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27 Jamada al-Thani, 1438 A.H.- March 26. 2017 Issue # 13, Newsletter #1699

Hadith of the Week

Human Suffering is not connected to Material Events in Outer Space.

"The Messenger of Allah, pbuh, said: In the era of ignorance people believed that the eclipse of the sun or of the moon was connected to the demise of some great person on the earth. There is nothing true in that. Heavenly bodies are the creations Allah like others, except that when the glory of Allah is reflected on them, they bow down in obedience."

[Hadith in Sunan of Abu Dawood # 1193 and Musnad of Ahmad ibn Hanbal # 18555, narrated by Nauman bin Basheer, r.a.]

Comment by Kaukab Siddique: The laws of Allah built into physical entities are not connected to human behavior. Fire will burn regardless of whether one is pious or sinful. The universe is moving strictly according to the Laws of their reality infused in them by the Creator. Only rarely, once in a while, the power of Allah changes the essence and we call it a miracle.

 Word Around The Net

This is the last contribution to New Trend by our dear departed Br. Kris.
(see Br.Kaukab's Obituary of Kris in this Issue)

Iraqi forces find mass grave full of 500 dead civilians; naturally they are blaming Isis for the dead civilians, but have yet to offer any proof.

Disturbingly, the Chinese Communist Party hardens rhetoric on Islam, making one wonder if they will join Russia and other superpowers oppression of Muslims across the globe. They claim to oppose terrorism, but civilians always seem to get the majority of the bombs and shrapnel.

In disgruntling news for all Soccer fans (or football as the rest of the world knows it), Trump's so-called "Travel Ban", in all reality it's a Muslim Ban, FIFA's President says that USA's World Cup bid for 2026 will be effected.

Multiple suicide bombers were thwarted once again, by German intelligence agencies. Another win for peace!

Political Prisoners :

A Death in the Family by Kaukab Siddique

 Kristopher Day

My Stepson Passed Away. What can we Learn from the Death of our Young People? Not the Slightest Expression of hostility by non-Muslims during my visit to Texas.

On March 18, 2017 Kristopher Day passed away in our home in Bel Air, Maryland, My wife, Kristi, is part Native American. Her family lives in Paris, Texas. Kris's blood relatives and friends live in Texas. So his body was transported by air to Texas, Visitation was on March 23 followed by burial on March 24.

He was buried in Native American country in southern Oklahoma near the little Native American village of Grant.

A cross section of people from the city of Paris, Texas, came for the visitation. Most of them were White and Native Americans and a few African Americans. My wife Kristi and I were the only Muslims. Among the visitors were doctors, attorneys, scientists, City councilmen, as well as working class people, men of religion, and house wives. They were weeping and mourning this handsome youth who came to an early death at the age of 26.

There was much concern about how Kris's 7 year old son Roman would deal with this heavy and sudden tragedy. He behaved very well owing to the teachings of his adoptive grandfather who is a church preacher.

The next day, March 24, we drove to Grant, Oklahoma, and then to a Native American graveyard where a grave had been provided by Kris' Choctaw Indian ancestors.

After a formal Christian statement by the local preacher, Kris' mother, Kristi. spoke.about love. Her voice trembling with emotion, she quoted a famous segment from the New Testament about the importance and primacy of Godly love in our lives. If love is not there, we cannot save those who are miserable and most urgently need our emotional support. As she pointed out, LOVE IS A VERB, not a feeling. We all need to do more to show love.

I spoke about the need to recognize the fact that a great evil is sweeping across America, destroying and killing our children through the culture of drugs and addiction. I recited Sura Fatiha from the Qur'an praying to Allah Almighty to show us the Straight Path, the Path of those on Whom God has bestowed His Grace, not of those who earn His Wrath, nor of those who go astray. My conclusion was that we should stop blaming the victims. No one is perfect. We all sin and make serious mistakes.We should blame the social system which is unforgiving and uses law to obstruct our youths from starting a new life and even from getting ordinary jobs.

Scores of people had turned up for the burial and 8 of the men among them helped carry the bier to the grave. Among them was his 7 year old son who had written a letter to his father which was put in the grave.

Kristi and I thank the numerous people, including many Muslims, who sent us condolences. On facebook we have received about 500 acknowledgements on the reporting of the passing of Kris. Special thanks go to Ms. Brittany and Nadrat for putting the word out. Many families were involved from both sides and our thanks go to them.

I have often said that the American people are not our enemies. Our trip to the interior of Texas (commonly known as the "Bible Belt") was proof of this viewpoint. There was not the slightest expression of hostility by non-Muslims against me or my wife or my recitation of the Qur'an at the graveside. Crimes against Muslims are committed by fringe persons who are affected by media propaganda against Islam.

Invitation to Think
from Br. Robert Solano

 Br Robert Solano

Am I a True Muslim?
‎I reverted to Islam when I was 55 years old. This happened after reading the whole Bible and shortly thereafter reading a Spanish interpretation (translation) of the Qu'ran.

By the time I got to Ayat 112 I had already taken my Shahada in my mind but did not officially take it until September 11, 1995 before a group of Muslims at Trenton, New Jersey. I then started to take lessons from other Muslims. One person noticing that I had little knowledge while we were washing our hands at the public toilet told me that we should try to emulate as much as possible the Holy Prophet Muhammad to show our respect for him. Consequently, I learned what some called"cultural Islam." By this I mean trying to avoid the color yellow in male shirts, using your left hand for certain things and the right one for certain things etc.

But what impressed me the most is that I was a new person after taking my Shahada; sins of the past wouldn't be held against me at the Final Judgment Day. Of course as a young 55 year old man I was not as concerned about the Final Judgment Day. My main concern was carrying out the duties of a Muslim with regard to Allah and with regard to my everyday dealing with others.

The hardest part of relations was that I had to learn to be a brother of another Muslim and that it came before race, nationality or political views. This was no easy task since I was taught from the cradle to be first loyal to my Hispanic Puerto Rican origin. It was not easy and it took years. Learning to love first my Muslim brother was no easy task. Specially since so many would tell me "so and so is not really a Muslim" or those that "follow this doctrine or that doctrine are not really Muslim." Yet I had no doubt that Islam is perfect; it was hard to accept that Muslims in general are not perfect.

That no matter how hard one person may follow the five pillars of Islam he or she is not perfect and as a human may start following views or political doctrines that might classify them as what we call "non-Muslim behavior." It will all, Inshallah, be solved in the Final Judgment Day.
Allah Knows Best.

Br. Robert Solano lives in Texas and is a member of the Jamaat al-Muslimeen leadership team. He's conducted da'wa over the past several decades to the Hispanic community and given the Spanish translation of the Qur'an to more than 500 people.



Serious Lack of Health Facilities Despite Available Resources
by our Media Monitor

LAHORE, Mar. 23; Secretary Information, jamat e Islami, Amirul Azeem, has said that provision of education and health facilities was the primary responsibility of the government but these were not available to the common man even in the Punjab capital. He was inaugurating a Lab Collection centre set up by JI's social welfare wing the Al-Khidmat Foundation at Habib Park.

Amirul Ameem said that a large number of children could not get admission in government schools and colleges. The shortage of health facilities was visible from the fact that each bed in government hospitals had three or four patients. Poor elderly patients breathed their last at the hospital floor but the rulers were not moved. Due to this, the people were compelled to approach costly private hospitals.
He said that if the honest and competent leadership of the JI was in power, the vast resources of the country would be distributed justly and in it would be governed in the best possible manner.

JI Lahore chief Zikrullah Mujahid also addressed the function.

Punjab University.
Secularist groups Attacked Islamic Women's Publicity Stall. Male Students rallied to drive off the attackers.
[By New Trend's media monitor]

March 21: A publicity exhibit set up by the women's wing of Islami Jamiate Talaba [islamic students] was attacked by youth groups claiming to be Pukhtoon and Baluch. The attackers insulted the women, tore up the picture of Qaide Azam [founder of Pakistan] and set fire to the stall.
As the news spread, male supporters of Islami Jamiate Talaba rallied and drove off the attackers. Police arrived in large numbers and separated the clashing groups of young men. A number of people were arrested and some were injured
The Pakistani media, very hostile to Jamaate Islami and its student wing Islami Jamiate Talaba, published slanted stories blaming the Islamics and largely ignoring the attack on the women's stall which started the clashes.As usual, the administration led by the Vice Chancellor of the University, supported the secularist groups.

March 22:
Upset by the twisted reporting in the media, burqa clad women and female students rallied in large numbers and called for high level investigation of the attack by the secularists. The leader of the Islamic women , Sameeha Raheel Qazi herself and numbers of students are Pukhtoon and were able to quash the media's attempt to create scenarios of conflict between Punjabis and Pukhtoons.
The rally was led by Dr. Sameeha Qazi, Rabia Tariq, Zarafshan Farheen, Shazia Abdul Qadir,Dr. Shagufta, Faiqa Salman and others..

Photo of March 22 rally by Jalil Taha
 Punjab University March 22 Rally

War News

 War News

Renewed Fighting in the Sinai. ISIS hit Egyptian troops guarding Israel border.

March 24. Al-Arish. An armored vehicle of the Egyptian army was hit by ISIS fighters killing 3 and wounding 6.

March 23. In a clash in central Sinai with IS, mujahideen killed 3 Egyptian officers and 7 troops. Egypt says it killed 15 fighters and "detsained" 7

Strategic Victory for Taliban.

On March 17, Taliban forces captured the strategic region of Sangin in southern Helmand province,

The forces of the Kabul regime backed by NATO fled after its frontline fighters were killed.

The Taliban are now in a position to strike both north and south of Sangin.


Mosul Week 23. Trump Week 9

Massive Civilian Casualties in US Air Strikes. Estimates of Civilians killed range from 200 to more than a thousand.

American bombing and Artillery use by Shia Army came after Armada Could not break Islamic State Resistance.

Bombing of Mosul by the US and its "Coalition" and long range shelling by Shia armada's artillery from March 17 to March 25 has caused huge numbers of civilian deaths.

The estimates of civilians killed range from 200 to 1000.

The US did not reveal that it had bombed the Jadida area of Mosul on March 17. After social media and human rights groups revealed the extent of the carnage, the US, according to the Daily Telegraph, admitted that it did carry out the strike but would "investigate" what happened. The US tried to put the blame on the Shia military which has surrounded Mosul and claimed that it had been given the go ahead by the Shia army command.

The massacre, international media say, has uncovered the fact that the US and its "coalition" are bombing civilians..The Baghdad regime tried to defend its position by saying it was stopping the assault on Mosul owing to the horrific massacre of civilians in US air strikes but BBC reporter Bowen tweeted om March 25 that the offensive is continuing.

The representative from Mosul, Nujaifi, who escaped from the clutches of ISIS long ago and joined the Baghdad regime, says the civilian deaths in the bombing "number in the hundreds."

The UN too has noticed that the casualty figure is in the hundreds.

The US's own reports indicate that it is using its heaviest weapons on Mosul. On March 21, the US issued a video showing that it used a B-52 to bomb an ISIS center in Mosul.

Meanwhile the battle continues. The Shia armada is unable to advance and the resistance put up by the Islamic State is as strong as ever. Unable to advance, the Shia armada is using long range artillery causing daily death and destruction in the population of West Mosul. The regime also carries on its "atrocity" propaganda against ISIS which is duly accepted and distributed worldwide by the Zionist media.

[Sources: Wire services, British newspapers, BBC, a few American newspapers and Al-Jazeera. We are also reading Russian media which are gloating over the American attempts to hide the civilian casualties in Mosul.]


Islamic Fighters Trying to Capture Damascus & Hama face Russian-Alawite-Iranian Air and Artillery Attacks.

Offensive against al-Raqqa Stalled
Massacres of Civilians by US-British Air forces. Turkey Clashes with YPG Kurds.

On March 21, mujahideen groups led by al-Nusra launched a second offensive to enter Damascus. Coming from Jober on the eastern edge of the tyrant's capital, they faced ferocious, desperate, bombing by the Russian air force, Assad's helicopters and Hizbullah & Iranian artillery. The bombing stopped the advance but the fighters are calling in reinforcements to continue the offensive. Mujahedeen fire is sporadically reaching the center of Damascus.

On the southern side of Damascus, pro-western factions and supporters of the Islamic State are fighting to jockey for positions to advance on Damascus from al-Yarmouk and Tadamoun. .

In central Syria, various Islamic groups and the Islamic State are advancing on Hama. They have largely surrounded Hama with its Alawite garrison but Russian bombing and strafing by Assad's jets are blocking their advance. Chechen, Uzbek and Turkistani mujahideen Islamic fighters have joined Syrian fighters to knock the Alawite-Shiite forces out of the key town of Kawkab towards Hama.

Mujahideen of FSA-Nusra and others are trying to breach the defenses of western Aleppo and are locked in heavy clashes with Assad's forces.

Daraa city, southern Syria, has been hit with 70 Russian and Alawite air strikes as most of it is now under mujahideen control from FSA and Nusra coalition.

The American supported Kurd-Communist advance towards the IS capital of al-Raqqa has been blocked by stiff IS resistance. The American-British coalition is indulging in ferocious bombing of Islamic IS held areas as well as Islamic al-Nusra/Ahrar al-Sham areas.

The American assault described in reporting by the Syrian observatory [SOHR] has become a daily massacre of civilians in attempts to terrorize the population.

According to SOHR, in al-Raqqa province, 89 civilians have been killed by the US air force between March 20-March 26. Among the dead are 8 children and 7 women.

Near al-Raqqa, the US air force hit a school killing 35 civilians who had taken refuge in the school from the fighting.

SOHR reports that in the city of al-Tabaqa, which is on the way to al-Raqqa, the US "coalition" air force has killed 152 civilians including 19 children and 28 women. [Updated on March 24]

News Within the U.S.

 News within the US

Granger, Indiana
Two Pakistani Americans Donate $15 Million to Catholic University in Indiana

[Excerpted from The New York Times, March 17, 2017.]

"On Friday, the Ansaris announced a $15 million gift to the University of Notre Dame, one of the top Catholic universities, to create the Rafat and Zoreen Ansari Institute for Global Engagement With Religion. The institute will aim to deepen knowledge of religion and look to explain how the traditions and practice of various religions influence world events.

"Whenever you get a gift of this size, it's tremendous, but particularly to have this named for the Ansari family, who is Muslim, is tremendously meaningful to us," said the Rev. John I. Jenkins, the president of Notre Dame, in an interview. "We believe religion is very important in our world. It can have a negative impact, but it should be possible to study the ways religion can be a force for human development and peace."

[New Trend's editorial note: The richest of the rich immigrants love the oppressive power structure to such an extent that they will do anything to support the very system which is involved in imperialistic activities against Pakistan and the Muslim world in general. Compare this with Khizr Khan whose son joined the military which occupied Afghanistan and gave his life fighting the Muslim resistance. President Trump has misunderstood Muslim immigrants. Obama had a better understanding. The richer they get, they more they betray Islam and the Muslim ummah.Trump should be handing out medals to Ansaris and Khans instead of banning immigrants from Muslim countries.]

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