dr Kaukab Siddique

How to Mourn Hussain, r.a., without becoming a Shia?
By Kaukab Siddique

The tenth of Mohurram is the day of martyrdom of Hussain ibn Ali, the grandson of the Prophet, pbuh, at a place called Kerbala which is now in Iraq.

It was a tragic event of painful memories.. Hussain, went down fighting to the last. All his male companions were also killed, fighting against the overwhelming odds of a tribal army.

The families of the martyrs were treated as captives of war and sent off to the court of the Caliph Yazeed in Damascus, hundreds of miles away.
The Caliph claimed to be shocked at the horrors of the tragedy, in particular the death of the beloved grandson of the Prophet, pbuh.

In the last 1400 years, the tragedy of Kerbala has coalesced into the sectarian highlights of mourning enacted every year. Islam does not accept yearly mourning.

The Shia sect is about 5 to 10 percent of the global Muslim population. However owing to the activism of the Shia sect, the mourning ceremonies of the 10th of Mohurram have become worldwide. With the emergence of Iran as a Shia state followed by the establishment of a Shia regime in southern Iraq and development of a Shia front in southern Lebanon, the political impact of the 10th of Mohurram is felt in most of the Muslim countries.

Sects are forbidden in Islam but Shias strongly state that they are a sect and invite Muslims to join them. The martyrdom of Hussain from being an Islamic tragedy has become a cult with peculiar mourning behavior which is strictly not permitted in Islam. The result is conflict between the Shia cult and the general Muslim community.

To understand the roots of this conflict and how to deal with it, we need to go to one of the greatest teachers of Islam, second only to the Sahaba [Companions] of the prophet, pbuh.I am referring to Imam Abu Hanifa. He was born in 80 hijri [that is only 80 years after the Prophet's, pbuh arrival in Madina], and died in 150 hijri.

By the time he grew up and became famous as a scholar, the Omayyad dynasty, hostile to Hussain, r.a., had solidified it's hold on the Muslim world. The followers of the House of Ali,r.a., known as Alawites, were followed by the upsurge of the descendants of Abbas, r.a.

The Abbasides demolished the Omayyed regime and established the Abbasid dynasty which was no less ruthless than the Ommayed dynasty though it claimed to mourn Hussain. Rebellions against the regimes of both the Ommayeds and the Abbasides were led by the followers of the family of Hasan and Hussain, They were brutally suppressed by the regimes which were much too powerful for any rebellion to succeed. [There were both pious and brutal elements in the established regimes.]

Abu Hanifa opposed both the Ommayed [first] and then the Abbasid regime.

Through his teachings he fanned rebellion. He was a great teacher with a huge following. He also nourished the rebellions with his money. His life was in danger with the Ommayed regime, so he went into exile to Makka. The Abbasides found out about his support for the "anti-state" actors. He was imprisoned, beaten and tortured. His early death might have been caused by the constant persecution he faced.

The point of this discussion is that while supporting the Alawite rebellions, he never became a Shia and is recognized as a hard core Sunni by all scholars. Thus we must learn that Islam teaches us to support just causes. Supporting a just cause does not mean we become disciples of that cause. We must remain broadly based on the Qur'an and the authentic hadith.

For instance we should support Black lives because Black people are JUST in their cause. Similarly, we should support Gaza and mujahideen groups by teaching people about the justice of their causes, just as we did with the Blind Shaikh. We should support all oppressed people without endorsing their ideologies.



The Cause of the Masses is being Overlooked.
Disaster in Karachi.

by Qaisar Sharif

LAHORE- August 29: Jamaat-e-Islami Emir Senator Sirajul Haq has clarified that the JI is not in favor of any in-house change or minus-one formula rather its struggle revolves around overhauling the entire system.

In a statement issued from Mansoora on Saturday, he reiterated that ruling and so-called mainstream opposition parties were the sides of the same coins and service of the masses were never was their agenda.


He said that the JI believed in across the board accountability and fair and transparent elections. Without achieving these objectives, he added, the country could not be put on the path of development. But, he regretted, the ruling elite never paid attention on the strengthening of the institutions in past 72 years. The JI, he said, would continue its struggle for the rights of the people following the footsteps of the beloved grandson of the Holy Prophet (pbuh) Hazrat Imam Hussain (r.a). He said the people of Pakistan were fed up from the mafia s and wanted to get rid of them.

The JI Emir said Karachi was the recent example of the bad governance of the ruling class. He said federal and provincial governments paid no attention to improve the infrastructure of the city which brought worst disaster for millions of people in recent rains. He directed the workers of the JI and Al-Khidmat Foundation to leave no stone unturned in the service of the people of Karachi in this difficult time. The Senator also demanded the government not to raise the prices of petroleum products and electricity rather brought them further down considering the plight of rains and pandemic hit public. He also highlighted the need of unity among the ranks of Ummah, saying the enemies of the country wanted to divide the people of Pakistan to damage the country's identity.

Meanwhile, JI Deputy Emir Liaqat Baloch held a meeting with the religious scholars at Mansoora on Saturday. He said the act of the Imam Hussain (r.a) was a brilliant example in history of mankind about standing for the rights and making no compromise with injustice. He said every human in this world should learn from the act of the grandson of the Holy Prophet (pbuh).

War News

 War News

Assad, Turkey, USA reinforcing troops.
Widespread Islamic State Guerrilla Warfare.
Syrian Observatory reports upsurge of Islamic State attacks.

August 28. In the eastern desert of Homs province, on the road towards Palmyra, IS used an IED to kill 6 Assad troops and injured 10.

Also on August 28, IS opened machine gun fire on Assad's military intelligence officers killing 6 on the road to Deir ez Zor city.

Since August 25, Russian officers with the help of a Palestinian pro-Assad militia on the ground have been looking for IS fighters who killed a Russian general. Heavy clashes with ISIS followed and the entire pro-Assad force with its Russian officers has disappeared in the Mayadeen desert [Deir ez Zor province] probably wiped out.

The same day Assad's forces and Syrians supporting Turkey exchanged fire in the Jabal al-Zawiya area of irbid province. Assad lost 3 killed and 8 wounded while the fighters lost 2 killed and 6 wounded.

Earlier in the Ain Issa area, central Syria, a Turkish drone strike killed 2 SDF [supported by the US] and injured several.

A large Turkish military column, about 60 trucks, has entered Irbid province. trying to pre-empt gathering Assad-Iranian forces.

A large American military convoy, about 50 trucks, is headed to al-Hasakeh province, north east Syria.

Deraa province seems to be in open defiance with daily incidents against the regime.

News Within the U.S.

 News within the US

NBA Walkout
by Sis. Aisha, New York

New york City - Beginning Wednesday, August 26th, NBA players voted not to play the next three playoff games. This walk out ended Saturday, August 29th, which is when playoff games resumed. The WNBA Players also sat out games for two days but resumed regular season play, Friday, August 28th.

This walkout began when the Milwaukee Bucks players decided they were not going to play in response to the police shooting of Jacob Blake, a man of African-descent, who was shot in the back, in Kenosha, Wisconsin. It was recently reported that he is paralyzed from the waist down. At the same time, White 17 year old Kyle Rittenhouse, who traveled all the way from Illinois to greet protestors against the Blake shooting, was allowed to walk the streets, with an AR-15 rifle, before shooting and killing two White (Jewish?) protestors, Joseph Rosenbaum and Anthony Huber.

The Kenosha Mayor has defended his police officers and refuses to fire anyone, in spite of public criticism. Rittenhouse has been charged with first-degree murder among other things.

How does professional players taking time off from their job, which is to entertain us, affect the oppressive police, the district attorneys, and their other allies? It really doesn't do anything to those people because they are not the ones being targeted. It was the sports fans who lost out. Maybe the NBA lost money in advertising, as well, but some of these protests are sanctioned by them, which is why these social justice gestures are discussed by the commentators during games.

Back in 1961, black players on the Boston Celtics NBA team decided that they were not going to play a Lexington, Kentucky exhibition game because they were refused service with the rest of their White teammates at the Phoenix Hotel there. The White teammates played the game against the Hawks and loss. But, when interviewed, Bill Russell stated, "We've got to show our disapproval of this kind of treatment or else the status quo will prevail. We have the same rights and privileges as anyone else and deserve to be treated accordingly. I hope we never have to go through this abuse again." Before this walkout, it was common for Black players to separate from the team and go to Black areas for service.

As a result of these Black Celtic players' protest, the owner, Walter Brown, said that his team would never play an exhibition game in a Southern city where his Black players could be embarrassed.

Celebrated WNBA Player Maya Moore took leave from the WNBA for the 2019 and 2020 seasons to fight injustice in the American justice system. Recently, her efforts helped free Jonathan Irons, a Missouri Black man, who served 23 years of a 50 year sentence for a crime he did not commit. Now, that is dedication!

These two efforts to fight injustice came with no guarantees for those involved. The 1961 Black Celtic Players' Protest and the freeing of Jonathan Iron's happened because people were focused on the results. They also directed their efforts at specific targets. The Celtics Players felt disrespected and decided not to participate in this oppression. They did not know if they would be terminated or worse....assaulted by upset White fans. No one expected nor sanctioned their actions.

When Muhammad Ali took his stance against the Vietnam War draft he did not know if he would ever box, again. We all see that in spite of "social justice efforts" in the NFL, Colin Kaepernick is still without a team. In these cases, their livelihoods were taken from them as punishment!

So, no one is stupid! People can tell that these "protests" are not genuine, although I cannot say that about all the NBA players. But the fact that many in the mainstream media are already selecting some of these NBA players as activist leaders is another red flag.

For many of today's Black professional athletes the only sacrifice they know is for the love of the sport. They do not know what it is like to sacrifice for a social cause because they foolishly believe that their wealth insulates them from racial oppression, especially if they are world famous.

It was only in 2018 when Milwaukee Buck's Player Sterling Brown was tased by Milwaukee police. There were no walkouts staged by his teammates. It would have made sense at the time. Instead, Brown has had to fight his ongoing civil rights case alone. Let's not forget about NBA Player Thabo Sefolosha's leg getting broken by NYPD officers back in 2015. He won a $4 million settlement. Quite a few Black athletes are routinely victimized by illegal stop-and-frisks, as well as car searches. Where were the boycotts or any other forms of support from their colleagues back then?

Unfortunately, some Black men are very accepting of police misconduct and view it as being apart of the Black Experience in America. That is another reason why these wealthy Black athletes say nothing and do nothing to support victimized players. Just as Allah says in the Qur'an (13:11): "...Verily never will Allah change the condition of a people until they change it themselves (with their own souls)." Right now, it does not seem as though their hearts are in it nor in the right place.

(Source:,, AOL News, &



Kashmiri children: The everlasting scars of a deadly conflict

Basim Aijaz was 12 years old when he was killed in an accidental blast near the site of a gunfight in Srinagar, a major city in India-administered Kashmir. His mother, Kousar Jan, is yet to come to terms with her son's untimely death.

Aijaz Ahmad, Basim's father, told DW that his son struggled for life for two days at the Shri Maharaja Hari Singh (SMHS) hospital, where he succumbed to his injuries on May 21.

In another incident, four-year-old Nihaan Yawar, a resident of Kashmir's southern Kulgam district, was killed when insurgents fired at security forces in Anantnag district on June 26. The boy was traveling with his father when a bullet hit him.

Experts say that children in Kashmir are being increasingly exposed to violence, which has plagued the region for decades.

Pictures of a toddler lying on the body of his dead grandfather sparked outrage in India-controlled Kashmir. Bashir Ahmed Khan was allegedly shot dead by Indian police. "Locals said that Khan was brought out of his car and shot dead by the forces," Farooq Ahmed, a nephew of Khan, told the AFP news agency.

Iram, the child's mother, told DW the incident has traumatized her son. "The picture will haunt him for the rest of his life," she said. "He saw his grandfather's dead body and men in uniform all around him. He gets scared now when he hears the word 'police' or when he sees a policeman," Iram added.

The police refuted the family's claims and threatened "legal action against false reports and rumors."

India and Pakistan each rule part of the disputed Himalayan territory but claim it in full. New Delhi accuses Islamabad of backing Kashmiri separatists and militant groups, an allegation Pakistan denies.

Alienation and trauma
In August 2019, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi's government stripped Kashmir of its semiautonomous status. Furthermore, the Indian parliament passed a bill to split Jammu and Kashmir into two union territories — Jammu and Kashmir, and Ladakh — which would be directly administered by New Delhi.

Indian PM Modi argues that the move was necessary to curb terrorist activities in the region.

The lockdown that followed last year's abrogation of Kashmir's special status, and later the restriction on movement to contain the novel coronavirus spread, has taken a toll on Kashmir's society, economy and people's mental health.


Schools in Kashmir have been closed for months, and children are unable to go out freely and engage in healthy activities.

"I have not met my friends for a long time. I don't remember how they look and what they are doing right now," Zainad Nissar, a fifth grade student in Srinagar, told DW.
In its report "Children and Armed Conflict," the United Nations said it has "verified the killing (8) and maiming (7) of 15 children (13 boys, 2 girls), between the ages of 1 and 17, by or during joint operations of the Central Reserve Police Force, the Indian Army (Rashtriya Rifles) and the Special Operations Group of the Jammu and Kashmir Police, Lashkar-e-Tayyiba [militant group], unidentified armed elements, or during shelling across the Line of Control [Indian-Pakistani border]."

"Sixty-eight children between the ages of 9 and 17 have been detained by Indian security services in Jammu and Kashmir on national security-related charges, including 1 for actual or alleged association with armed groups," according to the report.
The UN said it remained "concerned by child casualties in Jammu and Kashmir and call upon the government to take preventive measures to protect children, including by ending the use of pellets against children."

Internalization of violence
A report by the Jammu Kashmir Coalition of Civil Society (JKCCS) said that 318 children were killed in the region between 2003 and 2018.

"Children in Jammu and Kashmir are living in the most militarized zone of the world, with the presence of 700,000 troops, which exposes them to the risk of all six grave violations against children as laid out in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child," the 2018 report said.

According to Khurram Parvez, a Kashmir-based human rights activist, the children in Kashmir are witnessing two types of violence: "The first type is when they are directly affected by killing, torture, arrests; the second is when they see their families suffering," Parvez told DW, adding that these children cannot lead a normal life.

"Their life is shaped by a sense of injustice, and the tendency to accept violence increases with time. All these things have a negative impact on their mental health."

source: Rifat Fareed (Srinagar), Ka

Guidance by Sis. Yasmin.

Allah{Azza Wa Jall } says...
"Their sides forsake their beds, to invoke their Lord in fear and hope, and they spend out of what We have bestowed on them, No person knows what is kept hidden for them of joy as a reward for what they used to do."

{Source ~ Qur'an ~Surat As-Sajdah~32~A#16-17 ~(The Prostration)}

Abu Hurayrah {Allah have mercy on him} said that the Prophet said...
"Allah says I have prepared for My servants what no eye has seen, no ear has heard and no human heart can imagine."
Praying at night necessitates 'Jannah' as was previously mentioned.

Allah~{Azza Wa Jall } said...
Verily, the pious will be in the midst of gardens and springs, taking joy in the things which their Lord has given them. Verily, they were before this 'Muhsinun'. They used to sleep but little of the night.
And in the hours before dawn, they were asking for forgiveness!
and from their properties was given the right of the beggar and the deprived.
{Source~ Qur'an~ Surat Adh-Dhariyat ~51~ A # S -15 -19}

Standing in Prayer at Night entitles one to the highest levels in 'Jannah'.
Allah said to His Prophet:
"And in some parts of the night offer the 'Salah' with it (ie. recite the Qur'an) as an optional 'Salah' for you.
It may be that your Lord will raise you to the highest level in 'Jannah'."
{Source~ Qur'an ~Surat Al-'Isrā' (The Night Journey)~A# 79}

Hence, He made the highest level in 'Jannah' the reward for Prophet
(Salallahu Alayhi Wasallam)... 'Tahajjud' Salat at night.
'Awn Ibn Abdullah {Allah have mercy on him} said...
"Indeed Allah will enter into 'Jannah' people who will be given until they cannot accept anymore. However, there will be people on the higher levels above them, and when they look at them they will recognize them.
They will say...
" Our Lord they are our brothers who used to be with us.
By what were they favoured above us? "
He would say....
"Indeed they used to be hungry whilst you were all filled.
They used to be thirsty whilst you were all satiated, and they used to stand whilst you were all asleep"

Al-Hasan Al-Basri {R}
was asked about how is it that those who perform 'Tahajjud' have the brightest faces... to which he {Allah have mercy on him} replied....
"That is because they secluded themselves in devotion to Allah so
He beautifies them with light from His light."

Karaz Ibn Wabrah said that it had reached him that Ka'b used to say
{Allah have mercy on them} ..."The Angels look down from the sky at
(holding in esteem) those who pray 'Tahajjud' just as you all look up to the stars in the sky." Some people complained to Ibn Mas'ud {Allah have mercy on him} "We are not able to stand at night." he told them...
"That is because your sins have distanced you all." It was said to
Al-Hasan Al-Basri {R}... "It is very difficult for us to stand at night." he answered ... " Your Sins are holding you back."

~My 'Salaams' to All~Sis. Yasmin
 Sis Yasmin

Hadith of the Week

Narrated by
Abu Huraira, r.a.:
Allah's Apostle said,
"Allah's Hand is full, and (its fullness) is not affected by the continuous spending, day and night."

He also said, "Do you see what He has spent since He created the Heavens and the Earth? Yet all that has not decreased what is in His Hand." He also said,

"His Throne is over the water and in His other Hand is the balance (of Justice) and He raises and lowers (whomever He will)."

Bukhari Volume 9, Book 93, Number 508
 Sis Kristi

[With thanks to Sis. Kristi]


Sayyid Qutb
was executed on August 29, 1966 by the tyrant of Egypt.

Among his greatest writings are: "MILESTONES"
and "IN THE SHADE OF THE QUR'AN" (a massive commentary on the Qur'an), which influenced Islamic people around the world.

 Islamic Thought

Asalamu alaikum,
"The days of life pass away like clouds, so do good while you are alive."
- Ali bin abi Talib (ra)

Understand that this worldly life is short. Turn to Allah (swt) before you return to him.

Al Hasan al Basri
used to say:
"*Sell this life for the next and you win both of them. Sell the next life for this and you lose both of them.*"

 Book Received

The African Caliphate: The Life, Works & Teaching of Shaykh Usman Dan Fodio (1754-1817)
by Ibraheem Sulaiman
Vol. 1 & 2

by Salih Al-Uthaymeen

 Word Around The Net

by Br. Nazeer, Texas
Indian forces arrest dozens of mourners in IIOJK

UAE Issues Decree Formally Ending Boycott of Israel

US plans to freeze aid to Ethiopia amid Nile River dam dispute

News team in Kenosha, Wisconsin, realizes days after shooting, they had filmed the shooter just minutes before killings.

Indian forces use pellet guns, injure several Kashmiris at Muharram procession

Shocking video exposes the truth about HTS torture in Syria

Turkey's exploration in the Eastern Mediterranean increases tensions.

Beirut port blast death toll rises to 190

Turkish human rights lawyer dies after hunger strike

German politicians condemn far-right attempt to storm parliament building

Political Prisoners :

Civil Discord Show

 Japan Islamic Foundation

Video Message from Japan Islamic Foundation

Click Here to See Video in English

Click Here to See Video in Urdu
Refuting the idea of Evolution.
Surah 78 Annaba
posted by Hussain Khan, M. A. Tokyo

 Social Media

The August 23rd Issue of New Trend reached 100,806 people with 3,481 post-issue engagements
[reader engagements were much higher than usual this week].

The main items in it were:
  1. Israel and Palestine.

  2. Pakistan & International Lending.

  3. Iraq: Women killed, Parliament on Fre.

  4. Syria. Russian General killed,

  5. Aafia Siddiqui, Appeal to Trump.

  6. Video message from Hussain Khan, Japan.

  7. Imam Badi's message.

  8. Hitler and General Keital.

  9. Guidance on Eating Habits.

  10. Mali Coup
and much more.

 Kamala Harris

Kamala Harris Pledges not to Condition US Aid to Israel on Human Rights

US Senator Kamala Harris, the Democratic nominee for vice president, has eased the concerns of pro-Israel Jewish donors to her party, by pledging not to condition aid to Israel on its human rights record if Joe Biden is elected President.

"Joe (Biden) has made it clear he will not tie security assistance to any political decisions that Israel makes, and I couldn't agree more," Harris is reported saying in a virtual event held with Jewish donors by the Jerusalem Post.
"As vice president, Joe Biden helped ensure unwavering support for Israel's security," she continued. "During the Obama-Biden administration, he was a key advocate in securing support for life-saving technologies, which I have seen."

Vowing to put Israel first, Harris added: The threat of conditioning aid to Israel was suggested by a number of Democrat lawmakers. In July the likes of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Bernie Sanders signed a letter calling for the $3.8 billion annual aid given to Israel to be made conditional on the Zionist state ending its violation of Palestinian human rights.

While Harris is recognized for her progressive stances on various issues, her record on the Israeli military occupation and Israeli apartheid in Palestine is quite bleak.

See also:
Kamala Harris pledges "I stand with Israel".
(Palestine Chronicle, MEMO, Social Media)


Israeli Warplanes Bomb Gaza Targets

(video of bombing)

Israeli occupation forces carried out repeated night-time strikes on sites throughout the besieged Gaza Strip, spreading fear and panic among the population. Israel has also closed the Karam Abu Salem crossing with Gaza and completely closed the Strip's fishing zone due to the alleged breach of the security truce.

The Israeli army bombarded several positions belonging to the Gaza resistance in the early hours of Friday. The nature of the damage remains unclear and no casualties were reported as of yet.

An Israeli reconnaissance plane fired two rockets toward a plot of agricultural land,

Four Palestinians have died in an explained explosion east of Gaza City late last night, the Palestinian news agency WAFA reported.


Hydroxychloroquine reduces in-hospital COVID-19 mortality.

[From Dr.T]
An observational multi-center study, coordinated by the I.R.C.C.S. Neuromed, with the participation of 33 Italian hospitals, shows that the risk of death is 30% lower for coronavirus patients treated with hydroxychloroquine.



Investigation by the U.N. and BBC has confirmed that bombing by UAE jets killed scores of civilians in western Libya earlier this year.

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