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12 Shawwal 1437 A.H.- July 17, 2016 Issue # 29, Newsletter #1663

Hadith of the Week

Innovations in Religion are rejected.

Sahih Bukhari. Volume 3, Book 49, Number 861:
Narrated Aisha, r.a.:

Allah's messenger said, "If somebody innovates something which is not in harmony with the principles of our religion, that thing is rejected."

Comment by Kaukab Siddique:
Some examples:
Kingship is not part of Islam.
Grave worship is not part of Islam.
Calling on anyone other than Allah is not part of Islam. [Such a "Ya Ali."]

Obedience to anyone in disobedience to Allah is rejected.

 Little Terrors

Those Little Terrors!
by Sis.Kristi

Editor: Funny but True - British Government's Ideas about Stopping Terrorism

The UK government's official Policy on Counter-Terrorism [ Gov.UK/government/publications/2010-to-2015-government-policy-counter-terrorism/2010-to-2015-government-policy-counter-terrorism ] states their policy is " based on 4 areas of work: Pursue: to stop terrorist attacks; Prevent: to stop people becoming terrorists or supporting terrorism; Protect: to strengthen our protection against a terrorist attack; and Prepare: to mitigate the impact of a terrorist attack".

" Prevent" (the 2nd of the four elements) requires schoolteachers and staff to monitor students for signs of extremist behavior. Children determined to be at risk are referred to a deradicalization course.

Since 2012, more than 2,000 children have been referred [ ] - the youngest being a three-year-old from London.

Here are a few summaries of the "incidents" that have been reported: my little grandson would say: "Really? That's ridiculous!"

Sources: the Guardian; UK Gov't; Harpers

 Six-Year Old American Child

A Six-Year Old American Child Looks at what is Happening to Children in Syria.
by Roman

July 17, 2016
There is a war between the government and people in Syria. The war is crazy. A kid named Ibrahim lost his 5 cousins and his mother, and his brothers, and his sisters, and his uncle, and his country. I feel sad for Ibrahim.

 Breaking News

Erdogan has returned to Istanbul, ajhamdulillah.

Very dangerous situation. If the Islamic people don't win, it could become Egypt or it could become Syria if the army persists [God forbid].

Our Turkish brothers who are usually correct have issued this statement:

Yes brother it seems as though the coup originated from Gulen Group in Pennsylvania. It looks to be unsuccessful as the Turkish police and people have detained a large group of coup soldiers. Don't watch CNN and Fox a[s they are lying about the events. Turkey military (1st army and general) has announced that it doesn't support coup and the religious affairs dept has called on every minaret to call azaan repeatedly. People are capturing tanks and alhumdulilah the coup looks to have failed.

[American agent Gulen is headquartered in Pennsylvania.]


Jamaat al-Muslimeen Activity in Baltimore's Inner City: Khutba against Police Brutality given to 100 Muslims.

On July 15, a 4-page Jamaat al-Muslimeen document was given to 100 Muslims after Juma' salat at Masjid al-Haqq in the interior of Baltimore. Almost all the Muslims here are African Americans. About 10% were Arabs and a few Africans.

The khutba delivered by an African American brother, with a heavy beard and good knowledge of Quran and hadith, was mostly about Sura al-Fatiha. He pointed out very well the power of Sura Fatiha and each verse in it. Sura Fatiha is recited in every salat by Muslims.

[Well done Masjid al-Haqq.]

The following is an outline of the colorfully printed 4-page Jamaat document.

  1. Imam Badi Ali on the need for consistency in Islamic life + hadith on the need for extra [nafal] prayers

    1. Dr. Kaukab Siddique's khutba on Police brutality, the counter shooting in Dallas & America's inability to end racism & Oppression.

  2. After Israel destroyed Gaza, the destruction of Muslim cities by the West is spreading [Dr. Firoz Kamal]

  3. Bombing of cities and massacres by Russian, American & Assad's jet bombers. However IS is advancing to Homs. [SOHR & Reuters.]

  4. Pakistani scholar Ghamidi's attack on Maulana Maudoodi rebutted. [Kaukab Siddique]

Political Prisoners :


Indian attacks on Islam and Muslims
By Dr. Javed Jamil

Thinker, Islamic Scholar and the Crusader against New World Order.

"Freedom of Speech" applies to Rushdies, Tasleemas, Cartoonists and Yogis but not to Zakirs, Owaisis and Azam Khans

When Rushdies and Tasleemas, Yogis, Sadhavis and Cartoonists vilify Islam, depicting Quran, Prophet and his companions in highly derogatory manners, the international as well as Indian media rise in their support claiming it was their right of "freedom of speech"; when some Muslim preachers or leaders make just a few harsh sentiments, which are nowhere in venomousness or ridicule of others than the works of Rushdies and Taslmeemas and Cartoons denigrating Prophet Muhammad, the media develops total amnesia for the golden maxim of the modern world, the "Freedom of Speech", and goes berserk vilifying them as the preachers of hatred and violence. And what can be more ludicrous than that Tasleemas and Rushdies are often invited to join the debate against the "hate speeches" of Muslim preachers. The message is clear; religion in general and Islam in particular is unacceptable to the forces of modernity.

While the radicalisations of Westernism and modernity have left all other forms of radicalisation miles behind in terms of devastation they caused, they would use "radical" only to describe Islam. And when they discuss "Islamic Radicalism", they would totally ignore the fact that if there is any real "Islamic Radicalism", it is the direct result of the Western radicalisation at the global level and Hindu radicalisation within the country. They will never debate the violence against Muslims and will never ask questions to the perpetrators of that violence even if it kills millions of innocent Muslims at the international level and tens of thousands in communal riots in India. But as soon as a Muslim name appears linked to any violence even if it kills a few dozens, they will leave no stone unturned in bringing the whole Muslim community to the worst possible media trial.

I happened to watch Times Now debate on Friday night with Arnab Goswami at its worst shouting at the panellists. If there is one radicalist in the Indian media, it is none other than Goswami. Only he knows what the best is; those not in agreement with him have no right to even claim that they are right. And see the hollowness of his arguments. He was spouting venom on Zakir Naik just because he linked the condemnation of Osama bin Laden as a terrorist to the proof of allegations against him. He said that if "Osama was really involved in those acts; he was surely a terrorist and must be condemned". This sentence was a proof of Naik's crime in Arnab's view and his support to terrorism. On the other hand, I have yet to see an Indian TV focussing the entire debate on those who announced booties for killing Naik.

I do count Zakir Naik as perhaps the most overrated "Islamic scholar" of recent times. He has hardly any innovative researches or thoughts of his own and most of his lectures have been prepared on the borrowed materials from the works of people like Ahmad Deedat, Achatya Naved Usmani, Ved Parkash Upadhyaya and Harun Yahya. Apart from his mesmerising ability to produce references from scriptures, I do not think he is a good speaker. His answers to the queries are often unsophisticated displays of polemics. His certain remarks may have rightly irked certain Muslim sects. But I cannot see any of his statements as a proof of his spread of hatred against other religions or support of violence. I in fact value his contribution because he attracted many wayward young Muslims to the truth of Islam and tried to bring Hinduism, Christianity and Islam closer by highlighting their common origin. When he said that instead of targeting innocent people, terrorists should instead think of targeting the mischief makers, this was nothing but a way to dilute the anger of those Muslims who have resorted to illegitimate means to confront the illegitimate violence of West against Muslims. Only a naive or an enemy can infer from this that he was really telling them to take law in their own hands and kill the wicked. At the most, this denoted failure in conveying what he wanted to convey: that violence against innocents is intolerable under all conditions. Even his supposed remarks against other religions must be seen in their entirety. Islamic scholars including him always argue that all the previous scriptures and the founders of religions were true many being the Messengers of God. They quote Gita, Upanishad and other scriptures to show that like Quran, they also preached oneness of God and it was later that the purity of the original religions was adulterated. Like many Christian and Hindu preachers who spread venom against Quran, Muhammad and Islam, Islamic preachers hold Jesus, Moses, Buddha and Ram in high esteem.

But when there is a predetermined effort to denigrate a person, and use this as an opportunity to put question mark on a whole community and their religion, who can question these media persons. They and their masters just know the art of questioning and never bother to face questions themselves.

The questions that need to be asked to them are:

If violence is the proof of radicalisation of a community, group, country or ideology, why West and Westernism are not described as the worst forms of radicalisation?

Why they are not asked: Why they killed about one hundred thousand Afghanistanis when the alleged mastermind and his men we hidden either in Pakistan or somewhere in the nearby hills?

Why they killed 2 million innocent Iraqis when there was absolutely no evidence of weapons of mass destruction or its link with terrorism? (This has officially been proved by the Chilcot Commission Report.)

Why there is no worldwide debate on the role of Western radicalism leading to millions of Muslim deaths?

Why no one argues that if "Islamic radicalism" is to be uprooted, Western radicalism will have to be abandoned and Western violent campaigns against Muslim lands will have to be stopped forever?

Why the debate is always centred on "Jihadi ideologies" and Western military ideologies are not discussed at all? Why are they not asked: why is the last century full of their wars against other countries, invasions and support to civil wars killing almost 180 million people?

And in India, why is it that the majority of deaths in communal riots are Muslims? And when the overwhelming majority of terrorism related deaths in India in last few decades have taken place at the hands of non-Muslims including Naxalites, Bodos, Ulfa terrorists and Sikhs, why Muslims are singled out as terrorists?

This is no longer a hidden fact that the Indian Muslims are faced with problems on all fronts - be it social, economic or political - and they no longer enjoy their deserving place in the country. There is a long list of issues and problems, their protection is at stake and they are leading a very deplorable life from social and economic point of view. There has been a general realization during past few years that the Sachar Committee and the Ranganath Mishra Commission have encircled the issues and problems plaguing the Muslim society to a large extent but these two reports have become victims of politicization.

Dr Javed Jamil is India based thinker and writer with over a dozen books including his latest, "Muslim Vision of Secular India: Destination & Road-map" and "Qur'anic Paradigms of Sciences & Society" (First Vol: Health), "Muslims Most Civilised, Yet Not Enough" and Other works include "The Devil of Economic Fundamentalism", "The Essence of the Divine Verses", "The Killer Sex", "Islam means Peace" and Rediscovering the Universe".
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What Theresa May forgot.

New British Prime Minister Theresa May Recites Quran to prove Islam is religion of Peace

July 17.

New British Prime Minister Theresa May Recites Quran to prove Islam is reli...

New British Prime Minister Recites Quran to prove that Islam is a peaceful religion Theresa May Recited Quran in...

(Ms May forgot the announcement a couple of months back by the British air force that it has killed more than a thousand Muslims in its bombing raids in Iraq.)


 Dr Kaukab Siddique

Did Abdul Sattar Eidhi Change Anything?:
Why are Nawaz Sharif, Malala & Obama Praising him? What does the Qur'an say?

He helped, in a very personal way, the needy, the poor, the helpless, buried the dead, took care of helpless children. Philanthropists throughout Pakistan helped him. He had a whole fleet of ambulances. He lived a simple, frugal life.

No one can deny that he did much good.

However, Pakistan has not changed owing to the efforts of Eidhi. Pakistan is worse than before his death, more corrupt, more poverty stricken, more divided than ever before.

The people who are hailing Eidhi as almost a superman are the very ones who are the biggest supporters of the status quo, including those most hostile to Islamic independence, integrity and unity.

Eidhi was not a man of ideas or a thinker for revolutionary change. He did much good at a personal level. However, owing to his illiteracy, people in the secular media, the military and the government attributed their own ideas to him and claimed that he was on their side.

No government ever opposed him. One major reason was that he was doing what reasonable governments are supposed to do: Taking care of the people who are called "John Does" in America.

Instead of ambulances organized by the government, there were ambulances supervised by Eidhi. He became Pakistan's Mother Teresa but instead of a church supporting him, he was supported by philanthropists, including people with big money who felt guilty of their behavior and wanted to feel okay by helping Eidhi. [When I visited him, local merchants brought him bags full of cash and simply left them in his room.]

The only way society changes is through leadership and revolutionary ideas supported by masses of people. Look at the creation of Pakistan. It was brought about through the ideas of Allama Iqbal and the determined leadership of Mohomed Ali Jinnah [Qaide Azam]. Even then Pakistan could not have taken an Islamic direction without Maulana Maudoodi and Jamaate Islami.

Look at Iran: Imam Khomeini's relentless stand against the Shah of Iran.

Look at Afghanistan: Mullah Umar standing up to America and then to all of NATO.

Look at Iraq and Syria. It was unthinkable that Syria and Iraqi mujahideen would challenge not only local tyrants but also both superpowers and even set up a Caliphate which all the "powers that be" abhor.

Jihad was suppressed under colonialism. Through great scholars, fighters and self-sacrificing fighters, Jihad is now central to the global Muslim ummah. That is Osama's contribution.

Charity was always part of Islamic thinking but the central IDEA of Islam is not charity but the challenge to the tyrants and Pharaohs of our time. If charity had been central to Islam, the Prophet, pbuh, would not have done hijra. He could have just continued charity. He was hated by those in power because he taught that AUTHORITY BELONGS TO ALLAH ALONE.

The Qur'an teaches that even the highest form of charity is not comparable to the struggle of the mujahideen:

"Do ye make the giving of drink to pilgrims, or the maintenance of the Sacred Mosque, equal to (the pious service of) those who believe in Allah and the Last Day, and strive with might and main in the cause of Allah? They are not comparable in the sight of Allah: and Allah guides not those who do wrong. Those who believe, and suffer exile and strive with might and main, in Allah's cause, with their goods and their persons, have the highest rank in the sight of Allah: they are the people who will achieve (salvation)." [The Quran 9:19-20]


 President Erdogan

The Burden of a Secular Past. The hope of an Islamic Global Future
by Kaukab Siddique

President Erdogan seems to have had an inkling of what was going to happen. He mended his fences with Israel and showed an olive leaf to Russia [even promising compensation for the Russian jet which Turkey shot down.]

When Erdogan visited America to participate in the memorial ceremony for Muhammad Ali, he was mistreated and humiliated as if he was not the president of a great country.

Mr. Gulen, a long time adversary of Erdogan was flourishing unchecked in America with his headquarters in Pennsylvania.

When the coup began, the Zionist media globally behaved as if it was a done deal. They went to the extent of claiming that Erdogan had fled to Europe, had been denied admission by Germany and was begging England to accept him.

It turned out that the commander of the coup was an Alevi [Turkish version of Shia] Colonel Muharrem Kosi. The mastermind was General Ozturk who had served as part of the Israeli defense forces.

Turkey was saved by the honesty and courage of President Erdogan. He called on the people to come out in the streets and confront the military units. The people came out In huge numbers. Some they lay down in front of the tanks and talked to the soldiers. Surrounded by millions of people, the troops gave up, somewhat like what had happened in Iran when Imam Khomeini returned.

In Ankara there was heavy fighting. More than 200 people were killed but the loyalists prevailed.

From the mosques came the Adhan and the call to people to come out for the sake of Allah. The secularists suffered the worst defeat in the history of Turkey.

The enemies of Islam are flummoxed. Erdogan is the hero of the Muslim world.

He will have to be very careful. The Zionists and Imperialists will be looking for ways to hurt him and to bring down Turkey.

We pray for his success.

Dear President Erdogan, you will never be able to please the western powers. We urge you to come out openly and support the mujahideen. Did you not notice the celebrations in Damascus and Tehran during the first hour of the coup.?

War News

 War News


Bombing & Shelling by three air forces: Rising Death Toll. Menbig still in Islamic Hands, IS advances towards Homs. Serious fighting in Quneitra region [Next to "Israel"]

[Sources: SOHR, Reuters, Guardian, AP and others.]

Strategy: Russia and USA have entered into joint discussions to coordinate the attacks on Islamic State and Al-Nusra front.

Menbig in the corridor to Turkey is still in Islamic State control although it has been pounded for US air force for 48 days and attacked from three directions by the YPG [Communist Kurds.] Casualties over 48 days are in the hundreds.

In the July 17 bombing by USAF in Menbig, a woman, her 4 children and 2 men were killed.

On July 15 fighting erupted in various areas in the Quneitra area parallel to "Israel" between the FSA and the Damascus regime. [Continuing till last reports]

Aleppo. A serious situation developed when regime artillery targeted the Costello road approach from which food supplies reach this big city. On July 15, the regime troops actually reached the supply road but on July 16, the Islamic group known as FSA counterattacked and is trying to open up the road.[Latest: FSA advanced against the regime.]

The Alawite shia occupy a part of Aleppo and most of Aleppo is in the hands of the FSA. Both sides are shooting at each other within the city. The Alawites are also directing the regime's air strikes snd long distance artillery at the Islamic side of the city.

In the latest air raids on Aleppo, 20 civilians were killed, including 5 children and 4 women.

On July 14, IS clashed with regime troops in Deir ez Zor [south eat Syria] . A regime jet, flying low, attacking civilians, was shot down by IS heavy machine gun fire. The pilot died but his body was crucified and displayed by IS to indicate that he was a criminal; of the Assad regime. IS has shot down 4 planes in this area in two weeks.

On July 15, the regime jets bombed Deir ez Zor [mostly in IS control] killing 7 civilians [3 children 3 women and 1 man].

Also on July 15, IS fighters advanced again towards Homs beyond the Shaer oil field.

The same day, in al-Hasakeh, [north east Syria]. huge fires visible for miles broke in the cotton storage areas of the city controlled by the regime.

On July 13, the regime air force bombed markets in the city of Ariha in Idlib province. The province is controlled by al-Nusra but the bombing was only on civilian areas, the markets.

Also on the Jordan-Syria border, Russian jets bombed a tent city of refugees from the conflict killing 12 people, injuring many others. It is reported that the families of Islamic fighters were living here.




Rising death toll in Kashmir.
All Pakistanis should unite against India till occupation army withdraws - Jamaat e Islami
By Qaiser Sharif.

LAHORE, July 17; Ameer, Jamaat e Islami, Pakistan, Senator Sirajul Haq, has made an impassioned appeal to the government and the opposition to unite on the Kashmir issue and forget their personal/ local issues for a fortnight to help stop the massacre in Held Kashmir and ensure its liberation.

Addressing a press conference at Mansoora after an emergent meeting of the JI central working committee, he stressed that all ties and agreements with India should be suspended till the Indian troops pulled out of Kashmir.

" I would urge the entire national leadership including Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, PPP leader Asif Ali Zardari, PTI chairman Imran Khan and Maulana Fazlur Rahman to stand in the same line on the Kashmir issue which was not the issue of any party or government or the opposition, but a national issue", he said.

Sirajul Haq urged the government to raise its voice in the UN for the Kashmiris' right of self determination and also approach the international Court of justice in this respect. He also called for the appointment of a full-fledged Foreign Minister and added that the Kashmir issue would not be resolved through condemnation or solidarity statements.

He said the Kashmiris were facing tanks and armoured cars of Indian troops with stones for joining with Pakistan while the Pakistani rulers were silent spectators.

Sirajul Haq announced that the JI would make the Kashmir issue the centre of all its programs for the next fortnight as a show of solidarity with the Kashmiris. A huge protest march would be staged in front of the Indian embassy in Islamabad on July 24, and an APC on Kashmir would be held in the federal capital on July 29. On July 31, an Azadi Kashmir March would be staged from Lahore to Wagha.

The JI chief assured Hurriat Conference leadership including Syed Ali Gilani, of all out support of the Pakistani nation in their liberation struggle.

He said that the Indian occupation army had killed 45 Kashmiri youth within five days while more than two thousand people had been wounded. Women and children had also been subjected to worst form of torture.

The JI chief also stressed upon the government to hold census forthwith in accordance with the constitution. He also demanded of the Prime Minister to finalize the ToRs for the Panama leaks enquiry and announce the judicial commission without more delay. He said the entire political leadership including himself, the Prime Minister, Asif Zardari, and Imran Khan, should stand in the dock and face accountability.

Replying to a question, Sirajul Haq said there was no possibility of a military action in the country similar to the one in Turkey as the Pakistan army supported the democratic system. Besides, he said, the situation in the region did not allow such an adventure.

The JI chief paid rich tributes to Turkish President Erdogan and the Turkish people for their services to democracy and expressed the hope that Erdogan would further speed up his efforts for the development of his country with the cooperation of the opposition.

News Within the U.S.

 News within the US

New York

"Gays," racism and Police
by Sis . Aisha (Jamaat al-Muslimeen)

In the wake of the Dallas killings of 5 White police officers, many sports leagues are creating and encouraging its players to wear shirts honoring the slain, as expected. The WNBA (Women's National Basketball Association) is no exception. The league also has its own WNBA gay web page featuring its gay players. It was during Pride Week that many players wore the No H8 (No Hate) face paint, in the wake of the Orlando gay night club shootings. The entire league actually celebrates homosexuality through an event called Pride Night where you will see players wearing t-shirts with a rainbow-colored basketball on it along with a message for "equality." But, i digress.

On Saturday, 7/9/2016, four off-duty police officers, moonlighting as security officers, walked off their jobs because of the messages on the shirts Minnesota Lynx players wore during pre-game warm ups. Some players wore shirts that said both, "Black Lives Matter" and "Dallas5" on them. Others wore the names of the police shooting victims: Philando Castile and Alton Sterling. Still others wore shirts that simply said, "Change Starts with Us."

Minneapolis Police Federation President Bob Kroll told that he was supportive of the four officers walk-out. He also took the opportunity to jab the Minnesota Lynx about their low attendance (compared to the NBA men's teams) and say that the Lynx team only needed four officers because their attendance was "pathetic." (Note: Owing to male chauvinism, many female sports leagues have lower attendance compared to the men's games.)

Even though these Minnesota Lynx players seemed to be paying tribute to the slain officers, as well, the fact that they called for officer accountability for unjust killings stirred up anger in these four policemen. Many officers have superiority attitudes and do not believe the actions of officers should ever be questioned. White supremacy is the root of these racist attitudes. It is a racist culture no matter who is running the plantation (or precinct). During African Slavery, many African slaves were chosen to work as overseers in place of Whites and these African slave overseers were just as oppressive.

America's police force sprang from Irish slave catchers. The Irish were once slaves sold along with African slaves on the auction block here in America and the West Indies. They were treated horribly by their Anglo masters. The Irish have been treated and viewed as lesser than other Europeans. Even today, police officers are not paid that well for fighting crime. Making the Irish slaves into African slave catchers created a serious racial divide in America that has lasted until now.

Before the 1965 Civil Rights Laws really took effect in America, the average White citizen could lynch Blacks with impunity. They were so confident about not being arrested or convicted that the townspeople would take pictures with their victims...and turned these photos into postcards!

The most oppressive overseer of all has been Pres. Obama, who has left Black Americans sitting ducks for these racist police officers. These White officers are carrying the torch for the White supremacist message and using their power to teach Blacks that, although there is a "Black" president, Blacks are not protected and must know their place as inferior beings.

Now, the laws have changed and the descendants of these racist murderers have become police officers, who have been given the green light to kill with impunity. It does not even matter whether the murder is caught on camera or not! The similarities between lynchings and police murders are very eerie yet, Black Americans have been lulled into believing that they are American and that complete assimilation is an achievable goal. They still want to enter into dialogue with police commissioners about these racial conflicts, which are nothing more than a distraction. The oppressor loves to talk because it creates inaction on the part of their victims. It stops the marching, rallying, planning boycotts, etc.

People will start to wise up to this "dialoge tactic" soon, after more deaths have occurred, unfortunately. They will realize that, talk or no talk, the oppressive police force will continue to commit crimes against the citizens they are paid to protect. Police officers have unjustly killed people across all racial and cultural lines but, Blacks remain the main target and are also the most outspoken against this injustice. It would be great if people did not get tricked into seeing police criminality as a problem that exists ONLY in the Black community.


Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Police Officers Killed in Baton Rouge, 3 Wounded.
29-year old Shooter also killed.

 Baton Rouge

July 17. BATON ROUGE, Louisiana - L Gov. John Bel Edwards calls shooting of Baton Rouge deputies and officers "an absolutely unspeakable heinous attack."

Three Baton Rouge law enforcement officers were killed and three others wounded Sunday, less than two weeks after a black man was shot and killed by police here in a confrontation that sparked nightly protests across the city that reverberated nationwide.

Police said the suspect was shot and killed at the scene. Authorities initially believed that two other assailants might be at large, but hours later said that no other active shooters were in the city.

The shooting - which took place just before 9 a.m., less than a mile from police headquarters - came amid escalating tensions across the country between the black community and police. The races of the suspect and the officers were not immediately known.

It was the fourth high-profile deadly encounter in the United States involving police over the past two weeks. The violence has left 12 people dead, including eight police officers, and sparked a national conversation over race and policing.

One of the suspects is dead and the other two are believed to be at large after killing three officers and injuring at least three with an assault rifle less than a mile from police headquarters in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Police officials are looking for anyone in full black or a mask. The residents have been asked to keep away from the scene of crime. The incident is seen as a revenge for the Alton Sterling and Dallas shootings that happened earlier this month.



Both the Qur'an and the Authentic Hadith of the Prophet (pbuh) are Safeguarded by Allah. Evidence From the Qur'an to Refute those who Think the Qur'an alone is Safeguarded.
by Kaukab Siddique, PhD

Question: Sis. ...... writes from Edmonton, Canada: I read your article in which you say that Jewish scholars attacked Hadith and rejecters of Hadith are influenced by them. I have the book MAQAME HADITH by Allama G.A. Pervez in which on page3 he quotes God's words from the Qur'an: "Surely We revealed this Qur'an and surely We are its Guardian." (15:9) Then on page 4 he compares the Qur'an with the Hadith and writes: "Allah Almighty has not taken the responsibility for safeguarding anything other than the Qur'an." How can you disagree with that.? Allama Pervez is right and you are wrong. Qur'an is full of certainty, Hadith is a human product.

Response by Kaukab Siddique: Dear sister. Asalamu alaikum. Surah 15, verse 9 itself indicates that the entire edifice of the rejecters of Hadith is built on a false premise. The verse does NOT use the word "Qur'an"; it uses the word "Zikr." In Arabic it says: "Inna nahnu nazzal-naz-zikra wa inna lahu la-hafizun." Thus the correct translation is:

"Surely We revealed the Zikr and surely We are its Guardian."

Yusuf Ali has translated az-Zikr as "the Message." The word is used numerous times in the Qur'an and these usages indicate that Zikr is not only the Qur'an but the entire Islamic way of life implemented by the Prophet (pbuh).

As we shall see, when Allah says that Allah is the Guardian of the Zikr, it's a reference to the WORDS of the Qur'an, the MEANING of the Qur'an [explained by the Prophet, pbuh], the way of life of the Prophet , pbuh, [documented in Hadith], the entire system of Islam transmitted by the sahaba, the spirituality, the Law. ALL these are safeguarded by Allah.

Let us look at the Qur'an's use of the word "Zikr."

Surah al-''Araf 7:63 uses the word not for the Qur'an but for Allah's message sent to Noah as a reminder to the people. It says:

"Do ye wonder that there has come to you a reminder from your Lord [zikrum-mir-rabikum] through a man of your own people, to warn you,-so that ye may fear Allah and perhaps ye may receive His Mercy."

Thus the "reminder" and "warning" aspect of Allah's message to others than Muhammad's (pbuh) people is also called Zikr.

Where Allah uses "zikr" as referring to the Qur'an, Allah makes it clear that it is to be explained to mankind by the Prophet (pbuh), which is precisely the role of Hadith:

"(We sent them) with clear signs and scriptures, and We sent down unto thee (O Muhammad) the Zikr, that thou MAY EXPLAIN CLEARLY to MANKIND [li-tubayinna lin-naas] what is sent for them, and that they may give thought." [16:44]

Notice that the Prophet's explanation of the Qur'an is not given in the Qur'an itself but in the Hadith. For Muslims, the words in the Qur'an are SEPARATE AND DISTINCT from the words of the Prophet, pbuh.

At places Allah differentiates clearly between the BOOK and the MEANING in that book (which as seen above was explained by the Prophet, pbuh):

"We have revealed for you a Book in which is your ZIKR. Will you not then understand." [21:10] or "Zikr for you."

It is this "zikr" within the Book which is explained by the Prophet, pbuh, and is enunciated in Hadith.

Then Allah widens the meaning of Zikr and applies the word to cover all the sanctities of Islam, the entire spiritual and physical life of the believers, of which formal prayer and zakat are only a part. The Qur'an is the center of this Zikr, but the Zikr covers the entire area of life itself:

"...people whom neither sale nor trade can divert from the ZIKR of Allah, nor from regular prayer, nor from paying zakat. Their only fear is for the Day when hearts and eyes will be turned about." [24:37]

The Islamic way of life, as established by the Prophet, pbuh, includes the Qur'an and the entire way of life based on prayer (salat). All of it is Zikr and is safeguarded by Allah, as in 15:9. Note well this comprehensive meaning of Zikr:

"Recite what is sent of the Book by inspiration to thee (o Muhammad), and establish regular prayer, for prayer restrains from shameful and evil deeds: and ZIKR of Allah is the greatest without doubt. And Allah knows the (deeds) that ye do." [29:45]

Among the Qur'an's content is a strong element of admonition as well as of good news. The Qur'an connects the Prophet's role of being a warner (nazeer) and Bashir (bringer of good tidings) with its own purpose. The verse about admonition also indicates clearly that the ZIKR is the meaning of the Qur'an and not the WORDS of the Qur'an:

"Sa'ad: By the Qur'an, full of Admonition [ZIKR], but the unbelievers are steeped in self-glory and opposition ..." [38:1-2]

Every Muslim, man and woman, is involved not only in reciting the Qur'an but in the process of life enunciated by the Prophet (pbuh). Hence the true believers, MEN and WOMEN are "ZAKIRIN Allaha kathiran- waz- ZAKIRAT." [33:35] [Men and women who engage much in Allah's remembrance.]

Once we have clarified the fact that by safeguarding ZIKR, Allah is safeguarding the entire Islamic way of life, including the Qur'an, let us note that the Qur'an sanctifies the example of the Prophet (pbuh) as essential to Islam and hence blesses and safeguards the Prophet, the sahaba (r.a.) and the authentic role model enshrined in the Hadith:

THE ZIKR OF MUHAMMAD (pbuh) At a time of great stress and difficulty, the Qur'an prophesied for Muhammad (pbuh) that his Zikr or remembrance would be raised high in exaltation:

"And We raised high your ZIKR." [94:4]

Thus we find the name of Muhammad (pbuh) honored and exalted next to Allah's in Adhan, iqama, khutba, kalima-e-tayyaba, attahiyat, etc. Of special significance is the ZIKR of Muhammad (pbuh) in the Adhan, the call to prayer, which takes place FIVE TIMES A DAY around the world, from Nigeria to Morocco to Sudan, from Arabia to Pakistan to Indonesia to the Philippines. This call in which the ZIKR of Muhammad (pbuh) is exalted is referred to in the Qur'an but neither the command to give the Adhan nor the words of the Adhan are given in the Qur'an.

IF THE ADHAN WERE NOT ENSHRINED IN THE HADITH, the entire fabric of the Islamic world, which is knit into UNITY by the adhan would not have existed. The ZIKR of Muhammad (pbuh) is a telling proof that Allah safeguards the Prophet's ZIKR (pbuh) as much as Allah safeguards the Qur'an.


The Qur'an gives Muslims the example of Muhammad (pbuh) as the pattern of excellence.

"Surely in the messenger of Allah, ye have the pattern of excellence for one whose hope is in Allah and the Last Day, and who does much ZIKR of Allah." [33:21]

Allah reassures the Prophet (pbuh) and the believers who follow his example:

"And thou are endowed with an exalted standard of character (and morality)." [68:4]

All Muslims believe that the Qur'an's teachings are for ALL time to come. Like yesterday and today, tomorrow too Muslims, following the Qur'an, will NEED to know that pattern of excellence of the messenger of Allah (pbuh). Same is true of the Prophet's (pbuh), personal character and morality. Other than in hints and references, it is NOT given in the Qur'an. If that pattern and that character were not SAFEGUARDED by ALLAH, Muslims would not be able to follow these important teachings of the Qur'an.
In the HADITH, Allah has safeguarded both the pattern of excellence and the standard of character. How Muhammad (peace be on him) lived and died, how he prayed and fasted, how he fought and made peace, how he treated women and children, how he dealt with slavery and oppression, how he distributed wealth and transformed society, the SHARIA, the Law and its application .... all that is SAFEGUARDED by Allah in the Hadith. All that is part of Zikr of Muhammad (pbuh) and part of the LARGER ZIKR which encompasses the Muslim's entire life.

The Qur'an and the Hadith are intertwined and impossible to be cut off from each other.

The SAHABA (companions) of the Prophet are the people who transmitted BOTH the Qur'an and the Hadith. The way of the Sahaba [with whom Allah is well pleased] is SAFEGUARDED by Allah, otherwise how could they have successfully transmitted the Qur'an and the Hadith to future generations.

Thus when the Jews attack Hadith and the Pervezis/"Quran-onlies" try to say that the Qur'an is safeguarded by Allah and the authentic Hadith of the Prophet (pbuh) is not safeguarded by Allah, they are flying in the face of the Qur'an and are actually saying NO to the ENTIRE ISLAMIC WAY of Life. They are denying Zikr of Allah and the Zikr of Muhammad (pbuh). They must be confronted and defeated on the battlefield of ideas.



The "Gazaisation" of the Muslim World. Do Muslims even Realize the Reality?
By. Dr. Firoz Kamal.

- Continued from the Previous Issue.

[This will scare you but it is worth reading - editor]

The fallout of moral death

The success of the 21st century crusaders is huge. The old crusaders couldn't alter the demography and geography of Palestine. But now they have achieved it: not only in Palestine but also in the whole Arab World. The earlier crusaders didn't have any collaborating Muslim partners; but now the Muslim rulers -with few exception, compete each other to become the full collaborator -cum -coalition partner of the new crusaders. The ideological conversion cum de-Islamisation of these autocrats has been so complete that they face no ethical problem nor do feel any Islamic prohibition to provide bases for these established enemies of Muslims and Islam. Hence it is no surprise that there exists no protest voice in the ruling cliques of the Muslim countries against such massive destruction of the Muslim cities and massacre of innocents in Iraq, Syria, Palestine, Yemen and Afghanistan. In the US, there is no shortage of people who openly suggest dropping nuclear bombs on Islamic holy sites. In such a milieu of moral death and deprivation, if the USA, Russia, France or any other country drop nuclear bombs on Muslim cities and kill millions, is there any possibility that such act will be condemned in global forum or in the UN? Due to its captivity in the hands of the morally dead perpetrators, is there any doubt that the UN will definitely fail to pass a resolution of condemnation against such utter barbarity?

There are discernible reasons for moral paralysis of the UN. It stands under full occupation of the historical perpetrators of the brutal imperialistic invasions and genocide. As a result, it has already lost the moral appetite to condemn or resist any such brutality. Those who can drop nuclear bombs, how can they condemn others for dropping barrel bombs, cluster bombs or chemical bombs? Hence Assad of Syria and Netanyahu of Israel easily go pardoned and unpunished. In fact, the UN's total silence vis-à-vis Israeli bombing on the civilians in Gaza and the US barbarity in Afghanistan and Iraq ratifies such moral death of the organisation. For the same moral death, dropping of nuclear bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki didn't raise any condemnation in the US and in the countries allied it. The nuclear bombs killed nearly 140,000 people in Japan. But the US killed more than one million only in Iraq and Afghanistan. Could the UN pass any resolution of condemnation for such diabolical act of crime? The answer is big no. Neither could any of the NATO partners condemn those crimes either. Thus the moral death of the UN and its key stakeholders gets loudly pronounced.

The new high in crime

The 21st century crusade has attained a new dimension of war crime. It is no more focussed only on Jerusalem or Palestine; nor bound by any territorial boundaries of the Muslim countries. The anti-Muslim terrorism has indeed engulfed the whole Muslim World. The US drones have taken the war into the sky to kill any man or woman anywhere in any Muslim country. These drones do not need to face any ground troop or border post to conduct the attack. In Pakistan, even its scores of nuclear bombs and hundreds of missiles couldn't protect its innocent citizens and the sovereignty. Since they don't face any accountability and punishment, the killers need not be accurate to hit the target. Hence, thousands of innocent people in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia, Libya and other countries got killed without knowing their crime. The worst of all imaginations, a killer like President Barak Obama of the US - the key perpetrators of such indiscrete global killing by his drones was awarded a Noble Prize. No warmonger or killer got such honour in the whole human history.

The sovereign boundary of the weaker countries and the security of the weaker people stand irrelevant to the big powers. To them, the national security of these powerful nation is the only security issue in this world; and the UN has indeed turned mere caretaker of their global interest. The imperialists discover their own national interest even in weaker people's bedrooms or backyards. There is no place in the world to raise any complaint against such arrogance of the imperialists. The whole mankind -especially the Muslims, now stand helpless hostage to these brutal big powers. The occupation of Muslim lands, bombing the cities and killing millions is labelled as their security need to protect their so-called national interest. Even dropping nuclear bombs in 1945 was considered a rightful act on the same context. And whoever challenges such savage aggression and hegemony is labelled as terrorist.

The 21st century crusade

The word crusade has its own historical anti Muslim connotation. It is the genocidal war of the Christian world against Islam and the Muslims -started in 1096 by Pope Urban II and lasted for about 2 hundred years. Killing of the Muslims by the early crusaders was massive and barbaric; even the Christian historians wrote about knee-high Muslims' blood flowing in the street of Jerusalem. The US president George W Bush very candidly and purposively used this very religiously charged word in his speech while launched the war against Afghanistan. Most likely, it was his coded message to the Christian World to rally behind the US in its fight against the Muslims. And that worked. So, more than 40 countries sent troops to Afghanistan and Iraq to support the US war there. And now, more than 60 countries have joined the US-led coalition to fight the Islamists -as claimed by the US Secretary of State Mr John Kerry. Such a huge coalition didn't emerge even in the World Wars. President Barak Hussain Obama is in fact following the same Bush policy. As a result, the war now continues as the US led unending crusade of the Christian coalition. Although the prime targets are the Islamic fundamentalists who show allegiance to the fundamentals of Islam like sharia, hudud, khilafa, jihad and Muslim unity, the ordinary Muslim men, women and children are not spared either. The Muslim countries like Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Jordan, Turkey, UAE, Qatar, Kuwait and others are taken only as the sideshow of the Christian crusade.

The old crusaders could commit their genocidal massacres only in the land of Palestine. But the 21st century crusade has a global dimension. Their drone can hit any home in any part of the world. They have more manpower and more killing machine to cause more massacres. In old crusades, there was no involvement of the global super powers. Nor did they possess nuclear bombs and drones; nor could install Trojan horses in the Muslim heart land. But now, they possess all such weapons of mass destruction. So they can kill millions within months; the old crusaders couldn't commit crimes of such magnitude even in two hundred years. However, such cold-blooded murder of the millions is not new in imperialists' history. The Muslims of Spain, the Jews of Europe, the Red Indians of America, the Aborigines of Australia and the Maoris of New Jewland have already tasted it. In modern age, they killed more than 75 million people only in two World Wars; thus could set a new high in brutality in history. The World Wars have ended, but the blood thirsty intention of these warmongers still thrives.

These imperialists are now showing their biting power and venom against the Muslims. Their mission is not confined within the borders of Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan; rather has engulfed many more Muslim lands. The Russians carried out its occupational war in Afghanistan for more than ten years, from 1979 till 1988. At the end, they had to leave, but not on any moral ground. They were forced to concede the defeat by the Islamists. The USA and its NATO partners entered the same Muslim land to fight the same Islamists. The US campaign started in 2001 and still continues with the same mission for the last 15 years. Like the Russians, the Americans too, were forced to withdraw most of its ground troops; but their desire to keep the occupation still stays unabated. And to continue the occupation, they need to bomb and kill the noncompliant Afghans. So, they bomb hospitals, wedding parties, residential areas, schools and market places in Afghanistan. Every dwelling place in Afghanistan looks like military installations to them, hence potential target of aerial bombing or drone attacks. Hence, there is no sign that the US-led war will end sooner. The former Republican candidate for the US Presidency Senator Mr John McCain suggested that the US should continue the occupation for a century.

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