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7 Ramadan 1440 A.H. - May 12 2019 Issue # 19, Newsletter #1810

Hadith of the Week

Narrated by Abu Huraira, r.a.:

Allah's Apostle said, "Whoever gives two kinds (of things or property) in charity for Allah's Cause, will be called from the gates of Paradise and will be addressed, 'O slaves of Allah! Here is prosperity.' So, whoever was amongst the people who used to offer their prayers, will be called from the gate of the prayer; and whoever was amongst the people who used to participate in Jihad, will be called from the gate of Jihad; and whoever was amongst those who used to observe fasts, will be called from the gate of Ar-Raiyan; whoever was amongst those who used to give in charity, will be called from the gate of charity." Abu Bakr said, "Let my parents be sacrificed for you, O Allah's Apostle! No distress or need will befall him who will be called from those gates. Will there be any one who will be called from all these gates?" The Prophet replied, "Yes, and I hope you will be one of them."
Bukhari, Vol. 3, Book 31, #121

 Sis Kristi

[With thanks to Sis. Kristi]


May 10, 2019
Baltimore County Masjid Rahma

The first juma of Ramadan was extremely crowded but the khutbas were boring and "safe" beyond limits. This is an ICNA related masjid, always fundraising, even during khutba, but unable to mention any issue which would annoy the government. So many young people went away disappointed. The imam was sectarian and tried to propagate for Pakistan's Deobandi sect right in the middle of the khutba.

A Jamaat al-Muslimeen
4-page document
was given to 67 people. Here is an outline of the 4-pager.:

  1. China's pig cataclysm after forcing pork on Muslims..

  2. Idol worship in UAE linked to Hinduism.

  3. Br. Kaukab's khutba on what Muslims forget in Ramadan.

  4. [Briefs]: Nadrat's latest run+Massacres of IS women & chilldren by US+Pakistan army's death grip.

Political Prisoners :

Civil Discord Show

 Word Around The Net

by Br. Nazeer, Texas

Israel's land theft and ghettoisation of the Palestinians

With tightening US sanctions, Rouhani says Iran to face tough conditions.

Christians Attack Mosques in Sri Lanka; Government imposes Curfew

Barricades, tents and community: A guide to Sudan's sit-in

U.A.E. Ships Sabotaged

In Largely Catholic Philippines, A Muslim Woman Shakes Up Senate Campaign

 Web Statistics

Face Book for Jamaat al-Muslimeen almost broke our own record.
The May 5, 2019 issue
of New Trend reached
110, 524 people, mostly in Pakistan and Bangladesh.


Chinese Cultural Genocide against Muslims took another nasty turn when the Comununist regime BANNED FASTING.
China has gone crazy in its hatred of Islam.
Turkey is protesting but when will Pakistan and Indonesia wake up?
China must be countered.


Unique Effort by Maulana Hussain Khan. : Translation of Qur'an into Japanese.
Great Student of Maulana Maudoodi did it.
Here is the letter from Hussain Khan.

Almost 90% of Pakistani and other Muslims have married Japanese girls, as Japanese government grants Permanent Residence status to such married foreigners. These girls have all become Muslims and by now have even grown up children in universities or working in Japanese companies. It is our duty to let them understand holy Quran in their mother-tongue. Maulana Maududi also instructed me to translate his Tafheemul Quran. This is my small beginning, even though very late.

This is the month of Ramadhan. Most of the husbands and fathers of these native Japanese are keeping Fast and attending Taraweeh. There are over 100 mosques in Japan where more than 100 Muslims gather for Jumah Prayers.

Those who are interested to use a part of their Zakat for free distribution of these Quran translations can purchase them directly from the and get it shipped to some Mosque or Islamic Institution directly from America. I will provide them some addresses if they ask for it through email to me:
To Buy from Amazon:

Para 30: Most Authentic Translation Based on Maududi Tafheemul Quran Paperback -
by Hussain Khan (Author)

Click Here to buy from Amazon


With thanks to a Sister in Quebec]

In a direct attack on hijab, the Quebec government is passing laws to ban the hijab and the niqab.
Even female Muslim lawyers are being victimized.
It doesn't make sense for the Canadian PM to give Asalamu Alaikum to Muslims on Ramadan when Canada is taking away the basic Islamic right for women to wear hijab.
[New Trend adds, Islamic prisoners are being held in Canada on flimsy charges.
Also Canada sent tanks to Afghanistan to subjugate the resistance but failed miserably.]


May 10
One killed 30 injured as Israelis fire at Unarmed Demonstrators.

Israeli fire has killed a Palestinian in Gaza during demonstrations by the Israeli fence Gaza officials said, despite a ceasefire agreement reached on Monday that ended days of fighting.

Abdullah Abd al-Aal, 24, was shot in the stomach on Friday near the Israeli fence east of Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip, Gaza's health ministry said, in the first protests there since a deadly flare-up last week.

The ministry said that a total of 30 Palestinians were injured in the protests on Friday, including four children and one field paramedic, who was moderately wounded by an Israeli gunshot to the head.

The Gaza Health Ministry said that since the start of the weekly Great March of Return protests last year, the Israeli army has killed more than 275 demonstrators and wounded 17,000 others, who were officially referred to hospitals.

The protests that began on March 30, 2018, demand that Palestinian refugees have the right to return to their homes from which they were expelled during the founding of Israel and for a complete lifting of the 12-year Israeli blockade of Gaza.

An Israeli army spokeswoman said approximately 6,000 people took part in Friday's demonstrations



The Poor & Needy Look Forward to Ramadan.
Christians & Muslims.
by Sis. Ashira Naim
[Jamaat al-Muslimeen]

It could be said that the description "poor & needy" fits most of the population on either one or both counts, i.e., poor or needy. Who is it that would say, "I don't need anything."?

Well, to say so is indeed a modest expression.

However, we are all in need of The Forgiveness and The Mercy of Allah. And Ramadan is that special month to seek blessings from The Creator. The hungry and homeless people of the streets present an opportunity for the more fortunate to fulfill an obligation to feed the hungry.

We are mindful of this obligation during this holy month because while fasting and praying our minds become more clear, we see much better.

Speaking of "seeing:" we observed on Easter Sunday here that the police presence was far reduced. The people filled the streets to have a relaxed outing after their special Suday service. Obviously apparent amongst the frolickers were the downtrodden who took full advantage of the opportunity to beg. Teenage boys in groups, wearing what seemed to be clean but wrinkled clothes, were standing around café entrances seeking money to feed themselves, etc. Girl groups were also obvious and consisted of all ages--teenagers to baby carried on back. The younger girl would be sent into the very entrance holding out her hand to receive monies to feed the group. Apparently not enough clothing for girls is received by agencies as the girls' dresses were dirty and torn. They were easily identifiable as "homeless." Soon the owner of the café would appear and run them off. Tired and dusty old men and old women walked with the frolickers and could be seen holding out a hand for help. With the barrage of refugees from Syria and others from other places, Ethiopia, a country already poor and crowded, struggles to provide. The administrators here in Ethiopia continue to develop their programs to assist the homeless children and provide for the elderly. we are told that many from the retired community are also giving of their time as volunteers.

Spirit of Giving

What About the Muslims???
There is no prohibition against begging at religious facilities in Ethiopia. As a matter of fact, beggars have been told that they can only ask for help at churches or masajid (mosques) and not on the streets. The law against begging is punishable by arrest for both the beggar and the giver.

"What A Blessing" Ramadan is! The "givers" are more easily inclined to give now because their hearts have been softened by prayers, fasting, listening to Quran recitals, greetings to brothers and sisters-- some of whom have not been seen for a while, and above all: by the Grace and Mercy of Allah-- the Spirit of Ramadan.


Anwar Masjid, Ethiopia


 Dr Kaukab Siddique

Battle of Badr
Muslims often Forget this Decisive Battle in
Ramadan. It's a mistake to think that it's all
about Fasting and Prayer.
Don't make yourself Defenseless.

The Muslims were outnumbered three to one and were poorly armed.

The Prophet, pbuh, called on Allah Almighty for help.

If the Muslims had been defeated, that would have been the end of the Islamic mission.

Decisive actions took place in this battle.

Bilal, r.a., the former slave, now a Muslim, killed his former master and oppressor. That is the Islamic response to slavery. [It could be called the first slave uprising.]

Two children, barely of fighting age, killed Abu Jahal, the arch enemy of Islam.

Duels took place in which Ali, r.a., and Hamza, r.a., fought and killed their adversaries.

Human faith and spirit of sacrifice overcame numbers and heavy weapons.

Muslim preachers should talk about Badr. The spirit of jihad is decisive. Otherwise many Muslims are becoming like good Christians, praying a lot but not opposing or confronting the forces of kufr and tughyan.



Jamaate Islami chides both Military and Civil leadership.
[Received from Qaiser Sharif.]

LAHORE, May 9; The central Shoora of the Jamaat e Islami, has called upon the government to release the current year's amount of Rs. One hundred billion out of the Rs. 1000 billion special grant for the erstwhile tribal areas and stressed that it should be spent in consultation with the peoples elected representatives.

Through a resolution, the Shoora demanded that the present judicial vacuum in the former tribal district should be filled immediately and the courts should be provided necessary logistic support. It demanded that thirty thousand new posts should be created for these districts as promised and these posts be duly fulfilled.

The Shoora called for expediting the rehabilitation of the infrastructure in tribal areas that had been totally destroyed during the operations.

It urged the government and the Election Commission to launch a special campaign through the media to create awareness among the tribal people about the importance of the provincial assembly elections.

The JI central body called for modernizing and regularizing mining in the former tribal areas and demanded that the local communities should be given fifty per cent of the income from this source.

The JI Shoora termed the new local bodies draft as being in conflict with the constitution. It called for a through debate of it inside and outside the assembly. The Shoora was of the view that large scale changes in the present law could cause a delay in the local bodies elections and announced that the JI would strongly resist such a move.

The Shoora also called for the recovery of the missing persons and for producing them before the courts. It also called for opening all trade routes with Afghanistan from Bajaur upto South Waziristan to facilitate traders as well as the people on both sides of the border.
Released by

LAHORE, May 9; Ameer, Jamaat e Islami, Pakistan, Senator Sirajul Haq, has said that the way the terms of the IMF were being accepted, there was a possibility that it may ask for the office of the Prime Minister.

Talking to the media after attending the Senate session on Thursday, he said that practically an IMF government had been set up.

War News

 War News

Ramadan Massacre by Russia & Shias. Attacks on Hama repulsed. Ongoing Fighting in Deir ez Zor desert.

May 6 to 12. Russian bombing on Islamic towns and villages in Idlib province, northern Hama province, northern Aleppo province and northeastern Lattakia continued on a daily basis.

Along with the Russians, the Assad regime's helicopters dropped more barrel bombs.

The civilian death toll from these attacks and previous week's bombing has reached 289, many of whom are women and children.

Assad's shia allies also advanced into northern Hama province and captured five villages. Tahrir [al-Nusra, formerly al-Qaida] counterattacked. In the intense fighting which went on all week, 152 of Assad's Shia-Iranian militias and troops were killed. On the mujahideen side 113 were killed. The regime was driven back in two places but held on to three villages.

The regime is trying take back Islamic positions in northeastern Lattakia but has not succeeded though it is firing missiles. The Islamic fighters are shooting rockets at the Russian air base but Russia says no damage was done.

In the Deir ex Zor desert, fighting is going on between Islamic State fighters and the Assad regime-Iranian troops. IS has inflicted heavy casualties on the regime especially near the Mayadeine area, probably because IS knows the area well.

On the eastern bank of the Euphrates [south] villagers are protesting against SDF atrocities against civilians who supported the Islamic State. Villagers are also demonstrating against the SDF imprisonment of women who had nothing to do with IS,

More Turkish troops and armor have entered north central Syria but still depending on local Syrian fighters.

News Within the U.S.

 News within the US

America's Muslims can Make the Difference.

Very Important
Jamaat al-Muslimeen USA urges Muslims to
speak out on these issues and missions.

Aafia Siddiqui's support base in Pakistan has appealed to Muslims to support the movement for the release of Aafia Siddiqui who is languishing in a US prison in Ft. Worth, Texas.

Br. Mauri Saalakhan has taken the lead in the movement to free Aafia.

We urge Muslims to support Br. Mauri with your time, abilities and money.

Br. Mauri is also bringing up the key issue of the rights of Imam Jamil al Amin, most important imam of America.

Br. Mauri has endless energy, alhamdulillah. Now he is also paying attention to the huge tragedy of Muslims in China.
Sis. Nadrat Siddique has unusual and creative ways of supporting Aafia. She is also active for Imam Jamil and her interviews with Imam Jamil's wife are unique.

We also thank Br. Ali and Sis. Ayesha Randall [husband and wife team] owing to their support for Aafia Siddiqui.

Jamaat al-Muslimeen, through Face Book and the New Trend web site, has reached record numbers of people regarding the horrific cultural genocide of Muslims in China.

 Br Abu Talib

Br. Abu Talib in Brooklyn, NY. (picture to right) has been helping orphans in Gambia.

He has also brought to us the support for the spreading of Islam in Haiti.

In an amazing report he noted that the people of Guyana are honoring a Muslim whom the US had condemned as a terrorist.

Invitation to Think

 Invitation to Think

The Global Terrorism against the Muslims & the Consequence
Dr Firoz Mahboob Kamal
[New Trend thanks Dr, Kamal for this most hard hittng article to come out of Bangladesh.]

The terrorising war of the imperialists
Terrorism has a precise dictionary meaning. It is the use of weapons to fill people's minds with terror for political or monetary gain. The terrorising power of a weapon depends directly and proportionately on its destructive power. So, the terror of a knife-wielding robber can't match with the terror done with bombs, drones, missiles or nuclear bombs. Hence, no one on the earth can match the terrorising power of the USA. Awe of terror has some paralysing effect. This is why, while the USA Army with its massive air, land and naval power invaded Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria and went on killing spree there, no country or international body could show any sign of morality or humanity to protest against such blatant war crime. Even the UN had to bow down to the US barbarity.

In World War II, the US dropped nuclear bombs on two Japanese cities. Its objective was not to occupy and colonise Japan. Instead, to achieve a massive terrorising goal. It could fill people's mind all over the world with the devastating power of the new weapon. As a result, the USA -with the collaboration of other imperialists, could easily twist the political course of many parts the world to fit into its own agenda; even could dare disintegrate the whole map of of Middle East into more than 20 pieces. And, could also install an illegal state of Israel in its midst by cleansing its settled population.
Dr Firoz Mahboob Kamal
The USA still continues to deploy the same strategy to terrorise the whole world -especially the Muslim World. President Donald Trump -a proven anti-Muslim rogue, destroyed almost every house of Mosul -the second largest city of Iraq to achieve that goal. He also razed the cities of Kobani, Raqqa, Fallujah, Ramadi, Deira'zour and many others to the ground for the same purpose. Whereas, the US could win the war without such massive destruction. President George W Bush too, had the same mind set. He invaded Afghanistan and Iraq to reinforce the image of the American might on the world stage. The main purpose of the USA's occupation of Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria was not for oil or gas, but for terrorising the whole world, especially the Muslim population. It was a calculated act of robust terrorism to enforce full capitulation of the Muslim rulers. It has indeed fully achieved that. As a result, the US could easily twist the arms of the Saudi, Qatari, Kuwaiti, Emirati, Omani and Bahraini rulers to deposit trillions of petrodollar in the US economy. In return, the US provides security to these tyrants. Now they are trying to do the same against Iran. To continue with the same terrorising aim, the US government has embedded the whole world with thousands of military bases around the world. Now it has turned indispensable for the US to pursue such a coercive strategy to sustain its Super Power status. The US is already the most indebted country in the world - more than a trillion dollar it owes to China. The security cost of the US has turned so huge that it can't sustain on its own. Only through a coercive strategy, the US can force other nations to bear the maintenance cost of the American global empire. So, it has no other option but to engage in constant robbery -the classic version of terrorism, all over the world.

Terrorism with the distorted connotation
Military occupation never ends with mere physical occupation of a country. It is followed by occupation cum colonisation of people's mind. And it is done through media. For that, the western imperialists and their partners in crime in the Muslim World have already taken over the media. As a result, they could hide their own crimes and demonise those who stand against them. The captured media helped them even to distort the true meaning of terrorism. So, in their vocabulary, those who are killing and terrorising the people with deadly weapons and reducing cities to ground are not labelled as terrorist. So, even the armed Israeli illegal settlers or soldiers who shoot at unarmed Palestinians are labelled innocent. In fact, they mean the opposite. The children who protest with empty hands or throw stones to the Israeli tanks are portrayed as terrorist. In Kashmir, the unarmed Kashmiri men, women and children who protest in the streets and demand freedom from Indian occupation are killed with a label of terrorist.

With the emerging trend of Islamic revival in the Muslim World, the meaning of terrorism has been given another deceitful distortion. Even the people who want to practise original Islam -as was practised by the Prophet of Islam (peace be upon him) with its indispensable components like sharia, hudud, shura, khilafa, shura and jihad, are also labelled as extremist cum terrorist. So, the fascist regimes in Egypt, Bangladesh and other Muslim countries do not hesitate to kill the unarmed Islamists. So, on 6th May in 2013, hundreds of sit-in protesters were killed in Shapla roundabout in Dhaka in Bangladesh and on 14th August in 2013, more than two thousand peaceful protestors were killed in Raba al-Adawiya square in Cairo.

Terrorism: a multi-national imperialist enterprise
A mad dog doesn't need to be hurt to get offensive. The same is true with the imperialists. No man or woman from Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria bombed any American city; but the Americans came from other end of the glove to bomb the cities of those countries to kill more than a million. They dropped bombs, mother of all bombs, depleted uranium bombs, missiles and drones to turn thousands of Muslim houses and hundreds of cities to rubbles. But such killing campaigns have never been labelled in the western countries as a terror campaign. The US forces have detained and tortured thousands of innocent people with the extreme brutality in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria. They established torture cells in Guantanamo Bay in Cuba, Bagram base in Afghanistan, Abu Gharib in Iraq to run brutality in an industrial scale. They also introduced rendition scheme to franchise such torturing scheme to other regimes known for cruel state apparatus. Awfully, under the US patronage, terrorism thus has become a multi-national state enterprise.
Dr Firoz Mahboob Kamal
It is worth noting that the US-led imperialists aren't concerned about the absence of basic human rights in the Muslim countries ruled by the US-supported tyrants. They get happy if these brutal killers help strengthen the national security of the US and serve their political, ideological & economic interests. Moreover, they appreciate these tyrants if they crush any Islamic resurgence. This is why the killer tyrant like General Abul Fatah al-Sisi of Egypt gets such a robust appreciation for killing, torturing and arresting the Islamists. It is clear, in the world order established by the US-led western powers, there is no scope for the Muslims to raise their heads and emerge as a significant global power. Such a world order is only to safeguard the interests of the US-led imperialists and Israel. Its prime aim is to keep the Muslims de-empowered.

The case of Russia, China & India
Vladimir Putin's Russia has taken the same route. Like the US, it has committed the similar crimes against the Chechen Muslims. And, like any other member state of the UN Security Council, Putin also enjoys full impunity for his war crimes. On the other hand, the Chechen Muslims are labelled as terrorists for demanding freedom from the Russian occupation. To suppress their aspiration and liberation movement, in the year of 2000, the whole Chechen city of Grozny was bombed to the ground. Thousands were killed and many more were put in torture cells. And the Russian brutality still continues. In the Soviet era, the Russians did the same in Afghanistan in the eighties. Although the Russians were badly defeated in Afghanistan in 1989, but they didn't stop their anti-Muslim campaigns. Now they are dropping bombs in Syria; and trying to expand the same state terrorism to Libya and the Central Republic of Africa.
China is committing the same brutality against the Uighur Muslims. In the name of cultural education, the Chinese government is carrying out a massive social engineering project of de-Islamisation. About a million Muslims are being kept in prisons and are being brain washed to take them away from Islam. They are not allowed to enjoy the basic human rights -like the right to practise their own religion. Even they were prevented to keep fasting and wearing their traditional dress. The religious education has also been strictly restricted.

The case of India is no less brutal against the Muslims either. The Muslims constitute about 15% of Indian population; but they are not give even 5% of the government jobs. Socio-economically, they are kept inferior to so-called untouchables. The Indian Army is on a long killing mission in the Muslim majority state of Kashmir. About a hundred thousand Kashmiri Muslims have already been killed and thousands of Kashmiri women are raped. In the Indian vocabulary, such state-run crimes are not called terrorism either. Rather, those who are standing for freedom from Indian occupation and wand basic human rights are labelled as terrorists.

The crime of the Israeli terrorists
The case of Israel is a classic example of a state that could be established solely through terrorism and could survive through terrorism. It is the old practice of ethnic cleansing of the original people and colonisation by the foreign people in modern age. The Jewish people came from all over the world to Palestine to grab lands from the Palestinians. The Palestinians are either killed or forced to live in refugee camps for more than 70 years. On the illegally seized lands, hundreds of thousands of luxurious flats are built for those who were not born in Palestine. The same old policy of eviction, the same policy of land grabbing and the same scheme of settling the foreign Jews in the Arab land that started 70 years ago still continue. Apartheid practice has died in South Africa, but now thrives in the occupied Palestine. The old western colonial powers not only support such illegal Israeli occupation of the Muslim lands, but also sponsor it economically and militarily. So, the crime of brutal occupation and killing continues unabated. And, such state-run crimes are not called terrorism either.

There is no doubt that the Jews have suffered a lot under the fascist regime in the west. Millions of them faced brutal death there. But, instead of learning compassion and humanity, they have learned a lot of brutal skills and inhumanities. These are now being deployed against the Muslims in Palestine. This is why, the atrocities against the occupied people of Palestine could attain such a scale of brutality. They have even lost all morality and civility to call the on-going brutality against the Palestinians as a cruel act, let alone calling it terrorism. Hatred against the Muslims has been so deeply embedded in the mind of Israeli rulers that they even feel highly content to embrace Prime Minister Narendra Modi of India as the friend of Israel. Whereas Narendra Modi is an Indian version of Adolph Hitler for the Indian Muslims. In 2002, he engineered the killing of more than two thousands innocent Muslim men, women and children in Gujrat while he was the Chief Minister of the province. He also instigated his followers to raze historic Babri Mosque to the ground. Recognising his robust criminality, even the US government imposed ban on his entrance to the US -although later on withdrawn in order to promote the American business interest with India.

The case of Sri Lanka
The Sri Lankan Army is already known for genocidal war crimes against the Tamils. Such crimes have already been documented by the international human rights organisations. But the failure of the international bodies like the UN and the International Criminal Court has emboldened them to continue the similar crimes against other people. Now their guns are turned against the Muslims. The extrajudicial killing has started with the new strategy to target the Muslims in their living quarters. To cover up the killing, they are telling the world that the Muslim women and children are blowing up themselves. Last year, the Sri Lankan Muslims didn't explode any bomb anywhere; but the Buddhists hooligans led by the monks went on killing spree. They looted, vandalised and burnt down the Muslim houses and businesses. Such anti-Muslim rampage went on for many days; but the Sri Lankan Army and the police did very little to protect the Muslims' life and properties. The judiciary too, showed its inaction to bring the criminals to justice. Moreover, such mob killings and arsons didn't find any place in their vocabulary to be called as terrorism or Buddhist extremism.

Boiling up the Muslim blood
Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Hence, every crime has a consequence. The Muslims are terribly suffering from all sorts of barbarity in almost every part of the world. The people of no other faith suffer in such an awful way. The cases of Palestine, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Kashmir, Uighur, Rohingya are only a few to mention. In the west, the Muslim women are tormented only for wearing a head scarf. President Donal Trump has put a ban on the Muslims coming to the USA. The Indian Muslims are being lynched to death only for keeping or eating beef. Many East European countries have put wall of barbed wire to keep away the Muslim refugee out of their country. The Muslim countries ruled by the brutal dictators are embedded with thousands of Guantanamo Bay-like torture cells. The USA and its cronies like it.

The US, the French, the British, and the Italian Air Force have shown their ever readiness to bomb any people in any part of the world who want to go back to original Islam -as has been practised by the Prophet of Islam (peace be upon him) about 15 hundred years ago. They have their own prescription for the Muslims. It is far away from the Qur'anic prescription. Hence, the Islamic basics like Islamic state, sharia, hudud, pan-Islamic brotherhood, khilafa, shura, jihad against enemy occupation have no place in it. They have no problem with the Saudi mass execution, the Emirati tribal barbarity, the Bangladeshi mockery of democracy by Shaikh Hasina and the brutal tyranny of Egypt's Abul Fatah Sissi. They appreciate their Islam as true and moderate Islam. By any decent standard, these are not any innocent act; rather, highly heinous crime against Prophet's Islam, the innocent Muslims and the humanity.

Because of the hostile policy of the imperialists and their servile cronies, there exists not even a single space on earth for full practice of true Islam -as was practised in Islam's golden age! Thus, the Muslims are prohibited to be a full Muslim. Hostility towards Islam and the Muslims must have a limit. One must not forget that 1.6 billion Muslims are not a collection of dead bodies. They have souls, emotion, faith and intellect. They also share the same globe with others. The ongoing crimes against Islam and the Muslims are explosive enough to boil up their blood. The boiled-up blood can turn them to live bombs. And it is not unusual that the bombs fail to differentiate the innocents from the criminals. Islam doesn't allow suicide; but doesn't prohibit to be a war appliance. So, it seems, the planet is turning rapidly to be an unsafe place for everyone.

Guidance by Sis. Yasmin.

'The Inner Secrets of Fasting'.
Know, that in the fast ('Sawm') is a special quality that is not found in anything else.. And that is its close connection to Allaah {Azza wa Jall }
Allah {Azza Wa Jall }says in the 'Qur'an'..
''The Fast ('Sawm') is for Me and I will reward it.'' [2]
This connection is enough to show the high status of fasting.
Similarly, the Ka'bah is highly dignified due to its close connection to Him, as occurs in His statement... ''And sanctify My House.'' [3]
Indeed, the fast is only virtuous due to two significant concepts.

It is a secret and hidden action, thus, no one from the creation is able to see it . [Therefore Riyaa' (showing off) cannot enter into it.]
It is a means of subjugating the enemies of Allaah.
This is because the road that the enemies of Allaah embark upon
[in order to misguide the Son of Aadam] is that of desires.. !
And eating and drinking strengthens the desires.
There are many reports that indicate the merits of fasting, and they are well known.

The pre-dawn meal 'Suhoor' and delaying in taking it are preferable.. as well as hastening to break the fast and doing so with dates.
Generosity in giving is also recommended during 'Ramadaan'..
as well as doing good deeds.. and increasing in charity.
This is in accordance with the way of the Messenger of Allaah
(Sal Allaahu 'Alaihi wa Salaam)
It is also recommended to study the Qur'aan and perform 'I'tikaaf '
(seclusion for worship) during 'Ramadaan'.. especially in its last ten {10} days, as well as increasing upon the exertion [towards doing good deeds] in it. In the two Saheehs, 'Aa'ishah [ra] said..
''When the last ten days (of Ramadhaan) would come, the Prophet would tighten his waist wrapper ('Izaar')'' [4]
The scholars have mentioned two views concerning the meaning of 'tighten his wrapper ('Izaar')'
The first is that it means the turning away from women.
The second is that it is an expression denoting his eagerness and diligence in doing good deeds.
They also say that the reason for: the last ten days of Ramadaan was due to his seeking of the Night of al-Qadr~ [Laylatul-Qadr]

There are three {3} levels of fasting..! the general fast, the specific fast, and the more specific fast.
As for the general fast, then it is the refraining of ones stomach and their private parts from fulfilling their desires.
The specific fast is the refraining of one's gaze, tongue, hands, feet, hearing and eyes, as well as the rest of his body parts from committing sinful acts. As for the more specific fast.. then it is the heart's abstention from its yearning after the worldly affairs and the thoughts which distance one away from Allaah, as well as its [the heart's] abstention.
From all the things that Allaah has placed on the same level. [5]
From the characteristics of the specific fast is that one lowers his gaze and safeguards his tongue from the repulsive speech that is forbidden, disliked, or which has no benefit, as well as controlling the rest of his body parts. .
In a 'Hadeeth' by al-Bukhaaree..
''Whosoever does not abandon false speech and the acting upon it, Allaah is not in need of his food and drink.'' [6]
Another characteristic of the specific fast is that one does not overfill himself with food during the night.
Instead, he eats in due measure.. 'Indeed.. the son of Aadam does not fill a vessel more evil than his stomach'.
If he were to eat his fill during the first part of the night, he would not make good use of himself for the remainder
of the night.
In the same way, if he eats to his fill for 'Suhoor', he does make good use of himself until the afternoon.
This is because excessive eating breads laziness and lethargy therefore, the objective of fasting disappears due to one's excessiveness in eating, for what is indeed intended by the fast, is that one savours the taste of hunger andbecomes an abandoner of desires.

~My 'Salaams' to All ~
~ Y a s m i n ~
 Sis Yasmin

2019-05-13 Mon 13:49:51 ct