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29 Zulqi'dah, 1438 A.H.- August 20, 2017 Issue # 34, Newsletter # 1720

Hadith of the Week

Allah Does not Accept Prayers of those who Practice Slavery.

"There are three kinds of people whose prayers Allah does not accept: One who leads prayers though people do not like him, and one who prays when the time for prayers is almost running out, and one who enslaves a free person."

[Hadith of Muhammad, pbuh, in Sunan of Abu Dawood, kitabus salat.]



Jamaat al-Muslimeen urges Muslims to do Zabiha [Qurbani] in Africa.

We have reliable contacts in :
  1. Ethiopia.
  2. Uganda
  3. Ghana
  4. Gambia

It is $100 for a sheep or a goat We will send it by Western Union which will be your receipt. We pay the $10 fee.

If an animal is found for less than $100, the rest will be given away as sadaqa.

Send to: Kaukab Siddique
P.O. Box 84, Oxford, PA 19363

Political Prisoners :



Male Orientation towards Women in America is rooted in the Adam-Eve story in the Bible.
The Qur'an contradicts such Attitudes.

by Sis. Aisha [Jamaat al-Muslimeen, New York]

My reason for writing on kuffar's male/female interaction is in the hope that it will serve as a wake up call and a warning. Male chauvinism (male supremacy) rears its ugly head in many different forms, all over the world. None of it is rooted in Islam. Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) gave the greatest example for how men should interact with women. Unfortunately, many Muslims do not read the Authentic Hadith or the Qur'an as they should and allow kuffar's influences to affect how they practice Islam.

The interpretation of the story of Adam and Eve (pbut) has had serious ramifications for women throughout history in the Judeo-Christian culture. There are many Christians who interpret this story to mean that women are a negative influence on men because of Eve. Now, I have read older books written by "Muslim" authors claiming that women experience painful menstrual cramps because of Eve's misstep.

According to the Old Testament, Allah told Adam & Eve (pbut) not to eat from the Tree of Knowledge. It was forbidden fruit. Satan appeared to Eve in the form of a snake and spoke to her encouraging her to disobey Allah and eat the fruit. Eve told Adam what the snake said and they both ate from the Tree.

According to the Holy Qur'an, Satan spoke to both Adam & Eve (pbut). They both ate the forbidden fruit and, in both the Bible and the Qur'an versions, they were both cast out of Paradise. Adam & Eve (pbut) both made the CHOICE to eat from the forbidden Tree.

Allah does not burden your soul with another's burden: "And no bearer of burdens will bear the burden of another." (35:18) Or "They shall reap the fruit of what they did and ye of what ye do!" (2:134).

Muslims do not believe that infants are born with a mark on their soul because of Adam's mistake nor that women endure menstrual pain, as well as the pain of childbirth, because of Eve's. Allah does state, while creating Adam, that He was creating a vicegerent who would live on Earth. So, that was always the intended domain for mankind.

Many men and women in America believe women to be conniving seductresses who are looking to harm men. They teach that women are always up to something. Of course, there are women who believe that "you got to use what you got to get what you want" just as the song says. Some young boys are taught that they cannot trust any woman in their life except....their own Mothers!

And, just as celebrated serial killer Ed Gein did, a lot of dysfunctional young men have emotionally incestuous relationships with their mothers. They do not know how to interact with other women as human beings, confidantes, or companions. They don't trust them yet, they are sexually attracted to them. These men limit their relationships with women to a sexual one and after that relationship is over or has lost its luster, the guy moves on to a new woman. He is doomed to be in fruitless, sexual encounters, even if he tires of it!

Hollywood portrays men living this type of lifestyle as the the type of guy to idolize. The show Two and Half Men is an example of this kafir's agenda. Viewing women as untrustworthy makes them unworthy, period!

Many of these young men brag about using women for their sexual conquests. But, "Let Not the Unbelievers strutting about the land deceive thee..."(3:196-197). Even though they may not show it, these promiscuous types are not happy. They see how unfilling this promiscuous lifestyle is and begin looking for meaningful relationships but fail miserably. They do not know how to break the cycle of distrust and value women as human beings. They envy men who enjoy a fruitful, monogamous relationship with selective women and marry.

This flawed view of Adam & Eve (pbut) is one of the contributors to the distrust of women and their mistreatment, as well. The solution is to question the logic of blame. As a child, I questioned this blame put on womankind all because of one woman's mistake. Then, I read the Qur'an's version of man's creation and realized there was another point of view out there that made sense to me. Al-humdullilah. Sometimes, you just want to see another logical viewpoint that tells you how valuable you are, instead of the opposite.

News Within the U.S.

 News within the US

Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Why the Black Community will take it no longer.
by Sis. Felicia Livingstone
[Our African American Christian friend explains.]

I hope these racists understand that we are not our ancestors. Minorities are the collective majority who have invested blood, sweat and tears into this country. Our ancestors were lynched, bought and sold, raped, starved, whipped, humiliated, stripped of their dignity, denied basic human rights, forced to work like dogs, branded like cattle, decapitated and their heads placed on stakes and were ripped apart from their families. Most slave owners kept better records of their cattle than the human beings they purchased as property. Any decent human being would say that enough is enough. A decent person would say that it isn't enough to continue to solely reap the white race benefits of slavery handed to them through their ancestors. A decent person would stand up and acknowledge that YES, black lives do matter. A decent person would see minorities as equal in the eyes of God and ask who are they to question that. There is no white person alive today that had a direct hand in slavery. However, if you can use something as simple as your voice when in the throws of injustice and yet choose to remain silent, YOU ARE guilty by association and by silence. Racism doesn't affect you today. You can turn a blind eye but just know that karma is coming. You will deal with it when your white daughter brings a black man home and you eventually have black grandchildren. You may deal with it, when you could have stepped up and said something to defend a gay person but didn't, only to find yourself before that same person when you now need a job. As racist as Trump has proven himself to be, even he has a Jewish son-in-law and Jewish grandkids. The bottom line is that there is no pure race. I dare any racist to get genetic testing. Black blood is likely flowing through their veins to some degree. They could be the very thing they claim to hate and it's all so ridiculous. They want to take their country back? From who? It was never theirs, as they stole it from Native Americans. Jews will not replace them? Whoever said they wanted to? They hate gays? Some of them are gay undercover and use this macho facade because they fear coming out of the closet. You hate blacks? Well damn! Then you should have left us where we were. Most are so ignorant, they don't even realize Africa isn't a country. We are NOT our ancestors. So, while they hoot and yell and further display their ignorance, lack of formal education and illiteracy, and complain about folks on welfare, know that whites make up the majority of people on welfare. Not only that, since they are losing jobs, protesting nothing that matters on their days off, they can go get on welfare too. We are NOT our ancestors. We truly have a reason to fight for the safety, education and welfare of our children. We have to have The Talk about being called a nigger, being mistreated, what to do if stopped by the police, how to handle being followed in stores and so much more daily. We are NOT our ancestors, so do trust and believe we have a thousand times more to fight for. We didn't ask for it. We don't want it... but WE ARE NOT OUR ANCESTORS!
Felicia Livingstone



Jamaat al-Muslimeen Invites you.

asalamu alaikum dear Muslims.
In these dire times we need activists who are for ISLAM ONLY, not for the right or the left.

When the American election campaign began, we urged Muslims NOT to vote to make kuffar, any kuffar, to be your leaders. Such haram activity, to make kuffar our leaders, is not allowed in Islam.

Many Muslims voted for Hillary Clinton, some voted for Trump. Now we see the results and it could get worse.

There is still time to re-think. Come back to Qur'an and Sunnah.

If you are willing to strive for Islam without violence and without breaking the law, join us.

If you support a race or a regime, you can stop reading here:

Do you agree with this agenda?:
  1. No to racism.
  2. No to Israel.
  3. No to bombing and occupation of Muslim countries.
  4. No to US and western support of tyrants .
  5. No to sectarianism coming out of Iran and Saudi Arabia.
  6. No to Zionist control of US media, movies and institutions.
  7. No to legitimization of LGBTq.

  8. Equal rights for men and women, with TAQWA as the basis.
  9. Support for oppressed women and children.
  10. Support for victims of police brutality and gun violence.
  11. Free medical coverage for the poor and the middle class.
  12. Free healthy food for the poor and the oppressed.
  13. Help men and women how to understand and oppose pornography, trafficking, exploitation of women in advertising.
  14. Program to end drug culture and liquor culture.
  15. Support death penalty for rapists after thorough investigation [where Sharia can be implemented].

Boycott Israel and businesses which support Israel, such as Nestle, Coca Cola, Starbucks, McDonalds, Disney and Home Depot.

This agenda looks difficult but if America's estimated 3 to 9 million Muslims wake up, it could be done.

Respond to
or or
jamaat al-Muslimeen International on facebook.

Christians in Iraq: Fake News says they were Decimated by IS.

Christians in Iraq: Fake News says they were Decimated by IS. Instead we find the churches are full and Christian groups are Strong, Armed & Fighting Each Other.

 Iraq Pulse

إقرأ باللغة العربية

نبض العراق

 Church of the Immaculate Conception Qaraqosh Ninevah
Iraqi Christians attend Mass at the Church of the Immaculate Conception in the predominantly Christian Iraqi town of Qaraqosh, Ninevah province, Iraq, July 24, 2017. (photo by SAFIN HAMED/AFP/Getty Images)

Armed disputes reveal Iraqi Christians' discord

Author: Saad SalloumPosted August 15, 2017
BAGHDAD — Iraqi Christians will have to unite under one banner and work past their various political affiliations and differing doctrines to heal the division that threatens the religion from within, the head of the Chaldean Catholic Church in Iraq said after two armed Christian factions clashedin the Ninevah Plains.

Summary Run-ins between Christian factions' armed units in Iraq expose growing gaps in the parties' visions for their future.
Author Saad SalloumPosted August 15, 2017
TranslatorMuhammed Hussein Tal'at

Patriarch Louis Raphael I Sako issued a statement Aug. 6 in which he said that Christian political parties and armed factions are "responsible to a great extent for the suffering and disorder in which Christians live." He added, "We believe that a huge part of this ordeal is caused by parties' divisions, their subordination [to Shiite and Kurdish groups] and their failure to unite efforts and ranks and make a unified decision."

The clashes started last month when Ninevah Plain Protection Units seized allegedly smuggled artifacts from the Babylon Brigades and arrested six of their agents. The agents were handed over to the Hamdaniyah district police. According to Yonadam Kanna, the parliament member supervising the Ninevah Plain Protection Units, agents from the Babylon Brigades, with help from the Popular Mobilization Units (PMU), then stormed Ninevah Plain Protection Units headquarters.
"The forces took over weapons and vehicles for the purpose of freeing the six arrested agents," Kanna told Al-Monitor. However, the Babylon Brigades — the military wing of the Christian movement in Iraq, which is affiliated with the PMU — denied the allegation.

These clashes were followed by accusations from both the Babylon Brigades and the Ninevah Plain Protection Units, which is the military wing of the Assyrian Democratic Movement. The movement announced that the conflicts resulted in Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi and the PMU's ordering the Babylon Brigades to leave the Hamdaniyah district. The Babylon Brigades denied that statement.

Internal Christian divisions have long existed, but they deepened when a number of armed Christian factions formed after the Islamic State (IS) took over Christian territories in the Ninevah Plains.

The federal government in Baghdad and the Iraqi Kurdistan government share the responsibility for controlling seven armed Christian factions in the plains. The fate of the Christian territories there is uncertain, complicated by the Kurdistan Regional Government's planned referendum on independence in September. In addition, IS still controls parts of Iraq, and Iraqi forces are currently battling for Tal Afar.

Some of the armed factions are affiliated with Christian political parties and some were founded with the potential to transform into political organizations that might participate in the next parliamentary elections. In addition to the Babylon Brigades, the most prominent armed factions include guards affiliated with the Chaldean Syriac Assyrian Popular Council, the military wing of the Assyrian Democratic Movement, the Assyrian National Party Brigades, the Ninevah Plains Forces, the Lions of Babylon Brigades and the Katayeb Issa Ibn Maryam Brigades.

Given that there are 14 Christian denominations, more than 12 Christian political parties and seven armed Christian factions, reaching an accord will be difficult, especially when it comes to issues such as the details of establishing a safe zone in the Ninevah Plains and unifying the ranks of armed Christian factions to defend the zone.

Read more:



Quetta: Hundreds Join Jamaate Islami.
"Equality Before Law Required": Siraj.

Lahore: Large prayer Gathering Condemns US Support for India.

by Ameer al-Azeem and Qaiser Sharif

LAHORE, Aug. 18; Ameer, Jamaat e Islami, Pakistan, Senator Sirajul Haq, has said that if Nawaz Sharif did not appear before the NAB courts, then even the poor in the country would also not appear before these.

Addressing a big public meeting at Qila Haji Muhammad Afzal in Quetta on Friday, he said that there could not be different laws for the rich and the poor now. He said that from now, there would be the same law all over the country and the supremacy of the judiciary would be established.

The JI chief said that the ousted Prime Minister wanted to obstruct the references against him and his family by threatening the judiciary and the state institutions. He said the Supreme Court had provided every opportunity to Nawaz Sharif to prove his innocence but he failed to prove himself Sadiq and Ameen upon which the court disqualified him.

Hundreds of local people including Maulana Abdul Kabeer Shakir and Eng. Hamidullah, announced joining the JI on the occasion.

Sirajul Haq said that after his disqualification, Nawaz Sharif should have repented, pleaded guilty and apologized to the nation for his lapses. But instead, the ousted Premier took to the G.T. Road out of pride and conceit.

He said that Nawaz Sharif was the symbol of status quo and for the first time, an action had been taken against the symbol of status quo. He said that in order to defeat the forces of status quo, all those named in the Panama leaks must be brought to accountability.

Referring to the call for the repeal of articles 62 and 63, the JI chief said that in that case, the doors of all jails should be opened and the dacoits and thugs be released to rule the country.

Sirajul Haq said there was more corruption in Balochistan than in the other parts of the country as the Khans and Sardars elected from the province forgot the problems of their people after reaching Islamabad and became busy in amassing wealth for themselves and their coming generations.

The JI chief held the rulers responsible for the deprivations of the masses and said that PPP and the PML(N) as also the military rulers had looted the country with both hands.

He called for electoral reforms before the next elections to check rigging and use of wealth in polls. He also urged the masses to review their electoral attitude, reject the dishonest people and plunderers and vote for honest and competent candidates.


LAHORE, Aug. 18; Deputy chief of the Jamaat e Islami, Hafiz Muhammad Idrees, has said that the US had always sided with the tyrants and aggressors instead of the oppressed but the US history was also full of defeats.

Addressing the Friday congregation at Mansoora mosque, he said that US should have supported the Kashmiris' struggle for their liberation from unlawful Indian occupation. However, he said Washington had tried to please New Delhi by declaring Syed Salahuddin and the Kashmiris representative body Hizbul Mujahideen as terrorist. This clearly meant that the US had little sympathy with the Kashmirs. On the other hand, the US was patronizing India and Israel.

Hafiz Muhammad Idrees said that America herself was a terrorist which had poked her nose everywhere. He said that the US had suffered a humiliating defeat in Vietnam, Iraq and Somali and now she was facing a clear defeat in Afghanistan.

He however deplored that the Muslim Ummah as was rich with all types of resources, was facing numerous problems and hardships only because of cowardly and passive rulers of the Muslim world who were merely US slaves.
He said the US wanted to increase pressure on Pakistan by declaring Hizbul Mujahideen a terrorist body. The US was under the impression that this move would help her in establishing India's supremacy in the region and punish Pakistan for getting closer to China. However, the US policy makers were strongly mistaken and they would soon have to pull out of Afghanistan while the world community would not accept US hegemony.

War News

 War News

UAE and USA fighting a Secret War in Yemen.

[Source Fox New, August 2017]

U.S. special operations forces are assisting Yemeni and United Arab Emirates forces in a major operation in Yemen against Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) ......

UAE Ambassador to the United States Yousef Al Otaiba announced the operation in a statement released by the UAE Embassy in Washington, D.C. .....

Yemeni government armed forces launched a major operation against Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) militants in the Shabwah Governorate of Yemen. The operation is being closely supported by a combined UAE and US enabling force."

[This year the US has launched 80 air strikes in Yemen, higher than in any previous year.


Daily Bombing of Marawi by Regime not Working.
Videos of IS published in General media.

Day 90.
The IS-affiliated fighters of Abu Sayyaf and Maute are holding on to commercial district of Marawi city, say Filipino News. Today regime reported jets dropping bombs, helicopters firing missiles and heavy artillery blasting away at the mujahideen.

Local media say the "militants" have set up sniper nests and troops who try to advance face a big chance of getting killed.

Filipino media today gave coverage to videos released by Amaq, the IS news news network. The videos refute regime claims that only 128 troops have been killed. Videos claim that 335 troops have been killed and three times as many wounded. Videos show armored vehicles of regime knocked out by Islamic fighters.

Looks like the Filipino media now realize that a very small IS force is holding off a big regime force.


Attacks and Fighting Flare up.
IsIs has Successfully Infiltrated the Country.

Attacks on Shias Aim at Stopping Supply of Shias to the Syrian and Iraqi Battlefields.

Two and a half weeks of August have been full of war and death.

In the latest, August 17, fighting with IS in Nangarhar province resulted in the death of a US Special Forces officer [Fox News]. The Americans were helping Kabul regime forces against IS; however Kabul and IS losses were not revealed.

Earlier, near Kandahar, in a Taliban attack, two US soldiers were killed and 5 wounded. Again Kabul losses were not revealed although the Americans wre helping them.

Also, near Kabul, a martyrdom operator entered a NATO convoy. In the explosion, one NATO Special Forces was killed and 6 wounded. Their nationalities were not revealed.

In the meantime, a combined Taliban and IS group attacked a regime force held village in remote northern province of Sar e Pul. After a 48 hour gun battle. They captured the village. The regime said they killed civilians but a couple of days later civilians were released, all 250 of them. There are questions about how could the Taliban and IS be operating together. They are opponents. No clear answer.

Near the frontier with Iran.

The big shocker was that the IS fighters appeared in Herat province and bombed Shia civilians. From here Shia volunteers are flowing to Iran and from there to Syria to keep Assad in power. Also, the Shias here are also connected to America. The father of a girl doing robotics in America was among those killed. Soft targets, the wives and children of IS supporters in Syria, have been killed in US and coalition's air strikes [Belgians, French, Canadian Australian pilots.]. The IS women and children killed in air strikes number more than 300.
In this IS attack on Shias in Herat, 30 Shias were killed and 60 wounded.


Tal Afar

"Surrender or Die" Regime tells Fighters. US bombing non-Stop. Massive US-Backed Shia Assault on Small city.

On August 19, after three weeks of bombing by the US air force and long range artillery attacks by Iran, the Shia army advanced on Tal Afar, 25 miles south west of Mosul.

It is supposed to be an easy win as there are broad open roads on which tank columns can advance. The IS forces are reported to be exhausted as they try to evade US air strikes every day

However in the first 24 hours there were no signs of success.
A mixed US and Belgian force during the first day set up a station from where it is launching drone attacks and mortar rounds at Tal Afar.
US military announced two of its soldiers killed and 5 wounded but gave no details.


US Slaughters Civilians in Raqqa. [29 Children]. Regime Advance in Hama area and Homs desert. IS re-captures Villages. Stalemate around Damascus.

Kurds Stuck in Raqqa. Islamic Tribe attacks Regime forces. Hizbullah advances in West Qalamoun. Turkey clashes with SDF.......

During 4 days of bombing, the US air force and its coalition massacred some of the people of al-Raqqa, the IS capital.

Here is the quote from the Syrian observatory:

" ...documented by the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights since the afternoon of Monday the 14th of August 2017 to August 17, 83 civilians killed including 29 children under the age of eighteen and 16 woman over the age of eighteen...."

on August 20, a mujahideen group hit the Damascus International Fair which Assad had set up on the south western of the city. It was a direct hit, killing 16 Alawite elites and injuring many others. [This "fair" activity is used by Assad to create the impression that all is well in Syria and he is firmly in charge. All over the country his regime is carrying out violations of basic human rights Editor]

The Shiite-Alawite-Iranian forces are advancing on two fronts, with air cover from the Russian air force. They are steadily advancing east of Hama, though it is a slow advance. East of Homs they are advancing quickly and have encircled the oil fields in the desert. However their attempts to capture al-Sukhnah have still not succeeded and IS has inflicted heavy casualties on the regime/Hizbullah forces.

Just west of Damascus, the Hizbullah forces are advancing to retrieve the way towards the back side of Damascus.

In the Jobar area near Damascus, fighting erupted again after the regime used the Russian supervised "cease fire" to launch new missile and artillery attacks.

The SDF [Kurdish] advance in Raqqa is still at a halt after heavy resistance by IS.

Further south along the Euphrates, IS fighters took back the villages they had lost to the US back SDF.

In the Sudayfa area, south south west of Damascus, a tribal coalition counter attacked and took back the territory it had lost to the Hizbullah-Alawite forces.

The regime's advance towards the Deir ez Zor frontier seems to have been defeated by IS.

Air attacks by the regime, Russia and America are a daily terror killing and injuring defenseless people.


In Memoriam-


Ernst Zundel Christof Friedrich Zündel
April 24, 1939 August 5, 2017

by David Merlin [CODOH]

I was surprised when I saw the Mike Walsh article that Ernst Zündel had died. Ernst had been the leader in so many battles for so long and was such a dedicated and determined person that I expected him to go on for ever and ever. That he died before seeing his 79th year caused me sadness but also a sense of inquietude. I had the feeling that he had finally been ground down by the years of persecution and oppression he had faced.

I met Ernst Zündel on many occasions over the years and I think I have a true measure of the man. He was always polite, peaceable, respectful to all, hardworking and honest. The only thing wicked about Ernst was his sense of humor; used to highlight the hypocrisy and contradictions of politicians and the government. Ernst Zundel was an honorable and decent man who loved his people and loved the truth.

It was his dedication to Truth and Folk which caused his woes. He was unable to silently standby as a sewer of ugly, impossible anti-German propaganda flowed across Canadian society. Ernst seemed amazed that people could believe absurd Holocaust stories and was horrified that the politicians would try to force these stories on society. Ernst educated himself and took action. But, as he spoke out with cogent scientific arguments, the Establishment reacted with a vengeance: attacking him with criminal charges for "spreading false news," mob violence, deportation, jailing, smears in the media, inaction of the Toronto police when Ernst's house was firebombed. Such things should not happen in a free society but they did and very few people spoke out against the persecution of Ernst Zundel. In fact, all decent citizens should be worried by what happened to Ernst.

Ernst himself bravely soldiered on, always optimistic, thoughtful, inventive, always keeping up the fight against daunting odds. This was his personality but I think he was helped by a close, loving relationship with his wife, Ingrid. I often thought that, despite a sea of troubles, Ernst was a lucky man to have a woman like Mrs. Ingrid Zündel!

Ernst Christof Friedrich Zündel was a person of a rare and valuable character. But even as I grieve I can hear him saying, "Don't mourn. Organize!"



A powerful reminder from Sis. Yasmin.

The First ten days of the Month of Hajj.

The Most Perfect Days for Perfect Ibaadah*.

' So whosoever does good equal to the weight of an atom, shall see it...

~And whosoever does evil equal to the weight of an atom, shall see it.'

{ Source :Qur'aan ~ Surat Al-Zalzalah ~99: A # 7-8}

{'Alhamdulillaah'Hir Rabbil Alameen'}

The glorious days when rewards are multiplied many times, and sins are forgiven much more...

These Blessed days are the first Ten {10} days of 'Dhul-Hijjah'~

Just like the last Ten nights of 'Ramadaan' !

Prophet Muhammad (Sal Allaahu 'Alayhi wa Sallam) said:

"There are no days in which righteous deeds are more beloved to Allaah than these Ten~{10} days."

The people asked~

'Not even 'Jihaad' for the sake of Allaah'?

PROPHET (Sal Allaahu 'Alayhi wa Sallam) replied:

'Not even 'Jihaad' for the sake of Allaah... except in the case of a man who went out to fight giving himself and his wealth up for the cause, and came back with nothing.'

{Source: S.Bukhaari }

{'Subhaan Allaah wal-Hamdulillaah'!

...what an Amazing Blessing ! }

  1. Fast all nine {9} days and

    especially fast the Day of 'Arafah' {!}

    PROPHET~(Sal Allaahu Alayhi wa Sallam) said:

    'Anyone who fasts for one day for Allah's pleasure,

    Allah will keep his face away from the hell fire for

    a distance covered by a journey of...

    Seventy {70}years'!

    {Source: Bukhari and Muslim}

    The Prophet (Sal Allaahu 'Alayhi wa Sallam) used to fast on the ninth [9th] day of Dhul Hijjah and he said... 'Fasting on the Day of 'Arafah' ~

    {9th} ~ ninth 'Dhul-Hijjah' is an Expiation for (all the sins of ) the previous year and an expiation for (all the sins of) the coming year{!}'

    {Source: Sahih Muslim}

  2. Do a LOT of 'Dhikr' and 'Takbeer'...

    The Prophet (Sal Allaahu 'Alayhi wa Sallam) said:

    ' There are no days on which good deeds are greater or more beloved to Allaah than on these Ten days... so recite Tahleel { Laa ilaaha ill-Allaah }

    Takbeer {Allaahu Akbar}

    and ...

    Tahmeed {Al-hamdu Lillaah.}'

    { Sources: Ahmad...Saheeh }

    Takbeer at this time is a 'Sunnah' that has mostly been forgotten, especially during the first few days. So say it in the Masjid, in your home, on the street and every place where it is permitted to remember Allaah {Aza wa Jall}~ Revive the Sunnah that has been virtually forgotten and earn great rewards for doing so. The Prophet (Sal Allaahu 'Alayhi wa Sallam) said:

    'Whoever revives an aspect of my 'Sunnah' that is forgotten after my death, he will have a reward equivalent to that of the people who follow him, without it detracting in the least from their Reward'.

    {Source:-Tirmidhi- a Hasan Hadeeth}

    { Note: men should recite these phrases out loud, and women should recite them softly . }

  3. Stand in Night Prayers:

    Remember the virtues of spending the night in prayer, and its sweetness in 'Ramadan'{?}

    Why not revive this beautiful act of worship during these nights as well ?!
    Remember, how in the last third of every night, Allah Almighty calls out to us, His servants:-

    ' Is there anyone to invoke Me, so that I may respond to his invocation ?

    Is there anyone to ask Me, so that I may grant him his request?

    Is there anyone seeking My forgiveness, so that I may forgive him ?'


    {Source : Bukhaari Muslim}

  4. Make Sincere Repentance {!}

    One of the best and most important things to do during these Ten days is to Repent sincerely to Allaah and to give up all kinds of disobedience and sin right away because we do not know when we will die {!}

    and also because one evil deed leads to another.

    But what exactly does 'Repentance' mean...?
    It means that you come back to Allaah and give up all the deeds, open and secret, that He dislikes....that you regret whatever you did in the past, giving it up immediately and be determined never ever, to return to it, and resolve to adhere firmly to the Truth by doing whatever Allaah loves~

    {'In Shaa Allah' ~'Aameen'~}

    "But as for him who repented, believed and did righteous deeds, then he will be among those who are Successful."

    { Source 'Quran'~Surat ~Al-Qasas 28: A #67 }

  5. Return to the *Qur'aan*

    It is time now to dust off your copy of the 'Qur'aan' and return to its refuge...

    Try and make it a daily habit, using these 10 days for the beginning of a strong and beautiful relationship with it ...

    This is on ordinary days, so what about these magnificent days ! Certainly the reward will be far greater...{!}

    {'In Shaa Allaah'

  6. Generally Increase in doing ALL good deeds.

    We should strive in doing more good deeds in general, because good deeds are beloved by Allaah and will bring us closer to Him...

    So if we are not able to go to 'Hajj' this year, we should occupy ourselves during these blessed days by worshipping Allaah, praying extra prayers, reading Qur'aan, remembering Allaah!

    Sending Salaams on the Prophet

    (Sal Allaahu 'Alayhi wa Sallam)~

    making dua,

    giving charity,

    honoring our parents,

    upholding ties of kinship,

    enjoining what is good and forbidding what is evil,

    and other good deeds and acts of worship.

  7. Get the reward of 'Hajj' wherever you are !

    You may be unable to do 'Hajj' this year, and you may feel sad because you are deprived of the great reward of Hajj. But you can achieve a similar reward in whatever place you may be .

    The Prophet (Sal Allaahu 'Alayhi wa Sallam) said:

    "Whoever prays 'Fajr' Prayer in congregation, and then sits and remembers Allah until the sun rises, then after a while prays two[2] Rakats, he will gain a reward equal to that of making perfect 'Hajj' / 'Umrah'.

    {He repeated the word Perfect three {3} times}

    { Source:- At-Tirmidhi }

  8. Slaughter an Animal and distribute the meat.

    ~Ibn Umar{ Allah be pleased with him } said:-

    The Prophet (sal Allaahu Alayhi wa Sallam) lived in Madeenah for 10 years and every year he slaughtered an animal."

  9. Attend The 'Eid' Prayers.

    But remember that Eid prayer is a form of worship and we should not be doing things that are Un Islamic (especially) during these times, such as listening to music, women going out for prayer without proper 'Hijaab'{!} mixing of men and women, etc.

  10. Gratitude to Allaah .

    One of the biggest forms of worshiping Allaah [Subhaanahu wa Ta'ala] is to thank Him, deeply, sincerely and continuously...

    [After all, it is He who gave you every single thing that is in you, on you or around you.]

    In fact, you wouldn't even be here if it wasn't for the Mercy of your Creator !


    So thank Him for EVERYTHING that He gave you, the Islaam that He gave you, the very Life He gave you.

    and thank Him for the chance that He gives you in these Ten[10] days, to ask for forgiveness and guidance.

'Alhamdulillah'~ there is much to be gained in these coming days. So make the most of this perfect opportunity offered by these invaluable and irreplaceable ten days.

Hasten to do good deeds and appreciate this blessing and make the most of it {!}

"And worship your Lord until there comes unto you the certainty...{Death} .

{Source:-'Quraan' Surah~ Al-Hijr ~15: A#99}

'Salaams' to All

~ Sister Yasmin~

'Say, 'Indeed, my Prayer, my Rites of Sacrifice, my Living and my Dying are for ALLAH, Lord of the Worlds'.
{'Quran'~Surat Al-'An'am -# 6-162.}

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