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16 Safar 1439 A.H.- November 5, 2017 Issue # 45, Newsletter #1731

Hadith of the Week

 Hadith of the Week

The Prophet, peace be upon him, loved Usman, r.a., above others.

{When Umm Kulthum, r.a., wife of Usman, r.a, daughter of the Prophet, pbuh, died, it had a grave impact on Usman, r.a. "Seeing the sorrow etched on his face, Allah's messenger, pbuh, drew close to him and said:
: "If we had a third daughter, we would give her to you O Usman."

[recorded by al-Haythemi with a sound chain of narrators.]

Comment by Kaukab Siddique:

Owing to ongoing Shia rafidi and Aghan Khani attack on Usman, r,a., it is important to authenticate the character of Usman in the Islamic narrative. He was a carring, compassionate and loving husband of such high quality that the Prophet, pbuh, gave him the highest praise even at the time of extreme sorrow.

 Breaking News

November 5.

Saudi Arabia arrested 11 of its princes in an attempt to move against corruption.

November 4
The Prime Minister of Lebanon resigned claiming that he fears he will be murdered. Role of Hizbullah in Lebanon suggested.

November 2-5
The leaders of Catalonia, the province of Spain attempting to break away, have been imprisoned.



The Balfour Declaration: The Origins of the Arab-Israeli Conflict

Review by C. Rubenberg -- Middle East Policy Council
In his extraordinary book The Balfour Declaration, Jonathan Schneer provides an in-depth look at the process by which the document that birthed the State of Israel came about and situates it in the whole of British Middle East policy during World War I ... The Arabs never knew about Britain's conspiracy with France or about the Balfour ... So overwhelming is the sense after reading this book of British duplicity, deceit, double-dealing, obfuscation, ambiguity and back-stabbing in its relations with all the parties involved that one feels it necessary to highlight it ... Britain herself wanted Palestine. London believed that, by controlling Palestine, it could better secure the Suez Canal and maintain the puppet monarchy it had installed in Cairo.

 Remember Prisoners

Where is Shaykh Faisal?
What is happening to Dr. Aafia?
How is Imam Jamil's health?
Why does Masoud Khan continue to be in prison?
Shifa Sadequee?
Ziyad Yaghi?
Dr. Ali Timimi?
Contact them. Forgetting our prisoners emboldens the oppressors.

Political Prisoners :

Civil Discord Show



Does Allah forgive Hypocrites?
Made in America "Islam" or "Moderate Islam." How ICNA's Siraj Wahhaj plays this game.

On November 3, Siraj Wahhaj gave the Juma khutba at masjid Ibrahim in Delaware. ICNA and ISNA have publicized him so much that at least an Islamically acceptable khutba was expected.

Unfortunately the khutba was not about Allah and His messenger but about Siraj Wahhaj.

  1. He talked about his fame with the claim that he is spreading Islam around the world.

  2. He claimed that he even gives prayers for people to have children, sort of like a saint in Pakistan.

  3. He talked about his children.

  4. He focused on one of his sons who had not been doing well but now, suddenly, he is doing well.

  5. He talked about his personality and about his impressive beard which draws people to him.

  6. He went to the extent of talkng about himself in the third person like: Siraj Wahhaj why are you doing this .......

  7. He made only one reference to the Qur'an and in this he stumbled so badly that it creates the impression that he has not studied the Qur'an or that he is twisting the Qur'an to support Made In America "Islam," also known as "moderate Islam."

  8. He wanted to prove that Islam is very gentle with hypocrites and does not punish them. For this purpose, Siraj brought up the hadith according to which Allah said that Muslims should forgive hypocrites 70 times. The Prophet, pbuh, was asked to pray for the soul of the biggest hypocrite of Madinah, Ibn Ubayy, and even decided to say his funeral prayers. When he, pbuh, was commanded that even if he asks forgiveness for hypocrites 70 times, Allah would not forgive them.

  9. The Prophet, pbuh, said that he would ask for the hypocrite's forgiveness MORE than 70 times, and went ahead and prayed for Ibn Ubayy.

  10. The hadith is correct. The Prophet, pbuh, was always loving and kind and wanted to forgive. However, Siraj Wahhaj owing to his ignorance of the Qur'an, does not know that this is one of the powerful points in the Qur'an where Allah FORCEFULLY CORRECTED the Prophet, pbuh, and NEVER after that prayed for a munafiq.

  11. This is the verse about 70 times forgiveness:

    "Whether you ask forgiveness for them [o Muhammad] or ask not forgiveness for the. ....and even if you ask seventy times for their forgiveness. ... Allah will not forgive them for they have disbelieved in Allah and His messenger, and Allah guides not those who are disobedient consistently." [The Qur'an 9:80]

    Hadith tells us that the Prophet, pbuh, said, if necessry he would ask forgiveness more than 70 times.

  12. Siraj does not know that Allah corrected the Prophet, pbuh, only 4 verses down from 9:80:

    "And never [O Muhammad] pray for any of the hypocrites who dies, nor stand at his grave." [9:84]

  13. Siraj Wahhaj is not only ignorant of the Qur'an but also of the hadith which he tried to use. After mentioing this entire incident, the hadith concludes with these words:

    "After that the messenger of Allah, pbuh, did not offer the funeral prayer for any hypocrite nor did he stand at his grave, until Allah took his soul." [Sahih Muslim hadith #2400]

    This is one of the great instances in which Umar, r.a., differed with the Prophet, pbuh, and the Qur'an supported Umar, r.a.

    Hence the famous saying of the Prophet, pbuh: If there were to be a prophet after me, it would be Umar.' [Sunan of Titmidhi]

    A point of fiqh here is that we should pray for those who are alive. A living hypocrite or wrong doer can change, not a dead one.

[Other verses in the Qur'an urge Muslims to fight the munafiqun. For instance see 9:71]

{Remember that the mass murderer Assad of Syria and General Sissi of Egypt also claim to be Muslims.]

[It should also be remembered that Siraj Wahhaj helped a Zionist Jewish judge, Michael Mukasey, to sentence the superb Islamic scholar Dr. Omar Abdel Rahman to life in prison. The diabetic, blind, scholar died in prison in miserable condions. Neither Siraj nor ICNA or ISNA had a word of compassion in all those years. May Allah burn this hypocrite Siraj Wahhaj in hell]



[In Urdu language.]
A video worth watching. Put it in your browser to watch it.

A new political force in Pakistan

Why is ex-PM Nawaz Sharif not Arrested?
For 70 years, regime did not contact Qaid's only Daughter. Now she is dead in New York.

by Qaiser Sharif

LAHORE, Nov. 4; Ameer, Jamaat e Islami, Pakistan, Senator Sirajul Haq, has said that NAB Chairman had been appointed with the consentthe ruling party and the PPP therefore why should they object to NAB's working. He was addressing a big public meeting at Narowal on Saturday.

Sirajul Haq urged the judiciary to ensure an effective accountability so that the nation could get rid of the plunderers. He said those ruing the country considered themselves above the law and accountability. To them, power was a gold mine and they were free to make as much money as they liked. However, he said it was the responsibility of the courts to set up JITs for probe against the other people named in the Panama leaks and bring them to the dock.

The JI chief said it was unfortunate that while the ruling elite had been enjoying milk and butter, the man in the street was facing the problems of poverty, unemployment and lawlessness. The rulers had built palaces inside the country and abroad through their ill gotten wealth whereas the masses could hardly pay utilities bills and their children were even deprived of primary education. Due to the scarcity of health facilities, the poor were dying at the hospital doors.

Sirajul Haq said that according to reports of national and international organizations, around five lakh people were suffering from hepatitis while more than 80,000 were suffering from cancer. Around 35 per cent of the Pakistanis were suffering from blood pressure while 88 per cent of the people could not get clean drinking water. Besides, there were only 1167 government hospitals for the 220 million Pakistanis and the patients did not get even aspirin tablet there.

He said it was interesting that the rulers spent years in Britain and the US but were not ready to follow the good policies of these countries. He said it was an irony that a person disqualified by the court came to face trial in a process.

Sirajul Haq said the JI wanted to open the corridors of power to the common man so that they could represent the masses in the real sense. He said if the masses voted the JI to power, the kisans and factory workers would be made shareholders in the produce of the farms and factories and every form of exploitation would be stopped.

Sirajul Haq said that dozens of JI leaders had been in the assemblies and in the government but there was no corruption spot on them.

LAHORE, Nov. 4; Secretary General, Jamat e Islami, Liaqat Baloch, has called for ensuring proper security to the investment of the overseas Pakistanis in the country. He was talking to a delegation of the overseas Pakistanis from UAE and Qatar.

Liaqat Baloch said the overseas Pakistanis were a great and respectable asset for the country and their concern over the prevailing political situation in the country was appreciable. He stressed the overseas Pakistanis should be taken on board on the national issues and they should also be give the voting right.

The JI central leader expressed deep grief over the sad demise of the Quaid e Azam's only child Dina Wadia and said the whole nation shared the grief. He deplored that during that last seventy years, the government had made no practical effort to contact the Quaid's family.

War News

 War News


Russia Destroys Deir Ez Zor Defenses.
35,000 Civilians flee Hama as Shias advance.
Attacks on Bokamal Repulsed twice
Fighting erupts near Israeli occupied areas.

Islamic State has no way of defending itself against air attacks by Russia coming from the west and American Special Forces and large Kurdish Communist forces coming from the east and north east. On the ground IS does well but any city it holds crumbles under a storm of bombing by the two superpowers.
ISIS will have to find a different way of fighting. The firepower against it is overwhelming. Conventional warfare has failed because the opponents of the Caliphate do not respect any norms of warfare. Even the wives and children of Islamic fighters were targeted by both air forces in Mayadeine.

IS should not have alienated al-Nusra. The Assad regime now has enough resources to move against Tahrir al-Sham [al-Nusra, al Qaida] as well.

Turkey did a stab in the back by blocking Muslim reinforcements which used to come from around the world for the Caliphate.

IS is too strict. Even smoking is not allowed. Execution of a few homos and rapists has traumatized western opinion.

On the positive side, Caliphate was established, though it is being drowned in blood. It simply means Caliphate forces will probably re-emerge wiser.

Latest News
November 3. Russia wiped out the ISIS defenses in Deir ez Zor. There was a steady stream of cruise missiles from Russian submarines, ships and jet bombers.

Russian-Hizb-Iranian-Shia forces advanced into the Hama countryside. More than 35000 civilians fled as the regime forces advanced.

November 4-5
Iranian-Shia forces advanced from Iraq into Syria to attack Bokamal.

From the west, Regime forces advanced from Deir ez Zor towards Bokamal. IS counter attacks beat back both assaults with heavy shia losses. According to Syrian Observatory, regime forces have been forced to retreat back to 30 miles from Bokamal.

November 2-4. Tahrir [al-Nusra, al-Qaida] launched an offensive which opened up a corridor from Quneitra to southern Damascus. However the corridor could not be maintained owing to regime artillery fire.

During the fighting near the Israeli occupation, the people of the occupied Golan thought that the mujahideen had broken the border and people rushed to meet relatives on the Syrian side. The Israelis soon put a stop to that.

November 2-5. Tahrir [al-Nusra, al-Qaida] launched offensives north of Hama and south of Aleppo. With the help of other groups it beat back the regime forces but is now under Russian air attacks..

All week there has been fighting around Damascus with the regime using heavy weapons to force the population to leave.

However, regime forces were beaten back in the Ein Terma-Jobar area by Rahman Corp, by Jaysh al-Islam in a central front and by ISIS in the Yarmuk-Hajr Aswad area.

On November 3 in northwestern Azrbaijan
province on the Chaldoran border with Turkey,
Islamic militants, suspected al-Qaida clashed with Iranian border guards. At last reports 8 Iranian guards were killed. iran says it inflicted losses on the militants.


Massacre of children by Egyptian Air Forece.
17 Children 2 Women killed.

The number of casualties of Monday's raid in which one or more private houses were hit, is still uncertain. While it is reported that at least fifteen people died, reports from Derna say that 20 civilians were killed and a further 23 wounded. Of the dead, all are said to have been children apart from two women and a man


On November 3, gunmen kidnaped 4 engineers, 3 Turks and a South African, while they were travelling from Ubari airport to the Enka power plant they are setting up.
IS is suspected. After the US and UAE air forces bombed them out of Sirte, they have developed desert warfare.

News Within the U.S. & Canada

Officers Should be required to Identify Themselves and to Explain the Incident.
 News within the US

[Courtesy Center for Constitutional Rights.]
 CCR's Darius Charney

You have the Right to Know

Because the NYPD is the largest police force in the country, New York's policies and laws can have a profound affect on how other cities approach policing. That's why police reform in New York is a national issue. CCR is part of the coalition behind a major push for the Right to Know Act to improve the NYPD's transparency and accountability. CCR's Darius Charney, lead counsel in our landmark stop-and-frisk case, Floyd v. City of New York, spoke at a press conference in front of City Hall on Wednesday.

The bills comprising the Right to Know Act have majority support in the New York City Council: the first, Int. 182B, would help end abuses in a range of police encounters by requiring officers to identify themselves and explain the reason for the interaction; the second, Int. 541A, would require officers to obtain objective proof that a person gave informed and voluntary consent to a search.

The Right to Know Act was introduced over three years ago, and there are now only two months left in the Council's legislative session.

We need people to demand that New York City Council Members Ritchie Torres and Antonio Reynoso end the long delays and either pass the Right to Know Act or discharge it by the November 16 City Council meeting - the last opportunity where council members can pass the bills with enough time to override a potential mayoral veto.

New Yorkers, take action: Call Council Member Torres at 212-788-6966 and Reynoso at 212-788-7095, and ask them to "Pass or discharge the 'Right to Know Act' by November 16."


Is there anything above prayers in importance??
Please scroll to the end.

[With thanks to Sis. Yasmin]

'Bismillah Walhamdulillah Was Salaatu Was

Salaam 'ala Rasulillah'.

'As-Salaam Alaikum Wa-Rahmatullahi Wa- Barakatuhu'

Narrated Mu'adh ibn Jabal: (Allah be pleased with him)

I said to Allah's Messenger

[Peace be upon him]

"Inform me about an act which would entitle

me to get into Paradise,

and remove me away from Hell-Fire".

The Prophet [peace be upon him] said:

You have asked me about a matter which ostensibly appears to be difficult but

it is easy to those for whom

ALLAH [the Exalted] has made it easy.

  1. /- Worship Allah and do not associate

    anything with him~

  2. /- Establish Prayer~

  3. /- Pay the Zakat~

  4. /- Observe the fast of Ramadan
  5. ~

    and ...

  6. /- Perform 'Hajj' to the sacred House...

    [ Ka'bah].

The Prophet [Peace be upon him] said:

Should I not direct you to the gateways of good ?

Listen to me...

The Fasting is a shield against evil~

Charity extinguishes the fire of sin... just as water extinguishes fire~ The Prayer of a person during the middle of the night... he then recited ... 'Who Forsake their Beds'... then he continued...

Should I not direct you to the highest level of this matter to the Pillar on which it rests and its top... ?

I said...'Yes do tell me'...

Prophet [Peace be upon him answered...

The uppermost level of the matter is~


its Pillar is the Prayer and its Top is 'Jihad'

Should I not inform you of the sheet anchor of all this...?

I said...

'Yes Allah's Apostle of course do it'. he took hold of his Tongue and said:


I said: 'Apostle of Allah, would we be held responsible for what we say with it' ?

Thereupon Prophet

[Peace be upon him] said...

' Mu'adh, may your mother be bereaved.

will anything else besides irresponsible talk cause the people to be thrown into the Hell-Fire upon their faces or on their nostrils !

{~ Source:Hadith Tirmidhi Transmitted by Ahmad,

Tirmidhi, Ibn Majah. }

My 'Salaams' To You All.

~Y a s m i n ~

"I Want to Die With my Forehead on the Ground,

The Sunnah in my Heart, Allah on my Mind,
Qur'an on my Tongue, and Tears in my Eyes!"
[In Shaa Allah 'Aameen']

' Son of Adam! You are nothing but a number of days, whenever each day passes then part of you has Gone!
{Al-Hasan Al-Basree}

Courtesy: This beneficial mail was shared by Sister Yasmin.

May Allah Bless & reward her generously!

(Ameen) (Ameen)(Ameen)

~'Aameen' Wa Iyyak Brother Usman ~

'Jazak Allah Khair' for your generous 'Duas'~

The Messenger of Allah (sal Allahu alaihi wa sallam) said,

"When Allah wishes good for someone, He bestows upon him the understanding of the Deen." [Bukhari]

Brother-in-faith Mohammad Usman ( Jeddah-Saudi Arabia )
[ Source Of Hadith Transmitted by Ahmad,Tirmidhi & Ibn Majah


In the Name of ALLAH, The Beneficent, The Merciful

10 SAFAR 1439 A.H.

(Oct 31, 2017)


Assalaamu Alaikum WRWB:

I begin with a prayer that this Open Letter (on a very critical issue) will be received in the same spirit in which it is being conveyed. Our beloved Prophet (s.a.w.) has instructed: "When you see an evil action you must change it with your hand; if you cannot do so, with your tongue; if you cannot do so, detest it within your heart, [and know] that is the weakest degree of faith."

The jihad of speech, in the form of this Open Letter, is the strongest option available to your brother-in-Islam in response to something that I consider both sinister and dangerous. I begin with a rhetorical question to my brothers and sisters in leadership at ADAMS: Why are you ruining your image and reputation with this regrettable FBI initiative? Why are you making your community and the Muslim community-at-large more susceptible to the intrigues of forces outside of our community that don't mean us well?

Your embrace, and in-house promotion, of the FBI's "Junior Special Agents"program conveys the message to that agency - and to other "national security" agencies that operate on an oppressive paradigm - that you can do whatever you want to the members of our community and we will forgive. Furthermore, to demonstrate the depth of our (misplaced) patriotism, we will not only forgive you, we will assist you in your surveillance campaigns and even sacrifice our precious young (sons and daughters) to more red, white and blue indoctrination.

Those of you in favor of this program should have been at the National Coalition To Protect Civil Freedoms conference this past weekend, to witness (up close and personal) testimonials on some of the innocent lives ripped apart by the so-called "War on Terrorism" - more correctly termed the 'War on Islam' and Muslims - orchestrated on the domestic front in large part by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Those who attended the Council on American-Islamic Relations fundraising banquet (also this past weekend) should have listened to much of what was said without their pseudo-patriotic blinders on. Perhaps they might have come away with the correct realization that the FBI is NOT our "friend!"

We should not be seeking a 'comfort zone' at any price in America. We will not be accepted nor respected by attempting to cut corners on our principles and practices. Respect must be earned through the heated cauldron of struggle [for what is right and just]! May the vicissitudes of time find us worthy; Ameen.

In the struggle for peace thru justice,

El-Hajj Mauri' Saalakhan

FORWARDED INFO BELOW: Courtesy of a Concerned and Committed ADAMS Center Member>>>

REGISTER TODAY! FBI Junior Special Agents Sessions

Location: ADAMS Sterling

46903 Sugarland Rd, Sterling, VA 20164

Asalaam Alaykum! Dear Community:

ADAMS has long standing relationship with our Law Enforcement Partners. They have offered several programs in our community in the past. ADAMS Center will continue to participate in the Partner's programs to strengthen our community.

FBI-Washington Field Office (WFO) will be offering FREE Junior Special Agent (JSA) programs to our 5th and 6th graders. We have 37 children registered and we have 13 more seats available! Register now to save your spot!

•5th and 6th graders (public, private, and home-schooled students accepted)

How to register:

•In order to participate, please send your child's name, grade, school, to:

Please note that the last day to register is October 31st, 2017 or once class is full.

Session Dates:

•Please click here for the curriculum.

Session #1:
November 6, 2017, ADAMS Sterling - 9am-12pm

Session #2:
December 18, 2017, ADAMS Sterling - 9am-12pm

Session #3:
January 29, 2018, ADAMS Sterling - 9am-12pm

Session #4:
DATE TBD: This is the field trip to the museum, which we discussed scheduling on a weekend in February. ◦ February 10, 2018 is a tentative date.

Session #5:
This is the Symposium Day. We would like to schedule all participants to come together on March 6th or 7th. Location TBD.

Session #6:
Graduation. April 02, 2018, or on a weekend date at ADAMS Sterling.

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