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16 Rabi' al-Awwal 1441 A.H. - November 17 2019 Issue # 46, Newsletter #1837

Hadith of the Week

Many Paradises

Narrated by Anas, r.a.:
Haritha, r.a. was martyred on the day (of the battle) of Badr, and he was a young boy then. His mother came to the Prophet and said, "O Allah's Apostle! You know how dear Haritha is to me. If he is in Paradise, I shall remain patient, and hope for reward from Allah, but if it is not so, then you shall see what I do?" He said, "May Allah be merciful to you! Have you lost your senses? Do you think there is only one Paradise? There are many Paradises and your son is in the (most superior) Paradise of Al-Firdaus."

Bukhari Volume 5, Book 59, Number 318
 Sis Kristi

[With thanks to Sis. Kristi]

 Word Around The Net

by Br. Nazeer, Texas
Iran's supreme leader denounces 'thugs' behind protests

UK government and military covered up war crimes against civilians in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Feminism in Saudi Arabia was declared to be a crime punishable by imprisonment and lashing.

HK police fire tear gas as protesters injure officer with arrow

Libya: The new battleground for Putin's secret army

Turkey arrests son of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi

Chicago gang leader accused of helping ISIS.

Iran shuts down internet amid protests

Political Prisoners :

Civil Discord Show


Catonsville, Maryland
Jamaat al-Muslimeen Document to 75.

On November 15, a five-page Jamaat document was given to 75 Pakistani Americans after salat. Here is an outline of its contents:

  1. Eight hour shoora meeting in Reisterstown, Maryland.

  2. Br. Abu Talib & New York.

  3. Babri masjid & India's Muslims.

  4. Kashmir and Jamaate Islami Pakistan. Maulana
    Fazlur Rahman wants Peaceful change.

  5. Syria erupts again. Iraq in Chaos.

 Social Media


The November 10th issue of
New Trend reached
129,710 people.
It included these articles:

  1. Report on Shoora.

  2. Br. Abu Talib & NY

  3. Kashmir [JI]

  4. Fazlur Rahman

  5. Babri Masjid

  6. Syria & Iraq.

  7. Guidance. [Yasmin]



Leaked China documents reveal 'no mercy' policy towards Uighur Muslims

A rare and huge leak of Chinese government documents has shed new light on a security crackdown on Muslims in China's Xinjiang region, where President Xi Jinping ordered officials to act with "absolutely no mercy", the New York Times (NYT) has reported.

Human rights groups and outside experts say more than one million Uighurs and other mostly Muslim minorities have been rounded up in a network of internment camps across the far-western region.

The documents include previously unpublished speeches by Xi, as well as directives and reports on the surveillance and control of the Uighur population, the US newspaper said on Saturday.

The documents were leaked by an unnamed member of the Chinese political establishment who expressed hope that the disclosure would prevent the leadership, including Xi, from "escaping culpability for the mass detentions," the NYT said.

In a 2014 speech to officials made after militants from the Uighur minority killed 31 people in a train station in southwestern China, Xi called for an all-out "struggle against terrorism, infiltration and separatism" using the "organs of dictatorship," and showing "absolutely no mercy," according to the newspaper.

Chen, according to the NYT, distributed Xi's speeches to justify the crackdown and urged officials to "round up everyone who should be rounded up".

The trove of leaked documents included a guide to answering questions from students who had returned home to Xinjiang to find their families missing or detained in camps.

Officials were instructed to say the students' family members had been infected with the "virus" of extremist thinking and needed to be treated before "a small illness becomes a serious one".

China, after initially denying the camps, has described them as vocational schools aimed at dampening the allure of Islamist extremism and violence through education and job training.

But rights groups and foreign media have reported that official documents and satellite images show the facilities are equipped and run like prisons.

The leak "confirms in black and white, in the party's own words, its conscious and systematic extrajudicial mass internment of Muslims in Xinjiang," said James Leibold, an expert on ethnic relations in China and a professor at Melbourne's La Trobe University.

The documents show that "there was resistance on a local level" with local officials who disagreed with the policy facing punishment or being purged, Leibold told AFP.
Additionally, he said, the fact that the documents were leaked is "a significant indicator that there are many inside the party who think this is an unwise policy and wish to hold Xi Jinping and Chen Quanguo accountable".



By Abdulkabir Oyemomi

The executive governor of Oyo State Seyi Makinde has been warned severally not divide Muslim Ummah with his recent utterances.

It will be recalled that the governor recently boasted that a certain Muslim leader in the state is in full support of what he was doing. He further made derogatory remarks about a certain religious activist in the state.

It is rumored that Makinde is preying on loopholes created by divided Muslim Ummah in Oyo State, especially Ibadan. Some say that the governor is backing the wrong horse.

The writer is evidently worried about the governor's activity of destruction of a mosque in the popular city of Ibadan recently. Although many Muslim congregation of the mosque in question appeared placated with his reason and promises, demolishing an ancient Mosque for a Christian governor appears questionable .

However, the governor is one of the best performing governors in the whole of Nigeria and we Muslims do not close our eyes to a job well done from anyone, regardless of religious background. The only worry is that Nigerian Christians in the position of authority won't hesitate to clamp down the progress of Islam.

Also,MURIC issued a warning in a statement circulated to the media on Friday, 15th November, 2019. The statement was signed by the group's director, Professor Ishaq Akintola:

"We have no scintilla of doubt that the young governor is engaging in political masturbation. Worse still, Makinde's decision to snub Kunle Sanni, the undisputed bona fide generalissimo of Islamic acvitism in Oyo State is a manifestation of poor judgement."

The writer is poised to investigate the fracas existing amongst the Muslim of Oyo State to be able to make an informed decision on what to write about the members of different faction.



Maulana Fazlur Rahman Trying
Peaceful Means to Remove Regime.

by Kaukab Siddique, PhD

For 13 days Jamiat-ulema-Islam led by Maulana Fazlur Rahman carrfied out a sit-in at Islamabad, the Pakistani capital. Very large crowds entered Islamabad and were addressed by the Maulana who called for the resignation of Imran Khan.

In some ways it was a great success. Maulana had guessed that Imran would call the Azadi March a distraction from Kashmir. So on Day1, in Karachi, JUI expressed its support for the people of Kashmir. Maulana understood that Khan was not interested in conflict with India aimed at liberating Kashmir. Imran 's outcry against Maulana failed.

Secondly the Khan crowd focused on insulting the Maulana and trying to humiliate him by claiming that his father and his Academy opposed Pakistan. This ploy too failed. In Pakistan, elders are still respected and top level religious leaders are not to be insulted. Name calling is condemned by the Qur'an itself. After the huge crowds gathered in Islamabad, the Khan crowd's abuse petered out.

Secularists often forget that Qaide Azam at one time was in the Congress [united India] party. Iqbal at one time sang songs about his pride in united India. PEOPLE CHANGE. Abuse and personal attacks fail after a while.

For 70 years secularists and Communistsd have accused Maulana Maudoodi as an enemy of Pakistan. It did't work. Today Jamaate Islami is the standard bearer of the Pakistani ideology. In East Pakistan JI gave countless martyrs and even recently its top leadership was executed and remained pro-Pakistan to the end. The Pakistani army surrendered: cowards who deserve execution.

Millions gathered to support Maulana Fazlur Rahman but strict DISCIPLINE was maintained. Not ONE person was killed or injured.

Was Imran Khan's Election a Fraud?

Maulana Fazlur Rahman tried to unite the opposition. He has received some support from, though sporfadic, from PML [N} and PPP. The Khan regime disgraced itself by imprisoning his opponents including the brilliant daughter of Nawaz Sharif, Maryam Nawaz. Pakistanis are chivalrous people and action against women leaders is shameful to say the least.

Also there are no charges against the PPP leader. He is imprisoned in a completely illegal way.

Maulana Fazlur Rahman has now launched his Plan B to cut off major highways all over the country.

The military and the Khan regime is waiting for an excuse of violence from the crowds to launch an offensive.

The army [pro-American and enemy of Islam] has expressed support for Khan but it is being careful. During the army's genocide against Islamic populations in Swat and Waziristan, the masses supporting Maulana Fazlur Rahman did not rise.

Now the Maulana is sure that the army is pro- Israel. The top general, Bajwa, went with Imran to USA and held secret meetings with Trump and his generals.

Bajwa does not want to move against such large numbers of Pakistanis as are now supporting the Maulana. The general is looking for his opportunity.

Our readers should remember that Pakistan was NOT created by the army. It was serving its Bfritish masters in the battlefields against Germany.

The army lost East Pakistan. Not one of them has been executed.

Kashmiris don't see any action against India on the LOC.



JI Report
Widespread Suffering in Kashmir.
Note on Nawaz Sharif.
Comment on Bangladesh.

by Qaiser Sharif.

LAHORE- Nov 13: Jamaat-e-Islami chief Senator Sirajul Haq has said the government changing stance on the issue of Nawaz Sharif treatment proves that the rulers are confused and lack decision power.

Talking to journalists outside Senate on Wednesday, he said the government established its incapability on the health issue of the former prime minister.

Meanwhile, talking to delegation of World Kashmir Freedom Movement, he urged the international community pay attention towards human rights violations in Indian held Kashmir (IHK). He said curfew and lockdown entered 100th day in the held area and millions of people were become prisoners of the occupied forces and facing severe shortage of food, medicines and other necessities of life.

Kashmiri leaders Muzammal Ayub Thakur and Shaista Safi called on the JI chief in Islamabad to discuss the situation emerged in the held region after the Modi government decision to abrogate the special autonomy of the area on August 5.

Siraj appreciated the role of Kashmiri diasporas in highlighting the Indian brutalities in the IHK, saying the prevailing situation had enhanced their responsibilities toward the cause.

He said it was his belief that Kashmri struggle will soon bear fruit as the torch of freedom was now in the hands of youth who were writing a new history of sacrifices and resistance against the oppressive forces. He said the days were not so ahead when Kashmir will get freedom from the yoke of Indian slavery.

The JI chief said Indian PM Modi as Gujrat chief minister had ordered killing of thousands of Muslims in the Indian state and now he (Modi) had adopted the same method in Kashmir. The international community must take notice of it, he added.

He regretted that the UN was acting as silent spectator when it came to the issue related to Muslim world. He said Muslim should be given veto power in the UN.

LAHORE- Nov 13: Jamaat-e-Islami Pakistan Emir Senator Sirajul Haq has extended good wishes to the newly elected Emir of JI Bangladesh Dr Shafique-ur-Rahman.
In a letter to the elected chief, Sirajul Haq hoped the new leadership will continue efforts for the welfare and development of the Bangladeshi people. He paid tribute to the former leadership of the JI BD and its workers who had faced state oppression for years without compromising their principle stand, facing jails and embracing martyrdom.
Before his election as JI BD chief, Dr Shafique served as secretary general of the party for three years.

LAHORE- Nov 13: Ambassador of Germany in Pakistan Bernhard Schlagheck called on Jamaat-e-Islami leadership at Mansoora on Wednesday.
The situation in Kashmir, domestic and foreign issues came under discussion during the meeting.
JI Secretary General Ameerul Azim, Naib Emirs Liaqat Baloch and Dr Farid Paracha and JI Foreign Affairs Director Abdul Ghaffar apprised the German diplomat about the latest situation in the Indian Held Kashmir, telling him solution to the Kashmir issue according to the wishes of the people of the area was the only key to establish peace in the region. They said Germany should play its role to stop human rights violation in the occupied area.
The ambassador said Germany wanted a peaceful solution to the Kashmir issue through dialogue.

War News [and civil conflict]

 War News

New IS Leader. Scattered Fighting.
Heavy Clash in Lattakia. Deir ez Zor.

November 11 to 17, Spordic fighting continued between pro-Turkish Syrian fighters and Assad militias aided by SDF Kurds.

In Lattakia, Jabal al-Akrad area, mujahideen clashed with Assad's elite troops and Shia militias. Heavy Assad losses forced regime to retreat.

In southern Dei ez Zor ISIS raiders hit SDF military unit headed to the oil fields. The IS sleeper cells are caused explosions in three SDF military areas.

In the Ghouta adjacent to Damascus, the regime arrested four hijabi women who had taken refuge in a Muslim man's home.

ISIS has announced its new leader named as Abu Ibrahim al-Hashimi al-Qureshi, [Audio picked up from jihad web sites by Long War Journal.] He is calling on IS units to hit American and other western targets and to remain disciplined. He mocked President Trump.]

Jaysh al-Islam group, supporting Turkey in Ras al-Ayn, is evictng Kurdish supporters to bring Syrian refugees in Turkey to Syria.


November 16. In Peshawar a senior police officer was killed.

In D.I Khan area three police, two gunmen and a civilian were killed. [Four hour gun battle.]

Protests Spreading. Baghdad Center "Captured."

November 11-16.

Basra : General strike.

Kerbala: Large crowds protesting.

Baghdad: A central area of the city is under control of protestors. Crowds are in control of two strategic bridges.

Crowds are trying to enter Green Zone.

Pro-Iran militia fired on crowds again,

[Regime media are no longer reporting on ISIS attacks owing to too much news from Shia areas.several,]

After increase in gas prices, protests spread to 12 cities.

Crowds damaged public property, burned several banks.

Cars abandoned on highways to block traffic.

Leader Ali Khamenei says foreign agents are involved in the unrest. Regime wants money from gas price rise to help the poorer population.

November 13. Taliban captured a key district in Zabul province. According to Long War Journal, al-Qaida is strong in Zabul area.

Regime is reporting numerous air strikes on Taliban but cannot be confirmed.

Mali [West Africa]

November 13. Al-Qaida fighters broke a prison south of Timbucktoo and released the prisoners. [Long War Journal.]

Turkish intelligence sources say Turkey has captured the wife and brother of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

The leader of White Helmets has been killed in Istanbul probably by Assad's agents. White Helmets is the group which digs into housing rubble in Syrian ciiies to find survivors of Assad's and Russian air strikes.

Assad himself and his supporters condemned the White Helmets group as "terrorists."

The killers have not been caught.

Israel Hitting Soft Targets
November 13

Wednesday was the second day in the most violent assault against the Gaza Strip in months. This week's death toll has now risen to 34 Palestinians, including 3 children.

One of the young boys tragically killed was 7-year-old Amir, an UNRWA student at Zaitoun Elementary Co-ed school. Amir was killed in Gaza City as he rode on a motorcycle with his brother and father. According to Defense for Children International, an Israeli drone-fired missile targeted the motorbike killing all of them.

In a statement yesterday, United Nations Special Coordinator, Nickolay Mladenov said:

"There can be no justification for any attacks against civilians. The continuing escalation is very dangerous. It is yet another attempt to undermine the efforts to improve the dire socio-economic conditions in Gaza and prevent another devastating conflict. The UN is working to urgently de-escalate the situation."

These tragic deaths are unconscionable and violate international law.

Please join UNRWA USA in sharing the message that children, anywhere in the world, should never be a target:



Israel has carried out fresh strikes on targets in Gaza as militants there stepped up rocket attacks following the killing of one of its leaders.

Israel says air and ground forces hit sites used by the Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) group. More than 150 rockets have been fired at Israel.

Violence escalated after Israel killed PIJ commander Baha Abu al-Ata. Four more Palestinians were also killed.

One Israeli man was injured by a rocket, Israeli medical services say.

What is the latest?
The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) carried out waves of attacks throughout the day on what it said were PIJ targets. Among the sites the IDF said it hit was what it called a "terror tunnel", which it said the PIJ planned to use to attack Israeli civilians.

It said it also hit training compounds and weapons factories and storage facilities.

Three Palestinians were killed in air strikes in northern Gaza, one of which targeted a group preparing to launch a rocket, Israel said.

In Israel, air raid sirens sounded across the country as volleys of rockets were fired from Gaza since the early morning. Hundreds of thousands of Israelis have taken shelter in bomb-proof rooms, and schools and businesses were ordered closed.

Dozens of Israelis have been treated for injuries as an indirect result of rocket-fire, Israeli medics say.

Gaza's health ministry says about 30 Palestinians were wounded by the Israeli attacks.

Baha Abu al-Ata came to prominence in Gaza this year, commanding fighters of Islamic Jihad's al-Quds Brigade in the north and east of the strip.

But he acted increasingly outside of the control of the dominant militant faction Hamas, ordering rocket attacks seemingly without approval after Israeli soldiers shot and injured dozens of Palestinians during regular protests at the perimeter fence earlier this month.

A Palestinian TV presenter even warned on-air recently that his actions might see the Israelis trying to kill him.

A serious escalation in hostilities is now likely, despite Israel's efforts to signal to Hamas that it has not returned to a wider strategy of so-called targeted killings.

What have Israel and the Palestinians said?
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that while Israel was not seeking escalation, it was prepared for a protracted period of fighting.

"Whoever thinks that they can hit our citizens and evade our long arm is wrong," he told a news conference in Tel Aviv.

"We've proven that we can hit, surgically, wherever the terrorists hide. Whoever harms us, we will harm them."

Palestinian groups in Gaza meanwhile issued a joint statement, saying Israel had crossed "all red lines" and would face consequences.

At Abu al-Ata's funeral, senior PIJ official Khaled al-Batsh said Israel had issued "a declaration of war".

The group vowed to avenge Baha Abu al-Ata's death in a way which would "rock the Zionist entity" - a reference to Israel.

What caused the flare-up?
The immediate trigger was the killing by Israel of Baha Abu al-Ata in what it called a "surgical strike" on a building in the eastern Shejaiya area of Gaza in the early hours of Tuesday.

Mr Netanyahu said Abu al-Ata was a "ticking bomb" whose death thwarted an imminent attack on Israelis. The prime minister said the militant was responsible for many rocket attacks on Israel.

IDF chief of staff, Lt Gen Aviv Kochavi, said Abu al-Ata had undermined recent efforts to broker a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas, which runs Gaza and is considered a rival to PIJ.

Abu al-Ata's wife was killed alongside her husband, while four of their children and a neighbour were reportedly injured.

Around the same time as the attack on Abu al-Ata, two people were killed and 10 injured in an Israeli air strike on the home of another Palestinian Islamic Jihad leader in the Syrian capital, Damascus, Syria's state news agency Sana said.

Sana cited a military source as saying the PIJ leader, Akram al-Ajouri, was not harmed, but that his son was among the dead. Israel's military did not comment.

PIJ, which is backed by Iran, has its headquarters in Damascus and is one of the strongest militant groups in Gaza.

Invitation to Think

The Ummah is bleeding around the world.
Poster presented by Sis. Kristi at the Shoora
of Jamaat al-Muslimeen

 Sis Kristi Shoora poster

Guidance by Sis. Yasmin.


Alhamduliallaahi Rabbil-'Aalameen wa-Salaatu wa-Salaamu 'alaa Ashrafil-Anbiyaa-e-wal-Mursaleen,'Amma 'Baa'd.

'Assalaamu 'Alaykum wa Rahmatullaahi wa Barakaatuhu'.

~How to attain 'Al-Khushoo' in Our Prayers ~
[ *In Shaa Allah* ]
How is it possible for us to gain 'Al-Khushoo' (Humility ) in and outside of the prayer and during recitation of the 'Qur'an' ?
Allah {Azza Wa Jall}~says.... 'The Believers will prosper. Those who have 'Khushoo' within their prayers'.
[Source~ 'Qur'an'~ Surat Al Mu'minoon 23: A # 1-2]

'Al-Khushoo' is the essence and core of the prayer... !
And it means the presence and attendance of the Heart !
And that the heart of the person who is praying does not wander left and right. However ... if the person senses something that will divert him away from (this) Al-Khushoo' ... then he must seek refuge with Allah from the outcast 'shaytaan' just as the*Prophet*...[Sallahu 'Alayhi Wasallam] instructed us to do !
And there is no doubt that the 'shaytaan' is extremely assiduous upon spoiling all acts of worship especially the 'Salah' which is the most superior act of worship after the two Testimonies.

Thus, the 'shaytaan' comes to the 'Musalli' (praying individual) and says
...or whispers 'Remember this and that'... {!} and he causes him to indulge in thoughts and ideas that are of no benefit and which leave his head as soon as he concludes from the prayer...{!}
Therefore it is upon a person that he strives with the...
utmost ambition to devote himself towards Allaah the Mighty and Majestic and if he feels anything from these misgivings and devilish insinuations to seek refuge with Allaah from the Outcast 'shaytaan' whether he is Raki' (bowing), in the 'Tashahhud', sitting, or standing or
in any position from his prayer...!

Lastly from the greatest means that will aid one in attaining Al-Khushoo' in the prayer is ...{?} that he Visualizes himself standing in front of Allaah and that he is confiding in
his Lord ALLAAH {Subhanahu wa Ta' ala.} {'In Shaa Allah'}

...My 'Salaams' to You All...
~Y a s m i n ~
 Sis Yasmin

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