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16 Dhul-Hijjah 1437 A.H.- September 18, 2016 Issue # 38, Newsletter #1672

Hadith of the Week

Conversations between the Prophet, pbuh, and women, and conversation between Umar, r.a., and women.

From Saad ibn Abi Waqqas, r.a., Umar ibn al-Khattab sought permission to meet the messenger of Allah, pbuh. At that time the messenger was in ameeting with some women of the Quraisha and they were conversing informall with the messenger and their voices could be heard above that of the messenger [pbuh]. The messenger permitted Umar, r.a. to enter. As soon as he entered, the women ran and grabbed their outer garments and put them on. The messenger of Allah laughed when he saw what was happening. Umar r.a.,., said, O messenger of Allah, may Allah keep you smiling. The Prophet, pbuh, said These women of the Quraish were stting here with me. I am wondering at their behavior. When they heard your voice, they ran to cover themselves. Umar, r.a., saidf: O propher, pbuh, you have the greater right that they should be afraid of you. Then Umar, r.a., turned to the women and said: O enemies of yourself, are you afraid of me and not of the messenger of Allah. {one of ] the women replied: "Yes, we are afraid of you because you are harsh in your language and in your behavior. Then the messenger of Allah, pbuh, said: O son of Khattab, I swear by Him in whose power is my life, Whenever shaitan crosses your path, he leaves your path and goes away to a place where you are not there.

{Sahih Bukhari , vol 1. kitab al-manaqib, and Sahih Muslim vol.2, kitab al-fadail.]

Comments by Kaukab Siddique: Women are a central part of the community of Islam. Here you have women talking informally to the prophet, so much so that their voices were rising above his.

Then Umar, r.a., admonishes them and they answer him. Again no inferiority.

When Umar, r.a., became Caiiph, he was more compassionate towards women than any man other than the prophet, pbuh.

The high praise to Umar, r.a., from the prophet, pbuh, that even the devil was afraid of him should give pause to the Shias who have made it a hobby to attack and abuse him. Ali, r.a., greatly respected Umar, r.a., but the so called followers of Ali, r.a., do not follow his example


Jamaat al-Muslimeen Activity in North Dakota.

Protesting Dakota Access Pipeline and the issue of Clean Water.
by Nadrat Siddique
[Jamaat al-Muslimeen]

I'm currently in Bismarck, North Dakota, near the Standing Rock Indian Reservation where the fight against DAPL- the Dakota Access Pipeline- is ongoing. The specter of White privilege in the realm of water rights is evident wherever you look: contaminated water in Flint, Michigan; outright denial of water to Palestinians in Gaza; lead in drinking fountains in public schools in Baltimore, Maryland. Water is a basic human right, and its withholding is a form of genocide.

To better understand the situation at the Standing Rock Indian Reservation, consider this:

"The pipeline's original path crossed the Missouri River just north of Bismarck, a city that's 90 percent white. But when concerns were raised about a potential oil spill there, the pipeline was rerouted south to go under the river right next to the Standing Rock Reservation. The Missouri River is the reservation's primary source of drinking water."

-PBS, September 16, 2016 "Tribes Across North America Converge at Standing Rock, Hoping to be Heard"

Political Prisoners :

Jamaat al-Muslimeen Activity in Catonsville, Maryland

Reaching out to Pakistani Americans. Document on what caused 9.11 and the real meaning of Eid of Sacrifice.
Good khutba in Urdu on Sexuality.

On September 16, at Masjid Fatima in Catonsville, Jamaat al-Muslimeen gave out an important document to 100 Pakistani Americans. It was well received. This is a very friendly masjid but most of its business is done in the Urdu language. The khutba masnoona is very brief, about 5 minutes, in Arabic and the prayer itself is in Arabic, but there is a long WAAZ [sermon] in Urdu.

The sermon was about SEXUALITY and how to control sexual drives and how to avoid adultery. It was beautifully patterned on sura Yusuf, the story of Joseph and Zuleikha.

The jamaat al-Muslimeen document given to 100 included the following:

  1. Why did 9.11 happen?

  2. What could American Muslims have done to prevent it and the wars which followed?

  3. Why are American Muslims so helpless and cut off from the ummah? The role of puppet Muslim groups.

  4. Why is the sacrifice attempted by Abraham and Ismail and stopped by Allah so relevant to our condition.

  5. Photo of Zum Zum. [Thanks to sis. Yasmin.]

  6. The continuing peaceful uprising in Kashmir and Indian attempts to crush it.

  7. Bombing and massacres of civilians in Syria by the Russian air force and the Shia-Alawite air force.

  8. In retaliation for the bombing, Islamic State hits Tartous, the Alawite stronghold in Syria where the Russians are based.


  Fatma and her son Hisou

In this Sunday, Sept. 11, 2016 photo, Fatma, 25, from Ghana carries her son Hisou as she poses for a photograph in Arafat during the annual hajj pilgrimage, near the holy city of Mecca, Saudi Arabia. Fatma walked with her son from Madina to Mecca to Arafat and will complete her pilgrimage by walking and not using any vehicles.

(AP Photo/Nariman El-Mofty)

Kashmir, Pakistan, CAR

 Breaking News

Kashmir: Heavy Indian Losses for first time:
Four mujahedeen broke into an Indian army base near the control line in occupied Kashmir.

In hours of intense fighting which followed all 4 were killed along with 17 of India's elite troops.

Pakistan: Militia under attack:

A newly formed militia armed by the Pakistan army came under attack and scores of them were killed.

Pakistan claimed that they were "civilians." It was in the Mohmand area in the north.

The entire population supports the fighters and Pakistani military recognizes this and has put the entire population under curfew.

Central African Republic [CAR]:

Following a series of massacres of Muslims by Christian tribals, a Muslim militia group known as Saleka invaded a part of the country and killed scores of Christians.

 Word Around The Net

Word Around the Net
by Br Kris

Allegations against a Saudi Royal from a Guantonamo Prisoner.

At the request of Turkey U.S. Special Forces deploy to Syria in order to help Turkish and Vetted Syrian Opposition Forces.

One Third of armed strikes by a Saudi-led Coalition hit Civilian Areas, data reveals.

I sraeli Settlements in West Bank up by 41 Percent.


 A Quick Message

If you were thinking of Voting for Hillary, Read this:
A $38 billion dollar Military Package for Israel

Jamaat al-Muslimeen's Message:

If you think Hillary is better than Trump, look at Obama's farewell gift which Hillary has to fulfill: a $38 billion military aid package to Israel, biggest in the history of America.

I urge Muslims not to vote. Keep your independence and integrity. Voting means assimilation into the zionist strategic plan to control this country. Not voting means Muslims will be a positive political Force outside the Zionist ambit. We can behave like what the Quran wanted us to be : witnesses for the truth, not Republicans or Democrats.

It will keep our children from thinking that Israel is legitimate and homosexuality is okay.

Imam Badi Ali's Response to the $38 billion Military Package for Israel:
 Obama Israel



Jamaate Islami Targets Deep Corruption and Lack of Accountabulity.
Support for Kashmir. Critical of Saudi Award to India's Modi.

by Qaiser Sharif

Rulers' indifference towards Panama leaks probe has brought people on roads

LAHORE, Sep. 17; Ameer, Jamaat e Islami, Pakistan, Senator Sirajul Haq, has said that the indifference of the government towards the Panama leaks probe had compelled the people to come on roads.

Talking to different delegations at Mansoora on Saturday, he said there were numerous mega scandals of corruption like the Panama leaks but the rulers were not ready for their investigation.

He said that in the beginning, the Prime Minister had said that he was ready for accountability and had delivered three speeches on this issue, but now he was saying that his name had not been mentioned in the Panama leaks.

Sirajul Haq said that a march towards Raiwind was not against the residence of any one. "The rulers have built bungalows in every city and all were sacred, so where should a protest be lodged," he asked.

He said, had the government accepted Opposition's ToRs and shown seriousness in the Panama leaks probe, the people would not have any ground for protest.

The JI chief declared that the plunderers of public money deserved no leniency as these were every child of the nation with the IMF and World Bank for heavy loans.

He said that until and unless the NAB became a totally independent institution, there could be no accountability. He said that the NAB could become autonomous if the authority to appoint the NAB chairman was withdrawn from the Prime minister and the Leader of the Opposition and entrusted to the Supreme Court and the Chief Justice of all the four High Courts.

Referring to the Kashmir issue, the JI chief said that Kashmir is not seen as a priority by the rulers nor could they be expected to resolve this.

He said that Pakistan is a strong country of the Muslim world and its rulers should raise a strong voice for the solution of not only the regional issues but also the problems facing the Muslim Ummah. Pakistan should have the courage to expose the double standards of the UN and the world community. In this respect.

He said that a full-fledged Foreign Minister should be appointed for the country and separate Desks should be set up to highlight the Kashmir issue and a deputy Foreign Minister should be appointed especially to raise the Kashmir issue at international forums.

Sirajul Haq said that Pakistan had the best opportunity to make out a case against Indian Prime Minister Modi on his admission of his role in the fall of Dhaka but the Pakistani rulers did not have the courage for that, other Muslims rulers and countries had been helpless on this score.

He said that Pakistan at present was facing conspiracies from all sides and the situation had reached to the extent that Saudi Arabia had awarded her highest award to Modi.

He said that India could not wriggle out of war situation with Pakistan and had now started radio programmes in Balochi to create anarchy in Balochistan. He said that peace in the region would always be threatened by India.

Finally Some Justice in Red Mosque Case.
Ghazi murder case: Islamabad court orders confiscation of Musharraf's property

By Arsalan Altaf / AFP
Published: September 17, 2016

ISLAMABAD: A sessions court trying former military ruler Pervez Musharraf over a deadly raid on Islamabad's radical Lal Masjid passed an order Saturday confiscating his property, a lawyer said.

Former president Musharraf, who left Pakistan for Dubai in March for what was described as urgent medical treatment, is facing a string of court cases connected to his 1999 to 2008 rule.

Additional District and Sessions Judge (west) Pervaizul Qadir Memon ordered confiscation of Musharraf's properties under Section 88 of the Code of Criminal Procedure (CrPC).

Radical cleric Abdul Rashid Ghazi was one of more than 100 people killed when military troops stormed Lal Masjid in 2007.

Confiscation order: Court asks DHA to attach Musharraf properties

The court declared the former military ruler a proclaimed offender and confiscated surety bonds of Rs200,000 which were submitted by his guarantors - Capt (retd) Nazir Ahmed and Jan Mohammad - when Musharraf was granted bail by a sessions court in November 2013.

The judge also dismissed an application submitted by Musharraf's lawyers saying the army acted in aid of civil power to carry out the operation, during which Ghazi was killed.

Akhtar Shah, counsel for Musharraf, had maintained during the previous hearings that as per Section 132 of the CrPC, no criminal case could be filed against any official of the armed forces when they are acting in aid of civil power except with the sanction of the government.

The judge, however, described the application as 'infructuous' in its decision on Saturday.

"The court... today passed an order that his property be confiscated," a lawyer for the Red Mosque, Tariq Asad, told AFP.

"Our next move will be to put pressure on the interior ministry to bring Musharraf back home so he can face all cases against him," he added.

A special court in July which is trying Musharraf for treason, issued a similar order in July but little has resulted from that verdict.

"Today's court order will help mount pressure on the government," to take action, Asad said.

Musharraf ousted Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif in a bloodless coup in 1999. He resigned in 2008 to avoid possible impeachment and went into exile overseas.

He returned in 2013 in an attempt to contest elections but was barred from taking part in the polls and from leaving the country while facing a barrage of legal cases.

The travel ban was lifted in March.In January this year Musharraf was acquitted over the 2006 killing of a Baloch rebel leader, Nawab Akbar Bugti.

But four cases against him remain — one accusing him of treason for imposing emergency rule, as well as those alleging the unlawful dismissal of judges, the assassination of opposition leader Bhutto and the deadly raid on the Lal Masjid.

War News

 War News


A Bad Week for the Western Powers. Stalemate at Aleppo. Assad's force wiped out by US Air Force. FSA nearing Hama. IS near Damascus.

[Sources : Telegraph, Reuters, AP and SOHR.]
September 12 to 18.

A clever program was concocted by the US and Russia to separate the " moderate" Syrian groups from the Islamic groups. Then, after the separation, the US and Russia would jointly attack the Islamic groups, in particularly ISIS and al-Nusra.

The bait was that the supply roads into Aleppo would be opened for the food and other essentials. The Alawite/Shias on the west side of Aleppo and the Muslims on the east side would benefit from this "generous" offer.

The Assad regime could not restrain itself and rushed to supply the west side of Aleppo while continuing to bombard the route into the east side. The mujahedeen thwarted this move with a counterattack which halted the supply to the West side. The Russians have now offered to send their own troops to guard the road into the West side.

Fighting erupted during the "cease fire" in the suburbs of Damascus as the regime tried to advance under heavy artillery cover but was beaten back.

Assad got himself photographed in the town of Daraya to claim victory because the entire population and the armed citizens had left the city under assurances by human rights organization, No one wanted to live under Assad's regime. The photo itself is an indicator that Assad does not realize that he is hated [denial like that of Qaddafi who too shouted "al-Qaida" when all of Libya rose up against him.]

Some of the fighting in Shia attempts to advance on Aleppo from the South has been severe. The Shias-Alawites suffered heavily in spite of air cover, including the death of their general.

ISIS is advancing towards Damascus from the eastern Qalamoun and holding on to its enclave of Hajr Aswad very near Damascus.

The FSA is holding on to its advances towards Hama while suffering from Russian air attacks.

Hizbullah has been fighting it out in back and forth battles with the Islamic State around Palmyra. The two sides are stalemated. .

The Russians began their joint operations with USA against Deir ez Zor [southeast Syria] and the Russians succeeded earty killing 10 fighters of the Islamic State. Then the Americans came out. They saw the Shia-Alawite forces stretched out in plain view never thinking that they could possibly be attacked from the air. The Americans, using late model jets, thought they were ISIS and attacked them pell mell killing 83 and injuring 120 and destroying their vehicles. The Russians put in emergency calls to stop the massacre of their allies.

As if that was not enough, the next day Islamic fighters shot down a low flying Russian Mig, killing its pilot.
In the north, Turkey allowed American Special Forces to come in against ISIS but reports indicate even the FSA protested and the Americans had to turn back.

Somalia: Pro West General killed in Mogadishu car-bomb attack. Military convoy targeted in deadly suicide attack claimed by al-Shabab in Somali capital.

{New Trend kept the unIslamic wording. It should be martyrdom attack...editor. We try to clarify or change the headlines.]

A Somali general and several bodyguards have been killed after their military convoy was hit by a suicide car-bomb blast that was claimed by the hard-line Al-Shabab group.

General Mohamed Roble Jimale, also known as "Goobaanle", and several Somali soldiers died in the attack in Somalia's capital on Sunday, police colonel Abdikadir Farah told Reuters news agency.

"There was a heavy blast caused by a car loaded with explosives alongside the industrial road, several members of the military were killed in the incident including a senior commander," security official Abdiaziz Mohamed to AFP news agency.

The general was the commander of the army's Third Brigade. He had fought al-Shabab since 2007, leading troops who battled the fighters in several neighbourhoods of the capital until they were forced out in 2011.

The attack took place after the convoy had left a military hospital and was heading towards the defence ministry. Witnesses said the vehicle was travelling on the road when another vehicle rammed it, causing a massive explosion.


"The blast was very huge, I saw smoke and fire overshadowing the whole area," said witness Abdi Hassan.

The attack was claimed by al-Shabab in a statement released by its Andalus radio station. It said "a mujahid [fighter] was martyred as his suicide car bomb killed General Goobaanle", using the general's nickname.

Somalia's President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud sent his condolences to the general's family, his spokesman said.

MOGADISHU, Sept 17 (Reuters) - Somalia's Islamist militant group al Shabaab attacked a town in a region near Kenya's border, killing at least seven Somali soldiers, the group and Somali officials said.

Al Shabaab, which regularly attacks Somali forces in its campaign to oust Somalia's Western-backed government, pulled its fighters out of El Wak overnight, residents said on Saturday.

"We captured five military vehicles and killed several members of the government forces," al Shabaab's military operations spokesman Sheikh Abdiasis Abu Musab told Reuters after the assault was launched on Friday afternoon.

News Within the U.S.

 News within the US

Harlem, New York City
The National Action to free Imam Jamil Al-Amin meeting was held in Harlem

by Abu Talib [Jamaat al-Muslimeen]

September 16. It was sponsored by the Mosque of Islamic Brotherhood which Malcolm X founded . There were about seventy five people in the audience which was comprised of elders and young people.

The keynote speakers of the event were brother Hajj Talib Abdur Rashid and also a grassroots activist brother by the name of Abdul Haqq who spoke about the case and the contradictions in the case. Also spoke a former poltical prisoner brother Sekou Odinga.

There were clips of Imam Jamil and his revolutionary legacy in the movement of the sixties and his development into Islam.

We have to teach the people especially the young about him and his struggle and what lessons we can learn from him and apply today in the face of oppression and In resistance and the right to stand up as so many did in the sixties and to teach the people that Islam stands for the oppressed in the society.

The struggle will continue and the struggle to free him and the Muslims must take the lead in this struggle. Do not be on the sideline watching "what I can do." It is lots you can do especially in the area of informing the people about him.

Following the keynote presentation, reflections were offered by former political prisoner Sekou Abdullah Odinga, along with observations and questions from the audience, with responses by Imam Talib and Brother Sekou

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