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30 Rabi' al Thani 1440 A.H. - January 6 2019 Issue # 1, Newsletter #1792

Hadith of the Week

Narrated Al-Bara, r.a:

There was revealed: 'Not equal are those believers who sit (at home) and those who strive and fight in the Cause of Allah.' (4.95) The Prophet (ﷺ) said, "Call Zaid for me and let him bring the board, the inkpot and the scapula bone (or the scapula bone and the ink pot)."' Then he said, "Write: 'Not equal are those Believers who sit..", and at that time 'Amr bin Um Maktum, the blind man was sitting behind the Prophet (ﷺ) . He said, "O Allah's Apostle! What is your order For me (as regards the above Verse) as I am a blind man?" So, instead of the above Verse, the following Verse was revealed: 'Not equal are those believers who sit (at home) except those who are disabled (by injury or are blind or lame etc.) and those who strive and fight in the cause of Allah.' (4.95)

Sahih al-Bukhari 4990
 Sis Kristi

[With thanks to Sis. Kristi]

 Word Around The Net

by Br. Nazeer, Texas

Food Aid Stolen, as Yemen Starves

US Customs and Border Patrol will now issue mandatory medical checks for all migrant children at the southern border.

Status of women at Italian game in Saudi Arabia criticized.

Palestinian gets life sentence over land sale to Israelis

At Least 30 Workers Killed In Afghanistan Gold Mine Collapse

Political Prisoners :

Civil Discord Show


Two Muslimahs, daughters of a Distinguished Muslim family, found an extraordinary way of Raising Funds for Rohingya refugees.

Saira & Maryam's Everest Base Camp Challenge
Fundraising for Penny Appeal

Team: Conquer Everest

Everest Base Camp 2018
run by Penny Appeal

34 fundraisers take on a mighty 12 day trek to Mount Everest Base Camp, reaching over 18,000ft. Help our team raise £250,000 for the Rohingya Refugee Crisis. Donate TODAY!
Charity Registration No. 1128341

Thank you for taking time out to view our page and donate. We are both really looking forward to this exciting challenge but more importantly raising money for this worthy cause.

We decided to share the same JustGiving page, because we share the same family and friends =)

However, we both have our own stories and reasons for wanting to be part of this journey.

Although I went skydiving a couple of years ago (and would love to go again), I am the less crazy and adrenaline-junky-mad of the two of us. As a family, our parents have always encouraged us to be outdoors, go on hikes, take part in water sports, etc. Our mum especially has been a key motivator in making sure her 4 daughters and every girl she knows takes part in the same physical activities as our male counterparts. Although she wasn't keen on us taking part in the Everest Base Camp Trek (as she thinks Maryam will find a way to climb to Everest peak), she was happy to hear that the majority of the EBC team this year is made up of "young ladies" (#girlpower).

Although hiking in the UK every summer is great fun, Maryam and I have always wanted to climb Kilimanjaro together and said we would before our next big birthday. Having volunteered and fundraised for several charities since we were children, we wanted to make sure the challenge would be sponsored to raise money for a much-needed cause. Whilst researching Maryam came across Penny Appeal's Everest Base Camp Challenge. I immediately dropped out because as those who know me know, I HATE THE COLD, and we're going in DECEMBER!!

Maryam was the first to sign up and I continued to research for teams going to Kili. However, once she sent me the Penny Appeal brochure, which highlighted not only the amazing experience climbing to EBC is, but the amazing work Penny Appeal are doing and how your donations will help the Rohingya refugees, I was in.

This definitely won't be like any of my spontaneous trips abroad and I am really looking forward to the challenge that lies ahead. The strength and bravery that the Rohingya people show on a daily basis will be my motivation to make sure that I not only hit my fundraising target by September, but that I reach Everest Base Camp without getting frostbite!

My love and fascination for mountains began when I was a child and it's something I just haven't been able to shake. Mountains are mentioned in the Quran countless times as something to help strengthen your belief, to provide proof as a symbol of power and magnitude, but also as a reminder of the final days. If Allah wills he can turn these giant, towering mounds of rock and dirt into dust. The verses in the Qur'an have always resonated with me and helped me really see the beauty and magnificence of these creations.

Ever since I can remember my parents have encouraged my siblings and I to enjoy the outdoors. They have instilled within us a want and need to explore the world. So, it will come as no surprise to someone who knows me that since I was 15 I had set myself a goal to climb the 7 summits of the world. Ending with Everest...

15 years down the line I am no closer to achieving this goal. I have completed my 'worldly duties' by getting a degree, marrying, travelling, been in constant employment since I was 17 etc. but I still am no closer to the one goal I have ever set myself.

Maybe it was reaching 30 or maybe it was certain hardships in my life but last Ramadan I gave myself a kick up the backside and decided to evaluate my priorities and think about what I really wanted to do and achieve in my life. Amongst my list of priorities was my dream of climbing Everest and I decided I wasn't going to let anything get in my way, I was going to start working towards these goals, even if I didn't achieve them. At least I know I tried.

Mount Kilimanjaro had always been where I had wanted to start the 7-summit challenge and so I started to look for a group who was going. Saira and I had always wanted to climb Kilimanjaro together and so I told her I was looking for a charity to climb with and she was extremely interested and excited that we were finally going to do this.

During my research, I came across Penny Appeals trip to Kilimanjaro in December and was gutted that I had missed it. They were literally scaling the mountain as I was researching a group to go with! I asked if they would be doing a trip the following year and that's when I found out about EBC.

After some research, I discovered that EBC requires roughly the same skill level as Kili and so I decided to go for it. I waited patiently for the registration page to go live and was the first person to sign up. I then forwarded the information pack to Saira, which really excited her and so she signed up too!

What could be a better place to start than where I want it to end one day. Mount Everest.

Thank you for taking the time to read my story.

Hundreds of thousands of refugees have been displaced due to the crisis in Myanmar. Around 500,000 of these refugees are currently living in Balukhali Refugee Camp in Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh.
With your donations, we hope to try and make this situation a little more bearable for them by proving food, clothing, water, hygiene and sanitation supplies, alongside building much-needed toilets and shelters.

Donations are Zakat eligible and there is a 100% Donation policy.

Thanks again for taking time out to read our stories and hopefully understanding why your donations are so important.
Follow our journey on Instagram:

A note from the distinguished father, Br. Shoaib.

My 2 eldest daughters Saira and Maryam made a sponsored trek to Everest Base Camp to raise money for Rohingya refugees. It is at a height of 18000 feet, with a round trip of 100 miles mostly sub-zero. They are now safely back. The group was 34 and more than two thirds were muslim females, in this respect it is probably a first. It has been really grueling with 7 people having to drop out because of altitude sickness and health reasons. My girls are close to reaching their target of £20k. It would be wonderful if anyone would like to contribute even a small amount using the link below.


Nigerian Women Support Palestine, Boycott Israel.


by AbdulKabir Oyemomi
The Women's Wing of Jama'at Ta'wunil Muslimeen Movement held a day national conference on the 5th of December,2018 in support of Palestinian State.

FAOZAHNY News reported that the conference which took place in Aqsah Hall at Al-Ummah College of Education, Olabinwonnu, Iwo,Osun State of Nigeria was purposely organized to call for Palestinian freedom and to remind the Muslim women of the suffering Palestinians.

A call was made to let the Muslims understand the significance of the land and why their attention must be drawn to the city of Jerusalem which is considered the third-holiest city in Islam after Ka'aba Sheriff in Mecca and Masjid-l-Nabawih in Medina.

The group then promised to ensure continuous participation of Nigerian women in the struggle for Palestinian independence and return of Jerusalem to Muslims.

Meanwhile, The Nigerian Friends of Palestine, under the leadership of Sheik Daood Imran Molaasan, who doubles as the founder and national president of Ta'wun movement troop out in their thousands on Sunday 16th of December,2018 to stage a pro-Palestinian rally in Iwo, Osun State. During their visit to the Palace of Iwo, the Paramount Ruler of Iwoland, Oba Abdul Rasheed Adewale Akanbi encouraged the organizers not to relent in their call for Palestinian freedom.

Iwoland, a predominantly Muslim town in the core Southwest of Nigeria is known to have successfully waged wars against idol worshipers to firmly establish Islam.

Zionism is the root cause of state of war and unrest in the middle East: as of January 2004, the Palestinian child rights organization Defense for Children International/Palestinian Section (DCI/PS) has documented the deaths of over 500 Palestinian children under 18. These deaths are the results of Israeli occupation policies implemented in the West Bank, including East Jerusalem and Gaza strip since Sept.,2000. DCI/PS reports that an estimated 10,000 children have been wounded during the period.

Israel has failed to comply with over 60 UN resolutions with impunity . It is in illegal occupation of territory assigned to the Palestinian people, extending its illegal colonies all the time.

Latest Khutba

 Dr Kaukab Siddique

Latest Khutba

Qur'an Gives Highest Praise to Sahaba [Companions of the Prophet, pbuh.] Three greatest groups. Why are they Important?

Also, Three Evils which are Destroying Civilization in America.

On January 4, Br. Kaukab Siddique gave the Juma' Khutba at Masjid Jamaat al-Muslimeen in Baltimore though he was suffering from severe arthritis.

The masjid community is participating increasingly to make this small masjid a center of compassion and caring. Security volunteers have also increased in numbers.

Here is the outline of the khutba:

[Each khutba Br. Kaukab gives begins with praise of Allah, His Prophet, pbuh, the prophet's family, companions and wives, and all the prophets and messengers, including Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus , and the last of them, Muhammad, blessings be on them all.]

"The vanguard (of Islam)- the first of those who forsook (their homes) and of those who gave them aid, and (also) those who followed them in (all) good deeds,- well-pleased is Allah with them, as are they with Him: for them has He prepared gardens under which rivers flow, to dwell therein forever: that is the supreme felicity." [The Qur'an 9:100]

  1. The Qur'an was revealed to Muhammad, pbuh, and the angel helped him to memorize it and understand it.

  2. The Prophet, pbuh, recited it to his closest companions and they too memorized it.

  3. As the revelations became longer and longer, the Prophet, pbuh, chose from his companions a whole group not only to memorize it but also to write it. The chapters were gradually arranged according to the Guidance from Allah. By the time he passed away, Abu Bakr, r.a., and Umar, r.a., had complete written copies of the Qur'an. In addition many other Companions [sahaba] had memorized and or written parts of the Qur'an.

  4. After Abu Bakr, r.a., and Umar, r.a.,passed away, the third Caliph, Usman, r.a. set up a committee to compare the memorization and the writing and thus the complete text which we have today was agreed upon by ALL the male and female Companions of the Prophet, pbuh. No other book can compare with the Qur'an.

  5. The Prophet, pbuh, and his Companions, r.a., are the transmitters of the Qur'an, and the hadith of the Prophet, pbuh, which explains the Qur'an.

  6. Muslims in many cases do not study the Prophet, pbuh, and his Companions, r.a., and try to replace them with their personal opinions or with
    deviant "leaders" who are presented as holier than the sahaba, r.a. America and India have produced cultist leaders who attack or ignore hadith or try to select a couple of hadith to suit their sectarian purposes. The government has tried to crush the leaders who were following the Sunnah but has allowed the deviants to flourish.

  7. Part 2.

  8. America's norms of civilization are being undermined by three great evils.

    1. Adultery, rape and the destruction of the family.

    2. Liquor [drugs etc] and the encouragement of irrational behavior including extreme violence.

    3. Homosexuality [lgbtq] aimed at total trashing of religious values and an end of obedience to Allah [God].

  9. Note that Christianity has been subjugated by the homo culture. An important role played by the pliant sections of preachers and priests, and child molestation by a major branch of Christianity helped the homos.

  10. The next step by the Zionist dominated power structure is to bring the homo culture into Islam.

  11. They know Islam is 100% against the homo culture. So the methodology which is being applied is to appeal to the pliant [pro-government] Muslim preachers to tone down their criticism of the homo culture or to simply keep quiet about it.

  12. The movie and media culture, including comedy and fake news, have flooded the younger Muslims with softened versions of the homo narrative.
    Young people are absorbing this softened narrative. If Islamic scholars and preachers do not speak strongly and clearly against it, the new generation
    is bound to absorb it.

  13. People involved in adultery , liquor [drugs] and homo sex, who wish to join Islam, should come to the imam of the masjid and express SINCERE REPENTANCE [taubatun nasooh in the words of the Qur'an], pledge never to do it again and try to undo the damage they have done as far as it is possible for them to undo it.

Du'a: O Allah give us success in this world and in the Hereafter. Give us spouses and children who will stand with us for Islam. Help us to study the Qur'an and the hadith on a daily basis. Ameen.



Jamaat e Islami criticizes
Imran Khan government but wants to give it a chance to
do good.

LAHORE, Jan. 3: Ameer, Jamaat e Islami, Pakistan, Senator Sirajul Haq, has said that political tensions had multiplied since the elections and was the main obstacle in the national development. He was addressing the central executive of the JI at Mansoora.

Sirajul Haq said the statements of the ministers were adding fuel to the fire while economic crisis had worsened the plight of the citizens. He said that the value of the rupee was continuously falling and the burden of the loans on the country was increasing. He said that the political parties would have to tolerate each other for the solution of the peoples' problems.

The JI chief emphasized that the enforcement of the Islamic system was the only way to solve the country's problems. He said if the Islamic identity of the country was revived, it would take rapid strides on the road to development.

Sirajul Haq that the government would have to advance the accountability process with prudence and tolerance and it should not have been made controversial. He said in spite of tall claims, the government had not been able to recover even a pie from the plunderers. He said if the situation remained the same, the masses might rise against the government.

He said that price hike and load shedding of gas during the peak winter had added to the problems of the people while load shedding of electricity had also started.

The JI chief said that the government had not paid due attention to the solution of the problems being faced by the general public and the rosy promises made by the PTI during the election campaign and in its manifesto remained a dream. Released by Media Cell, JIP, Mansoora, Lahore.

LAHORE, Jan. 3; Syed Munawwar Hasan, former Ameer of the Jamaat e Islami, has said that the PTI government could not build Pakistan on the pattern of the state of Madina but its desire in this respect should be given due respect. He was inaugurating the Syed Maudoodi auditorium at the Punjab School's Khyaban e Jinnah campus. The auditorium has been named after the founder of the Jamaat e Islami, Syed Abul Ala Maudoodi. Syed Munawwar Hasan, also talked to the media on the occasion. JI Secretary General Liaqat Bloch, JI deputy chief Dr Farid Ahmed Piracha and Chief Editor of the Urdu daily Pakistan, Mujibur Rehman Shami, also spoke on the occasion.'

Syed Munawwar Hasan said that so far the people did not believe that the PTI government was capable of enforcing the system of the State of Madina however, its desire in this respect should be respected.

Syed Munawwar Hasan said that services of Syed Abul Ala Maodoodi for Islam and his writings were a lasting source of guidance for the Muslim Ummah. He said that the religious scholars and the Ulema would have to carry forward the thought of Syed Maudoodi, to the Muslim world. He said that a revival of the movement for the Aqamat e Deen was the need of the hour.

LAHORE, Jan. 3; Secretary General, Jamaat e Islami, Liaqat Baloch, has deplored the delaying tactics of the government in removing the names of 172 persons from the ECL and has said that the government should admit the wrong decision of the Interior Ministry and make amend for it.

Talking to the Lahore chief of the JI Youth Mian Sohaib, he said that if these names had been rightfully placed on the ECL, the government should place its report in the Supreme Court.

He said the main reasons of the government's failure were its inexperience, incompetence and the use of foul language by its ministers. He said the government was fast running on the path of failure but it did not realize that. The purchasing power of the common man had fallen and the national productivity had declined. He said the rich were being patronized while the general public was denied even basic social security.

War News

 War News

Assad's Iranian & Russian forces getting into Attack Mode. Al-Nusra gaining control of Northwest Syria. ISIS Breaking Up?

Egyptian preacher's Message.

January 1 to 5. Fighters of al-Nusra [Tahrir al-Sham ex-Al-Qaida] have captured al-Atarib, the biggest city west of Aleppo.

This follows clashes with pro-Turkey factions.

In continuing conflict with pro-Turkey factions [known as National Liberation] al-Nusra [Tahrir al-Sham ex-al-Qaida] has captured 10 towns in Idlib province. Minor clashes with pro-Turkey continue.

An Egyptian preacher Abu Yaqzan al-Masri is rallying fighters to join al-Nusra and not get involved in the pro-Turkish and pro-Kurdish clashes. He said, in a message received by SOHR, that Atheists [Kurdish YPG] and Secularists [Turkey] are fighting each other. It is not an Islamic fight. He urged mujahideen to stand firm as they have done for 9 months against Assad and not withdraw as urged by Russia and Turkey.

January 6, 2019. Regime's Iranian and other Shia forces in large numbers are moving into attack mode facing area held by Islamic factions in northwest Hama province and in northwestern Aleppo province.

Last week Russian backed Assad forces moved armored columns towards the western bank of the southern Euphrates.

December 31 to January 6: Heavy fighting continues east of Hajin. SDF is advancing along the entire southern Euphrates frontlines with support from US-British-French air forces. The bombing has killed hundreds of Islamic State fighters and helped Kurdish SDF to advance.

US bombing of Islamic State enclaves is not sparing civilians. SOHR has pinpointed one such bombing on January 2 at al-Shafa village where 5 children, 3 women and 3 men from IS were killed in a US air strike.

IS fighters from overseas in scores have handed themselves over to SDF in the hope of being sent to their home countries.

Syrian fighters for Islamic State are filtering out into the desert to carry on guerrilla warfare. Others are remaining in their positions and trying to stop the SDF advance.

In al-Rokban refugee camp, life has become miserable owing to a sand storm. People want to be sent to northern areas of Syria controlled by Islamic factions. If US moves away from its military post at Tanf [on Jordan Syria border], as ordered by Trump, Assad's forces would massacre the refugees who have rejected Assad's regime.

Deraa province, during the week, guerrilla fighters killed several of Assad's regime intelligence operatives and others calling for acceptance of Assad.

An extensive report indicates that five years back UAE distributed phones to opposition commanders in Syria and then gave their codes to Assad which led to the murder of the commanders by Assad's hit squads.


Extra-Judicial Slaughter by Shias of IS Leaders Uncovered.
Fighting reported Across Iraq. Details not Given.

SIS Officials Found in Mass Grave;

by Margaret Griffis []

Posted on
January 05, 2019
At least one person was killed and nine were wounded in recent violence; 38 bodies were found in a mass grave:
A mass grave believed to contain 38 bodies belonging to senior Islamic State officials was discovered near Mosul in Hazir.

Militants attacked a Shi'ite militia base in Salah ad Din province. Seven militiamen were injured, and one was kidnapped.

On a road near Akashat, a bomb wounded two people.

A militant was shot dead in Mukhisa, possibly by one of his colleagues.

Read more by Margaret Griffis
ISIS Attacks Leave Three Killed, Three Wounded - January 4th, 2019
ISIS Attacks Security Post; Four Killed in Iraq - January 2nd, 2019

News Within the U.S.

 News within the US

Baltimore Muslims run for the Homeless
by Nadrat Siddique

Members of Masjid Jamaat al-Muslimeen (Baltimore) started out the year by walking and/or running the Resolution Run 5K in Baltimore's Patterson Park. Although I'd run the race three previous years, this was the first time I had the company of a Muslim team, called Team Jamaat al-Muslimeen. I was very pleased, because the race benefits Earl's Place, a worthy cause (they provide transitional housing for homeless men in Baltimore).

 Dr Kaukab & Nadrat Siddique

All the members of our team finished the race, including the 75-year old Imam of Masjid Jamaat al-Muslimeen, Kaukab Siddique (my father) who prevailed over his arthritis. I was very proud of him! His wife, who might have sprinted to the finish, walked the entire route with him for support. Another member of our team, who is a seasoned athlete, alternately walked and ran the route despite a rather serious injury.

The team went to breakfast at IHOP afterwards, where we had scintillating conversations about the state of the nation, including addictions, perversions, and the abridging of first amendment rights of theists and pro-Palestine voices, and what Islam can do about such dilemmas



Power-addict Hasina & Fake Election in Bangladesh

Dr Firoz Mahboob Kamal

Addiction to power is far more catastrophic than the addiction to drugs. A drug-addict only kills himself; but a power-addict may kill millions. They are more dreadful than the lethal bugs. No episode of Tsunami, epidemic illness or earthquake caused so such tragedies to the mankind as were inflicted by these power-addicts. The annals of history is full of their brutalities. They carry out every sort of cruelties to stay in power. Secrete killing, extrajudicial killing, mass killing and abolition of human rights are the awful expression of such power addiction. So, millions had to die in Germany, Russia and China because of the power-addict rulers like Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin and Mao Zedong. They didn't give the right of survival to their opponents, let alone give any political space. Only those who submit to their ideological cum political enslavement, enjoy some breathing space in their domain.

This is why, political cum ideological slavery gets huge boost during the rule of the brutal autocrats. In its coercive milieu, millions of Germans, Russians and Chinese became the ideological convert cum political slave overnight to serve the power-addict rulers. Currently, President Bashar al-Assad of Assad of Syria happened to be the worst and the classic example of such power-addicts. He has already dragged the country to a blood-bath and shocking destruction, but not ready to leave his power. More than three hundred thousand people in Syria are killed and more than 6 million people are forced to flee from their homes. Hundreds of cities are bombed to rubbles. This shows, how a power-addict -like a drug-addict, is ready to die but not ready to give up his addiction. Like any other power-addict, he too, could amass a large number of political cum ideological slaves to help him killing people and destroying the country.

The case of Bangladesh is not different either. This country has been under the rule of awful power-addicts during the most part of its history since its inception in 1971. In 1970's election, Shaikh Mujib took votes in the name of multi-party parliamentary democracy, but when grabbed power, established one-party autocracy. Like a drug-addict, a power-addict can't stay strict to the established morality; the betrayal becomes the norm. So, Mujib's power-addiction led him to banning all the opposition political parties and death to more than 30 thousands political activists. His killing machine could only be stopped at his own brutal death in 1975. Another power-addict General Ershad snatched power from an elected government of retired Chief Justice Abdus Satter by a military coup in 1982 and continued his autocratic brutality until ousted by a mass up-rise in 1990. But his ouster didn't bury autocracy in Bangladesh; rather re-emerged with more brutality under the current power-addict Prime Minister Shaikh Hasina. During her rule, brutality has attained a new and more heinous dimension. Not only the opposition political leaders and activists of Jamaat-e-Islami and Bangladesh Nationalist Party are targeted for political assassination, crucial military and religious institutions are also targeted for weakening their grip. Hence, 53 military officers were slaughtered and hundreds of imams and religious students of Hefajat-e-Islam are massacred with utter ruthlessness.

Like a drug-addict, a power-addict too, can stay within the parameters of the civilised norms. Hence, the extrajudicial killing and the enforced disappearance of the political figures become his or her favoured tools for eliminating the political enemies. This is why, Shaikh Hasina can't think of a political milieu that would allow the opposition activists freely roaming in the streets and mobilising people. Therefore, they are locked up in prisons. Addiction doesn't come alone; it also brings in other vices. Hence, Hasina could be fully compatible with crimes like thievery of government treasury, banks and share market. Although the country is known for massive corruption -stood five time first in corruption in the world, but the prisons are full with political activists, not by the corrupt. To stay in power, she thinks it a political necessity to get rid of fair and free election in Bangladesh. Hence, engineering a rigged election is the part of her savagery. She has blocked not only the practice of basic human rights, free press and other democratic values, rather has taken the country far backward. Hence an impartial election that was possible more than half a century ago in 1937, 1946 or 1954 -in British and Pakistani period, now stands unthinkable in Bangladesh.

The fake election
The power edicts show her mastery in holding fake election. Shaikh Hasina did the same in Bangladesh. She has successfully killed democracy in Bangladesh. The election is held without an iota of democratic norm. It has been used only as a tool to rubber stamp the extension of her autocratic rule. In the recent parliamentary election held on 30th December, 2018, Shaikh Hasina rigged the whole electoral process. She has proven, how impossible is a free and fair election in Bangladesh under her autocratic and corruptive rule. The rigging started long before the Election Day. More than 10 thousands opposition political activists were put behind the bar so that they cannot take part in the election campaign. The opposition parties were mostly barred from holding the political meetings and displaying the election posters. The political agents of the opposition candidates were not allowed to do their desired job. So the poling agents of the ruling party in collaboration with the partisan government employees enjoyed unfettered opportunities to fill the ballot box by pre-stamped ballot papers.

Many of the polling agents of the opposition parties were beaten up and forcefully ousted from the voting centres. Many of them were arrested prior to the Election Day. Many voters found their votes casted before they reach the voting centre. In many places, the opposition voters who dared to appear in the polling stations were forced to stamp the ballot paper for Hasina's party candidates in front of the ruling party thug. In some places, the voters are beaten if discovered that they casted votes for the opposition candidate. It has also been alleged that the ballot box were filled with the stamped ballot papers before the election was actually started. To hide the whole electoral rigging, the CCTV camera were either dismantled or not allowed to install. Independent press reporters were seldom seen to observe the voting process.

The sadistic Hasina
A drug-addict can't enjoy his life without his drugs. Similarly, a power-addict can't enjoy his life without the unfettered power. But there is a difference. A drug-addict goes against the laws secretively. But a power-addict autocrat publicly destroys all civil and military institutions, laws and values that restrict execution of his arrogance. Bangladesh under the rule of Hasina is a true example of that. Its laws, judiciary, media and state institutions are only allowed to fully comply with its power-addict ruler Shaikh Hasina. No one is allowed to stand against her wish. Abdul Qader Mollah -an Islamist leader, was given a judgement of life-long imprisonment for his role in 1971; but Shaikh Hasina and her cronies were not happy with the judgement. To please their whims, the judiciary had to change the judgement to his death by hanging. So, Abdul Qader Mollah had to die to please Hasina's sadistic instinct. The former Supreme Court Chief Justice Surindra Kumar Sinha was still in job; but he had to flee the country hurriedly for his visible incompatibility with Hasina.

Shaikh Hasina's illegitimacy
Hasina has already committed huge damage to Islam and the Muslims. It is indeed the inherited legacy of her father. In 1971, after the defeat of Pakistan Army in former East Pakistan, Shaikh Mujib and his party men -under the umbrella Indian occupational Army, committed huge brutality and violation of human rights. About half a million non-Bengali Muslims were driven out from their homes, jobs and businesses; and tens of thousands were brutally killed. Thousands of non-Bengalis women were raped. Their belongings were taken by the ruling party's hooligans. Those who survived are made homeless, stateless and forced to live in concentration camps supported only by the UN agencies. Those camps still survive in Bangladesh with the legacy of untold atrocities. In fact, the type of atrocities that are now being committed against the Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar had indeed happened with more brutality against the non-Bengali Muslims in 1971. Though these criminals belong to two different ethnicities, but proved to be the ideological cousins of the same ultra-nationalism. In the ruling Awami League circle, the same brutality still thrives. But the targets are now different: they are the opposition activists.

Shaikh Hasina grabbed power without holding a fair election in 2014. She spent most of her time to hide her illegitimacy. In democracy, the government must draw its legitimacy only from people; and it comes through a proper election. The electoral body and the election process constitute the most important institution in democracy; it works as an effective tool to know the people's verdict. But if it is corrupted or made dysfunctional, those who get elected also lose their legality and credibility. But such a transparent election didn't happen in 2014. The election was so massively boycotted by the people that there was no need to set up polling booth in 153 seats of the parliament. How a government can claim democratic legitimacy with absence of such a huge number of polling centres?

The indispensable care-taker government
In democracy, holding an election is not enough; it must be visibly fair and impartial. Otherwise, it doesn't serve the purpose. This is why, creating a conducive environment for free and fair participation of people and all political parties is so crucial. In election in 2014, more than 90% voters didn't cast their votes. Therefore, the election made the message quite clear. The people didn't have any faith in that election. The whole election process was fake; and it loses its credibility. In fake elections, the people can still punish the self-declaring winners. They do that by staying away from the election booth. This way, they deny giving legitimacy to those who claim to be elected. Exactly that happened in 2014.

In the recent election on 30th December, the participation of the opposition parties didn't make any difference either. This time, the rigging happened with a different strategy. But electoral rigging -in one form or other, never gives legality to anyone. Rigging is always rigging. So, this time too, Shaikh Hasina failed to draw her legality from the people. Such a fake election, could only expose her as a mega fraudster. Only the people with moral deprivation and with no shame could publicly display such a cheating skill and claim victory. Awfully, Hasina belongs to such a lot. The people with such moral deprivation disqualify themselves to hold any public office. So the leaders of the opposition parties have rightly rejected her election to the office. In such circumstances, the issue of holding election under an impartial caretaker government now receives extremely crucial importance. 01.01.2019

Guidance by Sis. Yasmin.

'Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim'
'Assalam Alaikum Wa Rehmath Ullahi Wa Barkatahu'.
*Food for Thought ~ Not for Stomachs*

Abû Al-Dardâ'~ [Allâh be pleased with him]---used to say...

"Learn knowledge before it is taken away, and it is taken away by its people [scholars] being taken away.

The scholar and the student are partners in good and there is no good in any other people. The richest of men is the knowledgeable man whose knowledge is needed ...! he benefits those who need him and if done without... he benefits himself with the knowledge Allâh [Azza wa Jall ] has placed with him {!}

So how is it I see your scholars dying yet the ignorant among you not learning...? I fear that the predecessor will depart and the successor will not learn. If the scholar studies, he only increases in knowledge, and he does not take anything away from knowledge. And if the ignorant studies,

he will find knowledge firm and established.. So how is it that I see you full up with food... yet starved of knowledge {?}"
[Source Ibn 'Abd Al-BarrJâmi' Bayân Al-'Ilm wa Fadlihi Vol. 2 pg #233]

Allâh {Azza wa Jall} will say...
' What number of years did you stay on earth?'
They will say: ' We stayed a day or part of a day.

Ask of those who keep account.' Allâh will say.. 'You stayed not but a little, if you had only known ! Did you think that We had created you in play (without any purpose), and that you would not be brought back to Us?[Source: Qur'an Surat Al-Müminün# 23~ {The Believers} A# 112-115]

~'SALAAMS' TO ALL ~Courtesy Sis Yasmin~

"All that is on earth will Perish. But will abide {Forever} the Face of thy Lord, full of Majesty, Bounty and Honour"
{'Quran'- Surah Al-Rahman-55.26-27 }

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