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23 Rabi' al Thani, 1438 A.H.- January 22, 2017 Issue # 4, Newsletter # 1690

Hadith of the Week

Planting Trees is a Religious Act in Islam.

[With thanks to Qur'an Foundation, Hyderabad, India.]

From Jabir b.'Abd Allah, r.a.

"Allah's Messenger(peace be upon him) said:' When a Muslim plants a tree and something is eaten of it, then it is a charity from him; anything which is stolen from it is also charity from him and what beasts feed from it is also a charitable donation. And what is being eaten by the birds is also a charitable donation for him. Hence, whatever loss one incurs will be included in charitable donation (because it benefits humans, animals and birds).'"

In another hadith, the Prophet(peace be upon him) said:" That will be the charitable donation until the day of Resurrection."

{Muslim in al-Sahih,3:1188 Hadith #1552}

Comment by Kaukab Siddique:
Prophet Muhammad, pbuh, was the founder of the environmental movement. Without trees, the swhole world would become a desert. With our environmental concerns today and the warming of the planet, this hadith should be our central source of guidance.

 Breaking News
[Can Trump outdo this?]

US Dropped 108 Bombs in ONE day on Islamic State Fighters in Libya Killing 85

Following months of air strikes by the US air force, Islamic State fighters had left their stronghold in Sirte on the Libyan coast.

On January 18, 3o miles southwest of Sirte, the Islamics were hit by American B-2 bombers who, according to Fox News , dropped 108 bombs. Those who tried to escape were hunted down with Hellfire missiles. US defense officials told Fox news that an "estimated" 85 fighters were killed. The word "estimated" means the Americans did not actually count the bodies but calculated how many they probably killed.

The attack was authorized by Obama.

B-2 is the most advanced American bomber and they flew from MISSOURI in the United States and flew back without stopping anywhere on the way.

The number of strikes over five months which forced the Islamics to leave Sirte were 495 carried out by drones, Harrier jets and Cobra attack helicopters.

by Sis. Ayesha Jones & Br. Ali Randall

Jamaat al-Muslimeen Urges Readers to write to Muslim Political Prisoners. It is Legal!

Here is a letter Sis. Ayesha Jones wrote to Aafia Siddiqui. The address and directions are given here:

"My dear sister... I love you and I'm praying for you always and I offer du'a for you .... You are never forgotten and I hope the ummah doesn't forget you either!!!"

 Aafia Siddiqui
Aafia Siddiqui #90279-054
P.O. BOX 27137

Contact info:
J ST BLDG 3000
Email: CRW/
Phone: 817-782-4000
Fax: 817-782-4875

Please offer dua...they are telling me she is alive but we can start calling and demanding answers now...I wont forget you sister!!! WALAHI!!!

Our Dear brother who shouldn't be forgotten!!!
Please write this brother inshaallah

MCFP Springfield
Federal Medical Center
P.O BOX 4000
Springfield, MO 65801

As Salaamu Alaikum ummah... please write her inshallah...
She is a very young sister!
May Allah reward you!!!
 Shannon Conley
Shannon Conley #40384-13
P.O. BOX 487
ALICEVILLE, AL 35442. ..

Ziyad Yaghi please write him. It also helps to write to Ziyad so he can feel that there are people on the outside who care about him.

They moved Ziyad to
Florence, CO:

Ziyad Yaghi's
BOP # (51771-056)
U.S.P. Florence - High
PO Box 7000
Florence CO 81226-7000

Political Prisoners :


Israel on the War Path.

January 22,.Israel announced that it has given the go ahead for the construction of 400 new housing units in east Jerusalem.
{One America News OAN]

Muslims who think there can be peace with Israel on the basis of a two-state solution should start thinking.
Boycott all businesses which support Israel. Start with Nestle and Home Depot!

 Word Around The Net

Word Around the Net
from Br.Kris

USA air strikes kill over 100 Al-Qaeda at one of their training camps in Syria.

International aid builds desalination (turns saltwater into clean drinking water) system in Gaza Strip area where a shameful 3% of their water is considered to be drinkable.

Israeli leader has gall to say to Iran that, "We are not your enemy, we are your friend."

Protests in Karachi over Missing Persons Turns Ugly

Multi-Party Kurdish coalition to talk independence with Baghdad.



Military Hit Hard

On January 18, a human bomber penetrated the military camp in Gao, northeastern Mali, killing 47 troops and injuring 60.

Al-Qaida in the Islamic Maghreb [AQIM] has accepted responsibility for the attack and given as cause the militsry's close cooperation with France.
[Source al-Jazeera]--

Refugee Camp Bombed

On January 17, the Nigerian air force bombed a refugee csamp in the Rann area of northern Borno in Nigeria. At last reports 90 civilians were killed and 120 wounded. Doctors without Frontiers [MSF] has condemned the attack. Nigeria's military says it was an "accident." However the refugee tents were clearly marked and it is difficult to believe that it was an accident. Probably the civilians were seen as Boko Haram supporters.

"Even if there is no evidence of a willful attack on the camp, which would be a war crime, the camp was bombed indiscriminately, violating international humanitarian law," said Mausi Segun, a senior Nigeria researcher at Human Rights Watch. "Victims should not be denied redress merely because the government decided the bombing was accidental."

[Numerous sources.]



From New Trend's Media Monitor:
What's Behind the Massive Women's Marches in Washington and Across America?

On January 21, tens of thousands of women arrived in Washington, DC to march for their rights. Similar gatherings were held in Los Angeles, Chicago, New York and other cities.

The question WHY this happened should be answered to understand the massive undertaking which flooded Washington's subway train system

Here is our breakdown of the participants:

  1. White [almost all].

  2. Middle class.

  3. LGBTq. The homosexual movement in its lesbian and transgender manifestations.

  4. Pro-Choice demanding abortion on demand.

  5. Pro-Obama, very partisan. A pathetic example was Linda Sarsour who "represented" Muslims although her only "qualifications" are that she covers her hair and has visited the White House more often than King Abdullah of Jordan.

  6. Morally outraged at the alleged immorality of Trump as propagated by the Zionist media, particularly CNN & MSNBC.

  7. Total silence about Islamic women violated by imperialist and Zionist occupiers and assailants.

One ugly remark about women which Trump uttered in private was made the basis for generalized attacks on Trump as if he is a woman hater and potential rapist.

Now look at the situation in America. Rape and date rape are common here. There has never been a massive demonstration against rape. In fact, there has never been a demand for the execution of rapists or even life imprisonment. Trump has not raped anyone.

Pornography which depicts women as sexual pets is so huge in America that it is garnering billions of dollars in profit. Not has there been no large rally against pornography, many in the women's movement support pornography as part of freedom of expression. .

Trump has numerous women working closely with him. In fact the main spokesperson of his election campaign was a woman. Female members of his family are integral part of his governing circle.

A rational understanding of the women's rally on January 21 would be that it was, directly and indirectly, the Obama-Hillary campaign in action continuing to delegitimize Trump. The Zionist establishment was confident that Hillary would win the elections. Trump's victory was a great shock and a total surprise for the Zionist establishment.

Most probably Trump will continue to do against Islamic fighting groups what Obama has been doing. His policies on Israel will be as one-sided as Obama's. The only difference could be that Trump might see that fighting the Islamics and supporting Israel is not profitable. As a successful businessman, he might pull back.

The horrific plight of Islamic women in Kashmir, Burma, Palestine, Syria and Iraq has been of little or no interest to the women who rallied on January 21.



Parachinar Blast.

January 21: A huge IED blast in Parachinar on the Afghan border killed 25 and injured 87 shia civilians.
The Pakistan military says the Taliban have been defeated and so are attacking soft targets.

Statements issued by the assailants to the international media say the attack was on the Shia stronghold which is sending volunteers to help Bashar Assad of Syria to continue to bomb civilians.

The regime has arrested 7 people and sealed off Parachinar.

Blaspheming Bloggers Disappear

Five secularist bloggers have disappeared. They had been blaspheming on line against Islam. Religious scholars objected and complained to the government but got no response.

Two weeks back the bloggers suddenly disappeared. The pro-West activists are very upset and are blaming the government.

For about 20 years, Pakistani military intelligence has been "disappearing" Islamic critics of the military's operations in Swat, Waziristan and Karachi. The westernized groups which control major media in Pakistan showed little concern. Many Muslims were handed over to USA and ended up in Guatanamo Bay. Among the Islamic victims was Dr. Aafia Siddiqui. There was no public hue and cry as the government condemned the opponents as "terrorists" and "agents" of India.

Readers of New Trend may remember that Sis. Amina set up camp in Islamabad to call for information about her disappeared husband and other Islamic civilians. Finally the Nawaz Sharif regime brutally removed her camp.

These blaspheming secularist bloggers seem to have international support and voices are rising in their support from the West, particularly from pro-western "Muslims."

War News

 War News


Ferocious Fighting by three Forces against IS. Hizbullah Attacking Damascus Suburbs.
US Air Force Wiping out al-Nusra.

January 16-22

During the week a ceasefire accord was reached between Assad's Hizbullah Lebanese forces and the Syrian resistance in the Barada valley west of Damascus. The accord was meant to stop Assad's attacks on Barada valley and to let water supply for Damascus be safeguarded. However once more Assad's Hizbullah forces decided to take the area by force. Heavy artillery and air attacks are going on as the regime tries to advance. However the local resistance, FSA faction, is putting up a vigorous defense and fighting is continuing. [ Jan. 22]

Bitter fighting is continuing in and around Der Ez Zor as Islamic State fighters continue to attack the regime and Hizbullah forces but are pinned down by Iranian artillery and Russian air strikes. IS has suffered heavy losses, according to SOHR, including 128 killed. The Hizbullah-regime forces too have suffered considerably with 72 killed. [IS offensive continues on Jan. 22]

IS has chopped of the heads of 6 Assad troops and hanged them up in the center of a town south east of Deir ez Zor to encourage the people not to be afraid of regime-Hizbullah forces.

January 21: In western Aleppo province USA used its B-52s and drones to kill another 76 al-Nusra fighters. Many others are seriously injured and the death toll could rise to 132. This is in addition to the 50 commanders killed in US air strikes last week. Al- Nusra has indicated that this deadly bombing is meant to help the Assad regime and is a blow against the Syrian people.

Turkey is continuing to use artillery and air strikes to destroy the Islamic city of El-Bab. Civilian casualties, including women and children, are rising every day. However the Turkish forces face stiff IS resistance and are unable to advance as fighting continues. Another 25 Turkish troops have been killed in the fighting. Erdogan is very angry. [January 22]

Russia has now indicated to the Assad regime that with IS locked in battle with Turkey, the regime should attack El Bab. On January 20, Assad's troops [Hizbullah & Shia militias] started advancing from the southwest and are now approaching El Bab.

From the northeast, Kurdish communists [SDF] supported by the US air force and US Special Forces are steadily advancing towards the Islamic State capital of al-Raqqa.
Palestinians supporting IS in the corridor to Damascus were shelled by Hizbullah and fired back. [SOHR[


Mosul: Week 14

Massive Shia Armada at Standstill as IS Digs in, but IS Unable to re-take Eastern Mosul. US Air Force Continues daily Air Strikes killing Scores of Islamics.

During the week, the invading armada was unable to make any headway against Mosul as stiff IS resistance continues.

News sources opposed to IS, such as BBC, ABC, CNN, al Jazeera and AFP have not reported any advances by the Shia armada and the Kurds.

However, the Baghdad propaganda machine is coming out with claims of victory which boggle the mind. The original estimate of Islamic State fighters in Mosul was 400 to 600. US air force knocked out the bridges, so IS could not bring in any reinforcements, however Baghdad is claiming that it has killed 1700 mujahideen, about 3 times the totsl defense force.

According to the UN, the massive Shia and Kurdish army surrounding Mosul is suffering about 1,000 killed every month, down from 2000 in the first month. The Baghdad regime has stopped issuing its losses and has protested to the UN about reports of its losses.

News Within the U.S.

 News within the US

New York
Amazing Return to Celibacy among Some Celebrities! Religious Values Affirmed?

by Sis. Aisha [Jamaat al-Muslimeen]

New York City - Recently, singer Ciara gave her reasons for practicing celibacy with her husband, NFL Star Quarterback Russell Wilson, before they married. She said that that type of courtship gave her a chance to get to know him better as a friend. Most long-time married couples always say they married their best friend. Russell Wilson is a devout Christian.

Sex can be a distraction from what is really important during the early stages of a romantic relationship. However, Ciara had her critics who scoffed at her attempt at celibacy because she already has a young son with rapper Future. However, celibacy is someone who is abstaining from sexual relations after having lost his/her virginity. I don't believe it matters if one has a child.

Ciara stated, "You shouldn't feel like you have to give your body away to get someone to like you."

What is very insulting is that Russell Wilson's sexual orientation was called into question, awhile back. He had been married, previously, but divorced. It is rather unfair for a man to be accused of being homosexual just because he does not behave toward women in a disdainful and disrespectful manner by sexually objectifying them. It is ridiculous how so many innocent men have to defend themselves against gay rumors because of society's illogical point of view! Unfortunately, stating you are a virgin until marriage garners more laughs and criticism, it seems. There are people who just see abstention from sex as unnatural!

But, some people, who have lived in error by living a fornicating lifestyle, have decide to choose celibacy before marriage in a new relationship.

Other couples who practiced celibacy before marriage are:
Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon

Kevin Jonas (of the Jonas Brothers) and Danielle Delease

Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher

Tia and Tamera Mowry (Tamera had premarital sex with her husband but they later married)

Many of these people were devout Christians growing up. In spite of Hollywood's efforts to promote sexual promiscuity as sexual freedom or a form of empowerment, especially for women, there are still people who are returning to the messages in Scripture/Qur'an. Hopefully, the number of people seeing the benefits of abstaining from sex before marriage will grow.

(Source: and



Rumor Mongering is key Shi'ite Tactic which Helped them to Murder Usman, r.a.
by Kaukab Siddique, PhD

An important reason why the Shi'ites were able to murder the third rightly guided Caliph Usman, r.a., was the tactic of rumor mongering, using the big lie technique.

How could they possibly brutalize and murder someone so blessed that hardly any aspect of Islam can be thought about without including him!. His greatest achievement was the compilation of the Qur'an which all Muslim read today. This fact alone puts him above all other Sahaba, Companions of the Prophet, pbuh.

The gang trying to kill the Caliph spread the deadly rumor that the Mother of the Believers, Ayesha, r.a., had condemned Usman, r.a., and called for his death.

Ayesha, r.a., was in Makka for the Hajj and could not be reached in time for confirmation. The mischief makers were able to convince people that Usman, r.a., had committed many errors and now he could no longer be tolerated considering that the Mother of the Believers, r.a., had herself condemned him.

Ayesha, r.a., was shocked when the word of what had happened reached her. She condemned the rumor in the strongest possible terms. It was too late. Ever since then Shias have been causing war between Muslims and helping crusaders and invading armies from the West.

Here is the documentation:

"Narrated by Fatima bint Abdur Rahman: Ayesha, r.a., sitting near the Kaaba, was asked by Fatima's uncle, , I am like your son and I want to know what you have to say about Usman, Some people are cursing him. Ayesha, r.a.,said: One who curses Usman, may Allah's curse be on him. By Allah! Usman was sitting near the messenger of Allah, peace be upon him, and Jibril was revealing the Quran to the prophet and he was saying: O Usman, write it down. [Ayesha, r.a., continued]: Allah gives such distinction only to one who is highly honored by Allah and His messenger. "

[Hadith from Ahmad ibn Hanbal through several chains, quoted by Ibn Kathir in Vol. 7 of al-bidaya wun Nihaya, p.410]



Where are the Souls of those Slain in Allah's Way?
by Sis. Yasmin


It has been narrated on the authority of Masruq (R. A) who said: we asked Abdullah (R.A.) about the Quranic Verse...

'Think not of those who are slain in Allah's way as dead.Nay, they are alive, finding their sustenance in the presence of their Lord'. {Source:- 'Quran'~ Surat 'Äli 'Imran (Family of Imran)~ 3~ A # 169} He said: we asked the meaning of the verse from the Holy Prophet~ (Peace and Blessings Be Upon Him) who said:

The souls, of the martyrs live in the bodies of green birds who have their nests in chandeliers hung from the throne of the Almighty...{!}

They eat the fruits of Paradise from wherever they like and then nestle in these chandeliers. Once their Lord cast a glance at them and said..

'Do ye want anything' {?} They said: ' What more shall we desire ?

We eat the fruit of Paradise from wherever we like.' Their Lord asked them the same question thrice. When they saw that they will continue to be asked and not left without answering the question...

They said...'O Lord, we wish that Thou mayest return our souls to our bodies so that we may be slain in Thy way once again'...!

When He (Allah) saw that they had no need, they were left to their joy in heaven.

[Source: SAHIH MUSLIM~ Book 20~ Hadith # 4651]



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