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11 Rabi al-awwal 1441 A.H. - November 10 2019 Issue # 45, Newsletter #1836

Hadith of the Week

Prayer leader's Message must reach women.

"The messenger of Allah, pbuh, led the Eid prayer and then gave the sermon. Then he realized that his voice will not have reached the women. So he walked to the women, gave them the sermon and taught them the message of Islam particularly about charity, sadaqa. Then the women started donating their ear rings and finger rings in the way of Allah [sadaqa]." Hadith narrated by Ibn Abbas, r.a., collected in Sahih Bukhari #962, Sahih Muslim, # 884, Musnad of Ahmad # 1902
 Sis Kristi


New Abingdon, Maryland

Sensitive Document given to 50 Muslims
After Juma' salat, a 4-page document from Jamaat al-Muslimmen was given to 50 Muslims.

Looks like the scholarly imam of this masjid has left and has been replaced by a seemingly ignorant person swho made serious errors in his khutba.

Here is an outline of the Jamaat document:

  1. Khutba on Minority concept, al-Baghdadi & Women's role.

  2. Maulana Fazlur Rahman has defeated the government.

  3. Horrific suffering of Muslims in China.

  4. Gaza standing fast against Israeli oppression.

Political Prisoners :

Civil Discord Show

 Breaking News

India's Supreme Court Supports Takeover of Historic Mosque

Supreme Court's Babri Masjid judgement prefers faith over law to accommodate majoritarianism, say Indian Americans

Verdict in sync with Modi government's Kashmir crackdown, NRC in a bid to usher in Hindu Rashtra

November 10, 2019

The Indian American Muslim Council (IAMC), an advocacy group dedicated to safeguarding India's pluralist and tolerant ethos, has expressed dismay at Indian Supreme Court's ruling that a Hindu temple be built on a site where the Babri Mosque stood for five centuries until Hindu extremists razed it 27 years ago.

Calling the judgement a mixture of glaring contradictions, IAMC has urged Indian Muslims to pursue legal avenues such as filing of a review petition before the Court. The Supreme Court's ruling emboldens the decades' old project of Prime Minister Narendra Modi's Hindu extremist Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) — whose thousands of members had criminally razed the mosque in 1992 and who were yet to be punished for it — to make India a Hindu Rashtra (nation) and turn India's 200 million Muslims, who are its largest minority, into second-class citizens.

"The Supreme Court's ruling is of a piece with the Modi government's revocation of special status of Jammu and Kashmir, India's only Muslim-majority state, and the decision to incarcerate half a million Muslims in detention centers in the state of Assam," said IAMC National President Ahsan Khan.

It is bizarre that although the Supreme Court accepted that Hindu extremists had illegally installed idols inside the mosque in 1949, and then also illegally demolished the mosque in 1992, the Court has nonetheless chosen to award the site's possession to these very claimants.

While the Court observed that "the Muslims have been wrongly deprived of a mosque which had been constructed well over 450 years ago," it said the Muslims had failed to provide evidence of the site's "exclusive" possession. "It is inconceivable why the Court has not applied this standard of evidence for the Hindu plaintiffs," the IAMC said.

The Supreme Court judgement affirms "the mosque was constructed in 1528 by or at the behest of [Mughal emperor] Babur", and that until 1949, it was legally a mosque, although Hindus would worship at a surrounding wall. Moreover, the judgement has acknowledged that an idol of Ram appeared inside the mosque on December 23, 1949, "not through any lawful authority, but through an act which was calculated to deprive them [Muslims] of their place of worship." It also acknowledged that the mosque's demolition in 1992 was a "calculated act of destroying a place of public worship," going on to affirm "the Muslims have been wrongly deprived of a mosque which had been constructed well over 450 years ago." The Supreme Court also acknowledged that ASI could not establish if a temple was demolished to build a mosque and yet, the ruling has gone against the Muslims.

"Indian Muslims have kept faith in the judicial system and this judgement shatters that faith," Mr. Khan added. "The Muslims now seem to have been punished for their faith in the courts, whereas the RSS has been rewarded for its violence."
India is now witnessing a collapse of the social contract and the promise of equality before law it made to all its citizens at Independence in 1947. The failure of the Supreme Court to dispense fair and equitable justice does not augur well for peace and harmony. The judgement will further reinforce Hindutva forces that rely on lies, falsification of history and massive violence in order to subjugate minorities.


Focus on Issues within the USA.

What are the issues and what are the solutions?

On November 9 the Shoora of Jamaat al-Muslimeen met in
Reisterstown, Maryland [west of Baltimore].

The issues and possible solutions were discussed as follows:

  1. Need for shoora.

  2. How to correct our fellow Muslims.

  3. Du'a [supplication] is key form of worship and can be a source of victory even in desperate conditions.

  4. Security is central in these troubled times.

  5. Water and health.

  6. Housing for the poor and the helpless.

  7. The Beauty of Allah & the role of women

  8. Political prisoners, particularly Imam Jamil al-Amin, Dr. Aafia Siddiqui, Zayd Yaghi, the Muslims in Marion, Illinois and the victims of Guantanamo Bay.

  9. Maintenance of and caring for masjid.

  10. New Trend as a tool for mass information for Muslims.

  11. The suffering of the Ummah around the world:
    1. Kashmir
    2. Afghanistan
    3. Iraq
    4. Syria
    5. Libya
    6. Somalia
    7. Nigeria
    8. Mali
    9. China
    10. Palestine

    Prayers were held.
    After 8 hours, dinner was served in a halal restaurant.
    A complimentary lunch was served earlier.

    The shoora was subjected to delays and mistreatment by the hotel management. It was either owing to incompetence or some deeper problems which are not clear.

    Br. Abu Talib from New York was harrassed the most.

     Br Abu Talib

    Br. Abu Talib.

    Muslims are urged to support charitable activities for families in Gambia and Ethiopia.



    JI says ...
    Government has
    Surrendered Kashmir.

    LAHORE-Nov 8: Jamaat-e-Islami Emir Senator Sirajul Haq has said that state of Kashmir has disappeared from the world map due to the negligence of the Pakistani rulers.

    Addressing a Senate session in Islamabad on Friday, he held the government responsible for the surrender on Kashmir, reminding the rulers the 'fall of Kashmir' would be the worst tragedy in the history of the country after the 'fall of Dhaka.'

    He said the prime minister had promised that he (PM) would a give a roadmap to the nation on Kashmir after returning from the UN. The people of Pakistan, he said, were still waiting for the roadmap. It seemed, said the JI chief, holding token protests and wearing black arm bands were the only strategy the government had devised for the Kashmir cause. He said 100 days were passed that IHK was under curfew and people were starving to death but Islamabad was turned into silent spectator to the worst human rights violations in the valley.

    He said the rulers had already wasted 14 months and left with a little time to fix their directions on domestic and foreign fronts. He said no one could save the rulers from facing public wrath if they continued their policies. He said the government ministers were intentionally making fun of the illness of Nawaz Sharif and Asif Zardari to create political chaos in the country. The government attempts, he added, to hide its inability would not succeed now as the rulers were completely exposed before the masses.

    The JI chief declared the unavailability of justice as the biggest issue of the country. He said two parallel systems, one for the rich and affluent class and the other for poor, were running in Pakistan. On one side, he said, people could not afford bread and roof while on the other side the elite of the country were stashing their billions of rupees in foreign banks.

    He said the statement of the army's spokesperson about the neutrality of the institution was welcoming though the past examples were bitter and otherwise.

    He called for launching an inquiry into the matter of cancellation of Senator Hafiz Hamdullah citizenship by Nadra

    From News International.. november 10.

    Maulana Fazlur Rahman Smashed the Claims of the Imran Khan Regime.
    [He has addressed Massive Crowds in Islamabad, Also held a huge conference on the life of thde Prophet, pbuh. NT reports.]

     Maulana Fazlur Rahman

    ISLAMABAD: JUI-F chief Maulana Fazlur Rehman lashed out at Prime Minister Imran during his Azadi March speech on Sunday.
    "Keep sitting on the chair, this nation doesn't recognise you as its ruler," he said to the prime minister.

    READ MORE: Azadi March Live Updates

    Fazl said that the government was reminding him about following the court's decision.

    "I want to ask you, how many judicial verdicts did you respect," he asked.

    Fazl said that the incumbent government was afraid of his Azadi March. He said that his marchers had reduced the government's mountain of ego to dust.

    "The Azadi March has reduced their [government] mountain of debt to dust," he said.

    Fazl said that this was not the way the country could be run. The JUI-F chief said that Pakistan could only be run in accordance with the law and constitution.

    Fazl calls Prime Minister Imran, parliament 'fake'

    JUI-F chief Maulana Fazlur Rehman lashed out at the government in his latest speech, on Friday, at the H-9 venue.

    "When he [Prime Minister Imran] went to the United States, he wasn't even received by a schoolteacher," he said.

    Fazl said that Pakistan had even upset China. He lashed out at the government for alleging that foreign loans had been used by politicians in money laundering and corruption.

    "He even abused us and the country in his US jalsa," said Fazl, referring to the Prime Minister's address during his first official visit to the US.

    The JUI-F chief said that Prime Minister Imran's politics was based on just one word and that was calling others thieves.

    Fazl also lashed out at the government's negotiating committee, saying that they did not have the capability to understand the opposition's demands.

    "They don't have the capability to understand our demands or convey them to the government," he said. "Which is why I tell them to bring me the prime minister's resignation."

    The JUI-F chief criticised the legislation that was done on Thursday in the parliament, when a record number of 13 ordinances were approved in an hour-and-a-half.

    "Fake ordinances through fake representatives is not acceptable," said Fazl.

    He said that the armed forces of the country had established peace in the country by giving tremendous sacrifices.

    "This peace could not have established without our cooperation," he said.

    Fazl said that if the nation was against those who picked up arms in the name of religion, then Prime Minister Imran was a 'Qabza Group' and he should also be opposed.

    War News

     War News

    Fighting Erupts in New Places in Syria

    From November 4 to 11, Syrian mujahideen supported by Turkey slowly advanced southwards from the area they have already captured along the border.

    A new aspect is that Assad's troops amd Shia militias have moved up north to support the SDF Kurdish Communists.

    On November 10 the Syrian fighters clashed with Assad's troops and slaughtered them. As the Assadis and Shias fled they were targeted south of Tal Tamer by Turkish artillery which is using observation by Turkish planes.

    Near Aleppo clashes between Assad troops and Syrian
    fighters supporting Turkey.

    In the east, Deir Ez Zor, ISIS fighters are raiding SDF Kurds but the casualties are still light.

    Russian bombers are striking Islamic towns and villages in Irbid province and north eastern Lattakia. Daily bombing is causing casualties including 13 civilians killed.

    In a disturbing incident, in the Ghouta, adjacent to Damasus, five intelligence officers of the Assad regime were murdered by civilians.

    Caravans of US military supplies have been spotted taking weaponry to the SDF Kurds.

    Large crowds are still defying the Baghdad regime.

    Iranian forces are now openly supporting the regime.

    Civilian deaths have gone above 325 with 8500 plus injured.

    Iran militias are shooting to kill.

    General Soleimani [Iran's hero} has persuaded Moqtada al-Sadr not to oppose the regime.

    In the northwest, ISIS hit ITALIAN troops working for NATO.

    Five were seriously injured. One had his leg amputated.

    Guidance by Sis. Yasmin.


    Courtesy ~Sis Yasmin.

    'Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim'

    'Assalaamualaykum Wa Rahmatuallahi WaBarakatahu'.

    'Ikhlas' [Sincerity] is probably the most difficult of all actions in Islam...!
    Sincerity in seeking Allah's pleasure alone in all our deeds requires a high-level of consciousness of our Creator that must be consistent over time.
    More often than not,
    we fall into the problem of 'Riya'
    [showing off ] where our deeds are really for the sake of people than for the sake of Allah.

    Sheikh Abdul Malik Ar-Ramadani (Allah have mercy on him) mentions some narrations on this subject from the righteous people of the past in his book 'Sittu Durar'

    'Ikhlas' is "when the servant's internal and external actions are the same.. And 'Riya' is when the external actions are better than the internal actions (of the heart).
    Truthfulness in one's sincerity is when the internal is better (developed) than the external."

    { Source:-Madarij-us- Salikeen, 2/91 }

    Bilal Bin Sa'd (Allah have mercy on him) said...

    "Do not be a 'Wali' (friend) of Allah outwardly, yet an enemy to Him internally."

    {Source:-Ahmad in Az-Zuhd, Abu Nu'aym in Al-Hilyah}

    It has been stated, "Ikhlas is that you do not request anyone to witness your actions except Allah...! and that you do not seek anyone to reward you except Him...!"

    Salamah Bin Dinar~(Allah have mercy on him) said:

    "Hide your good deeds (from the people) just like you hide your evil deeds".

    {Source:-Abu Nu'aym, Bayhaqi}

    And in a narration in Al-Bayhaqi...

    "Hide your good deed like you hide your evil deed... and do not be delighted at your own action, for you do not know whether you are happy or wretched (in the Hereafter)."

    It has been stated in definition of 'Ikhlas'....

    "It is to single out Allah in one's intention {Qasd} in one's obedience (to Him)."

    Hammad Bin Zaid ~ (Allah have mercy on him) said:

    'I used to walk with Ayyoob As-Sakhtiyani (Allah have mercy on him) and he would take me through different routes...! I would be surprised at how he would guide himself through them, fleeing from being seen by the people who might say, 'This is Ayyoob... !'

    he also said:

    "Ayyoob used to take me via a route that was the longest and I would say "But this one is closer."
    he would reply...

    "I fear (passing by these) gatherings."

    When he would pass by them and give 'Salaams', they would reply to him with more than what (they would do for) others !

    So he would say:

    'O Allah, you know that I did not desire this' !

    {Source~ Ibn Sa'd, Al-Fasawi }

    Abu Zur'ah Bin Abi Amr (Allah have mercy on him) said...

    'Ad-Dahhak~(Allah have mercy on him) Bin Qays came out and made the prayer for rain with the people, but they were not granted rain, and nor did they see any clouds come.

    Ad-Dahhak~ (Allah have mercy on him) said:

    "Where is Yazeed Bin Al-Aswad?" (And in another narration...
    "But nobody answered him!". He then said again~
    "Where is Yazeed Bin Al-Aswad Al-Jurashee ? "
    And I was insistent on calling him that if he was to hear my words he would get up.)

    "Here I am," he answered...
    So Ad-Dahhak~(Allah have mercy on him) said...

    " Stand and intercede with Allah on our behalf, that he should grant us rain."
    So Yazeed stood up, made his face pointed in the direction of his feet, and made his head sink into his shoulders (out of humility).
    he then said:

    "O Allah, these servants of yours sought Your intercession through me .

    So he had not called upon Allah three (3) times except that the people were granted rain in such abundance that they almost drowned on account of it...!

    Then Yazeed said...

    " O Allah, this one made a show of me ( Ad-Dahhak ) [ by asking for him and calling out for him ...] so grant me freedom from this (fame)."

    Yazeed did not live except for the next 'Jum'uah'...{!}

    [Source~ Sheikh Abdul Malik Ar-Ramadani ~ Sittu Durar ]

    ...My 'Salaams' to All...

    Y a s m i n.

    "All that is on earth will Perish. But will abide {Forever}
    the Face of thy Lord, full of Majesty, Bounty and Honour"
    {'Qur'an'- Surah Al-Rahman-55.26-27 }

    Courtesy: This beneficial mail was shared by Sister Yasmin.

    2019-11-11 Mon 11:19:33 ct