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3 Rajab 1437 A.H.- April 10, 2016 Issue # 15, Newsletter #1649

Hadith of the Week

Men do NOT have the Right to Stop Women from Going to the Mosque at any time.
[From 'Amash, from Mujahid from Ibn 'Umar]
The messenger of
Allah, pbuh, said:
"Do not stop women
from going to the
mosque at NIGHT."
[Hadith, Bukhari, Muslim, Abu Dawud, Tirmizy, kitabus salat.]

Comment by Kaukab Siddique: The mosque is the stronghold of Islam. To stop women from working for the community in the mosque, within Islamic discipline, would be like neutralizing half of the Ummah. Think of the great women who came to the mosque and lead the Ummah, like Ayesha, r.a., Umm Waraqah, r.a., Fatima, r.a., and Umm Ammara, r.a. Women in Palestine, Syria, Afghanistan, Somalia, Iraq are standing up to oppression along with men. What a shame it would be for them to be denied access to the decision making process going on in the mosques which generate jihad.

 Book Review

Book Review of:

Boko Haram: The First Research Work on the Tragedy of the Poor & the Oppressed in Nigeria.

Something Strange About the Reports Coming out about
Boko Haram.
by Kaukab Siddique, PhD

Boko Haram: Islamism, Politics, Security and the State in Nigeria: Published by the Tsehai African Academic Press. 2015. 318 pages. Edited by Marc-Antoine Perouse de Montclos.

Over several years I have been reading news reports about the atrocious actions of Boko Haram in Nigeria. There are two peculiar aspects of these reports:
  1. Almost all the reports are issued by the Nigerian military.

  2. Almost all the reports are about Boko Haram assailants killing Muslims, including women children.

My suspicions grew owing to my background of Muslim world studies. I remember that the "Islamic" fighters in Algeria were reported as killing Muslim villagers, slaughtering defenseless people, even slitting the throats of babies. The Washington Post relished publishing these atrocities. I used to wonder how can Muslims be so heartless and brutal as to slaughter the people of their own constituency, their own support base! The Post claimed that they were doing it because they are "radical!"

Only later two intelligence officers defected and revealed that the killings had been carried out and orchestrated by the Algerian military. In spite of my journalistic experience, I had forgotten that Algeria was suppressing an Islamic uprising after the regime refused to accept the Islamic victory in the elections. Killing the Muslim constituency and blaming the Islamics for it: That is terrorism taken to its epoch.

More recently, in Pakistan, there have been bomb explosions for ten years among totally innocent civilians unrelated to the government, the potential supporters of Islamic resistance. The explosions are attributed to the Pakistani Taliban by the military which controls the media on "security matters." Then a spokesman of the "Taliban" would call the media and say "we did it." To make it more grisly, the government would announce that a "suicide bomber" did it. There were no inquiries and the "suicide bomber" was seldom identified: nor was his family brought to the media.

Gradually the Pak Taliban lost the tremendous support they had in the northeast. No one asked, why would the Taliban attack their own support base?

In Nigeria, its been more difficult because right from the beginning the military controlled, managed and reported the news on the Boko Haram. I was suspicious of the reporting but had no way of verifying my suspicions. The Nigerians I know are from the elites and very much opposed to Boko Haram. I lost a good Nigerian Muslim friend because he was outraged about my skepticism about the "atrocities" committed by Boko Haram.

I will restrict myself to what the researchers in the book titled BOKO HARAM say, and not include my opinion. . They are from various backgrounds. They definitely do not support Boko Haram. Their methodology is to provide context and verifiable information to the extent it is possible to obtain. The book is packed with properly referenced information and statistics. The book is difficult to summarize but I will try to provide an outline of its main points:

  1. Northern Nigeria is influenced by Sufistic versions of Islam. The Tijaniyya and other Sufi orders are deeply entrenched. The Sufis are not supporters of social change. Under their influence, the Emirs are venerated and these in turn are connected to British and other foreign powers. For the masses of people, Sufism is a dead end. The deeply exploitative system has remained unchallenged by the Sufis for decades.

  2. The rising middle class wanted a share in the governmental structure of the country. This class was willing to compromise with the established system but wanted a share of it. It challenged the Sufi order by sending its sons to study Islam in Saudi Arabia, Sudan and Arab countries countries. These religious groupings are known as the Izala who want to reform society and to benefit from it. They are often scholarly but cannot openly challenge the established order which is supported by the army which is backed by America and more recently Israel.

  3. From within the Izala came a leader known as Yusuf. He realized that unless the established is challenged and overthrown, nothing will ever change for millions of poverty stricken and disenfranchised Muslims. He organized a group now known as Boko Haram and labelled as opposed to education. Boko Haram are not against education but against westernizing education. In fact Boko Haram are adept at modern technology.

  4. Yusuf's supporters clashed with the police and established their own enclaves That the despised poor masses should stand up to the police was seen as an insult and a challenge by the military. The military would arrest and execute entire groups of the supporters of Yusuf. Finally the military got hold of Yusuf himself and several hundreds of his supporters and executed ALL of them. The military also smashed into the mosques and Islamic schools of the Islamic people with tanks and destroyed them.

  5. For a while Boko Haram seemed to be crushed but they emerged with new strength and organization. This time they fought well and drove the army out of entire areas in the northeast.

  6. As the army became more and more brutal, Boko Haram lashed out and started attacking anything and anyone connected with the government and the military. The new leader, Sheikhau, is much more aggressive than Yusuf.

  7. The book also studies Christian organizations and their varying attitudes towards the Muslims, from friendly to neutral to hostile and extremely bigoted. Sometimes Christians attack other churches and then attribute the attack to Boko Haram. In fact, the media in Nigeria, mostly located in the South readily attributes any act of violence to Boko Haram.

  8. The army destroys entire villages suspected of being supporters of Boko Haram. There are huge body counts of Muslim civilians and supporters of Boko Haram and the book gives some of the statistics.

  9. In turn, Boko Haram, unable to face the army's fire power,often attack any Muslim who is seen as supporting the military or the government. A Muslim supporting kuffar is a kafir, according to the Boko Haram.

  10. The government has captured hundreds of women from the families of Islamic supporters. In turn Boko Haram captured the women in government related enclaves to exchange them with their women. [The US media only mention the women captured by Boko Haram.]

  11. Nigerian regime is coordinating with three countries, Chad, Cameroon and Niger. In turn, Boko Haram linked up with al-Qaida and has support now in various parts of West Africa.


Jamaat al-Muslimeen activity in Newark, Delaware.
75 Muslims Given 4 Page
Multi- colored Document:
Good Khutba vs Racism but People Walked out as CAIR Rep started Speaking.

On April 8, after Juma' salat at the big Islamic center in Newark, Delaware, a 4-page multi-colored Jamaat document was given to 75 Muslims. It consisted of the following items:

  1. Historic funeral of Mumtaz Qadri shaheed [with photo]. Biggest in Pakistan's history.

  2. Obituary of Pakistani intellectual Dr. Mumtaz Ahmed. [Photo]

  3. Employee-Employer relations in Islam. [Imam Badi Ali]

  4. Al-Nusra mujahideen beat back Hizbullah and Assad's Alawite troops south of Aleppo. [Reuters]

  5. Hadith and women: Rebuttal of anti-Hadith sect regarding Menstruation. ]Kaukab Siddique]

  6. More visitors than ever to New Trend's Web Site. [Br. Rich]

  7. Letter of Islamic brotherhood to Br. Kaukab.[Dr. Constance Shabazz]

  8. Swiss interview with the ex-wife of Al-Baghdadi. He is the ideal father.

An Arab brother gave a strong sermon against racism with touching examples from the life of the Prophet, pbuh.
CAIR: Unimpressive Government people.

After the prayers, the CAIR representative was given permission to speak. Looks like he had invited himself and owing to his connections to the government could not be refused.

However, as he started speaking, most people left. Only the people right in front of the pulpit did not leave.

Political Prisoners :

 Local Outreach

Jamaat al-Muslimeen Activity in Silver Spring, Maryland.
Is there any Truth in the Daily Stories against ISIS?

On April 8, an eight-page Jamaat al-Muslimeen document was given to 154 Muslims after Juma at the upscale Muslim Community Center in Silver Spring, Maryland. It is one of the most highly educated Muslim communities on the East Coast of America.

The main items in the document were:

Libya, Bangladesh, India etc. [Media] The document was very well received.

Beautiful Book about the Quran

A Must Read.
Brief and to the Point.

The Eternal Challenge:
A Journey Through the Miraculous Qur'an

by Abu Zakaria.
Published in 2015 by:
One Reason, Suite 321, Crown House, North Circular Road, London NW10 7PN, England.
126 pages.

Some of the chapters in this inspiring book are:
"Why believe in the Qur'an?"
"Impact on society."


 Dr Kaukab Siddique

Rebuttal Of Sectarian Attack on Khalid ibn al-Waleed, Sword of Allah (r.a.)
Understanding the Difference between Authentic Hadith-Seerah and Hagiography

by Kaukab Siddique, PhD
  1. The Muslim world is bleeding from oppression and the oppressed are all from the mainstream of Islam. The sectarians have taken this as an opportunity to attack the sahaba, blessed companions of the Prophet, pbuh, in the hope that no one will answer them and their ideas will spread in the weaker sections of society.

  2. The sahaba are the people through whom both the Qur'an and the hadith have been transmitted. An attack on the sahaba is an attack on the foundations of Islam. Our first article pointed out that the sectarians attacking the Sahaba are certainly no friends of Ali (r.a.), the 4th Caliph of Islam. Ali (r.a.) never abused or attacked the Sahaba. In fact he accepted for 24 years, the leadership of Abu Bakr, 'Umar and 'Usman (Allah be pleased with them all). As a sign of his acceptance of their leadership, he prayed behind them when each was Caliph in the mosque of the Prophet, pbuh.

We also pointed out that the Imams who have taken their wisdom from Ali, r.a., too did not condone any abuse of or attacks on Abu Bakr, 'Umar and 'Usman (Allah be pleased with them). We quoted from these Imams to prove the point.

The SECTARIANS were caught and could not answer any of the points we made. They should have apologized because they have violated the teachings of Ali (r.a.) and the imams who learned from him. These SECTARIANS are the hidden enemies of Islam and of Ali (r.a.) as shown by the fact that instead of accepting what Alawite imams have said, they sent me letters of abuse showing how obstinate they are in their enmity to the Ummah of Muhammad (pbuh).]


One of the great qualities of Hadith literature, be it the hadith of the Prophet (pbuh), the narrations about his companions, or history of the age and times, is the HONESTY OF NARRATION. The narrators do not try to write a revised history of Islam. They do not try to present the GREATS of Islam as people who never made a mistake. The Hadith narrations show:
  1. Islam developing in an atmosphere of paganism. We are told of the paganistic practices of those times such as slavery, oppression of women, women as chattel, idolatry, pride in race and geneology.

  2. Then we see the few people who listened to the Prophet (pbuh) emerging from what a writer has called the crucible of Makka.

  3. The hadith speaks to us for all times to come because we can see that the people in those pagan times were like people in our own times, broken, oppressed humans. We see in the hadith how the Prophet (pbuh) made them whole and liberated them. Those who were great wrongdoers moved towards greatness till they became the best of peoples (as the Qur'an says) and became world conquerors.

  4. The pagan ones became good and great. As one reads Hadith literature, one witnesses the miracle of Islam: One meets people who were primitive in their ways being cleansed and pulling themselves up "by-their-bootstraps" so that the empires of the world could not withstand their power and their spirituality. These were not angels. The way they were changed shows that all humans can be transformed by faith and leadership.

ON THE OTHER SIDE WE HAVE SECTARIAN HAGIOGRAPHY which means the compilation of narratives which cannot be traced back to the first century of Islam. In these stories, Ali (r.a.), Fatima (r.a.) and their line appear to be people of perfection who never made a mistake and who are to be revered as if they were angels. The SECTARIANS call them "mausoomin" which implies that they were immaculate and incapable of sin, an Islamic version of Jesus and Mary (peace be on them). Their stories begin with Hazrat Ali being born in the Ka'aba and go on from there. [The sectarians have the right to their beliefs. I refer to their hagiography to illustrate their methodology in attacking the Sahaba.)

Thus on the one hand there is the sectarian hagiography and on the other there is REALISTIC, HONEST Hadith literature accepted by most Muslims. THE SECTARIANS THEN SELECT THOSE HADITH WHICH INDICATE THE HUMAN WEAKNESSES OF PEOPLE WHO BECAME SAHABA of the PROPHET (pbuh) especially at the time when the Sahaba were transitioning from one way of life to the other. The Hadith frankly point out the process, like the evolutionary process of the caterpillar becoming the butterfly. The sectarians do not see the butterfly: they are fixated on the caterpillar and cannot see the development, or choose not to for their sectarian purposes.

THE LISTING METHOD: The SECTARIANS, like the munkareene hadith, have lists of hadith which indicate the earlier processes of the Sahaba's development. (The Jews have similar lists culled from the Qur'an which give the idea that the Qur'an only teaches murder and mayhem and subservience of women, horrible punishments and the like.)

When such a list is available, even a mediocre sectarian can start pulling choice tit bits from it on the internet and distributing it to the whole world. Such is the case of a person named .... .... She has been abusing hazrat 'Ayesha (r.a.) and many other sahaba. She chose her most vicious attack for Khalid ibn al-Waleed (r.a.), the sword of Allah. She went to the extent of shamelessly claiming that Khalid (r.a.) was a hypocrite (may Allah forgive us for mentioning her kufr).

Is Ms. .... a scholar of Islam who has published extensively on the early history of Islam? I haven't been able to find anything published by her. If a reader knows of her scholarship, please correct us. She seems more probably to be a sectarian infiltrator trying to create fitna among the Muslims and especially trying to mislead the newcomers to Islam. Her intentions to mislead are indicated by her claim that she "converted" from Sunnism to Shi'ism. She forgot that Muslims who accept tawheed, risalat and akhirat are all Muslims. One who changes from one school of thought to another cannot be said to be "converting." The implication of conversion only comes for people who claim to be moving from falsehood to truth. Thus like a typical sectarian agitator Ms..... (quite a name for a Muslim) is trying to tell new Muslims that her version of Islam is Islam and the rest is not Islam.

KHALID IBN al-WALEED, when he was not a Muslim, was the only commander of men who outflanked and defeated the army of Islam (at Uhud). Thus his hands were sullied with the blood of the best Muslims. However, he was dealing with a man, Muhammad (pbuh), who could discern the best in a person regardless of outward manifestations.

Khalid (r.a.) became a Muslim. He was not only forgiven by the Prophet (pbuh) but praised with the highest praise.

In the battle of Mauta, when the three top commanders of the Islamic army were killed, Khalid ibn al-Waleed (r.a.) took over command of the army and saved a seemingly doomed force through sheer heroism and his abilities as a commander of men. The Prophet (pbuh) saw the cataclysmic events of the battle in a vision and gave Khalid (r.a.) the title for which he became famous:

" Anas, r.a., narrates that the Prophet, pbuh, gave news of (the martyrdom) of Zaid, Jaafar and Ibn Rawaha although no such news had yet been received. He (the Prophet) said: First Zaid took the banner. When he fell, Jaafar took the banner. When he fell, Ibn Rawaha took it and then he too fell. And tears streamed from his (the Prophet's) eyes when he said this, till he said: A sword of Allah grabbed the banner and Allah gave victory over them (the Romans)." (Sahih of Imam Bukhari, kitab al-Maghazi.)

The Prophet (pbuh) had discerned that Khalid (r.a.) was a diamond in the rough, so to speak. There was a deep spirituality in Khalid (r.a.) which to ordinary people (like our SECTARIANS) was not perceivable owing to Khalid's (r.a.) warlike and physically superb outward appearance. Khalid's (r.a.) spirituality came out as the light of Islam shone on him. He was the combination of the fighter and the man of Allah whom Islam wanted as its vanguard. Our sectarians have made much propaganda against those who came late to Islam. Allah forgave them but our sectarians continue 1400 years later to stoke the fires of hatred. (Khalid, r.a., was not a Hashimi and did not belong to that group of "pure" people in the sectarian hagiography.)

Let us look at an aspect of Khalid's (r.a.) SPIRITUALITY. He is reported to have gone to the Prophet, pbuh, as late as the 8th year of the Hijra (on the first of Safar) to embrace Islam. Khalid (r.a.) himself narrates:

"When I came in front of the messenger of Allah, peace and blessings of Allah be on him, I said peace be on you o Prophet of Allah. He very graciously said: peace be on you too. I said I accept Islam and I bear witness to the truth, that there is no God but Allah and you are His messenger. The messenger of Allah, peace be on him, said I want you to follow your good understanding and I hope that your understanding will not lead you to anything but good.After I did the bai'at [oath of allegiance], I said: I Have done much harm in stopping people from the way of Allah. Please pray for me that I be forgiven. He (the Prophet, pbuh) said: Embracing Islam cancels out all previous sins. I insisted: O messenger of Allah, do pray for my forgiveness. He (the Prophet) prayed: 'O Allah! In whatever ways Khalid ibn al-Waleed has done harm in stopping people from Your way, forgive him for it." [Tabaqat of Ibn Saad, vol.4., "Sahaba who embraced Islam before the conquest of Makka."]
So, here we have the human being changing and transforming himself. Instead of SECTARIAN HAGIOGRAPHY where no person from Ali's (r.a) line ever did anything wrong, we have Khalid (r.a.) himself insisting that he had done wrong and urging the Prophet (pbuh) to pray for him. This is real Islam, believable and related to actual human beings.
Humility is one of the GREATEST VIRTUES in ISLAM, as opposed to TAKKABUR or arrogance, the idea that "I can do no wrong", which is one of the greatest sins, committed by Iblis himself according to the Qur'an.

EVEN AT THE GREAT BATTLE OF MAUTA where Khalid (r.a.) turned a terrible defeat into an amazing victory, Khalid (r.a.) was very humble in accepting the leadership of the Islamic army. He was the best of generals, the greatest general the Islamic world has ever known, but watch his humility:

"Zaid ibn Thabit (r.a.) narrates that in the battle of Mauta when the (three) commanders were killed, Thabit ibn Arqam took the banner (of Islam) and started calling out: O people of Ansar. People starred turning towards him. He saw Khalid ibn al-Waleed and said: O Abu Sulayman, take the banner! Khalid said: I will not accept it. You are more deserving of it. YOU ARE OLDER AND YOU WERE PRESENT AT BADR. Thabit said: O man. Take it! By Allah! I was only bringing it for you. Thabit said: O people do you agree on Khalid? They said: Yes, we are. Khalid took the banner and kept it aloft for a while. The unbelievers directed their attack on him but he remained firm. When the unbelievers wavered a little, Khalid, with his companions, attacked, separating one wing of the enemy force from the other. Then Khalid regrouped the (Islamic) army and defeated the enemy's troops" (TABAQAT of Ibn Saad, Vol.4., Ibid)

[Abu Hazim narrates from Khalid ibn al-Waleed (r.a.) On the day of MAUTA, SEVEN SWORDS BROKE IN MY HAND one after the other (in intense battle) till I was left with one big YEMENI sword in my hand. Sahih of Imam Bukhari, kitab al-Maghazi.]

Khalid ibn al-Waleed (r.a.) took part in many campaigns. He was bursting with Islamic enthusiasm. This does not mean that he had become perfect or that the past way of life had been totally expurgated and he was now like an angel. In some campaigns he was over hasty. He killed some people of Banu Jadhima even while they were laying down their arms and were announcing peace. The Prophet (pbuh) was very hurt by Khalid's (r.a.) action and repudiated the action. Khalid (r.a.) was rough with one of the companions of the Prophet (pbuh), Abdur Rahman ibn 'Auf (r.a.). Again, he was corrected by the Prophet (pbuh).

These two incidents are honestly and correctly narrated in our hadith literature. No attempt has been made to conceal the barbarity of these actions. The Prophet (pbuh) with the great wisdom Allah had given him, REPUDIATED KHALID's (r.a.) ACTIONS but kept Khalid (r.a) in the service of Islam. THE PROPHET (pbuh) was right and Khalid's (r.a.) CRITICS (including our sectarians), were wrong. After these errors, Khalid's struggle to serve Islam and to smash the power of oppressive empires is so great that it has few (if any equals) in human history.

In spite of some of Khalid's (r.a.) actions, the sahaba thought of Khalid (r.a.) just as the Prophet (pbuh) did,that he was a SWORD OF ALLAH. Hence when the Islamic armies crossed the deserts to topple the oppressive empires of the time (the U.S. and USSR of the time) Khalid (r.a.) was brilliant and outshone the extraordinary commanders and heroic fighters of the Islamic forces. He was the best among the best.

During the Caliphate of Abu Bakr (r.a.), Khalid (r.a.) was often in command of the Islamic armies. In one battle he killed an apostate named Ibn Nuwaira. There was a dispute among the Muslims as to whether Ibn Nuwaira was going to make peace and was wrongfully killed by Khalid (r.a.). Here we find another incident which historians in other religions would have tried to conceal. Some hadith narrations say that 'Umar (r.a.) was convinced that Khalid (r.a.) was wrong in the case of Ibn Nuwaira and this is said to be the reason why 'Umar (r.a.) removed Khalid (r.a.) from the command of the Islamic army when he became Caliph. (Tabari's Tarikh, vol.2.)

However, like the Prophet (pbuh), Abu Bakr (r.a.) gave command of various Islamic armies to Khalid (r.a.). The Islamic content of Khalid's (r.a.) leadership was recognized by the entire ummah, so much so that on the way to DAMASCUS, "KHALID PAUSED AT A PLACE TO RAISE THE BANNER OF THE MESSENGER OF ALLAH, PEACE AND BLESSINGS OF ALLAH BE ON HIM. Since then the site is known as 'The Site of the Banner. The flag was black in color." [Futuh al-Buldan by Ahmed al-Buladhuri, died 279 A.H., chapter on "Khalid's March on Damascus and the Places he conquered on the way."]

In 13 Hijri in the month of Jamada al-Awwal, Khalid (r.a.) scored a victory for Islam which changed the history of the middle east. With a small force, he routed a European army of nearly 100,000 troops. Known as the battle of Ajnadin, this battle in itself is enough to place Khalid (r.a.) among the greatest generals of Islam for all time to come. Al-Baladhuri writes: "On that day, Khalid ibn al-Waleed displayed tremendous bravery and chivalry. The enemy forces were dispersed and large numbers of them were slain in the battle."(Futuh al-Buldan, chapter on The Day of Ajnadin.)

'Umar (r.a.) removed Khalid (r.a.) from the leadership of the battle formations. At that time Khalid (r.a.) had won a string of victories and was extremely popular among the forces. He could have shown reluctance to obey 'Umar's (r.a.) order to hand over command to Abu Ubaidah (r.a.) but Khalid (r.a.) had mastered his self so well that he did not hesitate at all. In fact Abu Ubaidah (r.a.), the new commander was shy of telling him the Caliph's orders.

Khalid's(r.a.) ego was that of a mu'min. He continued to fight as a part of the Islamic army. His units played a key role in the capture of Damascus. The peace instrument Khalid (r.a.) gave to the Bishop of Damascus is of historic importance. Europe cannot boast of anything comparable in its wars. Khalid (r.a.) wrote:

"In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful. This is the document khalid ibn al-Waleed gave to the people of Damascus when he entered the city. He gave peace and protection to their lives, to their goods, to their churches and to the protective ramparts of their city. None of their homes will be taken over as dwellings (by the Muslim troops). This guarantee is given to them by Allah's trust and the guarantee of Allah's messenger, peace be on him, his vicegerents and the believers in general. If they pay jizya taxes, good will be done to them."

(Ref: Futuh-al-Buldan, chapter on the conquest of Damascus and its environs.)

According to al-Waqidi, Damascus was conquered in Rajab of 14 Hijri.

The virtues of Khalid, r.a., sword of Allah, are too many to recount in one article. His dash across the Arabian desert, his spiritual experience in the middle of war to carry out an Umrah to Makka, his consultation with a woman (his sister) to decide on 'Umar's orders, are beautiful episodes which I would have liked to discuss.

O Sword of Allah, the Ummah of Islam is indebted to you for all time to come. The world has not produced many who can compare with you.


 Panama related rallies in Karachi, Lahore, Multan, Islamabad, Hyderabad

Pakistani Islamic Leaders Respond to Massive Corruption.
Only secular, "liberal," people are named in Panama leaks.
Panama related rallies in Karachi. Lahore, Multan, Islamabad, Hyderabad.

by Qaiser Sharif

LAHORE, Apr. 10; Ameer, Jamaat e Islami, Pakistan, Senator Sirajul Haq, has said that only liberal and secular people were named by the Panama leaks for tax evasion and there was not a single religious scholar or madrissah head facing corruption charges by the NAB. He was addressing a prize distribution ceremony at the Al-Markaz Islami, Singhona, in Swat district on Sunday.

Sirajul Haq said that the rulers were expected to be honest and truthful. However, he said, the Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif had told a lie to the nation in his address to the nation that his family had earned billions during seven years of exile in Saudi Arabia. He said that thousands of people from Malakand had been working in Saudi Arabia for years but they could only make both ends meet.

He said that the rulers had made a blasphemer their hero and executed the one who loved the Holy Prophet (pbuh).

He said the so called women protection law introduced in the Punjab would destroy domestic peace and harmony by involving the police in petty matters. He said that the Ulema and religious people have great respect for the women folk whereas the secular and liberal people had undeclared wives and kicked them from the homes at midnight. "It is these people who torture and disgrace the women and had no regard for the women", he added.

Sirajul Haq said that the JI on coming to power, would grant allowance to the aged people as well as the unemployed youth.

He said that all those who had plundered public money would be made to bring back his wealth which would be used for public welfare and paying off IMF debts.

JI rallies against corruption

LAHORE, Apr. 10; Countrywide protest was held on the call of the Jamaat e Islami, against the rulers' corruption revealed by the Panama leaks. Thousands of people joined the rallies.

JI Secretary General, Liaqat Baloch, addressing a large crowd at the Mazar e Quaid, Karachi, said that the corruption of the ruling elite had endangered country's solidarity. He said that corruption was the root cause of poverty, unemployment, lawlessness and terrorism. Earlier, the protestors walked from the Idara Noor e Haq to Peoples Chorangi, near the Mazar e Quaid.

Liaqat Baloch appealed to the Chief Justice of Pakistan to take suo moto notice of corruption. He said that the rulers had destroyed major national institutions and were out to privatize the PIA, Steel Mills, etc. He said that the Steel Mills employees had not been paid salaries for the last five months but the rulers had no pity for them. He said that off shore companies were set up only for tax evasion.

Liaqat Baloch said the elections in the country had become a game of the wealthy and man of limited means could not contest polls.

JI deputy chief Rashid Naseem, while addressing a rally at Hyderabad, said that when the country's Prime Minister was evading tax, why would the masses pay taxes. He said after the Panama leaks, the Prime Minister had no moral right to stay in power.

JI Punjab chief Mian Maqsood Ahmed, addressing the rally at Multan, said that the every new born child of the country was under heavy debt only because of the rulers' corruption which had ruined Institutions.

Jamaate Islami ameer Sirajul Haq addressing a ceremony for top students of Sahih Bukhari in Swat [northeastern Pakistan.]

Spotlights from Br. Badi

 Imam Badi Ali

Leadership vs Dictatorship

- Imam Badi Ali leads a large Muslim Community in Greensboro, NC

War News


US Deploys B-52 Bombers to Destroy the Islamic Caliphate

On Saturday, the US deployed the B-52 bomber, its biggest, to destroy the Islamic Caliphate. The huge bombers are stationed in Qatar.

The US has been bombing the Islamic State for a year but failed to destroy the Caliphate. Looks like this is the final use of US power against its Islamic opposition.

Critics wonder how Qatar can claim to be a Muslim country and allow the engines of death to be stationed on its soil.

The B-52 was last used in Afghanistan to dismantle the Taliban Emirate and to kill Shaykh Osama bin Laden [who barely survived the 52 days of bombing].

Blasphemer Hacked to Death by Hidden Attackers.

On April 6, a self-confessed atheist named Nazimuddin was attacked, hacked to death and shot by three unknown attackers.

A group of bloggers, used by Hindus and atheists, have been attacking Islam, blaspheming the Prophet, pbuh anf abusing Allah.

The government takes no steps or vague steps against them.

The government in Dhaka, tied to India, has been sentencing elderly Islamic leaders to death and killing students who come out to protest.

The media are controlled and there is no way for peaceful protest.

In that background assassins connected reportedly to al-Qaida have been killing the bloggers. After they killed a Hindu American, Ajivit Roy, the main force behind the blasphemers, there have six killings.

al-Nusra Advancing south of Aleppo, ISIS infiltrates Damascus Suburbs, Fighting at Deir ez-Zora, Kurds adavance vs IS

April 8-10. In ferocious fighting south of Aleppo, al-Nusra not only repulsed Hizbullah-Shia-Alawites but advanced rapidly. The pro-Assad forces suffered heavily and al-Nusra captured two strategic hills, then advanced to take three villages and then advanced across a broad swath of land southwards, putting Hizbullah to flight.

Bombing by Russian and Alawite jets continued but could not stop al-Nusra [working with Turkistan Islam front and Ahrar al-Sham]

Meanwhile Islamic State [IS] fighters infiltrated areas near Damascus and detained 300 workers at a cement factory. After a while they were allowed to go when it was found they were not pro-Assad.

Also, near Damascus, a Palestinian group, al-Yarmouk brigade, joined IS but was attacked by an FSA faction [pro-West] and forced to retreat]

In Lattakia province, Russian troops with Alawite militias are fighting al-Nusra and Turkistan Islamic but with no success.

Also, earlier in the week, US air force bombed a meeting of al-Nusra commanders, killing several including an associate of Osama bun Laden.

IS has retreated from al-Qaryatain, 50 miles west of Palmyra, which had over extended its supply line. New fighting and bombing by Russia is reported near Palmyra.

Also fierce clashes between Assad forces and IS at Deir ez-Zora.

Kurds are trying to advance with US air support towards IS oil wells.

Our America

 News within the US

New York
"Black Lives Matter" : Homo and Zionist Agenda. Bayard Rustin and George Soros.
by Sis. Aisha [Jamaat al-Muslimeen]

New York City - Black Lives Matter, Color of Change, etc are all led by the Black gay activists. These organizations are heavily funded by Whites by the millions of dollars. The speculation is that once these Black gay organizations achieve prominence and replace the Black mainstream organizations such as, Urban League and NAACP, they will push forward with their gay agenda. I have always believed that Black gays do not consider themselves Black people. They are gay first. Although they may be aware of their blackness, they are consumed by their gay lifestyle. In my experience, their conversations are limited to discussing being gay and gay issues. So, it is particularly deceitful for them to form organizations proclaiming to focus on the oppression of Black people. This has always been a concern of mine when gays have been involved in protests because my thought was that they would support your issue and then you were obligated to support their gay issues.

Civil Rights pioneer Bayard Rustin was a big-time openly gay Black man, even as an activist in the 1950s. It was in 1953 that he was arrested for sexual lewdness in the back seat of a car with another man. Many associated with him were afraid that this arrest, which was made public, would tarnish his civil rights efforts and those associated with him throughout the Movement. There were many Blacks in the Civil Rights Movement, especially the Black Power Movement, who accused him of immorality. In Rustin's later years, he moved from being a Black activist to being a staunch gay activist. It is no surprise that the "Obamanation" in the White House honored Rustin, posthumously, with the 2013 Presidential Award for Freedom - the highest award in all the land.

Billionaire Zionist George Soros is one of the Black Lives Matter biggest contributors and this support has raised a lot of red flags. The association with these types of Zionist benefactors has led to suspicions by the grassroots, long-time activists that these gay-led Black organizations seek to replace. Nothing good can ever come from associating with Zionist devils. So, these Black gay organizations should be ignored and the true activists, who have always spoken for, defended, and held rallies for the oppressed, must be supported. The true activist's mission is to fight against the oppression of Black people, not takeover and surreptitiously promote a sinful agenda.

Hopefully, Black activists do not get the weak idea to ride the coattails of Black Lives Matter simply because this organization has the financial backing! I can see that there is a quiet before the storm. These Black gay organizations are not trying to replace the NAACP, right away. They are going to step on the toes of the Black grassroots organizations, first. They have the loudest voices, right now, and the White media is giving them prominence. Once again, it is time to choose Black leadership, the same way they chose Rev. Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton without Black peoples' input.

It is the same old song but, with different instruments.
(Source :Community Cop Show on and Wikipedia)

New York
Honoring CCR [Center for Constitutional Rights.]
A painting of a hand holding three green flowers, surrounded by three white birds. Dismantling the "worst of the worst" Guantánamo lie


I wanted to use green for the flower, because green is the color of nature, the clarity of human beings. The hand is strength, the earth. The flowers represent justice. The three doves are CCR. If I had written CCR as letters, it wouldn't have gotten cleared, so I drew the letters as doves. This is the earth asking for justice. - Ghaleb Al-Bihani

Political opportunists have resurrected the Bush-era claim that the Guantánamo prison is full of the "worst of the worst" terrorists. We know first-hand that this is a lie. As CCR's Aliya Hussain put it in The Daily Outrage, CCR's blog, last week: "for those who remain detained, 'political scapegoats,' 'too tortured for release' and 'Yemeni' are more adequate descriptors than 'worst of the worst.' We know this because 37 of the 91 men are cleared for release, and many have been for more than six years." Among the cleared men are CCR clients Tariq Ba Odah, Mohammed Al-Hamiri, Mohammed Kamin, Muhammadi Davliatov, and Ghaleb Al-Bihani.

Last year Ghaleb made the painting pictured at right for CCR in appreciation of our unwavering commitment to fighting for justice, and presented it to Pardiss Kebriaei and Omar Shakir during a meeting in September. It is a testament to how hard men like Ghaleb work to retain their humanity in a place that has done everything possible to strip their humanity away.

Pardiss has written movingly about her clients, including both current and former GITMO detainees, and last week her writing earned her the "Truthdigger of the Week" title from Truthdig. In particular, Truthdig cited her 2015 Harper's feature story on Muhammed and Abdul Nasser Khantumani, calling it "simultaneously heartbreaking and heartwarming."

Please share Aliya's blog and Pardiss's story. They are critical tools in the political battle to close Guantánamo, and as always, what you do as CCR supporters is a vital part of that work. And thank you!

North Carolina
New Trend media monitor notes Homo & Jewish lobby unity.

Recently North Carolina's legislature passed a law which goes against the LGBT agenda. Today [April 8] Springsteen announced that he has cancelled his concert in North Carolina. This Jew has made countless millions of dollars from the American people. Now he wants to defeat the democratic move by North Carolina people.. Springsteen has countless business connections. They will follow him into boycotting North Carolina. Thus NC will lose billions of dollars. SO DEMOCRACY IN AMERICA DOES NOT MATTER. If you are a Jew with huge money and media support, you can change the entire culture. Even the Supreme Court is in their control as is the president who is the main man of the homos. [This statement is STRICTLY COPYRIGHT.]

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