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29 Muharram, 1438 A.H.- October 30, 2016 Issue # 44, Newsletter #1678

Hadith of the Week

Islam Supports all Oppressed People, Muslim and non-Muslim.

Anas ibn Malik, r.a., narrated: The messenger of Allah, peace and blessings of Allah be on him, said: Be afraid of the cry of the oppressed, even if such be an unbeliever, because such a cry is not hidden [from Allah Almighty]."
[Musnad of Ahmad ibn Hanbal, hadith number 12577, the book of Anas ibn Malik.]

Comments by Kaukab Siddique:

True Muslims support all oppressed people, be they Muslim or non-Muslim. Thus it is Islamic behavior for Muslims to support Native American rights in North Dakota and Canada and indigenous people's rights in Australia as it is to support African American victims of police atrocities. Similarly Muslims in South Africa opposed Apartheid.

Support for the oppressed is for their humanity. It does not imply that Muslims support the ideology of the victims. The same applies to support for Islamic victims of America. Muslims should oppose their mistreatment and dehumanization regardless of the reasons for their imprisonment. If the Blind Shaikhj Dr. Omar Abdel Rahman is too radical for comfortable American Muslims, this does not give us the right to ignore the fact that a blind man is being kept in solitary confinement or that Dr. Aafia Siddiqi is strip searched if her relatives come to meet her in prison, or Dr. Kifah Jayyousi's daughter is forced to talk to him from behind a glass-plastic aperture.



From Sis. Yasmin
Fast on Monday and Thursday but there is a catch

Narrated Abu Hurairah ~ {Allah have mercy on him}~

Allah's Messenger...Prophet ~ [Sallallahu 'Alaihi Wa Sallam] said...

The Gates Of Paradise are opened on Mondays and Thursdays and then every slave of ALLAH is granted Forgiveness If he does not associate anything with ALLAH in Worship {!}

But ...the person in whose heart there is Rancour against his Muslim Brother/Sister they will NOT be Pardoned {!} and with regard to them it will be said Twice.."

{Source:-Sahih.Muslim also by Malik and Abu Dawud }

~Hadith Qudsi # 20.} {Source:-Riyad-Us-Saliheen, Volume#2, Page#1183}

COMMENTARY by Sis Yasmin:

We learn from this Hadith that mutual enmity, grudge and malice are bound to deprive a man from Paradise in the Hereafter.

Note:-The 'Hadith Qudsi' are the sayings of the Prophet {Peace be upon him} Divinely communicated to him.

 Breaking News

20,000 US prison inmates go on strike across over 20 states, and declare the state of affairs "modern day slavery".

From Br. Kris

Political Prisoners :

 Upcoming Events

Final reminder for the National Islamic Shoora of Jamaat al-Muslimeen.

November 12.

To be held only 4 days after America's presidential elections.

It is haram for Muslims to vote for oppressors. What should America's Muslims do to succeed as Muslims with peaceful means within the law of the land?



Palestine belongs to the Palestinians, not to Israel.

Wikileaks has revealed that Hillary Clinton wanted to rig the Palestinian elections and was disappointed that Hamas won!



Latest shia - Russian atrocity in bombing civilians. (Via Br. Kris. )

On October 26, Russian and Shia Alawite jet bombers carried out six strikes on the village of Haas in Idlib province. The target was a school. Among the 36 civilians killed were 22 children.

Douma, an Islamic suburb of Damascus run by the FSA was also bombed by Assad on October 27 killing 8 civilians.

(Source : aljazeera, Syrian Observatory and others.)

Idlib province is under Islamic rule led by FSA factions and al-Nusra. It is frequently bombed by the Assad regime and Russia to stop the Muslims from having normal civic life.

(The atrocity has been condemned worldwide but nothing is done by America, Turkey or Saudi Arabia to deter the Assad regime supported by Russia and Iran. America talks against Assad but does nothing.)



The Elephant in the room. When will America talk about Israel and the Jewish lobby in America?
[From New Trend's media monitor]

Muslims have been talked about ad nauseum during the presidential campaign. Black people have been talked about quite regularly. Mexicans have been talked about often.

Why has Israel not been discussed? Why is the Jewish lobby not even mentioned although it's the most powerful minority in America?

Even Jewish organizations like AIPAC have not been mentioned?

Now that we see the Zionists lining up behind Hillary, the American people might turn on the Jewish power in this country which is latent not only in politics but in movies, TV, radio and newspapers.

Why do Americans find themselves unable to say ANYTHING against Israel?

Why the $38 BILLION military aid package to Israel by Obama just before the end of his regime? Why are the American people being defrauded without any discussion of Israel at all?

SPOTLIGHTS from Br. Badi

 Imam Badi Ali

How to Face Depression and Stress·

-Imam Badi Ali leads a large Muslim community in Greensboro,NC



Jamaate Islami's Deputy Leader Advises Women Activists.
Pakistanis Want Sharia.

by Qaiser Sharif

Islamic system only way to progress

LAHORE, Oct. 29; Deputy Chief of the Jamaat e Islami, Rashid Naseem, has said that the only way to establish a neat and clean society and for the development of the country was to adopt the system given by Islam, the religion of nature.

Addressing the workshop for the JI women's wing at Mansoora on Saturday, he said that Turkey had started its march toward progress and prosperity only after adopting the system given by Islam.

The JI deputy chief said that according to recent national and international surveys, eighty per cent of Pakistanis wanted the rule of the Shariah whereas the rulers wanted to push the county towards secularism.

He said that the rulers claiming heavy mandate had only been indulging in mudslinging against one another. He pointed out that in the country's elections history, the urn out had never been fifty per cent. On the average, only thirty per cent of voters had turned out to vote and almost seventy per cent of the voters had been indifferent to the polling process. In this way, those coming to power enjoyed the support of hardly twenty per cent.

He said there had been martial law for most part of the country's history, and during the so called democratic rule, there d been exploitation and injustice, loot and plunder.

He said that the allegations and counter allegations beings leveled by the present and past rulers against each other were quite true and the masses should know their worth.

He said the statement of the Sindh Governor Ishratul Ibad describing the tenure of JI's Naimatullah Khan as Karachi Mayor as the best and golden period, was the evidence of a JI's political opponent admitting the integrity of JI leadership.

Urdu Columnist
Serious Criticism of Imran Khan and his associates by Muneer Khalili.

Muneer Khalili writes very well in Urdu.

He is very diappointed with the way Imran Khan is behaving.

Hot rhetoric, fixation on removing Prime Minister Sharif and women dancing in the streets is not the way to change Pakistan. Is Imran playing the game of the army?

Good column if you know Urdu....

War News

 War News

Syria: Latest
Islamic Forces Counterattack.

October 28-30: Shi'ite-Iranian-Hizballah offensive was beaten back from Aleppo on October 28.

On October 29, mujaheddin in eastern Aleppo, several FSA factions led by al-Nusra launched an all out counterattack on the combined pro-regime forces. In spite of air attacks by Russia and the Damascus regime, the mujahideen broke into western Aleppo enclave held by the Alaewites. They captured al-Assad town and are trying to destroy the entire Shiite defense structure. By last reports 55 of Assad's trops were killd. Fighting continues on October 30 as Assad urges more bombing by the Russians and UN claims that mujahadeen are pushing too hard.

On October 30, ISIS took back from Turkish led fighters the villahe of Qaer Kalbin which the pro-Turkish militia had taken on October 29 north of Aleppo.

Also near Kweiris air baseeast of Aleppo, attacked Assad's forces and pushed them back in heavy fighting.

The Russians are bombing areas of Deir ex Zor under the control of ISIS while ISIS is using the military areas of the city, on the west held by Assad. Also ISIS advanced towards HOMS again and FSA advanced toewards Hama. Fighting is also reported around Damascus.


Heavy Fighting around Mosul. Kurds and Shi'ites suffered heavy losses.
American air force is slaughtering the ISIS fighters. 300 ISIS cubs killed.

After two weeks of heavy fighting, the massive Kurdish and Baghdad army has not been able to reach Mosul. The Kurds suffered heavily after being hit on the battlefield by a series of martyrdom attacks. Erbil is in chaotic conditions as casualties come in.

The Shiite Baghdad forces are bogged down after suffeting casualties on a daily basis. The Baghdad army kis now bringing in Shia militias backed by Iran and in some cases lead by Iranian officers.

Shiite militias advanced towards Tel Afar on the Syria-Iraq border to cut the ISIS supply line. ISIS reinforcements have arrived on October 30 [say Reuters and al Jazeera] and the Shia advance on Tal Afar has bogged down.

Waves of air strikes by American, French, British and Australian jets are hitting Islamic defenses in Mosul around the clock. Hundreds of supporters of ISIS were killed including 300 Islamic Cubs [children] who had come from Syria to help the Islamic Caliphate.


First ISIS attack in Pakistan. Heavy Police Losses.

Quetta: On October 24, 61 police trainees were killed and 117 injured in an attack claimed by ISIS via Lashkare Jhangvi and Pak Taliban breakaway group.

The three attackers were also killed.

On October 27, also in Quetta security forces killed four men said to be connected to the attackers.

General Who Protected Israel, Killed.

On October 22, in a suburb of Cairo, an Egyptian army general was gunned down by attackers who escaped. The general was in charge of a brigade which guarded the Sinai border near the Israeli military lines to prevent attacks on Israel.

News Within the U.S.

 News within the US

Uncovering the Story of Huma Abedin, the Clintons, the Saudis and the "liberal" wing of Muslim Brotherhood Movement.
by [Imam] Badi Ali



Domestic Violence in Jewish Law
[Note from New Trend Editor: This is published for educational purposes. Not for profit.]

Excerpt from Article:
'Much of the discussion around beating of wives as "punishment" occurs in the context of the grounds for a divorce. Immodest behavior considered worthy of punishment includes "going out with uncovered head, spinning wool with uncovered arms in the street, conversing with every man."

"How Judaism Views Wifebeating"
By Naomi Graetz

For many years there has been a myth that domestic violence among Jewish families was infrequent. However, there is much data demonstrating that domestic abuse is a significant and under-recognized behavior in Jewish communities in Israel and the Diaspora. Jewish women typically take a longer time to leave abusive relationships for fear that they will lose their children and because they are aware of the difficulties in obtaining a get, a Jewish divorce document.

Wife beating in Rabbinic Literature

In biblical times, acts of sexual assault and abuse against women were of concern to the degree that they violated male property rights. The Bible delineated the marriage relationship by calling the husband ba'al which implies both ownership and lordship ( Ex. 21:28). Thus, for example, if a wife is physically harmed by someone, compensation is paid to her husband. The husband is not only the owner of his wife, he is also the owner of her pregnancy ( Ex. 21:22). If a man's "property rights" are violated, he is entitled to compensation.

 chained hands

In Mishnaic and Talmudic literature there is no reference to battered women as a class, and the Talmud does not discuss wife beating as a distinct category of corporeal damage. The one major allusion to wife beating in the Talmud is couched in a discussion about the unlearned lower class, the am ha-aretz (lit. "people of the land"). "It was taught, R. Meir used to say: Whoever marries his daughter to an am ha-aretzis as though he bound and laid her before a lion: just as a lion tears [his prey] and devours it and has no shame, so an am ha-aretz strikes [hits/beats] and cohabits and has no shame"(B. Pesahim 49b).

Much of the discussion around beating of wives as "punishment" occurs in the context of the grounds for a divorce. Immodest behavior considered worthy of punishment includes "going out with uncovered head, spinning wool with uncovered arms in the street, conversing with every man." The list of women deemed worthy of being divorced without receiving their ketubah, ("divorce compensation"), includes the following case: "Abba Saul said: Also that of a wife who curses her husband's parents in his presence [and in his children's presence]. R. Tarfon said: also one who screams." (B. Ketubbot 72a). Although beating is not allowed or even suggested in the case of the screamer, the woman who curses will in later rabbinic texts be repeatedly used as an example of where beating is a justified means to an end.


 ViewPoint and Analysis

Shi'aism emanated from the ideas of Ibn Saba and Mukhtar and continued to Develop in opposition to Islam.
[Part 2]
by Kaukab Siddique, PhD

In part 1, I discussed the criticism of Shiaism by Muslim scholars and the false Shia denial of any significant role for Ibn Saba.

Muslim historians do confirm the historic reality of Ibn Saba and after that of Mukhtar. The seminal; but undeveloped concepts of the "infallibility" of Ali, r.a., and Ali's "disappearance" and his expected return are available in the rumors spread by Ibn Saba. These concepts were picked up by Mukhtar who claimed that the third son of Ali, r.a, Muhammad ibn al-Hanfiyyah too was infallible and he was the Mahdi.

[As I pointed out the 13 hadith about the Sunni idea of "Mahdi" were debunked by Ibn Khaldun as fabrications or too weak to determine any matter of faith.]

The literature which is not available to me was researched by William F. Tucker, a PhD in Middle Eastern Studies and Associate Professor at the University of Arkansas. Tucker affirms that Ibn Saba was definitely an influential historic person. In his book Mahdis and Millenarians [Cambridge University Press, 2008] Tucker has a chapter on Bayan ibn Sama'an. Tucker documents the further development of the Sabayya mythology by Bayan who rose against the Ummayad governor of Iraq, was defeated in battle and executed in 737 c.e.

Bayan and his cult, the Bayaniyyah. according to Tucker based on Muslim sources, extended the Mahdi idea to Abu Hashim, the son of Muhammad ibn al-Hanfiyyah. They claimed that Abu Hashim was the Mahdi. Thus the progression of "imamat" from father to son became part of Shi'aism and survives into the beliefs of the 12er Shias in Iran today.

Bayan took an open ended attitude towards the Qur'an and could project any word he found favorable to extend the influence of his cult. For instance, Bayan claimed that a word in the Quran referred to him because it says: "This is a manifestation [bayan] to the people." [3:132]

This "symbolic" misuse of the Qur'an became typical of Shi'ism. Modern shias, for instance often claim that the word "shia" in the Quran refers to them.

Bayan and more "liberally" his cult claimed that Allah has a "face" [nauzoobillah] because the Qur'an uses the word "face" for God. This totally subjective misuse of the Qur'an became typical of the Ismaili cult of Shiiam. . It has also influenced Sufiism.

Another important Shia belief which comes from Bayan is that the Prophet, pbuh, Fatima, r.a., and the imams of the Shias are from a "pre-existent" light. God is light and all those who have God in them are also made of light. [nauzoobillah].

Tucker does not say so but I have noticed in my studies that sufiism too is heavily influenced by this heresy of the "pre-existent light."

The Qur'an is the antidote for these Shia beliefs because Allah told the Prophet, pbuh, to say to the people that he, pbuh, was a human like them except that he, pbuh, received revelation [wahi].

"Say [O Muhammad], I am no more than a human being like you, one to whom revelation is made. 'Your Lord is the one and only God. Hence whoever looks forward to meet his Lord, let him do righteous works, and let him not associate anyone with the worship of his Lord.' " [The Qur'an 18:110]

To be continued, inshaAllah.



A Big Attempt to Deny Holocaust Denial Failed Miserably.

Foreword to Fail: "Denying History"
by Germar Rudolf
[Rudolf is the most outstanding critic of the holocaust story today ....Editor of New Trend]

October 23, 2016

This is my foreword to Carlo Mattogo's book Fail: "Denying History." How Michael Shermer and Alex Grobman Botched Their Attempt to Refute Those Who Say the Holocaust Never Happened.

When you go to Amazon and pull up Michael Shermer's and Alex Grobman's book Denying History, here is what comes up (see the cover of the 2009 edition below):

"Denying History takes a bold and in-depth look at those who say the Holocaust never happened and explores the motivations behind such claims. While most commentators have dismissed the Holocaust deniers as antisemitic neo-Nazi thugs who do not deserve a response, historians Michael Shermer and Alex Grob­man have immersed themselves in the minds and culture of these Holocaust 'revisionists.' In the process, they show how we can be certain that the Holocaust happened and, for that matter, how we can confirm any historical event. This edition is expanded with a new chapter and epilogue examining current, shockingly mainstream revisionism."

Cover of Shermer/Grobman, 'Denying History', 2009

The primary author of this book, Michael Shermer, has written on the subject since 1994, when he dedicated the major part of an issue of his Skeptic Magazine to discussing, "Who Says the Holocaust Never Happened? And Why Do They Say It?," the issue's subtitle, which is also the subtitle of the book that is the topic of the present study.[1]

Discussing revisionist arguments, rather than ignoring them, was still a rather new, if not revolutionary approach back in the 1990s. As a result, Shermer became the scholar to go to when it came to "refuting the deniers."

He subsequently had a number of exchanges with revisionists, most notably an appearance on national TV on March 14, 1994 during an episode of the Phil Donahue Show, where Shermer debated the two U.S. revisionists David Cole and Bradley Smith. This debate can be watched online

A little more than a year later, Michael Shermer accepted the invitation of the revisionist Institute for Historical Review for a panel discussion with the Institute's director Mark Weber. This discussion took place on July 22, 1995, and can also be watched online

Rather than foisting my own opinion upon the reader, I invite you to watch these debates and make up your own mind regarding Shermer's competence.

There is more to it than meets the spectator's eye, though, because the Donahue Show had a very interesting background story which David Cole told in his 2014 book Republican Party Animal [3] and the various interviews he has given in more recent years about it, most of which are on YouTube. A summary of this background story was compiled by Jonas E. Alexis in his online paper "David Cole/Stein, Michael Shermer, Holocaust Denial, and Mystery Religions."[4]

The gist of it is that Shermer was coached by Cole prior to the Donahue Show, because Shermer was a novice in the field and would have looked like a fool during the show, had Cole not helped him out. Cole gave Shermer a list with all the revisionist arguments he planned on bringing up. He then encouraged Shermer to approach the best scholars in the field for the best rebuttals.

The experts Shermer subsequently approached to help him prepare his rebuttal were: Michael Berenbaum (then-director of the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum and its research institute), Sybil Milton (senior historian at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum), Henry Friedlander (a Holocaust survivor who, for a quarter of a century, taught history in the Department of Judaic Studies at the City University of New York), and Alex Grobman (founding editor-in-chief of the Simon Wiesenthal Center Annual). The latter, of course, is Shermer's co-author for the book under review here.

And here is the result of Shermer's inquiry with these experts, as told by David Cole:[5]

"I asked him the results of his attempts to get Berenbaum, Milton, Friedlander, and Grobman to address my points. Michael told me, bluntly, that they were unable to address them at all. In fact, he said, these foremost 'experts' seemed stymied by the issues I raised regarding Auschwitz and Majdanek.

'What are you going to say tomorrow?' I asked him point-blank.

'I'll tell the truth.'

'You'll tell Donahue that you weren't able to get answers to any of my questions? From the biggest names in the field?'

'That would be the only ethical thing to do.'"

But that's not what Shermer subsequently did, as you can see yourself when watching the show.

In fact, as Cole reports and documents in his book, Shermer admitted to Cole in private that revisionists have the truth on their side in some regards, but when speaking out or writing publicly, he said the exact opposite. Shermer knew that admitting publicly that we revisionists have many valid points would ruin his career. So he went the other way, lying in public about the revisionists and the validity of their arguments rather than doing "the only ethical thing to do."

In subsequent years, Shermer published two more works on the issue. One, titled Why People Believe Weird Things, came out in 1997.[6] Holocaust Revisionism was only one topic among many addressed in this study.

Cover of 2002 edition of Shermer's 'Why People Believe Weird Things'
The cover of the current, 2002 edition of Shermer's book Why People Believe Weird Things.

Why People Believe Weird Things can be regarded as a mere stepping stone between Sher­mer's Skeptic article and his "ultimate" study on the topic in Denying History. So I won't spend much time on it here.

The first edition of Denying History appeared in 2000. I can only speculate why Alex is Shermer's co-author, since he isn't exactly an expert in the field of Holocaust studies either. But considering that Grobman is the founding editor of the Simon Wiesenthal Center's annual periodical, the reason is not hard to guess.

The Simon Wiesenthal Center is firmly invested not only in making sure that no revisions of the orthodox Holocaust narrative will ever be accepted by the mainstream, they are also heavily engaged in spreading false atrocity propaganda in order to push the world into wars against whomever they perceive as an enemy.

Case in point in this regard is the spring 1991 issue of the Simon Wiesenthal Center's periodical Response, which I reproduce here. The Wiesenthal Center claims that this particular issue was distributed in 381,065 copies mainly all over the U.S. On the cover we read:

Response, volume 12, no. 1, spring 1991.
Response, volume 12, no. 1, spring 1991 (click to enlarge).


And beneath the illustration of a German-made disinfection device we read the caption:

"(Iraq's German-made gas chamber)"

When opening the magazine, right on page 2, we read there:

"Shocking Revelation: German Firms Produce Zyklon B in Iraq

True to their legacy of their Nazi-era predecessors, the German business community has sought to absolve itself of its share of blame in the current Middle East disaster. 'We did not knowingly supply Iraq with weapons of mass destructions - we violated no law - we were just filling orders...' [...]

Even more ominous is the report that Iraq has developed a new potent gas which actually contains Zyklon B. [...] this gas, and the nerve gas, Tabun, were tested on Iranian POWs in gas chambers specially designed for the Iraqis by the German company [...] (see cover photo of gas chamber prototype). German Gas Chamber: Nightmare Revisited."

Needless to say, it was all a lie, designed to stir up the world to wage the first Gulf War against Saddam Hussein.

Why would the Simon Wiesenthal Center get involved in this anyway, other than for having a staunch Zionist, war-hawk stance on politics?

And where is the connection to our topic? Well, what can you expect from an author who is also the editor of a periodical published by an institution that readily spreads lies to further extreme political goals like stirring up for war? And why would Shermer, the skeptic, team up with him?

When keeping in mind that Shermer had a rather friendly and understanding attitude toward revisionists in the mid-1990s, the reason for his teaming up with Grobman becomes readily visible. Having intimately socialized with revisionists, Shermer had tarnished his reputation. He who lies with dogs rises with fleas. So he needed an antidote, and in the business at hand, a Jewish chaperon from the fundamentalist Simon Wiesenthal Center is the best antidote one can think of.

This Jewish chaperon was probably the political prere­quisite to turn this book into a commercial success. Grobman's Jewish name and maybe even his intervention when it comes to the book's contents and termino­logy probably kept the book "kosher."

Alex Grobman[7]
In 2009, an new "updated and expanded" edition appeared. It was expanded by adding a chapter on "The New Revisionism" to the end of the book, which deals with "Race, Politics and the Unnecessary Good War." Because it has nothing to with Holocaust revisionism, we will ignore this new chapter here.

The second expansion happened by replacing the old 4-page epilogue with a new 12-page one that focuses entirely on British historian David Irving's forced march from being a mainstream scholar to becoming a "Holocaust denier." While this may be interesting to some, it has little to do with Holocaust revisionism, since David Irving has never published even a single paper on the Holocaust, let alone a monograph. He certainly made many provocative remarks about the Holocaust since the mid-1980s, but he is not at all an expert in the field, and says so at every opportunity. Shermer's focus on him, which can even be glimpsed from the Index where Irving has one of the longest entries, is therefore utterly misplaced.

Next, let's see in which way the new, 2009 edition has been "updated". Let me approach this by asking, in which way should the book have been updated? Most non-fiction books need updating, if, since its last edition, relevant has happened in the field it addresses. In the present case, this means that any major revisionist publication which is superior to earlier works ought to be addressed by Shermer in an updated edition.

But no!

Between the appearance of the first edition of Denying History in 2000 and the second edition in 2009, many new, ground-breaking revisionist studies appeared as journal articles and books, which no serious scholar claiming to refute the "deniers" can ignore. To be easy on Shermer and Grobman, I ignore here the many relevant works published in other languages, foremost those in Italian, German and French, and will focus exclusively on those in the English language. And to be even more merciful with them, I name here no journal articles but only monographs, and among them only the most important ones (which are all part of the prestigious series Holocaust Handbooks):

Germar Rudolf (ed.), Dissecting the Holocaust: The Growing Critique of 'Truth' and 'Memory', Theses & Dissertations Press, Chicago 2000 (2nd, revised edition 2003)
Germar Rudolf, The Rudolf Report: Expert Report on Chemical and Technical Aspects of the "Gas Chambers" of Auschwitz, Theses & Dissertations Press, Chicago 2003
Jürgen Graf, The Giant with Feet of Clay: Raul Hilberg and his Standard Work on the 'Holocaust', Theses & Dissertations Press, Capshaw, Ala., 2001
Jürgen Graf, Carlo Mattogno, Concentration Camp Stutthof: Its History & Function in National Socialist Jewish Policy; Theses & Dissertations Press, Chicago 2003 (2nd ed., ibid., 2004)
Jürgen Graf, Carlo Mattogno, Concentration Camp Majdanek: A Historical and Technical Study; Theses & Dissertations Press, Chicago 2003 (2nd ed., ibid., 2004)
Don Heddesheimer, The First Holocaust: The Surprising Origin of the Six-Million Figure; Theses & Dissertations Press, Chicago 2003
Carlo Mattogno, Jürgen Graf, Treblinka: Extermination Camp or Transit Camp?, Theses & Dissertations Press, Chicago 2004
Carlo Mattogno, Belzec in Propaganda, Testimonies, Archeological Research, and History, Theses & Dissertations Press, Chicago 2004
Carlo Mattogno, Special Treatment in Auschwitz: Origin and Meaning of a Term, Theses & Dissertations Press, Chicago 2004
Carlo Mattogno, The Bunkers of Auschwitz: Black Propaganda versus History, Theses & Dissertations Press, Chicago 2004
Carlo Mattogno, The Central Construction Office of the Waffen-SS and Police Auschwitz: Organization, Responsibilities, Activities, Theses & Dissertations Press, Chicago 2005
Germar Rudolf (ed.): Auschwitz: Plain Facts: A Response to Jean-Claude Pressac, Theses & Dissertations Press, Chicago 2005
Germar Rudolf, Lectures on the Holocaust: Controversial Issues Cross Examined, Theses & Dissertations Press, Chicago 2005
Fred A. Leuchter, Robert Faurisson, Germar Rudolf, The Leuchter Reports: Critical Edition, Theses & Dissertations Press, Chicago 2005
Carlo Mattogno, Auschwitz: Open-Air Incinerations, Theses & Dissertations Press, Chicago 2005
Germar Rudolf, Carlo Mattogno, Auschwitz Lies: Legends, Lies, and Prejudices on the Holocaust, Theses & Dissertations Press, Chicago 2005
Carlo Mattogno, Auschwitz: The First Gassing: Rumor and Reality, Theses & Dissertations Press, Chicago 2005
Carlo Mattogno, Auschwitz: Crematorium I and the Alleged Homicidal Gassings, Theses & Dissertations Press, Chicago 2005

Several more monographs have appeared since 2010 but, of course, they could not have been covered by Shermer in the 2009 edition.

I have rendered in bold the book which contains an earlier version of the present rebuttal of the 2000 edition of Shermer's Denying History.

One important criterion of scholarship is that one absolutely has to discuss published opposing opinions, in particular if they are directly aimed at one's work, and if discussing opposing opinions is the declared goal of a study. Both are the case here. Shermer claims to discuss and refute revisionist arguments. So, does the 2009 edition of their book fulfill the minimum requirements of scholarship by updating it to include a discussion of these new revisionist works and the arguments they contain?

Actually, comparing the two editions of 2000 and 2009 results in the astonishing fact that nothing of the old text was updated at all! The only changes to the 2009 edition are the added chapter and rewritten Epilogue, both of which are irrelevant in the present context. The biblio­graphy does not contain any of the books I just listed, and the index has no entries on the most important revisionist authors pointing to pages in the book where any of their works or arguments are discussed.

In other words, the claim that the 2009 edition was "updated" is simply a lie, an implicit denial of the existence of opposing facts, evidence and arguments.

three_monkeysHence, Shermer simply plays the infamous three monkeys, pretending that there is nothing to see, nothing to listen to, and nothing to say about the ever-growing body of revisionist research results.

Nowadays, any book talking about "Holocaust Denial" has to address first and foremost the arguments laid out in the almost 40 volumes of the growing series Holocaust Handbooks (accessible at Any such "debunking" needs to have its main focus also on the many papers and monographs written by Carlo Mattogno, whose knowledge on the Holocaust may be second to none, and that not only includes the revisionists, but probably also all orthodox Holocaust historians worldwide.

In Shermer's book, however, you will search in vain for the name Carlo Mattogno (other than in a caption to an irrelevant photo on p. 42) . Maybe he is unfamiliar with Mattogno's work, and also with the series Holocaust Handbooks. Even though that is possible, it is not an excuse. If an author is unfamiliar with the most important published works of the topic he is addressing, he cannot seriously claim to be a scholar. He is an ignorant fool at best. Or else he knows what he is omitting, and then he is merely a liar, an obfuscator and a fraud.

Denying History is therefore merely another work produced by a set of deliberately autistic fiction writers.

Germar Rudolf, Red Lion, August 11, 2016

Holocaust Handbooks
Die englische Serie „Holocaust Handbooks", zur Zeit (Oktober 2016) mit 33 Bänden

[1] Michael Shermer's paper itself in that issue was titled "Proving the Holocaust: The Refutation of Revisionism & the Restoration of History," Skeptic Magazine, Vol. 2, No. 4 (June 1994), pp. 32-57 (
[2] A summary of that event was published in the Institute's periodical M. Weber, "Debating the Undebatable: The Weber-Shermer Clash," The Journal of Historical Review, Vol. 16, No. 1 (1996), pp. 23-34.

[3] Feral House, Port Townsend, Wash., 2014.


[6] Freeman & Co., New York
[7] Once at; now removed.

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