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12 Jumaada al-awal 1437 A.H.- February 21, 2016 Issue # 8, Newsletter #1642

Hadith of the Week

The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) related a parable comparing those who obey God's commands to those who do not. He said they are like people who draw lots for seats in a ship: "Some of them got seats in the upper part, and the others in the lower. When the latter needed water, they had to go up to bring water (and that troubled the others), so they said, 'Let us make a hole in our share of the ship (and get water) and save those who are above us from being troubled.' If the people in the upper part let the others do what they had suggested, all the people of the ship would be destroyed, but if they prevented them, both parties would be safe."

Sahih Al-Bukhari,
Volume 3, Hadith 673

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Jamaat al-Muslimeen Endorses Aafia Rally

- by Nadrat Siddique

Dr. Aafia Siddiqui

This March 2016 will mark 13 YEARS that Dr. Aafia Siddiqui has been wrongfully imprisoned. Dr. Aafia Siddiqui is a Hafizah of Qur'an, a respected daiyee (who was one of the bright young stars of the Muslim Students Association-USA), and a graduate with honors from MIT and Brandeis University. The Sacred Qur'an, the Prophetic Sunnah, the traditions of the four rightly guided caliphs, and esteemed scholars of Islam throughout history, have emphasized the special obligation that observant Muslims have to prisoners of war; and especially to female Muslim prisoners of war!

Saturday, March 19th
12 Noon
US Dept.of Justice
950 Pennsylvania Ave,NW
Washington, DC

For additional information:
By phone: (301) 441-2300
or (202) 246-9608

Political Prisoners :

 Word Around The Net

-with thanks to Br. Kris

German citizens humanely taking integration of war refugees into their own hands, due to lack of support from the government.

U.S.-led strikes in Syria kill 38 civilians over two days

Kurds warn Turkey of "Big War with Russia" if Troops enter Syria

ISIS now letting prisoners go for $500 each due to lack of funds.


How Cultures Become Extinct

Munir Khalili provides
a feast for thought in
brilliant and chaste Urdu language.

He traces the decline of
Pakistan at the cultural level.
He hits the ruling Muslim League and its factions and other secularist parties but traces
the slow but steady decline of Jamaate Islami from within.
A must read for all Pakistanis and Urdu readers

 News within the U.S.

New York: Cops of Color and Chicago: "Boycott Israel" Billboard
by Sis. Aisha [Jamaat al-Muslimeen]

New York City
The Patrolmen's Benevolence Association (PBA), the strongest police union in the world, left one of "its own" to fend for himself and he lost. Asian police officer Peter Liang was charged and convicted in the killing of Akai Gurley, a 28 year old father, whose only crime was to walk down an unlit project stairway because the elevators were not working. What was strange about this case are two things, according to the Community Cop Show panel:
  1. Officer Liang had to hire his own attorney.

  2. Officer Liang's partner testified against him in court.

Officers are treated as husband and wife by the system. They are never encouraged to testify against each other. Testifying against a fellow officer is a sure way to bring down the wrath of the police force on you! Being a snitch is not looked upon favorably at all; however, no news of retaliation against the White partner of this fellow but, Asian cop. Also, both officers could have been tried together but, the prosecutor chose to turn the White cop into a witness against the other, who did the actual shooting.

Usually the PBA hires an attorney for their officers. Well, not this time. Although the very first people Officer Liang called, after the shooting, was his PBA union rep, they did not support him at all during his ordeal. Kenneth Thompson, the attorney who failed to adequately represent Dominique Strauss Kahn's rape victim, was the Brooklyn Prosecutor for this case. I will await the sentence for this officer. Will it be fair?

Most White officers, in this mostly Black and Brown city, also avoid prosecution by selecting a trial by judge, not jury. It is everyone's Constitutional right to do so. I guess, no one advised Officer Peter Liang of this choice. But, may be it wouldn't have mattered. Many judges have acquitted White officers in the murder of unarmed civilians without thinking twice about it.

The culture in all law enforcement agencies is rooted in White supremacist thinking. It would not matter if the police force reflected the majority population of New York City either. However, many people still believe that getting a lot of Black officers in those police precincts would make a positive impact. The NYPD has gone as far as advertising in the Whitest communities, no matter how far away from the city they are located, just to keep the police force here predominantly White!


Billboard advertising is expensive and exclusively owned. Lamar Outdoor Advertising is under fire from pro-Zionists for displaying a "Boycott Israel" sign in Chicago. People claim that Lamar has a history of displaying anti-Israel messages. However, they have taken it down. They have run campaigns in Denver, CO and Albuquerque, NM only to remove the signs after a threatened boycott. Their recent response before removing the campaign sign on 2/16/2016 was:

"We have received a large number of social media comments and hundreds of telephone calls concerning a billboard in Chicago sponsored by the Seattle Mideast Awareness Campaign (SEAMAC). The advertisement suggests that people should "Boycott Israel Until Palestinians Have Equal Rights." It is important to understand that this is a message from SEAMAC and not Lamar Advertising. Lamar has been in the billboard business for over 100 years and we have developed a strong commitment to supporting the First Amendment right of advertisers who wish to use our medium to promote legal products and services or to convey noncommercial messages such as the one in Chicago. We do not accept or reject copy based upon agreement or disagreement with the views presented. We think SEAMAC has a right to present their views and would also support the right of those who disagree with SEAMAC. We welcome your comments."

The billboard was sponsored by The Seattle Mideast Awareness Campaign (SEAMAC). The billboard read "Boycott Israel until Palestinians have equal rights." I certainly do not agree with the message. A similar message replacing Palestinians with Native America and Israel for United States would be just as pointless. Just as Malcolm X said, "Who are they (Europeans) to be equaled with? The indigenous peoples were here first and are now acquiescing to some ridiculous measure of equality using the European as the standard?!!!"

I do like the "Boycott Israel" part of the message. It is refreshing that an anti-Zionist group has taken a stand amidst those insulting Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) billboards in St. Louis! This "Boycott Israel" phrase is what has the Zionists scared. They are afraid of us empowering ourselves and speaking up, challenging their views and sharing them. They are fearful of us uniting with other anti-Zionists or worse: Inspiring other anti-Zionists to take the same action!

Source: the


Leading Revisionist Passes Away

From Germar Rudolf:
Dear friends and supporters:

As you may have heard by now, CODOH's founder Bradley R. Smith passed away at the VA hospital in San Diego on this past Thurs, Feb 18, 2016.

He succumbed to lymphoma in conjunction with congestive heart failure.

We volunteers at CODOH mourn the passing of our Committee's founder, but will continue his work true to his legacy.

Please visit CODOH's obituary series here to read about this truly great man.

Please also take the time and either leave your condolences using the comment function on our webpage dedicated to this here, and/or send them by mail to the family at:

Irene Altamirano Smith
PO Box 439016
San Ysidro CA 92143

We do not yet know what the funeral arrangements will be, but will let you know as soon as they have been made.

 Dr Kaukab Siddique

Islamic Worship Embraces Both the Strong and the Weak. Daily Media Assault on Muslim Opponents of America Reeks of Dishonesty.
Sharia Law is being presented as Terrorism.

On February 19, Br. Kaukab Siddique gave the Juma khutba at masjid Jamaat al-Muslimeen in central Baltimore in Maryland. As it is a small masjid, the outline is given here for distribution on line.

وَلَكُمْ فِي الْقِصَاŸِ حَيَاةٌ يَاْ أُولِيْ الأَلْبَ›بِ لَعَلَّك¥مْ تَتَّقُو¦َ
And there is life for you in retaliation, O men of understanding, that ye may ward off (evil).
[The Qur'an 2:179]
يَا أَيُّهَا الَّذِين¤ آمَنُوا إِن جَاءكُمْ فَاسِقٌ بِنَبَأٍ فَتَبَيّ¤نُوا أَن تُصِيبُو› قَوْمًا بِجَهَال¤ةٍ فَتُصْبِ—ُوا عَلَى مَا فَعَلْتُ¥ْ نَادِمِي¦َ
O ye who believe! If an evil-liver bring you tidings, verify it, lest ye smite some folk in ignorance and afterward repent of what ye did. [49:7]
Sunan Abi Dawud Prayer (Kitab Al-Salat)
حَدَّثَن¤ا عُبَيْدُ اللَّهِ بْنُ مُعَاذٍ، حَدَّثَن¤ا أَبِي، حَدَّثَن¤ا شُعْبَةُž عَنْ قَتَادَة¤، سَمِعَ أَبَا أَيُّوبَž عَنْ عَبْدِ اللَّهِ بْنِ عَمْرٍو، عَنِ النَّبِي§ِ صلى الله عليه وسلم أَنَّهُ قَالَ ‏ "‏ وَقْتُ الظُّهْر¦ مَا لَمْ تَحْضُرِ الْعَصْر¥ وَوَقْتُ الْعَصْر¦ مَا لَمْ تَصْفَرّ¤ الشَّمْس¥ وَوَقْتُ الْمَغْر¦بِ مَا لَمْ يَسْقُطْ فَوْرُ الشَّفَق¦ وَوَقْتُ الْعِشَاŸِ إِلَى نِصْفِ اللَّيْل¦ وَوَقْتُ صَلاَةِ الْفَجْر¦ مَا لَمْ تَطْلُعِ الشَّمْس¥ ‏"‏ ‏.‏
'Abd Allah b. 'Amr, r.a. reported the Prophet (pbuh) as saying:
The time of the Zuhr prayer is as along as the time of the 'Asr prayer has not come; the time of the Asr prayer is as long as the sun has not become yellow ; the time of the Maghrib prayer is as long as the twilight has not ended; the time of the Isha prayer is up to midnight; and the time of the Fajr prayer is as long as the sun has not risen.

  1. Our power as Muslims is our faith In Allah and our dedication to the Qur'an and authentiv hadith.

  2. Among the Muslims there are those who are weak and those who are strong. Whatever our level of dedication, we must renew our faith regularly through prayer.

  3. Islam gives us plenty of leeway to say our prayers . The strong among us pray right on "time," a fixed time. But we are given a time span within which we can pray. Notice what the hadith say. As long as we pray with dedication within the time span, we are okay.

  4. We must pray the OBLIGATORY prayers, regardless of what happens. If we are stronger, we can pray SUNNAH. If we are stronger still, pray NAFL. If we are STRONGER STLL pray tahajjud. Remember, this is America., so don't suddenly load all these prayers on a new Muslim or a young person.

  5. If you are travelling, reduce Zuhr, Asr and Isha to two rakats. If you cant make wudu, do TAYAMMUM. If you are travelling, pray sitting down in your car or in a public vehicle. There are texts for both tayammum and moving prayer in Hadith.

  6. There are important forms of flexibility in prayer for women. They don't have to pray during menses. In Masjide Nabawi, the Prophet, pbuh, shortened the recitation in his prayer when he heard a woman's baby crying. Similarly, we must care for those who are unwell, old or having to rush back to their jobs.

Part 2:

  1. Muslims are being targeted by the Zionist-corporate media on a daily basis around the clock. Instead of attacking Islam directly, the Zionists cleverly attack Islam by claiming that ALL Muslims who have picked up weapons to fight America, Russia and the tyrants like Assad and Sissi and Israel are terrorists.

  2. The abuse and demonization aimed at ISIS has become so virulent that media try to get away with the most horrendous stories. Today they claimed [see AOL etc] that ISIS is chopping off the heads of people who listen to music.

    1. The basic journalistic ethic, THE RIGHT TO REPLY, has been suppressed by the media. No attack on mujahideen groups can be answered. Thus demonization of fighting groups is presented as authentic and unanswerable.

  3. By contrast, Ameriican and Russian and Assadi bombing of Muslims is not reported or just mentioned in passing. Yesterday, the US air force killed 38 civilians including women and children in the Hasakeh area of northeastern Syria. It was reported around the globe but not in America.

  4. Punishments under Islamic law carried out by the mujahideen groups are presented as "barbarism" and brutality. For instance under Islamic law, once wealth has been distributed, the hand of a thief is chopped off. It is reported as an atrocity by our media though it is in the Qur'an.

  5. In the same way whipping for fornication and stoning for adultery is obligatory under Shari'a law. This is presented as inhumane behavior by the media and it is transmitted as if Americans should think that it could happen to them.

    1. Same law ordains death for open homosexual behavior. Liquor is not allowed. Gambling is banned. Rape is punishable by death. [Cleverly American media hide the fact that rapists are executed in Saudi Arabia and Iran. Why this concealment? Because they are America's allies!]

  6. Every day America, Russia, Assad and their allies bomb Muslims. Why? because they have been labelled as terrorists. Thousands of Muslims have been killed in this ongoing massacre by jet bombers. Then a little bit of retaliation comes in Paris and California and it is presented as the end of the world. Retaliation is prescribed in the Qur'an. This is nation-to-nation retaliation.

  7. In the Quran, Muslims diligently read the verses in sura Baqarah about fasting but only 5 verses before that is the teaching about retaliation. Check it out.

  8. Muslims of America are very peaceful. We always remain within the law of the land. Yet if anyone decides to go to help the starving people of Syria and those being bombed because they live within the Islamic State, they are immediately arrested as terrorists. Totally victimless "crimes" and even "thought crimes" are being described as "terrorism."

  9. The Zionist media have taken over the role of teachers of Islam. . There is a constant cry of "Islam is a religion of peace." So if the Israelis destroy Gaza and kill 2000 civilians including hundreds of children, Islam must remain a religion of peace. If Assad, the Russians and the Americans have killed thousands of Muslims in their homes, Islam must remain a "religion of peace."

  10. Hardly any Muslims are allowed to come on TV and these are usually in full prostration in front of kufr. We are told that these are "Ahmadiyya" Muslims. Don't they know that Islam does not recognize "Ahmadiyya" Muslims. Allah has given us only one name: MUSLIM.

Du'a: Ya Allah: Help us to unite for the liberation of Palestine. Give us spouses who will stand by us during this era of oppression. Give us children who will follow the Sunnah. Give health tp those who are sick, jobs to those who don't have jobs. Help us to study the Qur'an and the Hadith every day. Give victory to the Islamic battle formations.

Caution: Br. Kaukab is not linked to any group outside America, directly or indirectly.

Aafia Siddiqui

 Dr Aafia Siddiqui

Movement Supporting Dr. Aafia Calls for Countrywide Protests
by Sis. Karin Friedemann

March 16 marks 13 years that Dr. Aafia Siddiqui has been wrongfully imprisoned. Aafia was a foreign student from Pakistan who graduated with honors from MIT and Brandeis University. She and her children were kidnapped in Pakistan and held without charge for five years in Afghan prisons under US control. According to Reuters, Siddiqui was wanted by the FBI in 2003 for questioning for possible ties to al Qaeda and was detained by Pakistani authorities. Things went terribly wrong, and rather than admit their grievous error, which included killing her baby, the US accused her of attacking a US soldier - even though she is the one who got a bullet in her stomach. Former US Attorney General Ramsey Clark has described Aafia's ordeal as "the worst case of individual injustice I have ever witnessed."

The Boston Rally on International Women's Day will be the first of four mobilizations for Dr. Aafia Siddique also planned for March 2016 in NY, DC and Fort Worth, Texas. Help us spread the word and build toward these actions. Contact Br. Mauri Saalakhan at for exact time and place, and to volunteer.

The issue is becoming increasingly urgent. There was an attack on Aafia's family's house in Karachi at 3am on February 16! The attempted kidnapping of Aafia's children occurred just a couple days after a February 14 huge Valentine's Day "We Love Aafia" march took place, which included many young children. Asmat Siddiqui, the mother of Dr Aafia Siddiqui, said that the attack of terrorists on the house of Dr Aafia in Karachi and the threats to the family are a message to them to keep silent on the issue of Aafia. The family is refusing to back down from their mission to bring Aafia home, despite being under threat of their lives; surely we have a deep obligation to support them!

In a statement released Tuesday, Aafia's mother said that the politicians have disappointed the nation of Pakistan on the issue of Aafia. They only did politics on her name. She appealed to the chief of army, Staff Gen Raheel Sharif, to play his role in bringing home Aafia and become immortal in history like Muhammad Bin Qasim. Briefing the media on the details of the attack on her house, Asmat Siddiqui said on the night between Monday and Tuesday at 3:00am, three unknown armed terrorists reached her house. They fed the dog some intoxicating substance and later beat up a volunteer of the Aafia Movement, Amir, who was guarding the house.

They asked Amir to tell them in which rooms the children of Aafia reside and which schools they attend. When Amir refused to reply to their questions, they told him they already knew. Then he was tortured mercilessly and fell unconscious. Between 6 and 7:00am when the occupants of the house came out, they found Amir injured and tied up with ropes.

Dr Fowzia said police were informed about the incident. She asked which type of national security plan is this, in which the citizens are not provided any security. She said 13 years ago, on the day after the kidnapping of Aafia Siddiqui [and her children], we were also told to keep silent; otherwise, four dead bodies would be found on the back street of their house. She said this threat is being employed again "to pressure us not to raise our voices for the release of Aafia Siddiqui."

"As the Siddiqui family, frontline supporters of the Aafia Movement-Pakistan, and supporters from the US branch of the International Free Aafia Movement have already made clear, We Will Not Be Intimidated into a posture of Silence and Inaction! The struggle will continue!" writes Mauri Saalakhan, Aafia's unofficial ambassador in the US, who is organizing the upcoming mobilizations.

He is asking Muslims in the US to bombard the Embassy of Pakistan in Washington, DC, with CALLS & E-MAILS. Phone: 202-243-6500 / E-mail:

In your communication please express your concern regarding the safety of Dr. Aafia Siddiqui's family in Karachi, Pakistan; and demand that the Pakistani government do more to get their citizen released and returned home where she belongs.

Who were the kidnappers? What political objective could possibly be gained by re-kidnapping Aafia's children? Most importantly - what can we do, what will we do as Americans to bring attention to our fellow Muslims and neighbors regarding the plight of this young woman, who has become the international face of the Disappeared? Her situation is not that unique. Political kidnappings are quite common throughout the world.

However, this is a girl who went to school in Massachusetts, who was known. She gave speeches during Muslim events, she was a leader in enthusiastic charity efforts and was even quoted in the news saying that if Americans learned about the beauty of Islam, they would all want to become Muslims! You can't just disappear someone like that and pretend it didn't happen. And indeed, she has become the Daughter of Pakistan. In many ways, her fate will determine the future of her nation.

War News

 War News


Pak Taliban Blew up Government School in Retaliation for Islamic Schools + Faisalabad
[From New Trend's Pakistan monitor.]

On February 19 , in Faisalabad, gunmen killed three police officers . The assailants left behind a pamphlet urging police to stop supporting the unIslamic power structure or face consequences. A faction of Pak Taliban which has joined the Islamic State is suspected.

Also on February 19, Pak Taliban [Sajna group] blew up a newly constructed school in South Waziristan. Nobody was hurt as the attack was at night.

After the Pakistani military destroyed all Islamic schools run by the Taliban, Pak Taliban have started attacking schools set up by the government.

In one of the biggest attacks by the military, an Islamic school was bombed by the air force which killed 80 students and injured many. Sources say it was a US air attack but was directed by the Pakistani military.

In retaliation, the Pakistan Taliban attacked the school run by the military to train young men for the forces. This became a nationalist call of anger across the country and Pakistan started hanging prisoners.

More recently the Pak Talibzan attacked a central university dedicated to the cause of Pakistani secularism.

This third attack has come after Pakistan declared that the Pak Taliban had been crushed.

The legendary leader of the Pak Taliban, Maulvi Fazlullah, survived military attacks and is in a liberated area of southeastern Afghanistan.


Group which Attacked Paris cartoonists of the Prophet, pbuh, has Captured Three Yemeni Cities. Courtesy Reuters.

On February 20, Al-Qaida in Arabian Peninsula [AQAP] captured the city of Ahwar in southern Yemen . It has a population of 30,000.

Earlier AQAP captured the major port city known as al-Mukalla and the smaller town of Zinjibat. The militia forces organized by the pro-Saudi regime fled after a brief battle.

AQAP is said to be responsible for killing the Charlie Hebdo cartoonists who insulted the Prophet, pbuh, leading to global outrage in the Muslim world against Charlie.


Libya Hit Hard in US Air Strike. It was a blunder.

February 19: A US air strike killed 49 people in a town north west of Tripoli. The US claimed that it had hit ISIS activists but the local mayor says it was just a meeting place not a ISIS hub.

Serbia says, two of its people who were abducted by a faction were among those killed. Serbia has complained that it was not informed of the US strike and was in the process of negotiating their release.

The US now says it is not sure of the results of the strike but it will hit ISIS.

The Islamic State is rapidly gaining ground in Libya.

Meanwhile fighting is going on in Benghazi and Adjabia between a general's forces supporting the US and Islamic fighters [not ISIS].


Imam Murdered in England. Hindu Priest killed in Bangladesh.

February 18: In Rochdale, England, Imam Jalaluddin from Bangladesh was murdered by unknown persons. He was a Qari and very popular at a big mosque.

In northern Bangladesh, a Hindu priest was slaughtered by hit and run assailants. A hidden war is going on in Bangladesh between Hindu and secularists blasphemers of the Prophet, pbuh, and Islamic "extremists." There are fears that some "extremists" have joined the Islamic State [IS|.


Bombing Massacres & Truck Bomb Massacres. Minor Alawite & YPG Advances & IS Counterattacks

Breaking News: On February 21, two IS martyrdom operators hit the Alawite stronghold of Assad in western Homs killing 46 Alawites and injuring more than 100.

Also the same day IS truck bombers hit Damascus, the captal, itself in its Alawite Shi'ite stronghold known as Zainabia. Sixty Alawites are reported killed and many injured.

Heavy fighting is also reported in parts of Latakia between Hizbullah and various mujahideen groupd.

Russia is bombing IS in Deir Az Zour and Palmyra. Assad forces have advanced a couple of miles into the desert.
On February 18, the US air forces and its allies continued bombing the Islamic State killing an IS leader in al-Raqqa the Islamic capital.

In al-Hasakeh in the northeast, 38 civilians were killed in US air strikes trying to terrorize IS. Among the dead are women and children.

South of al-Hasakeh, Kurdish secularist forces, SDF, captured a town in the desert. It took IS by surprise, but now IS has counterattacked and heavy fighting is ongoing.

Russia is bombing FSA [moderate Islamic groups] up and down the western cities of Syria. Scores of civilians and scores of Islamic fighters have been killed.

In the Russian-Hizbullah-Assad efforts to encircle Aleppo, there has been a stalemate as al-Nusra and Ahrar al-Sham are fighting back. The YPG Communist Kurds are trying to capture more territory and close the route to Turkey. However Turkish artillery fire has slowed them down. Assad forces coming out of Latakia have hooked up with the YPG Kurds.


Rampaging Rioters+ Protesting Students for Afzal Guru+Water to Delhi cut off.

February 20-21 Huge crowds of protestors from the Jat caste ran riot in Haryana province west of New Delhi. They went wild, setting fires to post offices, police stations and breaking up rail lines.

Police intervened and repeatedly opened fire, killing 10 and injuring scores but to no avail. By last reports, the crowds had disrupted the water supply to New Delhi and water has been shut off from this vast city.

In Delhi also students led by Kanaihya Kumar raised the issue of Afzal Guru was executed in 2013 for "sedition" related to his support for Kashmir. The student movement is being crushed by the government and Kumar is being accused of "treason." He says it was grave injustice.

Afghanistan [Reuters]

Afghan troops pull out of strategic Helmand district

 Musa Qala Hemland Afghanistan

LASHKAR GAH, Afghanistan Afghan forces have pulled out of bases in Musa Qala, a strategic district of the southern province of Helmand, after months of heavy fighting with Taliban insurgents, officials said on Saturday.

Helmand, a traditional heartland of the Taliban and one of the world's biggest centres of opium production, has been threatened for months and the United States recently sent hundreds of soldiers to the province to bolster its defence.

The commander of the Afghan army's 215th corps, Mohammad Moeen Faqir, said troops had been ordered to pull back from Roshan Tower, their main base in Musa Qala, as well as other checkpoints to reinforce Gereshk, straddling the main Highway One which links Kabul with the south and west.
"Their presence in the area did not mean anything," he said. "We will use them in battle with enemies in other parts of Helmand province."

Fierce fighting has raged in Musa Qala and other parts of Helmand for months and the Taliban overran the district in August last year before they were driven back by Afghan forces backed by U.S. airstrikes.

Musa Qala itself is a dry and sparsely inhabited district that British and American troops fought hard to control between 2006 and 2008 but its loss could bring further losses elsewhere, including Sangin where government forces have been clinging on.

"Now that the government has withdrawn its forces from this district, we will see Kajaki, Gereshk and Sangin collapsing very soon," said deputy provincial council member Abdul Majid Akhundzada.

The Taliban said in a statement it had captured armoured personnel carriers, bulldozers and other equipment abandoned in Roshan Tower and nine other checkpoints.

The withdrawal prompted speculation among local officials that the government had reached an arrangement with the Taliban but Abdul Jabar Qahraman, presidential envoy for security affairs in Helmand, denied any such pact.

"There wasn't any deal," he said. "We learnt that there was no need to continue the fight in that area." No comment was immediately available from the ministry of defence in Kabul.

The outgoing commander of international forces, Gen. John Campbell, recently sent hundreds of American troops to Helmand, where they assist and train Afghan forces but do not fight.

A spokesman for NATO's Resolute Support mission in Kabul said its aim remained to train, advise and assist and referred questions on Afghan troop movements to the defence ministry.

U.S. officials estimate the Taliban dominates or threatens almost a third of the country and has full control over at least four districts. Although it briefly took the northern city of Kunduz last year, it does not control any provincial capitals.


 Pakistan Flag

Billions of Dollars of Pakistan's Money is Hidden in Foreign Banks. Jamaate Islami Leadiing National Level Drive Against Corruption. Numerous Youths Joined JI in Quetta.
by Qaiser Sharif

Masses need Corruption free Pakistan

LAHORE, Feb. 19; Ameer, Jamaat e Islami, Pakistan, Senator Sirajul Haq, has said that a corruption free Pakistan was the need of every citizen in the country.

Addressing a convention organized by the Jamiat e Talaba Arabia at Quetta on Friday, he said that the country was facing a difficult situation as there was a sense of deprivation among the masses. The distribution of the resources in the country was inequitable and corrupt elite was in power. The Chaudhris, Nawabs and Sardars had been exploiting the masses.

The JI chief said that Pakistan had been achieved for building a model Islamic state but the Islamic system not established in the country due to conspiracies. This also led to the fall of Dhaka. After obstructing the Islamic order, an exploitative system was continued in the country in the name of democracy and martial law.

A number of tribal chiefs and a large number of the youth announced their joining the JI on the occasion.

Sirajul Haq said that the general public would believe in development and stability only when there was rule of law and justice in the country and corruption was controlled.

He said the rulers had swallowed the national institutions. He said if the PIA, Railway and Steel Mill were in losses, it was not due to the man in the street but had been plundered by the rulers. He said the Federal Finance Minister had himself admitted that about two hundred billion dollars of the plundered wealth had been transferred to foreign banks.

Sirajul Haq said a sum of 345 billion dollars owned by the Pakistani was lying in foreign banks. He said if this amount was brought to the country, the entire debt on the country could be paid off and the country could be put on the path of progress and prosperity.

He said the people who came to power through vote had been amassing heaps of wealth for their coming generations. Sirajul Haq said that Balochistan was rich in resources but was facing problems of law and order besides joblessness.

The JI chief stressed upon the Election Commission to make it obligatory for all political parties to hold elections within the party and disallow the parties who did not comply. Besides, he said, the article 62 and 63 of the constitution must also be strictly enforced. He said that the problems of the general public would be solved only if common people were returned to the assemblies.

Hafiz Idrees Addresses Large Congregation in Mansoora..Only Jamaat leaders are unpolluted by Corruption.

LAHORE, Feb. 19: Deputy Chief of the Jamaat e Islami, Hafiz Muhammad Idrees, has said the only objective of the Parliamentary Commission on NAB's functioning would be to protect some people from accountability. He was e He Headdressing a large Friday congregation at Mansoora mosque here.

Hafiz Muhammad Idrees said that corruption had gone deep into the society and the Finance Minister Ishaq Dar had himself admitted that an amount of 200 billion dollars owned by the Pakistani ruling elite was lying in foreign banks. He said obviously this money was in the name of the politicians who had been in power besides the bureaucrats. Fortunately, he said, none of the JI men was on this list although scores of JI men had also been in the assemblies.

He said that Karachi had JI man as Lord Mayor for three times who had billions at his disposal but none of them had been involved in corruption.

The JI deputy chief said that during Mian Nawaz Sharif's first term as Prime Minister, valuable residential plots were allotted to members of the parliament on throw away prices but the JI legislators had refused this offer.

He said that crimes of all types were rampant in the country and a drive against corruption was the need of the hour. He said if the nation woke up well on time and joined the JI campaign against corruption, the lot of the poor would also be ameliorated.


 Agha Khan

Agha Khani myths Undermines Islamic Monotheism. This Cult Helped the British to Crush Muslims.
by Akbar Khoja, Researcher on a series called "Inside Ismailism",Canada

Allah's Bathwater Sells at a High Price
Source: News (Adelaide, SA : 1923 - 1954), p. 32. LEGENDARY STORIES SURROUND THE FABULOUSLY WEALTHY AGA KHAN. (1954, August 12).

To upwards of 70 million adherents of the Ismaili of Mohammedanism, the ruling Aga Khan is Allah's representative on Earth.

To many of them he is the Moslem deity himself. Next in line for this exalted position is Prince Ali Khan, whose marriage to lovely Rita Hayworth was 1949 headline news.

Whatever the Prophet Mohammed may have thought about this matrimonial alliance, he would probably concede the glamorous cinema star the honor of having put his princely descendant "on the map" as far as the world at large is concerned.

Hitherto, Prince Ali had been somewhat over-shadowed by his father, the fabulously wealthy Aga Khan, who is mostly known to Westerners through his wins in the Derby, his three European wives, and the delightful custom of his devout followers of presenting him with his own 17-stone weight in gold and diamonds from time to time, and the legend that they drink his bathwater at a price per nip.

Reputed to be the richest man alive - not even excluding his rival religious leader, the present Moslem Nizam of Hyderabad, whose fortune has been guessed at GBP 500 million - the Aga Khan draws tribute of 2 per cent of the income of his millions of followers and up to 10 per cent from about two million of the Khoja sect who worship him as a god. He inherits this remarkable remunerative office by virtue of the fact that he is counted to be the forty-first direct descendant of Mohammed the Prophet's cousin Ali and daughter Fatima.

It was not nearly so remunerative, however, until Britain, in pursuit of Empire in India, found it expedient about a century ago to extend its support and patronage to the Aga Khan's grandfather, Hasan Ali Shah, in return for his influence among the Moslems. Hassan Ali Shah, descendant of the marriage of Ali and Fatima's son Hossain to a daughter of the royal house of Persia, was born in Persia in 1800, and could trace his lineage back on the female side for centuries before the birth of Mohammed.

Some of his early ancestors ruled ancient Egypt.

His ancient lineage however, did not prevent him from being hounded out of Persia when as Governor-General of Kerman, he offended the ruling Shah, Fateh Ali and he was forced to seek sanctuary in India.

On his way to India the eminent Moslem persuaded some rebellious tribes on the Afghanistan border to lay down their arms in their warring against the British, and a few years later his support was of great assistance to Sir John Napier in his conquest of the largely Moslem Sind region.

Settling in Bombay, Hasan Ali Shah was given the title, "Aga Khan" and a large pension by the British, and so was enabled to spend the rest of his days presiding over and extending his following in India, Persia, Arabia, Central Asia, Syria, Morocco, Africa and other parts of the world.
Throughout his life he remained a loyal supporter of the British and his eldest son, Aga Khan II, was appointed a member of the Legislative Council in Bombay. The present Aga Khan, the Third, was born in 1877 and named Mohammed after his famous forbear.

As a boy he was well switched into knowledge on the orders of his mother, Princess Ali Shah, daughter of King Nasr-Ed-Din, of Persia, who declared that she would "rather see her son dead than ignorant." As a result, the young Aga Sultan, after he had been well schooled in the Koran and Indian and Moslem history, as befitted the future head of the faith, was sent to Eton, and later to Oxford, where he took a degree in law, and thus completed an extensive education in both Eastern and Western culture.

Meanwhile in 1886, at the age of 10, he had become Aga Khan III, or rather, His Highness Aga Sultan Sir Mohammed Shah Aga Khan III, "Shadow of Allah", to give him some of his titles.

As a youth he developed as a sportsman, and shone at running, swimming and golf. Later, he became an ardent advocate - and practiced what he preached - a mingling of the East with the West through education and marriage. In 1902, as president of an All-Moslem Educational Conference at the age of 27, he shocked orthodox Moslems by declaring that members of the faith "spent too much time in meaningless prayers and pilgrimages," and by advocating the abandonment of the veil and segregation for women. The young Aga Khan was especially interested in improving the health standard of his swarming flock. In 1904 during one smallpox epidemic in India, he toured the Bombay province, painfully having himself inoculated against smallpox at every railway station to encourage his followers to do likewise.

In 1906 the Aga Khan founded the All-India Moslem League, pledged to win the co-operation of the Hindus. About the same time, he paid a visit to the Caliph in Constantinople in an endeavor to heal old beaches among the Moslems - a daring move, as the Aga Khan, in the Caliph's eyes, ranked as the leader of a heretical breakaway sect.

The Aga Khan played an important part in world War I, on the British side. On the day of the outbreak of the war he sent a telegram to every Moslem leader throughout the world, urging them to support the Allies.

As well as decorating him for these services, in 1916 the King granted him the rank of first-class chief of the Bombay Presidency and a salute of 11 guns. No other Indian religious leader has been honored in this way. In 1933 the British authorities in India recommended him for the Nobel Peace Prize. After peace returned, the Aga Khan became an international political figure. He urgent lenient peace terms for his fellow-Moslems in Turkey, and was bitterly opposed to what he regarded as a breach of faith by Britain to the Arabs, also his co-religionists.

About the same time, he began to invest some of his income from his devoted followers (estimated at GBP 2.5 million-a-year) in European companies, and within 10 years his income from his investments was said to be many times his income from religious sources, although he continued gratefully to accept the Ismailis' tokens of esteem. His investments have never been made public, but as examples, it is known that he was one of the backers of the Diaghilev Ballet, owns a share in Eagle-Lion Films, has founded airlines and motion picture companies in India, and is of course probably the most successful racehorse breeder and owner of this century.

Before World War II, eh owned 12 racing stables in England, Ireland, France and India, and his horses are worth about GBP 1 million. The Aga Khan has won innumerable classic races in England including the derby in 1930, 1935, 1936 and 1948. He caused consternation in aristocratic British racing circles when he sold Bahram, a Guineas, Derby and Leger winner, to America for GBP 40,000.

"Money was scarce; the sale was unavoidable," he explained apologetically when chided about this loss to the English turf - a strange statement, considering that Khan's collection of rules, his favorite stone was estimated at the time by an English expert to be worth GBP 200 million. In spite of his immense holdings of them the Aga Khan dislikes jewels, which he considers more appropriate for women to wear; his own favored dress is Irish tweeds. And, in spite of his extensive racing interests: "I never gamble, for I do not believe in chance," he is reported to have stated adding: "A man must make certain of things by the sweat of his brown and leave the rest to Allah. He gives success."

In 1933 the Khan was placed tenth in a list of the world's richest men, three places after the armaments king, Sir Basil Zarahoff, and four places after the Gaekwar of Baroda. Since then the "sweat of his brow" or the beneficence of Allah has reputedly added millions to his fortunes.

The Khan's marriages and more numerous courtships have brought him frequently before the public eye. When quite young he married, it is said his Indian cousin, but later divorced her by simple Moslem method of saying "Go!" three times before witnesses.


In 1908 he married an Italian woman of good family named Teresa Magliano. She became a Moslem for the occasion, and later a son, Prince Ali Shah Ali Khan was born. In 1926 the second Begum died, it is said, on the same day that the Aga Khan bought the "unlucky" 6-carat Golden Dawn Diamond. In 1939 he married Mlle. Andree-Josephine Carron, a comely French lass who the Khan met in the south of France, where she was serving behind the counter of a sweet shop.

In 1943 he was discovered by the third Begum, he declared that she was "intoxicated by his greatness" and was forever boasting about "his ancestors, his travels, and his treasures, and the tidy sums he had made by the sale his bathwater to his Moslem followers." The Khan heatedly replied: "Of all the serious things in the world, marriage is the most absurd." To the Western mind it seems extraordinary that the Khan can maintain undisturbed his position as absolute Pope of millions of believers and at the same time spend most of his tie acting the role of the leisured European playboy.

There is no doubt the loyalty and devotion of his followers. They twice in 1946 on his sixtieth anniversary presented him with his weight in diamonds and many times the elders of his flock have come to Paris, on an antique pair of scales weighed out 17 stone of gold against the Pointiff's portly bulk, accepting in return a few barrels of His Serene Highness' bathwater, to be distributed in tiny vials to thousands of worshippers. The story has good authority in spite of Prince Ali's denial and one immensely wealthy Bombay merchant is said to have paid GBP 5,000 into the funds of the faith for the privilege of delightedly lowering himself into the Khan's well-soaped bath after he had his morning tub.

The Khan in many ways acts as a banker of insurance office, for the faithful, and is expected to disgorge some of his wealth to assist unfortunate members of his flock or to relieve famines. It is said as a result, that no Khoja ever goes hungry.

The Khojas are well-known as a most tolerant sect, and if anything, they rather approve of their leader dazzling the Western world in his old age.

So firmly is the Khan entrenched among them that they make their pilgrimage, not to Mecca but to his headquarters, Aga Hall in Bombay.

In return the Khan has won many material advantages for his followers, made them a power in India under British rule and has done much towards liberalizing Islam and healing the rifts in the faith.

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