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15 Muharram 1438 A.H.- October 16, 2016 Issue # 42, Newsletter #1676

Hadith of the Week

The Prophet (Peace be upon him) said...
"The shaytaan flows through man like blood. "

[Source:-Al-Bukhaari (3281) and Muslim (2175) narrated from Safiyyah bint Huyayy
(may Allah be pleased with her)]

Comment by Sis. Yasmin. The Angel also has some control over his heart that makes him inclined towards good and calls him to good.



New Trend's skeptic looks at the latest attacks on Trump. Tongue in cheek.

(Notice that all the Zionists are lining up against Trump.)

New Trend's media skeptic comments on how evil is Trump:

Don't laugh now. This is "serious."

This USA is a virgin country as far as sex is concerned. Look:

  1. There is no homosexuality and lesbianism here.

  2. There is no rape and batterng here. We are a nation of love.

  3. There is no adultery here. I cant find a movie which supports adultery.

  4. There is no random sex in America. When young people want sex, they get permission from their parents.

  5. Abortion of the fetus created through date rape is unknown.

  6. This is the only country which has NO pornography. Those who say there is a billion dollar porno industry [supported by Jews) are liars.

  7. There is no child molestation here. It is not true that in many cases it is risky to leave your child with a male relative.

  8. No one is selling goods of all kinds by advertising them with scantily clad women.

  9. Washington Post and New York Times have no connection with Israel. It was just by chance that Washington Post "found" the Trump tape with dirty language about women.

  10. American males do not talk among themselves about female genitalia and what they would like to do to them. That's just Trump.

  11. Kissing a woman is almost like rape. No woman likes to be kissed.

  12. Talking about sex is the same as having sex.

  13. If the Zionists could destroy Cosby, the stereotypical family man, why not Trump.

  14. Its only a few weeks before elections, so accusations against Trump must be right.

  15. Obama has ordered a new $38 billion dollar military package for Israel. Hillary has to make sure it is done.

  16. By contrast bad guy Trump said that we are wasting all that money in our activities in the "middle east." [Even he could not mention Israel.]

Vote Hillary Clinton. [LOL!]

 Breaking News


On October 14, ISIS fighters raided an Egyptian military check point guarding the approaches to the Israeli front line. According to western news reports, 12 Egyptian troops were killed and 8 wounded. The fighters got away without loss.


October 13.
Most of Helmand province is now in the hands of the Taliban. As the fighters advance, slowly but slowly, they have inflicted heavy losses on the Kabul regime troops backed by NATO. According to Fox News, more than 200 Kabul troops have been killed and 300 wounded. Much of their weaponry too is in Taliban hands.

October 11.
US Special Forces are quietly helping Kabul regime troops to attack the Islamic State group in Nangarhar province. This came out after one of the elite US troops was killed in the fighting. [Our America News.]


BBC: Via the International Red Cross, 21 of the Chibok girls captured by Boko Haram have been exchanged with family members of Boko Haram and 3 Boko Haram commanders in Nigerian prison. According to the BBC million dollar ransom was also paid to Boko Haram. This exchange was important for the Nigerian government for publicity of its :"success." The girls were immediately taken to Abuja and publicized. The regime denies the and the exchange

 Personal Note

Visiting a Friend from the past. He brought me this great Gift which you can't find in America.

by Kaukab Siddique

A few days back I was in Sterling, Virginia, which is 10 miles from Dulles airport. My friend from way back was visiting his grandchildren and invited me to meet the family. He has aged a lot with a long, pure white, beard. He had brought an amazing gift for me from Pakistan which I have been trying to obtain for long. It is the Musnad of Imam Ahmad Ibn Hanbal translated into Urdu. It is annotated with countless marginal notes and discussions of the text.

It is 14 volumes in hard cover, each about a thousand pages. Even to carry it away is not easy.

He had also brought a commentary on Sahih Bukhari known as Tayseer al Bari in six big volumes plus all the volumes of Tarikh e Ibn Katheer all in Urdu translation. These I will donate to our masjid library. The editors of these classics spent years in translating and annotating these books. Impressive to say the least but outclassed by the Musnad of Imam Ahmad.

The grandchildren are so sweet. They prayed with us. They go to school in an Islamic academy in Virginia. My friend's daughter in law is an accountant but she has devoted herself to bringing up the children Islamically. May Allah bless them all.

The Pakistani food she made was so good, I don't have the words to praise it. May Allah bless my friend and this family. He was shocked when I said before I arrived at their home that we should go to a halal restaurant. There is nothing like home cooking. Reminded me of the time when I married and we had three children.


Jamaat al-Muslimeen Activity in Brooklyn, NY.

At Masjid Khalifa literature was given to 35 people after juma. This is a very conservative African American mosque following the line of W. D. Muhammad.

The contents of the literature were as follows:

  1. Seminar in support of the rights of Imam Jamil. (Br. Abu Talib )

  2. Protesting the pipeline In North Dakota (sis. Nadrat)

  3. Protesting police brutality om Charlotte, NC.
    (Jamaat al-Muslimeen statement. ).

  4. Conversation of the Prophet, pbuh, with women. (Br. Kaukab )


Muslim Woman Marathoner Supports the rights of Black People against Police Shootings

On October 15, Sis. Nadrat Siddique ran the Baltimore Marathon and did so well that she qualied for the forthcoming Boston Marathon.

She wore a shirt saying BLACK LIVES MATTER. It was very relevant because Baltimore is the city of the biggest uprising against police shootings.

Here are Nadrat's Baltimore Marathon race stats:
Finish time: 3:57:23
Division place: 9/87 (top 17%)
Gender place (out of all women): 80/981 (top 15%)
Overall place (out of everyone, males and females): 373/ 2353

Word Around the Net

by Br Kris

Putin dismisses US allegations that Russia hacked the DNC's computers, as 'vote rhetoric', just as Donald Trump defies the US' intelligence committees by denying that Russia was behind the hacks, after he was briefed on the subject. As is customary for nominees, Trump seems to have an unhealthy fondness of Putin, this is just the latest in a long line of disturbing correlations between the two would-be dictators.

ISIS loses Dabiq to Syrian 'rebels'. Despite it being a small town, Dabiq was prophesied to be the setting for an apocalyptic battle between ISIS and the 'Western horde'.

In a move that makes Turkey, arguably more progressive than the most oppressive regime ever known to man (the USA), Turkey legalizes the production of Cannabis in 19 provinces.

Political Prisoners :

Even a Non-Muslim Palestinian woman affirms the Spirit of Palestine
Published on Feb 27, 2015
640w x 360h
best Palestine girl ! I wrote this poem when we where doing a direct action at my university.

There where Palestinian citizens and Israeli soldiers.
I'm Very petty about these things so i said: - 'I will only be a Palestinian. I refuse to be a settler or a soldier!'
So I was lying on the ground and this guy came and kicked me in the guts and said: - 'You desire to be raped before you have your terrorist children!'
At the time I said nothing, but then I wrote this poem for this young gentleman.

اسمحوا لي ان اتكلم بلساني العربي قبل ان يحتلو ا لغتي ايضا

Allow me to speak my Arab tongue before they occupy my language as well
Allow me to speak my mother tongue before they colonize her memory as well

I am an Arab woman of color and we come in all shades of anger

All my grandfather ever wanted to do was wake up at dawn and watch my grandmother kneel and pray in a village hidden between Yaffah and Haiffa
My mother was born under an olive tree on a soil they say is no longer mine
But I will cross their barriers, their checkpoints, their damn apartheid walls and return to my home land

I am an arab woman of color and we come in all shades of anger

And did you hear my sister screaming yesterday, as she gave birth at a checkpoint with Israeli soldiers looking between her legs for their next demographic threat? Called her baby girl Janeen
And did you her Amna Muna screaming behind her prison bars as they tear-gassed her cell?
We are returning to Falasteen

I am an arab woman of color and we come in all shades of anger

But you tell me this womb inside of me will only bring you your next terrorist
Beard wearing, gun waving, towel head, sand Niger
You tell me I send my children out to die
But those are your 'copters, your F16s in our skys
And lets talk about this terrorism business, for a second
Wasn't it the CIA that killed
And who trained Osama in the first place?
My grandparents didn't run around like clowns with white capes and white hoods on their heads lynching black people
I am an Arab woman of color and we come in all shades of anger

So who's that brown woman screaming in a demonstration?
Sorry. Should I not scream?
I forgot to be your every orientalist dream, genie in a bottle, belly dancer, harem girl, soft spoken arab woman
- 'Yes master. No master. Thank you for the peanut butter sandwiches raining down on us from your F16s master.'
Yes my liberators are here to kill my children and call them collateral damage

I am an arab woman of color and we come in all shades of anger

So let me just tell you, this womb inside of me will only bring you your next rebel
She'll have a rock in one hand and a palestinian flag in the other

I am an arab woman of color
Beware, beware, my anger

(With thanks to Azam Mahmood, Bangladesh)


 Dr Kaukab Siddique

Sects are Disrupting Muslim Unity. How India & Africa were Taken over and Exploited.
Look how the Western Powers Take Advantage Of Muslim Disunity.

On October 14, Br. Kaukab Siddique gave the juma' khutba and led prayers at masjid Jamaat al-Muslimeen in central Baltimore. Here is an outline of the khutba for disribution on line across Muslim communities in America.

مِنَ الَّذِين¤ فَرَّقُو› دِينَهُم¨ وَكَانُو› شِيَعًا ۖ كُلُّ حِزْبٍ بِمَا لَدَيْهِ¥ْ فَرِحُون¤
"Those who split up their Religion, and become Sects,- each party rejoicing in that which is with itself!" Quran 30:32

  1. The Prophet, pbuh, first brought news of the wahi [revelation] he had received to his wife. She accepted his message and gave him full support. Allah then commanded him to take the message to his relatives. They were hostile, except his cousin, Ali., r,a. He was then commanded to call on the entire community, inviting each tribe by name. There was hardly any success there.

  2. Slowly but surely the message spread and the unusual individuals heeded it and joined him, Among them was Abu Bakr, r.a., known for his intelligence and compassion, Umar, r.a., who was strong and fearless, Usman, r.a., who was generous beyond measure, and Bilaj, r.a., the slave who became the best of the best, and Sumayya, r.a., the slave woman who gave her life for Islam, the first martyr.

  3. Overall, the numbers remained small but as the prophet, pbuh, refused to compromise, the chiefs of Makka finally decided to make a united move to kill him. In the meantime, delegates from Madinah had visited the Prophet, pbuh, secretly, and he successfully migrated to Madinah and his most trusted disciples followed him.

  4. The Islamic community in Madinah flourished but the chiefs of Makka wanted to eradicate it. Hence came the teachings of the Qur'an
    about jihad. Every chapter of the Qur'an after that taught jihad. The Muslims had to fight for their existence and they succeeded.

  5. After the Prophet, pbuh, passed away, the Islamic community was challenged by the two great empires of the time, the Persians and the Romans. Both were defeated by the genius of Khalid ibn al-Waleed , r.a., and the shahadat concept of the Muslims.

  6. In all this time, the Muslims thought of themselves only as Muslims, not as part of any sect. Do in the foundations of Islam, there is no place for sects.

  7. Then came the great scholars who taught how to implement Islam in changing cultures and expanding constituencies of Islam. However, they never taught separation from the mother community. Imam Hanifs and Imam Malik and all others of thr greats never taught that their students should be called Hanafis or Malikis etc.

  8. My teacher Maulana Maudoodi gave me a brilliant expose of how sects are formed. When a group decides to emphasize one sahabi as the center of religion, above all other sahaba [shias and Ali, r.a.,] or one group decides that the spiritual INWARD aspect of Islam is most important [sufiism] or that externals and literalist attitudes are most important [salafist].

  9. The Muslims became so divided that eventually started fighting each other. As a result India was easily conquered by the British. Along with religious divisions, racial and tribal devils raised their head. As a result the European powers carved up Africa among themselves.

Part 2.

  1. Islamic resurgence is now taking place as the Muslims return to the Quran and the authentic hadith led by the teachings of Ibn Taymiyyah, Ibn Abdul Wahhab, Allama Iqbal, Syed Qutb and Maulana Maudoodi.

  2. The Soviets had never withdrawn from any country it occupied militarily. After 8 years of Jihad, it withdrew unilaterally from Afghanistan. This was the first sign that Islam will be victorious again.

  3. Now we see that the entire WEST is being challenged by Islam both spiritually and on the battlefield.

  4. The Think Tanks of America have been hard at work and devised new ways to divide Muslims. Muslims who pray and fast and give zakat and go for Hajj are "identified" by the West as FUNDAMENTALISTS.

  5. Those Muslims who oppose the West peacefully through protests, rallies and writings and speeches are labelled as EXTREMISTS.
    Those Muslims who fight back with weapons are attacked as TERRORISTS. Those who support the program of the western powers are hailed as MODERATES.

  6. Muslims should be aware of this propaganda blitz. Many are unaware and we Muslims are often so influenced by unremitting propaganda that we start using these labels against our Ummah.

  7. To thwart these attempts, we must study the Qur'an every day and use the terminology of the Qur'an. To be real Muslims we must study authentic hadith and behave according to the Sunnah.
    Pray for success in this world and in the Hereafter.


 from Darkness to Light

The Journey from Darkness to Light, from Nafs to Heart ....

The Journey to Allah is the Journey of our heart. ( Sheikh Mokhtar Magraoui [ MukhtarMaghraoui-SpiritualPathToGod.mp3 44:06 ] ) It brings with it a lot of joy, deep happiness, peace within and peace without.

There are traps that can make you trip, and fall into the abyss of the Nafs and unsatisfied urges and hungers. Many of these traps are in the outside world, some we invite inside our living rooms, in our hands coming through the screen time, of phones, Internet and apps.

Other traps are in our mosques and places of worship, where we usually let down our defenses against Nafsani urges. We may find that the leadership, which might have been corrupted, has breached the sanctuary of the mosque. This is manifest by signs of the complete takeover of their bodies and minds by the cravings of their Nafs be it a hunger for power, fame or money. The victims of the Nafs are many and the Muslim men and women are no exception.

Violence is exploding in the men of the world. On one hand testosterone injections in the middle aged men are making them run like horny animals forgetting the monogamous nature of their relationships with their avowed spouses and their promise of protection of their children. This has resulted in the Destruction of families as the man reaches 40 and has increased exponentially. It happens around the time when children are turning into puberty and are left with a severely distorted image of a man, a father, a protector and maintainer of his womenfolk.( surah Nisa)

On the other hand testosterone, admixed with female hormones is being fed in meat where animals are brought from childhood to puberty in 1.5 years to increase meat and to give milk. ( The omnivores dilemma [ ] ) When this is translated into human beings it is feminizing young boys with fat being deposited in feminine areas including breast deposition of fat called gynaecomastia.

Coupled with this is the depression riding these children of broken homes, absent fathers, bone tired mothers who may be working two jobs to make ends meet.

These children pacify themselves with unfettered eating of feminizing hormones in dairy products and meat resulting in gynaecomastia in boys, and making the early sexual development of girls coupled with no protection from predators' turns these child girls into early mamas.

The huroomaat (sanctuaries) of the body are being violated by food that is not food, it is genetically modified substances being passed as food. The corporate battle wages for the hearts and minds of people to win them over to this new form of food.

In the spiritual world the heart is at siege by the Nafs. Even in the Halls of the Ulema and intellectuals the word of Allah is being modulated to fit human desires of the Nafs calling for the Shahawaat...

The challenge seems immense.

How does one live in such a world, how do you raise normal compassionate and caring children in a world distorted at the cell molecular level? How does one protect children from being exploited physically, sexually and emotionally when the father is out in fast forward testosterone storm, sowing more seeds and the mother is absent working two jobs to put food on the table.

How does one contain the Shahawaat and free the heart from the burdens and shenanigans of the Nafs? What is the calling of the Nafs? It is that insistent desire that you know is not good for your body, your mind or your inner peace. Being insistent you may answer it and then it comes again and again.

In my humble opinion the key is to find spiritual guides. How? In this day and era you may have to find a guide stay with him or her learn what you can and then move to the next level of spirituality. It is important to realize that even the best of men and women can be corrupted.

Thus look for integrity, observe if they practice what they preach and live according to what they advocate: these are guidelines that will keep you mainstream and grounded in your heart rather than the Nafs.

Simplify your life; remove fake things from your food, your clothes, your thoughts, and the people around you. Remove excessive clothes, clutter, and hypocritical "friends" from your circle or remove yourself from their circle. No one is strong enough to sit in hypocritical circles and remain pure of heart. Slowly their hypocrisy erodes your inner being, and your Nafs delights in the takeover.

Find your place of belonging by first defining where you do not belong (John O Donohue, Irish poet philosopher). Do not let go of your Dhikr (Salaat un Nabi and Istighfaar) and your entreaties (Duas) to Allah to help you not with material things only but with your heart: to cleanse it to protect it and to bring it toward Him and fill it with His nearness and Light.

I am in the dark as I realize that it is only in the dark that I can truly feel who I am for I can no longer see others and use them as my mirror. Their vision of me maybe distorted by their Nafs. The Greed and Shahawaat of their Nafs may color the image they see of me and if I use them as my mirror I may begin to suffocate my heart and close its eye to the beauty of Allah.

My friends I am on a journey to see the beauty of Allah's attributes in this world, perhaps you can help me in this adventure to lighten my heart and fill it with LIGHT?



Culture & Religiosity

Muneer Khalili writes powerfully against the chaotic mixture of harmful cultural traits and weak religion in Pakistan. He focuses on the rituals of marriage and funerals.

Good reading if you know Urdu

War News

 War News


Aleppo hit by Bunker bombs. Iranians advance, are beaten back. Heavy Fighting as IS advances against Homs. Damascus hit.

Tukish Tanks enter Dabiq. Heavy fighting around Damascus. Deir ez Zor Alawites face IS Takeover.

October 10 to 16. Russian and Alawite regime jets are bombing Aleppo non stop. Three hospitals have been hit again. The Russians are using bunker bombs which killed scores of civilians who were hiding in underground safe houses.

The Iranians and Hizbullah advanced again to enter Aleppo under cover of Russian bombing but were beaten back by FSA volunteers.

The advance from the south of Aleppo was stopped again by al-Nusra. The FSA mortared Alawite enclave on the west of Aleppo and the Kurdish enclave in northwest Aleppo.

Conditions in the Islamic areas of Aleppo are dangerously near collapse with no electricity and water in small quantities.

An overwhelming force of 2,000 Syrian militia under Turkish control moved on Dabiq with cover by long range Turkish artillery. For a week both US air force and Turkish air force have been jointly bombing Dabiq which is 20 miles from the Turkish border. When ISIS fighters saw the Turkish tanks coming, they withdrew after leaving mines in the route of the tanks.

ISIS withdrew without a fight to its stronghold of El Bab further to the east in very orderly retreat.

The Islamic FSA offensive to take Hama [central Syria] is facing serious resistance by the Shiite militias and Hizbullah.

ISIS is active just outside Damascus in the Hajr Aswad area. On October 13, ISIS hit cebtral Damascus and the Russian embassy area with 14 mortar shells.

Heavy fighting between ISIS and the Damascus regime/shi'ites is continuing near the oil wells area east of Homs.

Bombing of towns held by Islamic sections of FSA and other groups is continuing by the Russians and the Alawite Shias throughout Syria. . The bombing is indiscriminate and meant to drive out the populations.

Fighting also continues between the regime and al-Nusra in northern Lattakia and between the regime and FSA in Daraa and the southern areas.


Serious mujahideen raids.On October 14, north of Niamey, gunmen kidnaped an American aid worker after killing his two guards. They drove off towards Mali.

Earlier In the month, gunmen hit Niger's troops northeast of Niamey. They killed 22 troops and injured 3 and then drove off towards Mali.

Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb is active in this area .

Niger is closely aligned to France and USA.


Large forces approaching Mosul
(Source al jazeera)

October 15. Several thousand Baghdad troops backed by US special forces are preparing to attack Mosul from the south. In addition several thousand Kurdish secularist troops backed by the US with Special Forces from USA are taking aim at Mosul from the east.

Isis defending Mosul is outnumbered ten to one.

US air force supporting the Shiite military is bombing ISIS in and around Mosul. Casualties among the Islamic State defenders are rising as indicated by the numbers of wounded people sent to Raqqa in Syria because hospital facilities in Iraq have run out.

In retaliation ISIS human bomber attacked a shia crowd in Baghdad killing 35 and wounding 53.

An Isis attack on a Baghdad police post near Tikrit killed 12 police officers and wounded some more.

(Both attacks on October 15.)

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