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18 Mohurram 1439 A.H.- October 9, 2017 Issue # 41, Newsletter # 1727

 Hadith of the Week

Hadith of the Week

Prophets do not leave Inheritance. Prophethood is not a Family Business

Ayesha, r,a., narrates that once Fatima, r.a., [the daughter of the Prophet, pbuh], sent a message to Abu Bakr, r.a., [the first caliph] demanding her share of the inheritance in Madinah, Fadak, and Khaybar. Abu Bakr Siddiq, r.a., said: The messenger of Allah, pbuh, said that no inheritance comes out of what we own: Whatever we leave is charity, although the family of Muhammad [pbuh] can eat out of it. And [Abu Bakr, r.a., said]: I swear that I will never. leave the way of the messenger of Allah. {Thus he refused to give her the inheritance]. Fatima, r.a, felt her spirit burdened down by this answer, whereupon Abu Bakr, t.a., said: By Him in whose Hand is my life, I would love to help the family of the Prophet, pbuh, before my own family, but with reference to this property about which we disagree, I will not retreat from the Truth, and the way I have seen the Prophet, pbuh, doing things, I will not stop doing them the same way.
[Hadith in Sahih Bukhari #4240, Sahih Muslim # 1709, Musnad of Ahmad # 55]

Comment by Kaukab Siddique: Shias have been attacking and abusing Abu Bakr, r.a., for many centuries but there is no way out for the Shias. If Islam had been a family business, it would have been impossible to identify the real teachings of Islam. Shias have tried to connect every aspect of Islam to Ali, r.a., and Fatima, r.a. Hence their religion has become not Islam but a religion of a family..

An Invitation to Think

 Sister Raabia Ahmad

The Inner Causes of Illness

by Raabia Ahmad
[Stone Mountain, Georgia]

Illness ALWAYS begins on a metaphysical level and is then manifested on a spiritual, emotional and physical level. Prolonged traumas that we experience in life, manifest in our bodies and become illnesses such as, cancers, mental disorders, autoimmune diseases and much much more. In the process of healing many find that they are still sick. Until the underlying causes of illness (those that stem from trauma, experiences, spiritual illnesses etc) are addressed, no diet or medicine can CURE the true CAUSES of illnesses that lie in the heart and manifests in the mind and body.....



Helping Orphans in Gambia

by Br. Abu Talib

Help is needed for orphans in Gambia .
Even small amounts can help.

I am buying rice for the children because the brothers there have a feeding Program and I mentioned your name to that organizations there which is called
Educate the Orphans .

I am collecting funds to send to them to buy a bag of rice .

It is twenty seven dollars USA money for the bag of rice.


Tariq Elhassan.
Sudanese Prisoner
Died in Prison.
Not a Word in the Media.

by Nadrat Siddique

Another innocent is dead in prison: Tarig Elhassan. The 62-year old Sudanese was a very pious and family oriented man. Tragically, he spent the last 22 years in American prison for a crime he didn't commit, and died behind bars, his death ignored by all major media.

Elhassan was one of Dr. Omar Abdel Rahman's co-defendants. Then 40 years old, he was convicted of seditious conspiracy, b-mbing conspiracy, and attempted b-mbing, and sentenced to 35 years. No one was ever hurt in connection with the crimes for which he was railroaded, no ostensible plot materialized, and the case against him was based almost entirely on the word of one Emad Salem, a former Egyptian intelligence officer who was paid over $1,000,000 (one million dollars) and had a track record of lying.
[May Allah accept his sacrifice.]

[With thanks to Sis. Ayesha & Br. Ali Randall who brought this to our attention.]

Political Prisoners :

Civil Discord Show


Why is Nouman Ali Khan under Attack by ISNA supporters and Imam Magid et al?

NAK is boring and middle-of-the-road. That could be why ISNA feels Threatened.

Go to solutions at the end of the article.

by Kaukab Siddique, PhD

ISNA [the so-called Islamic Society of North America] has launched an all out attack on Nouman Ali Khan, a popular teacher of the Qur'an in America with worldwide influence. The attack is coming through Ms. Mattson, "imam" Magid, Altaf and others.

The question arises why is this well funded organization making this big effort to discredit Nouman Ali Khan?

What is not widely known about ISNA is that it has NEVER expressed concern about the suffering of Muslims who are not liked by the US power structure.

Consider these facts:

  1. Ms. Mattson came from a Christian missionary organization. She was suddenly made president of ISNA though few in the organization knew about her credentials as a Muslim.

  2. "Imam" Magid is known as a notable worker for the FBI. He claimed outright that he would hand over any Muslim to the FBI whom he considered an "extremist."

    His services were recognized with a plaque from the FBI which he proudly put up in his office.

  3. Some of ISNA's conventions have been directly sponsored by the White House.

  4. ISNA has never protested the mistreatment of Muslims by the American power structure.

    Think of THREE invasions of Gaza by Israel. ISNA response: Zero.

  5. Bombing of Iraq, followed by invasion and occupation. ISNA response: Zero

  6. Droning of Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia by USA. ISNA response: Zero.

  7. Police shootings of unarmed Black men in America: ISNA response. Zero

  8. Arrest, show trials and long prison sentences of Muslims whom the US does not like. ISNA response: Zero

  9. Abuse and extreme mistreatment of Muslim prisoners in Guantanamo Bay, Abu Ghraib and Bagram by USA: ISNA response: Zero

  10. Muslim women killed and/or raped by US troops in Iraq and by India in Kashmir. ISNA: Zero

  11. US Air Force bombing causing slaughter of Muslim women and children [families of Islamic State members] in Mayadin and Raqqa in Syria and Mosul in Iraq. [Human Rights watch just listed 84 such victims in Tabaqa, Syria. ] ISNA: Zero

  12. The brutalization and extensive imprisonment of Dr. Aafia Siddiqui and the murder of US citizen Anwar Awlaqi and his son in Yemen. ISNA: Zero

So the question arises: On what basis is ISNA - related crowd attacking Nouman Ali Khan? Obviously ISNA's record shown above indicates that this group's leaders are not moral agents.,

Has ISNA come up with any evidence against Nouman Ali Ali Khan? NO!

In fact Nouman Ali Khan teaches what is taught in ISNA conventions: Morality and study of the Qur'an and relevance of the Qur'an and the miracles and values of the Qur'an.. However, his quality of teaching and ability to explain in modern terminology is higher than any of the ISNA speakers I have heard.

Like them, he teaches against EXTREMISM.

Therein lies the reason for their attack on Nouman Ali Khan. He was TAKING AWAY ISNA's CONSTITUENCY: Middle Class, well to do American Muslims.

Instead of becoming a part of ISNA, he set up his own independent institute called Bayyinah.

In America it is quite common for women to attack established figures. Non-Muslim women have become quite aggressive. Charges against Cosby were brought 10, 20 even 30 years after the alleged incidents.

It could be catching on with Muslim women too. Most Muslim women do not approach a man through a Wali, or they ignore the Wali after the conversation has begun.

Often these conversations begin "on line" [which can be interpreted in a number of ways] or they are by phone or skype and can be re-interpreted if the proposal fails.

The women then bring the allegations which work in Muslim countries which are still very conservative but usually unthinkable in America.

For instance, if the woman says:

Do you like this dress?

And he replies:

You look beautiful in it.

If the proposal fails, she can claim that he made "inappropriate" comments.

In non-Muslim organizations, read the rules about sexual harassment. A Muslim male who is tempted by a bold woman could ruin his entire career by expressing his feelings.

I would urge men to be strict. Be modest. Islam teaches men to be modest. The most modest companion of the Prophet, pbuh, was a male: Usman, r.a.

While living in a non-Muslim society, we should be aware that the devil is rampant. However chaste one might be, the sin might emerge in the mind and soul and the devil might urge its expression in real life.

Allah forgives till actual sin is committed. Even then there is scope for tazkia and istaghfar and renewal of faith.

There is no evidence against Nouman Ali Khan. He is a good teacher. Let him continue his work. Bayyinah is a blessing.
ISNA supporters and government camp followers are indulging in slander, abuse and character assassination.


 Dr Kaukab Siddique

Latest Khutba

The Ongoing Tragedies in America Could be Warnings from Allah. Will Americans Wake up?

Look at the Terrible Suffering of Women in America. Many of them are like slaves.

On October 7, Br. Kaukab Siddique gave the Juma khutba at Masjid Jamaat al-Muslimeen and led the prayers. This small mosque was filled up with people including Africans, African Americans and Arabs.. Space will be needed downstairs. The community is very supportive of Br. Kaukab. Special thanks go to Br. Atiba and Br. Abdul Rahman for taking care of the security aspect.

The following is an outline of the khutba for distribution on the Internet, inshaAllah:


Then watch thou for the Day that the sky will bring forth a kind of smoke plainly visible.
Enveloping the people: this will be a Penalty Grievous.
(They will say:) "Our Lord! remove the Penalty from us for We do really believe!" [The Qur'an 44:10-12]

  1. If Allah wanted to destroy America, it would be over in a minute. Instead it seems that the angels are giving us warnings to wake us up and to seek Guidance.

  2. Houston, the 4th largest city in America became a lake for a few days. Corpus Christi became uninhabitable for weeks. Florida was hit. People fled from its east coast to its west coast but both sides were hit, so big was the hurricane, and then it put out the lights in far away Georgia.

  3. Then we have the horrific situation in Puerto Rico and neighboring islands. After 8 days, there are still no lights or cell phones and life is at a standstill.

  4. Evil is rampant but Americans don't realize it. In a mostly Christian country, homosexuality is being proclaimed as normal, with its grotesque appeal coming out of the bastions of Christianity, like churches.

  5. Allah destroyed Aad and Thamud and the community of Lot [Loot] owing to their gross violations of Allah's Law..

  6. We are so proud of our military power. Look at what Allah did to Pharoah. He was drowned along with his entire army. His body has been preserved for us to see even after thousands of years.

  7. Our rulers are like Pharoah in that they "kill" our males and keep our women for their entertainment. Look at how our males are being warehoused in prisons, "killed" spiritually and emotionally.

  8. Look at American women, many of them priding themselves on taking off their clothes and marching around almost nude, like the slave women of the time of Pharoah.

  9. We bomb civilians in Muslim countries, killing hundreds of women and children, hounding the hijabis who supported the fighting. The result is retaliation with this seemingly crazed gunman opening fire on a big crowd in "sin city.' The terrorist entity known as Israel exists owing to our support for evil.

  10. Part 2:

  11. America cannot save itself. We need people like Malcolm X, Dr. King, Imam Jamil, but look at what this country did to them.

  12. Coming out of hundreds of years of slavery, lynchings, segregation, unrelenting racism, genocide of Native Americans, humiliation of the Irish, the Germans, the Mexicans, what good can we expect from America despite the good deeds of numerous but scattered individuals.

  13. Islam is the only way out. We must insist on the Truth revealed by Allah and implemented by Muhammad, pbuh. We must teach about the Hereafter, about Heaven and Hell. There is a life after death. We will be judged. Evil cannot remain unpunished and Good will be rewarded.

  14. The conditions of women in America are terrible. We must pay attention. In many years, no one has been executed for rape, not even for rape with mutilation. . NOT ONE. Countries which the media tell us are backward, Saudi Arabia, Iran, the Islamic State EXECUTE rapists. Even with their weak versions of Islam, they will not let a woman be touched, let alone raped.

Dua': Ya Allah, help us to study the Qur'an, help us to study the hadith. Give us Islamic spouses, o Allah, Give us children who will stand with us for the Islamic cause.

War News

 War News


Turkey Attacks Mujahedeen with Russian air cover. Raqqa still Resisting. ISIS beat back Assad-Iran attack on Qaryatayn. Heavy Fighting in Deir-ez-Zor and Damascus suburbs. Assad's general and troops killed by IS.

October 5 to October 8.

Erdogan decided to send Turkish forces with Russian air support to crush al-Nusra [al-Qaida branch] [now called Tahrir al-Sham.]

The Islamic fighters are in control of Idlib province which is also full of refugees from cities which the Russians and the Shi'ite-Alawites have been bombing.

In this situation Turkey decided to indirectly support Assad by attacking Idlib and the Islamic forces there.

The first clash has already taken place: Turkish tank column breaking into an area north of Idlib was confronted by the mujahideen. Turkey is firing heavy artillery and the mujahideen are firing back with mortars. [SOHR, Reuters, ABC ]

ISIS took al-Qaryatayn [see previous New Trend] and a mountain and another town in Homs province. The Russian-Iranian column entered the al-Sukhnah area further east. Bitter fighting is taking place as the Russian-Iranian forces attacked the area captured by ISIS. It was a huge assault along with Shia militias and Lebanese Hizbullah. ISIS successfully withstood the assault and beat it back. There have been heavy losses in these battles with SOHR's documentation of 206 regime troops killed along with 219 Islamic State fighters killed.

Further down south both Russia and America have been bombing Muslim populations in Deir ez Zor and al-Mayadein. In five days of bombing 185 civilians have been killed. Of these 45 were children and 46 were women.

Russian air force is out of control. Along with the bombing, Russia is firing cruise missiles from its ships. Its latest claims have brought out the fact that many of the Russian claims are fake. On October 3, Russian claimed that its bombing had killed the Islamic leader al-Jawlani, the head of al-Nusra [al-Qaida] now Tahrir al-Sham. Also with Jawlani, Russia claimed that it had killed ALL 15 of al-Nusra's commanders and their security units. Syrian Observatory researched this claim and found that it was entirely false. Neither Jawlani nor his commanders nor their security had been killed or wounded. The Russians had hit an Islamic police unit maintaining law and order in Idlib and killed 8 policemen.

October 8. The latest news is that al-Nusra has launched an offensive in northeastern Hama province and captured the strategically place village of Abu Dali,.Turkish troops are reported trying to enter Syria from Bab Hawa.

Two tank columns are trying to enter Deir ez Zor province and el-Mayadein, the strongholds of ISIS: SDF kurds from the north with US air support and Assad's forces from the east with Russian air support. both are meeting stiff resistance: 6 SDF Kurds and 9 ISIS have been killed in one battle.

In the other battle 37 Assad troops, [including a BRIGADEIR GENERAL] and 27 ISIS fighters were killed.

In the area of the DAMASCUS suburbs, Assad forces are launching ground to ground missiles and barrel bombs from helicopters. However the regime forces could not beat back Jaysh al-Islam and ar-Rahman fighters in Jobar and others sectors around Damascus.

An IS martyrdom operator hit police headquarters in the center of Damascus city killing 11 of Assad's police forces.

Fighting continues in Raqqa though the city has been destroyed by US air force. More air strikes are going on. A British man who joined SDF was killed in Raqqa.


October 8: Fighting between Islamic State fighters and regime troops continued after 4 months. Air strikes killed 7 of the fighters but the army attack was repulsed.

Media say that very few fighters are left in Marawi and these should be wiped out by October 15.

Niger[North of Nigeria]

On October 4, in an al-Qaida Islamic attack at Tonga village near the border with Mali, 4 US Special forces and 5 Nigerian troops working with the US wee killed. Two US troops were wounded. . These US troops are the elite Green Berets from Ft. Bragg in North Carolina. [Washington Post.]

The remaining US troops were able to withdraw from the area under cover fire by French troops.


October 8: In Jeddah a Saudi palace was attacked by an Islamic State fighter. He killed two Saudi troops and wounded three before he was killed. [Saudi Gazette]

Several raids on IS supporters in Riyadh are reported but no details given.

Saudi regime has arrested several prominent Islamic scholars owing to their criticism of the Saudi rift with Qatar.


October 7: Four al-Qaida supporters were killed in Karachi by security forces in an alleged "encounter." . Media say that these were highly educated people.

Last month the police killed 5 supporters of Islamic State who were allegedly preparing to attack Shias.


Shia army enters Hawija after two weeks of Bombing by US Air Force. IS Families Fled to Kirkuk

On October 5, the Baghdad regimes tank columns entered Hawija, The IS fighters withdrew after suffering steady casualties from US air strikes. BAS news says there was no fighting. The regime allowed the fighters to exit to minimize its own losses.

It appears that their leaders were killed in the air strikes and they do not have any more martyrdom operators to stop the columns of tanks. Without any heavy weapons they could not stop the large Shi'ite force. Some fighting did take place in which the leader of the Shia sniper force was killed.

The women and children of ISIS are now very vulnerable to the Shia assault and mass murder. The nine months of stiff resistance in Mosul depleted the best forces in ISIS.

According to the BBC, the IS families have safely left Hawija and moved to Kirkuk.

Without reorganization and new mobilization, ISIS will not be a force in Iraq for a while other than on the Iraq-Syria border.

News Within the U.S.

 News within the US

Las Vegas

Why did he Do it? Why can't the Motive be found? ISIS is the only Claimant to the Massacre.
From New Trend's Research team.

October 1 to October 8.

Stephen Paddock killed 58 people and injured 527 who had come to a country music concert in Las Vegas.

A week later the most powerful intelligence agencies in the world have not been able to come up with a motive. Over a hundred FBI agents are investigating his case and have found no accomplices.

The best sources for his motive could have been his brother and his common law "wife." Nothing came out of them.

The cryptic note he left has not been deciphered though some of it turned out to be only firing directions.

He bought 30 guns a year back and turned them from semi-automatic to automatic. Then he looked for a target. This large concert was projected in February, 7 months before it happened. Then he selected the room in a hotel from where he could attack most effectively.

So, the massacre is definitely not the work of a man who was insane or so angry that he would become a killer overnight.

Why is there no motive uncovered by the FBI in spite of a global investigation?

The only claim has come from the Islamic State. The authorities have debunked this claim, saying that ISIS is losing the war in Syria and Iraq so it decided to make this claim to show that it is still able to strike.

There are some indicators which strengthen the ISIS claim. The group has previously urged American supporters to attack Las Vegas as it is "sin city."

ISIS believes in retaliation. Recently several hundred women and children from the families of ISIS fighters were killed in US air strikes in Mayadein where they had fled to escape the US bombing of Raqqa. In Mosul too large numbers of civilians affiliated to ISIS were killed in US air strikes. It is a painstaking process to prove that the US killed civilians which the US categorically denies. However HUMAN RIGHTS WATCH carried out research over 7 months to come up up with the documentation of 84 civilians killed by the US air force in the ISIS city of al-Tabaqa in Syria.

So the Islamic State did have cause to take revenge. They follow Osama bin Laden's dictum that if you strike our soft targets, we will strike yours.

However, the question which is bothersome is: How did ISIS "radicalize" Stephen Paddock? One pointer could be that his brother says he broke off communication with him 6 months back and ISIS says he embraced Islam 6 months back.

Another line of investigation is that he sent $100,000 to the Philippines. Was that for his wife or for the uprising which has taken place in Marawi?

Why was he searching for targets in various cities?

Is America unwilling to concede that even without an air force ISIS broke through and inflicted serious losses?
We should wait for the ongoing FBI investigation. Perhaps his "real" motivation will be found out sooner or later.



Jamaate Islami says Pakistan is Incomplete without Kashmir.
Attempts to Legitimize Qadiyanis ["Ahmediyya"] will not be tolerated.

by Ameer al- Azeem & Qaiser Shareef

Oct. 7; Ameer, Jamaat e Islami, Pakistan, Senator Sirajul Haq, has stressed upon the government to fully support the Kashmiris liberation struggle in accordance with the sentiments of the nation and give up all efforts to befriend India.

Addressing the Azad Kashmir JI Shoora in Islamabad on Saturday, he said that while India was continuing its unlawful occupation of Held Kashmir and eight lakh Indian troops were busy in the Kashmiris' carnage, the rulers in Islamabad were rubbing salt on the Kashmiris wound by talking of friendship with India.

He said that India had been sending its agents like Kulboshun for subversive activities in this country. Therefore, the government should abandon her apologetic attitude on the Kashmir issue.

He said that India, at the behest of the US, was busy in provocations against this country and there was firing at the border and the LoC causing heavy losses. The situation demanded a befitting reply from this side as soft policy could never work, he added.

Sirajul Haq further said that the government was adding to its problems by touching sensitive issues like that of the Khatme Nabuwwat and promoting hatred and biases. He said that the government was expected to represent the nation, the country's constitution and the Pakistan ideology. He said that Pakistan was an Islamic state and the commitment of its rulers should be with Islam and Pakistan. However, he said, when some individuals and families thought themselves above the state, the things were bund to go astray.

The JI chief said that the independence of Kashmir was a part of our faith and the Kashmiris were fighting the war of the completion of Pakistan. Therefore, he said, the liberation of Kashmir should be at the top of the Foreign Ministry's agenda.

The JI chief said that Pakistan was the country of 210 million lovers of the Holy Prophet and if the government did not respect their sentiments, a reaction among the masses was quire natural. He said that the government should not only seek an apology from the nation but also determine who was behind the conspiracy and award them a deterrent punishment to cool down the masses.

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