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11 Mohurram 1439 A.H.- October 1, 2017 Issue # 40, Newsletter # 1726

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Helping the Victims of Hurricane

Helping the Storm Stricken & Ignored People of Dominica

Br. Abu Talib
[Jamaat al-Muslimeen]

This is concerning the efforts of a Muslim Group to help the people of Domincia.This is the group name and contact in Trinidad: its called Ash- Nad foundation iva Ashmed Ali Contracting Service Ltd.

Telephone number is 868221-7661 or 868 680-0130 .

They will be shipping a container to Domincia on October the 4th and the 5th. The address is 590 Cipero Road VIA Cross Crossing San Fernando Trinidad and Tobago W.I Port of Spain.

Ths sister that I work with in Trinidad in terms of helping the Muslims and the needy in Trinidad is also working with the group so she gave me the information. We also gave them clothes to put in the container for the people who are in need and as Muslims we are suppose to give our assistance to the poor and needy. For us as Muslims in the Caribbean Region we have a responsibility to help the people in the region where it would get to the people faster than by western agencies.

[I have been giving out New Trend at the Ahlul Bait Center and to individuals that I know that are Muslim on the street and where ever I go I spread the New Trend. May Allah help us in our efforts and keep us strong in faith and struggle.

[Dominica is 1542 miles south east from Florida, 237 miles from Puerto Rico.]


Reaching out to Upper Class Muslims in Silver Spring, Maryland.
Syria. Gaza, Refugees.

On September 29, a five-page Jamaat al-Muslimeen document was given to 71 Muslims after Juma' salat at the Muslim Community Center [MCC] in Silver Spring, Maryland. This is an upscale Muslim community, mostly Pakistanis, Indians and Africans, located about 13 miles north of Washington, DC.. The mosque has a grand and beautiful dome comparable to the best in Muslim countries. The Center has numerous services to help the community, including medical outreach, wedding facilities and large parties.

We met a very interesting older gentleman who had been a pilot in the Pakistan air force, then in the British and then in the Libyan air force. He was complaining that people at this mosque are US citizens but they don't dare say anything about sany serious issue facing the Muslims.

The outline of the content of the document given to 71 people is as follows:

  1. &
  2. Walking for Gaza's children in DC [excerpt from report by Nadrat Siddique.]

  3. Syria: Raqqa destroyed by US air force after 108 days of bombing. Al-Nusra launches offensive against Assad forces. [SOHR].

  4. &
  5. A new stream of Syrian refugees fleeing Assad's terror attacks on civilians. [Sis. Karina Friedemann via Sis. Neda.]

[About a mile from the mosque going north, is a halal Pakistani restaurant. Further north east is an Afghan halal restaurant.]

Political Prisoners :

Civil Discord Show


Special Offer. Stunning Research on Claims of "Holocaust" and Gas Chambers.

First ten Muslim responses will get a free copy of this unequalled critique of the "Gas Chambers" narrative:

THE RUDOLF REPORT: Expert Report on Chemical and Technical Aspects of the 'Gas Chambers' of Auschwitz
by Germar Rudolf
455 pages.

The writer is a top level German scientist whose work has stunned those who believe the holocaust narrative.
The book meticulously shows that the gas chambers were technically impossible.

Rudolf is not a Nazi, was born decades after the war and does not try to justify Hitler's regime. I have interviewed him and found him an authentic, non-propagandistic human being who sympathizes with Palestine.

The book is important not only for its technical aspects but also for the process by which the writer drifted naturally into refutation of the established cliches of the 'gas chambers.'

[Kaukab Siddique, PhD]'


Maulana Maudoodi's Complaint
[by Kaukab Siddique]

During the final part of his life, Maulana Maudoodi visited America. He addressed a large gathering of Muslims in Toronto. I was his translator, standing next to him. I translated his speech, sentence by sentence, as he spoke.

Later when he was unwell and seeking medical assistance from his son who was a doctor in Buffalo, New Yourk, I spoke to him. One of the final things he said was a complaint. He said:

"They have made me a LIVING TOMB." [Zinda Mazar.]

He wanted his students to build on the basis of Islam which he had clarified. Instead his followers made him into a saint whom they follow uncritically as a symbol without even reading his books.


Richest Continent but also the Poorest.
[New Trend Observer.]

Africa is still being exploited and looted by the western powers


Africa has all these and much more. Why are the people so poor?

France still retains its colonial power in West Africa through Frenchified rulers and even direct intervention by the French military.

The US military is helping to crush the uprising of the poor with Islam as its basis in Nigeria, Cameroon, Niger and Chad.

Sudan was broken into two after years of civil war in the South. Intense tribal fighting has laid waste to large parts of Sudan which claim to be Christian,

About 80% of the people of Afrca are Muslim which means that the masses are Muslims; however the Muslims with a clear Islamic motivation ate not represented in the top echelons of the African countries.

Americans have strange attitudes towards Africa. They go to visit Egypt but explore the thousands of years old tombs of the Pharoahs but ignore the Islam which is the spirit of the people. General Sissi gets American money while the Muslim masses are in dire straits.

A fake democracy has been installed in Tunisia and thousands of young people fled to join ISIS.

Study Africa. Much of it is hidden. Why do Black Americans ignore that Africa which is mostly Muslim?

War News


American sources now say [October 1] that 40 % of the country is in the hands of the Taliban.

In the latest clashes near the border with Iran, Taliban killed 20 police working for the regime.

Pakistan [The funny side.]

Jamat ud Dawa leader Hafiz Saeed has sued the Pakistani foreign minister to the tune of 100 million rupees [950000 dollars] for saying that Hafiz Saeed was "wined and dined" in Washington and Pakistan should not be blamed for extremism.

Hafiz Saeed's lawyer says that he is a Muslim and does not take wine and has never been anywhere near Washington.

Meanwhile in Karachi, police killed 5 youths who they say were getting ready to attack Shias on Mohurram 10.

Pakistani intelligence services are concerned that the Islamic State is rapidly gaining adherents in the country.
To top it all, Pakistani Taliban are recruiting Pakistani women for jihad activity. Their latest magazine features an interview with the wife of Maulvi Fazlullah whose conflict with the army has become a problem.


On September 22 and September 26, the US air force carried out air strikes against IS south of Sirte [in the desert area] killing 17 people.

The US is alarmed that IS is regrouping in the Libyan desert taking advantage of the differences between the two "governments" in Libya.


Marawi [Month 4]

Fighting continues for a 4th month. President Duterte had pledged that the Islamic fighters would be eliminated from the city by September 30. It did not happen.
According to Filipino news sources both the leader of the Maute group and the leader of the IS group are leading the fighting in Marawi.


On September 29, al-Shabab fighters attacked a military base of the regime at Barire 50 milies south west of Mogadishu. 17 regime troops were killed and
7 of its vehicles were captured by the fighters who took over the town and the base.
TURKEY has established a military base in Mogadishu to train regime forces.
US forces have also arrived and carry out air strikes.


Central Homs area City Captured. Damascus Almost Captured. al-Nusra taking over north west Syria.
Huge Massacres of Civilians by Russian & American air forces. Children and women executed.
 War News

[Sources: Wire services, SOHR and Russian media.]
October 1

Islamic State fighters captured the city of al-Qaryatayn in central Syria's Homs provincre. In coordinated attackls, IS also captured al-Taybah town and al-Duhuk mountain. Fighting is going on in the al-Sukhunah area which the regime claimed to have captured earlier.

Both sides suffered heavily in this IS victory. SOHR documented 128 of Assad's troops killed 20 Hizbullah and 50 Shiah militia from Iran. ISIS lost 90 mujahideen, many in their martyrdom operations against heavily armed regime forces.

[Heavy clashes are going on around Damascus as Russian and regime air forces and Assad's ground to ground missiles try to thwart ar Rahman and Jaysh al-Islam fighters from entering Damascus.

September 29-30

Al Rahman Corp, after repelling a regime attack in the Jobar suburb of Damascus, directly attacked the defenses of Damascus and smashed most of them, killing 54 of Assad's elite troops and injuring more than 150. However they could not capture Damascus itself owing to intense bombing by the Russian air force.

September 28

In a dramatic counterattack, Islamic State fighters cut the highway which goes from Deir ez Zor to Damascus and beseiged the city of Deirr ez Zor again. The Russian air force is busy bombing the Islamic fighters as clashes with Hizbullah, Iranian and Russian troops continue.

September was the biggest Month for Massacres of Civilians in 2017. Documentation by Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

The Russian, US, Assad air forces and artilley have massacred large numbers of civilians in one month.

395 civilians killed by the Russian air force in September, including 92 children and 71 women.

282 civilians killed by the American air force in September including 68 children and 45 women.

91 civilians killed by Assad's artillery fire in September, including 22 children and 10 women.
Another 6 civilians died under torture by the Assad regime.

In addition, the Assad regime EXECUTED 29 civilians, including 3 CHILDREN and 5 women.

Latest killings.

On October 1, both the Russian and the American air forces bombed IS controlled populations in Deir ez Zor province, killing 71 civilians including 12 children and 19 women.


Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is Alive? Huge Shia Forces battling IS in Shirqat and Hawija. Afghan children used by Iran. IS women imprisooned in the desert. Kurds want own state.

The Baghdad regime forces are battling Islamic State in Shirqat and Hawija. The US air force is busy around the clock hunting IS.

The news is not good for Baghdad. It appeats that Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi with a $25 million American bounty on his head is not only alive but has issued a 46 minute audio tape. BBC authenticated the tape [September 28] but has not revealed its contents though they have emerged on jihad web sites.

Human Rights watch is criticizing IRAN for using Afghan children in the war against IS. The identity of 8 children who were killed in the fighting have been found in an Iranian graveyard. The use of children in combat is a violation of international law. Iran praises them.

Another major crime the shias are committing is the imprisonment of 1400 women and their children in a concentration camp. Their men were killed in the defense of Mosul. The imprisonment of enemy women and children is known as a crime against humanity. No charges have been brought against them.

Kurds are uniting in their claims for an independent state but are opposed by Iraq, Iran and Turkey.


 News within the US

Charlotte, North Carolina

Crimes Against Women

Body Found after 11 days, 300 miles away. Missing Virginia college student found dead in North Carolina

[Courtesy The Washington Post.]

By Clarence Williams and Joe Heim

September 30 at 3:47 PM

The body of a woman found in Charlotte on Friday has been identified as that of a missing 19-year-old college student who disappeared Sept. 18 in the Virginia Beach area.

Authorities said the Mecklenburg County medical examiner's office identified the body discovered behind a church Friday morning as that of Ashanti Billie, a student at a culinary school in Virginia Beach, who was last seen Sept. 18 about 5 a.m. as she entered a military base, where she worked at a sandwich shop.

Investigators did not release a cause or manner of death and gave no indications of how Billie's body ended up more than 300 miles from where she was last seen.

 Ashanti Billie

At a news conference Saturday evening, Billie's parents thanked those who sent prayers and messages of support from across the country and helped search for their daughter and locate her body. Then her mother, Brandy Johnson Billie, delivered pointed words for whoever was responsible for her Ashanti's death.

"The person or persons that decided they wanted to take my baby away from us . . . you are a coward. You don't deserve to breathe the air that she breathed," Johnson Billie said.

Ashanti Markaila Billie, in this undated family photograph, was last seen Sept. 18 in Norfolk, Va. Her body was found Friday in Charlotte. (Family photo)

Meltony Billie, the teenager's father, urged the public to help other missing people find their way home.

"We say to everyone, stay encouraged," he said. "This was not one of the outcomes we were seeking, but yet still we stay in the fight because there are other young people who are out there missing. Our desire and our prayers were answered. She's home. She's home with God."

Charlotte-Mecklenburg police responded about 10:30 a.m. Friday after a caller stated they found what appeared to be a deceased body in the back of a church, police officials said.

The FBI had been investigating Billie's disappearance, and police officials said that FBI agents and other agencies are helping with the homicide investigation.

"I, along with the entire investigative team, offer our most sincere condolences to the Billie family, especially Ashanti's parents Brandy and Tony. Our thoughts and prayers are with you," said Martin Culbreth, special agent in charge of the Norfolk Division of the FBI. "Our community should know that our work does not end here. Now our mission is to bring justice for Ashanti, and we will be relentless in our efforts to find who did this to her."

Billie, who graduated from Henry A. Wise Jr. High School in Prince George's County, moved to Virginia to attend the Art Institute of Virginia Beach, where she studied culinary arts. She had recently started working at a Blimpie sub restaurant at Joint Expeditionary Base Little Creek-Fort Story.

In interviews before her body was discovered, Billie's parents said she loved cooking and dreamed of opening a bakery or becoming an executive chef. Meltony Billie said his daughter made him crepes for Father's Day and described her as "a comical young lady" who also loved dogs, especially their 10-year-old Shih Tzu named Rahab.

Billie's parents are Army veterans, and her father told The Post that he encouraged her to take a job on the military base.

"I thought it was more of a secure environment, so I was excited for her to work on base," he said.

Investigators said Billie entered the base about 5 a.m. on Sept. 18 but never arrived at work. A short while later, video shows her Mini Cooper leaving the base, but it was not clear whether Billie was in it, officials said previously.

Authorities recovered her cellphone in a dumpster in the Norfolk area, and on Sept. 23 they recovered her car in Norfolk as well.
The FBI and Blimpie have combined to offer a $20,000 reward for information that helps solve this case. Anyone with information is encouraged to call Virginia Beach Police at 757-385-5000.


Why is Shiaism the main force against the Global Unity of Islam?

Facts of history indicate serious fabrications in the Foundations of Shiism.

by Kaukab Siddique

The 10th of Mohurram is the anniversary of the martyrdom of Hussain, r.a., the grandson of the Prophet, pbuh.

It was a great tragedy in that Hussain, r.a., with his family and about a hundred followers was surrounded by a large force sent by the war lord of Kufa known as Ibn Ziyad. When Hussain, r.a., refused to surrender, he and his followers were cut down by brute force and killed. He died fighting, sword in had, till the end. All the male members of his family, said to number 72, were also killed, with the exception of of a male child.

This horrific tragedy should have united the entire Muslim against tyranny and kingship. Instead it has divided the Muslims and has lead to escalating violence between the Muslims. The Shias, who give precedence to Ali, r.a., the father of Hussain, r.a., over all the companions of the Prophet, pbuh, have made mourning for Hussain, r.a., an annual ritual especially in the first ten days of Mohurram The Shias take out processions and carry out self-flagellation and chanting against the murderers of Hussain, r.a.

In the process of annual mourning, the Shias have come to accuse the entire Muslim community as accessary to the murder of Hussain, r.a., The stories they tell about the tragic death of Hussain at Kerbala, now in Iraq, are totally out of context and can only be accepted if one refuses to accept historical facts adumbrated by all the early scholars and researchers of Islam.

So let us look at the facts.

Many of the Shia claim that Hussain, r.a., was killed by Yazeed, the Caliph at that time, because he was a tyrant and Hussain, r.a., refused to accept him as Caliph. Cursing Yazeed is the center piece of Shia ritual.

However, there is absolutely no evidence that Yazeed killed Hussain. In fact he was hundreds of miles away from Karbala when the tragic events happened.

There are some "milder" shias who admit that Yazeed did not kill Hussain, r.a., but they contend that Yazeed ordered Hussain to be killed. Again there is no evidence that Yazeed ORDERED Hussain, r.a., to be killed. There is no person from that time who makes such a claim, nor is there any document which shows such an order.

The surviving male child of the Karbala tragedy, known as Zayn al-Abedin, was saved, protected and provided all facilities by Yazeed till he grew up and became the imam of the Shias.

The question arises: Why do Shias accuse Yazeed when there is no such evidence in Shia or Sunni sources.

The motive of the Shias becomes evident when we realize that Yazeed was the son of Muawiyya, r.a., one of the Companions of the Prophet, pbuh. So the Shias who accuse Yazeed then go on to accuse his father Muawiyya who was instrumental in getting Yazeed elected as Caliph.

Muawiyya, r.a., during his extensive caliphate was very affectionate towards both the sons of Ali, r.a., Hasan, r.a., and Hussain, r.a., both of whom accepted the Caliphate of Muawiyya and from whom they received large gifts and stpends every year.

So, why attack Muawiyya who was dead when the tragedy of Karbala took place and who during his Caliphate treated both Hasan and Hussain with generosity and affection?

Again the motive seems to be attack Umar, r.a., the second Caliph of Islam, who appointed Muawiyya as the governor of Syria. Umar, r.a., was very close to the Prophet, pbuh, and is known as the greatest ruler the Muslim world has ever known for his sense of justice and honesty. The Prophet, pbuh, praised him more than he praised any of his other Companions and even said that: "If there were to be a prophet after me, it would be Umar."

But for the Shias, the main problem is that Muawiyya was appointed governor of Syria by Umar, r.a., and he gained popular support in Syria.

The attacks on Umar, r.a., reach the level of obscenity and pornography.

To go further into digging the roots of Islam, the Shias then attack Abu Bakr, r.a., the first Caliph and the greatest friend [Khalil, the Prophet called him] of the Prophet, pbuh. Abu Bakr, r.a., was supported by Umar, r.a., to be the first Caliph, a position which Shias claim belonged to Ali, r.a.

Some of the most virulent Shia attacks are aimed at Ayesha, r.a., the Mother of the Believers, the beloved wife of the Prophet, pbuh. Here the motivation is much simpler. Ayesha, r.a., did not accept the Caliphate of Ali, r.a.

Shia Version of "Islam."

Shias have had a hard time constructing their own version of Islam. In the process they have alienated the entire Muslim world.

Here are some of the Shia fabrications which are not in the Qur'an or the authentic teachings of the Prophet, pbuh, or the comments the Companions of the Prophet, pbuh.

  1. Shias claim that the Prophet, pbuh, had only ONE daughter and that was Fatima, r.a., who was married to Ali, r.a. The Qur'an, however, refers to the Prophet's, pbuh, DAUGHTERS [plural]. The hadith specifically mentions the names of the other daughters and that they were the daughters of the Prophet, pbuh, and Khadija, r.a., the mother of Fatima, r.a.

  2. A serious problem for Shias is that the Prophet, pbuh, brought about the marriage of TWO of his daughters, one after the other, to Usman, r,.a., who was from the Ummayad tribe. They hate him because Yazeed was also an Ummayad. The Prophet's pbuh, only other daughter was also married to an Ummayad who turned out to be a great fighter for Islam. This tribal hatred is essential to Shiaism and diametrically opposed to Islamic teachings.

  3. They ignore the martyrdom of Usman, r.a., who in the hierarchy of original Islam was a much greater Muslim supporter of the Prophet, pbuh, than Hussain, r.a., who was only a little child during the lifetime of the Prophet, pbuh. Usman, r.a., was killed in a most brutal fashion. He sat in peace reading the Qur'an he had compiled. He did not want any blood to be shed on his behalf.

  4. The gang which led the murderous attack on Usman, r,a., included the adopted son of Ali, r.a., and secondly the commander of Ali's r.a.., forces. Ali, r.a., had sent his sons to defend Usman, r.a., but exactly at the time when Usman, r.a., was attacked and murdered, Ali, r.a., and his sons were nowhere to be found. He was much under suspicion but vehemently denied a role in the murder.

  5. Shias claim that their 12 imams were appointed by Allah, just like the prophets, which is an exact denial of the Qur'an which says that Muhammad, pbuh, is the seal of the prophets, and the hadith which says there won't be any prophets or messengers after Muhammad, pbuh.

  6. Shias are vehement that their 12th "imam" who disappeared when he was a child, about 1000 years back, will re-appear at the end of time and fill the world with justice. Neither the Qur'an nor the entire corpus of hadith give the slightest hint of a hidden imam. [Sunni traditions do refer to a leader, guided one, Mahdi, but these are supported by the Qur'an and scholars have pointed out that these narrations are fabricated or so weak in their chain of narration as to be useless. See ibn Khaldun's Muqadimmah].

  7. Much effort has been put into enhancing the personality of Ali, r.a., as one greater than ALL the sahaba [Companions of the Prophet, pbuh.] . Unfortunately for the Shias, the Qur'an does not mdention Ali, r.a., and NO hadith says that he was greater than all the sahaba.

  8. Ali, r.a., was a pious Muslim and did not claim to be greater than the first three Caliphs. Nor did his wife and sons claim to be greater than the wives and sons of other sahaba.

  9. Muslims have only two Eid celebrations in a year, based on authentic hadith and supported by all the sahaba and the generations after them. Shias have concocted a third "Eid" which they call Eid of Ghadeer Khum in which they claim that the Prophet, pbuh, appointed Ali, r.a. to be the caliph . Again, there is no such appointment mentioned in hadith although at a place called Ghadeer Khum, the Prophet, pbuh, made between Ali, r.a., and othder Muslims who had brought serious charges against Ali, r.a.

  10. Shias try to hide the fact that Ali, r.a., was not very Islamic in his behavior towards women, including his wife, Fatima., the Prophet's daughter who complained about Ali, r.a., to the Prophet, pbuh, and the Prophet, pbuh, REPRIMANDED Ali, r.a., in public, from the mimbar of the mosque and repeated the reprimand THREE times. [Sahih Bukhari]. The same attitude appears when the Prophet's, wife was being slandered by the enemies of Islam and Ali, r.a., advised the Prophet, pbuh, that there is no lack of women. {This at a time when the Prophet, pbuh, was hurting very badly owing to the dirty propaganda of the enemies.]

  11. Hussain, r.a., was a very brave man. He fought to the last and was a true martyr at Karbala. Strangely enough the Shias do not mention ABDULLAH, r.a., ibn Zubair., r.a, who actually DEFEATED Yazeed and set up the Caliphate. The next Ummayad king's army killed Abdullah, r.a. He too fought gto the end like Hussain, against great odds.

Is it because Abdullah, r.a., was the adopted son of Ayesha, r.a.?

All this information is easily available in early Islamic history. If any reader doubts it, let me know and I can provide the text, inshaAllah
[To be continued, inshaAllah.]


Bilal [r.a.] is one of the galaxy of Sahabah [Companions of the Prophet, pbuh,] known as the Muezzin [caller to prayer] at the mosque of the Prophet, pbuh.

by Sis. Yasmin

He was an Abyssinian slave of a disbeliever in Makka.

His conversion to Islam, was, naturally, not liked by his master and he was, therefore, persecuted mercilessly

Ummayah bin Khalaf, who was the worst enemy of Islam, would make him lie down on the burning sand at midday and would place a heavy rock on his breast, so that he could not even move a limb!

He would then say to him.. "Renounce Islam or swelter and die."

Even under these afflictionds , Bilal [r.a..] would exclaim:

'Ahad' .... The One ..... Allah!

'Ahad ......The One .....Allah!

He was whipped at night and with the cuts thus received made during the day to lie on the burning sand

to make him forsake Islam or to die a lingering death from his wounds.

The torturers would get tired and take turns whipping him [Abu Jahal, and Umayyah bin Khalaf etc] and vied with one another in inflicting more and more painful punishments

but Bilal [r.a.,] would not yield!

At last Abu Bakr [r.a.] bought Bilal's , r.a, and he became a free Muslim!

As Islam taught implicitly the Oneness of the Almighty Creator, while the idolaters of Makka believed in many gods and goddesses with minor godlings, therefore Bilal, r.a., repeated:

"Ahad [The One], Ahad [The One]."

This shows his love and devotion to Allah.

Allah was so dear to him that no amount of

persecution could distract him from reciting His Holy name. It is said that the urchins of Makka would drag him in the streets,

with his words "Ahad Ahad" ringing in their wake.

Look how Allah rewarded his steadfastness ....!

He was to have the honor of becoming the Prophet's, pbuh, Muezzin.

he was always to remain with him at home and abroad to call out the Adhan for his Salat.

After the Prophet's, pbuh, death, it became very hard for him to continue his stay in Madinah he would miss him [pbuh] at every step and he therefore left Madinah and decided to pass the rest of his life striving in the way of Allah.

Once he beheld the prophet, pbuh, in his dream saying to him:

'O Bilal! How is it that you never visit me.

No sooner did he get up then he set out for Madinah.

On reaching there, Hasan and Hussain, r.a., [the prophet's grandsons] requested him to call out the Adhan, He could not refuse them for they were very dear to him.

But as soon as the Adhan was called, the people of Madinah cried out of their anguish at the memory of the happy old days of the Prophet, pbuh. Even the women came out of their houses, weeping.....

Bilal, r.a., left Madinah after a few days and died in Damascus in 20 A.H.


The great devotee and Muazzin of


the courageous and beloved Abyssinian by the name of

Bilal Habshi (Radhiyallaho Anhu) passed away in the middle of calling Azan

in Damascus, Syria between the years 638 and 642 (AD).

This was the second time after the death of


that BILAL~( Radhiyallaho Anhu) recited the Azan.

MY 'SALAAMS' TO ALL ~Courtsey: Sis Yasmin~
"All that is on earth will Perish. But will abide {Forever}

the Face of thy Lord, full of Majesty, Bounty and Honour"

{'Quran'- Surah Al-Rahman-55.A # 26-27


The great devotee and Muazzin of


the courageous and beloved Abyssinian by the name of

Bilal Habshi (Radhiyallaho Anhu) passed away in the middle of calling Azan in Damascus, Syria between the years 638 and 642 (AD).

This was the second time after the death of


that BILAL~( Radhiyallaho Anhu) recited the Azan.

MY 'SALAAMS' TO ALL ~Courtsey: Sis Yasmin~

"All that is on earth will Perish. But will abide {Forever}

the Face of thy Lord, full of Majesty, Bounty and Honour"
{'Quran'- Surah Al-Rahman-55.A # 26-27


Three Israelis and a Palestinian Killed

On September 26, in a shootout between Israeli security forces and a Palestinian gunman, three Israelis and the :Palestinian were killed and one Israeli wounded.
The incident happened at an illegal Israeli settlement called Har Adar, 11 miles north west of occupied Jerusalem in the occupied West Bank.

The Palestinian who was killed is 37 year old Nimer Jamal. Israel has announced that his house will be blown up and his relatives will have their work permits revoked.

Israel has established 140 settlements in the occupied West Bank and has brought 600,000 Jews from around the world to live there.

[Source: BBC]

Invitation to Think from Sis. Raabia Ahmad

 Sister Raabia Ahmad

Would the Prophet Muhammad [SAW] have been able to impact the world if he could not feel or understand the plight of mankind?
It is the sensitive who stand for the oppressed, the broken, the voiceless.

Raabia Ahmad
[Stone Mountain, Georgia]

· September 25 at 1:26pm ·

Why are you so sensitive? I have heard this question all throughout my life, from doctors, to mates, to family members to friends. As If I could separate myself from a quality trait that shapes both my being and my inner world. I have finally learned to respond, "Because it's the way God made me", something I once saw as a burden, that has transformed me and given me the gift of awareness.

Being highly sensitive means, that I pick up on it all, the good and the bad. It's experiencing the ups and downs of life in a magnified way. Its the ability to analyze complex matters. It's the compass I use to navigate people and situations.

It's using my pain to help others by being transparent. It's picking up on the vibes of others. It's being open enough to share my feelings with others despite how I may be judged or looked at as weak. It's the intuition that calls me. The more intune, I become, with my feelings, the more sensitive I am with myself and others, fine tuning skills such as compassion, understanding and empathy, traits that have been almost eradicated from society.

Often my sensitivities have made me isolate myself, because of all of the over whelming feelings of being open to eveyone's emotions, actions, energies etc and wanting to find solutions or help others more than myself. It has put me in situations where I have been taken advantage of and hurt deeply. Despite it all, I will not let anyone label my sensitivities as a flaw, on the contrary my high sensitivity is a super power. It is the sensitive people of the world who bear their souls, their feelings, their perspectives, and their blunt honesty to help the world transform from darkness to light.

Would Malcolm have made the impact on the world that he did if he was insensitive or cut off from the feelings of his brothers and sisters? Would the Prophet Muhammad SAW have been able to impact the world if he could not feel or understand the plight of mankind? It is the sensitive who stand for the oppressed, the broken, the voiceless. God has given us all character traits to do the work he has destined for us and if we used them for good, we could make a major impact on the world. So If you ask me today, why I am sensitive, maybe you should also ask the question; why aren't we all sensitive enough?
- TheHighlySensitiveHijabi


Pakistan has become a stable forAmerica's "horses."
Plundered Wealth has to be brought back.

by Ameer al-Azeem & Qaiser Sharif

LAHORE, Sep. 30; Ameer, Jamaat e Islami, Pakistan, Senator Sirajul Haq, has said that the days of a few families' rule in the country were over and the era of the slaves of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was nearing. He was addressing a large public meeting at Dargai on Saturday.

Sirajul Haq said that the rulers had made Pakistan stable of US horses and when a horse earned a bad name, another was brought forward. He said that during the last seventy years, the rulers had plundered billions through unlawful means and transferred the same to their personal bank accounts abroad. He said that if the JI got an opportunity, it would bring back the ill gotten wealth of the corrupt people and send the plunderers to jail. He said the next elections would be a contest between the slaves of the US and the slaves of Mustafa.

The JI chief said that the governments had done nothing for the masses during the last seventy years whereas an amendment was made in the law overnight to bulldoze a court decision.

Sirajul Haq said if the JI came to power, it would pay salaries of the mosque Imams out of public exchequer. Interest would be abolished and the jagirs doled out by the British rulers to feudal lords would be confiscated. He said that education would be free and treatment for five major diseases would be available at government hospitals free of cost.

On the occasion, a large number of people announced their joining the JI after dissociation from other parties.

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