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22 Shaban 1437 A.H.- May 29, 2016 Issue # 22, Newsletter #1656

Hadith of the Week

The Prophet,pbuh, Wanted Outreach

"O People, NO PROPHET OR MESSENGER WILL COME AFTER ME AND NO NEW FAITH WILL BE BORN. Reason well, therefore, O People, and understand words which I convey to you. I leave behind me two things, the QURAN and my example, the SUNNAH and if you follow these you will never go astray.

All those who listen to me should pass on my words to others and those to others again; and may the last ones understand my words better than those who listen to me directly. Be my witness, O ALLAH, that I have conveyed your message to your people".

This is the Final Part of the Farewell Sermon of Muhammad,pbuh.

(Reference: See Al-Bukhari, Hadith 1623, 1626, 6361)
Sahih of Imam Muslim also refers to this sermon in Hadith number 98. Imam al-Tirmidhi has mentioned this sermon in Hadith nos. 1628, 2046, 2085. Imam Ahmed bin Hanbal has given us the longest and perhaps the most complete version of this sermon in his Masnud, Hadith no. 19774.

Comment by Kaukab Siddique: Dear Muslims, Islam is a great trust which has been given to us. It's meant for the entire ummah. Don't keep it to yourself. Muhammad, pbuh, has given this great treasure to share with all people who are searching for the truth. Also, this hadith is a sign to us that anyone who knowingly attacks the Prophet, pbuh, and denies his hadith and ridicules his example cannot be our friend.

 New Ways To Do More

Updating the National Central Committee of Jamaat al-Muslimeen & Shoora: Building an Islamic Agenda in America after Trump & Hillary

Inshallah, the Shoora will meet after Ramadan. We are looking for grassroots activists from outside the Jamaat.

Please recommend active workers for Islam who know peaceful ways of giving the message.

What happened to the Ummah of Islam in America?

Why are Muslims silent,fearful, leaderless, and cooperating with kuffar?

This invitation is from:

Note: Br. Shamim's book on the Global Islamic Movement is important for peaceful Da'wah work across race and class.


Jamaat al Muslimeen activity in Newark, Delaware.
75 Muslims reached.

On May 27, a 4 page document in color was given to 75 Muslims after juma prayers at the biggest masjid in Newark, Delaware. It included the following items :

  1. Big move by Muslims in Augusta, Georgia, to inculcate wellness through walking combined with spirituality.

  2. Research on hadith to give women their rights in Islam. (Dr. Kaukab Siddique.)

  3. Jamaate Islami leader Siraj ul Haq launches movement against corruption in Pakistan.

  4. Severe bombing of Aleppo, Syria, by Russia's and Assad's jets kill several hundred civilians and several hundred FSA fighters.

  5. Syrian mujaheddin are not retreating.

  6. Imam Badi invites US Muslims to think of discipline.

The papers were well received.

One brother, from Bangladesh, with long beard, gave us the best du'a and told us "I have seen you doing this for 10 years. Your reward can only be In the Hereafter".

Political Prisoners :


A Meeting with a Deep Thinking Muslim from India who played a Positive Role in Baltimore.

Dr. Ashruf writes about Muslim encounters with the West.

by Kaukab Siddique

Dr. Syed Habeeb Ashruf, a former President of the Islamic Society of Baltimore [ISB] made the effort to meet me and discuss the issues facing Muslims in America. He insisted that we meet before his continuing travels take him away again from Baltimore. A couple days back we met at a halal restaurant and he insisted that I be his guest and he paid for the lunch. I have known him for years but this was different. This was a relaxed, detailed meeting.

Dr. Ashruf is an independent minded person, a true intellectual in the sense that he thinks about issues and thinks through issues. He comes from a prominent and distinguished family of Muslims in India and has a genuine love for Islam. Of course, if one is from India, the love for Islam is expressed in a way quite different from that of Muslims in Muslim majority countries.

He is a pillar, a founder, of what is known as Masjid Rahmah, incorporated as the ISB. He knows that I have consistently criticized the ISB and its pro-government attitudes and policies. So, it took a lot of moral courage on his part to seek me out and ask me for advice and perspective on the books he wants to publish.

We agree on a couple of points which has helped us to communicate with each other. One is the equal right of Muslim women in the mosque. Years back my daughter and I agitated at Masjid Rahmah about the rights of women. We kept at it for several years. As we were very much opposed to the mosque's pro-government attitudes, our "agitation" was strongly sensed as antagonistic by the people who ran the mosque. However Dr. Ashruf was listening and he agreed about the rights of women, and when he was president, women got their rights in the mosque.

The other issue on which we agreed was that the US Constitution guarantees the freedom of expression. As citizens of this country, in a peaceful way, we should express Islamic dissent against US policies in the Muslim world as strongly as we wish, without calling for violence. Unfortunately most Muslims in the immigrant communities do not understand how this would work.

His writings are very interesting for me. The very title of one of them intrigues me. It is called: Muslims' Three Encounters with the West.

Dr. Ashruf is very influential in Indian Muslim communities and travels widely and continuously [despite his growing age and receding health], so I reminded him of one of my complaints about CAIR, a very active pro-government organization which has deeply infiltrated some of the biggest communities of Muslims in America. I told him that CAIR is doing serious harm to America's Muslims by publicizing on a national scale the most insignificant incidents in which Muslims are mistreated. Thus CAIR creates an atmosphere of fear and suspicion as if the entire American people are our enemies and the governmental authorities are our friends,

He agreed with me that America's people are definitely not against Muslims and a prominent mosque like Masjid Rahma has not suffered any indignity at the hands of non-Muslims.

He in turn pointed out to me that non-Muslims in India do not hate Muslims though one often gets the impression that they do. India is a diverse and complex society and experiences a great variety of interactions with Muslims.

The same is true of America, he said.

Dr. Ashruf is a real gentleman and even asked me about my children. I told him that my eldest daughter is a PhD and a psychotherapist helping to straighten out the twisted minds of many Americans traumatized by the way of life in this country, my son directs the computer system of an entire university and my younger daughter, a marathoner, is the most distinguished critic of Dr. Ashruf's mosque.

Dr. Ashruf is travelling again and I wish him the best in his Islamic endeavors.


The Passing of a Community Mother—Muneera Afifa
By Nadrat Siddique

May 20, 2016
Burtonsville, MD

Today I attended the janaza of a very old and dear friend, Muneera Afifa. Idara-e-Jaferia (mosque) very kindly hosted the services. Immediately after juma'ah prayers, the janaza (funeral) prayer was held. The scene at Idara resembled a reunion of Jamaat al-Muslimeen members, former members, and associates. I ran across Sr. Yasmine Abdul-Jalil; Sr. Fatimah Abdullah and Sr. Hamdiyah, both from Philadelphia; Sr. Amatullah; Sr. Safiyyah Abdullah; and Sr. Sumayah Nahidian and her daughter. Then there was Sr. Najah; Sr. Zainab Kareem; and Zainab's son Natheer Kareem. There were others who looked familiar but whom I could not immediately place. Br. Mauri Saalakhan of the Aafia Foundation had cancelled a speaking engagement in New Jersey to be there. Br. Saifuddin Waliullah of Masjid Al-Islam and Br. Khalid Griggs from North Carolina were there. Jamaat al-Muslimeen Ameer Dr. Kaukab Siddique, a long-time friend of Muneera, was not physically present as he had a juma'ah khutbah to deliver at Masjid Jamaat al-Muslimeen in Baltimore, but had sent condolences with his daughter (this writer).

We met, wept, and commiserated with each other, and then left in a miles long funeral procession for the cemetery. The interment was held at the Maryland National Memorial Park in Laurel, MD, where Idara-e-Jaferia holds a section specifically for Muslim burials.

Muneera was a leading member of the DC chapter of Jamaat al-Muslimeen c.1978 - 1985. I remembered her being at every Jamaat meeting, along with her close friend Yasmine Abdul-Jalil, whom she knew from the Islamic Party. Yasmine—along with her then husband, Mustafa Abdul-Jalil—hosted many of the meetings in their Silver Spring home. She had given Muneera shahada, and the bond between them was tight.

Muneera was lively, outspoken, and down-to-earth, attending Jamaat al-Muslimeen meetings with her three small children, Sulaiman, Nafeesa, and Atiya, whom she did not hesitate to breast-feed during the meetings. The organization's platform included racial and gender equality; permissibility of women's leadership over men (contingent on their respective taqwa-levels); anti-imperialism; and internationalism. Muneera encompassed all of these tenets. A Black Washington DC, native, she appeared regularly at Jamaat al-Muslimeen protests at the Egyptian Embassy (against the regime of Hosni Mubarak, known for his torture of political opponents); at marches through poverty-ridden DC projects (carrying the revolutionary message of Islam to local communities); at pickets of the Saudi Embassy (calling for an end to the monarchy there); and at Jamaat al-Muslimeen local and national conferences, which relied heavily on her organizing skills.

"Patience and perseverance," qualities of a Muslim mentioned throughout the Qur'an, were regularly mentioned at DC Jamaat meetings. And Muneera exemplified these traits, despite going through many trials and tribulations at various points in her life.

To me, she was a tower of strength, unflinching in faith. It was the era before political correctness, and I was then attending Annandale High School, a mostly White school in affluent Fairfax County (just outside Washington, DC). There were no other evidently practicing Muslims at Annandale High at the time, and I met major harassment for my adaption of the hijab. At the time, hijab was not the norm in my family—my mother wore it nominally; my sister, my aunt, and my grandmother wore it not at all—and support for my decision to publicly identify as a Muslim was nowhere to be found. As daily persecution against me at Annandale High, including physical attacks by ignorant, corporate-media informed youth, increased, I looked to Muneera. She gave me unconditional support for the path I had chosen, and an affirmation far beyond that of a mother. Somehow, she found the time and energy to be there for me, even while being the young mother of three small children. And- as I heard repeatedly at the janaza, I was not the only one for whom she did this. As a fellow janaza attendee told me, Muneera was the mother to an entire community.

As I stood in the cemetery thinking of the pivotal role Muneera had played during my teen years, and the selflessness with which she'd given of herself, tears rolled down my cheeks. The Iranian clergyman conducting the graveside ceremony went on at considerable length in Arabic—which most of the attendees clearly could not understand. He offered durood as-salaam to the Prophet Muhammad's (SAW) family, including the twelve imams. Oddly, he could not remember or pronounce the name of Muneera's father (Glover Collins), in his opening statement.

By this time, Muneera's daughter Nafeesa and son Sulaiman were completely inside the (open) grave with their mother's body. They adjusted and re-adjusted their mother's body, until Muneera lay on her right, with head towards the ka'aba. (In an Islamic burial, the body is buried directly in the ground enshrouded in a white sheet, and no coffin is needed, other than perhaps for transport. Family members are encouraged to perform last rites themselves, rather than relying on an undertaker.)

Upon completing the task, Nafeesa emerged from the grave with shovel in hand, and asked the women to move forward, as they were to approach the grave first, to offer prayers, or to symbolically throw dirt on the body. A pile of dirt had been placed on a nearby cart by cemetery workers. After heaping several shovel-fulls of dirt over her mother's body, she offered the shovel to the women watching. Several of the women, including the stylishly-dressed Fatimah Abdullah from Philadelphia, were grabbing up handfuls of dirt from the pile, and placing them in the grave. However, none stepped forward immediately to take the shovel from Nafeesa, perhaps because it was rather large and unwieldy. I stepped forward, and took it, placing several shovel-fulls of dirt over my beloved friend's body, memories of the years in Jamaat al-Muslimeen with Muneera flooding my consciousness. I would have continued in my reverie, but Nafeesa reclaimed the shovel from me, and offered it to the other women, before turning it over to the men. The men then completed the job of covering the body with dirt.

Nafeesa was the heroine of the day. The burial ritual over, she stood before the crowd, speaking with grace, clarity, and without breaking down. She thanked the attendees for the outpouring of love shown her mother, and for their support of her and her family. I remembered Nafeesa as a small child, dressed by her mother in dark-colored hijab similar to the one she wore now. She had flowered into a poised, self-confident, and beautiful young woman. I knew that her mother would be proud of the manner in which she presided over this, most difficult of ceremonies.

Imam Khalid Griggs, of the Community Mosque of Winston-Salem, poignantly detailed his life-long friendship with Muneera. He mentioned how she would energize any Islamic project with which she was involved, and how it was hard for her to refrain from becoming involved any time she heard of positive Islamic work being done.

The last time I saw Muneera was at a gathering for Palestine (Quds Day) in Washington, DC. It was Ramadan and well into the fast, and everyone was feeling its effects. Traversing the crowd to get to me, Muneera greeted me with her characteristic loving embrace. From the time frame described by family members, she may have already seen the onset of the disease which ultimately took her life. But there she was, undaunted, by heat, fatigue, and hunger, a Black woman standing up for Palestine. May Allah forgive her sins and grant her Paradise.

© 2016 Nadrat Siddique

Feedback & Rebuttal

 Dr Kaukab Siddique

Muneer Khalili's Column: "Let History Decide."
Critical Report on Kaukab Siddique by Eminent Pakistani Islamic Scholar.
Where he Went Wrong.
The era of al-Banna and Maudoodi is over.

Rebuttal by Kaukab Siddique

Muneer Khalili has written what he thinks is devastating criticism of my views. He titled it "Let History Decide."

Muneer Khalili has impressive credentials as a brilliant critic of the deterioration of politics and society in Pakistan. He also has Islamic background in the classical Islamic theories of Maulana Maudoodi and Jamaate Islami. In recent years, his criticism of Pakistan has branched out into growing criticism of current and recent Jamaate Islami leadership: including Syed Munawar Hasan who has now been replaced by Sirajul ul Haq, both of whom I admire.

In some ways he is like me in his cynicism towards established views.. He has given a fairly reasonable introduction to me, especially my stance against Israel and my skepticism of the Jewish holocaust story.

However, my analysis of the jihad groups does not mean that I have been recruited. Khalili goes wrong in connecting me to al-Qaida, Taliban, Boko Haram and the Islamic State [for which he uses the pejorative term "Daesh."]

He attributes horrific atrocities to Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi almost in passing as if these are facts. His understanding of Osama bin Laden is the weakest part of his writing.

Some CONTEXT would help Khalili sahib to understand the world today.

His ;praise of Maulana Maudoodi and Hassan al-Banna and the founders of the Muslim Brotherhood is fulsome and here I agree with him. Jamaate Islami and the Muslim Brotherhood did the best that has been done in our times to make Muslim intelligentsia aware that Islam is second to none.

It is a complete way of life. Islam is better, far superior, to the western way of life, in every field, be it social transformation or spiritual rejuvenation. It's a major achievement. Rooted in the poetry of Iqbal and the emergence of Pakistan, Muslim scholars have scored a huge victory over the hearts and minds of Muslims which can never be reversed, inshaAllah.

The problem with the teachings of Maudoodi and the Muslim Brotherhood is that they have no way of stopping the brutal assault on the Muslim world by western powers armed with the latest jets and tanks. The intelligence services of the dictators installed by the West in Muslim countries did not see any brutality, immorality and treachery as shameful.

When Syed Qutb, the top Islamic scholar of Egypt was humiliated and executed, there was nothing the Muslim ummah could do. When Maulana Maudoodi was sentenced to death for opposing the Qadiani attempt to undermine Pakistan, the people could only demonstrate in the streets. Fortunately the government was dissolved by the exigencies of politics and he survived. Whenever the Pakistani government felt threatened by the spread of Maudoodi's teachings, the regime simply imprisoned him along with the entire Shoora of Jamaate Islami.

The Muslim governments were extremely weak. The Soviet Union captured Kabul and its environs in three weeks. The Saddam regime collapsed within a month after the US invasion and after Iraq had been starved almost to death by UN-US sanctions.

The democratically elected Islamic movement in Algeria was physically crushed. Today we see the elected President of Egypt Mohammed Morsi imprisoned by a morally bankrupt military regime.

It looked like Islam could never face the brutal military power of the West.

However, unthinkable Islamic power was being generated by the suffering of the Muslim Ummah. Out of Egypt came the lilting recitation of the Qur'an by Shaykh Omar Abdel which one can hear the taqwa of Allah which was once seen in the sword of Khalid Ibn al-Walled, r.a. Dr. Omar's PhD from Al-Azhar was in the study of Jihad. He pointed out what Muslims had forgotten, that Jihad is farde 'Ayn, not farde kifaya.

From the depths of Egyptian prisons came Dr. Ayman al-Zawahiri, and from Saudi Arabia, Osama. the man who gave up the world to go and live in Tora Bora, and then his successful hook up with Mullah Omar. Osama took the awe of the west's military might out of the minds of Muslims. What does torture do to Muslims? It is a terrible error committed by the West. Remember that the leader of the 9.11 hijackers, Mohammed Atta, was also an Egyptian.

Khalili sahib, the world has changed. Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi announced the caliphate and demolished the barrier between Syria and Iraq erected by Sykes Picot. Don't you understand that anyone who sets up the Caliphate will be targeted by the united power of the West. They accuse him of the weirdest crimes while concealing the horrors perpetrated by their puppet regimes.

Notice what Bangladesh is doing to the gentlest, peace loving scholars of Jamaate Islami. In Egypt, General Sissi shot down more than a thousand unarmed demonstrators in Cairo in broad daylight. Any problem with that? No, it is business as usual in the West.

Three invasions of Gaza by Israel. Did any "Muslim" ruler do anything? Did the West stop the carnage? ZERO. More than a thousand Palestinian children were killed. Masjid al-Aqsa is under Israeli occupation. Can Jamaate Islami or Muslim Brotherhood do anything ?: Zero.

What Bashar al-Assad and the Nigerian military have done make General Sissi and Netanyahoo look like choir boys. SIXTY THOUSAND people have been tortured to death by the Assad regime.

In Nigeria, 7,000 civilians supporting Boko Haram have died in "extra judicial detention" [Amnesty International Report. Nigerian children and babies have also been killed.]

These are the realities hidden from Khalili sahib.The era of al-Banna and Maudoodi is over though we must always honor them. This is te era of Shaykh Osama and al-Baghdadi.

Allah has given Khalili sahib and me the ability to analyze and report honestly. That is the trust given to us by Allah.

I am not connected in any way to any of these groups. I could live my life comfortably instead of facing ejection from my university job by Zionist groups. Our duty is to obey Allah and follow the Messenger as best as we can.

Spotlights & Guidance from Br. Badi

 Imam Badi Ali

The Process of Making the Right Decisions

- Br.Badi Ali leads a large Muslim Community in Greensboro, NC

War News

 War News


Intense bombing by US Air Force. Devastating Attacks by IS. Fighting around Damascus between Muslims! Prison drama in Hama.

May 27:
The most intense bombing till now was carried out by the US air force on Islamic State targets in northern Raqqa province. Following 150 bombing strikes, SDF, consisting of YPG Communist Kurds and secularist Syrians advanced 5 km against IS. [Raqqa, the Caliphate's capital is 50 miles away.]

Assad's troops attacked Islamic fighters of FSA in Jobar [Damascus suburb] but were repulsed

May 27-29:
Yarmouk brigade [Palestinians supporting IS] is fighting al-Nusra for control of the refugee camp which is the best entrance into Damascus. Owing to inter-Muslim fighting, the resistance could not enter Damascus.

North of Aleppo, IS advanced after fighting FSA factions. Here the issue is access to the Turkish border.

May 28-29:
In Hama, the prisoners who had taken over the prison, captured the chief of the prison and his associates after reports that Assad had reneged on his province to pardon them from death sentences.

Assad's troops have been evicted from the countryside east of Hama after FSA fighters killed 47 of the regime's troops.

Grim fighting is going on between IS and Assad's elite troops around Deir ez-Zor.

May 24:
A strategic Russian air base in the desert west of Palmyra [Syrian name Tadmur] was wiped out by Islamic State fighters using Grad missiles from captured weapon stocks. Four Russian helicopters were destroyed along with 20 lorries filled with missiles for use by the helicopters. Also destroyed was a supply depot on the base> Syrian regime jets parked nearby were damaged. [Satellite imagery published by Stratfor indicates that this was a devastating attack.]

May 23:
After the news came out that the Assad regime has tortured to death more than 60,000 civilians in its prisons over 5 years, Islamic State fighters attacked the Alawite cities of Tartus and Jableh in Latakkia province on the coast. The attacks were carried out by 6 martyrdom operators and hit key infrastructure in the two cities which are the bastions of Assad's supporters. [These are the first attacks on Assad's heartland.]

AFP's latest report is that 120 people were killed and more than 300 injured in the attacks. Assad's regime admitted 101.

The regime's propaganda machine seems to have lost balance and claimed that Turkey, Qatar and Saudi Arabia had carried out the attacks.


Huge Shia military supported by US air force trying to crush small Islamic State force in Fallujah. May 23 - May 28.

Breaking News: A massive attack by Peshmarga Kurds 13 miles from Mosul was repelled. Reuters reports US/Canadian troops were with the Kurds on the frontline. Wounded Kurds were seen being shuttled out. [May 29]


New Trend's Comment on the Drone Killing of Taliban Leader: It's a Strategic Blunder.

New Trend has been reporting on the Afghan conflict ever since it began with the Soviet invasion all the way through the NATO occupation.

The assassination of Mullah Mansour is meant to defeat the Taliban, not make peace with them. The demand of the Taliban has been that the Americans must leave before there can be peace. That demand has not changed.

The Taliban movement is not based on one leader who can be killed to subdue the movement. Any betrayal will bring about drastic reprisals and aggressive changes. Notice that the Islamic State has taken over Nangarhar province and many more will go that way if there is betrayal which the Americans call peace.

Americans have long believed that if the leaders are killed, the movement will end. They spent millions of dollars to find and kill Shaykh Osama but today his message and movement, often with other names, has become global. In Iraq, Zarqawi was killed and today we have Baghdadi.

Ahmed Rashid and Yusufzai have often been wrong and I think this time will be a repeat for them. [Within three days after the top leader was killed, the Taliban, through Shoora across the country, had chosen a new leader and launched an attack in Kabul.]

New Taliban Leader Takes Oaths On Video.

 Haibatullah Akhundzada

Oaths are pledged to Haibatullah Akhundzada after the group's previous leader Akhtar Mansour was killed in a drone strike.

Video has emerged apparently showing the Afghanistan Taliban's new leader, mullah Haibatullah Akhundzada, accepting an oath of allegiance from tribal scholars and elders.

The two-minute clip circulating on the internet, which Sky News has been unable to verify, shows a man purporting to be Akhundzada embraced before a group of 20 men join hands and appear to swear loyalty to their leader. It comes days after the Islamist group's previous leader mullah Akhtar Mansour was killed in a drone strike authorised by Barack Obama, elevating Akhundzada in a swift power transition.

 Akhtar Mansour

Multiple US drones targeted Mansour as he rode in a vehicle in a remote area in Pakistan along its border with Afghanistan, south-west of the town of Ahmad Wal, according to a US official.

Pakistan government spokesman Sartaj Aziz condemned the strike, declaring it was a "violation of Pakistan's sovereignty" and that Pakistan had "conveyed our serious concern to the United States".

The strike "undermined the Afghan peace process," Aziz said.

Blessings of Ramadhan


Alhamduli'Allahi Rabbil-'Aalameen
wa-Salaatu wa-Salaamu 'alaa Ashrafil-Anbiyaa-e-wal-Mursaleen~
Amma 'Baa'd.

by Sis. Yasmin

'Assalaamu 'Alaykum wa Rahmatullaahi wa Barakaatuhu'

33 Blessings Of Ramadhan...{!}

The Blessings and Benefits of Ramadhan Fasting are too many to be counted. If one does recognize them and realizes their importance, he would wish to have the month of Ramadhan throughout the whole year...! These blessings are given by ALLAH to the fasting Muslims, [who should fast with full faith and expectation.]

These blessings and benefits of the month of fasting during Ramadhan have been grouped and summarized into different categories. They are summarized here without commentary. It should be remembered that all of these blessings were taken directly from Holy Quran and Hadith.
The following is a partial list of the blessings and benefits of Ramadhan Fasting:

  1. Taqwa: "O you who believe! Observing As-Saum (the fast) is prescribed for you as it was prescribed for those before you, that you may become Al-Muttaqun (the pious)" [Quran 2/183] -
    What is Taqwa?

    1. Fearing Allah (SWT)

    2. Practicing the Revelations of Allah (SWT)

    3. Accepting the little things that one has achieved

    4. Preparing for departure from this world to the Hereafter

    5. Self-discipline

    6. Self-control

    7. Self-restraint

    8. Self-education

    9. Self-evaluation

    By accepting these criteria and by practicing them, the Muslim will achieve the concept of Taqwa in his private and public life.

  2. Protection:

    1. Avoiding Immorality

    2. Avoiding anger/outcry/uproar

    3. Avoiding stupidity

    4. Avoiding all makrooh/mashbooh/haram
      By achieving these good manners, a Muslim will come out of fasting a better human being in society.

  3. Revelation of Holy Quran:
    The Holy Quran was revealed during the month of Ramadhan."The month of Ramadan in which was revealed the Qur'an,a guidance for mankind and clear proofs for the guidance and the criterion (between right and wrong)" [Quran 2/185] .
    The Holy Quran is meant to be:

    1. A Guidance to mankind

    2. A Manifestation of right from wrong

    3. A Summation and culmination of all previous revelations

    4. A Glad-tiding to the believers

    5. A Healer

    6. A Mercy.

  4. Doors of heaven are open (Hadith Ahmed, Nasai, Baihaqi)

  5. Doors of hell are closed (Hadith Ahmed, Nasai, Baihaqi)

  6. Devils are chained down (Hadith Ahmed, Nasai, Baihaqi)

  7. Fasting with Iman (faith) and expectation:

    Such an intention leads to forgiveness by Allah (SWT) for the individual's sins.(Hadith Ahmed, Abu Dawood, Ibn Majah)

  8. Door of Rayyan:

    There is in Paradise a door called Al-Rayyan. It is for the fasting Muslims. Only those who fasted the month of Ramadhan are the ones to enjoy the bliss of Paradise inside that area.

  9. Rejoicing:

    There are two types of rejoicing for the Muslims who fast.
    These are...

    1. When breaking the fast

    2. When meeting Allah (SWT) on the day of Judgment .(Muslim 6/2568, Ahmed)

  10. Mouth Smell:

    The smell of the mouth of the fasting Muslim will be better than the smell of musk during the day of Judgement.

  11. Glad-Tidings:

    Glad-tidings are given to the well-wishers while the ill-wishers are to be stopped during fasting.

  12. Yearly Training of abstaining from sins, lying, smoking...

  13. Multiplication of Rewards:

    Doing good = 10 X~ 70 X~700 X or more during the month of Ramadhan!

  14. Feeding Others:

    Whoever invites others to break the fast, and whoever takes care of the hungry, needy, during Ramadhan will receive equal rewards to the fasting person(s).

  15. Blessing of Iftar:

    Dua is accepted by ALLAH (SWT) at Iftar time.[Alhamdullilah]

  16. Blessings of Sahoor:

    (The late night meal) " The Prophet (Peace be upon him) said, "Take 'Suhoor' as there is a Blessing (Barakah) in it."(Bukhari 31/146) :

    This meal time gives the opportunity for:

    1. Night Prayers

    2. Zikr, Remembrance, Contemplation

    3. Recitation of Holy Quran

    4. Fajr Salat in Jamaat

    5. Dua of Fajr.

  17. Night Prayers:

    Whoever performs the Night prayers with sincerity and good intention will receive forgiveness of his past sins. He who observed prayer at night during Ramadan,because of faith and seeking his reward from Allah, his previous sins would be forgiven.(Bukhari , Muslim 4/1662)

  18. Shafa'at :

    (Pleading One's Case for Forgiveness (Hadith Ahmed):

    Whoever fasts Ramadhan will receive on the day of Judgement the Shafa'at of:

    1. Ramadhan (Hadith Ahmed)

    2. Holy Quran (Hadith Ahmed)

  19. Ihya (Passing Nights Awake):

    Last ten days of Ramadhan. When a Muslim makes this type of effort, he will get rewards, forgiveness, and multiple blessings.

  20. I'tikaf :

    A Muslim who performs I'tikaf ('Sunnah') during the last ten (10) days of Ramadhan will get:[Hadith below]

    1. Blessings and rewards

    2. Peace of mind

    3. Contemplation and evaluation.
      Narrated Aishah (r.a) Prophet (Peace be upon him) used to practice I'tikaf during the last ten days of Ramadan till he died and then his wives used to practice I'tikaf after him.[Al-Bukhaari (2026) and Muslim (1172)]

  21. Lailatul Qadr (The Night of Power):

    Whoever observes it with sincerity and good intention will get the following benefits:

    1. Forgiveness of mistakes .(Bukhari 1/34)

    2. Better than 1,000 months

      "The night of Al-Qadr (Decree) is better than a thousand months" ['Quran' 3/97]

    3. Dua

    4. Zikr

    5. Prayers

    6. Reading Holy Quran

    7. Rewards

    8. Blessings

    9. Better human being.

  22. Generosity :

    Kindness, hospitality, visitation, etc. All of these and many more are among the benefits of Ramadhan.

  23. Zakat & Zakat al-Fitrah (Charity on Eid Day):

    The benefits of paying this charity to the needy are tremendous, among which are the following:

    1. Purity

    2. Feeding the needy

    3. Sharing happiness

    4. Improving human relations

    5. Improving society.

  24. Sadaqah (Charity):

    The benefits of paying 'Sadaqah' are many.These are summarized as follows:

    1. Purity

    2. Flourishing of wealth

    3. Improving economy

    4. Circulation of wealth

    5. Elimination of inflation

    6. Elimination of poverty

  25. Fasting and Health:

    By fasting, one gets the following benefits:

    1. Purification of body from toxins

    2. Reducing of weight

    3. Purity of brain

    4. Rejuvenation of body

    5. Living of life with happiness

    6. Looking younger.

  26. Change of Lifestyle:

    By living a different lifestyle, one gets rid of the monotony of life and hence enjoys his life span.

  27. Sharing:

    Of hunger, thirst, food, 'Salat'...and rituals with others makes you feel one with society.

  28. Eid-ul-Fitr (Feast) :

    Sharing of happiness and visitation of one another as members of society.

  29. Graveyards Visitation:

    One will get the following benefits by visiting graveyards.

    1. Dua for the deceased

    2. Preparing oneself for departure from this world

    3. A Feeling of respect for the deceased

    4. Making the individual become humble in his life.

  30. Every breath is Tasbiih.

    Every breath and even sleep is Ibadah and awarded.

  31. 'Umrah in Ramadhan:

    Performing 'Umrah during the fasting month of Ramadhan is:Equal to one Hajj (pilgrimage) 'Perform 'Umrah' when Ramadan comes, for 'Umra in Ramadan is equal to Hajj (in reward)[Bukhari 3/10, Muslim 7/2884]

  32. Historical Successes and Victories .

    In Ramadhan: Muslims throughout their history have
    received many benefits during Ramadhan [the month of fasting.]

  33. Learning lessons from historical incidents that happened during the month of Holy Ramadhan.[the month of fasting]

My 'Salaams' to All
~ Y a s m i n

Say, 'Indeed, my Prayer, my Rites of Sacrifice,my Living and my Dying are for ALLAH, Lord of the Worlds'

{'Quran'~Surat Al-'An'am -# 6-162.}

The Real U.S.

 News within the US

New York

Vietnamese Muslim: Given 40 years instead of 50 because he Confessed! Victimless crime: He Could Have!

U.S. judge sentences Vietnamese man to 40 years for al Qaeda affiliate support

Lee county, Florida

Random Sex and female bondage In USA.
Teen Girl Who Allegedly Had Sex With Multiple Partners in School Bathroom Was Once Human Trafficking Victim, Mother Says.


The Qur'an and Outer Space

SPACE , the LOWEST JANNAT [paradise] & TASTE OF IMAN [faith]

by M. Ali Reza [Bangladesh]

Imam Gazzali wrote in the middle ages: A person who has no knowledge of space/universe, his taste of Iman is comparable to an impotent man who has no feelings of making love's extraordinary extreme enjoyment. After completion of the punishment of Jahannam, hell, the least person would get space of Jannat [paradise] that is 10 times the size of the world. Then could we imagine the size of space for the best rank of heavenly people.


Three fourth part of Earth is water; half of the earth's people live on one hundredth part of the land of Earth (recent report of NASA).Our Sun is an average ordinary star. The Sun is the closest star to Earth and the center of our solar system. The sun has been producing light energy for about 4.6 billion years and will do so for another 5 billion or so. The Sun measures 1.4 million km in diameter which means that 109 Earths could fit across its surface and 1.3 million Earths would fit inside it. The Sun is nothing but a star. On the other hand, a galaxy is a vast group of stars built together. It is estimated that there are 100-125 billion in the Universe . They are not scattered randomly but exist in clusters, vast distances apart. All the galaxies together take up just two millionths of space.

Size & shape of galaxies:

The largest are more than a million light years across (One light year =9.4 trillion km).The smallest, called dwarf galaxies, are a few thousand light-years wide.

Andromeda measures 250,000 light-years from side to side. Trillions of stars are arranged in one of four basic shapes: spiral, barred spiral, elliptical, or irregular. Each star follows its own orbit around the center of the galaxy. Stars in a spiral galaxy typically take a few hundred million years to make an orbit. A single galaxy is made of billions or trillions of stars. The most distant object that can be seen by the naked eye from the Earth is Andromeda galaxy which is 2.9 million light years from us.

Expanding Universe:

In astronomical observations of stars, galaxies and other sources of light, we can determine how fast the sources are moving, either directly away from us or directly towards us, by measuring the Doppler shift of the light that reaches us. If a certain star were at rest relative to us, we would detect light from it with a certain proper frequency. However, if the star is moving either directly away from us or directly toward us, the light we detect has a frequency that is shifted from the proper frequency. This is due only to its motion directly toward us or away from us. If the source is moving away from us, the Doppler shift is called a red shift that is the wavelength increased. Thus it is possible to measure the relative speeds at which galaxies are approaching us or receding from us by measuring the shifts in the wavelength of the light they emit. If we look only at distant galaxies, beyond our immediate galactic neighbors, we find a astonishing fact. They are all moving away (receding) from us. In 1992 Hubble established a connection between the apparent speed of recession of a galaxy and its distance from us - namely, that they are directly proportional. It shows, the Universe has been expanding at the rate of 70 km per second. The discovery of the expanding of the Universe is one of the greatest revolutionary discoveries of the twentieth century.

More importantly, Al Quran narrates, "With power did We construct the Universe. Verily, We are able to extend the vastness of space thereof." : Surah 51-Adh-Dhariyat; Ayat 47.

Again we see, all the galaxies together take up just two millionth of space. Even in the present context of the universe, 10 times of the Earth for the lowest one is nothing but a simple matter.

New Trend's Attitude Towards Shias. We Keep the door open but we don't accept any abuse.


I advise you to please recant your statement that the shiites are our brothers. How can you make such an unintelligent statement while proclaiming your stance behind the truth?

The Qur'an and the Sunnah are our only sources for legislation. How can you call a group upon shirk and misguidance our brothers? People who curse the Sahabas, who believe that the Qur'an you got in your home is not the real Qur'an and so many other heresies they perpetuate.

I call you to refute these cancers in the body of this Ummah and to make sincere repentance to Allah for this mistake.

Mujahid ibn Abdellah [New York]

New Trend's position

Dear brother-in-Islam:

If they believe In tawheed, risalat and Akhirat, and don't abuse the sahaba or the Quran, and don't Support Kuffar against Muslims, we are okay with them.

We are aware of the fitna of this sect specially owing to their alliance with Bashar Assad and their collusion with US imperialism.

However, our da'wa is very strong, inshAllah, and we want to keep the door open for those who want to give up sectarian attitudes. We should be aware that many of them are ignorant of the authentic teachings of Islam. Iran has serious internal problems and among them are many sincere people who are looking for authentic Islam.

For those who want to do good, we should not turn away from them. The Qur'an gives us guidance on how to deal with those who do not attack Islam and want to live in peace and justice with us. Remember the ordinary Shia is as much depoliticized as is the ordinary Sunni.

So be assured, we will never consider those as our brothers/sisters who attack the sahaba or insult the authenticity of the Qur'an or support the kuffar and the tyrants.

Kaukab Siddique

2016-05-29 Sun 16:58:44 ct