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11 Safar 1440 A.H.- October 21 2018 Issue # 42, Newsletter #1781

Hadith of the Week

Narrated 'Urwa on the authority of 'Aisha, r.a:

On the days of Mina, (11th, 12th, and 13th of Dhul-Hijjah) Abu Bakr came to her while two young girls were beating the tambourine and the Prophet was lying covered with his clothes. Abu Bakr scolded them and the Prophet uncovered his face and said to Abu Bakr, "Leave them, for these days are the days of 'Id and the days of Mina." 'Aisha further said, "Once the Prophet was screening me and I was watching the display of black captives in the Mosque and ('Umar) scolded them. The Prophet said, 'Leave them. O Bani Arfida! (carry on), you are safe (protected)'."

Sahih Bukhari. Volume 2, Book 15, Number 103
 Sis Kristi

with thanks to Sis.Kristi

 Upcoming Events

National Islamic Shoora of Jamaat al-Muslimeen

On December 1, inshaAllah, the National Shoora will meet to discuss issues of key interest to US Muslims.

Support this peaceful movement with your creative ideas to increase the American people's awareness of these issues.

Write to us via New Trend - our contact info is listed in Contact section below.
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Political Prisoners :

Civil Discord Show

 Word Around The Net

by Br. Nazeer, Texas

Jamal Khashoggi's Complicated History With The Saudi Royal Family

U.S. Ending Nuclear Arms Treaty With Russia!

US, Turkey to soon begin joint patrols in north Syria

Gaza rocket hits Israeli city, prompting Israeli air strikes in retaliation

Migrant caravan resumes march north from Mexico-Guatemala border

FBI agents raid San Juan government offices as part of investigation into fraud, corruption

US, Saudi tensions rise over killing in Saudi consulate


Helping the Children of Africa

Owing to the efforts of Jamaat al-Muslimeen activists Sis. Ashira and Br. Abu Talib, some children are being helped in :
  1. Ethiopia
  2. Gambia
  3. Uganda
  4. Ghana


Some New York Mosques Treating Sisters like Animals in Violation of Sunnah.
by Sis. Aisha [Jamaat al-Muslimeen]

I have been going to classes in Queens, NY. and I have been praying at mosque a few blocks from my center. The community there is Bangladeshi.

But, there have been some uncomfortable experiences . Masjid El-Ber Mosque has a beautiful area for the brothers but, the sisters' area is reeking of mold and mildew. The smell hits you the moment you open the basement door. I have included some pictures so you can see for yourself how terrible it looks.

I can see black mold climbing the walls from the window leading to the basement. I didn't take that picture.

There is another mosque simply called the Bosnia Herzegovinian Islamic Center. I have never heard of a mosque being named after a nationality. But, it is an Islamic center. However, when I went in there Friday, 10/12, I asked if there was an area for the sisters to pray, I was told no there was not so, I left.

There were only men in there and the women's bathroom was locked yet, the men's bathroom was open and there were areas where they could make wudhu. Very strange and uncomfortable experiences at these mosques but, at least Masjid El-Ber has a place for women. However, this area seems like a neglected placemat for a dog!

I will call the person in charge and ask them what's going on. I don't mind maintaining the sisters' area but that would not cure the mold problem, which requires renovation from all the leaking behind the walls.

This is why I stopped attending Jummah at the Islamic Center at 96th street on the East Side because the sisters' area actually had a leak from the wall that led to wetness on the rug. I got tired of having wet socks.

Insha'allah, I will let you know if I get any responses.


10,000 Rally Against Israel

On October 19, the people of Gaza continued their weekly demonstrations against Israel. These are unarmed people who face gunfire from Israeli troops. More than 200 have been killed and several thousand injured till now.

This Friday, the demonstrators stayed a distance from the Israeli fence fearing more Israeli atrocities. Even then the Israeli troops fired at the defenseless people and injured 130 people.

Israel also massed about 70 tanks in front of northern Gaza, threatening the very existence of Gaza. The Israelis also carried out a number of air strikes against offices of Hamas.

[Source: Jordan Times]



Saudi Arabia's Leaders Should be tried by Sharia Court.
Murder of a Saudi Dissident within the Saudi Consulate breaks all the laws of Islam.

The world of Islam is facing a challenge to its core values. If Islamic law [Sharia] is not implemented, the heartland of Islam would be exposed to ideological and cultural infiltration by imperialist and Zionist powers.

In Islamic law, all Muslims are equal. If a murder is committed and a Muslim is killed without due process of law, then the murderer must be tried for capital murder.

The Qur'an teaches equality and retaliation for murder.
If the Saudi family does not accept Sharia, it is automatically disqualified as Muslims and certainly have no right to control the holiest cities of Islam, Makka and Madina.

Thanks be to Allah that Turkish intelligence services obtained the sounds and screams of the murder and the strong possibility of the dismemberment of the body of Khashoggi.

Saudi regime first claimed that they knew nothing of what happened and that the victim had exited the Consulate. Again, fortunately Turkish surveillance cameras recorded the non-exit of the victim. Khashoggi went into the Consulate but did not come out.

Seventeen days later the Saudi regime admitted that the murder took place within the Consulate. Also, the regime admitted that top operatives of the Crown Prince, Muhammad bin Salman were involved in the butchery. The regime has still not released the body of the victim.

The Crown Prince along with his operatives should be tried for cold blooded, planned, murder. If Sharia is not applied in this blatant violation of Islamic law, then the regime should give up the pretense of following Islamic law.



Jamaate Islami Speaks.
Withdrawal of US forces from Afghanistan can lead to Peace.
Indian Atrocities in Kashmir are traumatizig Defenseless Population.

by Qaiser Sharif

LAHORE, Oct. 20; Secretary General, Jamaat e Islami, Liaqat Baloch, has stressed upon the government not to cut provinces' share in the National Financial Commission Award as it would be infringement of their rights.

Talking to delegations from Sindh and Balochistan at Mansoora, he said that a consensus had been achieved among the provinces in the NFC Award and any tinkering with it would lead to uncertainty and promote feelings against the centre.

Liaqat Baloch further said that lawlessness and terrorism in Afghanistan had grave effects on this country and the people in Balochistan and Khyber P, felt themselves insecure. He said that the US had completely failed in Afghanistan and the sooner it withdrew from there, the better it would be for peace.

While addressing a delegation from Azad Kashmir, he said that the continuing torture of the Indian occupation forces in Held Kashmir on the unarmed Kashmiris and the martyrdom of Kashmiri youth was a big tragedy. He said it was high time that the world community stepped forward to stop India's atrocities in Kashmir.

Liaqat Baloch slated the fresh raise in gas prices and said this would sharply increase the gas bill of the ordinary house hold as well. He urged the government to withdraw the fresh raise in gas prices.

JI Deputy Chief Dr Farid Ahmed Piracha, in a statement here, slated the second increase in the gas price within a month. He said that the general public was already burdened under price hike and the fresh increase would cause a flood of price spiral.

Farid Piracha said that so far, the utilities prices were being increased only to meet the meet the IMF conditions for loan but the application of the IMF terms would cause a disaster.

War News

 War News

Deadly Blow for US-backed forces.
[With thanks to CLG. Connecticut]

Top Afghan police chief killed, 2 Americans wounded in Kandahar attack | 18 Oct 2018 |

The powerful police chief of Kandahar province in Afghanistan was killed Thursday in an attack following a security meeting with the top US commander in the city, three Afghan officials told CNN. Two Americans also were wounded in the shooting attack at Kandahar Palace, said Col. Dave Butler, a spokesman for US Forces-Afghanistan. US Army Gen. Scott Miller, the commander of US and NATO forces in Afghanistan, was present but uninjured in the attack, a statement from US forces said. While Butler initially said three Americans were wounded, he later issued a statement clarifying that the three wounded personnel were all members of the NATO-led coalition but only two of the wounded were Americans.
[Courtesy: CLG ]

Bombing in the east. Stalemate in the West.

October 19. Rallies in 16 northern towns not controlled by Assad called for the overthrow of Assad. They called on the mujahideen groups to unite. Turkey wants Tahrir [al-Nusra, al-Qaida] to retreat from in front of Assad's iran-Hizbullah forces. Tahrir says it stands with the people.

October 18-19. US air force targeted a mosque and a house adjacent to it in al-Susah town, which is an Islamic State enclave on the Euphrates river. SOHR documents 18 civilians killed in the attack, including 7 children and 4 women. A Qur'an school was also hit in the bombing, killing 11 Islamic State fighters.

British air force also joined the bombing and killed 2 British Muslims who had joined ISIS. [USA is denying civilian casualties but SOHR is standing by its documentation.]

SDF advanced under cover of the US-British bombing but was forced to retreat by an IS counter attack.Both sides suffered heavy casualties. [No details.]

October 21: Pro-Assad Shi'ite militias exchanged heavy machine gun fire with Islamic factions in northern Hama province. Similar clashes took place at western Aleppo city.j

October 21. In the Tlul al-Safa are, the desert north of Suwaida province, ISIS released two women and 4 children who were released [total held 27] to be exchanged for 60 women and children of the Islamic State captured by the Assad regime.

The military advance by Assad's "Hizbullah" allies is at a standstill while negotiations go on for release of families on both sides.

[In 5 weeks of fighting, "Hizbullah " has not been able to defeat Islamic State fighters In the area. However, a large Assad force with tanks has surrounded the area.]

In the city of al-Raqqah, previous capital of the Caliphate, sleeper cells of IS have been raising the flag of IS on the anniversary of the Caliphate. SDF forces are being subjected to bomb attacks and sniper attacks. Casualties are still light.

News Within the U.S.

 News within the US

New York.
Most Prestigious Black Cultural Center
by Dennis Samuel Boatwright II

I am at Harlem (at Lenox/Malcolm X Blvd). I had the pleasure of visiting the historic Schomberg Center/Harlem Public Library where many of our famous Black men and women frequented, especially during the Harlem Renaissance.

I saw rare pictures and scholarly papers written by scholars such as Marcus Garvey and Dr. John Henrik Clarke. I recommend every African American to pilgrimage to Harlem, the Black Mecca, and the Schomberg Center.

To: Angel Boatwright, Christina Marie and Rockhill Rita Mcafee

[The writer lives in Detroit, Michigan.]

[We urge readers not to use the word "Mecca" for anything other than the holy city of Islam - Edior.]


 Invitation to Think

A hidden aspect of the Second World War. People who loved German troops.

Even 70 years after the war, Germany is the target of vile, one sided propaganda movies and books.

Norway on October 17 uncovered a hidden aspect of the war. When Hitler realized that Britain was ready to send its army and navy into Norway, although Norway was neutral, he pre-empted them by sending in the German army .

Many of the Norwegian people welcomed the Germans. About 50,000 Norwegian women became wives or girl friends of German troops. There was no rape or coercion.

Around 12,000 children were born of these relationships.

When Germany lost the war in 1945, the anti-German groups attacked the women who had supported the Germans. Even their children were not spared this mistreatment.

Now, Norway has repented of the crimes committed against the pro-German women. The government has officially apologized.

However, even in this report of the apology, BBC has inserted anti-German propaganda.

O' Canada


Quebec, Canada, in Big Move against Hijab. Islamic Woman stands In Defiance.

The Coalition Avenir Québec, which won a majority in this week's provincial election, is promising to introduce a law prohibiting civil servants — including judges, police officers, prosecutors and teachers — from wearing religious symbols in the workplace.

"We know it's going to happen. But am I going to accept it without fighting? No, I don't think so," said Chelbi, likening the proposal to a "witch hunt."

Chelbi, 47, said she has been wearing a hijab since age 17 — when she decided, herself, as a matter of faith — in her native Algeria. She can't imagine taking it off now.

Francois Legault would invoke notwithstanding clause to ban hijabs from civil service.

"Even my husband cannot choose what I should wear. Why would I take orders from a man I never met?" she said, referring to the incoming CAQ premier, Francois Legault.

A representative for the CAQ government said Wednesday that those who don't comply with the coming law could be re-assigned or lose their employment altogether.

The CAQ's promise, if it becomes law, would likely be subject to a court challenge on the grounds that violates the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Guidance by Sis. Yasmin.

{'Qur'an & Imam Al Ghazali (Rahimahullah)}
'Alhamduli'Allahi Rabbil-'Aalameen'
wa-Salaatu wa-Salaamu 'Alaa Ashrafil-Anbiyaa-e-wal Mursaleen 'Amma 'Baa'd~
'As-Salaam Alaikum Wa-Rahmatullahi Wa-Barakatuhu'.

*Marvels of the Heart*...
" Soft words soften the Hearts that are Harder than Rock...{!}
Harsh words harden hearts that are Softer than Silk"
{Source: Imam Al Ghazali - (Rahimahullah) }

" The life of the heart is...Knowledge ~ so preserve it,
The death of the heart is...Ignorance~ so avoid it.
Your best provision is... True Devotion~ so provide it..
This advice of mine is enough for you~ so heed it. "
{Source: Imam Al Ghazali - (Rahimahullah) }

‎"He who knows not his heart, to watch over it and be mindful of it, and to observe what shines on it and in it of the treasures of the world of spirits, he is one of those whom God, the Exalted, has said...
'Those who forget God; and He made them to forget their own souls.
Such are the rebellious transgressors.' "
[Source~'Qur'an'Surat Al-Ĥashr (The Exile) 59 A 19& Imam Al Ghazali (R)
" Knowledge exists potentially in the human soul like the seed in the soil;
by Learning the potential becomes Actual !"
{Source: Imam Al Ghazali - (Rahimahullah) }
وَلَا تَكُونُو› كَالَّذِ نَ نَسُوا اللَّهَ فَأَنسَا§ُمْ أَنفُسَه¥مْ أُولَٰئِ£َ هُمُ الْفَاسِ¢ُونَ

And (do) not be like those who forgot Allah, so He made them forget themselves. Those [they] (are) the defiantly disobedient
[Source;~'Quran'~ Surat Al-Ĥashr (The Exile) ~ 59~ A # 19]

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