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1 Mohurram 1441 A.H. - September 1 2019 Issue # 35, Newsletter #1826

Hadith of the Week

Narrated by Hudhaifa

bin Al-Yaman, r.a.:
The people used to ask Allah's Apostle about the good but I used to ask him about the evil lest I should be overtaken by them.

So I said, "O Allah's Apostle! We were living in ignorance and in an (extremely) worst atmosphere, then Allah brought to us this good (i.e., Islam); will there be any evil after this good?" He said, "Yes."

I said, 'Will there be any good after that evil?"
He replied, "Yes, but it will be tainted (not pure.)''

I asked, "What will be its taint?"

He replied, "(There will be) some people who will guide others not according to my tradition? You will approve of some of their deeds and disapprove of some others."

I asked, "Will there be any evil after that good?"

He replied, "Yes, (there will be) some people calling at the gates of the (Hell) Fire, and whoever will respond to their call, will be thrown by them into the (Hell) Fire."

I said, "O Allah s Apostle! Will you describe them to us?" He said, "They will be from our own people and will speak our language."

I said, "What do you order me to do if such a state should take place in my life?" He said, "Stick to the group of Muslims and their Imam (ruler)."

I said, "If there is neither a group of Muslims nor an Imam (ruler)?"

He said, "Then turn away from all those sects even if you were to bite (eat) the roots of a tree till death overtakes you while you are in that state."

Bukhari, Volume 9, Book 88, Number 206
 Sis Kristi

[With thanks to Sis. Kristi]

 Word Around The Net

by Br. Nazeer, Texas

Iran unveils high-precision reconnaissance and attack drone.

Syrians storm Turkish border post in protest over Assad offensive.

Sudan President Bashir admits to receiving millions from Saudi crown prince.

Despite US Warnings, UAE attends trade-fair in Syria.

Israel, Hezbollah exchange fire at Lebanon border.

Massacre in Yemen as more than 100 killed by Saudi-led air strikes

Political Prisoners :

Civil Discord Show

 Social Media

August 27 issue of New Trend sent from Jamaat al-Muslimeen's Facebook page, reached:

101,328 people

It included articles on:
  1. Fatwa on Temporary Marriage.
  2. Big rally for Kashmir in Peshawar.
  3. Fighting in Syria and Iraq.
  4. Palestinian Rally.
  5. Guidance.
  6. Islamic Call



The World Bank is investigating whether a $50 million loan it granted in 2015 for an education project in China's Xinjiang region has been used to fund Muslim detention camps.

The review comes amid growing global concern that China has detained one million or more Muslim Uighurs and placed them in "re-education" camps where they are forced to renounce their religious beliefs and embrace the ideology of the Communist Party.

The controversy is the first major test for the World Bank's new president, David Malpass, a China hawk and former Treasury Department official who assumed the role this year after being selected by President Donald Trump.
"We take such concerns extremely seriously," David Theis, a World Bank spokesman, said in a statement released Thursday night. "We are actively looking into the questions that have been raised about the project. If action is warranted, we will take it."
Source: The Independent


Palestinians flock to Gaza fence for fresh protests.

Gaza's National Authority for Return and Breaking the Siege (NARBS), which organises weekly rallies, called on Palestinians to attend the demonstration.

"Jerusalem was and still is the capital of our Palestinian people," NARBS said, rejecting Israeli attempts to "Judaise the city".

Since the Gaza rallies began in March last year, nearly 270 protesters have been martyred — and thousands more wounded — by Israeli troops deployed near the buffer zone.
Demonstrators demand an end to Israel's 12-year blockade of the Gaza Strip, which has shattered the coastal enclave's economy and deprived its two million inhabitants of many basic amenities.

Source: MiddleEastMonitor


Intolerance in a Secularized Port Harcourt

By Abdulkabir Oyemomi

The news of destruction of Trans-Amadi Central Mosque in Port-Harcourt , Rivers State came as a faint surprise for some Muslims who could read between the lines: Governor Nyesom Wike had said in several television interviews that " Rivers State is a Christian State".

Wike sent thugs and fake mobile policemen to destroy Trans - Amadi Central Mosque on Tuesday, 20th of August,2019 in contempt of court proceeding, because ( according to the thorough investigation by Islamic Bodies like MURIC) there is a case on it at an appellate court.

The Chief Imam of the Mosque, Alhaji Haroon Muhammad stressed that Trans-Amadi Central Mosque had come under demolition thrice,noting that they had spent millions of naira on the ongoing construction before the recent ugly attack by the officials working for Gov. Wike.

The Imam expressed: " To be frank with you, we don't know the offence we have committed, because, when we bought this land during (Gov.) Amaechi's administration, after building, they came and destroy it.

" When we could not settle it, we went to court and,on November 2, 2017, court gave judgement that we're the owners of the land.

"No notice was given to us before they came for demolition on Tuesday August 20th. We don't really know what the problem is . Nobody has talked to us. We don't know what offence we have committed".

Unfortunately , Media and Christian leadership have lost their sharp voice following this barbaric act of government of Rivers State. Neither has the development startled our apologists Muslim political leaders, but for Mallam Shekarau Ibrahim, who is a senator of Federal Republic of Nigeria and a former governor of Kano State.

Mallam Shekarau described Gov. Wike's action as barbaric and totally condemnable. He also decries Wike's declaration of Rivers State as Christian State as a call to anarchy.

Speaking to Daily Post, Mallam Shekarau noted that " if a Muslim governor were to come out openly and declare his state a Muslim state and proceed to demolish a Church for any reason, all hell would have since broken loose in Nigeria,and sections of Christian community would have since rushed to the international community and even the United Nations seeking protection against Muslim.

" The action of Governor Wike is a pointer to his being induced by other than rationale brain waves ,as no leader in his right senses would contemplate stoking these embers of discord in a country so religiously, ethnically and regionally charged as Nigeria".
However, it is in the writer's opinion that this issue be relaxed for now to disallow reprisal actions and its possible resultant effect of violence for Wike to capitulate and do the needful as a matter of urgency. At least Gov. Wike and his likes should be exposed enough to know that the moving train of Islam is naturally unstoppable.


Catonsville, MD
August 30th,
5 page document was given to 44 people after Juma.

It included:
  1. Fatwa on Temporary Marriage.
  2. Kashmir
  3. China, etc

Many of the people at this masjid do not know english, hence the small distribution.

Fatwa #2

Advice to ISNA on what is Islamic and what is UnIslamic.
by Dr. Kaukab Siddique

Bernie Sanders Speech at ISNA Convocation.

We need to study under several headings what ISNA [Islamic Society of North America] has done by inviting Bernie Sanders to its Convocation.


  1. Life of the Prophet, pbuh.
    Muslims are taught to be kind and caring towards non-Muslims. However the Prophet, pbuh, and the khulafa rashidoon, r.a., did not invite non-Muslims to their gatherings to be lectured about the realities of their situation. In fact voting for kuffar to make them our leaders or cooperating with them in major issues is strictly forbidden. ALL LEADERSHIP RELATED COOOPERATION is FORBIDDEN. [Sura Hud.]

    1. The basic principle of da'wa is to GO to the kuffar, enter their strongholds and teach them. Musa, pbuh, went to the Pharoah and did not invite him to his community.. The Prophet, pbuh, did not invite Abu Jahal to lecture Muslims in Dar ul Arqam.

  2. The depth of this non-cooperation can be seen in Islamic non-cooperation even with corrupt leaders and rulers who claimed to be Muslims. The most important example is that of Hussain, r.a.. the grandson of the Prophet, pbuh, who gave his life rather than cooperate with Yazeed. It was in this very month, Mohurram, that he gave his life.

  3. Facts.
  4. Sanders declared very clearly that he supports a STRONG ISRAEL. In other words he is with the worst enemies of Islam.

  5. He claimed that Yemen is the worst tragedy of the Muslim world, That is certainly not true. Syria is the worst tragedy. The number of Muslims who have perished in dictator Assad's prisons is more than the total deaths in Yemen. Think of what Assad has done all over Syria. Several million Muslims killed, millions made homeless.

  6. Bernie Sanders cannot possibly be ignorant of what Russia and America have done with the help of Iran in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan.

    Has he never heard of Mosul with 40,000 civilians killed by the US and Iran with 1.5 millions civilians made homeless. What about al-Raqqa with 18000 civilians killed and still counting by the US? Why is he so quiet about the destruction of Aleppo, the cities of Ghouta and numerous Syrian towns obliterated by Russia and Iran?

  7. Crumbs and Opportunism.
  8. It is true that Bernie Sanders sympathized with Rohingyas and Kashmiris and even Palestinians. In each case he offered sympathy and "humanitarian" support [whatever that means]. He did not offer to oppose any oppressor of the Muslims.

  9. Pathetic Condition of Muslim audience.
  10. During the entire speech, the large Muslim audience did not offer EVEN ONE takbeer. Hijabi women were sitting there, CLAPPING for the kafir. Clapping is well known as the sign of the kuffar as they used to do running around the ka'aba before they embraced Islam.

ISNA has a track record of support for the American power structure. Some of the ISNA convocations were directly sponsored by the White House. The more they admire non-Muslims, the more they degrade themselves and lower their Islamic standards. Why call yourself "Islamic" when you are simply a support group of the Democratic Party?


 Pakistan Flag

Massive Karachi Crowd Supports Kashmir.
Remove Kashmir Fence, End Simla Agreement - JI

LAHORE- Sep 1: Thousands throng to Karachi's Shahrah-e-Faisal amid heavy rains to participate in "Save Kashmir March" held under the aegis of Jamaat-e-Islami Pakistan.

Holding placards, banners, AJK and Pakistani flags, the participants including a large number of women and children made a commitment that they would continue their support to Kashmir cause till its logical conclusion.

The participants also chanted full throat slogans against Indian genocide in held regions. Their banners read "We Stand with Kashmiris", "Save Kashmir-Save Pakistan", and "Kashmir belongs to Pakistan and Pakistan belongs to Kashmir."

JI chief Sirajul Haq, JI Sec General Ameerul Azim, JI Karachi Chapter Amir Hafiz Naeemur Rahman addressed the gathering. "Rulers cannot fight the case of Kashmir from their luxurious air-conditioned rooms," said Siraj while suggesting the government to take practical steps to remove the fence at LoC, which he said was acting as 'Berlin War' between AJK and held Kashmir. The 450 kilometer fence was illegal, he said, adding people of Kashmir and Pakistan were not accepting it.

The JI chief also called for abolishing the Simla Agreement with India. He said New Delhi had already violated the UN Resolutions on Kashmir and mutual agreement with Pakistan. So, he questioned, what was the use of that piece of paper?

"It is time to act decisively. If we lost Kashmir we God forbid will lose Pakistan. Kashmir is matter of life and death for us."

He demanded the government announce its roadmap on Kashmir cause.

Siraj suggested that AJK Assembly should give representation to the people of held Kashmir and other diasporas and then the assembly should act as official representative for the entire Kashmir.

He said the government must stop "dialogue with India rhetoric" as it was completely useless now. "They [Indian army] are killing our children, brothers, sisters in Kashmir and we are taking about dialogues."

Why the government was putting pre-conditions that it will talk to India if New Delhi took back decision on Article 370 and 35A or if it lift curfew, he questioned, adding the people of Pakistan no more wanted dialogue with India but they demand a concrete and bold action in support of Kashmiri masses.

Referring to Muslim students in Indian state Kerala who raised Pakistani flags during a protest, he said Muslim population of India were up against Hindutva hooliganisms and days were not so ahead when many Pakistan like countries came to existence within India.

Siraj said Modi government should not only forget that it will keep Kashmiris as its slave, it should also be ready for further division of India.

Pakistani Women joining hands with Kashmiri Women can play a Key role in Liberation.
by Qaiser Sharif

LAHORE- Aug 31: Paying rich tribute to the sacrifices rendered by Kashmiri women during seven decades long struggle against Indian occupation, Jamaat-e-Islami chief Sirajul Haq has asked Pakistani women to also extend their full support to Kashmir cause.

"No movement can succeed without women participation," said Senator Siraj while addressing JI Women Shoora on Saturday.

He said Pakistani women could play a vital role in creating awareness about Kashmir cause. They should knock every door and inform the elders, housewives, children about the importance of Kashmir for Pakistan, he added.

"Our Kashmiri mothers, daughters and sisters have long been struggling against Indian repression. Their share in freedom movement is never less than the Kashmiri men," he said.
The JI chief informed the participants about the sacrifices laid by women in Pakistan Movement and said Kashmiri women were also following the footsteps of those great ladies and time had approached that they bore the fruit of their efforts.

Upraising them about the plots hatched by western NGOs to damage the Islamic identity of Pakistan, Siraj asked the women to get ready to cope with the challenge.

"Expose the westernized agenda and so-called liberals at every front with the wisdom and logic."

He expressed concern over reports about the food and medicines shortage in IOK. He called for the urgent support of the besieged people. Siraj said Kashmir situation was getting worst with everyday passing but the world was acting as a silent spectator.

JI Women Chapter Secretary General Durdana Siddiqui also addressed the event.

3rd item via Si. Amina

If You dare Criticize or Oppose the Pakistani military, this can happen to you!

Office No. 24th, 3rd Floor, Majeed Plaza Bank Road, saddar Rawalpindi.
Office Ph. No. 051-5511686

Fact Sheet
Dated: 21st Aug 2019
Provinces Missing Released Traced Dead Total
AJ&K 23 09 01 00 33
Balochistan 62 05 02 01 70
ICT 54 21 04 01 80
KPK 813 61 95 22 991
Punjab 385 241 64 34 724
Sindh 122 40 04 05 171
Incomplete data 60 60
Total 1519 377 170 63 2129

Note: Traced means those missing persons who have been surfaced after a period of disappearance but remains detained under certains charges.

Still Missing Person's 1519
Traced Persons 170
Released 377
Dead Persons 63
Un complete Data 60
Released in Last 10 Years 650

Sisters at the Red Mosque
On August 31, Pakistani troops surrounded Sisters supporting the Red Mosque to stop them from "jihad in Kashmir Conference" organized by Jamia Hafsa [r.a.], which is a branch of the Red Mosque.

Appeal for help for Palestine

 The United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East

United Nations: Appeal for help for Palestine

Imagine it's 4:30 in the morning and you are woken up to repeated pounding at the door. You open it to see over 100 lsraeli soldiers with dogs, all barking angrily, surrounding your house.

Fear overcomes you; your house is about to be demolished. The place you've saved up to afford for 15 years is about to be destroyed in less than an hour. There's nothing you can do to stop it.


This isn't an imaginary story; this is what happened to Lina, Bilal, and their five children in East Jerusalem on July 22.

This type of home demolition is illegal under international law, but that has not prevented the Israeli military from demolishing residences across the West Bank for decades.
On this particular day, ten Palestinian houses and buildings were demolished in Wadi al Humus, Sur Bahir, in East Jerusalem, alone.

In response, UNRWA staff provided Lina and Bilal with emotional support along with cash assistance so they could afford a temporary rental and new furniture.

No family should ever have to face this devastating injustice, but tragically, Palestine refugees are facing housing demolitions at unprecedented rates this year.

To help Palestine refugee families whose lives have been shattered by home demolitions and forced displacement.!/donation/checkout

War News

 War News

Taliban have captured the strategic town of Kunduz in the north. They are being bombed by the US airforce and might have to withdraw.

An elite US soldier had been reported killed in combat.

Reports indicate increasing support for IS as US Taliban peace talks continue.

Heavy Fighting Reported

Two Iraqi regime brigades attacked IS fighters north of Mosul. There was a stalemate after which US jets attacked the IS fighters, killing 6.

Airstrikes also reported from Diyala province, where IS activity is heavily reported. Also, regime soldiers are reported killed in Khanaqin.

Eleven suspected IS fighters have been sentenced to death by the Iraqi regime.

Long columns of American vehicles are reported entering Al-Assad base in the desert west of Bagdhad.

Regime forces retreating. Russia declares cease fire.
Heavy bombing and shelling continues. More civilians fleeing. Turkey did nothing.

Aug 26-Aug 30: Heavy Islamic counterattacks beat back Iranian and Assad forces which had entered Irbid province. Despite heavy Russian bombing in support of Assad. Russia then declared cease fire, which is still holding [Sept 1].
American jets bombed a gathering of alleged Al-Qaeda suspects, killing a large number of people [Aug 31, after the "cease fire"]. At least 40 of those dead are said to be part of "Defenders of the Faith" allied to Al-Qaeda.

There is chaos in Deir ez Zhor on the banks of southern Euphrates river, as IS guerrilla attacks continue every night.

The province of Deraa, is near collapse, as civilians are resisting the Assad regime and killing its officials when found alone.

Large numbers of people demostrated on the Turkish Syrian border demanding that Turkey take action against the bombing of civilians by Russian and Iran [Turkey has still not done anything to stop the attacks].

The number of Syrian refugees in Turkey has gone above 3.9 million and Turkey is now taking harsh measures to stop further arrivals. There are reports that Erdogan lost the elections in Istanbul because large numbers of Syrian refugees are being resented by the Turkist population.

News within the U.S.

 News within the US

Mass Shooting in Texas
FBI says: "We're almost every two weeks an active shooter in this country."

A man who was pulled over by Texas troopers shot at them with a rifle and sped away, setting off a terrifying rampage that ended with seven victims and the shooter dead, police said.

After he opened fire with what police described as an AR-type weapon during a traffic stop Saturday in Midland, the gunman drove on the streets and the highway, spraying bullets randomly at residents and motorists, police said.

He then hijacked a postal truck and ditched his gold Honda, shooting at people as he made his way into Odessa about 20 miles away. There, police confronted him in a movie theater parking lot and killed him in a shootout.

Twenty-two people were also injured, Odessa Police Chief Michael Gerke said. They included a 17-month-old girl and three law enforcement officers, hospital and police officials said.

It's unclear why police pulled over the unidentified gunman or what his motive was. Gerke described him as a white male in his 30s but declined to provide additional information.

The attack during the busy Labor Day weekend put people on edge in a state where a gunman killed 22 less than a month ago at a Walmart in El Paso, about 285 miles west of Odessa.

FBI Special Agent in Charge Christopher Combs said his agency responds to Texas frequently. He said the FBI is "here now almost every other week supporting our local and state partners on active shooters. We're almost every two weeks an active shooter in this country."
Source: CNN

A 'Catastrophic' Category 5 Storm with ferocious winds headed toward U.S. coastal areas.

Dorian struck the northern Bahamas with 185 miles per hour wind, and gusts over 220 miles per hour.

As Hurricane Dorian struck the Abaco Islands in the northwestern Bahamas on Sunday, the National Hurricane Center said that the maximum sustained winds around the eye of the "extremely dangerous" storm had reached 185 miles an hour, making it a "catastrophic" storm with "devastating winds."

By 2 p.m. Eastern time, the storm had made landfall at Elbow Cay and was moving westward fairly slowly — 7 miles an hour — over Great Abaco; it was expected to continue near or over Grand Bahama later Sunday or early Monday, forecasters said. Storm surges of as much as 18 to 23 feet were possible, enough to swamp many low-lying areas of the islands, and as much as 25 inches of rain could fall before the storm passes.

By late Monday or early Tuesday, forecasters said, the storm could be near the Florida coast.

Source NYTimes See Full Story, with Video:
[with thanks to Br. Nazeer]

Invitation to Think

 Invitation to Think

Refutation of Seven Slanders Against Islam
by Salim Abdul Khaliq
[Chicago: Founder of The Flaming Crescent.]

I will refute the criticisms and false accusations against Allah,Islam & Prophet Muhammad-

  1. Allah is a pagan moon god.A lie.Allah has no image and the Quran condemns moon worship.Would Allah criticize himself? The Cresent is only a symbol of Time.

  2. Islam is terrorism.A lie.'Muslim terrorist 'is a OXYMORON.You cannot be a true believer and harm innocent people.Some terrorist acts are done by the enemies of Islam and framed on innocent Muslims.

  3. Muslims dont believe in Jesus.A lie.Muslims love and honor Jesus but see him as a Messenger sent from God.Jesus worshipped God himself.Muslims pray to God only.A chapter in Quran is named Mary in respect of Jesus mother.

  4. Islam promotes slavery.A lie.The Quran speaks against slavery and racism.Arabs had slaves before Islam and Muhammad tried to stop it.Any Arabs having slaves made them hypocrites.

  5. Women have no rights as muslims.A lie.Munammad said treat females kindly.The quran says men and women are equal before God.Any muslim male who mistreats women is in danger of hell.

  6. Islam is a manmade invented religion.A lie.All other religiouns are named after men but Islam comes from one of tge 99 names of God in Islam.The Catholic church had nothing to do with islams origin they hated Muslims during the Crusade Wars and killed muslims.Islam did not come from judaism because Muhammad could not read a hebrew bible.

  7. Muhummad was a child molester. A BIG LIE. Pedophiles deal only with children Muhammad first wife was 15 years older.His wife Aisha was really between 18-26 years of age.See the new book AISHA MOTHER OF BELIEVERS by Dr.Amir Busool.The holy quran says marry females when they are mature only.Nobody during the Prophets time ever called him such.


Guidance by Sis. Yasmin.



'AlhamduliAllahi Rabbil-'Aalameen' wa-Salaatu wa-Salaamu 'Alaa
Ashrafil-Anbiyaa-e-wal-Mursaleen~ 'Amma 'Baa'd~

'Muharram' is the first month of the Hijri calendar and is one of the Four sacred months concerning which ALLAH {Azza wa Jall } says in the 'Qur'aan'.... 'Surely the number of months with Allah is Twelve months in Allah's ordinance since the day when He created the heavens and the earth, of these four being sacred; that is the right reckoning; therefore be not unjust to yourselves regarding them'.
[Source: 'Qur'aan' ~Surat At-Taubah ~ 9~ Verse # 36]

'Muharram' is one of the four sacred Months out of twelve.
The others being...Zul-Qa'dah, Zul-Hijjah, and Rajab.
These four months have been sacred since the creation of universe.
ALLAH {Azza wa Jall } says in the 'Qur'aan'....
'Muharram' is a sacred month because Allah made it sacred along with three other months and told us about it in the 'Qur'aan'.
Prophet Muhammad {may peace be upon him} informed us about the Four sacred monthsin the following narration:
'The year is of Twelve months, out of which Four {4} months are sacred:
Three {3} are in succession
  1. Dhul-Qa'da,
  2. Dhul-Hijja,
  3. Muharram,
  4. Rajab.

[Source: Bukhari Vol 004, Book # 054, Hadith # 419]

'Ashura'~ [meaning tenth in Arabic] The 10th of Muharram.
Fasting on the 10th Muharram 'Ashura' was obligatory on the Muslims before the fasts of 'Ramadan' were made obligatory.

Narrated by the Mother of the Believers Aisha (Allah be pleased with her).... The people used to fast on 'Ashura' {the tenth (10th)day of the month of 'Muharram'} before the fasting of 'Ramadan' was made obligatory and on that day the 'Kaaba' used to be covered with a cover.
When Allah made the fasting of the month of 'Ramadan' compulsory,
*PROPHET* {peace be upon him} said...
'Whoever wishes to fast (on the day of 'Ashura') may do so and whoever wishes to leave it can do so'.
[ Source: 'Bukhari' Vol 02, Book 026, Hadith # 662. ]

Abu Qatada al-Ansari (Allah be pleased with him) reported that...
The Messenger of Allah {may peace be upon him} was asked about fasting on the day of 'Ashura' {10th of Muharram} whereupon he said:
It expiates the sins of the preceding year...{!}
{Source:- Muslim: Book 06: Hadith # 2603}

 Sis Yasmin

2019-09-02 Mon 14:09:14 ct