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14 Ramadan 1440 A.H. - May 19 2019 Issue # 20, Newsletter #1811

Hadith of the Week

Narrated by Abu Huraira, r.a.:

Allah's Apostle said, "Not to wish to be the like except of two men. A man whom Allah has given the (knowledge of the) Qur'an and he recites it during the hours of night and day and the one who wishes says: If I were given the same as this (man) has been given, I would do what he does, and a man whom Allah has given wealth and he spends it in the just and right way, in which case the one who wishes says, 'If I were given the same as he has been given, I would do what he does.'"

Bukhari, Volume 9,
Book 90, Number 338
 Sis Kristi

[With thanks to Sis. Kristi]


Rejection of Support for Israel

by Shafeeqah V. Smith
[Atlanta, Georgia]

I am against the zionist powers-that-be that have crippled the United States for years. This country was rigged to always financially support the State of Israel, no matter who is in the White House--Democrat, Republican, non-Democrat, non-Republican. All members of Congress knew this prior to taking their Congressional seats. This includes the Muslim members.

I do not support anyone, regardless of beliefs, who backs the brutalization and slaughter of Palestinians, not if they think like our "good friend, the 'chosen person' ". He is a snake who cannot be trusted.

Because of the zionist powers-that-be, U.S. foreign policy has been screwed up for years. It's messy, complicated, complex, and very, very flawed. I figure it would take a Muslim president, a Muslim vice president, and a Muslim Congress to break that stranglehold and tell NetanLieWho and Israel: "NO MORE AID!! BACK OFF!" I'm waiting to read those headlines.

It's up to Muslims to save the United States from the evil clutches of Israel. We cannot demand or expect non-Muslims to do that. If we talk the talk, we gotta walk the walk.
Shafeeqah V. Smith

Political Prisoners :

Civil Discord Show

 Word Around The Net

Iceland could face penalty for displaying Palestinian flags during live broadcast

Saudi Arabia "wants to avert war" but stands ready to respond with "all strength and determination"

France threatens journalists with jail time for exposing use of French arms in Yemen

Multibillion-dollar weapon sale between Turkey, Russia and US

Israeli spacecraft crashed into the moon.

 Web Statistics

Face Book
New Trend May 12 issue
Not bad!

 Dua Request

Pray for his health.
Great Africanist who unites African Diaspora

With thanks to Br. Abu Talib, Brooklyn, New York
[Excerpt from Amsterdam News.]

From far and wide, comrades of Don Rojas came with passages of praise for the ailing journalist, who was defined by many as a freedom fighter. Rojas, diagnosed with bone cancer and undergoing debilitating treatment, must have felt some comfort with the outpouring of love and genuine respect from a coterie of renowned speakers Saturday evening, May 11, at the House of the Lord Church in Brooklyn.

Among those who ventured from abroad were Mirielle Fanon Mendes-France, the daughter of the legendary Frantz Fanon; Ambassador Inga Rhonda King from St. Vincent and the Grenadines with a message from Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves; and Sir Hilary Beckles, vice chancellor and president of the University of West Indies, and the keynote speaker.

Beckles, with whom Rojas worked as the director of communications at UWI, compared Rojas to Marcus Garvey, given his extensive travel and connections with the African diaspora. "Don has built bridges connecting the Caribbean, Africa and the United States," he said. He cited him as an indispensable colleague and a genius in the realm of communication

 Breaking News

Military Admits
Islamic State Resurgence

Source: Kurdistan24
by Laurie Myroie
May 9.

WASHINGTON DC (Kurdistan24) - The US-led Coalition against the Islamic State, formally known as Combined Joint Task Force-Operation Inherent Resolve (CJTF-OIR), affirmed on Tuesday that the terrorist organization remains a significant threat.

Maj. Gen. Chris Ghika, the British Deputy Commander of CJTF-OIR, explained in a press briefing from Baghdad that although the Islamic State no longer controls territory, it still has around 10,000 fighters in Iraq.

In Syria, the number is less, "below 10,000," Ghika said, but in the "thousands."

Tuesday's CJTF-OIR press briefing was the first in five months—since mid-December—just before US President Donald Trump declared that the Islamic State had been defeated.


Chrisianity on retreat vs LGBTq

May 13
A controversial bill intended to prevent the government from penalizing a person or business for actions tied to their religious belief has been quietly advanced in the Texas Senate, The Dallas Morning News reported.

The proposal, often referred to as as the "Save Chick-fil-A" bill, failed to clear the Texas House last week, but was introduced to the Senate by state Sen. Bryan Hughes (R), according to the newspaper.

Hughes said the bill would protect religious beliefs while preventing the targeting of companies such as Chick-fil-A, which was banned from San Antonio's airport in Texas after reports of donations made to anti-LGBT causes by a charity arm of the fast-food chain.

"We've heard disturbing stories about folks being punished just because they choose to contribute to a religious organization that shares their views or values," Hughes said, according to the Dallas News.



By Abdulkabir Oyemomi

Sanusi Lamido Sanusi, the Emir of Kano and former governor of Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) started frosty relationship with the governor of Kano State Abdullah Ganduje when he (Sanusi) openly backed the candidature of Abba-Kabir Yusuf of the People's Democratic Party (PDP) in the build up to March,9 governorship election in Kano State.

It shall be recalled that the election was declared inconclusive after the first ballot which saw Kabir Yusuf leading with 26,655 margin.

In a supplementary election, however, Ganduje rode to victory and was declared winner with a margin of 8,982 votes.

It was gathered by Pulse News that one of the reasons why Ganduje almost lost the election was because Emir Sanusi Lamido Sanusi never supported his second term bid and therefore turned a section of Kano population against him.

Returning to the office as the executive governor of Kano State for the second term after all the election brouhaha, Ganduje, in what appeared to be taming the loudmouth of the Emir , hurriedly signed a bill submitted to him by the Kano State House of Assembly- the bill seeks to reduce the influence of Emir Sanusi and creates new first class emirates and emirs in the Northwestern State.

With this bill becoming Law, Kano State now have five emirates: Kano, Rano, Gaya,Karaye,and Bichi.

Another narration to the feud between Ganduje and Emir Sanusi is the investigation of corruption against the emir. This investigation is being carried out by the Kano State Public Complaints Commission and Anti- Corruption Commission. If the emir is found guilty of this investigation, he would be deposed or removed as emir.

However, there appeared to be a soft landing in the Justice System for Emir Sanusi as a High Court in Kano on 15th of May ordered both Sanusi and Ganduje to maintain status quo in respect of the Interim Order issued against the governor on May 10.

It is also reported that the court , through the exparte application by the applicant,restrained Ganduje and all other respondents in the case from appointing or recognising any purported emir.

The writer believes that the duo of Ganduje and Emir Sanusi could have been Muslims enough by resigning to fate and settle amicably as Muslims, especially in this blessed month of Ramadan, rather than washing their dirty linens in public.

Latest Revolutionary Khutba

 Dr Kaukab Siddique

What makes Islam different from other Religions? Why do we ignore Ayesha, r.a?
Is Islam a charity or a transformational Mission?

On May 17, Br. Kaukab Siddique gave the juma khutba at Masjid Jamaat al-Muslimeen in Baltimore, The masjid was crowded owing to Ramadan, It's a small masjid, so an outline of the khutba is given here for distribution on line

  1. The sublime month of Ramadan is a great help towards self-purification, leading towards compassion, seeking and getting forgiveness, helping the poor and the needy, increasing community strength, helping people of other religions to understand Islam. Above all, we learn to Obey Allah. The concept of the Oneness and Mercy of Allah becomes real for us.

  2. Many of these positive qualities are developed by other religions too. So what makes Islam differewnt from and better than other religions? Are we just an advanced branch of Christianity?

  3. Islam BEGINS with NEGATION of and opposition to ungodly and oppressive powers. Our kalima, which makes us Muslims, begins with LA or NO to all false gods and worldly powers. We by our very faith are not allowed to cooperate with oppressors, aggressors and dictators.
    If we are willing to side with occupiers, tyrants, Zionists and imperialists, we are Muslims only in name.

  4. Look at the plight of the Muslim Ummah! In every country there are Muslims who pray and fast but also cooperate with the armies of global invaders and aggressors and dictators planted by them. Thus our DEEN has become in the lives of many people simply religion of prayer and fasting and COOPERATION with oppressors.

  5. Part 2

  6. The anniversary of Ayesha, r.a., is coming on the 17th of Ramadan. Hardly any of us remember it. We do know that in his final days the Prophet, pbuh, asked that he be left with Ayesha, r.a. He died in her lap after having taught the Ummah at the Farewell Pilgrimage to give women their rights.

  7. What we know about Khadija, r.a., also comes through narrations by Ayesha, r.a. Not only was she a leading narrator of hadith but also a leader of men and women and scholar of Qur'an and fiqh. She was a poet and a warrior and at the Battle of Jamel she led some of the best men.

  8. By ignoring Ayesha, r.a, we have cut our ummah into half by giving women a secondary place in society, with no place in the DECISION MAKING processes

  9. In the battle of Uhud, when Muslims faced a serious setback detailed in sura Ale Imran, the life of the prophet, pbuh, himself was in danger. At that moment, Umma Ammara, r.a., placed herself Iin front of him to stop the arrows with her body. He, pbuh, urged Umm Ammara, r.a., to pick up a shield dropped by a fleeing male, to defend herself. She fought very well and dropped a giant of a horseman who had come very near the prophet, pbuh, into a ditch. She herself was seriously injured. [See Tabqat of Ibn Sa'ad for details.].

  10. Today when supremacist nuts are targeting hijabi women when they are alone, our sisters need to follow the example of Umm Ammara, r.a.
  11. Many Muslim groups in America have become charity collectors. Look at ICNA related groups.. They dare not stand against this regime or any regime. All they do is collect charity. They do this money collection to such an extent that in somes masjids, right in the middle of the khutba , they will start fund raising. And the crowds they attract are also very satisfied because they can donate. Thus we have these million dollar masjids which never dare to speak against the policies of this regime or against Israel, They have taken only half, or a quarter of Islam as their religion, for which the Qur'an spoke against the Jews.

Du'a: O Allah, give health to those of us who are not well, jobs to those who are jobless, halal earnings to those who have jobs. O Allah help us to focus on the Qur'an and the hadith. Help Muslims who are in America's prisons to remain strong and spiritual. Help us to help the children in the inner cities and the children of Africa. Ameen
O Allah help the Ummah to liberate Palestine.



Government is Incompetent and sold out to IMF.
by Qaiser Sharif

LAHORE, May 14; Ameer, Jamaat e Islami, Pakistan, Senator Sirajul Haq, has said that the financial agreements of the country were being finalized through non- elected people and added that the IMF deal could have far reaching consequences.

Speaking at an Iftar dinner he hosted for the editors of electronic and print media in an Islamabad hotel, he said that the nation had rightfully rejected the IMF deal as they thought it a new trap of slavery. He said that the hands of the people signing the agreement were not clean either.

Sirajul Haq said that the IMF was the financial institution of those dancing at the tunes of the US and had been established to control the economy of the poor countries without going to a war. He wondered for how long, the fate of the nation would be decided by non elected people.

The JI chief said that the matter would not end with the IMF deal as there was an apprehension that the country would have to secure more loans to clear this loan by mortgaging the state institutions and a day might come when even our airports would also be mortgaged with the IMF.

Sirajul Haq said that practically it was a non elected government. He further said that there could be threats to the CPEC while these people were around. Besides, he said, the country could lose some of its best friends.

The JI chief said the government had accepted most humiliating terms of the IMF but had not opted the respectable alternative system based on Zakat and Ushr.

He said that by burdening the country under heavy loans, questions would be asked about the national security and a stage might come when the nuclear programme of the country would have to be pl aced under international control.

The JI chief said that the PPP, the PML(N) and the PTI were all the same and the masses had tried them one by one. Under their rule, the problems of the country and the nation had increased.

He said the Jamaat e Islami was the only option for the nation in such a situation. He said the past history of the JI was clear and the whole nation acknowledged its honesty and integrity of its leadership. .

He said the present government was highly incompetent and was unable to handle the economic problems of the nation. He said the rulers were admitting that they had done nothing to recover the 375 billion dollars lying abroad.

War News

 War News

May 19, 2019.
Prisons. Chaos. Battles. Terror.

Since the uprising began in 2011, the Assad regime has put around 128000 people in prison and most of them are probably dead. Nearly 14,000 of them died under torture, In many cases, the Assad regime has issued certificates of death. However in most cases, the relatives of prisoners don't know if the prisoners are dead or alive. [Syrian Network for Human Rights.].

A United Nations panel that many of Assad's prisoners have died owing to medical neglect and poor hygiene.
Nearly six million people have fled Syria to survive the Assad regime.

Al-Suwaida province: There is chaos owing to the regime's inability to control law and order. The Observatory is reporting assassination,, kidnappings and thefts owing to village-to-village conflict on a daily basis

Bombing and shelling of Islamic villages in Irbid province and northern Hama province. Daily attacks by Russian jets, Iranian artillery and Assad's helicopters are continuing. Syrian observatory [SOHR] documents that in one month, April 20 to May 19, these random terror attacks have killed 213 civilians including 48 women and 45 children. The intent seems to be to cause panic in the Muslim population.

May 19: As we go to the press, Assad's artillery is shelling Khan Shaykhun trying to cause terror. Three civilians have been killed..

To counter the attacks on civilians, mujahideen groups have been firing at Shia supporters of the regime in western Aleppo city, causing 25 civilian casualties.

May 18. The regime forces tried to advance into the Kirkat area of northern Hama province but were beaten back by mujahideen counterattack. In the intense battle, there were heavy casualties on both sides.

Eastern bank of the Euphrates:
There is chaos and guerrilla fighting in the extended area captured by SDF from the Islamic State which was bombed by the US.

Another convoy of SDF reinforcements have arrived with truck loads of arms and ammunition ostensibly suppled by America.

On May 18, SDF troops raided 5 villages looking for ISIS sleeper cells but could not find anyone. At night two SDF were killed in the desert and a truck with supplies blown up ostensibly by IS fighters.

IS is trying to infiltrate al-Raqqa which was once their capital. Several big explosions have been heard and SDF security agents were wounded.

Iraq [May 19]

Islamic State attack on Shia troops in Diyala province killed 7 and wounded 26.

Iraqi troops are raiding various areas looking for ISIS fighters. A local commander has been captured in the Mosul area.

Regime troops are raiding points along the border with Syria and also near Iran.

Six IS fighters were killed in various regime air strikes.


May 19: An alleged IS attack in the Malian city of Timbuktoo killed one Nigerian soldier and wounded another. Nigerian forces are supporting France.
In an attack in Tessalit, three troops from Chad were injured.

May 16. In a major ambush in the Tongo Tongo area, 28 Nigerian troops were killed by the Islamic State.
A French expert says that the attack seems to be in respose to the order by IS Caliph Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi to attack French backed forces in the western Sahel. This area is near the border with Mali.


May 8. A human bomber attacked elite police forces guarding the famous Sufi shrine known as Data Darbar. Five ;police officers and 5 civilians were killed and 26 injured. The shrine itself was not the target and was not touched.

May 12: In Gawadur, the Pearl Continental hotel was attacked by three Baluch separatists. A navy soldier and 4 others were killed and 5 injured. The hotel was empty owing to Ramadan. Troops killed the three assailants after an extensive gun fight. [A billion dollar Chinese project is going on in this port city. The security is tight.]

News Within the U.S.

 News within the US

Censorship & Nadrat's 14th Marathon:
Boston Globe urged to Publish letter on
Dr. Aafia Siddiqui Would not Publish it.

"Almost immediately after running the 2019 Boston Marathon, I wrote to the Boston Globe expressing my concerns about political prisoner Dr. Aafia Siddiqui. I received the Globe's automated reply, with their stipulations that the letter could not have been published elsewhere, and such, in order for them to consider it for publication, and that if it didn't appear within ten days, it likely had not been selected for publication. It didn't. I was disappointed that the Globe would not publish it, if only for the novelty of a crazy Paki woman running yet another 26.2 miles in the name of a political prisoner, but I was not at all surprised, considering the paper's previous heavily slanted reporting on Aafia's case. My (unpublished) letter read as follows:"

Dear editor,
In the field of 26,632 people running the Boston Marathon on Monday, I was one of very few (perhaps the only) Pakistani women to take on the daunting course. A time-qualified entrant, my current and penultimate marathon PRs are 3:41 (NCR Trail Marathon) and 3:42 (Baltimore Marathon), both set within the last five years. At age 50, I am pleased to say Boston 2019 was my 42nd marathon (my second time running it).
I ran Boston to call attention to the plight of Dr. Aafia Siddiqui, a Pakistani Muslim woman neuroscientist, degreed by the prestigious M.I.T. Aafia once lived and studied in the beautiful city of Boston.

Today she is imprisoned in Texas, having first been kidnapped by authorities in Pakistan. This occurred during the period when "secret renditions" were common in Pakistan, her then place of residence. Aafia was tortured and likely raped in prison in Pakistan and Afghanistan. After that, she was brought to New York, and put on trial.

Previously very healthy and vibrant, the petite neuroscientist was wheeled into court in a wheelchair by her jailors. The court disallowed nearly all exculpatory evidence which could have helped her, but allowed highly conflicting and emotional (anti-Muslim) evidence to be presented. Soon, Aafia was convicted and sent to FMC Carswell.

The unspeakable injustice being done to this woman is the reason I braved the pouring rain, and then the midday heat to run my second Boston Marathon. It was one of the most challenging of the 42 marathons I've run, and my finish time did not remotely approach either my PR, or my qualifying time. The only saving grace was that I did not resort to walking, not even on Heart Break Hill.

My reason for running made it all worthwhile. Aafia, or Behan Aafia (our sister Aafia), as we Pakistanis call her. In Pakistan, there is near universal sentiment that she is innocent and ought to be released.

My tee bore the words "Free Dr. Aafia Siddiqui, along with a picture of her cherubic face in hijab. It drew occasional question from fellow marathoners, and I was happy to share her story as we tackled the hill after hill.

In a period when women's rights have finally and appropriately gained center stage, why is the violation of rights of this innocent Pakistani woman allowed to continue? She has already endured 16 years of unjust imprisonment. I urge women's rights organizations and movements, politicians, humanitarians, and media to look into her case, and to call for her immediate release.

Ms. Nadrat Siddique

Invitation to Think

 Invitation to Think

{Muslims are so often blind sided by western propaganda, they don't know what was done to Germany by the western powers.
The horrific Muslim suffering in Guantanamo had its theoretical beginning in the indictment and execution of German POWS.
Here is a well researched article from CODOH.]

Dachau's 800-Pound Kangaroo (Court)
John Wear

The Dachau trial began on November 15, 1945 and ended four weeks later on December 13. All 40 of the defendants were convicted, with 36 being sentenced to death by hanging.[1] This article will examine whether the defendants at the Dachau trial received a fair hearing.

Unjustness of the Dachau Trials
The Dachau tribunal was composed of eight senior U.S. military officers with the rank of at least full colonel. The president of the court, Brig. Gen. John M. Lentz, was the former commanding general of the 3rd Army's 87th Infantry Division.[2] These U.S. military officers, with no formal legal training, were not qualified to objectively review the evidence presented in the trial.

William Denson, the chief prosecuting attorney, used a legal concept called "common design" for establishing that camp personnel at Dachau were guilty of violating the laws and usages of war. The Dachau tribunal accepted Denson's legal concept of common design. In common design, Denson exploited a legal concept broad enough to apply to everyone who had worked in Dachau.[3] In essence, every Dachau defendant was guilty unless proven innocent (a verdict most-unlikely to ensue).

The rules of evidence used at the Dachau trial were also atrociously lax. For example, hearsay evidence presented by the prosecution was routinely allowed by the "judges." Such testimony was permitted at the Dachau trials if it seemed "relevant to a reasonable man." This departure from normal Anglo-Saxon law was intended to compensate for the fact that some potential eyewitnesses had died in captivity.[4]

False witnesses were used at most of the American-run war-crimes trials at Dachau. Joseph Halow, a young U.S. court reporter at the Dachau trials in 1947, described some of the false witnesses at the Dachau trials:

[T]he major portion of the witnesses for the prosecution in the concentration-camp cases were what came to be known as "professional witnesses," and everyone working at Dachau regarded them as such. "Professional," since they were paid for each day they testified. In addition, they were provided free housing and food, at a time when these were often difficult to come by in Germany. Some of them stayed in Dachau for months, testifying in every one of the concentration-camp cases. In other words, these witnesses made their living testifying for the prosecution. Usually, they were former inmates from the camps, and their strong hatred of the Germans should, at the very least, have called their testimony into question.[5]

Stephen F. Pinter, an American lawyer who served as a U.S. Army prosecuting attorney at the American-run trials of Germans at Dachau, confirmed Halow's statement. In a 1960 affidavit Pinter said that "notoriously perjured witnesses" were used to convict Germans of false and unfounded crimes. Pinter stated, "Unfortunately, as a result of these miscarriages of justice, many innocent persons were convicted and some were executed."[6]

The use of false witnesses has also been acknowledged by Johann Neuhäusler, who was an ecclesiastical resistance fighter interned in two German concentration camps from 1941 to 1945. Neuhäusler stated that in some of the American-run trials "many of the witnesses, perhaps 90%, were paid professional witnesses with criminal records ranging from robbery to homosexuality."[7]

Lt. Col. Douglas T. Bates, the chief defense attorney, was also not permitted to fully cross-examine all of the prosecution witnesses. For example, prosecution witness Arthur Haulot, a 32-year-old journalist and former lieutenant in the Belgian army, threatened to leave the trial after being aggressively cross-examined by Bates. An hour later, Bates and the other defense lawyers met with Haulot outside of the courtroom. Bates put a friendly arm around Haulot's shoulder and said: "We just want to thank you. By speaking up, you got us properly scolded. We were doing what we had to do, and frankly it disgusted us. You won't be bothered like that again."[8]

Such a concession by the defense counsel could never have occurred if the trial had taken place in a court in America. However, at Dachau the defense attorneys were soldiers who took seriously reprimands from their superior officers, who were judges in the trial.[9]

Signed confessions by the defendants were often used to obtain convictions at the Dachau trial. Evidence was presented that many of the defendants in the Dachau trial made their confessions under torture. For example, defendant Johann Kick testified:

I was under arrest here in Dachau from sixth to 15th of May. During this time I was beaten all day and night. I had to stand at attention for hours. I had to kneel down on pointed objects. I had to stand under a lamp for hours and look into the light, at which time I was also beaten and kicked. As a result of this treatment my arm was paralyzed for about 10 weeks.[10]

Kick testified that as a result of these beatings, he signed the confession presented to him by U.S. Lt. Paul Guth.[11] Kick's report regarding his torture, however, made no difference to the eight U.S. military officers who presided as judges in the trial.

Common Design
The prosecution used the legal device of common design to establish that (wartime) camp personnel at Dachau were guilty of violating the laws and usages of war. Defense attorney Douglas Bates in his closing statement challenged the court's use of common design. Bates said:

The most talked-of phrase has been "common design." Let us be honest and admit that common design found its way into the judgment for the simple expedient of trying 40 defendants in one mass trial instead of having to try one each in 40 trials. Where is the common design? Conspicuous by its absence, established for the purpose of trapping some defendants against whom there was a shortage of proof—by arguing, for example, that if Schoep was a guard in the camp, then he was equally responsible for everything that went on. There are guards at each gate of this American post today. Is it not far-fetched to say they are responsible for crimes that may be committed within the confines of this large area? If every one of the defendants is guilty of participating in that large common design, then it becomes necessary to hold responsible every member of the Nazi Party and every citizen of Germany who contributed to the waging of total war—and I submit that can't be done.

I read this in Life magazine today: "Justice cannot be measured quantitatively. If the whole of Germany is guilty of murder, no doubt it would be just to exterminate the German people. The real problem is to know who is guilty of what." Perhaps the prosecution has arrived at a solution as to how an entire people can be indicted as an acting part of a mythical common design.

And a new definition of murder has been introduced along with common design. This new principle of law says, "I am given food and told to feed these people. The food is inadequate. I feed them with it, and they die of starvation. I am guilty of murder." Germany was fighting a war she had lost six months before. All internal business had completely broken down. I presume people like Filleboeck and Wetzel should have reenacted the miracle at Galilee, where five loaves and fishes fed a multitude.

There has been a lot of impressive law read by the chief counsel, and it is good law—Miller, Wharton. The sad thing is that little of it is applicable to the facts in this case. Perhaps we have not been diligent enough in seeking applicable law. Some think the prosecution has found applicable law in the Rules of Land Warfare on the doctrine of superior orders. We have no intention of arguing that executions by the German Reich were due process. Nevertheless, we contend that executions were the result of law of the then recognized regime in Germany and that members of the firing squad were simple soldiers acting in the same capacity as in any military organization in the world....

If law cloaks a bloodbath in Germany, the idea of law will be the real victim. Lynch law, of which we have known a good deal in America, often gets the right man. But its aftermath is a contempt for the law, a contempt that breeds more criminals. It is far, far better that some guilty men escape than that the idea of law be endangered. In the long run, the idea of law is our best defense against Nazism in all its forms

In closing, I ask permission to paraphrase a great statesman. Never in the history of judicial procedure has so much punishment been asked against so many on so little proof.[12]

Despite its injustice, William Denson refused to acknowledge that the legal concept of common design should not apply in this case. Denson stated: "I do not want the court to feel that it is necessary to establish individual acts of misconduct to show guilt or innocence. If he participated in this common design, as evidence has shown, it is sufficient to establish his guilt."[13]

The Case of Dr. Schilling
The injustice and hypocrisy of the Dachau trial is illustrated by the case of Dr. Klaus Karl Schilling (pictured at his execution). Malaria experiments at Dachau were performed by Dr. Schilling, who was an internationally famous parasitologist. Dr. Schilling was ordered by Heinrich Himmler in 1936 to conduct medical research at Dachau for the specific purpose of immunizing individuals against malaria. The medical supervisor at Dachau would select the people to be inoculated and then send this list of people to Berlin to be approved by a higher authority. Those who were chosen were then turned over to Dr. Schilling to conduct the medical experimentation.[14]

Dr. Schilling acknowledged in court that he had performed malaria experiments on inmates in Dachau. When asked why these experiments had not been performed on animals, Dr. Schilling replied:

I have been asked hundreds of times why I do not work with animals. The simple answer is that malaria of the human being cannot be transmitted to animals. Even highly developed apes and chimpanzees are not receivers of malaria. That is a recognized principle of malaria experiments.[15]

William Denson stated that Dr. Schilling was "nothing more than a common murderer" whose medical experimentation could not be compared to that performed in the United States.[16]

However, evidence in the later Doctors' trial in Nuremberg showed that doctors in the United States performed medical experiments on prison inmates and conscientious objectors during the war. The evidence showed that large-scale malaria experiments were performed on 800 American prisoners, many of them black, from federal penitentiaries in Atlanta and state penitentiaries in Illinois and New Jersey. U.S. doctors conducted human experiments with malaria tropica, one of the most dangerous of the malaria strains, to aid the U.S. war effort in Southeast Asia.[17]

Although Dr. Schilling's malaria experiments were no more-dangerous or illegal than the malaria experiments performed by U.S. doctors, Dr. Schilling had to pay for his malaria experiments by being hanged to death while his wife watched.[18] The U.S. doctors who performed malaria experiments on humans were never charged with any crime.

It took the Dachau tribunal only 90 minutes to convict all 40 defendants. Joshua Greene writes: "Even if history looked back and judged his work charitably, Denson might have imagined one hour and 30 minutes to be a shockingly short time in which to determine the fate of 40 men."[19]
William Denson had no doubt that the U.S. Army tribunal would find the German defendants guilty of war crimes.[20] The 90 minutes it took to convict the 40 defendants was also probably not a surprise to Denson. In fact, in the later Mauthausen trial in which Denson was the lead prosecutor, the American military tribunal took only 90 minutes to find all 61 defendants guilty.[21]

Historian Tomaz Jardim writes concerning these verdicts: "Given the brevity of deliberations, it is clear that the judges spent no significant amount of time reviewing the evidence, examining legal precedent, or evaluating the issues surrounding the common-design charge that defense counsel had raised. In all likelihood, the judges had begun deliberations with their minds made up."[22]

Benjamin Ferencz acknowledges the injustice of the Dachau trial:

I was there for the liberation, as a sergeant in the Third Army, General Patton's Army, and my task was to collect camp records and witness testimony, which became the basis for prosecutions...But the Dachau trials were utterly contemptible. There was nothing resembling the rule of law. More like court-martials...It was not my idea of a judicial process. I mean, I was a young, idealistic Harvard law graduate.[23]

Ferencz states that nobody including himself protested against such procedures in the Dachau trials.[24]

The defendants did not receive a fair and impartial hearing in the Dachau trial. The use of interrogation methods designed to produce false confessions, lax rules of evidence and procedure, the presumption that the defendants were guilty unless proven innocent, American military judges with little or no legal training, unreliable eyewitness testimony, the nonexistence of an appeals process, and the inability of defense counsel to aggressively cross-examine some of the prosecution witnesses ensured the conviction of all of the defendants in the Dachau trial.

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Guidance by Sis. Yasmin.

'Assalaamu 'Alaykum wa Rahmatullaahi wa Barakaatuhu'
*Virtues Of The Month Of Ramadhaan*
*PROPHET*~[Sallallaahu 'Alaihi wa Sallam]~ said

First Khutbah.
'O Muslims... Fear Allaah and Obey Him !~ I give you glad tidings as the month of 'Ramadaan' is approaching ,
This is the month in which the 'Qur'aan' was revealed as a guidance for mankind, as well as a clarification and differentiation between truth and falsehood ! During this month, the Gates of Mercy are opened and the gates of hell are sealed. Satan and all other Jinn are chained during this blessed month... !
Rewards for good deeds performed in this month are multiplied, sins forgiven and supplications responded to and answered.
It is the month of Perseverance, Mercy, Compassion and Charity.
~Salmaan Al-Faarisi ~ [may Allaah be pleased with him] reported that..
Prophet ~[Sallallaahu 'Alaihi wa Sallam] gave a speech on the last day of 'Sha'baan', and said... ' O people, You are being approached by a great and blessed month. A month which contains a Night that is better than One Thousand [1000] months ! Allaah made fasting within it an obligation, and made praying on that night an optional act of worship.
he who performs any righteous voluntary act within it, will be rewarded like one who does an obligatory act at any time other than during 'Ramadaan'...{!} 'he who performs an obligatory act of worship within it will be rewarded like he who performs Seventy~[70] acts of worship at any time outside this month ... ! ['Alhamdullilah' !]

It is the month of Perseverance -and perseverance is rewarded with 'Jannah'~{Paradise}! It is the month of Compassion, in which the sustenance of a believer increases !
'he who feeds a fasting person within this month has his sins forgiven and he will be protected and released from the hell fire, he also gets the reward of that person's fasting without decreasing the reward of the fasting person.'
Then the companions... [may Allaah be pleased with them] said..
'O messenger of Allaah ! not all of us can find the extra food needed to feed another fasting person'.
So the Prophet [Sallallaahu 'Alaihi wa Sallam] responded:
'Allaah will give you the reward of feeding a fasting person even if you were to give him just a sip of milk, a date, or a sip of water...'{!}
he who feeds a fasting person until he is full, Allaah will make him drink out of my river, a sip of which will never allow him to be thirsty until he enters 'Jannah'! Then he continued...
'This is the month the beginning of which is Mercy, the middle part is Forgiveness... and the last part of it is Release from Hellfire.'
(Source: Al-Bayhaqi)..

'So, pay attention, may Allaah be merciful to you all' Pay attention
O believers, to the speech of the Prophet {Sallallaahu 'Alaihi wa Sallam } in which he gave glad tidings of the month of 'Ramadaan' to his companions and informed them of its virtues and how the reward of righteous deeds performed therein is multiplied.
Indeed, it is a great and blessed month...! The Prophet [Sallallaahu 'Alaihi
wa Sallam ] said.. referring to the month of 'Ramadaan'~
'Never has a better month arrived for the believers and never has a worse month come to pass for the hypocrites..'
(Source: Ahmad)

Abu Hurayrah, [may Allaah be pleased with him] narrated that...
Prophet [Sallallaahu 'Alaihi wa Sallam] said...
"All the (rewards of the) deeds of the son of Adam are for him, (he is aware that) the reward of performing them will be multiplied by ten (10) to seven-hundred (700) times...! Allaah{Azza Wa Jall} has said:
'Except for fasting, as it is for Me. I shall reward it....!
(i.e. I will decide what the reward will be) This is because the fasting person leaves his desires, food and drink purely for My sake.'
The fasting person has two [2] times of great pleasure: once when he breaks his fast and the other when he meets his Lord !
The smell emanating from the mouth of a fasting person is better in the scale of Allaah than the smell of Musk".
(Source: Ahmad)

The Prophet ~[Sallallaahu 'Alaihi wa Sallam] referred to 'Ramadaan' as the 'month of perseverance' due to the necessity of perseverance and patience during this month. Due to this, as well as the suffering from the pain of hunger, thirst and weakness of the body due to fasting, 'Abdullaah
Ibn'Umar [may Allaah be pleased with him] reported that~
Prophet [Sallallaahu 'Alaihi wa Sallam]said...
'No one knows the reward of fasting except Allaah'.
(Source: Al-Bayhaqi)

The reward for righteous deeds varies due to different reasons, for example, due to the sanctity of specific places such as Makkah and Madeenah. The Prophet ~[Sallallaahu 'Alaihi wa Sallam] said:
'Praying in my 'Masjid' is one thousand times [1000] greater (in reward) than prayer elsewhere - except for Al-Masjid Al-Haraam' [in 'Makkah']
[Source: S. Bukhaari]

Among the virtues of this blessed month is that the reward for good deeds is multiplied by up to seven hundred times, for those who purify their intentions and perform their actions purely for the sake of Allaah - !
such as those who spend in charity from their wealth, provided that their wealth comes from lawful means. {Allaah only accepts charity which is from 'Halaal' (lawful) means...!}
The Prophet [Sallallaahu 'Alaihi wa Sallam] said ..
'Allaah accepts charity with His Right Hand and then increases it in reward for the person giving it, just like one of you raises his colt, until the reward for it becomes the size of a mountain'.
(Source: Bukhaari & Muslim)

Anas ibn Maalik, [may Allaah be pleased with him]narrated that The Prophet [Sallallaahu 'Alaihi wa Sallam] said ...
'Charity extinguishes the anger of the Lord and protects the giver of it from an evil end'.
(Source: Tirmithi)
Y a s m i n.
 Sis Yasmin

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