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5 Shawwal 1440 A.H. - June 9 2019 Issue # 23, Newsletter #1814

Hadith of the Week

Narrated by Samura bin Jundab, r.a.:

The Prophet said, "This night I dreamt that two men came and took me to a Holy land whence we proceeded on till we reached a river of blood, where a man was standing, and on its bank was standing another man with stones in his hands. The man in the middle of the river tried to come out, but the other threw a stone in his mouth and forced him to go back to his original place. So, whenever he tried to come out, the other man would throw a stone in his mouth and force him to go back to his former place. I asked, 'Who is this?' I was told, 'The person in the river was a Riba-eater."

Bukhari, Volume 3,
Book 34, # 298
 Sis Kristi

[With thanks to Sis. Kristi]

 Word Around The Net

by Br. Nazeer, Texas
'Weaponisation of hunger': Idlib's farmers accuse Syrian government of deliberately setting fire to their crops.

Migrant arrests by US border patrol hit highest level since 2007

Sudan Protesters Stage Mass Civil Disobedience In Latest Effort To End Military Rule

US deploys "a naval strike group to send a clear and unmistakable message to the Iranian regime".

US envoy says Israel has "right" to annex West Bank land

Museum visitor cracks code to unlock secrets of mystery safe sealed for decades

The International Space Station: The next hot tourist destination.

'All I have done, no credit!': Trump pouts.

Venezuela's Border With Colombia Reopens after 4 months.

Political Prisoners :

Civil Discord Show

 Breaking News

The Story Behind
Dr. Abdelhaleem Ashqar: A Palestinian Political Prisoner

*Please remember Dr. Abdelhaleem Ashqar and his family in your prayers. Help spread the word about his ongoing ordeal; and if you can do more for this courageously principled brother and his family, than by all means do it!

On a final note, presentations like these frighten many Muslims and non-Muslims (including many Palestinians in the US) from contributing to our much needed work.

Part 1:

Part 2:

 El-Hajj Mauri’ Saalakhan

Video Presented by:
El-Hajj Mauri' Saalakhan


Gambia, West Africa
I would like to thank the Jamaat al Muslimeen for their support of the children of Gambia on behalf of the organization there and also further support for the children and the orphans.

They can be contacted through:
Jamaat al Muslimeen
c/o Post Box 84
PA 19363
or the address of the Jamaat al Muslimeen on face book.

Eid Mubarak to the members of the shoora of the Jamaat al Muslimeen.

Yours in faith,
Abu Talib

 Br Abu Talib

Br. Abu Talib of New York, is an Activist and Member of Jamaat al-Muslimeen


Newark, Delaware

Six-Page Jamaat Document given to 100 Muslims.

On June 7, a large crowd gathered for Juma salat at masjid Ibrahim in Newark. They were mostly from Bangladesh, various Arab countries and north African countries,

Their car bumper stickers gave messages like : "Jesus, pbuh, was a Muslim," "Read Qur'an," and "Make Peace."

Later we were told by a Bangladeshi sister that the imam is from an Arab country, has been there for 10 years and is very popular, When he began, he did not know English and needed an interpreter. Now he is quite fluent in English but with an accent.

The following is an outline of the 6 page Jamaat al-Muslimeen document which was given to 100 people. [It's good to remember that though most people want our ;literature but last year a Pakistani doctor threatened to call Homeland security on us and last month, a Bangla old timer called us "terrorists." Here is the outline:

  1. Chaos in Syria. IS expanding.

  2. Muslims from India killed in US air strike in Afghanistan.

  3. Major war crimes by Egypt regime. Israel bombing IS in Sinai,

  4. Comment on Saudi "Khutba" in Washington DC [Nadrat Siddique.]

  5. War continuing in Muslim world. [Khutba by Kaukab Siddique].

  6. Hadith on lailatul qadr. [Sis. Kristi]

 Upcoming Events

National Shoora of Jamaat al-Muslimeen is scheduled to be held in July, in Balitmore, MD

Dates will be announced next week, inshaAllah.

Jamaat al-Muslimeen is based on these principles:

  1. Islam is a complete way of life. There are no prophets or messengers after Muhammad of Arabia [pbuh]

  2. Equality of male and female with superior quality based on conduct and Islamic contributions, not gender.

  3. No funding by governments or governmental agencies.

  4. Support for political prisoners.

  5. Support for Africa.

  6. Free Palestine and oppose all dictators.

  7. No to Zionism, racism and imperialism

  8. Quran and authentic hadith are our sources of guidance.


 Dr Kaukab Siddique

The Immobility of the Muslim World. Major Disaster Caused by the Sufi sect.
by Dr. Kaukab Siddique

Introductory notes
Why is the Muslim world unable to transform itself? The issue of sects.

The mosques are packed with worshippers even in seemingly secular America. Muslims are quite well to do. Freedom of religion in America allows masjids and Muslims to flourish.

Imams give extensive sermons. Many masjids are collecting funds. Money is so much available that Muslims go out of their way to feed non-Muslims. The masjids cost at least one to two million dollars each and more. The parking lots are full of late model cars.

However when it comes to issues facing the Muslim world, the Muslims have little or nothing to say. A steady decline is going on. They dare not speak against their mortal enemy, Israel. Muslims have found a way of criticizing Israel, by objecting to Jewish settlements which have been declared illegal even by the force hostile to Islam: the United Nations!

When it comes to invasion, bombing and occupation of Muslim countries by the US, Russia and their allies, Muslims have little or nothing to say. Corruption and immorality is rife in the Muslim world. Last year the occupiers of the holy cities, Makka and Madinah, executed 47 Islamic scholars, including the top scholars of the Sunnis and the Shias. Even the ban on fasting in Chinese Turkistan and the emergence of concentration camps elicited little or no response from Muslims.

Yet conversations with Muslims give the impression that they are deeply religious. They seldom oppose anything which is Islamic. Hijab is common. Why has this serious situation emerged that Muslims can do nothing though they lack nothing in resources and they love Islam?

Part 2. Sects and the ongoing immobility of the Muslim world.

The majority of the world's Muslims support Sufism either directly or indirectly through their influence. A smaller but growing number consider themselves salafiyya. A still smaller number are Shia or Shia-an-Ali, r.a.

The Sufis are of great variety as a natural result of their existence throughout the Muslim world. They focus on Tazkia [self purification], prayers [more importantly du'a, supplication] and Zikr [dikr]. They cherish graves of virtuous people and have great love for the prophet, pbuh, which they express through durood and salam. The more organized among them have a spiritual leader or Shaikh. Many or most of the Sufis pray to Allah to be compassionate and caring for their near-and-dear dead ones.

The Salafiyya are almost the direct opposite of the sufis. For them dress, forms and stances of prayer are important as are beards and the seclusion of women. They take many verses of the Qur'an and hadith literally and ignore their significance and metaphoric meaning. They are strong on punishments and short on forgiveness.

As for the Shia, they have focused on the personalities of Ali, Fatima, Hasan and Hussain, may Allah bless them all, and their progeny, and they await the coming of the hidden Mahdi.

My main focus here will be on the Sufis, as their influences are the greatest on the Muslim ummah and they also link up with Shias at some points.]

Notice that all three have picked up bits and pieces of Islam and thus caused total fragmentation in the Muslim Ummah.

Notice that neither the Qur'an nor the Prophet, pbuh, and his sahaba, r.a., mention Sufi, salafiyya and Shia. Thus all three are based on opinions of scholars and leaders [sometimes kings and tyrants] and not from the primary sources of Islam.

Sufism attracts people by focusing on beautiful phrases carefully picked from the Qur'an, such as "tazkiya," "zikr.," "qalbe Saleem" and "qayam al layl" [late night prayers.]

Sufis have undermined the Islamic message by totally ignoring the Prophet's, pbuh, mission in Makka and then his jihad activity in Madinah.

The Prophet, pbuh, focused on attacking and condemning the false gods whom the Quraish worshipped. There were 365 idols in the ka'aba. The Quraish would not tolerate the Prophet's, pbuh, condemnation of the entire Makkan idolatry system. As a result he was subjected to constant harassment by the oppressors. They called him a magician, a poet, a sorcerer and tried their utmost not to let his recitation of the Qur'an be heard.

Hence the life of the Prophet, pbuh, in Makka was a constant struggle. There was no place for tazkiyya and Zikr. In fact one who thinks the prophet, pbuh. needed tazkiyya is not a Muslim and knows nothing about the prophet, pbuh.

The entire community supporting the prophet, pbuh, was imprisoned and almost starved. His companions were persecuted and tortured. Think of Bilal, r.a., on the desert sand with the slave master's rock on his chest. Think of Sumayyah, r.a., killed by the slave master. These great Muslims were not carrying on some fancy tazkiyya. They knew only that Allah is One and Muhammad, pbuh, is His messenger AND the gods of the power structure were false.

It is this LA [NO] aspect of Islam, so central and essential, which the Sufis ignore. Today the Sufis are the mainstay of the dictators and tyrants who are oppressing Muslims and are being used against the mujahideen. [The Sufis are publicized as "moderates" by the western powers and their allies.]

The final offer of the oppressors, the kuffar, to the Prophet, pbuh, is most important. They not only offered to make him their leader but also that he should feel free to worship Allah, if only he were to STOP attacking their gods. The prophet, pbuh, refused flat out though the offer was brought by his loving uncle Abu Talib.

[To be continued.]

[For Kaukab Siddique's writings, please check about a thousand articles online during the last 35 years, plus a few books.
Visit, plus interviews with Maulana Maudoodi, Imam Khomeini, Dr. Omar Abdel Rahman, Imam Jamil Abdullah al-Amin, Ms. Tabatabai and [indirectly] President Saddam Hussain.]



JI Views.
Christian Goodwill.
Regime divided on Eid.
Israeli & Hindu brutalities Continued.

by Qaiser Sharif.

LAHORE, June 07; Acting Ameer of the Jamaat e Islami, Pakistan, Liaqat Baloch, has deplored the attitude of the federal government resulting in celebration of Eidul Fitr on two different days in the country. He was talking to the media after offering Eidul Fitr at Mansoora mosque.

The JI acting chief said that the federal government had handled the religious issue of Eid in a non serious manner and instead of making serious efforts for celebration of Eidul Fitr on the same day all over the country, the government had played a negative role due to which the two Eids were celebrated .

Liaqat Baloch also slated the sky high prices of the food items and the necessities of life during the month of Ramazan and on Eid. He said the JI would stage an Awami march against price hike, unemployment and IMF slavery in the city on June 16.

Meanwhile, a Christian delegation led by Father Francis Nadeem called on the JI acting chief and greeted him on the occasion of Eid. Talking to the delegation, Liaqat Baloch said that tolerance and respect for different views was a pre-requisite for survival of humanity and peaceful co existence.

The JI acting chief deplored that even during the month of Ramazan and on Eid day, the brutalities of the Zionists and the Hindus continued in Palestine and Held Kashmir. He said that in fact, the colonial powers were devoid of human feelings and values.

War News

 War News

Mujahideen are Back.

June 7, A mujahideen attack in the Khar Kamar area of North Waziristan area killed 4 Pakistani officers and injured 4 more.

June 8. In the Degan area of North Waziristan, mujahideen attack killed two Pakistani soldiers and injured 3.

Ferocious Battles in Northwestern Syria. Russian air strikes and Assad's barrel bombs kill Civilians. Turkish YPG Clash. General Killed. People's hero Kil;led.

June 6-10
Northwestern Hama province.
Battles between the Assad regime forces versus Syrian opposition fighters and Islamic fighters continued for 5 days. The famous commander of Jaysh al-Izzah, Abdul Bast al-Sarout was killed. He opposed the Assad regime for many years by way of peaceful protests but was treated so badly that he ended up joining the Islamic group Jaysh as Izzat.

147 regime forces killed. 120 opposition fighters killed [including 50 from Islamic groups.]. [When the revolution began, Assad's air force bombed unarmed demonstrators in Homs city. Among those killed were al-Sarout's father and 4 brothers. He escaped and much ;later joined the mujahideen. Large crowds gathered to mourn him]

Two mujahideen attacks are reported from northwest Latakia and north east Latakia province [on the coast line] the first by a Syrian group allied to Turkey. Eighteen Shia troops and 9 mujanideen were killed in the first battle. In the second fight a small mujahideen group known as harrath muminin [defenders of the believers] killed 9 of the Shia troops and lost 3 of their own.

A serious mujahideen advance in southern Irbid province forced Assad's troops to retreat but was stopped by Russian air strikes.

Russian bombing, 160 new air strikes, and 60 more of Assad's barrel bombs were dropped on civilian populations, June 8 to 10, killing scores of civilians and injuring many.

June 6 to 8,
Northern Aleppo province.
Turkish artillery responded to repeated Kurdish [YPG] shelling after one Turkish soldier was killed and 7 injured. Syrians allied to Turkey clashed with Kurdish communists.

June 4. Regime's Brigadier General Jamal al-Ahmad, commander of Assad's 15th Division was killed by a sniper. [Suwaida province where IS guerrillas are active.]

IS is busy strengthening its hold on the eastern Homs desert and parts of the Deir ez Zor desert.

News Within the U.S.

 News within the US

June 8.
Harlem NY - It is June and it is Gay Pride month! The support for the Gay lifestyle has become more and more bolder year after year.
by Sis. Aisha, New York [Jamaat al-Muslimeen.]

I have been seeing shoppers walking in the streets displaying the rainbow flag on their shopping bags. Many stores are showing their support but, the biggest supporter seems to be the churches. Throughout Manhattan, except Harlem (?), there are a growing number of churches displaying the Gay rainbow flag. This has increased from last year. They appear to be gaining a lot of support but it is not without its detractors.


Cartoons have been promoting homosexuality to children. Disney is the biggest culprit, which should not be surprising since Disney World began promoting Gay Pride events under former CEO Michael Eisner's tenure. An episode of Disney XD's Star vs The Forces of Evil had a scene where same sex characters kissed. Disney Channel's Andi Mack had a 13 year old character reveal his romantic feelings toward another boy.

A reboot of the Inspector Gadget cartoon can be seen on the Universal Studios channel. A scene in season 4 of Inspector Gadget had an enamored male, Dr. Mathperson, affectionately referring to one of the main male characters (Talon) as, "Mr. Handsomeface McPerfecthair." When Talon's evil nature becomes apparent to Dr. Mathperson he falls to his knees proclaiming that, "Mr. Handsomeface was my everything."

There had been a call to boycott Disney Channel(s), by concerned mothers, because of the promo-homo agenda but, Disney is not the only vehicle for the Gay Agenda.


Bro-mance, man-crush, etc....These are terms that would never enter the vocabulary of a conscious straight male. However, it has become apart of the American vernacular. How? Well, MTV and VH1, which are two of many stations owned by kafir conglomerate Viacom, are responsible for pushing the Gay agenda into the mainstream through their reality shows and objectionable music videos. Public urinals and real wrestling are what Ancient Greek homosexual society brought us.

They try to make these terms seem innocent while also stating that it is a natural, benign form of intimacy that goes beyond that or 'normal" male bonding. What??? These terms are designed to confuse young teenage boys and girls. Teenagers already experience feelings that make them feel awkward. Unfortunately, there have been efforts by Gay Pied-Pipers to convince teenagers that the root of these feelings are sexual when they are not. A very Freudian strategy, indeed!


There is no other workplace where lesbianism has been allowed to thrive than in the Women's National Basketball Association (WNBA). Recently, the Phoenix Mercury organization hired Penny Taylor as an assistant coach where her wife, Diana Taurasi, is also a player! This type of association would not be allowed in other work environments. The moment it is discovered that a relative or spouse is working in the same department anywhere they are split up. A player who is being coached by his/her wife is bound to cause conflict with other players questioning their playing time.

Female players entering into unholy matrimony is broadcast while straight marriages receive very little coverage. The Chicago Sky have two wives playing with each other. Lesbianism has been allowed to overrun the WNBA. In a 2016 San Diego Union Tribune interview, former WNBA star Candice Wiggins stated that the league was 98% lesbian. She also later stated that the reason why she left the league was that she was bullied for being straight.

The same way the powers-that-be choose the bootlickers brigade to dismiss the concerns an outspoken African-American has about racism, in this instance they chose married straight-allies to dismiss Candice Wiggins' claims. However, the only thing they criticized her for was the exaggeration of the number of lesbians in the WNBA. The power of lesbianism in the WNBA has forced other straight players, who may have been victims of sexual harassment, to remain silent. No one came out to support Wiggins at all but, I cannot believe she was the only one experiencing this harassment.

Another pervasive, inaccurate, and unfair notion lesbians want people to believe is that women who play sports, such as basketball, soccer, softball, etc. are lesbian. This is the stigma that has always been associated with female athletes. Many well-meaning parents prevent their daughters from participating in ANY athletic endeavor believing that these environments are breeding grounds for lesbianism. There may be some truth to that, unfortunately. It does not help that the WNBA boldly celebrates Gay Pride throughout its season. Technically, the act of playing a sport has nothing to do with one's romantic inclinations.


Hearing and obeying Allah's message in the Qur'an and following the example of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) in the Authentic Hadith are the keys to overcoming all obstacles. Keep in mind: "I created the Jinn and humankind only that they might worship me (Holy Qur'an 51:56)." and "....Surely, the strategy of the Shaitan is weak (Holy Qur'an 4:76)."

This means that we practicing Muslims must learn how to build our schedules around worshiping Allah and not work to fit worshiping Allah into our schedules. I know it is very difficult. It is important that Muslim children understand Allah's criteria for us to gain His Favor. Children should be read stories from the Qur'an and how those lessons apply to their current life experiences. They will become less susceptible to the weak arguments of these Gay Pied-Pipers, who are constantly trying to wrangle children's minds from their parents' grip. Teaching Islam is especially important if your children are attending public schools!

Shaitan knows that children are our future. But, if all Muslim parents are going to do is ritualize Salat and the wearing of the hijab then, our children will get swept up in this Gay Agenda. If you are not mindful of this, one day, your children will be telling you how the message of the Qur'an is now outdated and that procreation was necessary back then but, now it isn't because the world is "overpopulated." So, the Gay lifestyle is no longer a sin, in these more modern times.

As one Imam put it, if you don't want your child to have classmates with two mommies or two daddies then send them to an Islamic school because public and other kuffar school systems definitely have that! These Gay Pied-Pipers know that they must exert influence over prepubescent children and the avenues to spread their agenda is through the schools, sleep away camps, sports programs, etc.
If you have Netflix and Hulu, you can create lists of shows and movies to watch for yourself and your children. Cable companies allow you to block Gay channels, such as Logo, as well as MTV, VH1, and Disney. However, this is not a fool-proof method to protect our children from immoral influences. The best preemptive strike is teaching the message of the Qur'an and the Authentic Hadith. This is the ONLY way to arm our children against Shaitan's weak schemes. Allah's logic must be used not our own.

June 3
What's Happening To Christianity?

Recently the leader of a Mexico-based church with branches in the U.S. was charged with human trafficking and child rape.

Naasón Joaquín García and 24-year-old Susana Medina Oaxaca, were arrested Monday after landing at Los Angeles International Airport, California. García faces 26 felony counts that range from human trafficking and production of child pornography to rape of a minor.

June 5.
Solitary Confinement is Torture says Unusual Woman Leader.
Alexandria does not want Opponent to be mistreated.

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, pursuing the progressive agenda of ending solitary confinement in prisons, chose an unlikely symbol for the cause Wednesday: President Trump's former campaign chairman, Paul Manafort.

Manafort, now serving a federal prison sentence in Pennsylvania for various financial crimes, is scheduled to be transferred to New York City's notorious jail complex on Rikers Island to await trial on state charges related to his past financial dealings. The New York Times reported Tuesday that he would likely be segregated from the general jail population and held in isolation.

Reacting to the news on Twitter Wednesday, Ocasio-Cortez, whose district includes the island in the East River, where the complex of jails is located, called solitary confinement "torture" and said Manafort "should be released, along with all people being held in solitary."

"A prison sentence is not a license for gov torture and human rights violations," Ocasio-Cortez tweeted. "That's what solitary confinement is."

Invitation to Think

 Invitation to Think

Pakistan's horrible Secret War against its own people.

[Excerpted from the Guardian.] [Via Br. Shaikh Mohommed.]

In Balochistan, mutilated corpses bearing the signs of torture keep turning up, among them lawyers, students and farm workers. Why is no one investigating and what have they got to do with the bloody battle for Pakistan's largest province?

The bodies surface quietly, like corks bobbing up in the dark. They come in twos and threes, a few times a week, dumped on desolate mountains or empty city roads, bearing the scars of great cruelty. Arms and legs are snapped; faces are bruised and swollen. Flesh is sliced with knives or punctured with drills; genitals are singed with electric prods. In some cases the bodies are unrecognisable, sprinkled with lime or chewed by wild animals. All have a gunshot wound in the head.

This gruesome parade of corpses has been surfacing in Balochistan, Pakistan's largest province, since last July. Several human rights groups, including Amnesty International, have accounted for more than 100 bodies - lawyers, students, taxi drivers, farm workers. Most have been tortured. The last three were discovered on Sunday.
If you have not heard of this epic killing spree, though, don't worry: neither have most Pakistanis. Newspaper reports from Balochistan are buried quietly on the inside pages, cloaked in euphemisms or, quite often, not published at all.

The forces of law and order also seem to be curiously indifferent to the plight of the dead men. Not a single person has been arrested or prosecuted; in fact, police investigators openly admit they are not even looking for anyone. The stunning lack of interest in Pakistan's greatest murder mystery in decades becomes more understandable, however, when it emerges that the prime suspect is not some shady gang of sadistic serial killers, but the country's powerful military and its unaccountable intelligence men.

Guidance by Sis. Yasmin.

Acts Which Entitle Paradise and Remove us from Hellfire
Courtesy ~ Sis Yasmin.

'Bismillah Walhamdulillah Was Salaatu Was Salaam 'ala Rasulillah'.

'As-Salaam Alaikum Wa-Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuhu'
Narrated Mu'adh ibn Jabal: (Allah be pleased with him)
I said to Allah's Messenger [Peace be upon him] 'Inform me about an act which would entitle me to get into Paradise, and remove me away from Hell-Fire'. The Prophet [peace be upon him] said...

You have asked me about a matter which ostensibly appears to be difficult
but it is easy to those for whom ALLAH [the Exalted] has made it easy.

  1. Worship Allah and do not associate anything with him.

  2. Establish Prayer~

  3. Pay the Zakat~

  4. Observe the fast of Ramadan~ and ...

  5. Perform 'Hajj' to the sacred House... [ Ka'bah].

The Prophet [Peace be upon him] then said... Should I not direct you to the gateways of good ? Listen to me...
The Fasting is a shield against evil~
Charity extinguishes the fire of sin... just as water extinguishes fire~
The Prayer of a person during the middle of the night~ he then recited ... 'Who Forsake their Beds'... then he continued...
Should I not direct you to the highest level of this matter to the Pillar on which it rests and its top?I said...'Yes do tell me'...
Prophet [Peace be upon him answered... The uppermost level of the matter is Islam, its Pillar is the Prayer, and its Top is 'Jihad'
Should I not inform you of the sheet anchor of all this...?
I said... 'Yes Allah's Apostle of course do it'. he took hold of his Tongue and said... ' EXERCISE RESTRAINT ON IT '.
I said: 'Apostle of Allah, would we be held responsible for what we say with it' ? Thereupon Prophet [Peace be upon him] said....
' Mu'adh, may your mother be bereaved. will anything else besides irresponsible talk cause the people to be thrown into the Hell-Fire upon their faces or on their nostrils.

My 'Salaams' To All.
~Y a s m i n ~
 Sis Yasmin

2019-06-10 Mon 13:46:03 ct