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22 Ramadan 1440 A.H. - May 26 2019 Issue # 21, Newsletter #1812

Hadith of the Week

Abu Huraira, r.a. reported: The Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings be upon him, said:

When Allah created Paradise and Hellfire, he sent Gabriel to Paradise saying: Behold it and what I have prepared therein for its people. Gabriel came and looked at it and what Allah had prepared therein for its people. He returned to Allah and he said: By your might, no one will hear of it but that he will enter it. Allah ordered that it be surrounded by adversity and he said: Return to it and behold what I have prepared therein for its people. Gabriel returned and found that it was surrounded by hardship. He returned to Allah and he said: By your might, I fear that no one will enter it. Allah said: Go to the Hellfire and behold it and what I have prepared therein for its people. Gabriel found that it was in layers, one above another. He returned to Allah and he said: By your might, no one who hears of it will enter it. Allah ordered that it be surrounded by desires and he said: Return to it. Gabriel returned and he said: By your might, I fear that no one will escape it.

Sunan al-Tirmidhī 2560
 Sis Kristi

[With thanks to Sis. Kristi]

 Word Around The Net

by Br. Nazeer, Texas

Answers to 13 Questions Non-Muslims may have about Ramadan.

Pakistan: Three Killed by Military Gunfire during Rights Protest

3 French ISIL Members Sentenced to Death In Iraq

Increased US presence in the region threatens international peace, says Iran foreign minister.

Hezbollah chief warns of 'ominous deal aimed at eliminating the Palestinian cause

What's Your Purpose? Having a purpose is linked to Health.

Political Prisoners :

Civil Discord Show


Unusual Iftar in Baltimore
Focus on Imam Jamil.

On May 22 Jamaat al-Muslimeen activist Nadrat Siddique organized a superb gathering of Muslim human rights supporters from the Baltimore-DC area for an iftar in a Halal restaurant where support for political prisoners was discussed. It was an impressive, small but select gathering of sisters in hijab and several well known imams.

The main speaker was Br. Mauri Salaakhan who focused on political prisoners with the specific example of political prisoner Imam Jamil Abdullah al-Amin. Will the imam be released?

Br. Saalakhan analyzed the incident after which Imam Jamil was arrested. He also discussed the charges brought against Imam Jamil and uncovered their weakness. Most importantly he focused on the case of the person who confessed to having shot the police officers for which Imam Jamil was arrested. The person has reiterated his confession but the government insists on blaming Imam Jamil.

Sis. Nadrat distributed a current situation report on Imam Jamil.

The iftar participants were delighted to see Imam Ali Siddiqui and his wife and daughters . His presence indicated his successful emergence from a serious health situation.

Prayers were led by Imam Abdul Qadir Sennaar,

Br. Kaukab Siddique MCd most of the program and introduced Br. Saalakhan and Imam Ali.

Sis. Kristi reported on the great success of New Trend magazine and the amazing outreach it is showing. She urged participants to write for New Trend to reach a significant audience.

Inner City Masjid
Masjid al-Haqq
May 24
A five page Jamaat al-Muslimeen document was given to 35 Muslims after juma.
A janaza prayer was carried out. Several Saudi guests were present.
Here is an outline of the 5-pager:
  1. War News: Syria, Niger, Iraq , Pakistan.
  2. Pakistan sold out to IMF. [Jamate Islami]
  3. Nadrat Siddique's leter on Aafia to Boston Globe.
  4. No to ALL Israel supporters. [Sis. Shafeeqah]
  5. What makes Islam different? plus Anniversary of Ayesha, r,a. [Br. Kaukab]

 Web Statistics

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Your efforts are much appreciated.


Response to Modi's Election from Indian Muslims in America.

May 23, 2019

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

Today's election results are indeed disappointing - Yet today we must further strengthen our resolve to elevate our advocacy efforts for Indian Muslims. We owe this to our brothers and sisters in India to not let today's results distract us or demoralize us from our strategic focus of combating the fascist ideology of Hindutva. Our battle is not against Modi, or BJP or Congress for that matter. Modi and BJP are simply manifestations of the Hindutva ideology. Our battle has always been against Hindutva and its hate filled ideology, and the election result does little to change our strategic focus.

The IAMC leadership team will be meeting in the coming days to review and re-calibrate some of our advocacy strategies to ensure we remain a powerful and effective voice that advocates for safety, security and rights of Indian Muslims on every front. We must remain steadfast in our objective of defeating Hindutva by exposing their hateful ideology. In this month of Ramadan, please keep our Indian Muslim brothers and sisters in our Duas and beseech Allah swt. for their security, protection and well-being. I look forward to your continued support for IAMC.

"O believers! Stand firm for Allah and bear true testimony. Do not let the hatred of a people lead you to injustice. Be just! That is closer to righteousness. And be mindful of Allah. Surely Allah is All-Aware of what you do" (Translation of The Quran 5:8)

With Best Regards,

Ahsan Khan
National President
Indian American Muslim Council
Indian American Muslim Council is the largest advocacy organization of Indian Muslims in the United States with chapters across the nation. For more information, please visit our website at:

News Within the U.S.

A Sly Attempt to Slant Children's Minds.
by [Imam] Bilal Stroud, Atlanta

Oh my people...I have four children. Growing up they all watched a popular children's program called "Arthur" on television. The show chronicles the daily life and journey of a young aardvark named Arthur. I would sit and watch the cartoon with all my children as they grew up. Imagine my shock yesterday when I learned that "Arthur" premiered it's 22nd season with a jaw dropping episode. A third grade teacher in the show named Mr. Ratburn marries another man in a same sex marriage ceremony on the show!! �� These devils are targeting our children for their evil!! Ya Allah!!

Watch what your children are watching. Oh my people come to Islam. Become righteous Muslims and reject the ways of the evil ones and protect your children from this.

China: Continued Attacks against Muslims

[Who will stop China?] [The new imperialism.]

Ramadan Ban in China
Chinese students are each assigned to an Uyghur Muslim student to monitor to see whether they are fasting.‬ ‪Uyghurs have to sign after they've eaten lunch.‬ ‪"Offer sweets/water, report to school admin for those who don't follow suit".

Ramadan Ban in China's Universities
Two Muslim students receive official warning letters (17-05-2019) from "Ningxia University" in China because they were Fasting in Ramadan. Warnings pinned to a bulletin board in the main hallway of the university so that others don't engage in such behavior. See Link



Saudi Crown Prince Ready to Execute three top Islamic scholars.
Why has the Muslim majority become so passive?
Solution from Imam Ahmed in the 2nd century.

by Kaukab Siddique, PhD

Muslims globally seem to be helpless in front of brutal dictators, kings and generals. The actions of the Saudi crown prince are symbolic of the pathetic victim status of the Muslim Ummah. The Saudi crown prince known as MBS is getting ready to execute three top scholars of Saudi Arabia who have criticized his actions. Not that their actions were far reaching. They opposed the Saudi regime's blockade of the Muslim sheikhdom of Qatar which supports Gaza, is friendly with the Muslim Brotherhood [Ikhwan] and is mildly leaning towards Iran.
Because the Saudi regime is supporting Israel, considering mujahideen in Syria as terrorists, is doing huge weapons transaction with USA, bombimg Yemen and is cracking down on women who want to drive [!] . The Saudi crown prince considers opposition to these policies as treachery and a form of terrorism. Saudi regime's policies have no basis in the Qur'an and the Sunnah.

A few months back the Crown Prince had a critic named Kashoggi executed in a bizarre plot in which Kashoggi was lured into the Saudi Consulate in Istanbul, strangled to death and then his body destroyed by chemicals and flushed down some toilet, as many reports from Turkey indicate. The Crown Prince has tried to exonerate himself but has admitted that the murderers are part of the inner circle of Saudi intelligence services [and will be brought to trial!].
Last year the Saudis executed 47 political opponents, including top scholars od the Sunni majority and the Shia minority.

The Muslim world [Ummah], about two billion strong, is unable to stop Saudi crimes occurring in the heartland of Islam where the two holy cities are located and the annual pilgrimage takes place. Similarly the Muslim Ummah is unable to stop the Israeli occupation of Palestine and the desecration of Masjid al-Aqsa. And of course the Ummah is unable to stop the genocide of Muslims in Burma [Myanmer], cultural genocide in China, brutal occupation in Kashmir, onslaught in Sri Lanka, air strikes in Somalia, Pakistani military operations in Swat and Waziristan and military atrocities in northern Nigeria.

Why is the situation so grim? Have Muslims lost their faith? They are urged in the Qur'an and the hadith to stop evil actions or face damnation. No! The Muslims do have faith but its direction has changed. They have adopted the belief that by praying, supplicating and fasting and doing charitable activities they are fulfilling their duty as Muslims. There is no need for activism or that it is not even Islamic.

This passive attitude to faith is not new in Islamic history. To understand this cataclysmic situation, we have to study the life of one of the greatest scholars of Islam, Ahmed ibn Hanbal, who has few, if any rivals in the field of hadith.

Imam Ahmed lived way back in the years 164 to 241, according to the Islamic hijri calendar. His study and complilation of hadith included trips with few resources to all resource persons of hadith. He had memorized the entire Qur'an by age 14. From his home town in Baghdad he travelled to Basra SIX times, and then repeatedly to Makka and Madinah, Palestine and Yemen. In those days, there was no easy or comfortable way of travel. Ahmed refused to take financial or any other kind of help from anyone to keep his independence to learn the teachings of Prophet Muhammad, pbuh, without any influences outside objective scholarship and learning.. The result was the huge hadith compilation known as Musnad of Ahmed ibn Hanbal.

He was top of the line in Qur'an, fiqh and religious analysis known as kalam but he insisted that the focus should be on hadith.

He saw the central error of the Muslims then as we have now that they would PUT THEIR OWN VIEWS FIRST and then search for validation in Qur'an and hadith. That's how sects and differences of interpretation grew in the Islamic ummah.

Muslims, faced with merciless kings, grew inwards. They ignored the overall worldview of Islam and selected a few personal aspects which would not be seen as opposition by the rulers.

The most pernicious of these "selections" has been the centralization of ZIKR [or DIKR]. It sounds legitimate because the Qur'an gives great importance to constant remembrance of Allah through Zikr [for instance constantly, repeating the names of Allah]. This seemingly correct belief led to the emphasis on certain supplications and repetition of a few verses of the Qur'an, like the three QULS, the final prayers in the Quran. Of course these religious ideas were very acceptable to the rulers because they posed no threat to their exclusive power.

This passive religion encouraged the so-called Abbasid caliphs to interfere directly in Islam and to threaten execution to those who would not accept.
Imam Ahmed faced this deadly situation and was oppressed, attacked and humiliated for 20 years startng in the yearv 218 of the hijri calendar. The "caliphs" realized that unless the scholars of Islam could be pressurized into accepting religion from the rulers, the subjugation of the people would not be complete.

In our own times, the rulers want Israel to be recognized as a legitimate state and thus gain American support.. For some years they went about it quietly but once they realized how passive the ummah has become, they became bold in their overtures to Israel. UAE shaikhs joined the Saudis and they have solid support from the tyrant of Egypt, General Sissi and more cleverly from the playboy king of Jordan.

Iran is presented as a great danger though Iran's part in the massacre of Muslims in Syria and Iraq raised no serious objection from the Saudis, UAE, Egypt and Jordan.

Like Imam Ahmed, there are only a few religious scholars who are independent and strong enough to stand against the tyrants. Imam Ahmed not only withstood terrible beatings, imprisonment and abusive propaganda from three "caliphs" one after the other but was able to remain totally uncompromising. He reached the people. When he died the massive crowds at his funeral who came to honor him were the biggest in Muslim history.

Today he would have said,where does the Quran say you can cooperate with oppressors, or recognize Israel which has occupied Palestine, or support Russian, American, Chinese and Indian imperialism.

The people are unarmed but that could change if their religious understanding changes. "Make Du'a" is the wrong response. A Nigerian brother gave me the right response: "How is your DEEN" which is understanding Islam in its totality.



Looming War and Kashmir

LAHORE, May 23; Acting Ameer of the Jamaat e Islami, Liaqat Baloch, has said that like the previous governments, the PTI government had put the country's economy on the path of destruction by continuing the economy of interest based loans and begging. He was speaking at Iftar programmes in Karachi.

He said the government did not have any vision and the IMF team was sucking the blood of the people. He said the country could be pulled out of the crisis by adopting the Islamic economic system, self reliance and by taking into confidence the capitalists and technocrats of the country.

Referring to the meeting between the Foreign Ministers of Pakistan and India in Bishkek, Liaqat Baloch said that the attitude of the Indian Foreign Minister at the meeting was aggressive as she spitted venom against Pakistan while the Foreign Minister Shah Mehmud Qureshi's statement was defensive and cowardly. He said that Shah Mehmud Qureshi did not mention the killings of the youth in Kashmir or India's terrorism in this country.

While talking to the media of the JI Sindh, Liaqat Baloch, said that Karachi was mini Pakistan and unrest in Karachi affected the whole country. He said that the Imran khan government had done nothing for the return of Dr Aafia Siddiqui, the killings on the 12th of May, the Baldia Town tragedy, the Naqibullah case and the burning alive of the city lawyers. On the other hand, the killers and extortionists had been honoured and thrust on the people again. He wondered why every government felt pleasure in inflicting agony over the people of the port city.

The JI acting Chief said that the Muslim world was facing hard times and conspiracies at every step. He said that the US, India and Israel had failed in Afghanistan but a new war was being thrust in the Gulf mainly to create obstacles in the solution of the Kashmir and Palestine issues. He said that the colonial powers were anti Islam while the international bodies were biased against Islam and the Muslims.

He said that if the Muslim world continued its in-fighting and remained disunited, it would have to face new wars and destruction.

Liaqat Baloch also called on the former Ameer of the JIP, Syed Munawar Hasan, and enquired about his health. Syed Munawar Hasan was gradually improving and was in better health. The two leaders discussed the affairs of the JI besides the situation obtaining in the country,

Jummah Khutbah - Imam Ali Siddiqui

 Jummah Khutba

Islamic Revolution Began on the Night of Power
Khutbah by Imam Ali Siddiqui.

Delivered at masjid Jamaat al-Muslimeen, Baltimore, MD, on May 24, 2019

It all Happened during the Night of Power
Allah chose Lai-la-til'-Qad'r' to revive Islam with a new Prophet, Muhammad (saw), a New Book, Quran al-Karim, to kick start the new Movement of Islam, and ignite the Islamic Revolution in the city of Hazrat Hajirah (as), and Ismail (as) where First House for the worship of Allah was built by Ibrahim (as) and Ismail (as).

It all happened during the Lai-la-til'-Qad'r', which is better than 1000 months, Lai-la-til'-Qad're Khairun min Alfe shaher. (Q 97)

Revolution is a change based upon Fundamentals. It is the Paradigm change. It is never violent. Violent Change is Coup Deta.

Islamic Revolution is a total change, total transformation on the basis of La Ilaha illallah, inal Hukmo illallah, Authority belong to none except Allah.

Ramadan is one of the most important month. It has changed the course of history and our lives.

It has brought a Revolution based upon the Commandment of Allah. It is made easy for us by the Personal Life Example of Rasool Allah (saw).

It is the First Month of the Prophethood of Muhammad (saw). It is the First Month of the Mission of the Prophet (saw).

It is the beginning of Revolution of "La Ilaha Illah. Innal Huk'mo illallah."

It is the month of revelation of the First Wahee.

Ramadan is indeed "A Life Changing Month.'

There is more to Ramadan then Siam, Fasting
It all Happened during the Night of Power

One night in Ramadan when Prophet Muhammad (saw) was at his devotion in the cave of Hira, Jibriel (as) came and said to Prophet Muhammad (saw): "Read!" Prophet said, "I can't read." Angel Jibriel (as) then embraced him and repeated, "Read! In the name of Your Lord, who created human being..." Q 96:1-2
اقْرَأْ بِاسْمِ رَبِّكَ الَّذِي خَلَقَ ﴿١﴾ خَلَقَ الْإِنسَ›نَ مِنْ عَلَقٍ ﴿٢﴾
اقْرَأْ وَرَبُّك¤ الْأَكْر¤مُ ﴿٣﴾ الَّذِي عَلَّمَ بِالْقَل¤مِ ﴿٤﴾
عَلَّمَ الْإِنسَ›نَ مَا لَمْ يَعْلَمْ ﴿٥﴾

Read! In the name of Your Lord and Cherisher, Who created- Created human being, out of a (mere) clot of congealed blood:

Proclaim! And Your Lord is Most Bountiful; Allah Who taught (the use of) the pen, - Taught human beings that which they knew not. (Q 96:1-5)

Advance Knowledge of Allah and use pen to write about Allah

In the very First Wahee, Allah gave us two Commandments: Read and Write. The two commandments are the tools of Islamic Revolution and the Path of Enlightenment.

A Prophet of Allah Muhammad (saw) was declared the Prophet of Allah, the Last of the Prophets, Khatimun Nabieen, during Lai-la-til'-Qad'r' while he was at his devotion in the cave of Hira.

Allah gave him the book, Quran al-Karim. Angel Jibriel (as) visited him and he received the first revelation..." (Q 96:1-2)

His coming was foretold by previous Prophets Musa (as), Isa (as), and even by the Zertusht, Gotham Buddha, and in the book of Hinduism.

Also took an Agreement, Meethaqun Nabieen, Covenant of the Prophets, from all prophets and messengers of Allah to support Prophet Muhammad (saw). The agreed. Allah told them that Allah is a witness.

The Beginning of the Revolution
During Lai-la-til'-Qad'r , Quran was sent down from 7th level to the 1st level of heaven from where it was revealed to Prophet Muhammad (saw) on piece meal basis.
This is the night Muhammad (saw) was declared as the Messenger of Allah and received the first Wahee. (Q 96:1-5)

This is the special night called Lai-la-til'-Qad'r', the Night of Power, and Allah declared it, as a night of Mercy and light, and worshiping during this night is better than 1,000 months (Q 97:1-4) on account of Quran and the Prophethood of Muhammad (saw).

It is the Night, the beginning of the Revolution based upon 'La ilaha illl(A)llah' transforming the lives of human beings and transforming the world. It is a historic night.

The Prophet (saw) used to exert himself greatly during Lai-la-til'-Qad'r'.

This is the Night of Shukr, offering our Gratitude to Allah for Quran and Prophet Muhammad (saw).

Prophet (saw) would spend the night in worship, and encouraged his family to follow his tradition. So every Muslim should be eager to stand in prayer during Lai-la-til'-Qad'r' out of Iman and hoping for the great reward.

Responsibility of Quran
Quran is the Manual of Islamic Revolution.
Allah said in the Holy Quran, in Surah al-Hasher: "Had We revealed it (Quran) on the mountain; you would see it crumbled under (this responsibility) in humility." Q 59:21
لَوْ أَنزَلْن¤ا هَـٰذَا الْقُرْآ¦َ عَلَىٰ جَبَلٍ لَّرَأَي¨تَهُ خَاشِعًا مُّتَصَد¦ّعًا مِّنْ خَشْيَةِ اللَّـهِ ۚ
وَتِلْكَ الْأَمْث¤الُ نَضْرِبُ§َا لِلنَّاس¦ لَعَلَّه¥مْ يَتَفَكّ¤رُونَ ﴿٢١﴾
During this night, we should ponder on this great responsibility put on the shoulders of the believers.

And realize the significance and urgency.

This responsibility would have crumbled mighty mountains; shouldn't the same responsibility move us.

During Lai-la-til'-Qad'r' we should review our lives and actions and make a commitment that we will work to realize our responsibility to make the Words of Quran a reality in our lives, in our families, in our communities, and the world we live in.

Quran will Enlightenment Humanity
Quran was revealed to leads us out of Darkness into Light:
قَدْ جَاءَكُم مِّنَ اللَّـهِ نُورٌ وَكِتَاب¢ مُّبِينٌ ﴿١٥﴾
يَهْدِي بِهِ اللَّـهُ مَنِ اتَّبَعَ رِضْوَان¤هُ سُبُلَ السَّلَا¥ِ
وَيُخْرِ–ُهُم مِّنَ الظُّلُم¤اتِ إِلَى النُّورِ بِإِذْنِ§ِ
وَيَهْدِ هِمْ إِلَىٰ صِرَاطٍ مُّسْتَق¦يمٍ ﴿١٦﴾
"From Allah came a light and a clear Book for you. Allah guides with it those, who pursue, for the sake of Allah, to the ways of peace and (Allah) guides them out from Darkness into the Light, with the permission of Allah, and guides them to a Straight Path." (Quran 5:15-16)

Gift of Peace on Earth
This is also the Night of Peace, a Gift of Allah for Quran, which is Healing, Shifa, and Mercy, Rahmah, and for Prophet Muhammad (saw) who was sent as the Mercy, Rahmah, to the Universe.

Allah also sends down Jibriel (as) along with an army of special angels during this night to pray for the Mercy of Allah and salvation for the believers.

It is the night of great importance and Muslims are encouraged to stay up during the night and indulge in Ibadat. Allah has given the Promise of forgiveness.

Every year Lai-la-til'-Qad'r' reminds us the night Muhamad (saw) become Prophet, received Quran, and the Islamic Revolution began.

Forgiveness Promised
Salman al-Farsi (ra) reported that Prophet Muhammad (saw) said "(Ramadan is) a great month, a blessed month, containing a night, which is better than a thousand month has approached you people..."

In another Hadith reported by Abu Huraira (ra) that Prophet Muhammad (saw) said ".... one who passes Lai-la-til'-Qad'r' in Salat and Du'a with sincerity and seeking reward from Allah will have past sins forgiven." Bukhari & Muslim

The Prophet (saw) said: "whoever stands (in prayer) in Lai-la-til'-Qad'r' out of Iman and seeking reward then his previous sins are forgiven." Bukhari & Muslim

Narrated Abu Huraira (ra): The Prophet (saw) said, "Whoever established prayers on the night of Qadr out of sincere faith and hoping for a reward from Allah, then all his previous sins will be forgiven; and whoever fasts in the month of Ramadan out of sincere faith, and hoping for a reward from Allah, then all his previous sins will be forgiven." Bukhari

Night of Decisions
"HAA, MEEM. By the Book, that makes things clear. We have sent it down on a night, which is blessed. For it has been Our Desire to give warning. A blessed night! In which decisions are made, in all affairs with wisdom by Our Command." (Q 44:1-4)
حم ﴿١﴾ وَالْكِت¤ابِ الْمُبِي¦ِ ﴿٢﴾ إِنَّا أَنزَلْن¤اهُ فِي لَيْلَةٍ مُّبَارَ£َةٍ ۚ
إِنَّا كُنَّا مُنذِرِي¦َ ﴿٣﴾ فِيهَا يُفْرَقُ كُلُّ أَمْرٍ حَكِيمٍ ﴿٤﴾

When Lai-la-til'-Qad'r'?
The Night of Qadr is one of the odd nights during the last ten days of Ramadan. Several Hadith tell us about the night. It could be any one of nights of 21st, 23rd, 25th, 27th, or 29th. Allah, The Wise, has kept the knowledge of exact night hidden to allow us to strive harder in our Ibadah.

Ayesha (ra) reported that Prophet Muhammad (saw) said: " Seek Lai-la-til'-Qad'r' on an odd number night during the last 10 days." Bukhari

Narrated Ibn Abbas: The Prophet said, "Look for the Night of Qadr in the last ten nights of Ramadan,' on the night when nine or seven or five nights remain out of the last ten nights of Ramadan (i.e. 21, 23, 25, 27, 29)." Bukhari

How to Recognize Lai-la-til'-Qad'r'?
Reported Ibn 'Abbaas (ra), Allah's Messenger (saw) said:
" Lai-la-til'-Qad'r' is calm and pleasant, neither hot nor cold, the sun arises on its morning being feeble and red." (at-Tayaalisee, Ibn Khuzaimah and al-Bazzaar with a Hasan Isnad)
Take the Message to them
يَا أَيُّهَا الرَّسُو¤ُ بَلِّغْ مَا أُنزِلَ إِلَيْكَ مِن رَّبِّكَ ۖ
وَإِن لَّمْ تَفْعَلْ فَمَا بَلَّغْت¤ رِسَالَت¤هُ ۚ وَاللَّـ§ُ يَعْصِمُ£َ مِنَ النَّاسِ ۗ
إِنَّ اللَّـهَ لَا يَهْدِي الْقَوْم¤ الْكَافِ›ِينَ ﴿٦٧﴾
Allah directed Prophet (saw) to spread the Message of Islam:

"O Messenger! Spread this (message to them), which has been sent to you from your Lord.' If you didn't do it, you would not have fulfilled and proclaimed Allah's mission.

And Allah will defend you from human beings (who may cause mischief).

For Allah guides not those who reject Faith." (Q 5:67)

We must take this message to those who never knew it.

Allah is giving us an opportunity, during Ramadan, on a Silver Plater to take the Message to people who are not Muslims yet.

Simply introduce them to Islam, Ramadan, and Quran. Allah will do the rest. Insha-Allah!

Book for the People Seeking Truth
إِنَّا أَنزَلْن¤ا عَلَيْكَ الْكِتَاœَ لِلنَّاس¦ بِالْحَق¦ّ ۖ فَمَنِ اهْتَدَى¨ فَلِنَفْِهِ ۖ
وَمَن ضَلَّ فَإِنَّم¤ا يَضِلُّ عَلَيْهَ› ۖ وَمَا أَنتَ عَلَيْهِ¥ بِوَكِيل£ ﴿٤١﴾
"Indeed, We sent down to you the Book for the people seeking Truth.

So whoever is guided - it is for (the benefit of) his/her soul; and whoever goes astray only goes astray to its detriment.

And you are not (their) manager." (Q 39:41)

We shall simply take the Message and deliver to the people in our circles. Just remember, they have Free Will to accept. We are not responsible of their actions

War News

 War News

Prison Break by IS

At least 29 inmates and three guards have been killed during a riot at a high-security prison in Tajikistan, the country's justice ministry said.

A group of Islamic State (IS) members killed the guards before releasing fellow IS convicts and turning on other prisoners, their statement read.

Guards then opened fire, leaving 24 more prisoners dead. [BBC]

Unstable situation as Regime tries to crush IS but faces IED Attacks.

The Baghdad regime is reporting that Islamic State seems to be on the offensive in several provinces.

Also the regime has sentenced three French Muslims to death for having joined IS.

Iran's foreign minister Zarif arrived in Baghdad for talks on US sanctions.

May 26: A car bomb in the Rabia district of Mosul killed 5 and wounded 8 people.

May 24: An IS bomb attack killed 5 people in Sharqat district 25 km south of Mosul as they were hauling harvest for regime forces. Their supplies were burned.

In Shawesh village another attack killed one and wounded another of local police.

The regime is complaining that IS is burning the harvest and wants air strikes on IS.

Another IED attack on the road between Sineya and Haditha killed a police officer and wounded three.

There are reports of Turkish air strikes on PKK targets in extreme northern Iraq.

Biggest Russian Bombing Campaign. Heavy losses.
Regime Forces advance into Northern Hama but are beaten back. Bitter Fighting.
Iranian forces hit hard by Islamic State in Deir ez Zor.

It was a terrible week for northern Syria as the regime launched an all out invasion heralded by more than 600 Russian air strikes and 107 barrel bomb's dropped by Assad's helicopters.

More than 230 civilians were killed in the Russian bombing and 95 killled by Assad's barrel bombs. Children and women are among the dead.

In the bitter fighting which followed, regime forces were able to enter Kfar Nabuda in northern Hama province but were stopped and then beaten back by mujahideen counterattacks. Syrian Observatory is reporting 248 of Shiite Assad regime troops killed but with a heavy toll of 292 mujahideen killed from the united Islamic forces.

In the desert of Deir ez Zor, Islamic State fighters have killed dozens of Iranian troops in nightly attacks. On May 26, Iranian reinforcements from Mayadein were sent to the battle area after the Iranians in the battle area were forced back.

In the Sukhna desert, eastern Homs province, IS fighters destroyed an Iranian tank with a missile captured from the Iranians. [May 26]


From Br. Ather [Canada]


Understanding how Iran and US are helping each other.

What's the conflict between US and Iran that they should fight a war? Is it territorial? Or trade? Or ideological? Or what? None. There is no dispute. In fact there is total compatibility. Iran is keeping all adversaries of US occupied; Israel has a free hand to do whatever it desires in Jerusalem, Golan Heights, WB Settlements, Gazza, Syria cleared up and depopulated; etc etc.

Reciprocally, US is doing everything Iran desires; Iraq, Syria, Lebanon firmly under Shia control; Yemen almost; Gulf states are like anchored US ships; Saudi in total confusion buying arms which it cannot use; Afghan busy; Pakistan insolvent.

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Calamity of Internal Occupation in the Muslim World
Dr Firoz Mahboob Kamal

Though the European colonialism has formally ended, but the Muslims still live under equally brutal occupation of the internal enemies. Hence, crimes and conspiracies against Islam and the Muslim have never stopped. The state institutions of the Muslim countries have turned not only massive instruments of massacre and tortures against the native Muslims, but also huge obstacle against any possible renaissance of Islam. And, such horrendous brutalities against the Muslims are done not only by the occupying armies of the US or NATO; but also by the armies of the native autocrats. This is in fact the greatest danger that is being inflicted on the Muslim taxpayers by their own army.

In the single night of 14th August 2013, the occupying Army of Egypt killed more than 1200 un-armed protestors in Rabaa Al-Adawiya in Cairo. Even the British colonialists didn't dare do such brutality during their rule in Egypt. And the Army's killing is still going uninterrupted.

On 5th May 2013, the Bangladesh Army, Police and other security forces did the same against their own people. They killed and wounded hundreds of people in Shapla Roundabout in central part of Dhaka.


The Pakistan Army too, has long record of bloody massacres of their own people. The role model of the Pakistan Army like General Ayyub, General Yahiya, General Niazi, General Tikka and the likes joined the profession only to serve their British colonial masters, and not to serve Islam and the Muslims. They proved to be good mercenaries. The Army proved to be the bastions of the hard core secularists from day one of Pakistan's creation. Culturally, ideologically and politically they proved to be more compatible with the Western secularists than with their own countrymen. Hence they showed their ever readiness to sabotage any Islamisation and democratisation project in the country. They could successfully block the democratic functioning of Pakistan for long years and the fair participation of the East Pakistanis. They always enjoy working with the imperialists; and showed ever readiness to hand over the Islamists for torture cells in Guantanamo Bay. On the other hand, they didn't show any appetite to punish the proven traitor! They allowed and even helped the proven enemy agent to run the election with huge enemy money in 1970.

Gaza Could Do It
In July 2014, a very small army of Hamas fighters could successfully resist the Israeli aggression for 50 days -despite intense aerial bombing and heavy artillery shelling. Pakistan Army never experienced such aerial bombing in 1971, but its huge army couldn't fight against India even for 15 days! At the end, they put the final nail on the coffin of united Pakistan -the largest Muslim country of the contemporary world. What the British couldn't undo in 1947; their secularist Pakistani protégé could do it in 1971.

With such deep de-Islamisation of thought, the Pakistan Army do not face any moral problem to drop bombs on mosques, madrasas or civilians. They have killed thousands of Muslim people in Waziristan. During General Musharraf's rule, they attacked Red Mosque and Al-Hafsa Madrasa in Islamabad and killed its female students.

The same problems run much deeper in the Syrian Army. They are killing innocent Syrians day and night. They have already killed more than 300 thousands innocent people; and are still continuing the killing. The same is true with most of the Muslim countries. This is indeed a huge problem of the Muslim world; no less damaging and harmful than the past colonial rule. While living under occupation of such secularised army, how the Muslims can build and follow siratul mustaqeem in cultural, political, judicial, spiritual and intellectual domains? Living in deep jungle with the company of animals may not be more harmful than living under such occupation of the secularists. At least, the animals do not de-Islamise and seduce people to hellfire. Neither do they obstruct siratul mustaqeem. But the secularist rulers and their secular institutions do it effectively in a very seductive way. What can be more helpful for the Muslim Ummah than releasing them from the secularists' occupation? This is why it stands the highest form of ibadah to establish an Islamic state. Only this way they get release from the occupation of the internal and external enemies of Islam. It is so important that most of the companions of the prophet (sallAllahu alaihi wa sallam) sacrificed their life for it.

Guidance by Sis. Yasmin


The objective behind fasting is to restrain the soul from (its) desires and to prevent it from those things, which are beloved to it. And its purpose is to control the soul's strength, so that it can be prepared to attain what is found in it [the fast] from success and joy for the soul.

Through the fast, one curbs his hunger and thirst and is reminded of the condition of the hungry stomachs of needy people..

Through fasting, one narrows the passages the Devil has inside the servant (of Allaah) by narrowing the passages of food and drink.

Also, it prevents the forces of the limbs from getting too accustomed to things that are harmful to it in this world and the Hereafter.

And each of the soul's body limbs and energies can cease their rebelliousness (to Allaah) and be harnessed by its bridle.

So therefore, the fast is the bridle of those who fear and obey Allaah and the shield of those wage war (against desires).

And it is a garden for the righteous and devoted servants of Allaah..

And it is for the Lord of the worlds, over all other actions (done to please Allaah). This is since the person who fasts, in fact does nothing.

he only abandons his desire and his food for the sake of the One whom he worships. So fasting is an abandonment of those things that the soul loves and desires... preferring instead Allaah's love and contentment.

And it is a secret kept between the servant and his Lord no one else is aware of it.

Fasting has an amazing effect in preserving one's outer limbs and inner capacities as well as protecting the soul from being overtaken by destructive components, which can ruin and destroy it. And it has a remarkable effect in causing all the harmful things that prevent the soul from being healthy to be emptied out. So fasting guards and protects the health of the person's heart and body limbs. And it returns to the soul all that the hands of the desires has taken from it.

So it is from the greatest ways of improving one's Taqwaa !

Allaah {Azza Wa Jall} says...
"O you who believe! Fasting is prescribed for you as it was prescribed for those before you in order that you attain Taqwaa."
{Source: 'Qur'an'~ Surat Al Baqarah~ A # 185.}

The Prophet (sallallaahu 'alayhi wa sallaam) said..
"Fasting is a shield." And he commanded those who had intense desires for marriage but were not able to marry, to observe fasting, making it a shield against those desires (of marriage). When the benefits of fasting are born witness to by sensible minds and upright intuitions, one will come to realize that Allaah prescribed it as a mercy for mankind, goodness to them and a protection and shield for them. The Prophet's (sallallaahu 'alayhi wa sallaam) guidance concerning it was the most perfect of guidance, and the best for reaching the desired objective and the easiest on the soul.

Since restraining the soul from what it loves and desires is from the most difficult and hardest of things, its obligation was delayed until the middle of Islaam, after the 'Hijrah'.

This was at the point when the 'Tawheed' and the Prayer had become firmly established in the souls of the Muslims and when they loved the commands of Allaah. So their souls were lead to its obligation in gradual steps. It became obligatory in the second year of Hijrah. When the Messenger of Allaah (sallallaahu 'alayhi wa sallaam) died, he had fasted nine Ramadaans in total. Originally, it was obligated as an option left to the people to choose whether they wanted to fast or to feed needy people every day. Then that option was transferred into the final obligatory fasting. And the matter of feeding people was left only for the old men and women who did not have the ability to fast Fasting had three stages.

The first stage was its being obligated with the option of fasting or feeding a needy person. In the second stage, only the fasting was allowed, but if the person fasting slept before breaking his fast, he was forbidden from eating and drinking until the following night. This was abrogated in the third stage.. And this is the stage at which the Religion has settled with until the Day of Judgement.

My 'Salaams' to All.
Y a s m i n.
 Sis Yasmin

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