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8 Zulqi'dah 1439 A.H.- July 22 2018 Issue # 29, Newsletter #1768

Hadith of the Week

What is our Motive for Praying? Do we want others to notice us and think well of us? Or are we satisfied with only Allah?

Narrated Abu Said (radhiAllaahu 'anhu): I heard the Prophet (ﷺ) saying:
"Allah will bring forth the severest Hour, and then all the Believers, men and women, will prostrate themselves before Him, but there will remain those who used to prostrate in the world for showing off and for gaining good reputation. Such people will try to prostrate (on the Day of Judgment) but their backs will be as stiff as if it is one bone (a single vertebra)."

[Sahih Bukhari Vol. 6, no. 441.

 Sis Kristi

With thanks to Sis. Kristi.


Important Document given to 100 Pakistani Americans.

On July 20, a 6-page Jamaat al-Muslimeen document was given to 100 Pakistani Americans at a masjid which caters to the needs of Pakistani Americans in Catonsville, Maryland. The response was positive and friendly. One advice we got was that a page in the document should be in the Urdu language.

Here is an outline of the 6-pager:

  1. What is the "plan": behind the arrest of Nawaz Sharif and Maryum Nawaz?

  2. "Militant" attacks in Baluchistan and KP.

  3. Introducing Africa positively: Ethiopia and Eritrea make peace.

  4. Corruption in Shia Iraq erupts into civil turmoil.

  5. Russian bombing of civilians leads to opposition surrender in Deraa, Syria.
  6. Hijab in Iran being resisted. Why? + Forgiveness of sins in Hadith.

Political Prisoners :

Civil Discord Show

 Word Around The Net

by: Br.Nazeer, Texas

Iran threatens to blockade vital oil route from the Gulf

Hostage shot dead in siege at Los Angeles Traders Joe store.

Trump says it looks like his Campaign was "Spied Upon" rather than Hacked.

At least 19 Dead as Migrant boat sinks off Cyprus.



For liberation, women's rights and economic development.

by Abdulkabir Oyemomi
[The writer recently visited Zaria University on a study tour.]

It is pertinent to begin with what knowledge is in Islam as against that of secularity. Islamic model of affairs transcends the western model: more humane; a more responsible attitude towards nature and environment in sharp contrast to the Western aggressive ideal of education for the conquest of nature.

Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, Nigeria has students and teachers from all parts of Nigeria, with, most probably, Muslims in the majority , hence it being the picked institution of this vital research work. Therefore, Muslim students and teachers agree that many Islamic institutions abound in their communities dish and communicate very interesting Islamic lessons, and consequently have their students guided to Islam as their ways of life. So, as far as knowledge of Al- Islam is concerned, one can conveniently say that over 50% Nigerian youths are on the threshold of getting Islamic Education.

There are numbers of additional general purposes of Islamic Education. For the individual, Islamic Education is a means of liberation, a path to independence and self- reliance. The educational system achieves this by teaching the individual to anchor himself to Allah and through self -catharsis to purge himself of self- centricity through the appreciation of the insignificances of the self. Herein lies a monumental paradox upon which successful living depends. Man is noble before Allah, yet man"s greatness looms only through the annulling of the self,only through the surrendering and anchoring of the self to the Lord. Only those who are independent depend unconvincingly upon Allah. Correspondingly , only that education is liberating which dispenses this value of 'tawwakul'.

Another general purpose of Islamic Education is to create a civilized universal community that is free of hatred, free of discrimination , but is compassionate and benevolent towards one another with each contributing to the welfare of all,according to the weight of his talents and the size of his resources.

Also, Islamic Education must instill the discipline of handiwork and use of the hands to turn gifts of nature to more useful ends.

Muslim women in Nigeria had long been among victims of the general ignorance of Muslims among the population, and of the refusal of all but a few Islamic Scholars and leaders to speak out about the role and status of Muslim Women. The cause of Muslim Girls" education had also not been helped by the way it had been conducted by the government without emphasis on religious teaching and disregard of Islamic moral , norms and values in dress and behavior.
Alhamdulah , all these are changing positively through the establishment of Muslim Students Societies all over Nigerian tertiary institutions.

In the area of economy, having seen the glaring elements of deceit and exploitation in conventionally based investments, banks and companies in the whole of Africa, everybody (not only Muslims) is vehemently abhorring conventional economy. The reason for this is not far- fetched as hoarding and all forms of usurious dealings have been established by these economic institutions as the ideal instrumentally underlying investment ventures. They do not bring economy solution in both macro and micro -economy of Nigerian people. Islamic economic system came handy and as liberator of masses with Sharia modes of investments which are applicable to contractual agreements between two parties or joint set up by a group of sharers, whether administered by them collectively in their individual capacities, or being administered on their behalf through other channels like banks, companies and other corporations through the heading of Isamic jurisprudence referred to as "Shirkah". Example is sukuk bond through which the government of Nigeria is benefitting people through construction of roads and the likes.

In conclusion, it can be said that Islam will rule the world in general and Nigeria in particular with nothing less than 70% of the population embracing I slam by 2030, by consciously or subconsciously adopting Islam as their way of life .


Bigotry against Muslims has reached Extremes. First hand account of an Educated Muslim's Humiliation on TV.
[With thanks to Br. Kaleem.]

"Unfortunately, the situation in the TV studios has worsened beyond ones worst fears. The lynch mentality on roads has reached the TV studios in full steam, with one or two exceptions, of the so called 'free press'. Whoever opposes the Hindutva narrative on live discussions is branded anti-national, anti-Hindu and a Pakistani. If you happen to be there with a Muslim name, opposing the Hindu nationalist narrative you are showered with abuses and threatened on mike and off the mike.

It was at the end of the second week of July (2018) that I was invited for a 45 minute long live TV debate on the theme whether India required a Hindu nation or secular India. This debate was taking place in the aftermath of Congress MP Shashi Tharoor's comment that if Modi came to power in 2019, India would turn into a Hindu Pakistan. The other panellists were Sambit Patra, spokperson BJP, one professor Kapil Kumar, who was supposed to be an independent expert and Congress representative, Premchand Mishra.

Even before debate on the Hindu nation was started, professor declared that instead we should discuss Muslims who wanted triple-talaq, halala and 5 marriages to continue. Sambit joined the chorus, declared that Hindu and Hindustan were synonymous and main danger was Congress which was doing Muslim politics. He talked about persecution of Hindus by Muslims in the past. I asked the anchor what we were discussing but there was no stopping Sambit and the professor. I asked why he chose only Muslim period for narrating persecution out of 5 thousand years of Indian civilization and if for the crimes of Muslim rulers all Indian Muslims were responsible then who should be held responsible for kidnapping of mother Sita and disrobing of Darupadi, both Sambit and professor shouted that I was insulting Hinduism and mother Sita. In fact, the learned anchor asked me not to go to that old history! So only the crimes of the Muslim rulers were under scrutiny.
In this debate I was described as rapist, Islamic State agent and Pakistan supporter. In order to emphasize the pro-Muslim character of Congress, Sambit produced a press clipping of 2014 in which it was written that Election Commission of India received a complaint that Rahul had declared that thousands of Muslims would be butchered if Modi came to power in 2014 elections. The clipping was presented as if Election Commission had censured Rahul on this. The Congress representative should have objected to this manufactured fact. He kept on smiling and I had to intervene, asking Sambit to share the fact whether Election Commission took cognizance of the allegation.

Instead of sharing the reality he declared that I was being paid money through cheques by Congress for defending Rahul. He in his clowning style repeated this allegation 5 times but Congress representative did not intervene and kept smiling. The anchor was also in a forgetful mode.
In the meantime professor after calling me names walked out of the programme (but remained in the studio) demanding that instead of my talking on Hindu nation, I should be asked about triple-talaq, halala and permission of marrying 5 times (how number increased from 4 to 5 nobody knows). During the break sitting in the studio there he abused me as 'bastard' and 'behenchod (fucker of the sister)'. The anchor, who was supposed to guide the meaningful debate, the defender of the Hindu nation, Sambit and representative of Congress kept quiet, this professor was not asked to leave even at this stage.

The worst was yet to follow. The anchor instead of concluding discussion on Hindu nation suddenly announced that "Shamsul Islam I had promised professor Kapil Kumar to seek your answer on the issue why Muslims do not give equal rights to Muslim women", he continued, that Muslims do not want one nation one law and wanted to practice triple-talaq, halala and polygamy. I tried to tell him that Muslims are not a homogenous lot but would follow the judgment of the Supreme Court. But anchor insisting that I was one of those who believed in all these anti-woman practices, wanted my personal view. I told him that I did not believe in all such things. The debated ended with the following words of the anchor addressed to the abuser professor Kapil Kumar, "Kapil sir you must be a bit happy that I got reply (from Shamsul Islam) to your question". Thus ended debate on RSS agenda of converting India into a Hindu nation!"


Israeli Bullying Continues,

Israel's 25 Strikes Missed their targets. One Israeli 4 Gazans killed.

The Friday protests continued on July 20 despite the Israeli attempts to hurt hunded of civilians.

One Israeli soldier was killed by a Gazan fighter and 3 Israeli civilians were injured.

Israel responded with 25 air strikes, missed all lof them but ended up killing 4 Gazans.



What do the people of Iraq want?

It's been 10 days. The people of the Iraqi south, the ordinary people, in their thousands, are on the streets.

They are charging the power structure with corruption, incompetence,

brutality and control by Iran and America.

Deep in the Shia heartland, Kerbala, Najaf, Basra and now Baghdad, there is a deep sense of loss.

The casualties are rising, though the police are still not trying for massacres. Hundreds of demonstrators have been injured and they have injured hundreds of police. Fortunately the death toll is still low.

They tried to enter the Green zone on Friday where the American and Iranian embassies are located. Security forces had to stop them by force.

Iran demanded payment for electricity and cut it off. It was a blunder to cut off electricity in the intense heat of July.
The offices of Iraqi Hizbullah and of the ruling Dawa Party have been set on fite.

Shiism wanted to set the world on fire and set up Najaf to replace Makkah. All those grandiose plans are in pretty bad shape now.

In the northern provinces of Kirkuk, Diyala and Salahuddin, ISIS is hardly trying to hide its presence though it is subjected to attacks by the US air force.

Further north, Turkey has advanced thirty miles into Iraq on the pretext of fighting PKK.

Turkey coordinated with the US to capture an ISIS leader. Despite everything the Islamic State refuses to go away,



Jamaate Islami Leader Raises Serious Concerns about Elections
by Qaiser Sharif

LAHORE, July 20; Ameer, Jamaat e Islami, Pakistan, Senator Sirajul Haq, has called upon the care taker government, the Election Commission and concerned institutions to take the masses in confidence regarding the questions being raised about the elections.

Addressing election meetings in Chakdara and Talash, he said it was the responsibility of the government and the Election Commission to hold free, fair and transparent elections. He said that that if the elections were controversial, the federation and the national unanimity could face serious threats.

He said that the only way to prevent chaos and bloody revolution in the country was to restore the people's confidence in the elections. He said the impression that the government was patronizing a particular party should end.

Sirajul Haq said had there been an Islamic system in the country, a dictator would not have dared to play with democratic system and the constitution. He said there had been dictatorships in the country in the name of democracy for the last seventy years and true democracy was not allowed to flourish. He said the MMA was striving for an Islamic revolution so that every citizen got equal rights and no one could exploit the other.

He said the MMA, on coming to power, would abolish interest and establish the Islamic economic system so that the common man could be freed from poverty, unemployment, price hike and oppressive taxes.

The JI chief said that under the Islamic system, there was no scope for dictators as Islam was against injustice and tyranny and did not allow exploitation of any individual. He said that if the people wanted to save their coming generations from poverty, illiteracy and worries, they would have to opt for the MMA.

War News

 War News

Kurdish fighters Active on Iran Border

Kurdish uprising is spreading on Iran's border with Iraq.

Iran has admitted two of these incidents.

On Jul;y 20-21 night in the Marivan district of Kurdistan province, 10 Iranian troops of the IRGC were killed in a clash with Kurdish fighters.

On July 21, a medical emplyhee was killed in an attack in a town in the same province.

Assad Lost two towns.
West Deraa under Russian Bombing.
Shishani's Wife captured by Turkey.
Putin & Netanyahoo agree.

July 20-22. Southern Aleppo area. Assad lost two towns, al-Fuah and Kafariah. The mujahideen led by Tahrir al-Sham [al-Nusra] had besieged the towns for a long time. The Russians and Hizb of Lebanon made repeated efforts to break the siege. Finally Assad admitted defeat and agreed to complete evacuation of the town in exchange for Muslim prisoners in Assad's prison. After Russian and Turkish negotiation with the mujahideen, 7000 Assad fighters were evacuated from the two towns in buses. In exchange Assad released 1700 Muslim prisoners from his notorious prisons. It was a delicate operation as evacuees from the two sides, in three batches of buses, were freed only when they crossed a line which was the frontline for the forces of mujahideen facing Assad's troops.

Latakia, July 21.Explosions rocked the Jableh area in the Latakia countryside. Tiny drones sent by mujahideen were attacking the Russian air base at Hmeimim. The Russian casualties are not revealed but the Russians shot down two of the drones.

July 19- 21. West Deraaa. The Russian air force poured a blizzard of bombs, 1900 air strikes, on the Yarmouk Basin area held by ISIS. The destruction of the area has caused numerous civilian deaths but the numbers are not revealed. One report says many civilians escaped from the area but 26 were killed including 11 children. Six small towns have been destroyed by the Russians and Iranian artillery, [Latest figures: 20,000 civilians fled.]

However the regime's advance in the ISIS area was repelled by ISIS [Khalid bin Waleed branch]. SOHR says 53 of ISIS and 36 of the regime were killed in intense ground fighting.
In addition ISIS [Jaysh Khalid] took 6 villages and areas around them which had been evacuated by opposition factions who had accepted the Russian plan of "leave or die."

Conspiracy theory exploded: In the Raqqa area, bodies of Assad's troops are being discovered. The total has now reached 1076. This is from the time

when ISIS attacked Assad's forces and forced them to flee. Assad was saved from collapse by the Russians. The conspiracy theory spread by Boyle and others was that Assad was in cahoots with ISIS to defeat the pro-democracy groups opposed to Assad. Many Muslims in FSA believed this and became enemies of ISIS.

Israeli role: July 19-21. Israeli missiles hit six Iranian targets in Syria, killing 10 Iranians and 30 of their Syrian regime associates. Iran has not responded.
Negotiations between Netanyahoo and Putin seem to have solidified the policy that both want Assad to survive but Iranian forces should leave Syria along with the Lebanese Hizb. Iran says it will not leave.

Turkey's Role:
On July 19, in a police sweep in Istanbul, Turkish security forces captured Neda and her two sons. She was the wife of Umar Shishani, a top commander of Islamic State who was killed two years back in a US air strike. Umar who took part in numerous battles was known as the Chechen and had a large red beard. Actually he was from Soviet Georgia as was Neda [who participated in the fighting].]. Source: Associated Press.

Invitation to Think

 Invitation to Think

How a Prominent Ismaili found out that Cult followers consider Agha Khan Incarnation of God! They are not Muslim.

A God Among Us: Do Ismaili Imāms have Aql-e-Kul?
by Akberally Meherally

In 1946, my father Ebrahim Rajan Meherally had donated 300,000 Indian rupees for the Diamond Jubilee of Aga Khan III. This amount in today's terms and value, after more than seven decades, would be equivalent to millions of U.S. Dollars. Since that amount was the highest donation from amongst the Ismāʿīlis of India, my father had the exclusive honor of weighing the late Aga Khan in the Diamonds. In the picture here, my father is seen placing the boxes of the diamonds, on the weighing scale.

The weighing in ceremony of the Aga Khan in Diamonds is in progress. My father is placing the boxes containing the Diamonds on the scale. Aga Khan is seen sitting on a sofa of the scale, wearing a big turban. Bombay, March 10th, 1946.

In Ismāʿīli tradition, the belief is that "Hazar Imām is the Mazhar of Allāh and is Aql-e-Qul" ( meaning, the living Imām is the All-Wise and All-Knowing Manifestation of Allāh). Like all devout Ismāʿīlis, my father too had the firm belief that Aga Khan possessed a divine power and a 'Noorani vision' which enabled him to predict future events with certainty. It is common even in the present-day to see Ismāʿīlis flocking to Canada as per Aga Khan's instructions. If tomorrow Aga Khan were to instruct Ismāʿīlis to leave Canada and go to Australia, the very next day Ismāʿīlis would start selling their businesses and tender their resignations in a rush to obtain immigration visas for Australia.

My Father's Move to Congo on Aga Khan's Instructions

A similar immigration advice was made to my father by Aga Khan III. Since my father was one of the most, if not the most prominent donor in the Ismāʿīli community, he maintained constant correspondence with Aga Khan. My father emigrated from Bombay in the year 1953 and went to East Africa (present-day Kenya). He wrote a letter to Aga Khan seeking his guidance and blessings for the establishment of his business and a quick settlement in Africa. In response, my father was explicitly suggested by Aga Khan to move to Belgian Congo from East Africa. Aga Khan told him that the British Colonies of the East Africa will be the first to get independence, and Belgian Congo will be the last country in Africa to be independent. Therefore, the move to Belgian Congo would provide a longer-term stable business environment.

My father being a devout follower of Aga Khan, immediately moved from East Africa and settled himself in Leopoldville, Belgian Congo (now known as Kinshasha, Zaire), in 1954.
A Visit to Villa Yakimour and Aga Khan's Inquiry for move to Congo

In December 1954, me and my wife had the opportunity to visit Europe and requested an audience with the Aga Khan. The day soon arrived - it was the early morning of December 9th 1954, when we left our hotel in Nice (France) and went out looking for a taxi with a driver that could converse with us in English. I found one and hired that taxi for the day. We asked the driver to take us to Villa Yakimour in Cannes. The Private Secretary to Aga Khan had suggested that we should take a public bus from Nice to Cannes and then hire a local taxi, to save money. My wife was expecting a child, the weather was very cold. Since none of us spoke French, it was not easy to find our way in the South of France under these conditions and reach in time for our appointment in a different town. In those days, we both were young and very dedicated and devout followers of the Aga Khan. This appointment to meet and talk face to face with our Hazar Imam and his young Begum meant a lot to us. We could not take the risk of being late and miss this once in a lifetime appointment of a private Deedar and Mulaqat.
Party at Villa Yakimour - Evans Evans, John Frankenheimer, Natalie Wood, Warren Beatty and Yvonne Blanche Labrousse (Begum Om Habibeh, at the occasion of 15th Cannes Film Festival.

Our taxi arrived at the Villa in Cannes, earlier than our appointment time. We requested the gatekeeper to inform the Secretary of our presence. We were told to enter the Villa enjoy the beautiful garden, see the private swimming pool of the Aga Khan, take photographs of these sites and wait for the next message. We made the most of this rare photo opportunity.

Finally, the seventy-seven year-old Sultan Muhammad Shah and his fourth wife Yvonne Blanche Labrousse (Begum Om Habibeh), who was nearly forty years younger than him, were ready to meet us. We slowly climbed the steps leading to the residence above. We had to be extra careful in climbing these steps since beautiful flowers were planted between the joints of the rocks with which these steps were made. Yvonne Blanche Labrousse (Begum Om Habibeh), who was pushing the wheel chair of her husband who could not walk, greeted us with her candid smile. The Aga Khan also welcomed our visitation as his devoted followers and asked us to come closer. The Aga Khan was wearing a heavy camel color overcoat and heavy blanket of the same color covered his legs to keep him warm. From time to time, the Begum would pull up the blanket which kept on sliding down due to his body movements.

We paid homage and offerings to our spiritual leader as any devout Ismāʿīli would on such occasions. He accepted the offerings and showered us with his usual paternal and maternal blessings. Thereafter, my wife made a request for the name of our second child which she was then bearing. My second son Abbas, who was born three months later, has the name that was given on that day.

When all the religious ceremonies were over, the Aga Khan asked me if I had made my plans for going to Belgian Congo. I was caught off-guard and I replied that I had not considered any plans of moving to Africa. I was at that time living in Pakistan and only a few days ago my parents, whom we had met in London, had suggested that I should move to Belgian Congo where my parents had already moved early in the same year.

As devout Ismāʿīlis, my wife and wondered if it was a miracle or his divine power that out of all the things to talk about the Aga Khan spoke of Congo when we had not even given him the slightest hint of our conversation with my parents in London. It was only later that I came to know that the Aga Khan used to maintain personal files of families of all key office-bearers and donors and it was the job of his secretary to make sure that the Aga Khan would review the file of every person he was meeting. Needless to mention, Aga Khan must have reviewed our family file before meeting us that morning.

Leaving Yakimour

When we were about to leave Villa Yakimour, the Begum asked us if we would like to take our photographs with her husband. In the happiest excitement of the special Mulaqat, the child's name and the out of the blue mention of Congo, we had totally forgotten about the photos. She very generously offered to take the snaps with my Roliflex camera. Thereafter, my wife suggested that I should take the photos of the Aga Khan and his beautiful wife - the former Miss Lyon of 1930. The Begum suggested that she would request her Secretary to take the photos so that we all can come in the picture. Below is that memorable picture taken by the Begum's secretary.

Me and my wife with Aga Khan III and his wife Yvonne Blanche Labrousse - Photo taken at Villa Yakimour, Cannes, 9 December, 1954

It was now time to go down those flowery steps, get into a taxi and head back home. At this moment, the Begum noticed that my wife was wearing her silken Sari but had no overcoat to cover her body from the cold weather. She inquired about the overcoat and was informed that my wife had left it in the taxi below. She immediately whispered into the ear of her husband and he asked me to give my overcoat to my wife. Begum was happy to see my wife wearing my overcoat. She gave her usual smile and they both waved us good-bye, not knowing that we were to meet again, after two days.
From Nice to Rome

On 11th of December 1954 we arrived with our baggage at the airport in Nice. It was a small airport and our twin engine plane which was to fly us to Rome was waiting on the tarmac. Before the passengers would embark on the plane, a big car with the police escort come right up to the tail of the airplane. Out came the Aga Khan and his Begum. The couple was holding diplomatic passports and was the first to embark the plane. Once they had settled comfortably in their seats, the rest of the passengers numbering a dozen or so were allowed to embark. When Aga Khan saw me and my wife entering the airplane he surprisingly shouted: "Mr. Meherally, you did not tell me you were traveling on this plane." I replied to him that I had no such plans on that day of the Mulaqat.

During the journey, Begum and I exchanged the seats. She sat with my wife and I sat next to the Aga Khan. We briefly discussed about my article on the subject of "The Ismāʿīli Theory of Ten Incarnations - Das Avatar", which I had already sent to him.

This article was based upon 'Juni Gatpat ni Dua' (the old Ismaili prayer that was recited in the 1950s and published in Gujrati from the Ismaili Press in Bombay) and on a Gujrati text book for the religious night schools, entitled; 'Silsila-e-Imamat' (the continuous lineage of Imamate). Aga Khan promised to send me his approval and suggested that I should get it printed in the Ismaili magazines.

While Aga Khan and myself were discussing the Ismāʿīli beliefs of the unceasing physical manifestations of God as Avatars and the "Triune of Allah" (Allah, Muhammad and ʿAlī) vis-à-vis the "Trinity of Christian Doctrine" (The Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost), my wife informed the Begum that as the winner of an essay competition, I was awarded a free trip to London and Rome. During the showing of the famous movie Roman Holiday (starring, Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck), the film studio in Rome, the owners of the theater in Karachi and the traveling agents had jointly sponsored the free trip to Europe to the winner of an essay 'The City of Rome'. The panel of judges had declared me the winner and hence I was on this trip with my wife. Begum gave this good news to her husband who turned around, smiled at me and asked; if I was that lucky winner?

Later during the flight some technical difficulties arose and the engine on our side of the airplane came to a complete stop. The propeller was stationary. The airplane was virtually flying on a single engine. The propeller on the side of the Aga Khan was rotating. He and his Begum were unaware of this stoppage of one engine. When the Begum came to us for a chat we informed her of the situation. She looked outside from our window and saw the stationary propeller with an awe. She requested us not to tell of the engine failure to her husband who had by then fallen fast asleep.

Aga Khan was not in good health - the Begum repeated her request. We agreed not to say anything. Throughout the journey, the Begum kept on looking at the stationery propeller to see if it had restarted. Finally, we landed in Rome. The pilot (probably requested by the Begum) made no mention of this abnormality to the passengers, during the flight. At the airport in Rome, the Aga Khan and his Begum were the first to disembark and got into their car which was driven right up to the airplane. The couple waited till we both got down and wished us a happy journey. They kept on waving to us from their car. Begum, who loved her husband so much and used to take great care of her husband, must had been happy that we had observed the silence as requested by her.

Back in Karachi - Reminder of moving to Congo

Shortly after I came back to Karachi, I received the letter of approval of my article "The Ismāʿīli Theory of Ten Incarnations - Das Avatar". It was an endorsement to the Ismāʿīli belief in the ten manifestations of Lord Vishnu, with the Prophet's (pbuh) companion ʿAlī (ra) being the tenth and final physical manifestation of Lord Vishnu.

At the bottom of the letter, the Aga Khan wrote in his own shaky handwriting:

"When do you go to the Congo?" - Aga Khan

My wife and I considered this line of repeated questioning to be an insinuation. I hurriedly submitted my letter to chief missionary Al-Waiz Kassamali Mohammed Jaffer in Karachi who forwarded the article to Bombay from where my my article was published in the Ismaili magazine "Ayina". In his own Memoirs published in the same year, Aga Khan mentioned briefly about all the messengers of the Old and New Testaments and the Qurʾān and went on to mention Krishna, and Ram as Messengers of Allāh. Today, we know that Krishna and Ram were not historical characters that lived physical lives in India, but were fictional characters of Indian mythology.

Nonetheless, I began preparations to move to Congo and in February 1956, after selling my business and personal assets, I finally moved to Léopoldville in Congo with my family.

Life in Congo

In just over a year after we moved to Congo, Yvonne Blanche Labrousse (Om Habibeh) became a widow. Here in Congo, the independence movement gained momentum. On 4 January 1959, a prohibited political demonstration organised in Léopoldville by a Colgolese political party, which was very vocal against Belgian colonial rule, got out of hand. At once, the colonial capital was in the grip of extensive rioting. It took the authorities several days to restore order and, by the most conservative count, several hundred died. The eruption of violence sent a shock-wave through the Congo and Belgium alike. The movement for independence was in full swing.

I left the Congo and came back to Pakistan. From here, began the series of events which were in total contradiction to what Aga Khan had 'foretold' his followers: In June 1960 Belgian Congo and in August 1960 French Congo became independent. In the entire continent of Africa, the Congo was the first region (as opposed to being the last, as Aga Khan had predicted) to become independent. Kenya, which was supposed to get its independence first, as Aga Khan had predicted, was actually the last to become independent on December 12, 1963 - all these events seemed to me as if they happened for a reason - as if to prove, that no one but Allāh alone knows what will happen in the future - no matter how much Ismāʿīlis think that Aga Khan is the possessor of Aql-e-Kul, he actually had absolutely no knowledge of future.

Aga Khan himself, knew this very well. Upon his death, he mentioned in his will that his wife, Yvonne Blanche Labrousse (he mentioned this name and not Om Habibeh) would guide the next Aga Khan (Karim Aga Khan) for a period of the first seven years of Karim Aga Khan assuming the position of the Ismāʿīli Imām.

How can a mortal woman who is not an Imām, guide someone who Ismāʿīlis ask health, wealth and happiness from and assume him to be the bearer of all knowledge?

This further solidified all the doubts I had in the divinity of Aga Khan.

Yvonne Blanche Labrousse (also known as Om Habibeh or Mata Salamat), dancing with David Niven at Bal de la Rose in Monaco in 1968 - eleven years after the death of her husband, Aga Khan III.

with Prince Serge Obolensky at Imperial Ball in Waldorf Astoria, New York on January 14, 1957.



They eat the fruits of Paradise
by Sis. Yasmin
It has been narrated on the authority of Masruq
(Razi Allah Anhu) who said:
that we asked 'Abdullah (Razi Allah Anhu)
about the Qur'anic verse...

وَلَا تَحْسَبَ¦َّ الَّذِين¤ قُتِلُوا فِي سَبِيلِ اللَّهِ أَمْوَات¡ا ۚ بَلْ أَحْيَاء¢ عِنْدَ رَبِّهِم¨ يُرْزَقُ¨نَ

'Think not of those who are slain in Allah's way as dead.
Nay, they are alive, finding their sustenance
in the presence of their Lord...'

{Source ~ 'Qur'aan'~Surat 'Äli 'Imran (Family of Imran)~ 3~ A # 169}

he said: we asked the meaning of this verse from the Holy Prophet~ (Peace and Blessings Be Upon Him) who said:

The souls, of the Martyrs live in the bodies of Green Birds who have their nests in chandeliers hung from the throne of the Almighty.

They eat the fruits of Paradise from wherever they like and then nestle in these chandeliers.

Once their Lord cast a glance at them and said...

' Do ye want anything ' {?}

They said...

'What more shall we desire ?
We eat the fruit of Paradise from wherever we like.'

Their Lord asked them the same question thrice.

When they saw that they will continue to be asked and not left without answering the question

They said:

'O Lord, we wish that Thou mayest return our souls to our bodies so that we may be slain in Thy way once again.

When He (Allah) saw that they had no need, they were left to their joy in heaven.

[Source: Sahih Muslim~ Book # 20 Hadith # 4651]

... MY 'SALAAMS' TO ALL ....

Y a s m i n.



Hundreds of thousands of Muslims are being held in prison camps.
Kazakh Muslim woman reveals terrible Suffering of Muslims in Western China.

[Courtesy AFP via Yahoo news]

Secretive "re-education camps" allegedly holding hundreds of thousands of people in a Muslim-majority region in western China are the focus of an explosive court case in Kazakhstan, testing the country's ties with Beijing.

On trial is Sayragul Sauytbay, an ethnic Kazakh Chinese national who is accused of illegally crossing the border to join her husband and two children in Kazakhstan.

But it is the 41-year-old's testimony about her forced work in the camp system in the Xinjiang region that has drawn the most attention.

Beijing has stepped up a crackdown in Xinjiang against what it calls separatist elements.

At a public hearing, Sauytbay said she was granted access to classified documents that shed light on the sprawling network of re-education centres.

China's predominantly Muslim ethnic minority groups are believed to make up the majority of the camps' populations.

Chinese authorities have denied the existence of such facilities despite mounting evidence from both official documents and testimonies from those who have escaped them.

Asked under oath about a so-called "camp" where she worked as an employee of the Chinese state, court spectators gasped when Sauytbay replied it held some 2,500 ethnic Kazakhs.

"In China they call it a political camp but really it was a prison in the mountains," she said.

Sauytbay said authorities had told her she would never be allowed to enter Kazakhstan, where her family had obtained citizenship.

"That I am discussing this camp in an open court means I am already revealing state secrets," said Sauytbay, who asked Kazakhstan not to send her back to China.

- 'This person will disappear' -

Sauytbay is one of many ethnic Kazakhs separated from relatives over the border after a crackdown in Xinjiang, where authorities cite separatist and extremist threats as justification for repressive policies.

There are about 1.5 million ethnic Kazakhs in Xinjiang.

They had however avoided extreme state repression suffered by Uighurs, another mostly Muslim Turkic group that forms a demographic majority in many parts of the region.

Unlike Uighurs, ethnic Kazakhs had long moved freely between China and their historic homeland.

About 200,000 of them became Kazakh citizens since the Central Asian country's independence in 1991.

That freedom disappeared however after a Chinese official known for his aggressive surveillance and population control measures in Tibet took charge of the nominally autonomous region in 2016, overseeing mass detentions and programmes of re-education for Muslims.

In late 2016 authorities took the unprecedented step of calling in Muslim minorities' passports, forcing anyone needing to leave the country to file official requests.

Sauytbay's husband Wali Islam testified that for several months the family lost contact with her after she was reassigned to a re-education centre from a state kindergarten.

Sauytbay told the court she had been tricked into working at the camps by authorities.

The family was reunited only after she crossed the border this April. Kazakh security services arrested her on May 21.

Sauytbay's lawyer Abzal Kuspanov said the testimony of his client -- who briefly consoled her 13-year-old daughter as she was ushered into the dock by police -- was a sufficient indicator as to what will await her if she returns to China.

"We are not saying that she has not committed a crime by violating state borders using false documents. We have admitted that to the court and we are prepared to accept punishment," Kuspanov told AFP Friday.

"What we are saying is -- don't give her back to China. If we do send her back, this person will simply disappear," said Kuspanov.

- Diplomatic tensions -

The situation of ethnic Kazakhs in Xinjiang is embarrassing for Kazakhstan, which is China's leading economic partner in Central Asia.

While the government is hesitant to confront Beijing, it is under growing pressure to speak out against the repression.

China has enlisted oil-rich Kazakhstan as a key partner in its trillion dollar Belt and Road initiative aimed at improving overland trade routes between Europe and Asia.

So far Beijing has kept silent on the allegations: two Chinese diplomats present at the hearing refused to answer questions from activists and journalists.

Under public pressure, Kazakhstan's foreign ministry has called for "an objective and fair review" of detentions of Kazakh citizens in the region.

But Kazakhstan, which is seeking massive investments from China, is in a poor position to lobby for the rights of Chinese citizens like Sauytbay.

Her trial is a test "of the maturity of Kazakhstan-China relations", said Serikzhan Mambetalin, a Kazakh political activist.

But if Kazakhstan hands a member of the diaspora back to China, "people will say the government cannot protect its own people," he said.

Contribution from a Reader

 Contributions from a Reader

Ceremony to Honor Youths in Gambia who have Memorized the entire Qur'an.

14th July, 2018

To: Brother Kaukab Siddique

Asalam Alaikum brother,
It pleases the management of the association to cordially invite you to attend the ceremony and presentation of certificates to Muhammad L. Drammeh, Basiru Camara, Buba Bayo, Malang Saidy, Kalipha Touray, Muhammad Saidy, Ousman Ceesay, Mamady Saidy, Ebrima Saidy and Musa Touray who completed the memorization of the Holy Qur'an; this is scheduled to take place on September 2018 without specify date yet due to some reasons but will be dated in a while.

Your presence will be highly appreciated as you played a great role in their memorization of the Holy Qur'an.

Morning activities will be the recitation and revision of the Qur'an by the association's students.


With thanks to Br. Abu Talib in Brooklyn, New York

2018-07-22 Sun 22:48:09 ct