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6 Safar 1441 A.H. - October 6 2019 Issue # 40, Newsletter #1831

Hadith of the Week

Narrated by Abu Huraira, r.a.:

Allah's Apostle said, "Not to wish to be the like except of two men. A man whom Allah has given the (knowledge of the) Qur'an and he recites it during the hours of night and day and the one who wishes says: If I were given the same as this (man) has been given, I would do what he does, and a man whom Allah has given wealth and he spends it in the just and right way, in which case the one who wishes says, 'If I were given the same as he has been given, I would do what he does.'

Bukhari Volume 9, Book 90, Number 338
 Sis Kristi

[With thanks to Sis. Kristi]


Newark, Delaware. Large Juma' Crowd, beautiful Weather.

On October 4, 2019, a 6-;page Jamaat al-Muslimeen document was given to 100 Muslims after Friday prayers.

Almost the entire crowd were immigrants from Muslim countries, particularly Bangladesh, Egypt, Pakistan and West African countries.

The khutba was about the importance of knowledge but the heavy accent of the khateeb made it difficult for young people who have grown up in USA.

Here is outline of the articles in the 6-page Jamaat document:

  1. Imran Khan's speech showed betrayal of Islamic values.

  2. Gaza: 76th rally against Israeli occupation of Palestine,

  3. Serious oppression of Chinese Muslims by Communist regime.

  4. UN has failed both Kashmir and Palestine.

  5. Bombing of civilians in Germany [World War 2] and of IS families in Iraq did not break resistance.

 Word Around The Net

by Br. Nazeer, Texas
Israel's land grab in Area C will be another Nakba for Palestine

Iraq: At least 104 people killed and over 6,000 wounded in less than a week of protests.

Brutal torture of Palestinians by Israel prompts strong condemnation from human rights campaigners.

Iran says Chinese state oil firm withdraws from $5bn deal due to US sanctions.

US Senator Barred From Kashmir as Lockdown Enters 3rd Month

Microsoft Says Iranians Tried To Hack U.S. Presidential Campaign

Afghan generation knows only conflict as war turns 18 Afghan child
 Afghan Child

Political Prisoners :

Civil Discord Show



Pompeo blasts China over Uighur Muslims during Vatican visit

VATICAN CITY (Reuters) - U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Wednesday blasted China over its treatment of Uighur Muslims, during a Vatican conference taking place in the shadow of a political crisis back home.

Pompeo reserved his toughest criticism for China in a keynote speech at a Vatican conference on religious freedom. The others were Cuba, Iran, Pakistan and Myanmar.

"When the state rules absolutely, it demands its citizens worship government, not God. That's why China has put more than one million Uighur Muslims ... in internment camps and is why it throws Christian pastors in jail," he said.

"When the state rules absolutely, God becomes an absolute threat to authority," he said.

China has been widely condemned for setting up complexes in remote Xinjiang that it describes as "vocational training centers" to stamp out extremism and give people new skills.
"Today we must gird ourselves for another battle in defense of human dignity and religious freedom. The stakes are arguably higher than they were even during the Cold War, because the threats are more diverse and more numerous," he said at the conference organized by the U.S. embassy to the Vatican.


Israeli soldiers in Jabalia, northern Gaza, Ashraf al-Qedra, spokesperson for the health ministry in Gaza said on Friday.

Among the injured, 22 were shot with live bullets, he added.

Thousands of Palestinians gathered near the perimeter fence to participate in the Great March of Return, a series of weekly protests that began in March 2018.

The Israeli army did not comment on the specific incident but told the AFP news agency that around 5,800 of Palestinian "rioters and demonstrators" had gathered in multiple locations along the fence, with some throwing stones and explosive devices towards soldiers.

There were no reports of injured soldiers.

Since the Gaza rallies began, 313 Palestinian protesters have been killed by Israeli fire and thousands more wounded, according to the health ministry.

Eight Israelis have been killed in Gaza-related violence over the same period.

Demonstrators demand an end to Israel's 12-year-old blockade of the Gaza Strip, which has shattered the coastal enclave's economy and deprived its two million inhabitants of free movement in and out from Gaza and prevented many basic amenities.

Palestinians have also been demanding the right to return to lands in historic Palestine from which their families were violently expelled during the founding of Israel in 1948.

Israel says any such return would mean an end to the Jewish state and accuses Hamas, the Palestinian group that governs Gaza of orchestrating the protests.
Source: aljazeera

 Freedom March in Kashmir

Thousands Begin 'Freedom March' in Pakistan-Held Kashmir Toward Disputed Border With India

ISLAMABAD - Thousands of residents of Pakistan-held Kashmir rallied Saturday on board vehicles and motorbikes to press for their demand that India lift a two-month old controversial clampdown in its controlled portion of the disputed region.

"We want freedom on this [Pakistani] side and that [Indian] side," chanted the slowly moving and charged up crowd that is expected to reach the boundary line on Sunday.
"I am going with this march to express solidarity with our Kashmiri brothers, who have been under curfew for two months now," Ejaz Ahmed, a 64-year-old medical doctor by profession, told VOA.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi's Hindu nationalist government on August 5 unilaterally scrapped a decades old constitutional semi-autonomous status for the country's only Muslim-majority state.

New Delhi has since deployed tens of thousands of additional troops, cut phone and internet services, and arrested nearly 4,000 people, including the region's top political leadership, journalists and lawyers, amid serious allegations of torture and abuses.

The unprecedented lockdown to deter dissent and violent reactions by the local population has effectively isolated millions of Kashmiris from the rest of the world. India also has not permitted diplomats or foreign journalists to visit Kashmir.

"We think it's important that journalists and others be permitted to see exactly what's going on with their own eyes. That's why I had wanted to go there so that we can get the truth and get all the facts," Hollen said. He is accompanied by U.S. Senator Maggie Hassan on the visit.

Modi has defended his actions in Kashmir, saying they are meant to bring development and prosperity to the violence-plagued region. Critics, including those in India, have rejected these assertions, though, calling for an immediate easing of the lockdown.

Pakistan's Prime Minister Imran Khan asked the protesters to desist from crossing the Kashmir LoC, saying it would give India "an excuse to increase violent oppression of Kashmiris" on the other side. He warned that India also could use it to launch a cross-border attack on Pakistani-held part of the region, known as Azad (free) Jammu and Kashmir (AJK).

"I understand the anguish of Kashmiris in AJK seeing their fellow Kashmiris in IOJK [Indian-occupied Jammu and Kashmir] under an inhuman curfew for over 2 months," Khan tweeted just before the rally began its march from the main city of Muzaffarabad.

Last week, while Khan was addressing the United Nations General Assembly in New York, he emphatically urged member nations to intervene to persuade India to lift its siege of Kashmir before it results in another direct military conflict between the two nuclear-armed nations.

Khan asserted that Kashmiris would not accept the Indian moves and "what is going to happen when the curfew is lifted will be a bloodbath" for which Pakistan will be blamed, potentially drawing the two neighbors into war that could escalate into a nuclear exchange.

Fatwa #5


Are those fighting against Iran, Russia and NATO, khawarij? Misuse of a narrative which is not hadith.
Disagree but don't fabricate Atrocities & Misapply Hadith. Admonishing The Deen Show and Yasir Qadhi, two Supporters of Imperialism.

by Kaukab Siddique, PhD

The Deen Show has projected the views of Yasir Qadhi and others to make the claim that ISIS is the enemy of Islam.

It is one thing to disagree with a group like ISIS but to fabricate stories about those who we don't agree with is unIslamic and forbidden.

The Deen Show in its panic to support the western narrative forgot how ridiculous is its headline that ISIS is the enemy of Islam. On a daily basis the American and Russian air forces bomb ISIS along with the air force of the tyrant Assad and the air force of the US installed regime in Baghdad. If the Deen Show and Yasir Qadhi were using their common sense, they would have asked themselves: Are these forces which are attacking ISIS the friends of Islam. Why would they attack ISIS if ISIS is the enemy of Islam?

It has become of the habit of those who oppose mujahideen groups to call them "khawarij." Let us study the hadith which is used by anti-mujahudeen groups to link it to "khawarij."

Let us first see what is the text of the hadith and study it as a hadith. Here is the text:

Anas ibn Malik reported: The Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings be upon him, said, "There will be dissension and division in my nation and a people will come with beautiful words but evil deeds. They recite the Quran but it will not pass beyond their throats. They will leave the religion as an arrow leaves its target and they will not return until the arrow returns to its notch. They are the worst of the creation. Blessed are those who fight them and are killed by them. They call to the Book of Allah but they have nothing to do with it. Whoever fights them is better to Allah than them." They said, "O Messenger of Allah, what is their sign?" The Prophet said, "Shaving."

Source: Sunan Abu Dawud 4765, Grade: Sahih (authentic) according to Al-Albani

Notice that it is a general statement about people who talk beautifully about Islam but in their real life they go right out of Islam in their goals, objectives and behavior. Can we condemn a group fighting the western powers as if it comes under the meaning of this hadith? Obviously not, because this hadith is not about groups who fight the armies of the West and of their agents and tyrants.

Shaving? Do ISIS and other mujahideen groups shave? Not only they don't but they have the biggest beards in the Muslim world.
How did it come about that this hadith is "connected" to "khawarij." It has to do with the narrations coming from Ali, r.a., and those close to him. Here is a brief history of this "connection."

In the battle of Siffin between Ali, r.a., and Muawiyyah, r.a., the two sides accepted tehkeem, a form of mutual adjudication. It was a trick used by Muawiyyah's side. The followers of Ali, r.a., the best of them, in a group , left him saying that instead of seeking the authority of Allah, he had accepted the authority of the two negotiators.

Ali, r.a., considered these people, very pious people who wanted to continue the battle against Muawiyyah, r.a., , as those who left the camp of Islam, khawarij, who misunderstood Islam although they were pious. Ali, r.a., connected the hadith quoted above to these "rebels."

After that Ali, r.a., tried to persuade them. It is said that they killed his messenger and 3 other people, but this is difficult to authenticate and seems like a justification. After that Ali, r.a., went after them, all the way to Nahrwan, and killed just about ALL, 1800 of them. Only 9 survived. They did not resist, except in a couple of cases. Only 4 of Ali's people were killed while the entire group which had left was wiped out. Can there be an excuse to kill 1800 people even if they had killed 3 or 4?

Soon after a man related to one man killed by Ali, r.a., at Nahrwan killed him. It was the year 40 hijri.

Since that time, rulers have used this hadith to attack and kill those who leave their rule. Mass killing is allowed. So the title KHAWARIJ is helpful to justify GENOCIDE as America is doing with ISIS, killing THOUSANDS.

Is the hadith authentic? I doubt it for two important reasons:

  1. It is not narrated by The three rightly guided Caliphs, Abu Bakar, Umar and Usman, Allah be pleased with them, who ruled before Ali, r.a.

  2. During the time of Abu Bakr, r.a., various tribes left the fold of Islam and he fought them but did not apply this hadith.

  3. None of the Ushra Mubashra, , except Ali, r.a., have narrated this hadith. These were the greatest Muslims who were promised paradise while they were alive.

  4. Ayesha, r.a., the most learned sahabia, and expert in hadith, did not narrate it, though she was alive during Ali' ra., caliphate.

  5. Numerous other hadith oppose this hadith. For instance the hadith whoch promises paradise to those Muslims who even have even a mustard seed of faith in them. Even the hadith which condemns apostacy gives the apostate the chance to repent. The Prophet, pbuh, admonished Khalid, r.a., who killed a person who was reciting kalima just to save his life DURING BATTLE.

I kept the most important point for the end. The Qur'an, sura hujurat, teaches very forcefully. that when two groups of Muslims fight, make peace between them. The fight can only continue when one side is proven to be recalcitrant and even then it must be ended with peace:

If two parties among the Believers fall into a quarrel, make ye peace between them: but if one of them transgresses beyond boundsagainst the other, then fight ye (all) against the one that transgresses until it complies with the command of Allah; but if it complies, then make peace between them with justice, and be fair: for Allah loves those who are fair (and just) [49:9]

Yasir Qadhi, through the Deen Show, accused the Islamic Caliphate of committing serious crimes. Qadhi's accusatons are very general. He should mention specifics and state his sources. Don't become like Trump claiming that Mexicans are rapists. I challenge Qadhi to come forth with specifics and I will answer.

Tanabuz bil ilqab is a violation of the Qur'an. [49:11] Don't call the Caliphate DAESH.

Look at the headline issued by the Deen Show:
The Deen Show added a new video: Click here to see the video ISIS/DAESH THE ENEMY OF ISLAM

Prophet Muhammad -Peace be upon him- made a prophecy and warned us about a Radical and Extreme group that would come and that these people and their evil actions would have nothing to do with Islam the same way the KKK doesn't represent Christianity these people don't represent Islam


 Maulana Fazlur Rahman

Maulana Fazlur Rahman Threatening the Regime of Imran Khan
[New Trend report.]

It's not easy to find authentic information about the leader of Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam, Maulana Fazlur Rahman.

He is the target of ridicule by both the secularists and the Islamic groups.. Some of the ridicule comes from his switching political sides and hooking up with groups which are very much opposed to him.

Why is it possible for Maulana Fazlur Rahman to threaten the Imran Khan regime which also has the support of the Pakistani army?

One reason could be that he has a strong support base in the frontier areas from where he won elections in 1988, 1993, 2002, and 2008 and only narrowly lost in 2018.

The Imran regime and the army have worked hard to divide the Islamic groups and they are very suspicious of each other. Hence I. Khan and his ministers seem confident that Maulana Fazlur Rahman's efforts will flop. The problem is that people remember that the Maulana has strong ties with the Taliban and opposed Bush's 'War on Terror" which was supported by General Musharraf.

He created a problem for the military by blocking the transmission of American supplies for the NATO forces in Afghanistan through the tribal areas.

[Most people don't know that Pakistan regularly allowed or supplied the occupation forces in Afghanistan.]

[The westernized elites hate him because he opposed the honors given to Malalai Yusufzai [including the visit to the White House.]

The secularist Pakistani newspaper DAWN is leading a crusade against him.

He goes to extremes and people think he talks too loudly. such as his claim that Imran Khan is a Jewish stooge and that Qadianis are taking over the country.

Now the Maulana is seeking links with the leaders of the PPP and PML [Nawaz Sharif] but they are in jail and are worried about being seen as the Maulana's supporters

Massive "Save Kashmir" Rally by JI in Lahore
by Qaiser Sharif

LAHORE- Oct 6: Jamaat-e-Islami chief Senator Sirajul Haq has said that the people of Pakistan and AJK have taken to the street in support of their besieged brethren of Indian held Kashmir (IHK) but the prime minister is issuing warnings against the protests.

Addressing "Save Kashmir March" at The Mall on Sunday, he said Prime Minister Imran Khan's advice to the people of Azad Jammu & Kashmir (AJK) against marching towards the line of control was tantamount to showing weakness to the enemy which was unleashing worst violence on the people of the IHK for more than two months.

He said the rulers must keep in mind that building high walls was not an option to remain safe from the enemy. He warned that the PM and his aides could not fight the case of Kashmir while sitting in the air-conditioned halls and delivering good speeches.

The JI chief said that people were expecting that the PM would take into confidence the national leadership on Kashmir after coming back from the UNO and announce solid strategy for the future. But, he added, no concrete step was taken in this regard and the so-called follower of Tipu Sultan was acting like as silent spectator over genocide of the Kashmiris who had been fighting the case of realization of Pakistan for more than seven decades. He said the Kashmiris had sacrificed their present for the future of Pakistan but they always received a cold response from the rulers of the country.

He said the Indian premier Modi who butchered thousands of Muslims in Gujrat had now ordered genocide of Kashmiris. He said the prime minister had expected miracles on Kashmir and peace between Pakistan and India from the same person (Modi). He said those who expected good from Modi and Trump were living in fools' paradise.

He demanded the government not to sit silent and announce brave steps for Kashmir cause.

Siraj expressed concerns over the bad economy and rising inflation, saying the government was hitting hard the poor and middle class and lacked solid plan for the betterment of the economy. He said there was an urgent need to create national unity over multiple challenges the country was facing today.

Thousands of people, holding national and AJK flags and banners inscribed with slogans in support of Kashmiri struggle against Indian occupation, participated in the rally. The rally which started from Nasir Bagh and culminated in front of Masjad-e-Shuhada was also addressed by JI Secretary General Ameerul Azim, JI Naib Amir Liaqat Baloch, JI AJK chapter head Dr Khalid Mahmood, JI Central Punjab chapter head Javid Kasuri and JI Lahore Chapter head Zikrulla Mujahid.

War News

 War News

An Ansarullah force attacked regime forces at the towns of Boulkessy and Mondoro near the border with Burkina Faso. At least 25 regime troops were killed and their equipment destroyed.

French military is supporting the regime but the fighters left before the French troops reached the area.

France: On October 4, in central Paris, a police officer who embraced Islam 18 months back stabbed to death 4 French police officers and wounded one before he was killed. French research shows that the killer had been affected by the Charlie Hebdo cartoons of the Prophet, pbuh.

He is from Martinique.


On October 6, al-Shabab raiders hit an Italian military convoy, wirh a car bomb which set the Italian military vehicle on fire.

The same day al-Shabab attacked a US military base in Baledogle.

The Daily Mail says these attacks seem to be in response to President Trump's orders gto step up air strikes on al-Shabab.


October 6. The US secured the release of three Indian engineers who had been taken hostage by the Taliban. Four others are missing.

In exchange the US released 11 prominent Taliban who were being held in Bagram military prison.

In Kabul Afghans who returned from Iran held a protest at the Iran consulate. They were circulating a video of an Afghan being tortured in Iran.

Protestors said they were mistreated in Iran.

Widespread reports of fighting are coming in but are being used for propaganda.

Regime forces unable to advance, face pushback from Mujahideen. Chaos in Deraa and Deor ez Zor provinces.

October 4. A Russian air strike on mujahideen group known as "Defenders of the Faith" killed 9 of the fighters and injured 7 [Eastern Irbid]
Last month the same group was bombed by the US air force with higher casualties. Reportedly the group is gaining support.

The regime forces, Iranians and Shia militias, are in a defeat mode. They are firing rockets and artillery into Islamic positions but with no results.

The mujahodeen are in attack mode and on October 6 destroyed a regime tank which was trying to advance in western Hama province.

Heavy regime fire is also reported in mujahideen controlled areas of north east Latakia province.

In Deraa province [southern Syria] there is chaos because the citizens are defying all efforts by the Assad regime to control the area.

On October 4, angry citizens killed 2 officers of Assad's Division 4.

On Friday October 4, in six towns of Deir ez Zor province, worshippers demanded the removal of Iranian and Assad forces from the province.

In the east of the province, southern Euphrates area, Islamic State raiders are inflicting losses on the US backed SDF Kurdish forces.area

October 1 to October 6.
After a brief pause, the protests started again on October 6.
Brutal police tactics have failed to suppress the crowds.

Six days of brutal Shia vs Shia conflict has killed 104 people and injured 6000 plus. The dead include 8 security forces.

The protests by large crowds have spread from Baghdad to Nasriya and Diwaniya.

Some protests in Najaf and Kerbala.

Offices of militias and political groups have been burned down.

Offices of Dawa party were destroyed by the crowds.

In the Dhi Qar area the headquarters of the heavily armed pro-Iran militia were set on fire.

The crowds are demanding basic rights, justice, jobs, and improvement in civic facilities.


 The Indian War on Muslims

The Indian War on Muslims
Dr Firoz Mahboob Kamal

The Hindutva war

War has its distinctive and defining markers; it brings gang rapes, genocidal killings, arsons, occupations, deprivation of human rights and mass-scale torture in the lives of the stipulated enemies. The Indian Muslims pass every day and every night amidst such war-crimes. The ongoing war against the Muslims doesn't run in the territorial frontiers; rather in every Muslim enclaves. Any doubt on deadliness of a killer bug only brings more deaths. Similarly, doubt on dreadfulness of the toxic ideologies like Hindutva fascism, only exacerbate the genocide. Fascism has already shown its true face in Europe. The Muslims in India are now facing the same fate. The Hindutva fascists formed the world's largest NGO called Rastriya Shevok Sangha (RSS) not to share goodwill with the minority compatriots; but to impart ideological militancy among its members. It was created with the sole objective to make India a Hindu state. (Andersen, Walter; Damla, Shridhar, 1987). When M.S Golwalker became the RSS President in 1940, he set it a goal not to fight against the British. (M.S Golwalker, 1974); and was made war-ready to fight the Muslims.

From day one of its inception in 1925, RSS was focused on mobilizing and strengthening the Hindutva recruits to fight against the Muslims. In 1927, within two years of its creation, the RSS launched its first Muslim cleansing operation in its birth place in Nagpur in Maharashtra. Its militants launched an organised attack against the local Muslims and the campaign went on for 3 days and forced the Muslims to leave the city. The creation of Pakistan in 1947 infuriated the RSS cadres; as if they have cut into pieces their mother India. Now they take the fight against the captivated Indian Muslims. They consider every Indian Muslim a traitor cum termite and a Pakistani inside. (Ashish Nandi, 2002). For its terrorist activities, the RSS was banned 4 times: in 1947, 1948, 1975-77 and 1992. During British raj, it was banned for its communal terrorism by the provincial government of Punjab in 1947. In 1948, it was banned for killing Gandhi. In 1992, it had banned for destroying the historic Babri Mosque. Since Norendra Modi -a lifelong member of RSS, became the Prime Minister, everything changed. The RSS is no more alone in its mission. Along with this non-state fascist outfit, the whole state apparatus, the media, the police and the army are now working hand in hand to attain the Hindutva objective.

Invitation to Think

From Br. Ather [Canada]
 Invitation to Think

Saudi Arabia and Iran are not What they used to be. Bad News for Muslims.
But America still leads.

Adultery & lgbtq
Another day another reform. Adultery and lgbtq will be tolerated in the land of Prophet, pbuh. This is result of opening the land for tourism to "diversify" revenue.

Prostitution in Religious Garb.

Shia clerics unleash mutah brigades. Mutah was banned by Prophet AS but these pedophile clerics are exploiting girls today.
Saddam had banned Mutah n other Shia rituals. Also it was banned during 500 yr Ottoman rule. However Shias became ecstatic about "freedom " given to them by American invaders that helped Ayatollahs exploit girls. Cindy Sheehan camped outside Bush's Crawford Ranch for months demanding to know the "noble cause" of Iraq war that killed her son. In contrast gold star parent Khizr Khan whose son also died in that war is felicitated by Muslim organizations.

This one is from CLG [Committee for Legitimate Government.]
Our Billionaire Jew.

Jeffrey Epstein's alleged sex trafficking victim named Bill Richardson, George Mitchell in newly released documents --Court unseals 2,000 documents related to Jeffrey Epstein case | 10 Aug 2019 | A woman who has long claimed disgraced pedophile Jeffrey Epstein forced her to have sex with powerful men named two prominent Democratic politicians - former Sen. George Mitchell and ex-New Mexico governor and Clinton cabinet official Bill Richardson - in documents unsealed Friday by federal prosecutors in New York. Friday's revelations came from more than 2,000 documents that were unsealed by the U.S. Attorney's Office for the Southern District of New York. The papers included affidavits and depositions of key witnesses in a lawsuit the now-33-year-old woman, Virginia Roberts Giuffre, filed against Epstein and his associate, Ghislaine Maxwell in 2015...In another deposition, Giuffre also reveals that she was "trafficked" to Mitchell, a former Senate Majority leader who represented Maine from 1980-95 and was later named special envoy to the Middle East by President Obama. A sworn affidavit by a former Epstein employee, Juan Alessi, also alleges Mitchell, 85, of having associated with Epstein.

Guidance by Sis. Yasmin.

Alhamduli'Allahi Rabbil-'Aalameen
wa-Salaatu wa-Salaamu 'alaa Ashrafil-Anbiyaa-e-wal-Mursaleen~ 'Amma 'Baa'd.
'Assalaamu 'Alaykum wa Rahmatullaahi wa Barakaatuhu'

Al-Hassan Al-Basri ( Rahimahullah )...
advised some of his students admonishing them about
avoiding the state of being proud...saying...

  1. Do not deceive yourself into becoming too proud because you are in a good or righteous environment, for there is no place that is better than Paradise, and our father
    Adam {Alayhi Salaam} experienced there what is known to all... {!}

  2. Do not become proud merely because you worship often, for consider what
    happened to Iblees after he spent a great deal of time worshipping...{!}

  3. Do not think yourself great because you have met with righteous people, for there
    is no man more righteous than the PROPHET ~ {SalAllaahu 'Alahi Wasallam} !
    yet the disbelievers and hypocrites did not benefit by simply knowing him~{!}

'In Shaa Allah' May ALLAH (subhanahu wa ta'alaa) free our Heart ['Qalb'] from Pride ~Allah Humma 'Aameen'
'Subhanak Allaahuma wa Bihamdika Ash-hadu anlaa illaaha illa anta Astaghfiruka wa atubu Ilayk.'
Translation: Exalted and Glorified is my Lord (Allah) and all prayers and praises are due to Him (alone) and I bear witness that there is no any other lord or god except YOU (Allah) I seek your forgiveness and I repent unto YOU.
If I said anything correct, then it is from Allaah (Subhanahu wa Taa'ala), and if I erred, then that is from me and shaytan.
...My 'Salaams' to All...
Y a s m i n.
 Sis Yasmin

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