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14 Rajab 1439 A.H.- April 1 2018 Issue # 13, Newsletter #1752

Hadith of the Week

We all have a Shaytaan to Battle. Do we recognize his influence over us?

Narrated by Aisha, r.a.
Aisha, r.a. said: One day Allah's Messenger (saws) went out of her (Aisha's apartment) during the night and she felt jealous. Then he (saws) came and he saw me (in what agitated state of mind) I was. He (saws) said: Aisha, what has happened to you? Do you feel jealous?

Thereupon she said:
How can it be (that a woman like me) should not feel jealous in regard to a husband like you?

Thereupon Allah's Messenger (saws) said: It was your Shaytaan who had come to you, and she said: O Allah's Messenger (saws), is there along with me a Shaytaan? He (saws) said: Yes! I said: Is the Shaytaan attached to everyone? He (saws) said: Yes. I (Aisha) again said: O Allah's Messenger (saws), is it with you also? He (saws) said: Yes, but my Lord has helped me against him as such that I am absolutely safe from his mischief.
[saws stands for Peace be upon him.]

Sahih Muslim 6759
 Sis Kristi

with thanks to Sis.Kristi

 Word Around The Net

by Br.Nazeer, Texas

Thousands Protest Turkey's Offensive Against Afrin

"The United States has not learned to live democratically" says former Brazilian President

Maryland Man Sentenced To 20 Years For Providing Support To ISIS

Trump says US will pull out of Syria "very soon"; while Saudi Crown Prince says he wants US to stay in Syria.

Putin brags about arsenal while it's testing Russia's "Satan 2" missile.

Russia Expels US Diplomats, and Closes the US Consulate

North Korea and China Discuss Denuclearization (without US presence)

Political Prisoners :

Civil Discord Show


40,000 Muslims were made homeless in Hindu mob attacks. 4 years later cases against the attackers are being withdrawn.

Muzaffarnagar, Shamli Riots: Yogi Government Initiates Process to Withdraw 131 Cases (Mar 22, 2018,
The Yogi Adityanath-led BJP government in Uttar Pradesh has begun the process to withdraw 131 cases related to 2013 Muzzaffarnagar and Shamli riots.

The riots, which took place during the regime of Akhilesh Yadav in August-September of 2013, left more than 40,000 homeless. A total of 502 cases were registered in connection with the riots, in which 6,867 people have been accused.

Reacting on the state government's move, Samajwadi Party spokesperon Sunil Singh Sajan said, "The government, which came to power after the riots, is now trying to protect the riot accused as they are associated with these people. The Yogi government is misusing power and washing its own sins."

[Courtesy American Indian Muslims.]


News across Nigerian Muslim Ummah (30/03/2018)
by Abdulkabir Oyemomi

Amasa must get justice, says MURIC:
The Muslim Right Concern (MURIC) has cried out against the Nigerian National House of Representatives over the manner in which the case of a young Muslim girl Amasa Firdaus is being handled.Amasa Firdaus had earlier been denied her right to be called to Nigerian bar because she refused to take off her hijab in "call to bar" ceremony held on Weds 13th of December,2017.

Taraba Priest who predicted Buhari's death in 2019 died mysteriously:
A pastor and Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN)'s president in Taraba State met his Waterloo in a motor accident at a place called Zing on his way to Yola. The Priest had earlier Predicted that President Muhammadu Buhari of Nigeria would die in the year 2019.

Dapchi Muslim girls released:
Boko Haram insurgents group has released One Hundred and Four(104) girls believed to have been Muslims amongst the One Hundred and Ten kidnapped. It is reported that Five (5) have been feared dead while One(1) not released on account of her refusal to become muslim as allegedly demanded by the group.

Both the act of kidnapping and subsequent release remain questionable to many Nigerians, expecially the government's critics! But the government of President Muhammadu Buhari has been commended by many for the release, given the fact that such ugly incidents that took place during the last administration in Nigeria never brought happiness.


Israel Is Accelerating Its Annexation of the Palestinian West Bank

Jonathan Cook
[With thanks to Mark Weber.]

Seemingly unrelated events all point to a tectonic shift in which Israel has begun preparing the ground to annex the occupied Palestinian territories. Last week, during an address to students in New York, Israel's education minister Naftali Bennett publicly disavowed even the notion of a Palestinian state. "We are done with that," he said. "They have a Palestinian state in Gaza." Later in Washington, Mr Bennett, who heads Israel's settler movement, said Israel would manage the fallout from annexing the West Bank, just as it had with its annexation of the Syrian Golan in 1980. International opposition would dissipate, he said. "After two months it fades away and 20 years later and 40 years later, [the territory is] still ours." ... All evidence suggests that Washington is fully on board, so long as annexation is done by stealth.

 Movie Review

Cold Mountain

A Stunning Love Story which helps to understand White America's Background.

COLD MOUNTAIN is about the final year of the American civil war. The White armies of the north and the south collided with unequalled hate and ferocity. Large numbers were killed on both sides. Owing to lack of anesthesia, the wounded, in their hundreds died brutally painful deaths.

At the center of the movie is a superb love story in which, at the appeal of his beloved, a soldier gives up war and travels back to the woman who wrote to him from Cold Mountain [a real place in North Carolina].

During his journey back, we witness the condition of women left behind the frontlines, terrified, alone and at the mercy of northern troops looking for "supplies."

The southerner "Homeland Security" shot deserters out of hand. The ugliness of the war is enhanced by the ready "supply" of prostitutes living in organized sin.

Finally the hero meets his beloved and marries her in an inversion of Islamic oath taking [The writer of the story must have had an inkling of Islamic oaths.] The lady love says that if triple divorce can end a marriage, then triple acceptance would legitimize a marriage! [Don't try it!]
Black people are shown in marginal scenes drifting away with the collapse of the state based on slavery.

The conclusion of the movie is tragic. [Its my impression that many of India's movie makers have stolen a scene from the conclusion.]



From New Trend's Egypt Observer

Egypt is the latest Example that modern Democracy has failed.

March 31: Egypt is the most important country in the Middle east but its population has been reduced to complete helplessness. How is it that General Sissi is getting votes in the upper 90% in a three day vote?

All over the cities, pictures of Sissi are plastered on the walls. One of his supporters stood as the opposition candidate: that's part of his macabre sense of humor. The only "Islamic" group allowed to operate is a salafi one which is salafi only in the Saudi sense: long beard and focus only on externals of prayer.

How did this humiliating situation come about in Egypt?

During 30 years of Hosni Mubarak's dictatorship, groups and organizations which were secular, either totally westernized or only nominally Muslim, were given dominance. USA gave billions of dollars to the Mubarak regime to crush or confuse Islamic sentiment, particularly opposition to Israel.

Most of the people of Egypt were under extreme pressure from lack of basic rights and from extreme poverty. Finally there was an outburst of popular protests which were so big that Hosni Mubarak was overthrown though his forces killed hundreds of demonstrators.

The US held back the army from intervening. [The army had to obey owing to complete subsistence on US handouts.]

After a great upheaval, elections were held and Dr. Mohammed Morsi was elected president.

As was natural for the leader of a Muslim nation, he started encouraging Islamic tendencies and opposing pro-Israeli groups in a subtle process.

His fatal mistake was to appoint General Sissi as the head of the army because in his private life Sissi was conservative even with a wife who wore hijab. Sissi was an agent of America and Saudi Arabia, a deadly enemy of the Muslim Brotherhood [Ikhwan] who were Morsi's support base.

Sissi not only removed Dr. Morsi by force but then went on to crush peaceful demonstrations supporting Morsi to the extent of carrying out mass shootings of protestors in broad daylight. Nearly 2000 demonstrators were killed by the army and associated police forces and more than 10,000 injured. Thousands were arrested and sent to Egypt's torture cells inherited from Hosni Mubarak.

Sissi's reign of terror has made it impossible to carry out serious peaceful opposition to the coup leader.

The many secular groups plus the Coptic Christians who had taken root during the Mubarak regime went on to "elect" Sissi as the real leader of Egypt while the elected leader remains in prison facing a death sentence.

Morsi was under the impression that the western powers wanted democracy and would allow natural political development to take place. Many young people who thought Morsi was too religious were misled into thinking Sissi was bringing "freedom."

Both are now in a state of shock and disillusionment.
With huge sums of money from Saudi Arabia and UAE, Sissi has established his power. Now he is willing to hold fake elections.

Meanwhile radical Islamic elements have joined ISIS and there is a wholesale armed uprising going on in the northern Sinai near Gaza. Recently the New York Times reported that Israel has been bombing ISIS in the Sinai at the request of General Sissi.

This is the utter humiliation of a great nation, relying on Israel to bomb mujahideen groups.

Editorial #2
Pakistan's Shame
Ignoring Dr. Aafia, Honoring Malala

New Trend has received pages from Malala's book "I am Malala" in which she emphasizes her friendship with Salman Rushdie and Taslima Nasri, two of the most notorious Islam haters in recent history. She shows no love for Pakistani or Islam, yet she was honored in the Prime Minister's house only a few days back.

The western powers have given her the Nobel Prize and have had her travel across the world as if she is the representative of Muslim women.

On the other hand, the Pakistani regime finds it impossible to write a letter of inquiry or concern for Dr. Aafia Siddiqui who is a political prisoner in Fort Worth, Texas, having been sentenced to 84 years on ridiculous charges of "terrorism" which are so fake that they would not stand up in any court concerned with justice.

Malala was shot in murky circumstances when she was being used through her father by the BBC and US and Pakistani intelligence services to demonize the people who wanted Sharia law in Swat [north eastern Pakistan]. She was swiftly moved to Britain and has remained there living in great comfort and being used for propaganda against Pakistan.

There are countless women in Pakistan who are far superior to Malala in serving humanity. One of the best among them is Dr. Aafia,

With thanks to Br. Sajjad for sending us pages of Malala's book,


 Senator Sirajul Haq

Rulers of Muslim Nations are Agents of the West.
Jamaate Islami's open denunciation of agent groups.

LAHORE, Mar. 31; Ameer, Jamaat e Islami, Pakistan, Senator Sirajul Haq, has denounced the Israeli troops' straight firing on the Palestinian protestors leading to the martyrdom of fifteen and injuries to more than 1500 others.

Talking to the media after addressing the Khatm e Bukhari ceremony at the Jamia Qasimul Uloom, Sargodha, on Saturday, he also condemned the Muslim rulers' silence over the Israeli brutalities. He said it was due to the cowardice of Muslim rulers that the tiny Zionist state was shedding the blood of the Palestinians. He said that most of the Muslim rulers were US agents and none of them had condemned Israel's aggression lest it might annoy the US.

President, Ittehadul Ulema, Pakistan, Maulana Abdul Malik, chief organizer Jamiat e Talaba Arabia, Maulana Ubedr Rahman also spoke on the occasion.

Sirajul Haq led the funeral prayer of young Abdur Rahman, fifteen year old son of a local JI leader who had been gunned down by dacoits. He condemned the murder of the young man; the JI chief said that dacoits were ruling all over the Punjab. He said that young Abdur Rahman was asking Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and Shahbaz Sharif as to who was responsible for his blood. He demanded the arrest of the culprits within twenty four hours otherwise a siege would be laid around the offices of the RPO and the DPO. He said that questions were being raised about the good governance of Shahbaz Sharif after the abduction and the murder of a university girl student of Faisalabad.

Continuing, Sirajul Haq asked the Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi to explain whose petition he had presented to the Chief Justice during his call on him. He said that the poor masses were safe neither during the day nor at night. He said that he would give a guideline to the youth at the JI Youth convention being held in the Punjab capital on April eight.

He said that it was no news that the Prime Minister had called on the Chief Justice. He said what would make news was whether the "Faryad" of any poor man had been heard or any aggrieved person had got relief on time, because at present, only the moneyed people could knock the door of the courts.

The JI chief said that the liberal, secular leadership had plunged the country into the sea of corruption. He said the MMA would bring the Islam loving and patriotic people on one platform and cleanse the country of corruption and other evils.

He further said that the religious forces were at the back of the madrissahs and would resist every conspiracy against the seminaries.

War News

 War News


The area is in turmoil with thousands of unarmed people protesting.
This latest happened after the Indian military killed 8 "militants" who want India to leave Kashmir. There was an hours long gun battle.
The people are unarmed and the few fighters there are poorly armed.
The people take great risks to protest against the Indian occupation forces. Pakistan has been unable to arm the people despite great support for Kashmir in Pakistsn/

Confirmation about attack in Swat

Finally the Pakistani military has admitted that a martyrdom operator from Tehrike Taliban killed 11 Pakistani soldiers and wounded 13.
The attack was at Kabal town in Swat.
The attack was reported by al-Jazeerah more than a month ago but at that time Pakistan said it was minor and only 3 were killed.
Pakistan occupied Swat NINE years back at a signal from US when the people of Swat came out in massive support of Sharia.
Nine years later, there are still 6000 Pakistani troops in Swat.


Two Deadly Events

March 24:
A US air strike killed 2 fighters of al-Qaida in the Islamic Maghreb [AQIM]. One of them was a leader: Musa Abu Dawud.
The bombing was near Ubari in south western Libya.

March 30:
A human bomber sent by ISIS killed 6 troops and wounded 9 at the entrance tp Adjabia [eastern Libya] The troops were from General Haftar's forces supported by the US.

Turkish Troops Entering. Regime Admits War not over.
ISIS Stronghold in Harmeen Mountains,
US air strikes across the Country

April 1. Turkish troops entered the PKK stronghold in northern Iraq and established 3 bases in the Qandeel mountains. They have built a 13 mile road to connect the bases.

US air force is continuing to bomb Islamic State [IS] forces trying to squelch their re-remergence. The latest air strikes are near Qayyarah, Hawijah and Ramadi. [Source Daily Caller.]

On March 27, Mr. Abadi, PM of the Shia regime installed by the US and Iran, admitted that the war against ISIS has not ended although he had declared complete victory in early December 2017.
On March 29, US general Priat met Kurdish leader Barazani to discuss the serious situation created by re-emergence of IS in the Kirkuk area.
The same day, French President Macron met
Kurdish leaders in Paris to coordinate action against IS.
Also on 3.29, in an IS ambush 40 miles west of Mosul, 5 Shia regime troops were killed.
March 31, in another ambush 3 members of Hashad Shaabi were killed and 20 wounded in in Tuz Kharmudu where IS have emerged. Hashad is a militia heavily armed by Iran.
In central Kirkuk a regime intelligence officer was shot but survived.
Earlier on March 26, at Ganou, east of Shirqat, 2 regime troops were killed and 1 wounded.
In the Harmeen mountains, IS has set up an armed network of check points. Regime forces are refusing to go into the mountains and have said that IS knows the area well and they don't. It could be deadly.


Iran-Russia-Assad changing Population around Damascus.
Refugees in Idlib Beg Turkey to Help.
ISIS inflicting Serious Losses on Regime.

Latest: In major towns of Idlib province, refugee demonstrators from the suburbs of Damascus are begging Turkey to save them from the atrocities of Assad-Russia-Iran. They say the world has abandoned them. Chanting against Bashar Assad.

April 1. A cargo of weapons entering Syria from Iraq in the Deir ez Zor area was attacked and captured by ISIS fighters. Nine Assad troops guarding the cargo were killed, Losses of attackers were not revealed.

March 31: Four towns in north west Hama province were shelled by artillery of Lebanese Hizb.. Three other towns were bombed by Russian jets,
In south Daraa city and smaller towns were shelled by Assad troops.

Major exodus: The entire area near Damascus which was controlled by at-Rahman corp has been vacated under Russian guarantees.
Total number of people who have left for the Islamic province of Idlib and for FSA [Turkish] area near Afrin are now 195400 [computed by SOHR].

Also till April 1: Jaysh al-Islam is refusing to leaving Douma. About 60,000 civilians in Douma anxious that Russia might start bombing again. Some are are quietly slipping away while negotiations with the Russians continue. Mujahideen commander Abu Abdel Rahman Qa'qa is refusing to leave,

Manbig [north central Syria] which was captured by Kurdish Communists with American help is witnessing sneak attacks by ISIS as follows:
  1. An American and a British officer have been killed by IED, 9 injured.
  2. Two important intelligence officers have been quietly killed.
  3. The "spokesman" of the US backed Manbig Council has been seriously injured.

Al-Suwaida countryside [south east of Damascus] in Tel Saad, a large explosion killed several of Assad's troops and injured some.

Inside Damascus, , ISIS advance is facing heavy fighting with the Assad regime forces. The Assad regime losses in the surprise ISIS attack have now risen to a total of 114 [from the earlier 63]. IS losses are 17 killed. The regime is bringing up Shia militias, Iranians and Hizb to counter the Islamic entry into Damascus. [SOHR statistics]

At the other end of the country, IS launched a big attack on Assad forces in Deir ez Zor in the desert, killing 63 Alawite-Shia troops. Thirty of the fighters were also killed. [Western media are completely silent about ISIS advances although SOHR has provided the infor.]

Russian bombing resumed:
Air raids on the Islamic province of Idlib have been resumed. On March 31, 12 people were killed in the sporadic raids. These included 7 children, 2 women, 1 refugee from Damascus suburb and 2 fighters of Tahrir .

In northwest of Aleppo, opposition groups are fighting each other, jousting for gaining positions which would benefit them in linking up with advancing Turks.



Abduction, Abuse, Molestation & Rape of Dr. Aafia.
Marathoner Muslimah Challenges "Me Too" Movement & US Media

From: Nadrat Siddique
Sent: Friday, March 16, 2018
Subject: A MeToo Moment at the DC Marathon

Dear Editor,

With the advent of the MeToo Movement, one would expect the name of Dr. Aafia Siddiqui and the massive violation of her rights to come to the fore. Dr. Siddiqui is a political prisoner, currently being held at Carswell USP in Fort Worth, TX. The petite Pakistani neuroscientist, a graduate of MIT and Brandeis University, was convicted in 2010 of absurd charges which included assaulting seven American servicemen in Afghanistan, by a New York court riddled with emotion and fear of terrorism.

But it is Aafia herself who has been terrorized. During her 15-year incarceration, which includes a period of captivity at a "Secret Prison" in Afghanistan—where, in violation of international law, her presence was not acknowledged—and she was therefore subject to all manner of horrors, Aafia, like many of the women who have come forth in the MeToo Movement, was repeatedly assaulted and raped.

The primary difference between her and the America women accusers who form the MeToo Movement is that Aafia is a Muslim woman, and horrifyingly, the assaults against her occurred while she was in the custody of the U.S., or its Pakistani and Afghan allies (at U.S. behest). And—unlike the women of the MeToo Movement, Aafia's voice remains completely unheard. Held in administrative detention even as her health deteriorates to dangerous levels, she is allowed almost no visitors, and zero phone calls or interviews. Her family, who are mostly in Pakistan, are not permitted to visit or call her. Most bizarrely, her petition for a new trial, perhaps her last opportunity to seek redress through the legal system, was withdrawn (ostensibly) by the defendant herself, under suspicious circumstances.

On March 10, I, a Pakistani woman marathoner, ran the Rock 'N Roll DC Marathon to call attention to Dr. Aafia's case. It was my 36th marathon, and I dedicated it to the freedom of this courageous Muslim woman scientist. Approximately 10 months prior, I ran the Boston Marathon in her name. A long-time resident of the DMV, I traversed DC's strikingly beautiful streets, starting near the African-American Museum and the Washington Monument, and ending at RFK Stadium, in a black long-sleeved tee-shirt reading "Free Dr. Aafia Siddiqui." I finished the marathon in 3 hours, 54 minutes, in the top 14% of my division, and qualified again to run Boston (my 10th time qualifying for that prestigious race).

In the course of running 26.2 miles in the nation's capital for Aafia, questions raced through my head: In the age of MeToo, Why is Aafia, after all she suffered, still locked up? As Aafia's sister, Dr. Fowzia Siddiqui, asked in a recent International Women's Day speech, "Is not Aafia also a woman?" Isn't assault, rape, and torture a cause for concern if the victim is a Muslim woman prisoner? If nothing else, the gross pre-trial violation of rights guaranteed to Aafia—under both the U.S. Constitution and the Geneva Convention—cry out for a nullification of her conviction.

Ms. Nadrat Siddique
Ellicott City, Maryland

[As of today, 4/1/18, there has been no response from the Washington Post]

News Within the U.S.

 News within the US

5th Day of Protests on Police Shooting of Stephon Clark in Sacramento, Ca.
[ABC News]

New Trend has received info that he was a Muslim.]

Jamilia Land, a family friend of the Clarks, stood at a podium Saturday above two poster board signs with Clark's likeness as well as one of Joseph Mann, the 50-year-old local who was wielding a knife when police shot and killed him in July 2016.

She told the approximately 150 protesters that living in the community where Clark was shot was like living in "war zones."

She also charismatically took aim at the city's failure to treat mental illness in lieu of Clark's 19-year-old brother Stevante who has been witnessed in a series of public outcries.

Land also said Clark's brother, Stevante -- who broke up a City Council meeting last week to protest the shooting -- has had to cope with the loss of his brother. Their grandmother, too, is riddled with guilt for not being able to help Stephon Clark before the officers fired.
"You don't know what it's like to go to the home that you grew up and feet from the couch you live on, your brother was murdered in his grandmother's backyard," Land shouted and cried. "You don't know the pain his grandfather is feeling for hearing him knock on the window that night for help."

Former NBA player Matt Barnes helped organize the Saturday's rally, which assembled across from the California capital's City Hall.




Bismillah Walhamdulillah Was Salaatu Was Salaam 'ala Rasulillah'. 'As Salaamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuhu

ALLAH the Exalted says... 'For over My servants no authority shalt thou have, except such as put themselves in the wrong and follow thee.' {Quran 15:42-43}

Some of the Companions (r.a.) said... 'Verily the believer exhausts his devil just like one of you exhausts his camel during travel.' meaning the believer wears out his devil, so he debilitates him and makes him lose weight from his grief and sadness... because he is not able to tempt him...{!} Just like the person wears out his riding camel during travel and makes it lose weight due to the length of the travel and its hardships and this is the condition of the believer with his devil in the constant struggle with him...{!} he resists his plots and plans and whispers by always being firm upon the obedience of ALLAH the Exalted and Mighty...{!}

Ibn Abi Dunya {Allah be pleased with him} narrates in his book...

"The plots of the devil" Verily a devil meets another devil so he says to him... "Why is it that I see you looking sickly...? (Meaning the change is weight)"

The (other) devil replies... Verily I am with a man that... if he eats he remembers the name of ALLAH ! so I can not eat with him ! And if he drinks he remembers the name of ALLAH so I can not drink with him ... !

And if he enters into his home he remembers the name of ALLAH so I am rejected outside of the house...{!} The other devil says, but as for me then I am with a man if he eats he does not remember ALLAH so he and I eat together, and if he drinks he does not remember ALLAH so I drink with him, and when he enters his home he does not remember ALLAH so I enter with him...{!}

~ Courtesy Sis Yasmin~

Uprising in Gaza

15 Killed, 1500 Injured in Israeli Firing on Unarmed Palestinian Demonstrators.

Demonstrations and rallies have been held along the entire Southern Gaza Strip next to the Israeli occupied territory. Tens of thousands of people participated. As they approached the Israeli held area, the Israelis fired tear gas and then opened fire. Israelis claimed they were "threatened" by the demonstrators, some of who threw stones and shouted at the Israelis. The killing of demonstrators has been condemned around the world but not Muslim rulers.

The demonstrations are scheduled to continue into May, till the date of the original Israeli occupation of Palestine which is known as "The Nakba", which is arabic for "The Catastrophe".

 Friday Prayer

Photo shows gathering for Friday Prayers before the demonstration near Israeli occupied territory [March 30].

2018-04-01 Sun 23:54:10 ct