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6 Safar, 1438 A.H.- November 6, 2016 Issue # 45, Newsletter #1679

Hadith of the Week

Dont wear things which you don't need.

Abu Saeed al-Khudri narrates: once a man from Najran visited the messenger of Allah, peace be on him, He was wearing a gold ring. The messenger of Allah, pbuh, ignored him and did not ask him anything. He sent back to his wife and told her what had happened. She said, there must be some problem. Go back to the messenger. So he went back to the presence of the messenger. This time he took off his splendid outer garments and his gold ring. He got the permission to talk to the messenger. when he greeted the messenger, he pbuh, answered him. He said: O messenger of Allah, when I visited you the first time, you ignored me. The messenger, pbuh, replied, At that time I saw the spark of the fire of hell in your hand. He said, i Have brought many such gifts this time. The messenger replied: What you have brought can benefit only as much as the rocks in a stony desert. These are the goods of the world.

[Hadith number 11145 in the Musnad of Ahmad ibn Hanbal, the kitab of Abu Saeed al Khudri, r.a.,. Also in the Sunan of Nasai.]

Comment by Kaukab Siddique:

Islam is against exhibition of wealth and power on our persons through display of gold and other expensive paraphernalia. Men in particular are prohibited from wearing gold and luxury items.

Do not be impressed by wealth and signs of power. Keep it simple and focus on character and issues of humanity.

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Political Prisoners :

 Word Around The Net

Word Around the Net

Nigeria: Government Troops Assaulting Women who came back safely from Boko Haram.

Central African Republic
Muslim Militia Attack tribes who massacred Muslims.

Iran: Destroying Sunni Villages in Sistan

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November 12
Discussion of Presidential Election Results and the way Forward for America's Muslims.[InshaAllah]

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Kaukab Siddique

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Police Kill Group leaders Fighting for the Rights of the Poor.

Cold Blooded Execution of Muslim Students. Taken out of Prison and shot. Video Uncovers Horror
Indian American Muslims Protest

November 03, 2016

The Indian American Muslim Council (IAMC -, an advocacy group dedicated to safeguarding India's pluralist and tolerant ethos today demanded the resignation of Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Mr. Shivraj Singh Chouhan, over the shocking and audacious killing of 8 unarmed undertrials in Bhopal. IAMC also joined activists, opposition parties and people of conscience in demanding a judicial probe into the gruesome incident. Videos of the killing show the men were unarmed, and were even waving to the policemen in an apparent attempt to surrender. Demonstrating a shocking level of impunity, the chief of Madhya Pradesh's Anti-Terror Squad Mr. Sanjeev Shami confirmed the men were unarmed and defiantly maintained the killing was justified.

The official account that these eight men escaped from a high-security jail by making keys out of toothbrushes and scaling walls 30 ft high using bedsheets defies logic. Added to these outrageous fabrications, is the idea that the "escaped" undertrials all stayed together after their escape until they were conveniently found in one place to be done to death by the police. It also flies in the face of videos showing the men were unarmed, and the police fired even after the men were mowed down, including at a man who happened to be grievously injured but still alive. The motive behind this fake encounter appears to be the fact that the case against at least four of the undertrials was drawing to a close, with a judgement expected in their favor. This was articulated by Tahawwur Khan, one of the defence lawyers of the men killed in the encounter.

The killings fit a pattern of ongoing state repression of minorities, including fake encounters, abductions and denial of justice. The disappearance of JNU student Najeeb Ahmad who went missing after an assault on the campus, is only the latest in a series of shocking incidents involving activists and whistleblowers. Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan, who has lost the moral legitimacy to continue in office, appears to be following the "Gujarat Model," in its pattern of framing innocent youth and engaging in extrajudicial killings.

"The cold-blooded execution of these eight men before the court pronounced its judgement on them, is a grim demonstration of the state-sponsored repression of minorities and Dalits in India, even by law enforcement that is sworn to protect all citizens, regardless of caste or creed," said Mr. Umar Malick, President of IAMC. "A high-level judicial probe should be constituted immediately to unearth all the facts surrounding this incident. The justification of this gruesome killing by the ATS chief is an open admission of impunity, and the extent to which police forces consider themselves above the law. This does not bode well for the country," he added.

Among those condemning the staged encounter are opposition parties, and top media commentators such as Shekhar Gupta and academic organizations like the Jamia Teachers' Solidarity Association. As Rahul Kanwal, Managing Editor of India Today said in his tweet, "Exposing a fake encounter is not anti-national. Staying silent when you know that an encounter appears fake is what is truly anti-national."

Indian American Muslim Council is the largest advocacy organization of Indian Muslims in the United States with chapters across the nation. For more information, please visit

Indian American Muslim Council
Phone/Fax: 1-800-839-7270

Facebook: Indian American Muslim Council
Twitter: @IAMCouncil
Address: 6321 W Dempster St. Suite 295, Morton Grove, IL 60053.

 Palestine Flag


 Dr Kaukab Siddique

Self-Styled American Muslim "leaders" Support voting. It is Haram like voting for Abu Lahab's wife.
Clear Violation of Quran and Hadith.
See the texts below.

by Kaukab Siddique

Does Islam matter to American Muslims? Do Qur'an and authentic hadith matter to American Muslims? I am sure they do.

Then the question arises, on what basis self-styled leaders of American Muslims, a whole list of imams, have sent out a call for Muslims to vote.

Never in the history of the Prophet, pbuh, the Khulafa Rashidoon and all the sahaba, r.a., was there EVER a call for Muslims to use any methodology to make kuffar and oppressors leaders of the Muslims.

The question of oppressors being supported as leaders by Muslims is blasphemous, sacreligious and unthinkable for any Muslims who has faith in Allah and wants to follow the example of His Prophet, pbuh.

Let alone choosing oppressors and kuffar as leaders, it is strictly HARAM to cooperate even slightly with the oppressive power structure.

Officials of CAIR, ISNA,ICNA, Sound Vision, various imams linked to Siraj Wahhaj etc cannot continue to cooperate with the oppressors and still claim to be Muslims. In Islam there are no two views on this:

"And incline not to those who are oppressors or the fire will touch you, and ye will have no protectors other than Allah, nor shall ye be helped." [The Qur'an 11:113]

In Islam, the question of cooperating with non-Muslim rulers who oppress Muslims, such as Obama-Hillary are doing in Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine, Pakistan, Somalia, Libya and Nigeria, simply does not arise. However, there are clear texts from the Prophet, pbuh, and his Companions, r.a., and their Companions, r.a., which make very clear the meaning of 11:113 as regards Muslim rulers [let alone kuffar]:

"There will be rulers after me who will tell lies and oppress people. One who calls their lies 'truth' and helps them [in any way] in their oppression, such a one is not of me and I have nothing to do with such and such will not be anywhere near me at the Spring of Abundance (on the Day of Judgment)." [Prophet Muhammad pbuh, Hadith in the collections of Nasai, Tirmidhi and Hakim, narrated by Ka'ab bin 'Ujra, r.a.]

"...One who approaches human rulers gets involved in Fitna [disruption and turmoil.]" [Prophet Muhammad, pbuh, Sunan of Abu Dawud, narrated by ibn Abbas, r.a.]

Prophet Muhammad, pbuh, said: "In the future there will be rulers over you, some whom you will know and some whom you won't. One who stays away completely from rulers will be forgiven by Allah, one who looks at them and considers them bad will be saved [by Allah], but one who accepts them and follows them, Allah Almighty will remove him from His Mercy." A person asked: Should we do jihad against such rulers? The Prophet, pbuh, replied: Not as long as they establish worship of Allah. [Hadith, Sahih of Muslim]

Let us look briefly at the establishment of powerful rulers. Should we cooperate with them because they are powerful and can harm us and we cannot fight them? What did the outstanding scholars of Islam say when the non-Islamic rulers established themselves. Here is a sample:

Saeed bin al-Musayyeb, one of the greatest scholars of Hadith in the classical era of Islam said: When you see a person who knows Islam hanging around rulers, shun him because he is thief.

'Auzai, another giant of Islamic learning from the golden era of Islam said: With Allah Almighty, there is none worse than one who knows Islam yet goes to the rulers.
Makhul, another great early narrator of Hadith said: One who learns the Qur'an and gains knowledge of Islam and then approaches the ruler out of greed and to flatter, every step towards the ruler takes him towards the fire of hell.

As Muslims we are civic-minded and decent people. We do not violate the law of the land. We are good neighbors, honest workers and trustworthy friends.

That does not mean that we should cooperate with the oppressive power structure. No one is forcing us and Islam does not permit us to work for or with the White House, the Pentagon, or the intelligence services. All such cooperation is strictly haram.

Prayer and fasting are meaningless if we our loyalty is not with Allah but with the oppressors. Fear of humans is not an acceptable excuse.

Today we find a man with a Muslim name and claiming to be Hafize Qur'an working for the White House. We find a woman wearing a head covering working for the White House. All such acts are haram. These activities demean Islam, violate our sanctities and are meant to mislead and confuse Muslims.

Dear Muslim. I call on you to fear Allah. Focus on the Qur'an. No scholar has given it a different meaning than the obvious meaning of the text:

" ...Stand firm as you are commanded, you and those with you: turn [unto Allah], and transgress not (from the path), for He sees well all that you do. And INCLINE NOT towards those who oppress, or the Fire will touch you, and ye [shall] have no protectors other than Allah, nor shall ye be helped." [The Qur'an 11:112-113]

Scholars have noticed that these verses are condemning not only cooperation with oppressors but even an INCLINATION towards oppressors. Classical commentaries on the Qur'an discuss the depth of meaning in the Arabic text of this verse "wa la taraknu" [do not incline or bend or have the slightest positive feeling] for oppressors.

Commentators as varied as Zamakhshari and Beidawi agree that "wa la taraknu" is about the stage before actual physical cooperation takes place. The desire to bend slightly towards the oppressors becomes punishable by the Fire.

Qurtubi, another classical scholar, points out that this "inclination" includes dependence and a LIKING for the oppressors. These meanings are supported by the comments of Ibn Abbas, r.a., one of the companions of the Prophet, who was the earliest mufassir of the Qur'an. He says that this verse also implies that one should not keep quiet when one observes oppression being carried out. [Such as in our times the destruction of Fallujah during Ramadan or the degradation of the great scholar of Islam, Shaikh Omar 'Abdel Rahman, or the 'cavity search' of Imam Jamil and Dr. Aafia Siddiqui]

Qatada and 'Ikrima, of the first generation after the Sahaba [companions of the Prophet, pbuh] say that such inclination towards oppressors also implies obedience to them [such as the happiness of these "leaders" that they will, or could, get invitations to the White House].

Imam 'Auzai, from the first generation of Islam after the sahaba, says that his understanding of hadith on these verses is that NOTHING IS MORE CONDEMNABLE WITH ALLAH THAN A PERSON WHO CLAIMS TO BE AN IMAM [or 'Alim] BUT MEETS AN OPPRESSOR, be it a king or his functionaries. In the Arabic there is a play on the words 'Alim [Islamic scholar] and 'Amil [functionary].

The best comment comes from a classical Hadith scholar of the first era, Muhammad ibn Maslama, that:

"The approach of one who recites the Qur'an to the door of oppressors is WORSE THAN the likeness of the FLY WHO SITS on ShiT."

In our own times, Maulana Shabbir Ahmed Usmani, the Islamic teacher of Mohomed Ali Jinnah, founder of Pakistan, wrote the following note on 11:113 in his tafseer:

"Do not be inclined or attracted to the oppressors [those who have broken the bounds of Islam) in the slightest. Do your best to stay away from their friendship and companionship, refrain from respecting and honoring them, praising or exalting them, looking like them in appearance, jointly working with them, in short everything to do with oppressors, otherwise the fire will envelop you and you will find that you have no helper and Allah will no longer help you."

The learned Maulana then points to the solution for Muslims, given in 11:114, which we have not quoted, which is to incline towards Allah and to worship Allah morning and evening ..

The Prophet Muhammad, pbuh, has given us clear Hadith not to cooperate with oppressors. These are general teachings, in addition to the specific verses from the Qur'an:

From Abdullah ibn Mas'ud, r.a. the Prophet, pbuh, said: ...."By him in whose hand is my life, you will not achieve salvation unless you stop the oppressor and give the oppressed their right." [Hadith, Jami Tirmidhi, Abwab tafseer al-Qur'an]

From Abu Bakr Siddiq, r.a. .....I heard the messenger of Allah, pbuh, say, When people see an oppressor and do not stop him with both their hands, sooner or later the punishment of Allah will overtake them [the passive ones] too. [Hadith Jami Tirmidhi, Ibid.]

When such are the rules for non-cooperation with "Muslims" who become oppressors, there is absolutely NO BASIS in Islam for cooperation with oppressors who in addition to being oppressors are also kuffar.

Shias who are making the blunder of helping Imperialism should look at the example of Hussain, r.a., ibn Ali, r.a. Hussain did not want to cooperate with a Muslim ruler who was a faasiq. Dear Shias, why do you think you can fool the ummah? Stop beating your chests and helping Assad in Syria and Obama in Iraq. Join the Ummah, otherwise you are lost.

War News

 War News


Human Bombers Repulse Massive Shia-US-Iranian Advance into Mosul. Week 3.

Breaking News: One America news [OAN] reported on November 6, at 2 PM EST that ISIS ambushed a Baghdad regime military column consisting of Humvees and MRAPS which entered the eastern district of Mosul.. The mujahedeen destroyed the first and the last vehicle in the convoy and then destroyed the entire column vehicle by vehicle. Twenty two wounded soldiers and the reporters escaped into nearby buildings. A support back up column was also stopped by an ISIS attack. The 8 mujahideen who attacked the column were killed in a US air strike after hours of fighting.

The massive Baghdad-Iran-US forces attacking Mosul from the east reached the outskirts of Mosul on November 1 but retreated on November 2. They again entered Mosul from the east on November 4 and are still in the outer district facing ferocious ISIS counterattacks.

The Islamic defenders cannot counter columns of tanks unless they come up close and sacrifice their lives.

Their answer to the tanks is human bombers in vehicles packed with dynamite. About 100 human bombers have attacked in three weeks of the massive Shia advance on Mosul. As a result the Shia-Iranian-US attack has moved very slowly. With the mujahideen only 4000 in number facing a 100,000 military armada of Shias backed by the US air force, this should have been a walk over. The fighting is intense.

The Kurds have not been able to advance even with Turkish support. The Shi'ite columns advancing from the south are stuck in villages defended by small groups of the resistance. Another column is moving towards Tal Afar to cut off the ISIS retreat which Baghdad expected.

Abu Bakar al-Baghdadi, the leader of the Caliphate, sent out an audio message urging strong resistance.. This was the day of the first attack on Mosul. He seemed to have been angered by the role of Turkey and Saudi Arabia in conjunction with the West.

Also on November 5, the mujahideen attacked a police post of the Baghdad regime in Tikrit. The regime is admitting 15 killed 37 wounded.


Aleppo on Offensive. ISIS captures 17 Villages. Raqqa being bombed.
FSA locked in battle with Regime near Hama. Bombing of Muslim cities.

October 31-November 6. The situation has changed on the Aleppo battle fields. The FSA and al-Nusra are trying to capture the Alawite stronghold in western Aleppo. The Hizbullah detachments have saved the Alawite enclave although 27 of the Hizbis were killed. The FSA has been hitting west Aleppo with rockets and mortars killing almost 70 Alawites, as retribution for the destruction of eastern Aleppo.

ISIS is strongly countering the Turkish led militia advance towards E-Bab, capturing 17 villages in the process.

The US-led SDF militias are trying to advance on the ISIS capital al-Raqqa, a city which is being daily by America and other western air forces.

FSA mujahideen are locked in battle with the Damascus regime troops west of Hama.
East of Homs, IS is locked in battle with regime troops and shia militias.

All the Muslim areas in Idlib, Aleppo, around Damascus, in Daraa and Quneitra are being bombed by the Assad air force and the Russians

[Sources al-Jazeerra, Reuters, SOHR, Telegraph.]

Sirte, Libya: The City which Refuses to Give up.
November 6.

Fighting in Sirte, Libya entered its 6th month. The western-backed forces have been attacking Islamic State fighters in Sirte since May 15. The attacking forces are supported by US and UAE air strikes on the ISIS defense forces but to no avail.
Every month the western-backed forces announce that they are about to capture all of Sirte and then have to announce that the fighting continues owing to stubborn IS defenders.
The western backed forces do admit that they are steadily suffering deadly loss


Second Egyptian General Killed by IS

On November 4, in northern Sinai, General Azam was killed by Islamic fighters said to be from IS.
He was part of the protection for the Israeli defences.

Several other soldiers were killed and wounded in a bomb attack.

President Morsi the legal leader of Egypt has been sentenced to 20 years but Muslim Brotherhood is strictly staying away from attacks on the illegal regime of General Sissi.


Confused news Reports about Killing of Three US troops.

On November 3, American and Jordanian soldiers clashed at the entrance of Al-Jafr [King Faisal air base]. Three American special forces sent to train the Jordanians were killed. One Jordanian soldier was wounded.

The reporting on the incident is contradictory. First attempt was to say it was a mistake. The others said, it was a clash. America is taking it very seriously because there are signs of ISIS infiltration. Also, from this air base, the US launches attacks on IS which has disaffected local Jordanians.

Another report says that this entire southern area of Jordan is very sympathetic to IS. Another report says heavy weapons which were sent to this base by Saudi Arabia and US have disappeared and probably stolen by Jordanians and sent to Islamic fighters.


Taliban Moving forward in Kunduz again. Air strike kills more Civilians.

November 4. Taliban hit US-installed regime's forces in the Kunduz area killing 30 regime troops and two American troops directing them.

The US then launched an air strike which missed the fighters but killed 26 civilians, injuring scores.

The regime tried to excuse the slaughter of civilians by claiming that many of them were "families of insurgents."



Jamaate Islami leader condemns Russian bombing of Aleppo & Syrian Genocide by Assad family.
by Qaiser Sharif. November 6.

The Jamaate Islami chief Sirajul Haq has strongly condemned continued Russian bombing on Syrian city Halab and has appealed to the United Nations to intervene and stop the bloodshed.

In a statement, he said that the Al- Asad family which had ruled Syria for the last 46 years and its allies had massacred around 350,000 innocent Syrians in the civil war during the last five years. More than ten million people had been forced to leave the country and take refuge in neighbouring states especially Turkey while the entire country had been turned into ruins.

The JI chief deplored that the world community including neighbouring Muslim countries were silent on the Syrian bloodshed and some of them were a party to the killings. The bloodshed in Iraq and Syria had surpassed the massacre carried out by Changaze Khan and Halaku Khan. He said the entire benefit of the bloodshed was going to the Zionist state Israel and the enemies of Islam.

Sirajul Haq reminded the world powers involved in the proxy war in Syria that tyranny and oppression always led to horrible consequences and said the fate of the Soviet Union should remind the current powers that they too could collapse.

[Note:Halab is the original Arabic name for Aleppo.]



For our non-Muslim readers:

Moderate Alcohol Use Linked to Heart Chamber Damage, Atrial Fibrillation in New Study

By Nina Bai on September 21, 2016 [University of California, San Francisco] [With thanks to Dr. T. in Chicago] [Don't miss the end of this report.]

Enjoy a glass of wine with dinner or a nightcap before bed, but don't count on their heart benefits.

A new study by UC San Francisco researchers found that even moderate alcohol consumption may change the structure of the heart in ways that increase the risk of atrial fibrillation.

"There's growing evidence that moderate alcohol intake may be a risk factor for atrial fibrillation, the most common heart rhythm disturbance in the world, but the mechanism by which alcohol may lead to atrial fibrillation is unknown," said Gregory Marcus, MD, endowed professor of atrial fibrillation research at UCSF and senior author of the study published Sept. 14, 2016, in the Journal of the American Heart Association.

Possible Pathway Between Alcohol and Atrial Fibrillation

Gregory Marcus, MDMarcus and colleagues looked at damage to the left atrium of the heart as a possible pathway between alcohol and atrial fibrillation. Atrial fibrillation is a known risk factor for stroke. The irregular pumping of blood can lead to blood clots, which may travel to the brain and cause stroke.

The researchers evaluated data from more than 5,000 adults collected over several years in the Framingham Heart Study, including echocardiograms, medical history and self-reported alcohol intake. The study participants, mostly white and in their 40s to 60s, reported on average just over one drink per day. The overall rate of atrial fibrillation in the group was 8.4 cases per 1,000 people per year - meaning over a 10-year period, eight out of 100 people were likely to develop atrial fibrillation.

Every additional drink per day was associated with a 5 percent increase in the yearly risk. Every additional drink per day also was associated with a statistically significant 0.16 millimeter enlargement of the left atrium, highlighting a possible site of physical damage caused by drinking.

Complex Relationship Between Alcohol and Heart Health

The new findings shed light on the complex relationship between alcohol and heart health - one that likely precludes blanket advice on drinking habits, said Marcus.

Research has shown that moderate drinking can reduce the risk of heart attack while increasing the risk of atrial fibrillation. Marcus's team captured this conundrum in a study published earlier this year looking at hospital admissions in dry and wet counties of Texas. They found that patients in counties permitting alcohol sales were more likely to have atrial fibrillation but less likely to have heart attacks and congestive heart failure.

Alcohol's abilities to protect and harm the heart likely operate through different mechanisms and vary from person to person, said Marcus. The work in his group seeks to decipher these mechanisms, which will inform therapies for heart conditions and may ultimately enable physicians to give personalized advice to patients.

"I'm constantly trying to remind people that there are various forms of heart disease and not all are related to heart attack," said Marcus, who is also a practicing cardiologist. "Atrial fibrillation is growing in importance as our success in preventing heart attack grows."
He added that one pattern, revealed by UCSF's Health eHeart Study, is clear - people who believe alcohol is good for the heart tend to drink more.

NT editor adds
[Prophet Muhammad, pbuh, taught more than 1300 years ago that people who want to follow God must not drink at all, not even a little.]

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