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13 Ramadhan 1437 A.H.- June 19, 2016 Issue # 25, Newsletter #1659

Hadith of the Week

All Good is Rewarded but there are Hierarchies of Good.
[Sent by Sis. Yasmin]

Abu Hurairah (Radhi Allaahu 'Anhu) narrated that Prophet Muhammad [Sallallaahu 'Alaihi Wasallam] said...

"Whoever spends a couple of units of property [like spending two Dinaars or two Camels] or two units of acts of worship [like praying two Rak'ahs or fasting two days]

in the cause of Allaah will be called from the gates of Paradise & will be addressed...

'O slave of Allah... Here is Prosperity!'

So whoever was among the people who used to offer their Prayers will be called from the Gate of the Prayer..{!}

and whoever was among the people who used to participate in 'Jihad' will be called from the Gates of 'Jihad'..{!}

and whoever was among those who used to observe Fasts will be called from the Gate of 'Ar-Rayyaan'..{!} and whoever was among those who used to give in Charity will be called from the Gate of Charity.{!}"

Abu Bakr [Radhi Allaahu Anhu] said..

'Let my parents be sacrificed for you, Oh Allah's messenger! No distress or need will befall him who will be called from those gates... will there be anyone who will be called from all these gates?"

Prophet Muhammad [Sallallaahu 'Alaihi Wasallam] replied: "Yes.And I hope you will be one of them."
[Source: Sahih al-Bukhari]

Comment by Kaukab Siddique: Islam is a complete way of life; hence it encourages Muslims to strive in every aspect of life in which they have access.

Try to be like Abu Bakr, r.a.


Jamaat al-Muslimeen Activity in Laurel, Maryland.
Eight-Page Document Given to 81 Muslims.

On June 17, at the Islamic Center in Laurel, Maryland, after Juma', an 8-page document was given to 81 Muslims, mostly Pakistanis, Indians and African Americans.

Here is an outline of the items in the eight pages:

  1. Muslims and Dalits in India --- Dr. Javed Jamil.

  2. Imam Badi Ali's advice on reading books versus on- line gossip.

  3. BBC research shows Shaykh Osama bin Laden fooled the Pakistani military and continued his strategic leadership from Abbottabad.

  4. Prophet, pbuh, strictly forbade public discussion of sex life. [hadith in Muslim]

  5. Mujahideen of Al-Nusra defeat Hizbullah attempt to encircle Aleppo, [Wire services]

  6. Rebuttal of Shia idea that Ali, r.a., was superior to other sahaba, r.a. [Br. Kaukab]

  7. Motiur Rahman Nizami faced ultimate injustice in Bangladesh. [Br. Shamsuddin.]

  8. Jamaate Islami Pakistan denounces crimes against women as an attack on Islam itself [by Qaiser Sharif].

Political Prisoners :



Police Commander and his police Officer wife killed.

June 14. The killer Larossi Abballa used a knife to kill the two policemen. Later the police killed him.

News agencies say:

Paris Prosecutor Francois Molin said that Abballa had pledged his loyalty to IS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi during negotiations prior to the police assault on Monday, and had stated that he was answering his call "to kill infidels".



Number of people Arrested Reaches 11,000.
[Source: CNN]

Security forces had arrested 11000 and more people by June 16. Of these only 120 are listed as "militants." Its not clear why the great majority have been arrested.

There are reports of extrajudicial killings by the security forces. At least 6 are reported killed in what are known as "fake encounters."

This persecution of alleged opponents began after the regime executed elderly Jamaate Islami scholars and fired on unarmed youths demonstrating against the persecution.

After a while alleged al-Qaida and IS elements started killing blaspheming bloggers, homo activists and activist Hindus.

There was a hue and cry from the western powers and now the regime is try to squash all opposition.



Tyrant of Egypt, General Sissi sentences the Elected President of Egypt & Many Others.

Egypt Trying To Become another Israel.

Who is the Real President of Egypt?

LAHORE, June 18; Ameer, Jamaat e Islami, Pakistan, Senator Sirajul Haq, has strongly condemned the life imprisonment announced to former Egyptian President Dr Mursi, by a so called Egyptian court and said the life sentence to the true leader of the Egyptians was the murder of justice. He said that Dr Mursi was the constitutional President of Egypt even today.

Sirajul Haq said that the Gen Sisi's dictatorship had added to the problems and miseries of the Egyptian masses. He said the Egyptian courts were busy in the murder of law and justice under the dictatorial rule. He said had the elected institutions been working in Egypt, the situation there would not have been so grim.


Turkish groups threaten lutis. Stop major luti parade with serious threats.

 Islamic School Kotobai Accra Ghana

Helping Students at an Islamic School in Kotobai, Accra, Ghana.

Charitable Activity
by Br. Abu Talib
[Jamaat al-Muslimeen, Brooklyn]

SPOTLIGHTS from Imam Badi

 Imam Badi Ali

Bringing up Islamic Children
Here is how I treat my own son:

Imam Badi Ali leads a large Muslim community in Greensboro, NC.

Analysis of Orlando

 Dr Kaukab Siddique

Why is there such Confusion about the Orlando LGBT Mass Shooting?
by Kaukab Siddique

There are so many opinions about Omar Mateen's motivation for the mass shooting in the Pulse night club that most Americans don't know what to believe.

Here are the versions which I have decided to reject after thorough study.

  1. He was a homophobic nut, very violent in his private life, and his anger was ignited when he saw two men kissing each other.

  2. He was secretly a homosexual himself. He visited the LGBT club several times and went to an LGBT app to contact men.

  3. He was a government agenr who worked for a high level security firm. He was programmed by the government to carry out the attack to turn the public opinion against Muslims.

  4. He was used by Mossad to help the rhetoric of Trump and to give him a clear election victory.

  5. He was a mentally disturbed person.


Americans cannot understand the Orlando incident unless they know that the US air force attacks the Islamic State almost every day. In his latest speech on ISIS, President Obama indicated that the US is determined to destroy USIS and has killed 120 ISIS commanders. Thus the number of people killed by the US air force is in the thousands. Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi himself has been injured in a US air strike. In Kobane alone the US killed more than 1000 IS activists including reciters and teachers of the Quran. Al-Raqqa itself has been bombed repeatedly and several hundred civilians, including women and children, have been killed.

Thus the Islamic State is a soft target for the US air force and has received thousand of bombs. US allies, like UK, Canada and Australia routinely bomb the Islamic State. Even UAE and Jordan have been dropping bombs.

It is within that context that the Islamic State called on its supporters within western countries to attack whichever targets they could reach, because, they say, retaliation, QISAS, is ordained in the Qur'an.
They point out that USA occupied and bombed Muslim countries such as Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Somalia and Yemen and is supporting Nigerian military assaults in areas held by Boko Haram.

The Shooter:

In spite of all the conspiracy theories, there can be little doubt that Omar Mateen was a devout Muslim. He decided to give his allegiance to Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi and to attack the soft target which no one thought would be attacked. [1]

The choice of Pulse club, a hangout for LGBT people and their friends who wanted to drink and fornicate was probably meant to gain support from the entire Muslim world which abhors the Lutis [as the story of Prophet Lot, pbuh, in the Qur'an indicates].

During the attack, Mateen paused to make sure people knew his motivation. He called 911 and told the person who picked up that he gave his allegiance to al-Baghdadi, the Caliph of the Islamic State.

He also addressed the Black people during a pause in his shooting spree that he was not against Black people but simply doing this to stop the bombing of his people. [2]

Did he suddenly become a mujahid.
The ex-wife claimed he was abusive. For some obscure reason she gave her message to Brazilian media. She was married to him for ONLY THREE MONTHS. His brother in law has denied her claims of abuse.


He was married to Noor Salman, a Palestinian, woman, for almost 5 years at the time of the attack. She had ended her arranged marriage and married Mateen as the man of her choice. Anti-Zionist influence was bound to come from such a woman. On facebook, next to her sister's page was a statement saying LONG LIVE GAZA! [3]
I wont be surprised if he was fighting for Palestine as much as he was fighting for the Islamic State.

MOSQUE & Prayers.

People in the masjid say that he was a regular visitor to the masjid for prayers and brought his child with him. With his marriage, his child, and years of worship in the masjid, the stories about him being a secret Luti are probably Zionist propaganda. [4]


  1. "Many mosque-goers say they didn't really know him, or offer that he seemed like a nice, quiet man who came to pray with his 3-year-old son. Other members of the community say that's an incomplete answer.

    "Everyone is cautious and everyone is afraid to say anything," says Bedar Bakht, a longstanding member of the mosque who moved to the United States from Pakistan. "But to say that you didn't know him, that's nonsense. He was part of this community. He's been coming here with his family since he was practically a kid. What he did is a very scary thing, and no one wants to be associated with that." [Christian Science Monitor, June 17]


  3. "RODEO, California (AP) -- She was a sweet, pretty California girl with Palestinian roots who left an arranged marriage only to find love with a man who committed the worst mass shooting in modern U.S history." "On one of her sister's Facebook pages — next to a family photo — there is a box with the words: "Solidarity with Gaza." [Associated Press, June 15]

  4. Good Zionists have played an interesting role in the conspiracy theories about Omar, the Orlando shooter. Labelled as "Good" because Muslims trust them. Two of them are Amy Goodman and Juan Cole. Ms. Goodman who has never invited an Islamic opponent of the regime to her radio program somehow found an "Imam " who is homo. She is trying to prove that this deviation is part of Islam.

Juan Cole went one better. He built on CNN'S propaganda that Omar was a homo himself. Cole is not a moron but he did ignore the chronology of Omar's search for Islam . Omar looked at Nusra, Hizbullah and finally ISIS . It was over a period of years according to his Internet history but Cole insists that Omar was a fraud because he didn't know the difference between shia and sunni. (Cole doesn't know that many sunnis admired Hizb till it joined Bashar Assad.)

Why did Omar go to the homo club? Obviously he was casing it. Poor Cole ignored the fact that Omar liked women and was married. His wife worked with him and might be facing charges.

Don't trust these zionists. They stab Muslims on special occasions.

War News

 War News


Defensive Action by IS stops Advances by Kurds [from North] and Assadis [from South] : Al-Nusra Inflicts Defeat on Hizbullah & Alawites near Aleppo. Bombing Continues. Turkish border force opens fire.[Sources: Syrian Observatory, ABC News, Reuters, Guardian UK, AP.]

June 13-19:
Menbig, on the corridor to Turkey, defended by Islamic State [IS] fighters beat back daily attacks by Communist Kurds and Syrian mercenaries armed by USA. . The IS defenders are being bombed by the US air force but have not collapsed yet. Losses among IS defenders and civilians are increasing. No food is allowed, so hunger is increasing.

Also June 13-19, Assad's elite troops with tanks and Russian air support advancing towards al-Raqqa approached Tabaqa a week back but have been stopped by stiff IS defense. Heavy daily clashes.

June 16-18:
East of Homs, in serious clashes with Assad's troops, Islamic State fighters advanced locally at several points.

June 19:
A jet fighter of the Assad regime was seen falling at the Hama military airport, probably hit by IS machine gun fire.

June 18:
Al-Nusra with FSA elements defeated attempts by Assad-Hizbullah forces to advance on Aleppo from the south. Heavy casualties are reported among the assault forces, with 61 elite Alawite troops and 25 Hizbullah troops killed in action fighting the mujahideen who have also suffered at least 20 killed.

Hizbullah forces have been suffering steadily increasing losses. There are reports that when the Alawites wanted to retreat, Hizbullah disagreed, seeking revenge for their losses. A battle occurred here between the Hizb and Alawites, both supporting Assad. During the fighting, Assad's air force attacked Hizbullah.

June 19:
Assad's helicopters dropped scores of barrel bombs on the Islamic town of Darayya, not far from Damascus held by the FSA. Numerous civilian casualties. USA claims that a force of Syrians fighting IS in southern Syria with US support was bombed by the Russian air force. In the extreme northeast of Syria, in Qamishli, a Christian patriarch was targeted by a human bomber but survived though several others were killed.

June 17:
At least 17 Syrian refugees were killed when Turkish border force opened fire on them when they tried to enter Turkey. At least 2,000,000 Syrian refugees are already in Turkey and it is now determined not to let any more come in.


Iraqi Regime Forces Enter Fallujah at heavy cost, led by US Air Force. Also moving against Mosul.
[Reuters, the Guardian, UK, and BBC.]

On June 16, the Baghdad regime announced that it had captured Fallujah, an important IS city 50 miles west of Baghdad. American air strikes played an important role in the Shia advance into the IS stronghold. Non-stop bombing killed 70 of the IS mujahedeen as well as their commander.

However on June 18, a BBC reporter speaking from Fallujah stated that most of the city is still in the hands of the Islamic State and the regime forces have only taken the southern entrance into Fallujah where a couple of city landmarks are located.

On June 19, the regime military commander admitted that 300 of his troops had been killed in only two days of fighting, June 18 and 19.

There are also reports from western sources that 47 of the civilians [Sunnis] who came out of Fallujah were tortured and executed by Shia militia.

The Baghdad regime's military is also trying to advance into the villages around Mosul, the main show piece of the Islamic State in Iraq. The mujahedeen are inflicting serious losses on the Shia military. Here is one instance from June 14

"Iraq's Defense Ministry said late Tuesday that Brig. Ahmed Badr al-Luhaibi, the commander of Brigade 71st of Division 15, was killed by a sniper during an operation to retake a village south of Mosul. "

News Within the U.S.

 News within the US

Lancaster County, Pennsylvania

Man with 12 Amish Girls in his House. Had Sex with a girl "Gifted" to Him.
[AOL News]

FEASTERVILLE, Pa. -- An eastern Pennsylvania man is facing child sex assault charges after police say they found 12 girls living in his home. He allegedly admitted to fathering the youngest child -- a six-month-old -- and a three-year-old child with the oldest girl, 18.

Police arrested 51-year-old Lee Kaplan at his home in Feasterville, about 20 miles northeast of Philadelphia, June 16 after receiving a complaint about the health and safety of numerous children in the home. According to a probable cause affidavit filed by the Lower Southampton Township Police Department, a resident at the home told neighbors that no children lived there.

When police responded, they discovered the 12 girls. They allege Kaplan admitted to having sex with the teen when she was 14 and fathering the three-year-old as well as the six-month-old. The 18-year-old also told police that she was the mother of two of the children and said she was not married to Kaplan, according to the affidavit.

CBS Philly reports police believe all of the children are originally from an Amish community in Lancaster County. Police say they are working to find an expert in Amish culture to help them conduct interviews with the children. Police say the 18-year-old was living with Kaplan after some kind of business agreement with the girl's parents. The couple is reportedly also under arrest.

The Bucks County Courier-Times reports the former Amish couple "gifted" the 18-year-old girl to Kaplan because they were facing "financial ruin" when they left the Amish community. Authorities reportedly don't have birth certificates for any of the children and say they weren't enrolled in any schools.

Kaplan is charged with statutory sex assault, indecent assault of a person under 16, corruption of minors and unlawful contact with a minor. All of the children have been removed from the home and are in the custody of child protective services.

Cleveland, Ohio

Muslim Doctors and Supporters Plan for Massive Protests in Cleveland

Inside the group spearheading Cleveland's biggest anti-Trump protest. When Donald Trump came to Cleveland's I-X Center on March 12, Bryan Hambley was there. But Hambley, a 31-year-old chief resident in internal medicine at Cleveland's University Hospitals, didn't attend the rally to support Trump. He went to protest. Wearing a shirt that read "Muslim Doctors Save Lives in Cleveland," Hambley stood up in the middle of Trump's speech, flashed the peace sign and started yelling, "Stop the bigotry!" He was quickly escorted out by security.

At first, Hambley thought his career as a protester would end there. But then Trump became the presumptive Republican nominee, which meant that he would be accepting the nomination at the GOP convention in Cleveland. So, Hambley and an ethnically diverse group of fellow physicians and nurses — none of whom were particularly political before Trump and all of whom were appalled by the Manhattan mogul's proposed Muslim travel ban, among other things — decided they had to do more.

Now the organization they have founded, Stand Together Against Trump (STAT), is set to spearhead the convention's largest anti-Trump march and rally, with as many as 10,000 people expected to attend. Unconventional spoke to Hambley about how STAT came together — and what he and his fellow protesters are planning for the Republican National Convention.

Unconventional: What is Stand Together Against Trump?

Hambley: It's an independent-expenditure political action committee that we founded in mid-May with the goal of organizing and taking part in protests specifically against Donald Trump during the Republican National Convention. We're not protesting Republicans in general, or conservative ideas. We're protesting Trump.

 Bryan Hambley

Photo: Bryan Hambley, left, is removed from the crowd as Donald Trump speaks at a campaign rally in Cleveland on March 12.
(Photo: Aaron Josefczyk/Reuters)

How are you planning to protest?

We'll be taking part in events all week long, but mainly we'll be organizing a rally and a march on Thursday [July 21] afternoon and evening. That's when Trump will accept the nomination and deliver his speech.

Next week and the week after, we'll be announcing several different partnerships with national and statewide organizations. We've found ourselves, both because of our location and because we started organizing so early, in the middle of a lot of different discussions about protests at the RNC.

We're hoping that 5,000 to 10,000 people will show up on Thursday. This is the most divisive candidate we've seen. I think there will be a huge turnout.

And who is "we"?

We started as a group of physicians, nurses and professionals in the Cleveland area. Frankly, none of us have ever protested a convention before. Rarely have any of us been involved in a protest.

My wife and I both volunteer for campaigns every now and then. But not, like, every cycle. This is completely new territory for us. Stand Together Against Trump would not have existed if the Republicans had nominated someone else. We would not have protested any other Republican candidate.

So, why protest Trump in particular?

A lot of nurses and physicians in this country are of Muslim background, of minority background, of immigrant background. Anyone who's ever lived in a major city knows that there are Muslim doctors saving lives every day.

But we think it's a point that's lost on Trump when he speaks of immigrants and Muslims as a monolithic bloc of ... whatever he wants them to be on that given day. And so we decided to get together to voice our opposition to someone who has used racism, sexism and overt discrimination not just in an accidental way but as a core message of his campaign.

We want to make sure there is a voice in Cleveland that says, "America is better than this. We are — as Republicans, independents and Democrats — above the level of race-baiting. We are above the wedge politics that Trump represents."

How did STAT get started?

Three of us were chief residents at Case Western University last year, and we starting asking ourselves, "How is this happening? What does it mean for us as professionals?"

Chief residents are often involved in administration. We work with some of the youngest physician trainees — many of whom were on visas from Muslim countries and were doing incredible work right here in Cleveland. Not just providing care, which they obviously do. But some of the best researchers in our program have Muslim backgrounds as well.

So, during those initial conversations, we decided that at times when Trump was in Cleveland — when he was near us — we felt compelled to do something more than passively protest. We felt like it was our moral responsibility to organize an active response to him.

You first protested when Trump came to Cleveland in March, before the Ohio primary?

Right. The group of physicians and nurses that I'm a part of, we had maybe 15 or 20 people. We made up shirts that said "Muslim Doctors Save Lives in Cleveland." A couple of us felt compelled to go inside and interrupt the speech. The rest were protesting outside.

Who went inside?

Me and one of the other physicians in our group. We started shouting, "Stop the bigotry!" But once you shout anything, you're kind of drowned out. It was us versus 10,000 Trump supporters. The chanting started and we were escorted out.

But then a funny thing happened: one of the security guards who told us that his father had recently had a heart attack — and his heart surgeon was a Muslim. Initially, we thought, we protest for that one day and be done with it. But then, in the weeks after the Ohio primary, we were shocked to see that Trump was actually going to become the Republican nominee — that he was going to begin his general election campaign in our city. So we started organizing for the convention.

Where are you in the organizing process?

We need open spaces. We need large areas to be open downtown for free speech and large gatherings. That's critical. Right now, the only areas Cleveland has identified for marches and protests aren't particularly close to the arena. And to add insult to injury, they've said the only times we can march are between 9 a.m. and 2 p.m. A lot of our people will be working in the hospital or the clinic until 5 or 6 p.m.

This doesn't protect free speech, and the city is actually being sued by the ACLU because of it. We've proposed two different parade routes for that Thursday [July 21] and two different locations for the rally. We want to sit down with the city, have them hear our concerns, listen to their concerns and then find a middle ground that protects free speech.

Some people have said that with anti-Trump passions running high, the protests in Cleveland could become chaotic.

I think we can avoid that. I passionately believe this. With planning from our side and from the city's side, it doesn't have to be a chaotic, violent time. What we're looking for, and what every group that's called me over the last four weeks is looking for, is a way to peacefully promote an anti-racist, anti-sexist message. I haven't had a single person try to edge us toward anything else.

We are not a group that wants chaos. We have no interest in approaching Trump supporters and having yelling matches, like you sometimes see on TV. We're trying to do something completely different. But there needs to be room for large-scale demonstrations downtown throughout the convention. This will help make sure the protests are peaceful — just finding a defined space where people who want this kind of action can congregate.

Ultimately, what's your vision for the STAT protest?

People will speak. There will be music. But it'll also just be people getting together. This is a monumental event in our political history. We're hoping to provide a place for people who don't believe in Trump's message to go and see good things in each other, rather than all the hate he is going to be spewing from the podium. That might sound overly idealistic. But that's really what we want.

Nashville, Tennessee

Rape is quite Common in America though still a crime. Former Football Player got the Woman he was Dating Drunk and then had her raped by Friends while he photographed the rape.
[Associated Press] June 19

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — A jury has convicted a former Vanderbilt football player on all counts after finding that he encouraged his teammates to rape an unconscious woman he had been dating. It took jurors a little more than four hours of deliberation Saturday before finding Brandon Vandenburg guilty on five counts of aggravated rape and two counts of aggravated sexual battery. In addition, he was convicted of one count of unlawful photography.

Vandenburg's mother cried in the courtroom after the verdict was read. He appeared to be weeping as he was taken away.

The verdict comes amid a furor over the six month sentence a former Stanford swimmer was given for sexually assaulting an unconscious woman. It also comes during an ongoing debate about sexual assaults on the nation's college campus and the conduct of student athletes.

The lives of everyone involved have been ruined, Deputy District Attorney General Tom Thurman said of the case. He said he hoped the widespread publicity surrounding the Vanderbilt case would send a message.

 Brandon Vandenburg

Photo: Brandon Vandenburg looks at the jury as Judge Wilkins reads the charges during his trial on Tuesday, Jan. 27, 2015, in Nashville, TN.

The jurors in the this case had to decide whether to hold Vandenburg, 23, criminally responsible for what teammates were accused of doing to the female student in a dorm room in June of 2013.

His defense had maintained that he was drunk and should not be held responsible for what players he didn't even know did to the woman.

Four former players were all charged in the case but only two were accused of raping and sexually assaulting the woman.

Throughout the trial, Vandenberg was portrayed as a man who violated the female student's trust by plying her with alcohol and then encouraging teammates to sexually assault her.

"He served her up to three strangers — for whatever reason, it doesn't matter, is that he did it," Assistant District Attorney Jan Norman told jurors in closing arguments Saturday. Prosecutors told jurors that he passed out condoms to the other players, videoed the rape and sent footage to friends as it was happening.

New York

Is the Orlando Shooting the Worst in American History?+Pro-Israel Executive Order Issued!
by Sis. Aisha [Jamaat al-Muslimeen]

New York City - The mainstream media has called the Orlando, Forida shooting of a gay club the WORST in U.S. history. Well, I "beg" to differ on that for the following reasons:

1890 - Wounded Knee, South Dakota: The battle for America had long been decided, yet the U.S. Calvary murdered over 1000 Native Americans and dumped their bodies in mass graves.

1901 - Educator Booker T. Washington was invited to dinner at the Executive Office with Pres. Theodore Roosevelt. When it was discovered that he was sleeping guest at the White House there was a vicious response from White politicians, as well as civilians. Senator Benjamin Tillman of South Carolina said "we shall have to kill a thousand niggers to get them back in their places." (Wikipedia). Thousands of Blacks were lynched nationwide. The White House was referred to as the Executive Office but, it was changed to White House after this incident. Booker T. Washington was an Advisor to Pres. Roosevelt.

1910s - Heavyweight boxer Jack Johnson - After every bout where he won against a White opponent, there were lynchings of Blacks, nationwide.

1910 - Slocum, Texas: A majority Black town where hundreds of Whites from a nearby area went on a rampage and killed any Black they could find. Hundreds of Blacks were killed plus, their land had been taken by those same White residents. Thirteen whites were arrested but never charged.

1917 - It was during the May/June months that hundreds of Blacks were murdered by Whites in East St. Louis.

1919 - Nicknamed "Red Summer", in Chicago, Illinois; Omaha, Nebraska; Philadelphia; New York City; Elaine, Arkansas; Charleston, South Carolina; etc. Whites went on a rampage and murdered Blacks for days. These were sparked by competition for jobs by Black and White WW1 soldiers.

1921 - (Black) Tulsa, Oklahoma - Nicknamed Black "Wall Street" because Blacks owned their own schools, churches, car dealerships, gas stations, etc. Whites destroyed this town and murdered over 2500 Black men, women and children.

Unfortunately, I could go on and on........................

Michael Greys, a member of 100 Blacks in Law Enforcement Who Care, provided this list of massacres of Native American and African-Americans throughout history. His list was much longer.

What happened in Orlando, Florida was tragic and I am not one to compete with anyone on who has more scars than the other. However, to say that 50 people dying in a shooting rampage is the worst in U.S. history is a fallacy compared to the lynching and massacres listed above. Then again .....Often in these lynching and massacres, the military, police, and civilians, who were White, were involved. They were complicit. There were no protections for the non-Whites whom they attacked.

Today, White police officers and military officials can kill with impunity. What do you do when your own government attacks you or turns a blind-eye when others are doing it? Then, again, the mainstream media can afford to ignore these massacres because the lives of so-called people of color do not count.

Governor Cuomo Pro-Zionist Executive Order

The BDS Movement is an effort to get businesses to boycott, divest, and hold sanctions against Israel. There was a bill, against businesses involved with BDS, that had a difficult time getting passed among politicians in New York State (NYS). So, Gov. Cuomo overstepped his boundaries and issued an executive order making this bill a law. Basically, any business operating in NYS cannot be a part of this anti-Israel effort or else these businesses will not receive New York State funding.

Governor Cuomo's website describes Boycott, Divest, and Sanctions as a discriminatory Palestinian-backed NYS campaign, which has picked up momentum or else there would not have been such an effort to ratify this bill.

"New York stands in solidarity with Israel today and always. This state will not stand for the politics of discrimination in any form, and we will continue to demonstrate our unwavering support for the people of Israel in the fight for freedom, liberty and democracy," Governor Cuomo said.

This is the nation's first pro-Zionist executive order. The people and entrepreneurs are going to have to fight this executive order by any means necessary. This order violates a person's choice and moral obligations.


Pastor harassed over sign supporting Muslims

A delegate to the Republican convention called Islam 'godless' after seeing 'blessed Ramadan' sign.

2016-06-19 Sun 22:07:23 ct