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29 Rabi' al-Awwal 1439 A.H.- December 17, 2017 Issue # 51, Newsletter # 1737

Hadith of the Week

Hadith was Written down during the time of the Prophet, pbuh.

Abdullah ibn Umru ibn al-Aas, r.a.
"Whatever I heard from the messenger of Allah, peace be on him, I would write it down so as to be able to memorize it. Then some in the Quraish (tribe) said to me: You write down whatever you hear though the messenger of Allah is a human being and speaks both in anger and in joy. On hearing that I stopped writing and then I mentioned this to the messenger of Allah. He pointed with his finger to his mouth and said: Write on! By Him in whose Hand is my being, no word comes out of this mouth but the Truth."

Comment by Kaukab Siddique:
Here is one sample from a prominent companion of the Prophet, pbuh, Abdullah ibn Umru ibn al-Aas. It is authenticated by two distinct and separate compilers of Hadith, Abu Dawud in his Sunan (chapter kitabul ilm) and Darimi in his Musnad (chapter on Rukhs fi kitabut al-ilm).


Jerusalem. Faith of the masses, Hypocrisy of the Rulers.
Any Role for US Muslims?

by Kaukab Siddique

Trump's declaration on Jerusalem sparked protests across the Muslim world, Even in occupied countries, like Kashmir, Syria, Afghanistan, people came out for Jerusalem. Some of the rallies are huge as in Gaza, the West Bank, Pakistan and Turkey.

Egyptians rallied in many areas and Gen. Sissi did not try to stop them though his security forces were ready.

What's deeply hypocritical are the tactics of the rulers.

Abbas, who claims to lead Palestine, has been a consistent sell -out. He gave a blank check to Israel long ago but Israel would not accept it.

General Sissi, of Egypt, has recognized Israel as a legitimate entity and receives support from USA, the main backer of Israel.

King Abdullah, of Jordan, is an outright traitor, whose relations with Israel are so close that he is suspected of being a CIA operative, as were his father and grandfather.

UAE has open business and political relations at the level of the ruling family with Israel.

Syria's Golan Heights were captured by Israel militarily. Assad has never dared to try and take it back. How could he possibly do anything for Jerusalem although it is almost next door. He has been busy slaughtering the people of Syria as was his father. His secret relations with Israel have saved him from Israeli attacks.

Iran is a big talker about Palestine and Jerusalem. However in all these years, IRAN HAS NOT FIRED ONE SHOT AT ISRAEL. It's all bogus talk and hot air coming out of Tehran. Tehran got an amount of billions of dollars from USA at the crucial phase of the struggle of the war in Syria [Shah's funds seized by US], which helped Iran fund, arm and mobilize shias from across Asia.

Last week Israel bombed an Iranian military encampment near the Golan Heights. Twelve Iranian soldiers were killed. There was no response or shoot back by the Iranians.

Another big mouth full of hot air about Palestine is Hizbullah of Lebanon. It has a wide border with Israel [Occupied Palestine] but most of its forces are helping Assad suppress the people of Syria. During THREE INVASIONS of GAZA by Israel in which more than a thousand Palestinian children were killed, Hizbullah did LITERALLY NOTHING, not even a border incident. How foolish it is for Shia lovers to believe that Hizbullah will liberate Palestine, let alone free Jerusalem!

The sweetest tear jerker about Jerusalem is Turkey's great hero Erdogan. Guess what! Turkey has accepted Israel as a legitimate state and has diplomatic relations with it. Also, Erdogan stabbed the mujahideen in Syria and has occupied a 100 miles of Syria. Erdogan is working in coordination with Russia, Israel's friend. What can Erdogan do to free Jerusalem? NOTHING!

In Kabul and Baghdad, the US-installed regimes are firmly in place and there is not much they can do without the permission of USA.

Pakistan and Saudi Arabia have not recognized Israel and their people up to the top level are anti-Israel. However the two governments are embroiled in internal politics and conspiracies.

Only with the survival and victory of mujahideen groups can the movement towards the liberation of Palestine and finally Jerusalem become real.

America is the foundation of Israel's existence. America's internal turmoil may end up weakening support for Israel. Trump's support for Jerusalem as the capital of Israel is not real. He is already back pedaling towards a six month extension. American strategists know that direct attacks on Islam could lead to the emergence of a Salahuddin Ayyubi. America's Muslims are highly educated and well endowed. They have been successfully co opted by the Democratic Party. If they become an independent force, they could slow down America's moves in support of Israel.

 Word Around The Net

by Br. Nazeer, Texas

Saudi-led coalition air raids kill 10 women in Yemen.

Chechnya's leader to help "evacuate" more than 100 women and children to Russia from Syria and Iraq in late December

Another one bites the dust: Democrat Ruben Kihuen Won't Seek Re-Election Following Sexual Harassment Allegations.

Trump Administration reverses stance on President Bashar al-Assad: U.S. now agrees to accept his rule of Syria until the 2021 Presidential Elections.

Washington Post report gives merit to Trumps "fake news" accusations.

Elizabeth Warren and Donna Brazile both now agree the 2016 Democratic primary was rigged.

Trump 'great Christmas gift' to middle class: the Tax Plan!

Trump influencing the Pope's speech again: Vatican announced theme of Pope's World Communications Day speech is "fake news"; Pope warns journalists not to fall "prey to the sins of communication".

2 Navy Airmen's UFO testimony: the Pentagon investigation.

For Palestine from Greensboro

Imam Badi Ali [Courtesy ICT, Greensboro, North Carolina]


All Praise to Allah (SWT), we had 300+ people who participated in our protest yesterday, 12/10/2017. InshaAllah we will continue with this theme of, "Jerusalem is the Capital of Palestine."

Thank you for coming out and supporting! And stay tuned for upcoming activities.

 Web Statistics

New Trend's Web Site is doing quite Well

In the Month of November only:
22877 visitors

Daily average 762

Thank you Br. Rich.

Political Prisoners :

Civil Discord Show



Re: The tragic break up of Pakistan.
How to bring Pakistan and Bangladesh closer
By Muhammad Abd al-Hameed

[This is a groundbreaking article and deserves attention. Tye details at the end can always be worked out. The important point is to bring them closer - Editor]

I was in Dhaka the day we won the world cup in cricket. The excitement was all over the place. In the morning, I had to visit a government office to get some information, accompanied by an official guide. Office after office was closed.

"Is there a strike?" I wondered.

"No, the officers are at home watching the cricket match," the guide explained.

Finally, he found an officer in his seat. "You have great sense of duty," I complimented him on his presence. The officer, with a white beard, smiled. "Well, I have my son at home, calling me every hour to give the latest score." There was widespread jubilation on the result, as if Bangladesh itself had won. Such were the emotions of the people.

After moving about for several days and meeting people, including public servants, it seemed that the people, if they could, would love to lift their country and place it next to Pakistan. Even after so many years, the separation and its aftermath had not diminished the deep Muslim brotherhood.

We can do now what we should have done back in 1971. We can create a framework that brings us closer and closer, overcoming the bitterness of the past. While retaining their separate identities, the two countries can unite in a confederation. Minimal in the beginning, the relations will grow gradually as trust and understanding increases.

How to do it? As the first step, Parliaments of the two countries should adopt the draft constitution given below to form "Pak Desh." It provides only a framework for bringing the two countries closer in their mutual interest, without imposing any action that any side may consider undesirable, or interfering in the affairs of either country. It also does not propose any grandiose plan, such as a common currency or common Parliament.

The Constitution of Pak Desh

WHEREAS the people of Pakistan and Bangladesh, having won Independence in 1947 as a single country, want to have as close relations as possible, while retaining their sovereignty and independence;

WHEREAS the people of both countries, being part of the Muslim Ummah, want to cooperate and collaborate in the promotion of Islam and closer relations with Muslims everywhere;

WHEREAS the two countries have common interests and objectives and want to work together to achieve them;

NOW, THEREFORE, they hereby adopt this Constitution, through their representatives in Parliaments of Pakistan and Bangladesh, and it will take effect from ___(date)_.

  1. Pakistan and Bangladesh will form a confederation, to be called Pak Desh.

  2. Pakistan and Bangladesh will retain their names, independence and sovereignty.

  3. Pakistan and Bangladesh will be called henceforth respectively Western and Eastern Wings of Pak Desh.

  4. President The head of Pak Desh will be Pak Desh President.

  5. On the recommendation of the Government of either Wing, Parliaments of both Wings will elect as the Pak Desh President a person, who qualifies to be elected the President of his Wing, with votes of more than 50 percent of the total members in each case.

  6. Pak Desh President will continue in office until he resigns, is declared unfit mentally and physically or Parliament of either Wing shows lack of confidence in him with a vote of more than 50 percent of its total members.

  7. Council Pak Desh will have a Council, to be called Pak Desh Council, consisting of Ministers of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Interior of the Government of Pakistan and Government of Bangladesh.

  8. While discussing an issue that is not under the jurisdiction of any of the Council Members, the relevant Ministers of both Wings will be invited to participate.

  9. Pak Desh President will preside over the meetings of the Pak Desh Council.

  10. The Council will meet at least once in every three months.

  11. The Council will take all decisions with consensus of its members.

  12. A decision of the Council will take effect after 90 days unless Parliament of either Wing overrules it before it takes effect.

  13. If Parliament of a Wing modifies a decision of the Council before the end of 90 days, the modification will take effect after the approval of Parliament of the other Wing.

  14. Secretariat The Secretariat of Pak Desh will have offices in Islamabad and Dhaka and will consist of the staff provided on deputation by the Government of the relevant Wing, as needed.

  15. The Governments of the two Wings will approve the budget of Pak Desh, with each Government bearing half of the total budget expenditure.

  16. The official languages of the Secretariat will be Urdu and Bangla.

  17. Every staff member of the Secretariat will be very fluent in both languages, to be able to read and write any document in either language without difficulty.

  18. Islam Both Wings will cooperate and collaborate in the promotion of Islam through all possible means and in having closer relations with Muslims everywhere.

  19. The embassies and diplomatic missions of the two Wings will collaborate to improve relations of Pak Desh with Muslim countries.

  20. Foreign policy Both Wings will consult each other on foreign policy matters and their embassies and diplomatic missions will collaborate on common issues.

  21. Visa Each Wing will set up visa offices in major cities of the other Wing.

  22. Visa offices will receive applications directly through registered post. Interviews will not be required for tourist and business visas.

  23. The visitors from one Wing to the other Wing will not have to report their arrival and departure at a police station. On arrival and departure, a visitor will submit only a report card at immigration counter.

  24. Defense If a Wing is attacked, it will be considered an attack on the other Wing also and both will fight together against the aggressor with all available means, including nuclear weapons.

  25. Both Wings will cooperate and collaborate in defense matters, including training, equipment supply and joint exercises.

  26. Commerce The trade between the two Wings will be considered internal, subject only to essential regulations.

  27. A private or public limited company in either Wing will be allowed to set up an office or factory in the other Wing without requiring formal permission, after informing the central bank of each Wing,.

  28. There will be no duties or taxes on the items traded between the Wings, if grown, produced or manufactured mostly locally.

  29. Buyers in a Wing will pay in their own currency for imports from the other Wing.

  30. The currency of a Wing will be converted into the currency of the other Wing only through scheduled banks and at a rate determined daily by the central bank of the respective Wing.

  31. Communication The Governments of the two Wings will set up an undersea optic fiber link between them, share the initial cost and running expenses and offer it free of charge to telecom companies of both Wings, provided they apply domestic rates to their customers for inter-Wing voice calls and other communications.

  32. Domestic postal rates will apply to the surface mail between the two Wings.

  33. Each Wing will subsidize by at least 50 percent the fares of the Lahore-Dhaka and Karachi-Dhaka flights of its national carrier.

  34. Both Wings will arrange with India for transit of direct passenger and goods trains between them, under Indian escorts.

  35. Education The public sector universities and other educational institutions in one Wing will admit students from the other Wing on merit, whether they get scholarships from their Government or want to study at their own expense.

  36. The Government of a Wing will promote the teaching of the national language of the other Wing in its educational institutions.

  37. Sports Both Wings will hold regular annual inter-Wing matches in athletics, cricket, hockey, football, and other sports.

  38. The best players of both Wings in a sport may form Pak Desh teams to play against teams of other countries.

  39. Culture Each Wing will set up cultural centers in the major cities of the other Wing to promote better understanding.

  40. The feature films produced in one Wing will be shown in the other Wing without any restrictions, whether in original, dubbed or with subtitles, to provide larger markets to their film industries.

  41. Joint production of films will be encouraged with government subsidies.

  42. The state-owned and private television channels of both Wings will be encouraged to exchange content and to produce it jointly.

  43. The Government of both Wings will sponsor exchange visits of university teachers and students, journalists, writers, etc.

  44. The newspapers and magazines of a Wing may print facsimile editions in the other Wing to promote better understanding of their Wing. The facsimile editions will not publish local advertisements and news to avoid conflict with local publications.

  45. Cooperation The two Wings will continue to explore possibilities of cooperation and collaboration in all fields of common interest.

War News

 War News


Tahrir [al-Nusra] Advancing North of Hama and South of Aleppo.
IS making Comeback in Deir ez Zor and trying to enter Damascus. Iranian General Killed.
Russian Lie Caught and Pinpointed by SOHR

December 17. Heavy fighting continued all week between regime forces and Islamic groups led by Tahrir [al-Nusra] west of Damascus. Regime forces led by Lebanese Hizb captured several hills and positions but the clashes are ongoing. {SOHR reports a regime helicopter shot down killing three senior officers of the Assad regime.]

Also December 17. Heavy fighting continued for this entire week west of Bokamal on the Syria-Iraq border. Islamic State [IS] fighters used guerrilla tactics, emerging from the desert to attack heavily armed Lebanese Hizb, Iranian and other Shia forces. As a result, the regime forces were not able to move towards Bokamal. The regime [Shia] forces suffered 67 killed [which is a heavy loss for one week] but SOHR [Syrian Observatory notes that IS suffered heavily too because it was using martyrdom operators and was also subjected to shelling by the regime forces. As a result 52 Islamic State fighters were killed. ]

In the battle for Bokamal, IS mujahideen killed Iran's Major General Mehdi Qarash Mohammadi. Also killed with him were 5 Shia troops from Afghanistan known as the Fatimyoun and 2 from Pakistan known as the Zainabyoun.
Earlier, Iran's IRGC Commander Hamid Ziyayi and a close associate of General Soleimani, Khairollah Samadi were killed while battling IS mujahideen.
[Source for Iranian losses: Defai Iran press which also published their photos. ]

December 17, fighting continued north of Hama between regime forces [various Shia nationalities] and Tahrir [al-Nusra] and other Islamic factions. Russian air strikes are continuing.

December 11 to 17. Fighting continued south of Aleppo. Tahrir [al-Nusra] and Islamic groups allied to it took back the areas which had been captured by regime forces earlier in the week.

Regime forces tried to enter Idlib province which is ruled by Tahrir [al-Nusra] but were repulsed by Turkistan Islamic fighters [from China]

December 13. Deir ez Zor province. In support of Kurdish SDF forces, the US air force coalition bombed Jethri vlllage killing 23 civilians, including 8 children and 6 women.

As the fighting around Damascus continues, the population is suffering horrendous setbacks owing to destruction of facilities by Assad's helicopters dropping barrel bombs and Lebanese Hizb pounding the Islamic towns with artillery.

December 13: Islamic State [IS} fighters advanced into the al-Tadamoun area of Assad's capital Damascus after severe clashes with elite Alawite-Shia troops.


"The Russian Ministry of Defense announced 4 days ago, by a big lie spread by the media outlets of the Assad regime, its pro-media as well as the Russian media, where they said that 'there is no area under the control of the Islamic State organization on the Syrian territory.' This is a major lie In which Russia is trying to hide the fact that the IS organization continues to exist on the Syrian territory in several provinces of Syria......

The report then goes on to list the towns and territories under IS control.

SOHR has also pinpointed the tragic situation of Muslim groups that in several areas of Syria, they are fighting each other instead of the regime,
[Also, on December 13, Turkish troops clashed with Communist Kurds [YPG} near Ashma in the Kobani area in Turkey's effort to place the tomb of historic Turkish figure Suleyman Shah in its rightful place.]


New Fighting Rippling across the Country

December 17. In the Nahrwan area, near Mosul, IS gunmen killed three regime Federal Policemen, and fled.

Christians of Bartella village, east of Mosul, came out to demonstrate against atrocities by Shia troops which have been breaking into homes and molesting women. The protestors refused to leave. Finally regime troops opened fire wounding 5 of the protestors.

December 15. The regime hanged 38 Muslims suspected of being part of the Islamic State. The UN has protested at this mass hanging, seeing it as a violation of human rights with no legal process.

December 16 . A large Islamic State force attacked Shia forces near Sinjar, 120 km north west of Mosul. In the four battle which followed, regime forces suffered heavy casualties which it is not revealing.

Also at Haweish on the Iraq-Syria border, in a gunfight 3 IS fighters were killed along with 2 Shia troops killed and 6 wounded.

December 17, regime air force, installed by the US, killed 17 suspected IS fighters in air strikes in the Wadi al Qathaf area.

Another 8 IS were killed in joint land and air strikes in the rugged Meteibijah area.

December 13. Five women suspected of being part of the Islamic State were arrested while trying to cross the Tal Afar area.

Regime security went into a refugee camp near Ramadi and arrested 5 men suspected of being part of IS.

On the border of Salahuddin and Diyala provinces, IS snipers have blocked traffic.

In Sardasht [western Azerbaijan]. security forces opened fire on Kurdish protestors, killing two of them.


 Imam Ali Siddiqui

Oppression of Uyghur Muslims of East Turkistan
by: Imam Ali Siddiqui, 2017

Imam Ali Siddiqui is leading Islamic investigation of the rights of Uyghur Muslims in China.

Chinese and Uyghur Muslims
Islam was introduced in China through the Silk Road by Muslim merchants. Many Han people of China have accepted Islam. First masjid was built in 996 AD in Beijing. During the Emperor Kublai Khan (1260 to 1294), Islam flourished more and large number of Han Chinese became Muslim and established the Yuan dynasty in China. There had been many Muslim living during the Yuan dynasty territory since Kublai Khan. His successors were also tolerant of other religions. During Chiang Kai-shek period, there were 18 governors who were Muslims and Halal meat was commonly available across the China. Han Muslims are now live in Beijing, Shanghai, and Chengdu. They survived the Cultural Revolution waged by Mao Zedong. They are prospering well. There are many masjids including 16 women-only masjids which are organized and administered by Muslim Women.

Uyghur Muslims of East Turkistan
Uyghur Muslims live in East Turkistan also known as Dogu Turkistan. It is occupied by China. China has renamed the area as Xinjian. Uyghur Muslims have been oppressed by the CCCP, Central Chinese Communist Party. Islam was introduced in Turkistan during the Khulfae Rashedoon era via Silk Road. Its most historic town is Kashgar which is known in the Muslim World for its scholarship, Madrasahs, and Islamic architecture. Turkistan was invaded by Tsar and Imperial China resulting in splitting the Turkistan and East Turkistan is oppressed ever since.
East Turkistan is located strategically on the Silk Road with Mongolia in the North, Kazakhstan in the North West, China in the East, Kirghizstan and Tajikistan the West, and Pakistan and Kashmir in the South

A Brief History of East Turkistan and Uyghur Muslims
Manchu Empire ruled China from 1644-1912 and they annexed East Turkistan in 1759. Communist Part of China (CCCP) invaded East Turkistan in 1912. Uyghur have been facing oppression for about 256 years. Thousands of Uyghurs have fled from East Turkistan creating a large diaspora in Europe, Western Turkistan (Known with its 5 linguistic based Socialist Republics), Turkey, Middle East, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Australia, and even in China itself. Their children and grandchildren still have some connection with their motherland; however, they are also assimilating in their new environment and societies.

Oppression and Persecution of Uyghur Muslims by Chines Colonial Authorities
In the last few years young Uyghurs are forbidden to enter masjids and madrassahs. Imams of masjids are humiliated and forced to drink alcohol in front of Uyghur Muslims and to dance in public. Muslim merchants are forced to open their restaurants during Ramadan, offer alcohol, and pork dishes. Shopkeepers are forced to sell alcohol, and pork. Fasting is forbidden and Chinese authorities have employed special trained dogs to find Muslims who are fasting and force them to break their Fast with Alcohol. Possession of Quran is also forbidden under the law and the Chinese Police is raiding homes to pick up Qurans to destroy them. The historical masjids, madrasahs, and mausoleums are bulldozed to make malls, markets, offices, and apartments for Han immigrants to East Turkistan. Han Chinese people are forced to migrate to support Chinese mining of precious metals and other projects including running businesses. Chinese colonial authorities are changing the majority Uyghur population into a minority.

Dilemma of Uyghurs
Uyghur are not able to organize any peaceful protest against Chinese oppression and hard conditions. China declares any protest as terror and arrests organizers and participants. China is also exploiting US perpetual "War on Terror!" and gets away from any International criticism. Most trading nations have Trade Deficit with China and many trading partners are also borrowing from China such as US. It has discouraged them to speak up against China's atrocities in East Turkistan against Uyghur Muslims.

China's new project "One Belt, One Road" is also allowing China to get away from her crimes against Uyghur Muslims. She has her neighbors such as Pakistan, Central Asian nations, African nations are tied up in this project and they cannot afford to criticize China.
Even some International Islamic Educational Institutions such as Azher University, Cairo, are under China's pressure and are letting Egyptian police arrest Uyghur students and return them to China for persecution.

For Palestine From Karachi, Pakistan

 Karach Jerusalem rally

Huge Jerusalem rally in
Karachi on December 16.

Leaders were from
Jamaate Islami, Sirajul Haq, ameer, Munawar Hasan, former ameer and Naimur Rahman, Karachi leader.

Medical Advantages of Sajda (Prostration)

Medical Advantages of Sajda (Prostration)

[With thanks to Sis. Yasmin.]

 Medical Advantages of Sajda

'And to Allah prostrates whoever is within the heavens and the earth, willingly or by compulsion, and their shadows [as well] in the mornings and the afternoons'.

{Source~ 'Quran' Surat Ar-Ra`d (The Thunder) ~ سورة الرعد 13 A# 15.

'Sajda' (Prostration) is a unique position or stance in the regular prayers, which a Muslim is supposed to offer at least five (5) times a day. Although the basic purpose of obligatory prayers is not to provide an exercise for people yet it is being increasingly recognized that it has plenty of medical advantages for the human body {!}

Here it is worth mentioning that Prophet Muhammed (peace be upon him) has mentioned in a 'Hadith' in Ibn Maja...
' Prayer is a Cure for many Diseases'...
The position of 'Sajda' in which the forehead touches the ground is exclusively associated with the
Muslim form of prayer.

In a Hadith narrated by Anas bin Malik (R.A.)
Prophet (peace be upon him) advised Muslims to perform 'Rukuu' (bowing) and 'Sajda' (Prostration) properly.

In another 'Hadith' he (peace be upon him) advised to perform 'Sajda' (Prostration) and Bowing calmly and to get up only when the body has come to ease.

Hence the first positive effect upon a person who prostrates or does 'Sajda' (Prostration) is that he comes nearest to Allah and hence in that condition he can supplicate.
Psychological advantage:

This is a great psychological advantage and it gives relief to the person concerned as life is full of worries and in this position he gets at least a transient refuge from agonizing problems.

When a person goes to the position of 'Sajda' (Prostration) his whole body is in active motion.

This position can be considered as a mini dive as the 'Musalli' (one who offers prayer) goes to rest his forehead on the ground while his hands are placed at the sides.

This brings most of the body muscles if not all in active motion and serves to give them some exercise. The hands are then specifically stretched out and thence the forearm as well as arm muscles are supposed to bear the weight in the Sajda (Prostration) position.

It gives good exercise to the muscles of the upper limb.
The Prophet (peace be upon him) in a 'Hadith' advised us not to put the forearms flatly on the ground but to keep them elevated above ground and this is better for the forearm and arm muscles.

Sajda (Prostration) is a unique position as this is the only position in which brain (or head) becomes lower than the heart and hence for the first time the blood gushes towards the brain with full force...! whereas in all other positions (even when lying) brain is above the heart when it has to work against gravity to send blood to the brain.
In the position of 'Sajda' (Prostration) due to the increased blood supply the brain receives more nourishment and it has good effect upon memory, vision, hearing, concentration, psyche and all other cognitive abilities !

People who offer their prayers regularly have more will power and can cope with the difficulties of life in a much better manner.

They have less incidence of headaches, psychological problems and other defects of cognitive function. In the unique position of Sajda (Prostration) the neck muscles get best exercise. They have to bear the load when the forehead lies at the ground hence the neck muscles become stronger. One can note the tense pressure at the neck muscles in the position of Sajda (Prostration) specially the active motion of the neck and the facial muscles when the head is being lifted. (e.g. one inch above the ground) and it will be noticed that they are in a very active motion.

More strong cervical muscles mean the cervical vertebra will be better protected. Strength of cervical muscles is important as the head rests upon cervical vertebra supported by cervical musculature. In fact head performs rotator movements over the cervical vertebra.

In any accident cervical neck examination is especially important to the physicians because of its extraordinary importance. It is uncommon that a person who offers his prayers regularly will get the usual neck Myalgias or cervical Spondylosis as the neck muscles particularly become very strong due to the 'Sajdas' (Prostrations) offered daily in five prayers...{!}

The unique position of 'Sajda' (Prostration) also has positive effects upon the back muscles as while going into Sajda and getting up from it the back muscle contract actively and they become stronger. Probably it is because of this reason that a person who is regular in prayers will (rarely) get a backache.

Finally it must be reminded that (even though) prayer is not meant to be an exercise, there are a lot of medical advantages associated with it. Still the best blessing is the peace of mind, which a person derives by the accomplishment of his duty to Allah by fulfilling an obligation.

{ Source of Article ~ Dr. Muhammad Karim Beebani, Saudi Gazette.}

{Source~ 'Quran' Surat Ar-Ra`d (The Thunder) ~ سورة الرعد 13 A# 15.

~ My 'Salaams' to All ~
Courtesy : Sis Yasmin.

 The Thunder

'All that is on earth will Perish. But will abide {Forever}
the Face of thy LORD, full of Majesty, Bounty and Honour'

{'Quran'- Surah Al-Rahman-55. A # 26-27 }

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