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10 Dhul Qadah 1437 A.H.- August 14, 2016 Issue # 33, Newsletter #1667

Hadith of the Week

Serving Helpless Women and the Deprived Needy People is a Foremost Islamic Duty

Abu Hurairah, r.a., reported: The Prophet (peace be upon him) said, One who strives to help the widows and the poor is like the one who fights in the way of Allah. The narrator said: I think that he (peace be upon him) added also: I shall regard him as the one who stands up (for prayer) without rest and as the one who observes fasts continuously.

(Bukhari and Muslim)

Comment by Kaukab Siddique:
Women who are suddenly deprived of a husband, whether by war or by sickness, are among the most vulnerable people. Muslims should marry widows as did the Prophet, pbuh, and many of the sahaba, r.a. The poor in Islam are ones who have become deprived owing to the injustices of society or their own weaknesses


Rebuttal of Shi'iism.

If any of these points are incorrect, please inform us.
by Kaukab Siddique, PhD

New Trend checked and double checked the books of history and found the following:

  1. Ali, r.a., gave his allegiance to Abu Bakr, r.a., and then to Umar, r.a., and then to Usman, r.a.

  2. Ali, r.a., did not claim that his right to be caliph was usurped by the three to whom he gave his allegiance.

  3. The Qur'an does not mention Ali, r.a. It specifically links the term ahlul bayt, to the wives of the Prophet, pbuh.

  4. The Prophet, pbuh, never gave a position of authority to Ali, r.a., or ro any of his clan, the Banu Hashim.

  5. Ali, r.a., is respected by Muslims owing to his great bravery in the battles of Badr, Uhud and Khyber. However, Ali, r.a., did not participate in the war with renegade groups and false prophets immediately after the prophet, pbuh, passed away.

  6. After the victory over the renegades, the Islamic state of Madinah was threatened by the two empires of the time, the Roman and the Persian, but Ali, r.a., did not participate in the greatest battles in history after the time of the Prophet, pbuh, which destroyed the two empires.

  7. The Qur'an which we all revere and recite today was compiled by Usman, r.a., the third of the three greatest caliphs, from the memories and writings of the entire Muslim community of sahaba, r.a.

  8. Ali, r.a., was a great fighter but Khalid ibn al-Waleed, r.a., outdid all Muslims on the battlefield and was the only Muslim given the title of Saifullah [the Sword of Allah] by the Prophet, pbuh.

  9. In the application of justice, purity of character and selflessness, no Muslim ruler has ever approached the level of Umar, r.a., The Prophet, pbuh, said if there were a prophet after me, it would have been Umar, r.a.

  10. When the rebels attacked Usman, r.a., after they had carried out a relentless campaign of slander against him, he answered them verbally but refused to shed their blood. They murdered him in cold blood. These rebels became the leading supporters of Ali, r.a., and made him the caliph.

 Breaking News

National Guard Called out in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, after Night Long Disturbances & Arson
AOL News

New video from Mike De Sisti, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel-based photojournalist, captured what appears to be drone footage of the wreckage the day after as many as 100 protestors took to the streets of Milwaukee's north side in response to the fatal shooting of an armed man by police.

Demonstrators and police clashed throughout the night and four businesses were set ablaze during the mayhem, the Associated Press reported, but as early as Sunday morning, reports came out that citizens had again taken to the streets, this time to clean up.

Political Prisoners :

 Pakistan Independence Day

New Trend's Greetings to all Pakistanis.

Pakistan is a concept, a belief, a dream.

Congratulations to all those who believe in the Pakistan of Iqbal, Qaide Azam, Maudoodi and the millions who chose Pakistan.

The military did not make Pakistan.

Every Pakistani has a duty to strive against the enemies of Pakistan.

Strive for an Islamic Pakistan, based on Quran and sunnah....

Pakistan Zindabad.



Backlash over General Sissi ' s big attempt to silence mosque preachers

Pakistan Independence Day, August 14

 Pakistan Independence Day

Musings of a Pakistani on the Great Sacrifices which created Pakistan. Also a look at the betrayal within Pakistan from a highly educated Pakistani reader.

Those who know our pain will understand. The following came to mind today:Punjab 1947. From what I have pieced together. Allah was kind to me, I was not there to witness it.

It is indeed true that the overall majority in the Punjab ( as in Bengal) was Muslim, so Hindus were combined with Sikhs to give them a very slight majority in the eastern half of Punjab. The more wealthy half was thus given to Bharat. Except for the Sikh enclave of Amritsar, Muslims had expected the boundary to be drawn at Beas if not the Sutlej river. Jallandhar was expected to be part of Pakistan where the sophisticated urban population was Muslim and had a powerful cultural tradition. Naseem Hejazi in a novel has memorialized this Muslim culture of East Punjab , their struggle and tragedy.

Master Tara Singh, the Sikh leader who was a Hindu convert to Sikhism, sided with the Hindus and declared open season to kill Muslims everywhere. Under Tara Singh's leadership the Sikhs refused concessions and overtures by the Muslim League. He infamously drew his sword on the steps of the Punjab Assembly building and signaled the beginning of the killings. A section of Sikhs today regret their union with Delhi and yearn for Khalistan.

The British divided the districts under Congress supervision, giving Ferozepur and portions of Gurdaspur districts to Delhi. This Muslim majority district was divided by tehsils. Most of the tehsils of Gurdaspur were majority Muslim but delivered to Bharat. Some boundaries were announced after partition of South Asia had already taken place. The control of headwords for Sutlej at Ferozepur and Ravi were also given also to the government in Delhi. Though Musllms had been killed before August 14 in pogroms, the actual border was a surprise and millions found the selves on the wrong side of the divide. As Muslims were evicted and found themselves on roads or trains to Pakistan they were systematically killed, plundered and raped by organized gangs of Sikhs and Hindus on a massive scale. Muslim women suffers the most, their breasts cut off, their in utero babies cut out and placed at the points of swords and then taunted as the flag of Pakistan. Young men were executed.

Migratory numbers in both sides may be similar, but a large number of Hindus and Sikhs had already left the western part of the province as early as 1946. Those caravans were protected by the Royal Indian army. The killing was thus,by and large, though not totally, one sided. The Muslim soldiers were in foreign theaters of war or demobilized and their weapons confiscated. This gave free rein to the private Sikh armies, such as the ones of the east Punjab states of Nabha and Patiala to organize the massacres.

Gurdaspur tehsil was strategic with a majority Muslim population, and the only road from Bharat to Kashmir went through that tehsil. The British were not just dividing they were carefully giving away strategic areas to Bharat.

Kashmir, 1947-48

Kashmir was not given to India, it was forcibly taken by Indian military under the command of Mountbatten who was the Governor General in Delhi. Portions of Jammu and Kashmir state were liberated by the Mujaheeden, mainly residents of Azad Kashmir who had been demobilized from the Royal Indian Army, and tribal Muslims from FATA. The descendent of the latter are now targets of operations by the Pakistani military. The so called Zarb e Azb, (Ajamized, actually darb in Arabic) named after the Prophet's (saw) sword. The Prophet (saw) did not kill Muslims nor did he make a million or more homeless.

The Pakistani Army played very little part in Kashmir in those early days. It is said that the British head of the Pakistani Army refused orders from Mr. Jinnah to mobilize to Kashmir, saying he took orders from Mountbatten. Mr Jinnah probably then gave green signal to Khan Abdul Qayyum Khan, the Muslim league leader of Kashmiri origin in Peshawar. The tribals ( the only armed Muslins) had been agitating to be allowed road access to go to the Kashmir and Punjab fronts after atrocity stories started to trickle in. The British governor had said that if he gave a nod, a million mujahideen would mobilize to the new Punjab border. KAQK [Khan Abdul Qayoom Khan] then agreed to the demands of the tribals to let them proceed to Kashmir to help their brethren. A limited force left for Kashmir. The Indian and Dogra forces were defeated by these poorly armed irregulars and Muzzafarabad was liberated. Without air support future ground taken in the Valley was difficult to hold.

These same tribals fought on the Punjab front during the 1965 and 1971 wars. They were declared enemies of Pakistan, first by Musharraf on US demand, and that policy was further intensified by Kiyani and Raheel Sharif.

Rest is history. Allah knows best.

War News

 War News


Airstrikes on Islamic State-held city in Syria kill at least 24 civilians. Water Supply in Raqqa cut in Bombing.

Syrian activists said airstrikes targeting the Islamic State group 's de facto capital of Raqqa on Thursday killed at least 20 civilians in a new round of bombardment.The local activist group Raqqa is Being Slaughtered Silently said the strikes also cut the city's water supply.

The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported the airstrikes, saying that 24 civilians were killed, along with six others whose affiliation or identities could not yet be confirmed.

Both groups said the strikes were launched by Russian jets, though it was not clear how they made the determination.


Bombs IS, al-Nusra, FSA, and civilians across Syria. American Air Force Bombs IS in Manbig. Mujahideen trying to cut Highway via Qalamoun to Damascus. Hizbullah renews attack on Aleppo but fails.
[Sources: SOHR, Guardian, Reuters.]

August 8 to August 14.

The most bitter fighting is going on daily between the Alawite enclave in western Aleppo and FSA in most of western Aleppo. The Alawites use the Russian air force and "Hizbullah" long range artillery to strike the Islamic FSA forces and civilian volunteers in eastern Aleppo. The FSA has been shelling the Alawites with mortars.

The al-Nusra front which has left al-Qaida is helping the FSA and once again has repelled a massive "Hizbullah" attack on Aleppo from the south.

A new initiative has been taken by Islamic groups from Qalamoun mountains to cut the international highway to Damascus. Heavy fighting continues.

Russia bombed Palmyra causing losses to IS and to civilians.

IS advances towards Homs and Hama and towards Aleppo from el-Bab.

Heavy American bombing finally helped the Communist Kurds to capture Manbig. The bulk of the IS defense force successfully retreated to Jarabalous, the next city after Manbig in the Turkish corridor.

News Within the U.S.

 News within the US

12 years to Muslim woman trying to help Islamic State

Baltimore, Maryland
USA report admits oppressive police activities have impacted the Black comminuty

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Milwaukee in Turmoil after Police shooting. Several fires light up city

Seattle, Washington
Horrendous Crimes Against Women are common. In this one he chopped up his girl friend.

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Fifteen priests sexually abusing children were from Harrisburg Diocese Of Pennsylvania

Queens, New York
Imam murdered. Muslims protest.Rally for justice.



Relations:with the Genocidal Regime of Bashar Assad. Pakistan's Ugly Secret Hidden from its People.

From a New Trend Correspondent

Not only is Pakistan not opposed to Bashar Assad , but actively supports that sectarian heterodox genocidal regime.

In spite of Iran's extensive involvement in sectarian murder, Pakistan continues to support Iran's expansionist policy. Pakistan also has military ties with the barbarous anti-democratic regime of El-Sissi. General Raheel visited him recently , but is cool to Turkey. For the first time people in a Muslim country defeated a military coup. In fact Pakistani elite and English language papers are anti Erdogan. Gulenist schools are still functioning in Pakistan.

Pakistani military must be concerned about events in Turkey. Turkey and Erdogan have shown a way out of the hegemonic grip of foreign funded and directed military apparatus.

In Pakistan, criticizing the military is severely punishable by law, it is held in greater esteem than the Prophet (saw) by the law enforcers. By military is meant the top brass, not the grunt soldier or junior officers, who receive funds from foreign powers and who disobeyed Qaide Azam Jinnah's instructions not to send the military to FATA.

It has become clear that charges against Brigadier Khan were trumped up by Kiyani et al because Khan had criticized US intrusion in Pakistan.

Poor Javed Hashimi suffered ten years of imprisonment because the military felt he was a threat.

I am not aware of any one punished by the military or the courts for blasphemy against the Prophet(saw).

Pakistani politicians and journalists will not criticize the military. Only the pro- India journalists are allowed to criticize the military to make it less effective. Those left wingers have successfully employed the military to do their job to water down Islam and cause a civil war. It is also clear by following pro Iranian and Assad policies, Pakistan has a deep state which is influenced by Gulenist-like sectarians dominating the military, the media and the bureaucracy.

Nation should support JI in building Pakistan as an Islamic, welfare state
by Qaiser Sharif

LAHORE, Aug. 14; Hoisting the national flag atop Jamaat e Islami headquarters Mansoora to mark the 70th Independence day, Ameer, JI, Pakistan, Senator Sirajul Haq, urged the nation to support the JI in its efforts to build Pakistan as a truly Islamic welfare state according to the vision of Allama Muhammad Iqbal and Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah.

Thousands of people including the Mansoora staff, JI workers, youth and those attending the JI central workshop attended the impressive ceremony charged with emotions and enthusiasm.

Terming Pakistan as a part of paradise and the mother's lap, the JI chief declared "we would defend this homeland at the cost of our lives."

"I want a Pakistan wherein the rich and the poor would have same facilities of education, health and employment, and where all citizens got justice from courts. We will build such hospitals that if the rulers had heart problem next time, they could be treated within the country instead of in London".

JI Secretary General, Liaqat Baloch, also addressed the gathering. JI deputy chiefs, and other party leaders were also present.

Sirajul Haq said that Allah had blessed Pakistan with best combination of weathers and a nuclear status. He said the future of Pakistan was bright and was linked with Islam. He said that those who wanted Pakistan, to be secular state should shift to some other country. He said that after the state of Madina, Pakistan was the first state that came into being in the name of Islam. Lakhs of men, women and children had sacrificed their lives for this Muslim homeland. However, he said, that soon after the demise of the Quaid e Azam, Pakistan fell into the hands of secular and liberal people who did not have any ideology nor were they aware of the goal before the founding fathers. He said these rulers had betrayed the nation and the country's ideology. As a result, the country lost her eastern wing and was drifted away from the goal of Islamic revolution.



How America Has Weakened the Family Unit...Oh, let me count the ways!
by Sis. Aisha [Jamaat al-Muslimeen]

These are just some of the things that I thought of, for now. Individuals make up families and families make up society. I agree wholeheartedly that a strong family unit can be a great defense to some of the oppressive nonsense this society has been subjected to, up until now. Distance between family members will not break this strong bond.

Wealthy families, such as the Kennedys, Bushs', Du Ponts, etc, know the power of the family unit and have never allowed anyone to interfere with it! How?

By removing their children from the corrupting resources they help fund and/or create for the rest of us. They:

However, these are examples. Muslims should never look to the kuffar as examples for how to behave. We have the Qur'an and the authentic Hadith to guide us. There are preparations that we should make as a family. For instance, if a relative with a mental illness starts to act-out, there should be a family emergency plan in place to handle this matter. There have been instances where the police have been called and it resulted in the mentally-ill loved one being murdered.

It is important to promote leadership among our children, boys and girls. Many Muslim families engage in kuffar male chauvinist practices that devalue females and allow boys to shirk their responsibilities. In many Black-American non-Muslim families, the girls are allowed and encouraged to speak up and even physically fight for themselves. But, the boys are reigned in and disciplined for being vociferous and are scolded for fighting. The girls are given chores and responsibilities while the boys can lounge around the home and sleep all day. Boys are emasculated and told to go along to get along out of fear of being seen as too aggressive by their White counterparts. This produces a lopsided culture where the females are on the front lines, while the Male is in the back cowering behind them.

Please, do not think that this child-rearing concept is ONLY found in homes headed by single mothers, because it's not.

American society has brainwashed Black people and made it difficult to raise male Black warriors. Islamic teachings provide a balance in the home that a secular government cannot and is not intended to provide. Islam teaches that the male and female are to protect one another (Quran 9:73). Respect is the foundation of all relationships. Instilling these values in the home would be a very strong starting point, regardless how many hours the parent works. It is a matter of how strong the desire is to empower the family. A strong family bond, developed the right way, can overcome many obstacles.

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