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14 Raby' al-THaany 1437 A.H.- January 24, 2016 Issue # 4, Newsletter #1638

Hadith of the Week

Be Kind to non-Muslim Relatives too!

Narrated Asma' bint Abu Bakr

My mother came to me,
hoping (for my favor)
during the lifetime of theProphet . I asked the Prophet, "May I treat her kindly?" He replied, "Yes." Ibn 'Uyaina said,
"Then Allah revealed:
'Allah forbids you not with regards to those who fought not against you because of religion, and drove you not out from your homes,
that you should show
them kindness and deal justly with them.'.. .....

(Sahih Bukhari 60.8)

 Word Around The Net

from Br. Kris

  1. Obama Taking Strong Stance for India against Pakistan

  2. Asylum Seekers Forced to Wear Discriminatory "bangles."

  3. The United Kingdom demand that Islamic women must assimilate and learn English, it's akin to the treatment of Native Americans by the US government during the last two centuries.

Michigan Sisters Helping Syrian Refugees
by Sis. Karin Friedemann [Boston]

Two of my fellow graduates of Wayne State University in Detroit are abroad looking into the situation of Syrian refugees.

Neda Kadri, a Syrian first generation American from Dearborn, Michigan is currently in Greece as part of a volunteer group that is helping rafts full of people onto shore and assisting with immediate aid such as mittens and blankets. Rashida Tlaib, a Palestinian first generation American from Southwest Detroit and former Michigan Congresswoman, is part of a delegation visiting refugee camps in Lebanon along with Ali Saleh, the mayor of Bell, Michigan. They are doing a brilliant job bringing light to the American people regarding the desperate yet seemingly permanent situation of Syrian refugee families.

"Most days are 15 plus hours of nonstop work. I haven't even yet processed what I'm experiencing," Neda Kadri messaged me. "I've never felt as alive as I do on this island. I've found my calling and it is I that is grateful for the opportunity to serve!"

The volunteer group, whom celebrity Susan Sarandon joined for a day, waits by the shore for rafts full of refugees. People in wetsuits wade into the frigid water to bring people ashore. The weather is cold, but this has not stopped the influx of refugees. As each raft lands, the people shout "Allahu Akbar!" and help the people onto land. Many rafts arrive every day. When it is pouring rain and these people have no shelter. People can hand out blankets but at a certain point, everything is soaking wet.

"We are deeply concerned because hundreds of refugees and migrants are continuing to arrive despite the winter cold," said Boris Cheshirkov, the UNHCR spokesperson on Lesbos.

Cheshirkov said that in the first three weeks of 2016, more than 20,000 people have arrived after crossing the Mediterranean, more than the total numbers of arrivals for the first five months of 2015. "It's an incredibly desperate situation. Yesterday alone, on January 20, we saw about 40 boats, overloaded rubber dinghies, amid ice cold winds, with snow and rough seas, coming through this perilous journey from Turkey to Greece to seek safety," Cheshirkov said.

Please feel free to contribute funds to provide basic necessities to people landing on shore. There is no government, nor NGO, who is doing this. This is a totally volunteer group relying on your donations to help each Syrian person arriving on a raft.

Meanwhile. Rashida Tlaib visited Shatila refugee camp of Palestinians that had to flee their homes in 1949 and 1969. The delegation from Michigan not only observed but played with the children, some of whom were wearing flip flops in the snow. The delegation traveled about two hours from Beirut over the snowy mountains to the border of Syria, in the Bekaa Valley. They found a small camp full of Syrian refugee families being housed in temporary shacks. Some have lived there for nearly 5 years.

"Their stories deserve to be told individually. Like Hajji who is 9 years old but is smaller than an average 5 year old and healthcare is really implossible. Or Zeinab who is an orphan and is mothering (pretty darn well) her younger brother and has more dignity and honor than I can fathom. And Yisra who is embarrassed she has worn the same pink outfit for 3 yrs and can sing her ABCs so well," writes Kristin McCarthy.

"My heart broke today. This is beyond a crisis," reported Rashida Altlaib. "When we pulled up to Barelias Syrian Refugee Camp in Bekaa Valley, it was three large fields of tent homes. So many children, beautiful children who are more than statistics spewed out in the news and policy briefs we are given. The health clinic coordinator said he never seen people like us who just stopped and played with the kids, but really looked at them and listened. The tears won't stop when I think of those precious faces. May Allah protect them and give them strength, Ya Rab." The group also visited Burj el Barajneh refugee camp in Lebanon.

"Met with U.S. Ambassador to Egypt, Stephen Beecroft. Most people think of the pyramids when Egypt is mentioned, it is so much more. One of four Arabs in the world are Egyptian and the instability in the country can impact the rest of the world because of the importance of the Suez Canal," posted the Mayor Ali Saleh, of Bell, Michigan.

The Arab American Institute delegation held a panel forum at the American University of Cairo on public policy and the experience of serving as Arab Americans in our communities. Rashida took some photos of Shatila Refugee Camp, which demonstrate a serious need for electric rewiring.

"Over the past 4 years, I've been touched and deeply saddened by the Syrian refugees suffering due to the war in their country. Yesterday, the Arab American Institute delegation ‪#‎aaiusa‬ visited a refugee camp in the border area of Lebanon in the Bekaa Valley. None of us were prepared to the human tragedy we've witnessed no matter how many pictures/ videos we've seen, articles we've read or conversations we've had about it.

"Hearing from Zeinab how both of her parents were killed in the war, and how she fled Aleppo with her grandmother and uncle is heartbreaking. Zeinab and her friend Aya insisted that I have a cup of tea in their tents.

"Hajji is 8 years old boy looks like a 5 years old due to a disease. His mother has desperately talked to every agency that visits the camp to no avail. A mobile "pharmacy" , a doctor and two nurses visit the camp once a month to provide medical care. As moving as these pictures are, the tragedy is much bigger to be depicted in pictures, videos or even personal stories!"

These amazing women from Detroit area are bringing us the real situation.


War News

Iraq: CNN admitted on January 22 that one fourth of Ramadi is still in the hands of the Islamic State.

On January 23, IS fighters came out of Ramadi and attacked Shia troops killing scores of them.

On January 24, IS martyrdom operator hit Shia police on the outskirts of Ramadi killing 20. [BBC]

Somalia: Jan 22: Al-Shabab attacked a seaside restaurant complex in Mogadishu and killed 21 western and ruling party people. Very fancy restaurant in an area where people do not have basic necessities.

Earlier Al-Shabab destroyed a Kenyan military base 500 miles from Mogadishu on the Kenya border

 Crisis of Zionism

Israel's Embrace of Pariah Regimes: Burma [Myanmer] and Burundi


Jamaat al-Muslimeen reached out to 100 Muslims just before the Huge Snow Storm.

On January 22, the following items were given to 100 Muslims
after Juma' salat at masjid Noor in White Marsh, Maryland. It was in multicolor and was much appreciated by the middle class Pakistani-Arab-African audience:

  1. Arabs and Oil. [Imam Badi Ali]

  2. American politics and Islamic Politics: Nothing in common. [Dr. Kaukab Siddique]

  3. What's wrong with our Ummah? Br. Shamim Siddiqi

  4. ISIS victory big time in Dar ez Zour and defensive victory in Ramadi.

  5. Mein Kampf published after 70 years. Hitler's masterpiece. [IHR]

  6. An appeal for understanding. [Br. Couly. new writer]

Political Prisoners :


Cause of Palestine Forgotten?

The plight of the Palestinians goes unheeded, whatever the lamentations. It is not in the interest of anyone now to turn around and look at them; time marches on. The whole world has abandoned them; the Arab World is indifferent; they themselves have just about abandoned themselves. Mahmood Abbas and the clique reside comfortably in their mansions and do not want anybody to rock the boat. In time the status quo will become perpetual.

What is transparent however is that there is no two state solution. Eventually, there will be just one state, not Israel or Palestine but perhaps Ibrahim!

- Waheed Ahmed
Milwaukee, Wisconsin


 Pakistan Flag

Pakistan: National Trauma As Pak Taliban Attack Secularist University. Retaliation for the Bombing of Islamic schools is reaching Pakistani "settled" areas.
by New Trend's media monitor.

On January 20, four young men attacked Bacha Khan University in Charsadda, not far from Mardan.

The only resistance came from a professor who fired back at the Pak Taliban but was shot down.

At least 21 people were killed and scores injured before elite Pakistani troops arrived and killed the 4.

The university was in the middle of celebrations of the anniversary of Abdul Ghaffar Khan also known as Bacha Khan, the leader of Pakistan's leading movement to oppose the Islamic basis of Pakistan. The Pak Taliban have been attacked the Bacha Khan supporters through their influence in the Pakistan army.

The Pakistani army has killed more than 2,000 supporters of the Taliban during the last year and a half.
The army evicted the ENTIRE population of North Waziristan during Ramadan and left them out in blazing sun for a year. During the last six months. the army has brought back some of the population back to their homes after careful scrutiny, somewhat in the style of the US army after it destroyed Fallujah. in Iraq.

Why the conflict in Pakistan?
On January 22, general Asim Bajwa admitted that the 4 assailants were helped by 4 local people, one of whom worked as a mason at the university and made its map for the 4.

The quick army action against the 4 was lauded by India and the United States and now General Bajwa is admitting that the regime in Kabul was not involved in the attack. [See the daily Dawn.]

The conflict began with the Pakistani support for the US assault on Afghanistan in 2001. It was escalated by the army's assault on the Red Mosque and the women's seminary Jamia al-Hafsa right in Islamabad.

The people of Swat unanimously declared supported for Sharia [Islamic law] and the Pak Taliban supported the people. Then, at the behest of the United States, Pakistan carried out an all out assault on the Pak Taliban with tanks, heavy artillery and helicopter gunships. Under the leadership of Maulvi Fazlullah, the Pak Taliban put up a heroic resistance but were forced by Pakistani firepower to retreat into the Afghan countryside.

Spotlights by Imam Badi Ali

 Imam Badi Ali

Thoughts on Betrayal & Treachery.

- Imam Badi Ali leads a large Muslim community in Greensboro, NC



Thousands of homes raided by regime. State repression in Egypt worst in decades, says activist.

- Campaigning journalist Hossam Bahgat speaks out amid further crackdown as fifth anniversary of uprising approaches (Courtesty: The Guardian, UK)

Repression in Egypt is greater today than it has been for generations, one of the country's most prominent journalists and human rights advocates has told the Guardian.

Hossam Bahgat, an investigative reporter who was recently detained by Egypt's military intelligence agency, spoke out ahead of the fifth anniversary of the start of Egypt's revolution on Monday - the run-up to which has seen an unprecedented crackdown by security forces against opposition and dissent.

"This is without doubt the worst we've ever seen," said Bahgat, citing restrictions on media outlets, a spike in the number of political prisoners, forced disappearances, and alleged extrajudicial killings of Islamists by the state. "The level of repression now is significantly higher than it was under the Mubarak regime, and people from older generations say it is worse than even the worst periods of the 1950s and 1960s [under the rule of Gamal Abdel Nasser]."
In an effort to ward off any protests half a decade on from the uprising that toppled the former president Hosni Mubarak, the Egyptian authorities have raided thousands of homes in Cairo and installed new surveillance infrastructure around Tahrir Square.

Egyptian police raid Cairo homes as country prepares to mark 2011 uprising

Security officials say campaign based on surveillance and intelligence, though some Cairo residents claim raids not targeted. Preachers have reportedly been instructed by the state to give sermons declaring it a sin to demonstrate against the government, while cafes, cultural institutions and book publishers have all been investigated by security agencies.

Under the country's protest law, implemented by executive decree soon after the military overthrow of the former Muslim Brotherhood president, Mohamed Morsi, in 2013, participation in any unsanctioned marches or rallies is unlawful.

The Egyptian government says it is fighting terrorism and claims the country is making progress on political rights. Over the past week five Egyptian policemen were killed by gunmen in northern Sinai, while six people died in a bomb attack in Giza.

"We have paid a lot for the security and stability that we currently live in, so I ask all Egyptians for the sake of the martyrs and the blood to take care of their country," Abdel Fatah al-Sisi, the president, said in a speech to the nation on Saturday.

Bahgat argued: "The only reason that there is such a level of panic regarding public opinion is that two years ago the regime could afford to take us for granted; Sisi was worshipped and they had carte blanche to do whatever it took to impose stability. "With all the state powers now unified under Sisi's leadership ... people are now starting to ask questions of him."


- Bahgat is the founder of the Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights, one of Egypt's most acclaimed human rights organisations. Since 2014 he has worked as a journalist with Mada Masr, an independent media outlet known for covering news stories that other parts of the Egyptian press shy away from.

War News

 War News

- Courtesy Syrian Observatory for human rights.

Russian soldiers are participating in the clashes at the northern countryside of Latakia.

Latakia Province:Violent clashes are still taking place in Jabal al-Turkman and the outskirts of Jabal al-Akrad in the northern countryside of Latakia between Regime Forces Operations Room which is supervised by Russian officers and includes Russian soldiers, Hezbollah and regime forces supported by NDF and the Al-Baath battalions and gunmen loyal to them from Syrian, Arab and Asian nationalities against The First Sahiliya Division, Ansar al-Sham, the Second Sahiliya Division, Jabhat Al-Nusra (al-Qaeda in Levant), The Islamic Turkestan Party and the rebel and Islamic factions, in conjunction with continued heavy bombing by the regime forces and the Syrian and Russian warplanes on areas in the mountains. There is information about casualties in both sides.

Russian and Syrian warplanes kill 164 civilians in revenge massacres.

Numbers rose to 164 including 43 children and 25 women the number of people who were killed in the past 72 hours by massacres committed by Russian and Syrian warplanes in the towns of Tabia, Jazira, Khesham, and al-Bolel in the eastern countryside of Der-Ezzor.

The deaths are as follows : 63 including 9 children were killed in Khesham town, 55 including 18 children and 9 women were killed in al-Bolel, al-Kharita, and other villages in the western countryside of Der-Ezzor, 44 including 16 children and 13 women were killed in al-Raqqa city, in addition to the death of a woman and a man who were killed by aerial bombardment on Ma'dan area in the eastern countryside of al-Raqqa.

Our America

 Our America

Kent State Professor Investigated for Possible Ties to ISIS


 Julio Pino

Julio Pino, an associate professor at Kent State University in Ohio is under investigation by the Federal Bureau of Investigation over possible involvement with the Islamic State.

The inquiry came to light as federal agents arrived at the campus this week to interview students and professors about Julio Pino, an educator in the history department known for making incendiary remarks on Israel.

Emily Mills, a journalism student who was questioned on Tuesday, said the agents told her they began scrutinizing Dr. Pino more than a year ago. "They were looking into Professor Pino allegedly having ties to the Islamic State and recruiting students to join on campus," she said.
Ms. Mills said she was asked about her encounters with Dr. Pino as she reported articles about him for The Kent Stater, a student newspaper where she serves as editor.

The F.B.I. confirmed the investigation on Wednesday but said it could not comment further. Dr. Pino, who is tenured, has denied wrongdoing. "My commitment is to my students and my passions reserved for my family. I have no ties no any political organization and wish only, in the words of the prophet Micah, 'to act justly and love mercy,' " he said in an email message, citing the biblical figure.

Springfield, Missouri
Kareem Ibrahim, convicted on Informant's Trap dies in Prison
by Br. Abu Talib [Jamaat al-Muslimeen]

On January 19, 2016, Kareem Ibrahim died in prison in Springfield, Missouri federal prison. He suffered from cancer and died of complications.

 Kareem Ibrahim

He was trapped with two other Muslims, from Guyana, by a smooth talking informant. He was accused of being involved in a plot to blow up JFK airport. It was an absurd accusation to say the least.

According to Trinidad papers, he was the leader of the Shia community in the islands. He was a Shia brother but the Shia community turned out to be too cowardly to say a word to the US government.
Only Jamaat al-Muslimeen cared and protested vigorously but immigrants from Guyana and Trinidad were too terrified.

Oklahoma City
Police Officer Sentenced for 13 Rapes.
by Sis. Aisha [Jamaat al-Muslimeen]

On 1/21/2016, Oklahoma City police officer, and now convicted rapist, Daniel Holtzclaw was sentenced to 263 years in prison for raping 13 females. One of his victims was underage.

It is rare for an all-White jury to dispense justice in matters involving a White suspect and alleged Black victims. It certainly does not work that way when White officers are involved.

District Court Judge Timothy Henderson sentenced Holtzclaw to the recommended sentence. He even denied a request for a new trial by the defense.

I just hope that the defense does not have ANY substantial reason for being granted an appeal.

[Courtesy of]


 ViewPoint and Analysis

Iranian intelligence 'Honey Trapped' Pakistani President
[Note from NT Editor: This is long but deserves reader attention. Most people don't know how Shia-Iranian influence took over Pakistan.]

We are hearing lot of hue and cry about the 'national interests of Pakistan' and everyone wanted to have a debate in the parliament if Pakistan should join the 34 nations alliance against terrorism or not? Well Pakistan is already partner of NATO alliance against the war on terror and nobody want to debate about it because if they do their visas and green cards will be cancelled as well as all ill wealth and properties will be seized in NATO alliance countries as well as friends of NATO.

Military and Defense attaches posted abroad traditionally report to their 'premier intelligence agency' back home which means everything goes on abroad is reported back. It seems Pakistani intelligence completely failed when Iranian intelligence launched their 'honey trapping' operation against Pakistan's Defense Secretary Colonel Iskander Mirza by Iranian intelligence agent Nahid Afghamy who was stationed in Pakistan as wife of Colonel Afghamy Military Attaché' at the Iranian Embassy in Pakistan - Karachi.

The question is what was the ISI, Military Intelligence and Intelligence Bureau doing at the time? How on earth Nahid Afghamy allowed to trap

Pakistan's Defense Secretary, got married to her and she later become first lady of Pakistan. We see General Ayub Khan chief of army staff saluting the first lady. Was General Ayub too naïve that he couldn't figure out what was going on?

 First Lady Naheed Mirza with General Ayub Khan, by Doc Kazi

Picture: The First Lady Naheed Mirza with General (not yet Field Marshal) Ayub Khan, by Doc Kazi

Her country woman and relative Nusrat Isphani was already married to Zulifqar Ali Bhutto the future prime minister of Pakistan. It was both Mirza and Bhutto's second marriage with younger women from Iran. By the way Irdsher Cowasjee was the financial supporter and witness of jobless ZA Bhutto when he was staying in metropole hotel with his new wife Nusrat Isphani. Iskander Mirza with Shia background was great grandson of traitor Mir Jafar of Bengal who betrayed Nawab Sirajudala in the Battle of Plassey against British and laid foundations of 250 years of British Rule in India. Sometimes generations pay the price of treachery if one not careful.

All kinds of tricks are used in the world of espionage and it is the state institutions responsibility to keep their assets safe from the enemy attacks. British Ministry of Defense (MOD) issued a warning to armed forces officials 'No sex with Russians or Chinese girls as it could be a honey trap.

"No sex with Russian or Chinese girls - UK Defence Ministry warns staff", The London Post, published 3rd January 2015 ( Read more of this London Post article)

Few years ago late Brigadier Usman Khalid a great intellectual and strategist told me that: my close friend General Imtiaz (military secretary to ZA Bhutto) and I were in Paris and we met Begum Nusrat Bhutto and her Iranian sister Mrs Heriri in the hotel lobby where we were staying. Begum Bhutto somewhat was surprised to see me and asked: 'Usman how are you and what you doing here'? I replied to her that (General) Imtiaz and I were visiting someone and staying in this hotel too. She was in a hurry and rushed out. General Imtiaz told me that they Begum Bhutto and Mrs Heriri with her husband were going to meet the son of a Jewish friend of ZA Bhutto who kept the money approximately over US$1.5 million received in commission due to the arms and air force jet sale to Pakistan. It was legal in France to give commission on arms deals. It was the same time when 'Bhuttos' bought villas in France and their lifestyle changed. General Imtiaz always stayed with Brigadier Usman Khalid whenever he visited London.

Coming back to Nahid Afghamy's honey trapping of Pakistan's Defence Secretary and becoming first lady of Pakistan without anyone raising eyebrows or having a debate in the parliament shows that: (a) Pakistani society is non-sectarian (b) inter marriage between Shias and Sunnis are common (c) Pakistani Shias are not like Sunnis in Iran said Khurshaid Kasuri to Iranian Foreign Minister.

The question is what was the mission of Nahid Afghamy? Well we need to see carefully what happened or what not happened since. (1) Pakistan did not do any oil and gas exploring in the areas bordering Iran in the Baluchistan province. (2) Pakistan have not done exploring in Baluchistan since 2000 and before. The question is Why?

"Not much is known about Nahid's background except that she was the

wife of one Lieutenant Colonel Afghamy - the Military Attaché at the Iranian Embassy in Pakistan. Also not known are the time and the circumstances under which Colonel Iskander Mirza and Nahid Afghamy had first met. It is a matter of conjecture that perhaps as Military Attaché Colonel Afghamy had frequent dealings with the Pakistan Ministry of Defence and also with Secretary Iskander Mirza".
 President Skindar Mirza with Nahid Afghamy

Picture: President Skindar Mirza with his wife and first lady of Pakistan Nahid Afghamy

On March 6th Iskander Mirza was elected as President and the constitution was promulgated on March 23, 1956. Three days later on March 26, 1956 with Nahid on his side Iskander Mirza took the oath as President of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan... Thus in a passage of two years, mostly through palace intrigues and backroom dealings, an ex-soldier and a career bureaucrat rose from the level of a department head to the position of the Head of the State. And the Iranian born Nahid Afghamy, the wife of a Military Attaché lifted by a government Secretary of the host country, became the First Lady of Pakistan. For the next two and half years Nahid Mirza as wife of the President will play significant role in the national and international affairs of Pakistan.

The Mirza family was an extremely influential and wealthy feudal family in Bengal, with close ties with British monarchy. His father, Fateh Ali Mirza belong to the ruling house of Murshidabad, grandson of the first Nawab Mansur Ali Khan. His paternal ancestor was Mir Jafar, generally known to Indians, Pakistanis and Bangladeshis as a quisling. Mir Jafar had played an integral role bringing down Siraj ud-Daulah of Bengal, with the British East India Company serving as the informant and leading provider of intelligence to company official Robert Clive.

To further add insult to injury his son was not too bad. In the month of October 1954 brings some more dramatic developments for Iskander Mirza. His son Humayun is in the USA getting ready to marry the daughter of Horace A. Hildreth, American Ambassador to Pakistan.

According to Pakistani historians "Iskander Mirza lived in exile in London, England, until his death. It is reported that Mirza struggled financially while living in London trying to run a small Pakistan cuisine hotel. Here he lived in poverty until his death. His only regular income was an annual pension of £3,000 as a former military officer and president. People like the Ispahanis, Ardeshir Zahedi, the ambassador and later Foreign Minister of Iran, the Shah of Iran, Lord Inchcape, Lord Hume and other heads of European governments made his life in exile tolerable. At the London hospital where he died, he once said to his wife, Nahid: "We cannot afford medical treatment, so just let me die.

He died of a heart attack on November 13, 1969. President Yahya Khan denied him a burial in Pakistan. The Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi sent his personal plane to London to bring President Mirza's body to Tehran, where he was given a State Funeral. Hundreds of Iranians, including Prime Minister Abbas Hoveyda, and Pakistani expatriates in Iran bade farewell and offered their prayers." The question is why? What a Pakistani citizen and President did for Iran? His photo could be hanging on the 'wall of honour' in the Iranian Intelligence Headquarters?

The influence of Iranian (Shia) women on Pakistani politics did not stop as few years earlier another Iranian born Nusrat Isphani (Bhutto) become 2nd wife of Zulifqar Ali Bhutto who become President and Prime Minister of Pakistan and later his daughter Benazir and her husband Asif Ali Zardari to-date

"The late Begum Nusrat Bhutto, hailing from Iran's wealthy Ispahani family, was one of the two Iranian-born first ladies that Pakistan has had since 1947. The first one, of course, was Begum Nahid Mirza, the second wife of Pakistan's first President and fourth Governor General, Iskander Mirza. Both Iranian-born first ladies of Pakistan were of Kurdish descent and became the second wives of their husbands, who had then gone on to become the country's Presidents. Nusrat Bhutto was a cousin of Nahid Mirza. Although Nusrat was 15 years younger to Nahid, she got married a few years earlier than her elder relative in September 1951".

Well that series continued with Farahnaz Ispahani wife of Hussain Haqqani 'memo gate' character and former Pakistani ambassador to USA who reportedly issued thousands of visas to Blackwater and Xe Inc mercenaries and earning from Pakistan bashing in India. Surely those who (Zardari) installed him and kept his wife (Farah Isphani (MNA) Member National Assembly) in the President House for five years are equally responsible?

Historically, "Vengeful Shiites volunteered help to the Mongols in Mosul and other places along their march. The caliph's vizier, or chief minister, was himself a Shiite of uncertain loyalty. Islamic opinion afterward held that the vizier, al-Alkamzi, vilely betrayed the caliph and conspired with the Mongols; an exhortation in Muslim school books used to say, "Let him be cursed of God who curses not al-Alkamzi." As fighting began, Hulagu (Khan), acknowledging the importance of Shiite support, prudently posted guard detachments of a hundred Mongol horsemen at the most sacred Shiite shrines in Najef and Karbala" wrote Ian Frazier on 25th April, 2005 in The New Yorker.

To counter the sectarian plan against Pakistan is
  1. it is time to eliminate all abusive materials books,
  2. all audio and video material against the holy personalities of Islam must be removed and banned
  3. hate speech must be declared criminal offence
  4. Government must introduce the 'spouse policy' for example in Kazakhstan foreign ministry officials are not allowed to marry a foreign national due to national security.
  5. Pakistan must reduce the number of officials coming into Pakistan from neighbouring countries to same as Pakistanis are stationed in those countries
  6. diplomatic protocols must be adhered too and diplomats must not be allowed to move around freely unless they reciprocate the same liberty to Pakistani officials in their country.

Pakistan is viewed as an important country with all kind of potentials. When it has many friends it also has many hidden and open enemies who keep any eye on Pakistan sometimes directly and sometimes via their friends coming to Pakistan in various guises.

"Iran may be bombastic but Pakistan has the Bomb", wrote Douglas Bloomfield in The Jerusalem Post on 3rd September 2008, "Iran may boast of great strides in its pursuit of nuclear, missile and satellite technology, but analysts say its progress is no match for its overblown rhetoric. But Pakistan doesn't need to boast. It already has a stockpile estimated at 60 or more nuclear warheads and North Korean ballistic missiles and US-made F-16s to deliver them."

All in all Iran is back in the US good books after the nuclear deal, has restored diplomatic relations with Britain, signed over $30 billion deal with India, successfully eliminated its enemies Saddam Hussain in Iraq and Taliban in Afghanistan with the US help off course?

The question is why no one is debated this issue that the kind of space Iranians have been given in Pakistan is not reciprocated by Iran. The recruitment and training of terrorists of 'Sipha Mohammad' continues from Iranian soil. There are reports that Pakistanis are going to Syria to join hands with the Asad regime forces against the criminal 'Daesh'. The question is if Sunni Pakistanis joining Daesh is a crime than why Shias allowed to go to Syria?

Pakistani agencies have arrested terrorists trained in Iran who were involved in target killings and bombings in Pakistan but it was damp down due to the 'sectarian blackmail'. Pakistan is a sovereign state and no one should be allowed to live in Pakistan but sing from Iranian or Saudi hymn sheets. Shia dominated Pakistani media must not damage the national interests of Pakistan as their 'over doing' is back firing.

In 2009 Iranians attacked Pakistan embassy in Tehran and burn Pakistani flag as they burnt down Saudi embassy in Tehran in 2016. Iran must understand that it does not have sovereign rights over all the Shias living in Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and elsewhere? It must stay in the UN recognized boundaries and borders.

Pakistani agencies must now look for the new Nahid Afghamies and Skindar Mirzas within its own back yard. That is the internal threat Pakistan facing that its citizens are openly hired and recruited by foreign agencies and nobody is saying anything?

-Dr Shahid Qureshi is senior analyst with BBC and editor of The London Post. He writes on security, terrorism and foreign policy. He also appears as analyst on Al-Jazeera, Press TV, MBC, Kazak TV (Kazakhstan), LBC Radio London. He was also international election observer for Kazakhstan 2015 and Pakistan 2002. He has written a famous book "War on Terror and Siege of Pakistan" published in 2009. He is a PhD and also studied Law at a British University

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